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Fading Out

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Y/n Kioku 

Age: 16 


Height: 170 cm (5”7) 


Hair Color: Brown roots with silvery-white ends (proportionally half) *The natural hair color is just there as a reference for those who want it. In the story, I don’t specify Y/n’s natural hair color, only saying it’s “darker” than the white. 


Skin Color: S/c 


Eye Color: Gray (glows red when quirk or mental overexertion is near) 


Quirk: Psychokinesis and Mind Manipulation 


Likes: Biology, helping people, dragons 


Dislikes: Sexists, being helpless, loud noises 

Quirk Explanation 

Psychokinesis allows the user to move objects with as little or as much force as they would like. When Psychokinesis is used, the user generates a red energy-like substance from their hands and around whatever object they wish to move. The energy the user produces is part of their body itself. It is considered the same as an arm, leg, finger, or ear. It is a part of the user’s very being. Due to this, the user can manipulate their energy into whatever they want, however they want. The drawbacks of this quirk include headaches and physical and mental exhaustion. 


Mind Manipulation allows the user to, essentially, manipulate the mind. The user can hear other people’s thoughts and go through their memories. They can also import thoughts and memories into someone’s mind, as well as take them away. Mind Manipulation is not Mind Control. The user cannot will someone to do something with this quirk, but they can plant the idea or thought of a task into someone’s mind. The drawbacks of this quirk include headaches and occasional bleeding from the ears. Too many thoughts in the close vicinity of the user at once can be overwhelming for their mind and ears. 


Father: Arima Kioku (deceased) 

Quirk- Mind Manipulation 


Mother: Akari Kioku (deceased) 

Quirk- Psychokinesis 


Grandmother (mother’s side): Chiaki Hanabira 

Quirk- Energy Convergence (can take, store, and give energy as the user pleases)


(10 year old) Little Brother: Hideaki Kioku 

Quirk- Tinnitus (can inflict a high pitched ringing in one’s ears) 


Power- 5/5 


Speed- 4/5 


Technique- 3/5 


Intelligence- 5/5 


Cooperativeness- 3/5