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i-it's just them fucking,,

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It’s always so satisfying to see Kaeya reduced to nothing but a moaning mess. And right now, he looks so fucking pretty on Childe’s bed wearing nothing but the filthiest look on his face. He has one of Kaeya’s leg propped up against his shoulder; he hums as he admires Kaeya’s face lax from the fourth orgasm tonight, he admires the way his cock is still so hard and leaking onto his abs, he admires how flush he looks. Childe doesn’t resist the urge to lean down and lick at his neck teasingly.

"Fugh- Fuck, alpha!"

Childe laughs. “What happened to daddy?"

If it weren’t for the constant onslaught of orgasm denials and four consecutive orgasms in a row followed by another round of orgasm denial, Childe thinks Kaeya would glare up at him in the cute way that he does. Instead he-

"I- fuck! Alpha, daddy, yes!"

Childe takes another moment to look at how absolutely debauched Kaeya looked. His hair spread out around him, hands gripping so tightly onto the sheets and he could barely focus on his surroundings and Childe almost huffs with pride. 

"A-ah hah,"

"That's it, baby, take your time, moan for alpha." He leans down to give a sweet kiss to forehead then thrusts up the way he knows Kaeya likes, earning another garbled moan.


The growl that Childe lets out and the sudden yank that buried his cock to the hilt brought Kaeya to a sudden orgasm, even he was surprised and could do nothing but whimper when Childe kept fucking into him.

Childe chuckles and leans down, bending Kaeya practically in half and caging him in his arms. “You dirty bitch, you really know how to play me, huh?” 

Kaeya’s eye tear up from overstimulation but his hands immediately let go of the sheets he was holding onto in favour of Childe. Childe could see how distraught he looked, the overstimulation and the need to be filled evident in his tired lust filled eyes.

“Say my name again, baby.”

It was a command that Kaeya readily obeys. “Ah, full- please, Ajax, please!”

“Do you know what they call this?” Childe asks while fucking into Kaeya, punctuating his thrusts to emphasise his point. “They call it a mating press. It’s for filthy bitches like you that want. To. Be. Bred.”

“Ahh! Ah! Alph- Ajax, please, I’m- please!”

Childe leans down to kiss him again, as if to taste how his name tastes. He pulls away only because he wanted to hear his pretty omega beg. And Kaeya fucking chases after his lips, that alone was enough to make Childe’s cock twitch. And who was he, really, to deny his sweet loving omega Kaeya another kiss and anything less than a fuck so good he feels it to next week.

"Do you want me, baby?” He asks, kissing down Kaeya’s jaw.

Kaeya tries to answer, really, he does. But between being fucked right after he came, being bent and pinned to the mattress, all he could do was moan and lock his legs behind Childe’s waist.

“Do you want my pups, omega? Do you want to give me rowdy little children? Want me to fill you up full, so that your belly swells with my brood?” Childe licks at his scent gland then nibbles around it.

Kaeya tilts his neck as much as he could given his position, a silent plea for Childe to mark him. “Need, hah, you, pleease!”

Childe kisses sloppily up his neck, eyes sharp when he looked at Kaeya. “You do, don’t you, needy bitch? You want to be filled so bad, huh? Do you want to come, love? You can come, just like this, baby? Just like this, for me.”

“Need- need mark, please, need Ajax, pleasepleasepleaseplease, inside! Please! Inside me!”

Childe gently kisses away Kaeya’s tears. “I’m sorry, baby. I’ll mark you after, ok? Alpha wants you to come now first, ok? For me, I’ll treat you so good, I promise.”

Kaeya wasn’t given much choice, because even though Childe’s kisses and words were now gentle, his pace did not falter. He practically sobbed and shook when Childe placed a chaste kiss his scent gland. He dug his nails and scratched up Childe’s back, it was the only protest and complaint he could muster before his eyes rolled back and came violently onto his and Childe’s stomach.

He vaguely registers Childe’s grunt and faltering pace, but he could feel how warm his belly felt from Childe’s knot swelling and stretching him. “Ajax,” he purred, nuzzling up into him. Childe tries not to move around too much.

The ringing in his ear was loud, he could barely feel Childe gently placing his legs back down onto the bed. Instinctively, Kaeya reached one hand down to trace the spot that was extra warm on his stomach. 

He thinks he hears Childe hum appreciatively when he feels his come on his fingertips. But Kaeya only opens his eyes when the ringing in his ears start to subside, leaving him with a really warm buzz, Childe strokes hair out of his face and gives him a quick kiss to his forehead then slides down to kiss his stomach, when his knot starts to go down.

Kaeya doesn’t have to look to know that Childe put his Riptide mark on him. He’s not sure if the buzz is from Riptide or his mind braking orgasm, though. Nonetheless, he hisses and tries to move away when Childe kisses down further, annoying hands gently stroking his spent cock.

“No,” Kaeya protests.

One of of Childe’s arm snaps up to Kaeya’s neck, and it takes all of Kaeya’s little energy left to not moan at the pressure he was applying. Childe shushes him before coming up to nip at Kaeya’s scent gland again. 

“N-no,” Kaeya tries again, albeit it lacking the bite from before. He was always so weak to Childe, especially after a good fuck.

“I promised a mark, didn’t I?” Childe starts. “How does two more rounds sound? We’re trying to get you pregnant after all.”