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Kiss Land

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"My babies!" Victoria shouted excitedly as she practically skipped towards the girls and Ethan.

Stacie let out a low groan, to which Beca let out a chuckle.

"Mama keep it down por favor." Stacie said.

Victoria rolled her eyes "Excuse me for being excited. I haven't seen you in almost six months."

Stacie sighed "I know, but we don't want to draw any attention."

Victoria nodded understandingly "Ok I get that."

"Gracias." Stacie smiled.

"I always forget she's part Hispanic." Ethan mumbled.

Beca nodded "Yeah she only talks Spanish with her mom."

"You need to step up your game." Ethan joked.

Beca rolled her eyes at her dad "You think I don't know Spanish?"

Ethan looked at his daughter "You're telling me you know Spanish?"

Beca smirked "Pops, I've worked with my fair share of Latinos. I've picked up a thing here and there."

Ethan chuckled "Well show us what you got that."

Beca winked "Sure thing. Just let them have their mom and daughter reunion first."

Victoria hugged Stacie tightly and broke free a few moments later.

"Donde esta mi nieta?" She asked looking for Alanna.

Beca let go of Alanna's hand as the little girl ran towards Victoria.

"Grandma!" Alanna shouted happily as she ran into Victoria's arms.

Victoria picked her up and gave her a crushing hug.

"Ohh it's so good to see you." Victoria said.

She placed Alanna back on the ground, who instantly went over to hug Stacie's leg.

"Now where oh where is my daughter-in-law?" Victoria asked.

"Mom." Stacie said with a groan.

Beca chuckled as she walked towards them.

"What? It's only a matter of time, right?" Victoria asked.

"Yeah Stace, it's only a matter of time before we get married, and we have mind-blowing sex every night." Beca said with a smirk.

"Beca!" Stacie shouted, pointing down towards Alanna.

Beca rolled her eyes "Stace, I'm sure she's heard worse come out my mouth."

Stacie groaned and mumbled some curses directed towards the two of them as she picked up Alanna and made her way towards Ethan and Emily.

Beca and Victoria laughed at her before embracing each other.

"Te extrañé." Beca said.

"Yo también." Victoria replied.

"Cómo estás?" Beca asked as they broke apart.

"Bueno, you know how my job is. All the traveling has really kicked my ass lately." Victoria replied.

"I hear you on that." Beca chuckled.

"Y tu y Stacie?" Victoria asked.

"We've been great. Work has been awesome, and I don't know if you've heard, but I'm going to be working on the show with her." Beca answered.

"I've saw, and I can't wait to see you two. Pero eso no es lo que quise decir." She said with a knowing look.

Beca chuckled knowing exactly what she had meant the first time when she asked about the two of them.

"It's Stacie and me, you know? We're always together and enjoy each other's company. We always said we'd do what's best for our careers, but more importantly for Alanna." Beca answered.

"You know what's best." Victoria said.

Beca nodded "I know, but things have been great and the last thing I want, is to do something that'd potentially damage this."

Victoria nodded "Entiendo. Sabes que siempre estoy aquí para ti."

Beca smiled and nodded "Lo sé."

Ethan meanwhile chuckled and shook his head "I'll be dammed. She really does know Spanish."

Stacie nodded "Yes she does."

Stacie didn't even know Beca was that fluent in Spanish. She was honestly surprised, but a bit turned on at the fact.

The group was quickly escorted to their table. It was a U shaped booth, so Stacie and Victoria sat on the left side while Beca and Ethan took up the right side, leaving Alanna and Emily in the middle.

"You two better not have to use the bathroom every other minute, or you're going to have to crawl under the table." Beca said when everyone was seated.

Emily raised a brow at her "That's a bit cruel."

"I'm not going to keep getting up and sitting down." Beca said back.

"Alright children." Stacie said.

"Oh, pops, I have to show you this." Beca said about thirty minutes later as she took out her phone and handed him an earbud.

Victoria, who saw this, quickly turned to her daughter.

"So, mijita, what's up with the two of you?" She asked, gesturing over to Beca.

Stacie glanced over at Beca who was talking to her dad excitedly over what ever she was showing him. She smiled at her happiness before looking back towards her mom.

"We're happy." Stacie answered.

"I know that, and I know you know I'm not buying that." Victoria said.

Stacie sighed "What do you want me to tell you mom?"

"Stacie listen, everyone can see that you two are ridiculously in love with one another, and I know you have your careers and more importantly Alanna, but don't put your happiness and desires on hold either." Victoria said.

"I know, but what we have going works. It's been working for the past five years." Stacie said back.

"But for how much longer?" Victoria asked.

"What are you trying to say?" Stacie asked.

"I'm not saying this for nothing, but who's to say she either of you won't get tired of this and find someone? Or if something happens career wise that causes one of you to relocate?" Victoria asked.

Stacie didn't reply. She just sat there and let her moms words sink in.

She never thought about any of that. She never pictured not having Beca by her side, helping her with Alanna. She just always imagined Beca there by her side. That's all she's known for the past nine or so years, going all the way back to Barden.

"I'm not saying any of this in a bad way, but you're my daughter and I consider Beca my other daughter as well. I just want the two of you to be happy, preferably together, but regardless your happiness is most important. If you're worried about Alanna think about this, wouldn't it be better if her moms were together permanently? All she's known is the three of you living together, so why would you two being together be a problem for her?" Victoria asked.

She took a sip of her wine "Now if it's your career and the media your worried about, that's different. I doubt, with your talents and abilities, much will change. Sure, you'd have the idiotic people that will ask you stupid questions or look at you certain ways, but who cares about them. We both know Beca would be more than happy to deal with them." Victoria joked, "But sweetie, there's plenty of people in your industry that have come out as either gay or bi. I don't think you two would have any problems, and if you did, then you'd have each other at the end of the day. Not to mention a wonderful daughter, your friends and most importantly your family."

Stacie nodded and soaked all that up.

She took another glance towards Beca who caught her eye. Beca gave Stacie a smile and a wink.

She then glanced over at Alanna who was laughing at whatever Emily was telling her.

"So Beca how'd you get so fluent in Spanish?" Victoria asked.

"Well, Shakira taught me a lot. So has Jessie." Beca answered.

"Shakira? Now you have to tell me what she's like." Victoria said eagerly.

Stacie smiled at the way her mom and Beca were with one another. They were always close and had that mother daughter relationship, something that always warmed Stacie's heart.

Stacie knew then and there that she did have some serious thinking to do. She knew she loved Beca in every sense of the word, and she knew Beca loved her just as much, if not more. She also knew how much Beca loved Alanna and how Alanna loved Beca.

So the choice should be easy, right?