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Kiss Land

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The next morning, the girls woke up early because today was the day they were going to pack up all of Emily's stuff. They woke up and had breakfast at Ethan's before heading out.

"Stace, catch." Beca called out, tossing the keys to the rental.

Stacie caught them and looked towards Beca "Huh you're not driving?" She asked.

"Someone has to drive dads truck." Beca called out, "Besides, I want to know if you like the car or not. I can't always drive, you know." Beca teased.

"Oh shut up and get in the damn truck." Stacie said, "Come on Em, Beca doesn't get the privilege of having a passenger."

Emily chuckled at their antics before hopping in with Stacie.

Emily gave Stacie the directions and after a fifteen-minute drive they pulled up to Emily's.

"No wonder you always got to dads so quick." Beca said in realization.

"I always said I lived close." Emily said opening the door.

"So how was the car?" Beca asked Stacie.

"You were right, it's amazing." Stacie answered.

"Glad to hear it." Beca said.

"Alright, so I guess I'll do my room and bathroom, can you guys handle the stuff here?" Emily asked, pointing to the living room and kitchen.

"Sure, what exactly is yours?" Beca asked.

"Everything that isn't furniture or appliances, pretty much. That includes the TV." Emily said, handing them the extra luggage and duffle bags she has.

Luckily for them, Emily didn't really have many possessions. All the girl really had were clothes, pictures and a few personal items. They were easily able to fit everything in a handful of bags and two luggage suitcases. The girls began to place the bags in Ethan's truck and some in the rental when Beca noticed Emily's car.

"How long have you had this car for Em?" Beca asked.

Emily looked over "Oh well my mom gave it to me as a graduation gift so about five years, but it used to be hers. The car is about nine years old now." Emily answered.

Beca nodded "At least you didn't have to worry about a car payment." She joked as she turned and saw Stacie giving her a look.

Stacie wasn't stupid, she fully knew what Beca was thinking and couldn't help but smile at her.

Beca never ceased to amaze Stacie when it came to caring about their loved ones. Stacie always loved how far Beca would go to make sure her loved ones were taken care of and didn't have any problems.

"Yeah, it's been really great. I've been able to save a bit because of it." Emily said as she loaded up the last bag.

"Alright, let's drop this stuff off at my dads and then get something to eat." Beca said.

"Where does the food that you eat go? We literally had breakfast like two hours ago." Stacie said.

Beca shrugged "I got a fast metabolism."

"I'll never understand it." Stacie said.

"Oh please look at you. Your figure makes it seem like you don't eat." Beca said back.

"But I don't eat every other hour. My stomach isn't a bottom less pit." Stacie shot back.

"You know, I don't hear you complaining when I'm eating a certain something numerous times a day." Beca said with a smirk.

"Oh my god." Emily mumbled in embarrassment.

"Beca!" Stacie exclaimed.

Beca rolled her eyes "Seriously? If she's going to be living with us, she's going to hear a lot worse. Besides, she lived with us in college, so she really shouldn't be all that surprised." Beca said as she opened the door to Ethan's truck and started it up.

"Come on Em." Stacie mumbled.

They arrived back at Ethan's and decided to leave Emily's stuff where they were at since they only had one more day in Atlanta.

"Hey, you should call your mom, see if she wants to do dinner." Beca said looking towards Stacie.

"Alright, that's a good idea." Stacie said grabbing her phone.

After a quick conversation Stacie looked back towards Beca "She said she'd love to see us and do dinner. She said she's free tonight."

"Settled, I'll make the reservations." Beca said picking up her phone and making a few calls.

"All set. 8pm at Brimstone." Beca said.

"Sounds lovely, thank you." Stacie said as she sent the info to her mom.

"Of course, I miss your mom." Beca said with a smile.

Stacie chuckled "Trust me, she's missed you too. Like crazy."

Beca let her dad and Emily know about the reservations as well. That left the three girls in the kitchen.

"So how'd it go yesterday?" Stacie asked.

"Good. Helped Skylar with some stuff, then she helped me with some stuff." Beca answered as she dug into her plate of pasta.

"What'd you do?" Stacie asked, knowing Beca didn't have anything to work on since she already finished the songs The Weeknd asked her to write.

"I recorded some stuff." Beca answered.

"Like you recorded your own singles?" Stacie asked once more.

Beca nodded "I've been thinking recently of putting out an EP and after everything these past few days, I decided to actually do it."

Stacie smiled "That's amazing B."

"Is that what you meant by you figured out what to do with the songs?" Emily asked smiling.

"Yeah, I probably should have asked you first. Sorry." Beca said.

"Why are you sorry? You're literally using my songs, you of all people. That's like the best thing ever. I'm glad my songs are being put to great use by someone as talented as you." Emily beamed.

Beca smiled "Thank you Em. I promise you'll get the credit you deserve for them."

"Can we hear?" Stacie asked.

"I'll show it you guys after I clean everything up on the songs and get a verse I'm waiting on." Beca sad with a smile.

"Who's the feature?" Emily asked excitedly.

"Surprise, thanks to Skylar." Beca winked.

They finished up the pasta Beca had made before they relaxed on the sofa.

"We have two hours before we need to start getting ready." Beca called out.