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Kiss Land

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"Daughter? Beca and you?" Ashley asked stunned.

Stacie nodded "Yeah well obviously Beca didn't get me pregnant, even though she looks a hell of a lot like her somehow. I got pregnant after a hook-up and Beca has been the second parent ever since we found out." Stacie said.

"Wow, that was something none of us were expecting." Ashley said.

"Guys please don't let this leave this room, I'm begging you. No one outside my dad, her mom, Emily and some of our close friends know about this." Beca pleaded.

"Of course, I think we can all agree to keeping this information to ourselves." Jessica said looking around the room.

"Why? If you don't mind me asking." Ashley said.

"We just want her to have a normal life you know. We don't want her growing up under the spotlight and having paparazzi try and use her just to get at us." Beca answered.

"How hasn't she been captured yet? I'm sure you guys go out with her." Jessica said.

"We have an agreement with certain groups of paparazzi where they keep her out of any and all photos or stories in exchange for us giving them more time." Stacie answered this time.

"That's great honestly, I'm glad they've actually respected that and help up their end of the deal." Jessica smiled.

"Can we see pictures? I'd love to see how Beca Mitchell and Stacie Conrad's child looks like." Ashley asked jokingly.

Beca looked towards Stacie who nodded and grabbed her phone. She opened up her photo library and clicked on an album she had made of her favorite family photos throughout the years. She showed the girls photos of her and Alanna during holidays and birthdays, photos of the three of them on trips and vacations, videos of Alanna doing goofy stuff and lastly photos and videos of Beca being soft and mushy with the younger girl.

"Awww look at our Beca being soft and adorable." Jessica joked with a smirk looking straight towards Beca.

"You try saying "no" to that face." Beca said.

"Damn Shawshank never thought I'd see the day." Amy said.

Beca chuckled "Trust me, that makes two of us."

"You guys are so adorable." Ashley said.

"The two of you are in trouble if she ends up with Beca's tendencies and Stacie's smarts." CR said.

"It's already like that." Emily joked.

"Well I'm beyond happy for the two of you. Congratulations." Jessica said giving Stacie and Beca a tight hug.

"Thank you." They both said.

"So what else is there we don't know about you two?" CR asked.

"Well aside from the stories we have, nothing really. I mean like I told you when we met up for breakfast, you can just look on social media and see what's going on with us. Media doesn't let us breathe." Beca joked.

"Oh well I have something that involves Beca and Stacie." Emily said excitedly.

"Oh yeah." Beca chuckled.

"What's that legacy?" CR asked curiously.

"I'm moving in with Beca and Stacie." Emily announced.

"Your what?" Aubrey asked.

Aubrey who was still in shock about the news of Alanna, snapped back when she heard Emily's announcement. For some reason she didn't like how Beca and Stacie just come back and all of a sudden Emily decides to live with them and the rest of the group acts like they didn't disappear for all these years.

"I'm moving in with them. They asked me if I could make a song for the show which I did, then Beca said if all goes well I have a shot to get noticed. This move will better my chances instead of staying here and waiting for some call back." Emily answered.

"And besides it's not like we don't have the space." Beca shrugged.

"Is that an open invitation?" CR asked with a laugh.

"You guys can come visit, we have space, so you don't have to pay for a hotel. If you don't mind sharing a house with a five-year-old that is." Stacie answered.

After that they went back to playing truth, dare or drink. It went on for about another twenty minutes before Ashley got up and blasted the speakers.

Beca had gone off to the side and was talking with Jessica who at this point was a bit tipsy. She wasn't drunk but was getting there.

"I'm sorry about earlier with Aubrey, I should have done a better job at keeping things cool." Jessica said.

Beca shrugged "It's fine Jess. For the twentieth time tonight, don't worry about it." Beca smiled reassuringly.

Jessica smiled back and looked at Beca for a bit.

"What?" Beca asked.

Jessica sighed happily and threw an arm around Beca's shoulder.

"Nothing, I'm just happy to have you back in my life. I've really missed you Bam Bam." Jessica said.

Beca laughed "God I see that nickname is still around."

"Of course! How can I forget. You really decked that girl." Jessica laughed.

"Bam Bam" was a nickname Jessica had given Beca during their sophomore year. They had gone out to a party one night when one girl was trying to start problems with the Bella's all night. After Beca gave the girl several warnings which she ignored, Beca wasted no time in giving her two quick punches and knocking her out. Since then whenever Beca would hit something or someone, Jessica would shout out "Bam Bam".

"Good times dude." Beca said leaning into the embrace a bit.

"Sucks how things played it out really. I'm glad you got the life you have now, and you have Stacie." Jessica said looking towards Beca and giving her a look raising her eyebrows.

Beca shook her head "We're not going there tonight." She chuckled.

"But it sucks that you had to go through what you did do get there. It sucks that missed out on five years because of her fuck-ups. I mean six months of going behind your back, no one deserves that shit." Jessica said.

Beca froze at the last part.

"What'd you say Jess?" Beca asked slowly as she moved to face the girl.

Jessica looked confused for a bit until she realized that Beca probably didn't know how long Chloe was cheating for.

"Oh shit, you didn't know that part did you?" She asked slowly.

Beca stood there on the spot gripping the bottle tighter.

Six months, six months she cheated on me? Beca thought as she was getting angrier by the second. Who the fuck does that to someone they supposedly love? Someone they care about? What kind of bitch does that? She thought.

Beca had gotten over Chloe and had zero care left for the redhead, but this information brought out new anger within her. Beca so badly wanted to just go over there to confront her, but she didn't want to ruin Jessica and Ashley's night. She wanted to enjoy the night with her close friends.

Beca also knew that if Stacie found out, it'd get real ugly really quick.

"Beca?" Jessica asked slowly placing a hand on Beca's wrist.

"Huh?" Beca asked snapping out of her thoughts.

"I'm sorry." Jessica said sadly.

"Hey you have nothing to apologize for. You didn't cheat and cause any of this. Don't worry about saying that, I won't cause any scene." Beca reassured her.

"Ok." Jessica said.