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Kiss Land

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"So anything new with you guys?" CR asked as she was in the living room by the front of the house.

The girls had now been here for about forty-five minutes and in those forty-five minutes they haven't left this area. They've stuck around CR and Jessica the whole time hanging out and catching up.

Beca shook her head "Not really, just the show honestly. I'm still working with The Weeknd on his newest album, but that's about it."

"Yeah with the show starting up soon that'll pretty much take up all our time." Stacie said.

CR was about to say something else when all of a sudden Aubrey appeared with Chloe behind her.

"Well if it isn't our celebrity guests, what too famous to come and talk to us?" Aubrey asks.

Beca shrugs "I mean I don't really have much to say to the two of you. I doubt Stacie does either."

"Oh so you two are just going to act like we don't exist?" Aubrey asks.

Beca shakes her head "Nope but like I said I don't have anything to say."

"You're really going to act like we don't have a history of being friends?" Aubrey asks.

Beca chuckled "Posen, you of all people should know what happened."

"Is that really what all this is about? Something that happened five years ago? Stop being childish and grow up Beca, get over it and move on." Aubrey said.

Hearing that, Stacie quickly stepped up not appreciating Aubrey coming at Beca like this.

"Excuse me? Who in the hell are you to tell her that?" Stacie asked angrily.

"I'm just calling it like I see it Stacie." Aubrey answered.

"Considering what that bitch did, Beca has every right to not want to talk to the both of you. And for your information, Beca has moved on. She moved on the second we packed up and got on that plane." Stacie said getting closer to Aubrey.

If there was one thing that was certain, it was these two were willing to go to war for one another. Stacie would fight an army if it meant protecting Beca and vice versa.

Beca placed a hand on Stacie's arm and pulled her back getting the taller girl's attention.

"Hey look at me." Beca said softly causing Stacie to look her in the eyes.

"I got this ok? I appreciate the support, but I got it under control." Beca said with a smile.

Stacie huffed and nodded.

Beca nodded before turning back towards Aubrey.

"Listen Posen, like Stace said I have moved on. I moved on to bigger and better things clearly, and I couldn't be any happier. To answer your questions, yes this is about what happened five years ago. I said all I needed to say when I caught her and I don't have to talk to anyone I don't want to talk to." Beca said.

"That doesn't mean you have to stand here and act like we don't exist." Aubrey said.

"I'm very much aware that you exist Posen but like I said, it doesn't mean I have to talk to you. Or her." Beca said.

"God listen to yourself Beca, I knew you could always be a bitch, but fame has made you into an even bigger one. You can't even say a simple hello to two people you were close to." Aubrey said shaking her head.

Beca let out a chuckle hearing Aubrey call her a bitch, she put her hand to the side to block off Stacie who took a few steps forward.

"Trust me Posen, if you want a bitch then I'll show you a bitch." Beca said in a low voice taking a few steps closer to Aubrey.

"Is that a threat Mitchell?" Aubrey asked.

Beca shook her head "Nah it's a promise. And unlike someone in this room, I don't break promises." Beca said looking directly at Chloe for the first time since arriving.

That last statement sent a wave of regret and guilt through Chloe's body as she simply looked down.

At this point CR, Jessica and Emily all got in between them as Ashley and the rest of the girls came over to where they were standing.

"Back off Aubrey." Emily said placing a hand on Beca's chest.

"Of course you come to her aid." Aubrey said rolling her eyes.

"She's not the only one." Jessica said.

"Yeah Jess is right. Just cool it." CR said.

"Guys please can we just enjoy the night?" Ashley asked pleadingly.

"I'm cool as along as they keep their distance." Beca said.

"Bree?" Ashley asked.

"Yeah sure." Aubrey answered.

"Great, now why don't all gather around and play some games like we always did?" Ashley asked.

"I'm down. I just need some air if you'll excuse me." Beca said.

"Go for it." Jessica said.

Beca shrugged off Emily and Stacie's hands as she made her way to the back porch.

"Go." Jessica said looking at Stacie and Emily.

Stacie shot Aubrey and Chloe one last glare as she made her way outside along with Emily.

When they walked through the sliding doors they saw Beca sitting on the porch steps.

"Dumb bitch." Beca mumbled as she pulled out her lighter.

"When in the hell did you get that?" Stacie asked standing behind Beca.

"I met up with Kenzie after I picked up the car." She answered as she lit up the blunt and took a couple of puffs "Want?" She asked.

Stacie took a seat next to her "Might as well." Stacie answered.

She grabbed the blunt and took a couple hits before exhaling giving it back to Beca.

Beca looked at towards Emily raising a brow.

"I'll try." Emily said.

"Don't inhale too much, or you'll start coughing up a storm." Beca chuckled.

Emily nodded and sat down on the step in front of Beca, she took the blunt and brought it up to her lips. She took a small inhale and held it in her mouth for a few seconds before exhaling.

"There you go." Beca laughed as she grabbed it back.

"You good?" Stacie asked as Beca brought the blunt up to her lips once more.

Beca nodded and exhaled "Yeah I was good until her last little statement. You know how much it irritates me when someone brings up the whole fame changed you bs. I can't fucking stand that." Beca answered.

"Hey don't listen to her, we all know you're still the same Beca as always. You know as well as we do that fame hasn't changed you one bit and that's all that matters." Stacie said.

"I know it's just the way she said it. I've always hated how she talks like she's better than everyone. Even back when we were freshmen I used to want to just knock her lights out." Beca chuckled.

"When she called you a bitch I was expecting a swing." Stacie joked.

Beca laughed "Oh trust me, I was getting there."

"Yup same old Beca." Emily mumbled.

"What was that Emily?" Beca asked raising her brow.

"Nothing." Emily said with a smile.

"Yeah that's what I thought." Beca said back.

"Are we good to head back in?" Stacie asked.

Beca nodded as she took two last hits offering Stacie and Emily "Yeah I'm good." Beca answered standing up.

The three girls all stood up and made their way back inside.