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Kiss Land

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Beca woke up the next day at 12pm after the girls arrived at Ethan's around 6am. The only reason Beca woke up this early was because she needed to go to the car rental agency, this time however she picked the car, so they wouldn't get stuck with a two-seater. Luckily for her Ethan was up and volunteered to drive her to pick it up.

"So what toy is it this time?" He asked as they pulled into the parking lot of the agency.

"You know I never tell." She winked as she exited his truck.

Ethan shook his head with a chuckle as he sat in the truck and waited to see what his daughter picked out this time. He just hoped for her sake that Stacie would at least somewhat agree with the choice.

"Ah miss Mitchell back so soon?" The same lady from before greeted.

Beca nodded with smile "Yes ma'am I am. Hopefully this time the choice will go over better."

"What happened before that we can fix?" The lady asked.

Beca laughed "Oh no, it wasn't on your end. See I let my friends daughter pick the car, and she picked a two-seater so as you can imagine the mother wasn't pleased." Beca said.

The lady laughed "Oh I see how that might have been an issue. Well surely this one will be better. I mean at least this one has four doors." The lady joked.

Beca chuckled "Here's to hoping."

The lady handed Beca some paperwork and once it was all signed she told Beca to wait out front.

Beca stepped out and pulled out her phone as she got a text from someone she's worked with in the past. She quickly responded and locked it just as the car pulled up.

"Here you go ma'am." The worker said handing her the keys.

"Thank you so much." She replied grabbing them and getting in. She pulled up next to her dad who nodded in approval.

"Well at least she can't complain about the doors or the car not having a back seat." He joked.

"That's what I thought." She said with a chuckle.

"What made you pick this?" He asked.

She shrugged "Wanted to test it out, was thinking of getting one since Stacie's M4 is a couple of years old."

"Well this would certainly do the job if she likes it." He said looking over the car from his truck.

Beca had picked out an all white Mercedes-AMG GT four door with blacked out rims and windows. The inside was all white with black stitching on the leather seats.

"Hey pops, I actually have to stop somewhere, so I'll meet you back home? If Stacie asks just tell her I had to pick up the car and make a quick stop." Beca said.

Ethan nodded "Sure thing bug, drive safe."

"Always." She rolled her eyes.

Beca rolled up the window and headed towards her destination. A short twenty-five minutes later she arrived at her destination and picked up what she needed. After that she made her way back to Ethan's as today was the day of Jessica and Ashley's joint birthday celebration.

When Beca arrived and pulled into the driveway she was met by Stacie.

"So? Is this to your liking princess?" Beca asked jokingly.

Stacie rolled her eyes and gave Beca a shove "Shut up small fry. This is actually perfect. It actually has four doors."

Beca groaned "God if I hear that line one more time today."

Stacie chuckled "Well I'm pretty sure all but one of your cars back home are two doors." Stacie said.

"Because those cars don't come with four doors!" Beca exclaimed.

Stacie patted her head "Easy girl, but I love this car. Is this the one you told me about?"

Beca swatted her hand "Yes it is."

"Well I'm definitely testing it before we leave." Stacie said as she turned around and walked back inside.

"So what time are you girls leaving?" Ethan asked once everyone was inside.

"Well Jess said anytime after 6pm so around then I suppose." Beca said looking towards Emily and Stacie.

"Sounds good." They both said with a nod.

"How do you feel about you know what?" He asked.

Beca shrugged "I mean it is what it is to be honest. I'm going for Jess and that's it, I don't necessarily have to interact with her. I'll be cool so long as she is and Aubrey." Beca answered.

"Yeah and besides she'll be fine, like I'm letting that bitch try anything." Stacie said.

"Ok now remember we're here for Jess and Ash alright? Let's not do anything to ruin their birthday celebration." Beca said.

"But-" Stacie started before Beca put her hand over her mouth.

"Stace I know how you get when it comes to me and I appreciate it, always have and always will, but remember why we came." Beca said.

Stacie nodded.

"Beca's right, I mean as long as she doesn't instigate anything then you two should just stick with one another and enjoy the night. Drink, dance and joke around just like the Barden days. You know I got the little one under control so don't even worry about coming back here if you feel like spending more time over there or if you can't drive back obviously." Ethan said reassuringly.

"Thanks pops we appreciate it." Beca said.

"Hey this might be as close to being a grandfather as I actually might ever get, so I might as well make the most of it." He joked.

"Geez old man you never know." Stacie winked.

"Yeah pops I may marry Megan Fox one day and the two of us will have a kid together." Beca joked.

"Keep wishing that and tell me how it goes." Stacie said.

"Oh I will." Beca smirked.

"My God you two go back and forth more than married couples do." Ethan said.

"That's a good sign." Stacie said.

"Yeah if you want stress and headaches." Beca mumbled.

"Shut up and let's start the process of getting ready." Stacie said pushing her in the direction of the stairs.

Ethan looked towards Emily "Have they always been this much?"

Emily nodded "Since the first day I met them." She answered before heading to the extra guest room she was staying in.

Almost two hours later after all the girls showered, did their hair plus makeup and got dressed, they made their way downstairs.

Beca went with her regular street/sportswear style since it was most comfortable for her to wear. She had on a red Atlanta Braves jersey that was buttoned up halfway with only a black bra on underneath. She paired that with a pair of dark blue ripped jeans and a pair of Jordan Olympic 7s. Beca also had on the two chains she would always wear. One was a silver chain with a silver cross that had Alanna and Stacie's name engraved on it. The second was a black chain with a rose made out of Ruby's.

Stacie emerged with a black tank top under a camo bomber jacket. She wore a pair of black ripped jeans and a pair of black and white high top vans. Similar to Beca, Stacie put on a chain that she would always wear that was simply a silver chain with the letter "A" for Alanna. She also put on a bracelet she always wore on her left wrist that had two charms on it, the letter "B" along with a black lotus.

Finally, Emily was wearing a white and black Nike hoodie with a pair of light blue denim shorts and all white Air Force 1s.

"All right we're heading out now." Beca announced.

"Alright girls, have fun and be smart." Ethan said giving each of them a hug.

They all gave Alanna a hug and kiss before they made their way towards the rental.

They arrived a little past 6:30 and Beca shut off the car.

"Well, here we go." Beca said as they got out of the car.

The three made their way towards the door before Beca rang the doorbell. They waited a few before the door opened revealing an ecstatic looking Jessica.

"You made it!" She shouted as she happily hugged Beca.

Beca chuckled at her excitement and tightly hugged her back "Geez Jess, happy much?" She joked.

Jessica broke the embrace "Sorry, just happy you're spending my birthday with me again."

Beca patted her arm "I'm just messing with you, I'm happy we get to hang out again."

Jessica smiled before hugging Stacie and Emily tightly and thanking them for coming.

"Oh by the way, I got you and Ash a little something, but the delivery got delayed a bit so expect something in a few days." Beca said once Jess ushered them inside.

"You really didn't have to but thank you." Jessica said.

"I wanted to." Beca shrugged.

They made their way towards Ashley who was talking with CR.

"Look who made it guys." Jessica said happily.

Ashley and CR smiled as they greeted the girls.

"Oh god there actually here." Chloe said quietly to Aubrey as they were across the room.

Aubrey looked over in the direction Chloe nodded towards "I see that Chlo, just relax ok."

Chloe nodded "Ok."