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Kiss Land

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"Hey how long are we going to be there for?" Stacie asked.

"Not long, we have the show and Abel wants to finish up the album, so I'd say a few days. Definitely no more than three." Beca answered.

"So we'd better help Emily quick. That was nice of you to offer her to move in." Stacie smiled.

"It makes sense in every scenario if you think about it." Beca said back.

Stacie smirked "You just can't get enough Emily can you?"

Beca laughed "What can I say? That girl has wormed her way into my heart."

"And to think she annoyed you at first." Stacie joked.

"Well to be fair you annoyed me at first as well." Beca winked.

"And you still annoy me to this day." Stacie said throwing a shirt at Beca.

Beca caught it and threw it back "But yet you still live with me."

Stacie caught it and folded it putting it in her luggage "I enjoy the company."

Beca shook her head and continued to pack. The girls were set to fly out later that day with a 2am flight. It was now 8pm and had to be at the airport by midnight.

"Hey so if the situation should arise, are we going to let them know about Alanna?" Beca asked.

"I honestly don't know B. When the time comes I'll decide then and there. I'd obviously like Alanna to meet the girls but we both know we've always been picky about who we let meet her." Stacie answered as she finished packing up.

"Well whatever you decide you know Em and I have your back." Beca said zipping up her bag.

"I know." Stacie smiled.

The two of them brought their bags downstairs and left them by the door. When they went to the couch they saw Emily drop her bags by the doors as well as Alanna's bags.

"Kind of funny how you're going to have to pack up the same clothes once more when we come back." Beca pointed out.

"Yeah along with like six other bags." Emily joked.

"At least you don't have much." Stacie said.

"Right, I can fit everything in bags since the furniture isn't even mine. Thank god that apartment came furnished so all I have to pack is clothes and junk." Emily said as she sat down.

"Well that'll definitely make it easier." Beca said.

"I just have to worry about my car." Emily sighed.

"No you don't." Beca said as she opened up her phone.

"What do you mean?" Emily asked confused.

Beca handed over her phone "All taken care of."

Emily grabbed the phone and scanned over it "You paid to have it delivered?" She asked shocked.

"Yeah that way you didn't have to drive all the way over here." Beca answered.

Emily handed the phone back "I honestly don't even know what to say."

"Well your welcome." Beca joked.

"No I'm obviously beyond thankful for everything you've done for me, the two of you. I mean all of this is just leaving me speechless." Emily said.

The two girls chuckled and Beca locked her phone placing it on her lap. Just then they heard Alanna running towards them and jumping onto Stacie's lap.

"Hey Beca?" Emily asked an hour into the flight as she slid next to the shorter girl.

"Sup Em?" Beca asked taking off her headphones.

"I wanted to talk about some songs I have in my book." Emily said.

"What about them?" Beca asked.

"Well I have some songs in there that I wrote a while back that I feel someone else can put to better use." Emily said.

"Why do you say that?" Beca asked.

Emily shrugged "I wrote them after a breakup but since I'm not in that emotional state any more I don't feel like I can put as much emotion into it." Emily answered.

"I understand that, show me them?" Beca asked closing her laptop.

Emily nodded and opened up her book to the songs she was talking about.

Beca scanned over the three songs Emily showed her, she read them over a few times going over stuff in her head. She really did love what each song was talking about and could actually relate to them. Beca knew she could figure something out for these songs but wasn't sure what it was quite yet.

"Wow Em, you really wrote these?" Beca asked looking over to the taller girl.

Emily nodded "Yeah."

Beca smiled "I'm actually really impressed with them. The songs are beautifully sad and written amazingly. I honestly mean that."

"I'm glad you do, that means a lot. I try to write as much as I can to hopefully get better at it." Emily admitted.

"That's the only way to get better, trust me that's how I learned to the point where I write for artist now. It's therapeutic." Beca said closing the book and handing the book back to Emily.

"It really is." Emily said grabbing the book.

"I know I can definitely do something with those songs I just don't know what exactly to do yet. I'll think of something soon then let you know." Beca said.

"Ok great, take your time." Emily said.

"We both know I don't stop." Beca said with a chuckle "And whatever I figure out, I promise you'll be credited as the songwriter which will really help you out a ton." Beca said.

"Perfect, I can't wait." Emily said excitedly.

Once Emily got up and went back to her seat Beca put her headphones back on and opened her laptop up. She went back to the songs she was working on for The Weeknd, ever since he asked her to write those two songs she knew where she wanted to take them. She went back to messing with some beats until she found the perfect sound for each one. When that was finished she looked over to where Stacie was asleep with Alanna curled around her like a koala bear, she smiled at the sight and started to write.

By the time the jet landed Beca had finished up the songs and was pleased with the final product, all that was needed was The Weeknd's opinion which she wasn't too worried about.

She walked over to Stacie and gently shook her.

"Stace, we landed." She said softly.

Stacie stirred and opened her eyes "Alright, thanks." She said as she slowly sat up and gently woke up Alanna.

They all grabbed their bags and headed towards the car that was here to pick them up, and we're on their way to Ethan's.