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Kiss Land

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"You know what I find funny?" Beca asked as she entered the kitchen.

"What's that?" Emily asked.

Beca grabbed a water bottle "How you were only supposed to be here a week and now here we are almost three weeks later with you still here." Beca said with a chuckle.

Emily smiled "I love being here with you two. It's like home."

"And we absolutely love having you here with us. It just feels right." Stacie smiled.

"I mean at this point you might as well move in with us." Beca said.

"You being for real?" Emily asked.

"Yeah why not, we obviously have the space, and you are a part of this little family we have. Not to mention you did say that your contact at your current place is up. Plus if you do decide to move forward with music it'd be a hundred times easier." Beca said.

"Are you sure? I don't want to feel like I'm intruding or anything." Emily said.

"Yes we're sure Em. Beca wouldn't offer that to anyone else but you. Like I said you are a part of family, the three of us have always been like a small family since Barden. Besides, I know it'd make Alanna absolutely ecstatic knowing her auntie will be here." Stacie smiled.

"I'd absolutely love that if you guys are sure. Thank you so much for the offer and I promise to do my part around here." Emily said.

"Don't worry about that giant, the way you are with Alanna is more than enough." Beca said patting her shoulder.

"Yeah just because you're here doesn't mean you have to do anything different. Just don't trash the place." Stacie smirked.

Emily laughed "Never that."

"It's settled, when we head back to Atlanta for Jess's birthday we'll settle all that." Beca said.

"Wow look at that, you've gone back now twice in the span of two months." Emily joked.

Beca chuckled "Yeah who would have thought."

"Maybe you should look into buying a house there." Stacie joked.

"Alright now let's not get carried away here." Beca said shaking her head.


"Hey did you let the girls know about then birthday celebration?" Ashley asked Jessica.

"Oh shot I forgot. I'll send a message in the chat." Jessica said pulling out her phone.

"Are you going to mention Beca and Stacie?" Ashley asked.

"I was, what do you think?" Jessica asked back.

"I think you should, after what Chloe told us I don't see why the girls would have a problem with it." Ashley answered.

"Alright." Jessica said opening up the chat.

Jessica: Hey girls Ash and I are having a joint birthday celebration at our house on Friday, so three days from now, and we just wanted to let you all know. Btw Beca, Stacie and Emily will be there as well.

Jessica and Ashley waited a few minutes before they got the first response.

CR: Sounds perfect, I'll be there. Can't wait to hang out with the two of them again.

Amy: Oh boy, you sure that's a good idea?

Flo: I'll be there.

Jessica: Yes I'm sure Amy, we're all adults here and should be able to handle ourselves.

Ashley: Yeah and girls please be respectful and don't try anything. It's still Beca, and we all know how she is when it comes to people pushing and prying.

Lilly: Ok.

CR: You don't have to worry about any of that, I'll make sure nothing happens.

Jessica: As will I.

Amy: I guess it'll be nice to have all of us together again.

Jessica put her phone down "I guess now we wait for Aubrey and Chloe."

Ashley simply nodded.

Aubrey read all the texts in the group chat and wasn't sure how to feel about it. She knew it'd be good for Beca to be there and talk to the girls but a part of her didn't want Beca there for Chloe's sake. Another thing she had to think about was the fact that Stacie would be there. The same girl she had the secret crush on and was upset when she first left with Beca. She still had those secret feelings for the taller girl and didn't know what to do about that.

With a sigh she called up Chloe.

"Hey Bree, what's up?" Chloe asked as she answered.

"Have you seen the chat?" Aubrey asked.

"No why?" Chloe asked.

"Just look at it real quick." Aubrey said.

"Ok." Chloe said slowly as she opened up the chat and scrolled through it. She scanned it and saw why Aubrey called and like Aubrey she had no idea how to feel.

"So?" Aubrey asked.

"I'm not sure what to say." Chloe said.

"Well if we say no then we just look bad and like we're avoiding them." Aubrey said.

"I know but Bree we haven't seen or talked to them since that day." Chloe said.

"I understand that, but we still need to get this over with. Trust me I don't really want to be there for the obvious reason that it'll be awkward and uncomfortable, but eventually we're going to have to be in the same room as them. Might as well get it over with." Aubrey said.

Chloe was quiet for a few before she nodded "Yeah alright I guess you're right. Let them know we'll be there." Chloe sighed.

"Alright will do. Don't worry I'll be by your side the whole time." Aubrey said before hanging up.

Aubrey: Chloe and I will be there.

Jessica and Ashley both checked their phones "Well there's that. Now we can only hope it all goes well." Jessica said with a sigh.