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Kiss Land

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"Alright come on." Beca said as she left her room.

"Someone's excited." Stacie chuckled.

"Well of course I am, you know how much time and money I've spent on this car." Beca said.

The four stepped out of the house and headed towards Stacie's BMW M4. Once Alanna was strapped in next to Emily, Stacie stared the car up and made her way towards the shop Beca always went to.

"Well look who it is, little miss Beca." The mechanic said as Beca arrived.

Beca smiled "Sup G? How's my baby?" Beca asked giving the man a hug.

"It's looking beautiful." Gerald said.

"Can I see it? Or do you still need some time?" Beca asked.

"Nah she's all done. Come on." Gerald said leading the way.

"So you decided to rep the hometown team?" He asked pointing to her jersey.

Beca shrugged "I mean I do live here now so might as well show love to the Lakers." Beca answered.

She currently had on a white Kobe Bryant jersey with light blue jeans and a pair of all white Jordan 3s.

"As you should." Gerald said as they arrived to the car "Here she is." He said gesturing to the car.

She walked up to the car and looked it over. It was a matte black Lamborghini Huracán with black tinted windows. She looked over how low it was and how the new tires looked on it, she had ordered performance tires that would enhance its traction.

"It's perfect." She said as she ran her hand across it.

"I'm glad it's to your liking. You have very specific likes when it comes to your cars." He said with a chuckle.

"What can I say, I love my cars." She winked.

He tossed her the keys "Well until your next project."

She caught the keys "Oh trust me, you'll see me real soon."

Beca got into the car and slowly drive out once Gerald opened up the garage door. She pulled out and parked next to Stacie.

Stacie whistled "Dam Mitchell, who are you trying to lure with that car?"

"The one and only Megan Fox. Duh." Beca rolling her eyes.

"Yeah good luck with that." Stacie said with a shake of the head.

"Anyways, what's the plan?" Beca asked.

"Trying to show it off?" Stacie asked back.

"I haven't been able to drive it yet, been waiting for this moment." Beca answered.

"Hydro?" Stacie asked.

"Sounds good." Beca answered.

"What's that?" Emily asked.

"Dessert place. Mainly ice cream though." Stacie answered.

"I'll meet you all there." Beca smirked as she rolled her window up and revved her engine.

"This girl loves her loud engines." Stacie chuckled.

After the short twenty-minute drive with Beca putting her new toy to the test, they arrived at Hydro and parked next to each other.

"So did it pass the Mitchell test?" Stacie asked.

Beca shrugged "Passes the warm-up portion. I'll give it the final grade when I get it on the open road and can really push it." Beca answered as she locked the car.

"Please be safe." Stacie said with a sigh knowing how Beca is with her cars.

"Come on Stace, you know I'm always safe. I can't risk not coming home to you two now can I?" Beca said with a smile.

"You better not." Stacie said back.

"Yeah because then who'll clean up after you?" Beca asked as the two walked behind Emily and Alanna.

Stacie pushed Beca "Oh shut the fuck up would you. You know dam well that's bs." Stacie laughed.

"I don't know Stace, it's been this way going back to freshman year." Beca responded with a laugh.

"Wow like you were the most organized person in the world." Stacie said sarcastically.

Beca was about to respond, but the two got stopped by paparazzi.

"Beca and Stacie how's it going?" One of them asked.

Emily turned around but Beca gave her a head nod and signaled for her to keep going that way Alanna wouldn't be near them. Even if the paparazzi always agreed to keep her out of anything but this way she wouldn't be around in case someone asked something they didn't want her to hear.

"All is good truthfully. Couldn't ask for more." Beca said with a smile.

"Girls care to elaborate on that video that's everywhere of Stacie giving you a pretty steamy lap dance?" Another one asked.

The two girls laughed at this, but it was Stacie who spoke up "We were just having some fun with friends. You got to live a little in this life and a little lap dance never hurt. Besides, that wasn't the first one I gave Beca." Stacie winked at them.

"Does that mean there's something between the two of you?" They asked.

Beca shrugged "That's something for us to know and you all to find out." Beca answered with a smirk.

"Is there anything the two of you can tell us about the show or The Weeknd's album?" Came another question.

"Nothing yet on the show, all I can is that filming starts in a few weeks. Everything else is still unknown." Stacie answered.

"Abel's album is coming along perfect and on schedule. All I can say is, it's the same as when we always work together. We're working on giving you all an album you can listen to years from now and still enjoy." Beca answered.

They finally arrived at Hydro "Alright guys if you don't mind we'd really like to just enjoy this beautiful day eating sweets." Beca said.

"Thank you for your time ladies as always." They said as they snapped their last pictures.

"Geez is it always like that?" Emily asked as they stood next to her in line.

"Pretty much, we have a good relationship with them, but sometimes it's a nightmare." Beca answered.

"Yeah you get the good group like we just had, or you get the bad group who literally suffocate you and shove their cameras and phones all in your face asking you questions non-stop." Stacie chipped in.

They all ordered and sat down at a booth near the back corner where it'd be less likely that they get noticed.


Chloe was scrolling through her social media as she waited for Aubrey to arrive, so the two can go get some lunch. As she scrolled she saw the usual, someone showing off what they bought, someone on vacation, someone was releasing new music and so on.

She kept scrolling till she came across a headline on Twitter that read "Fun at Coven's? Stacie Conrad and Beca Mitchell seem to have late night fun at a strip club."

This obviously caught her attention quickly, and she clicked on it immediately. The link opened up to an article that talked about Stacie and Beca going out to a strip club with fellow artist and friends, it talked about the group having a "Girls night" due to a photo one of the girls posted of the group at the table on her story. It then leads to a video a fan posted on their twitter of the whole sequence starting from Jessie Reyez speaking to the people all the way to when Stacie and Beca walked off the stage after Stacie's lap dance.

After the video ended Chloe felt nothing but sadness and jealousy. She kept scrolling and saw the multiple videos from everyone's Instagram stories of the night out and then when everyone went to Halsey's house. She noticed that Emily was there as well and felt a bit of anger that she was still as close as ever to them. Chloe knew she had no right to feel these things because this was her doing after all, but it still hurt her to this day. That sense of regret never left and Beca has never left her mind.