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Kiss Land

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"Ma! Mom! Wake up!" Alanna shouted as she jumped up and down on Stacie's bed.

Beca groaned as she stirred a bit cracking her eyes open and coming face to face with an ecstatic Alanna.

"Sup minion." Beca croaked out.

"Good morning!" Alanna shouted.

Beca groaned "Morning sweetie but can we please tone it down."

Alanna nodded "Ok ma."

Beca smiled and ruffled the little girl's hair eliciting a giggle from her.

"Let's wake mommy up." Beca said with a smile.

"Yay." Alanna said excitedly.

"Wake up bum." Beca and Alanna said simultaneously as they started shaking Stacie.

Stacie groaned "I'm up I'm up." She said.

She opened her eyes and came face to face with Beca and Alanna looking at her.

"Well good morning to the two of you." She said.

"Morning mommy." Alanna said with a smile.

Stacie brought the girl in for a hug "Morning princess."

"Alright well I'm going to make something to eat and check on Em." Beca said getting out of bed and making her way downstairs.

When she arrived in the kitchen she saw Emily already sitting down on the counter.

"How long have you been up?" Beca asked.

"Like ten minutes." Emily answered.

"Minion wake you?" Beca asked with a chuckle.

"Oh yeah." Emily answered.

Beca opened the fridge and took out eggs, pancake batter and toast. At the same time Stacie came down alongside Alanna and the two sat down next to Emily.

"So anyone remember what happen?" Stacie asked.

"Last thing I remember was the dance you gave me and then arriving back at the table. After that I have zero recollection." Beca answered.

"I remember more shots after that, and then we all left and went to someone's house." Emily said "After that even I don't remember."

"Probably Halsey's since she lives like ten minutes away." Beca said.

"Only one way to find out." Stacie said reaching for her phone. She scrolled through both Twitter and Instagram.

"Well that video of the dance at Coven is everywhere." Stacie said with a laugh "And the girls posted a couple of videos to their Instagram stories but nothing to crazy. Just us singing drunkenly and laughing talking nonsense." Stacie said as she shared the stories to her story.

"That's good to know." Beca said as she started making breakfast.

The four of them all sat down and ate their breakfast talking amongst themselves. Once they all cleaned up and everything was put back they made their way to the couch.

"So anything with the show?" Emily asked.

"We're supposed to start shooting in a few weeks, there just trying to decide on a location to film at first." Stacie answered.

"I can't wait to see the two of you on screen together." Emily said.

"Yeah it'll an interesting experience to say the least." Beca said just as her phone started ringing.

"Hello?" Beca answered without looking at the caller I.d.

"Hey Beca, how are you doing?" The voice asked.

"Oh shot hey Jess, I'm doing good thanks for asking. How's it going over there?" Beca asked back.

"Doing great as well, thanks. Listen I was calling because I was wondering if you'd be down to come over here in a few weeks? Ash and I are doing a joint birthday thing." Jessica asked.

"For you, of course. We're supposed to start filming in a few weeks, but I'll be there." Beca answered.

"Really?" Jessica asked happily.

"Of course Jess. After not being able to spend the last few with you, I'm not missing this one. Stace and I will be there." Beca reassured.

"Awesome thank you so much for agreeing. I know you probably don't want to be around you know who, but it means a lot." Jessica said.

"Like I said, for you I'll be there. Just because she's there doesn't mean I have to interact with her." Beca said.

"True and don't worry I'll make sure things go smoothly." Jessica replied.

Beca chuckle "Don't sweat it Jess, she's a grown up and if she can't handle herself it's on her."

"I know, but I just want things to be ok, I want to be able to be around you again with no drama." Jessica said.

"I appreciate the thought, but I'm going for you not anyone else. I promise not to do or say anything, like you said I just want us to chill like we always did." Beca said reassuring.

"Ok great. Thank you again for agreeing to come, it means the world." Jessica said.

"Don't sweat it. Despite everything you know I still love you like a sister." Beca said.

"Love you too. Well I'll let you go now, text you details in a couple of days. Bye." Jessica said before hanging up.

"What's up?" Stacie asked as soon as Beca placed her phone down.

Beca recapped everything to Stacie and Emily.

"I figured we can head over there and if the show contacts us then we can leave, I told her we're supposed to start filming soon anyways." Beca said.

"Alright sounds fair." Stacie replied.

"Perfect. Now, I need to head to the shop." Beca announced.

Stacie let out a groan "Now what?"

"Remember I lowered the Lambo and I ordered the new tires?" Beca asked.

"Oh yeah. It's ready?" She asked.

Beca nodded "Yup. So if you all want to go I suggest you get ready because my baby is waiting."

"I thought I was your baby!" Alanna said with a pout.

"No I thought I was." Stacie mimicked.

"You see what I deal with?" Beca asked looking towards Emily who just smiled.

Beca walked over to Alanna "You are my baby girl ok? My car is just my toy baby."

"So I'm first and the car is second?" Alanna asked.

Beca smiled "Yes you are most definitely first. You come before anything and everything minion. Never forget that." Beca said kissing her on the forehead.

"As for you?" Beca said standing up now facing Stacie.

Stacie just raised her brows challenging Beca to say something.

"You are just the big baby I deal with daily." Beca said.

"But I'm still your baby." Stacie smirked.

Beca simply rolled her eyes "Yeah only cause no one wants to take you in, so I'm stuck with you."

"Funny because I can say the same thing." Stacie shot back.

Beca chuckled "Oh that's cute. Guess we're just stuck with one another." She said backing away towards the stairs.

"Now get ready or get left behind." Beca said over her shoulder.