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Kiss Land

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"So what should I expect exactly?" Emily asked once Roman arrived to watch Alanna.

"Honestly, craziness. A lot of it." Stacie answered with a laugh.

The three girls all entered the Range Rover that was driving them to Coven. After a fairly quick twenty-minute drive they arrived at their destination and stepped out.

Beca was wearing a black ripped cropped denim jacket over a black cropped tube top with a pair of camo cargo joggers and a pair of black and white high top converse. She had her hair down and straight.

Stacie had gone with a red tight-fitting tank top paired with a pair of light blue high-waisted denim shorts and a pair of all white high top vans. She let her hair down leaving it wavy.

Lastly Emily had on a black sweater to pair with light blue ripped jeans and all white Air Force 1s. She put her hair in a tight ponytail.

As soon as they stepped out of the car people immediately recognized Beca and Stacie, and they were met with camera flashes as well as people calling out to them. They were let in quickly and made their way to where Jessie was seated.

"Hey the firecracker has arrived!" Jessie shouted.

Beca laughed and gave the girl a quick hug "No shot? What kind of greeting is this?"

"Girl do you know who you're talking to?" Jessie joked as she handed over a shot.

"Don't worry Stace, we didn't forget about you." Jessie said handing one over to her.

Stacie smiled "You'd better not have." Stacie joked.

"Jessie, this is Emily. Emily, this is Jessie." Beca said introducing the two.

Emily stuck her hand out "Pleasure to meet you, can I just say how much I love your music, you are insanely talented." Emily said quickly with a smile.

"Easy does it now." Beca said.

"Leave her alone, I really appreciate the kind words. Glad you enjoy my stuff, and it's nice to meet you." Jessie said shaking the girls hand.

"Shot?" Jessie asked as she held out another one.

"Sure." Emily said as she grabbed it.

Jessie held her shot up in the air causing everyone else to do the same "Here's to having a night for the ages with the best of friends one can ask for." Jessie said as everyone clanked their shot glasses together and downing them.

"So who is joining?" Emily asked Beca.

"Uh Jessie invited some of her personal friends, Halsey, Kehlani and a couple other people." Beca answered taking another shot.

"So a bunch of artists?" Emily asked.

"Yeah that pretty much sums up our friends list." Beca answered with a chuckle.

"What's that like? Hanging out with them?" Emily asked.

"Just like hanging out with you or my dad. Just because we're quote on quote celebrities doesn't mean we're any different. Sure there are some assholes who let this get to their egos but that's why you have to pick and chose who you call a friend in this industry." Beca answered.

Emily nodded "That makes sense. It's just these are people I look up to when it comes to music." Emily said.

"Trust me I know that feeling. When we first came out here I was starstruck left and right. I mean my first project was with Rihanna dude, I almost lost it then and there. Once you get past that you realize how dope people really are. You'll see that tonight." Beca said as she patted Emily's shoulder "Besides if you're going to hang out with us more often than you better get used to it." She said with a wink.

The two headed towards the bar together and Emily took this time to look around and take in the club. She saw how dark it was lit and how the walls were all red with black lining. The place almost looked like a location you see in a horror movie than the name clicked for her.

"Is it called coven because it's supposed to be a horror themed strip club?" Emily asked as they arrived at the bar.

Beca nodded "Yeah apparently the owner wanted it to be a cross between vampires and witches." She said with a shrug "Dope concept I guess."

As they waited the female bartender came up to them in a black tight-fitting leather crop top with tight red leather pants.

"Like Beca said, an interesting concept for a strip club." The bartender said with a smile.

"Sup Kristy." Beca said with a nod.

"How's my favorite producer doing? What can I get you?" Kristy asked.

"Couldn't be better, two screwdrivers please?" Beca asked.

"Coming right up." Kristy said with a smile.

The two made their way back to the table where everyone had now arrived.

After they all had some drinks and talked for a bit, some people started to come up to them and ask for a photo.

"Alright how about some fun?" Halsey asked.

"What do you got?" Beca asked.

"Whenever one of us gets approached by either a fan or a worker we have to take a shot." Halsey answered.

"I'm setting myself up here, but I'm down for it." Beca answered.

Stacie, Jessie and a few of her friends also agreed to the challenge leaving only Kehlani and Emily as the only ones who didn't agree to it.

About twenty minutes later after the group made their way towards one of the stages another person came up to Beca.

"Oh come on." Beca groaned after the person got their photo.

"Shot! Shot! Shot!" Stacie and Halsey cheered.

Beca reached for the glass downing the shot.

"Dude that's like ten in fifteen minutes." Beca said.

"Yeah it's almost like your famous." Jessie joked.

Beca was about to say something, but the DJ grabbed everyone's attention.

"Ladies and gentlemen tonight we have a special surprise in store. It seems as we a few celebrities in the building tonight and one of them as arranged a little something, so let me hand over the mic to the mastermind behind this surprise." The DJ said.

"Of course." Beca mumbled as she saw Jessie get up and give her a smirk.

"Thanks Dev, I'm going to keep this short and sweet for all of you. Beca get on stage." Jessie said.

Beca looked confused but went with it giving Stacie a look, but the taller girl gave her a look letting her know she didn't know anything as well.

"Now what?" Beca asked.

At that moment a worker brought out a chair "Sit." Jessie instructed.

Beca took a seat and awaited whatever devious plan her friend had for her.

"Good girl, now Stacie can you please come here." Jessie said.

Similar to Beca, Stacie got on stage confused making her way towards Jessie's direction.

Jessie covered the mic and whispered something into Stacie's ear to which the girl gave a smirk and nodded.

"Great now that it's all set up, enjoy my people." Jessie said walking towards Beca.

"Yessie." Beca said slowly.

Jessie smiled and got real close to the girl "Enjoy firecracker." She said giving Beca a pat on the cheek.

A few moments later a song that Beca produced came on the speakers, and then she knew what was going on. The Weekend's "Often" came on and then appeared Stacie right in front of her.

"Really? You agreed to this?" Beca asked with a laugh.

"Wouldn't be the first time I gave you a lap dance Mitchell." Stacie smirked.

"No but it might the first time where we have this many layers on." Beca smirked back.

"That can change." Stacie said with a wink as she took off Beca's jacket tossing it to Emily.

"Well don't let me get in your way." Beca said.

"That's what I like to hear." Stacie winked.

As Stacie was giving Beca a lap dance the two noticed all the flashes and people recording this.

"If it's a show they want, then it's a show they'll get." Stacie said as she straddled Beca's lap and placed both her hands on the smaller girl's chest. The crowd starting cheering when Stacie did that so the taller girl to grind on Beca causing them to cheer louder.

Beca at this point placed her hands on Stacie's hip and rested her head on the taller girls chest.

Stacie finished the dance just as the song faded out.

"Wow folks now that was something to behold am I right?" The DJ said.

The crowd gave the two a round of applause.

"Give it up for Stacie Conrad and Beca Mitchell, everyone's favorite duo." The DJ.

The two girls made their way off-stage and over to the table where everyone was now seated.

"Damn Stacie, that was hot." Halsey commented.

"Is that the only surprise?" Beca asked looking towards Jessie.

"You know our girls nights have many mysteries." Jessie answered with a wink.

"Oh come on Becs, we've needed this. We haven't a night like this in months." Stacie said giving Beca a nudge.

"Yeah that's true. You've been busy with the show and the little one while I've been busy with Able and the other projects." Beca said.

"That's the spirit. Let the night live on!" Halsey said.