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Kiss Land

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It was exactly two days later when Beca received the contract, she signed and sent it back the same day. That meant that Stacie and her had to head in to shoot the promotional pictures. Which brings us to today, Stacie and Beca arrived at the studio along with Emily and Alanna to take the pictures. When they arrived Stacie and Beca were directed to the dressing room.

"Alright Stacie here's the new costume we made. You said you wanted something more modern and comfortable so this is what we came up with." Tori said revealing a black hooded crop top with only the right sleeve being long where as the left side had no sleeve. It had the black lotus flower insignia on the left side of the hood with a violet outline. The pants were oversized tight-fitting cargo pants that were black with purple holsters for her character weapons as well as a purple belt. She would finish that off with black boots and a violet face covering.

Stacie looked at it "I love it, do you mind if add a few accessories to it? Like maybe tie a bandanna around my arm or stuff like that?" She asked.

"Of course, this is your character after all." Tori smiled before turning towards Beca "Now as far as you go, your character will dress normally for the time being. For now your character will be living her ordinary life until she gets mixed up in the Lotus's life." Tori said.

"Sweet, I can be comfortable." Beca smirked.

"You can pick what you want to wear. When you two are done meet up outside." Tori said leaving the room.

Stacie put on her new costume and decided to tie a black bandanna and a purple one together to tie on her left bicep. She grabbed the violet wrist guard her character wore in the first season and put it on her left wrist to finish off the costume.

Beca meanwhile had grabbed a black camo bomber jacket and a white undershirt with a pair of black joggers and some white vans. She paired it with the two chains she was wearing and let her hair down. The two girls looked at one another before giving each other a nod to head out.

They met up with Tori and the photographers on the set, and they discussed the poses. After they took multiple pictures, some that included Stacie without the face covering and Beca with a face covering, they were done. Now it was time to pick which photos each were going to use to upload.

"I like this one." Stacie said pointing to a picture that had her drawing her bladed fan in one hand while her other hand was on Beca's hip. Beca in that photo had one of Stacie's daggers in one hand while her other was holding Stacie closely to her.

"I'll go with this one." Beca pointed to a photo where the two of them were in combat positions with Stacie having both of her bladed fans out, and she was in a crouch like position. Beca was standing behind her holding a black and red pistol in each hand aiming them at the camera.

"Alright, now the announcement is left to the two of you. Caption it however you like, just make sure to word it so fans get hype." Tori said as she bid her farewell and walked to her office.

The two girls received the photos and quickly posted them to their respective social media's. Beca posted her photo with the caption.

"They say "Silence is Death" well it's about to get a whole lot deadlier now." She added the purple devil emoji.

Stacie posted her photo with the caption.

"No one will be ready for this. Black Lotus protects those who mean most." She added a Purple Heart.

Once the post uploaded they said their byes and headed back to the house to relax and figure out plans. The girls post instantly blew up and gathered so much hype about Beca joining the show. All the fans wanted to know what Beca's role would be and if they would be an on screen couple. To say fans were buzzing would be an understatement.

"So what should we do?" Beca asked two hours later.

Beca, Stacie and Emily were all hanging out around the pool enjoying the sun.

Stacie shrugged "I'm down for whatever to be honest."

"Em? You're the guest." Beca said looking over to the younger girl.

"I don't know, can we just have a girls night here like we used to always have?" Emily asked. Back at Barden the three of them would always have the most enjoyable girls night. It would always consist of food, drinks, music, games and goofing around. Those were their favorite times back at the Bellas house.

Beca nodded "Of course Em. You guys have any suggestions?"

"Tacos and pizza please darling?" Stacie asked with a pout.

Beca rolled her eyes "Of course honey." Beca chuckled as she grabbed her cell phone placing the order.

They all headed into the house and decided to play Mario Kart like they always did while they waited for the food to arrive. When the food got there Beca served them all some drinks, and they gathered around the sofa. Stacie and Emily brought Beca in for a selfie, so they can post to their stories. Emily posted a picture of the three holding up the food and their drinks.

"There is nothing better than spending time with my two favorite people in the world." She captioned it.

The rest of the night was spent with the three eating, drinking, dancing, playing games and enjoying being with one another. They posted videos and photos to their stories all night to which all the Bellas could see since they all followed Emily.

Ashley had opened up the group chat to ask if the girls had seen any of the posts.

Ashley: You girls see Emily's stories?

CR: Those three are having a blast I see. Good for them honestly.

Amy: Kind of strange that she's been cool with them all these years.

Flo: I was thinking the same.

Aubrey: They made their choice to only talk to her. I don't know why you all still stress over this, it's not worth it.

Jessica: Your best friend didn't give them much of a choice.

Ashley: Jess don't.

CR: I'm with Jess.

Aubrey: This isn't Chloe's fault.

Jessica: So Chloe didn't cheat? She didn't cause Beca to leave? She isn't the reason why Beca couldn't talk to us?

Aubrey: Chloe already apologized. If you can't accept it and move on then that's on you.

CR: She can apologize but that doesn't change anything. We lost Beca and Stacie because of her fuck ups. That's all I'm saying, good night.

Jessica: What CR said. As far as moving on and her apologizing goes, tell her that's something I'll never forgive.