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Kiss Land

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The girls all woke up early the next morning with Beca and Emily making breakfast. They all sat down and talked about what to expect at the meeting. After a short twenty minute ride they arrived at the studios.

"Ahhh if isn't my two favorite girls." A blonde haired woman said as she approached the girls.

"We're your favorite because we bring you the most ratings and money Tor." Beca joked.

"Even if that's true, that's not the reason short one." The women replied.

"Alright you two. Tori this is Emily, the girl I told you about. Em this is Victoria or Tori, the director." Stacie said.

"Well I'm glad to finally meet the girl who these two talk so highly about." Victoria smiled holding out her hand.

Emily smiled and shook her hand "It's a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for even giving me the opportunity to be here."

"Of course. If Beca says you can make a great song then who am I to object." Victoria said.

"Songs already made Tor." Beca said holding out the flash drive she saved the song to.

"Great, let's head to my office, so we can hear." Victoria said leading the three girls to her office.

"Where's the other little one at?" Tori asked.

"We left her with Roman." Stacie answered.

"Aw can't wait to see her again." Tori said as she plugged in the drive. Once it loaded it she pressed play and let the song play out.

"I absolutely love this." Tori said as it finished "This is the one." She smiled.

"Glad you loved it." Beca said.

"That means so much that you'd use it." Emily said.

"You two made the perfect fit for this show." Tori said back as she shut off her laptop.

She looked back towards Beca "Now as for the other thing we've discussed."

Beca chuckled "I've been thinking about a lot to be honest."

"Well?" Tori said.

"Before I agree I just want to know what my role would be? Also, I still have my commitment to The Weeknd and the album we're working on." Beca said.

"Of course, as for the album, you'll still have the time to produce it. You'll only have to come on set to film your scenes. For the role." She stopped and looked at Emily.

"Em can you give us a few? We just don't want anything to leak, even though we know you wouldn't." Stacie said.

Emily waved her hand "I completely understand. I'll be right outside. Thank you so much once again." Emily smiled as she headed out.

Once the door closed Tori turned back to Beca "As for your role, you'd be Stacie's love interest. Your character will be someone from Black Lotus's past that she never forgot. Now your character won't remember her, but Lotus will remember you. Only problem is that your character will be connected to one of her enemies causing your character to be caught in the middle." Tori explained.

Beca nodded and took a few to think it over.

"Alright I'm in." Beca smirked.

"Really?" Stacie asked happily.

Beca nodded "Hell yeah, working with you will be a great time. Plus I always wanted to dabble in acting."

"Perfect, we'll have a contract written up and sent to you within the week." Tori said.

"I'll be waiting." Beca said getting up and heading towards the door.

"Oh by the way we'll need you two to come in this week for the promotional pictures." Tori announced.

"We'll be here." Stacie smiled.

They met up with Emily and decided to give her a tour of the set. They showed her all the props and costumes. They headed for the exit before Stacie stopped and faced Tori.

"When are we announcing Beca?" She asked.

"The promotional pictures, we'll let you two break the news on social media. You'll post whatever pictures you like from the shoot." Tori answered.

"Sounds good." Beca and Stacie both said. The three of them hopped in Stacie's car and headed home where Roman was with Alanna.

Once they all got home Beca went straight to her home studio and checked to see if The Weeknd had sent her anything. While she was doing this she heard a knock on the door.

"You busy?" Emily asked.

Beca shook her head "Nah, what's up?"

Emily slowly walked in and sat down next to Beca "Well I just want to thank you for this you know, giving me the chance to put my stuff out there."

Beca patted Emily on her shoulder "Of course Em, I just want you to live out your dreams. You know I'll always look out for you."

"That means everything truthfully. I wanted to know if you'd look over my song book? I want your honest opinion on my stuff." Emily asked.

"You're talking my language giant. I'll be more than happy to check it out." Beca chuckled "Kind of my job to find new artist's may I remind you." Beca joked.

"Right of course how can I forget." Emily shook her head.

"Listen, with you being used for the intro you'll definitely get some hype. I'll look over your book and if I find something interesting, we can record it and keep it saved just in case you decide to release in the future. Sound good?" Beca asked.

Emily nodded "Perfect."

"Great now let's head up there and see what the other two headaches are up to." Beca joked.