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Kiss Land

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"Ahh finally back home." Beca said once the jet landed.

"It's only been like four days." Stacie chuckled.

"What's your point?" Beca asked standing up.

"You said it like you've been on tour for months." Stacie replied.

Beca shrugged "I love being home, what can I say."

"Whatever just get the bags." Stacie said heading over to wake up Alanna.

Beca gave a mock salute "Ma'am yes ma'am."

"I'll help." Emily said walking over to where the bags were located.

"Thanks Em." Beca said handing Emily Alanna's bags as well as her own.

Once they gathered all the bags they made their way towards the red Range Rover where Roman was waiting for them.

"Welcome back ladies. How was it?" Roman asked.

"It was good Rom. Ran into some old friends and spent time with the old man." Beca said handing him the bags.

"Oh this is Emily." Beca said pointing to the younger girl.

Roman shook her hand "Nice to finally meet you."

"Beca talks about me?" Emily asked looking over towards Beca who rolled her eyes.

"They all do." Roman smiled before closing the trunk and heading to the driver seat.

"Can it." Beca said playfully before sitting in the passenger seat.

Emily smiled and got in sitting next to Alanna.

After the thirty-minute drive they arrived to the house. Emily looked in awe at the beautiful mansion in front of her. Roman handed everyone their bags before telling them to let him know if he would be needed.

"Come on Em. There's more for you to see." Beca said over her shoulder with a chuckle at the expression on the girls face.

Alanna grabbed Emily's hand "Let's go auntie!"

The four girls stepped into the home, and they gave Emily a tour of the house. Emily couldn't believe just how beautiful the house actually was. She had seen photos and glimpses from the FaceTime calls but seeing it in person was another thing. Beca led Emily towards the guest rooms.

"So Stacie and I talked to the show's directors and creators, they want to meet tomorrow." Beca said as she helped Emily unpack her bags.

"That progresses quickly." Emily said.

"Well they start shooting the next season in about a month, so they want a song done by then." Beca answered.

"So like what type of song are they looking for? Because I have some stuff in my notebook." Emily asked.

"Something to fit the show. Obviously the show is called "Silence is Death" so something ominous but upbeat you know what I mean?" Beca asked.

"I think I do, and I think I have just the song. We'd just have to work on a beat, obviously." Emily smiled.

"Let me see." Beca said sitting on the bed.

Emily nodded and reached into her backpack pulling out her notebook. She sat down next to Beca and started flipping through the pages till she found the song she was looking for.

"It's called "Afterlife" I just wrote it last month." Emily said handing over the notebook.

Beca read over the lyrics and analyzed the scheme behind the verses. She scanned over it a few times trying to come up with a beat and flow in her head.

"I love it Em." Beca said looking at the younger girl.

"Seriously?" Emily asked.

Beca nodded "Seriously. I think we can make this work."

Emily squealed and hugged Beca tightly "Thank you, it means so much."

Beca chuckled "Of course. Now let's get to work, we need to present this tomorrow."

They headed towards the home studio.

"Hey Stace." Beca said as they passed the kitchen.

Stacie looked towards them.

"Sup guys?" Stacie asked.

"We're going to work on the song, if you need anything just come get us or text me." Beca said.

Stacie nodded "Will do. Can't wait to see what you cook up."

The two girls made their way to the studio and Beca got everything turned on and set up. She pulled out her laptop and got to work on the beat while explaining everything to Emily.

"Alright so the beat is done. I'm going to play it a few times, so you get accustomed to it. After that I'll break down how I think it should go, remember you can always tell me your ideas." Beca said before pressing play.

Ten minutes later after hearing it over and going over how the flow should be and when Emily should start and finished, it was time to get recording.

"Alright Em, I'll count you down then you jump into it." Beca said through the mic. Receiving a thumbs up she pressed record and started the beat up.

After three attempts the girls sat down and played back the recording. They both smiled and nodded at each other. This was the one and they knew it. After Beca cleaned it up a bit and edited the recording, she saved it to her files before leaning back in her seat.

"So are the rumors true?" Emily asked taking a sip of water."

Beca raised a brow "What rumors?"

"You being on the show." Emily answered.

Beca shrugged "They asked me if I wanted to be it, that part is true. I haven't given them an answer."

"Is it something you're even interested in?" Emily asked.

"Yeah of course it is. Working alongside Stacie would be amazing, I'd love that. It's just I'm not an actor, I'm a producer." Beca said.

"Oh please I'm sure you'd kill it, especially considering the chemistry the two of you have." Emily winked.

Beca chuckled and shook her head "We'll see, I have been leaning towards it, but I'll make a decision tomorrow during the meeting. I would like to see what my character role would actually be. I still have the album for The Weeknd." Beca said back.

"Oh I can't wait for that. You two together are straight magic." Emily said excitedly.

"Who's magic together?" Stacie asked appearing in the doorway.

"Emily was just telling me how magical Megan Fox and I would be together." Beca smirked.

Stacie raised a brow and crossed her arms over her chest "Oh really is that so?"

"Yup." Beca said popping the "p".

Stacie nodded before walking over to them "So what would make it so magical?"

Beca shrugged "She's Megan Fox dude."

Stacie got in front of Beca and leaned down placing her index finger on Beca's chest before slowly moving it down her chest.

"It's a shame nothing can change your view then." Stacie said seductively.

"Guys I'm still here you know." Emily said "And that so wasn't what I had said."

The two girls laughed.

"Don't worry Emily, I heard what you said, and you're right. Beca and Abel are magic in the studio together. Speaking of, how's the song?" Stacie asked pulling up a chair.

"Finished and amazing." Beca said "Want to hear?"

"Duh." Stacie answered.

They played it for Stacie who nodded along the whole time and had a smile on her face.

"I love it, fits perfectly for what we have in mind for the show coming up." Stacie said.

"Can I get any inside info?" Emily asked.

"Sorry Em but you're going to have to wait just like everyone else." Stacie chuckled.

"Darn it." Emily said.

"Alright let's head out since everything here is done until tomorrow." Beca said closing up everything.

"Can't wait for tomorrow." Stacie said as they exited the studio.