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Kiss Land

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It was now the day after Ethan's birthday party and the day before the girls had to fly back home. The birthday was a success with Beca finally deciding on what to give her dad, season tickets to the Atlanta Braves his favorite sports team. She had gotten him killer seats right next to the Braves dugout. Stacie meanwhile had gotten him the newest MacBook seeing as he's had the same laptop for the past four years. And Emily had gotten him a throwback John Smoltz Braves jersey. Needless to say Ethan was in love with each gift he received from his favorite girls. Now Beca was in the kitchen with her dad while Stacie and Alanna were still sleeping.

"So you're meeting up with the girls?" Ethan asked as he placed the egg sandwich in front of Beca.

"Thanks. And just Jess and CR." Beca responded.

"What's the vibe looking like there?" Ethan asked.

Beca raised an eyebrow "Vibe? Wow." Beca chuckled "They told Em that they weren't mad and wanted to hear my side of things before forgiving Chloe." Beca shrugged.

"Well that's good. At least you know they are willing to hear you out." Ethan replied.

The two continued to eat the sandwiches while talking about the Braves upcoming season. They were so engrossed in throwing out predictions that they didn't hear Stacie and Alanna enter the kitchen.

"You two should stop wasting your time on the Braves." Stacie joked as she sat down next to Beca.

Beca and Ethan glared at Stacie "We have a very bright future. Our time is almost here." Ethan said.

"Don't waste your breath pops." Beca said annoyed.

Stacie laughed "Not my fault my team has won more championships in the last decade than all Atlanta teams combined."

"Why did you have to become friends with a Red Sox fan?" Ethan asked Beca.

Beca groaned "I didn't know ok!" Beca turned to Stacie "As much as enjoy going to Sox games with you, leave ATL teams out of this."

Stacie smiled "Sure thing love." Stacie turned towards Alanna "Aren't you glad you're a Boston fan?".

Alanna smiled and nodded "Title Town!".

Ethan and Beca shook their heads and chuckled.

"When did we have to meet up with Em?" Stacie asked as she helped Alanna with her sandwich.

"In like thirty minutes, hopefully she already packed." Beca answered.

Fifteen minutes later after everyone had finished eating Beca and Stacie headed back to the room to get ready. Beca slipped on a red Atlanta Hawks jersey with white sweatpants and a pair of white and red Jordan 13s. Stacie had on a similar outfit wearing a white Celtics jersey with black sweatpants and a pair of white mid-top Air Force 1s. They both got a black hat and their sunglasses to hopefully decrease their chance at being spotted and headed back downstairs.

"Alright we'll be back." Beca announced as she ruffled Alanna's hair and kissed her forehead.

"Have fun with grandpa, we won't be long." Stacie said giving Alanna a hug.

"Love you." They both said at the same time before heading outside.

"Off we go." Beca said as she started up the engine after texting Emily that they were on their way.

About fifteen minutes later they pulled into a small diner called "Hawkeye dime". They noticed Jessica with CR waiting out front.

Beca turned off the engine "Well, here goes this."

Stacie shrugged "It's Jess and CR, if anyone would understand its these two."

They got out the car and Beca locked it before walking over to the awaiting girls.

"Sheesh, look at that ride. I see Hollywood is treating you good." CR said admiring the R8.

Beca shrugged "Can't deny it doesn't." She proceeded to hug Emily before giving CR a quick side hug.

"Hey Jess." Beca smiled and gave her a hug.

Jessica hugged Beca back tightly "Hey Beca."

The four of them proceeded into the diner and were quickly escorted to a booth in the back. After the waitress got past the star struck phase she took their drink orders and walked away.

"So how's it been for you two?" CR asked.

Beca gave a little shrug "Amazing, I mean it's not like you can't just pull up an article and know what's going on with us." Beca answered.

"Yeah but they always blow stuff up." CR said back.

"Honestly it's been so great. We've got the dream careers we wanted, dream house, and we're genuinely happy." Stacie said with a smile. Beca and Stacie clearly wanted to keep Alanna a secret till they felt right.

"I'm honestly glad to hear that. Everyone always knew you two would become huge stars." CR joked.

The waitress came back with the drinks and after five minutes of talking the girl's put in their orders. Once the waitress left it was silent for a few seconds.

"So I'm guessing you guys didn't call just to small talk and ask about our careers?" Beca asked with a chuckle.

"Not really." Jessica said slowly before clearing her throat "We just want to hear your side you know, we went all this time being in the dark." Jessica said a bit sadly.

"I do owe you two some explanation. So here goes." Beca said before sitting up and taking a breath. Stacie held her hand under the table and gave it a squeeze before placing their interlock hands on her lap.

"So five years ago Chloe did cheat on me. I saw her at a Starbucks and my body and mind just went into autopilot. I remember rushing out of there with tears in my eyes and my heartbroken, I don't even driving to Stacie's till we got back into my truck to pick up my stuff. I went packed up and Chloe walked in as we were leaving. One thing led to another, and I broke it off, I had already been through that situation twice before and that was that. The original plan was to just stay put at my dad's or Stacie's since we just graduated, but then he brought up the LA deal I had told you guys about. He offered to find us a spot to live and the tickets which he did and then Stace said she wasn't going to let me go alone, so she came along. And yeah that's what happened." Beca said.

Jessica and CR took a few to process that and compare to what Chloe said. After a few Jessica nodded slowly "Matches what Chloe said. I'm sorry you had to go through that again."

Beca smiled "Thanks Jess."

"So why did you cut us off? Obviously Chloe got cut off and Aubrey by association. But the rest of us?" CR asked.

Beca sighed "Because that's how my mind and emotions work. I cut you all off because you would have reminded me of her, I cut you off because I couldn't take the guilt and sympathy I knew I was going to get, I cut you all off because of the reunions and parties you all love to have, and we weren't going to be in the same room as her." Beca answered.

CR nodded "Ok I can understand that. How about Emily, didn't she remind you?"

Beca chuckled "Giant over here? Nah did you forget how we always were? Em has always been like my baby sister, I don't think she ever spent time with anyone but Stacie and I."

Emily smiled "I spent time with other people. I just spent the majority with you two."

"I don't think I could ignore or cut her off even if I tried. She'd find a way to get in contact with Stace and I." Beca joked.

"So now what?" Jessica asked.

"What do you mean?" Beca raised an eyebrow.

"Where does that leave us? Friends again or what?" Jessica asked.

"You two have always been my friends, we just took a break." Beca joked.

Stacie nudged Beca "Alright alright, we obviously have to leave after this and head back to Cali. However now that you two know the truth, and we've talked, we'll obviously stay in contact." Beca smiled "Just don't give our info to anyone, and I mean anyone."

The two nodded before Beca continued "I'll talk to everyone on my time, I just don't want to do everyone at once."

"Got it." Jessica smiled.

"Yes captain." CR joked.

The rest of the meal went smoothly with the girls answering all questions about Hollywood and telling stories. When the bill came Beca paid saying this was a thank you for understanding meal.

"So what's the story with you two?" CR asked as they stepped outside.

"Us?" Stacie asked.

"You know what I mean, y'all together or what? Last time you said in a way, whatever that means." CR said.

Beca, Stacie and Emily all laughed before Beca answered "Because we are in a way, look we live together and obviously spend a lot of time together. We also work a lot with each other, so yes in a way we are together." Beca said with a wink.

"We're just happy when we're together. For the past five years we were pretty much all we had, not to mention the four years at Barden." Stacie said with a smile.

"Still don't know whether it's a yes or no but as long as y'all are happy then do you." CR smiled.

They spent a few last minutes talking before departing ways after promising to keep in contact with one another.

"Well giant, we have a flight to catch." Beca said as they headed to the R8.

"Ok you sure your dad is cool with me leaving my car at his?" Emily asked.

"Yes Emily, it was his idea after all." Beca said with an eye roll.

They all got in their cars and were off to Ethan's.