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Kiss Land

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Stacie passed by Beca on her way up to the stage and ran her hand across Beca's waist and winked at the smaller girl. She got up on stage after telling the DJ her song choice "Not bad Mitchell, but here's one for you." Stacie said into the mic as she removed her jacket.

"Man she got even hotter." Jessica said.

"They both did." Ashley said "I don't who's the luckier one"

The top Stacie was wearing showed off her perfectly toned abs and arms. You can tell she definitely was in incredible shape. She also had matching tattoos with Beca on her chest. They had both gotten Alanna's heartbeat with her birthday. Only difference was Beca had Stacie's name tattooed with a rose, where as Stacie had Beca's name tattooed with a Lotus; Beca's favorite flower.

Stacie gave the DJ a nod and he started up the track. Beca instantly knew the song and couldn't help the laugh that escaped her.

Stacie faced Beca as she started singing.

"Oh lover, don't you dare slow down
Go longer, you can last more rounds
Push harder, you're almost there now
So go lover, make momma proud."

Stacie sang as seductively as possible as she ran her hands up and down her body. Beca was smirking right back at her. This had went from a fun night out to who can be more seductive real quick.

"And when were done, I don't wanna feel my legs" Stacie bit her lip and shot Beca a grin as she delivered that line.

"And when were done, I just wanna feel your hands all over me baby"

Beca was absolutely loving this performance.

"Baby I'ma be your motivation." Stacie finished and smirked "Top that babe." Stacie handed the mic back to Brady and grabbed her jacket before heading back to the table. The people at the club were cheering and clapping at Stacie.

"Looks like legs is still as sexual as ever." Amy said.

CR nodded "You got that right."

Chloe and Aubrey were quiet during both of there performances and were gripping there drinks tightly.

"You two alright?" Ashley asked them.

"Yeah why wouldn't we be." Aubrey answered.

"Maybe because of what happened. You know them just leaving and pretty much cutting us off." Ashley answered.

Aubrey shrugged "It was there choice, were just surprised to see them."

Chloe nodded "Yeah just wasn't expecting this."

Meanwhile Stacie had just sat down next to Beca and smirked "So?"

Beca chuckled and got close "Time to have some fun momma." Beca and winked.

Stacie cupped Beca's cheek "I'm all yours daddy." Stacie winked.

"Ewww can y'all please do this when I'm not around." Emily examined scrunching up her face.

Stacie and Beca laughed and backed away from one another "Do what Em?" Beca raised a brow.

Emily stuttered "Yo-you know that. Have sex on your own time." Emily said flinging her hands around.

Beca laughed harder "Oh we will."

Stacie slapped Beca's arm "Don't ruin her innocence." Stacie said.

The three of them stayed joking with one another and talking about there performances. They talked for about twenty minutes before Beca looked at her phone and saw the time.

"We should probably wrap up. We have to be up early tomorrow, I still need to get a gift for my dad." Beca said.

The other two nodded "Alright."

"I gotta use the bathroom." Beca said as she stood up.

"Same." Stacie said.

"You two go, I'll get the check and see if I'm free to fly out and stay at your house." Emily said as she pulled out her phone to load up her schedule.

Beca and Stacie nodded and started walking to the bathroom. Stacie linked there arms and held Beca's hand.

"This was actually so much fun." Stacie said as she rested her head against Beca's head.

"Yeah it was. We haven't done anything like this in a while." Beca said.

The two had to walk past the bar to get to the bathroom meaning they had to walk past the Bellas. They obviously didn't know this or had seen the Bellas but they saw them walk by.

"It's them." Ashley whispered and nodded her head in there direction.

Everyone followed her sight and saw the two walk past them and head towards the bathroom.

"Should we talk to them?" Flo asked.

"I mean when are we ever really going to see them again." Jessica said.

"Alright when they come out we approach." Amy said.

Chloe looked over towards Aubrey and Chloe looked like she was about to have a nervous breakdown. Chloe was nervous for multiple reasons, main one being that the girls didn't know the truth about what had gone done. She didn't want Beca or Stacie to possibly out her.

Aubrey squeezed Chloe's hand and whispered "It's ok Chlo, were in public remember they have a reputation to keep up and probably won't try anything."

Beca and Stacie came out the bathroom the same way they went in, Stacie leaning into Beca and holding her hand. The Bellas all got up and walked over to them.

"Look who's back in town." CR said causing the two girls to stop laughing and look straight ahead.

"Shit." Beca mumbled so that only Stacie could hear.

Stacie squeezed Beca's hand and mumbled "Let's get this over with. We're in public remember."

The two walked forwards "Sup guys." Beca said with a head nod.

"Hey y'all." Stacie said.

"That's all we get? After five years." CR said.

Beca sighed "Umm hey guys how have you been? Long time no see." Beca said.

"We know when you're being sarcastic." CR chuckled.

"Look I don't know what you want me to say." Beca said.

"Well we'd like to know why you haven't talked to us in five years." Amy said this time.

Beca chuckled "Of course you do. I'm going to be honest with you guys, you really don't want to know. And I don't care to talk about it."

"Yeah guys it's in the past, no reason to dig up trash we buried already." Stacie said.

Trash? Was she calling me trash? Chloe thought.

"So we don't get to know why two of our best friends just disappeared on us?" CR asked.

"It's obvious you guys don't know the truth so I'm not the one who should say it. Like Stace said, it's buried." Beca said once more. She really did move on from the past. Chloe didn't matter to her anymore. She now had Stacie and Alanna. Even though they weren't dating Beca thought of them as a family and they even lived together. All she cared about was those two girls and her career.

"So who should be the one to tell it?" Amy asked.

"Come on Amy think." Stacie said rolling her eyes.

Amy thought about it for a few before snapping her head "Ginger?"

Stacie raised her eyebrows "Good job."

CR butted in "You two together?"

"In a way." Beca smirked and Stacie smiled.

CR raised a brow "What?"

Stacie shrugged "Don't worry about it. We're together in a way."

Emily in this time had got the bill and finished checking her schedule. She was still looking down at her phone walking towards the girls "Good news tiny, I'm free and can stay with you two." Emily looked up after that and froze "Oh shit."

"What are you talking about Em? And when did you even get here?" Ashley asked.

Emily looked over to Beca and Stacie looking for some type of answer. Beca nodded her head towards herself and Emily walked next to smaller girl. The Bellas were looking at the three.

"She came with us." Beca answered.

The Bellas all looked surprised "What do you mean?" Ashley asked.

"I mean she met up with us and then came with us." Beca said.

"Ok but how did she know you two were here?" CR asked.

"Because I texted her. Like I always do." Beca said.

"So you've had her number this whole time?" CR asked Emily.

Emily nodded "Yeah."

"And you don't tell us? You don't think we'd like to know that?" CR exclaimed.

"It doesn't matter if you'd like to know. I told her to keep it to herself, I didn't want her telling anyone." Beca's said stepping up protecting Emily from the onslaught she was about to receive.

"And why's that? I thought we were family." CR said.

"For the hundredth time, I'm not talking about about it. You want to know so bad then ask the person responsible. Use your brains and figure out who I'm talking about. I don't care to talk about it nor do I want to dig up that trash." Beca said as she turned around "Come on guys."

Stacie waives to everyone before grabbing onto Beca's hand. Emily nodded to them and caught up to the other two.

"What the fuck just happened?" Jessica mumbled.

CR and Amy turned towards Chloe who looked like she had seen a ghost "What was she talking about?"