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Kiss Land

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The next morning Beca and Stacie woke up and headed downstairs to find Ethan in the kitchen.

"Morning pops." Beca said.

"Morning girls, kid still sleeping?" He asked.

"Yup." Stacie said.

Beca noticed her dad going through the cabinets "Why don't we just head out and grab something?" She asked.

"Aren't you worried about being spotted?" Ethan asked.

Beca looked towards Stacie then back at him "It is what it is honestly. We came here to be with you and not be locked up." Beca shrugged.

Ethan smiled "Alright then let's get ready. We can head to Maddie's."

"I'll ask Emily, you mind?" Beca asked.

"Not at all." He smiled.

Beca texted Emily to meet them for breakfast in thirty minutes while Stacie went to wake up Alanna. Beca got ready and changed into a red tank top with a black bomber jacket and a pair of black and red sweats and some slides. Stacie had on a similar outfit just brighter colors of course. They got Alanna ready and headed to the front.

Beca grabbed the keys to the R8 "Alright I can fit one up front, y'all pick." She said as she got in the car.

"You want to ride with grandpa or with your ma?" Stacie asked Alanna.

"Grandpa!" Alanna exclaimed.

Stacie smiled "Ok baby, you got the car seat?" She asked Ethan.

"Yeah." He said as the two walked towards his car.

"Let's go Ricky Bobby." Stacie said as she hoped in.

"Shake and bake baby." Beca smirked and revved the engine.

They pulled out and made there way to the diner. Fifteen minutes later they were in and seated waiting for Emily to arrive.

"Tiny!" Came from a cheery voice.

Everyone looked in the direction it came from and found an ecstatic Emily skipping towards them.

Beca got up and hugged the taller girl "Hey giant."

"I've missed you guys." Emily said pulling away and hugging Stacie and Ethan.

"Missed you to." Beca replied as she sat back down next to Stacie.

"Auntie!" Alanna said happily.

"Peanut!" Emily beamed and immediately embraced the child.

It was no surprise these two got along so well. Emily after all was so innocent and child like that she just meshed well with Alanna. Stacie and Beca were happy that they had someone they trusted and knew so well being able to be in Alanna's life. Who better then Emily for that to be.

They spent the first half of breakfast catching up and enjoying each others presence. Once they were finishing up with the food Emily spoke up "So any plans?"

"Aside from pops birthday not really. Why what's up?" Beca asked.

"I was wondering if you and Stace wanted to come down to the new karaoke club there opening." Emily said.

Beca and Stacie looked at each other before Beca answered "Sure sounds like fun. Making fun of drunk singing is always fun."

"Great how does tonight sound?" Emily asked. Emily being the way she is when it came to the Bellas group chat had no idea that they had planned to go there as well. Emily always had the group chat muted so she was never aware unless some one texted her directly, which they hadn't as of yet.

"That's fine." Stacie answered before turning to Ethan.

Ethan put his hand out "Of course, you two have fun."

Stacie thanked him "Is that ok with you sweetie?"

Alanna smiled "Yeah I love being with grandpa."

"Then it's settled." Beca said.

They finished up there breakfast and they headed to a few lowkey spots where they knew they wouldn't be spotted. Surprisingly Beca and Stacie had managed to keep Alanna sheltered away from the media. They always requested that Alanna not be included in posts or be captured on camera. And the media seemed to be ok with that, it just meant that Beca and Stacie had to be extra nice to the media. No one outside of Emily, Ethan and Victoria who is Stacie's mom knew about Alanna.

After walking around and visiting stores for a couple hours they headed back to Ethans to hang around before heading out. The club was set to open up at 6 and it was currently 5 so they all headed to shower and get dressed, luckily Emily happened to have a change of clothes in her car. Beca changed into a white low cut tank top topped with a red leather jacket, blue ripped jeans and put on a pair of red and white Jordan retro 14s. Stacie had opted for a black lace low cut sleeveless top with a white denim jacket, blue denim shorts and a pair of converse.

They all met up out side after saying bye to Ethan and Alanna.

"Lead the way Em." Beca said.

Emily nodded and they were off.

Meanwhile at Chloe's; Aubrey had just arrived and pulled out her phone "So everyone agreed except for Emily. I swear that girl needs to unmute the dam chat." Aubrey said a bit agitated.

"Bree she's always been that way. Reminds me of a certain someone that she looked up to." Chloe sighed.

Here she was like always thinking about Beca, no matter what it was she would always find a way to think about her.

"Chlo I know you regret what happened but keeping her in your mind isn't going to help." Aubrey said.

"You don't think I know that? I've been trying for five years Bree. But I just can't ok." Chloe said back.

"You need to find a way to get over her Chlo. The past is in the past." Aubrey replied.

"Kind of hard when she's everywhere." Chloe said with a sigh.

"Trust me Chlo, I know what you mean." Aubrey replied. Aubrey could kind of relate to that, she to had tried to get over those feelings she had for Stacie. But like Beca, Stacie was everywhere. Movies, TV, magazines or social media she just kept on popping up. And she looked even hotter then she did during College.

"Let's go before we're late." Aubrey said.

The two got into Aubrey's BMW and drove off towards the club.

Beca had just parked right next to Emily. The three made there way to the entrance and luckily since this wasn't like an actual club there wasn't any i.d checks. They wanted to stay as lowkey as possible till they eventually had to sing. Beca knew she wasn't going to be free from that. They made there way inside and picked a booth in the back corner next to the stage. It was dark enough to where you wouldn't see them to recognize them.

"Welcome to the life a celebrity Em. Having to hide wherever you go." Beca joked as they sat down.

Emily chuckled "It's kind of fun actually. I feel like I'm in a spy movie you know."

Beca laughed "Only you could find enjoyment from this."

Emily had offered to get the drinks so the other two can stay hidden. She got the beers and made her way back.

"So got any feedback from labels or your auditions?" Stacie asked.

Emily shook her head "No. It's fine though."

"Well the show was looking for a new single they can use. We kind of said we knew someone." Stacie said.

Emily's eyes widen "What?"

Stacie laughed at her reaction "Yeah, Beca makes the soundtrack and all that for the show so when they said they wanted something new, we said we knew someone. That someone is you." Stacie smiled.

"Are you serious!?" Emily asked.

"Yup." Beca answered popping the p.

"Yes! Yes! Oh my lord yes!" Emily shouted.

The other two laughed "Great, do you think you can maybe fly back with us so we can work on it and introduce you?" Stacie asked.

"I'll have to double check that I'm clear but other then that yes." Emily said.

They sat there and continued there conversation and at the same time the Bellas all walked in. They opted to sit closer to the bar seeing as that's where the larger section was located.

"This place looks nice." Chloe said.

"The bar looks fun." Amy said.

"No Amy specials." CR said.

"No fun." Amy mumbled.

They all sat down together and waited for the karaoke to start.

"Alright alright, welcome to the gran opening of Karaoke Pub! Thank you all for coming through we appreciate it. We hope you enjoy yourselves and sing your hearts out. Let the good times begin." The DJ said as he opened up the queue.

Thirty minutes and about four beers later Stacie nudged Beca "Come on Becs sing for me." She said batting her lashes and pouting knowing this always worked.

Beca took a breath "Ok ok! Put that pout away, it's unfair." Beca says as she downs the rest of her beer. Stacie claps excitedly along with Emily.

Beca makes her way up to the DJ "Hey can I see what you got?"

The DJ looks at her like he's just seen his idol "Holy shit your Beca Mitchell."

Beca smirks "So I've been told. Mind if I pick?"

The DJ shakes his head "No no, by all means. Can I just say I'm a huge fan, your the reason I got into music."

Beca smiles "That means a lot honestly. Glad I can have a positive impact for you. Got anything for me to sign? Or a picture?" Beca asked. One thing about Beca and Stacie is that they always made time for the fans. They always considered them family and did anything they can to make there day.

The DJ nodded quickly and handed her his laptop case and a sharpie. After signing it and taking a quick picture she scanned the book of choices. She knew almost all of these songs by heart because she had worked on or produced them herself, she flipped a couple of pages before finding one of Stacie's favorites. She knew this song always made Stacie feel a certain type of way so with a smirk she pointed to it and the DJ gave a nod.

Beca shot Stacie a smirk and said "Watch, your next by the way."

Stacie just smiled back and got her phone ready to record this.

The DJ got back on stage and grabbed the mic "Alright my people listen up! We got a very very special guest in the building who's about to preform. This person is a huge inspiration to not only me but countless other people, I can't wait to witness this. Ladies and gentlemen give it up for the hometown girl, Beca Mitchell!"

Chloe immediately froze in place and her breath got caught in her chest. She couldn't believe this, after five long years Beca is back? She so wasn't prepared for this.

Aubrey and the rest of the Bellas were equally stunned and surprised. They never expected to see Beca again, let alone in a karaoke club.

Beca stepped onto the stage and grabbed the mic "Thanks Brady for that warm intro. How y'all doing?" She received some cheers "That's good, glad to be back here. Been a while. This song I picked goes out to that special women right there." Be a pointed at Stacie "For those who can't see, Stacie hope you enjoy." Beca winked at her and took off her leather jacket.

"Dam she is looking hella fine." CR said.

Since Stacie had to stay in ridiculous shape for her Assassin character, Beca had taken up to being her workout partner. The two were incredibly in shape and there bodies showed that. The toned muscles and defined features from working out showed. Beca also had a full arm sleeve on her left arm consisting of Angel wings, lyrics, music notes and other things she felt meant something personal. But her favorite was the one on the left side of her chest, it went from her collarbone to her shoulder and it was a tattoo of Alanna's heartbeat with her birthday underneath. Below that she had Stacie's name in cursive as the stem of a rose.

Chloe was staring at Beca hardcore, she couldn't believe what she was witnessing. Her mind was short circuiting. "Shit she looks hotter then ever right now, those muscles and those tattoos." she thought. Then it clicked that she had said Stacie and special women. Are they together?

"Did she say Stacie?" Amy asked.

"Yes she did." Aubrey answered. I hope there not together, Aubrey thought.

Beca put her jacket down and the song started, once the people heard the beat they started cheering.

"Stop, let me get a good look at it
Ooh so thick, now I know why they call it a fatty
And oh shit so sick got a hit and picked up a habit
That's alright, 'cause you're all mine" Beca sang as softly and seductively as possible while looking at Stacie.

Stacie meanwhile was loving every second and was giving Beca a seductive look right back.

"Ooh go on and show 'em who you call daddy" Beca licked her lips slowly after delivering that line.

"I guess they're just mad 'cause girl, they wish they had it
Ooh my killer, my "Thriller" yeah you're a classic
And you're all mine tonight" Beca finished the rest of the song as she danced and threw a few seductive moves in there for Stacie. When she finished she gave a quick bow and wave before handing the mic back to the DJ and grabbing her jacket.

"Beca Mitchell everyone! Wow that was something hot and special. Who's topping that?" He spoke into the mic.

"Ok that was really hot." Jessica said.

"Man Stacie is lucky." Ashley spoke.

Neither caught the look on Chloe and Aubrey's faces when they said that. The two of them were feeling jealousy growing in them. Chloe meanwhile was also feeling an overwhelming sense of guilt and regret, that could of been for her and Beca could of still been hers. Aubrey and Chloe both wished they can be in Beca and Stacie's shoes.

"Uh-oh looks like we have a brave enough face to follow up Beca! Non other then the Stacie Conrad!" The DJ exclaimed.

The Bellas all looked up and were just as stunned to actually see Stacie there in person.

"Man if Beca was that seductive just imagine what Stacie is going to do." CR said.