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Kiss Land

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The next morning Beca woke up before anyone and went to check on Alanna. She opened the door carefully and walked over to the sleeping child.

"Hey, wake up my minion." Beca said softly as she gently nudged her.

Alanna stirred a bit before opening her eyes "Morning ma."

"Morning kiddo. Come on we got to eat before we get on the jet." Beca smiled.

Alanna nodded and Beca helped her out of bed before placing her down "Hey want to have some fun?" Beca smirked.

Alanna nodded and Beca bent down to look her face to face "Ok, want to give mommy a special wake up call?"

"Totally." Alanna smiled.

The two went down stairs and grabbed some pots and pans before quietly walking into Stacie's room. Beca gave Alanna a silent countdown and on three they started banging the pots and pans together.

"WAKE UP WAKE UP!" They both shouted.

Stacie jumped out of bed and tripped over her slides hitting the floor with a loud thud. Beca and Alanna were bent over in a laughing fit. Stacie meanwhile was trying to gather her bearings and realize what the hell just happened. Once she gathered her surroundings and stood up she glared at the two brunettes who had tears from laughing.

"Are you two serious? You scared the piss out of me!" Stacie exclaimed.

This just caused Beca to laugh harder which caused Alanna to laugh harder. Stacie marched to Beca and crossed her arms.

"Rebecca" Stacie said in her mom voice.

Beca instantly snapped her up "Don't give me the mom voice, we just wanted to have some fun."

Stacie looked over to her daughter "Alanna?"

Alanna looked between the two and slowly backtracked out the door before dashing towards the kitchen.

Beca laughed at the smaller girl "I gotta say Stace, that girl has potential."

Stacie raised her brow "Must you show her your idea of fun?"

Beca shrugged "Why not? Gave us a great laugh before our flight." Beca gave Stacie a smirk "Now clean up while I make something."

Beca walked out and towards the kitchen grabbing the pots and pans. Stacie shook her head and laughed "These two will be the death of me."

Beca made some pancakes and eggs for the three of them. Stacie came down five minutes later and once they all ate, they all went to change and grab there bags. They headed to the car that was waiting for them.

"Morning to my three favorite girls." Beca's driver Roman said.

Alanna gave him hug then ran inside the car "Sup Rome." Beca greeted as she handed him her bags.

Thirty minutes later they arrived at the airport and once they got there bags they headed towards the gate. Once they got cleared they boarded the jet and were off to Atlanta.

Beca is staring out the window and thinks back to that day they left. Beca still had mixed feelings about the whole thing. She wasn't hung up on Chloe which was good but she still had some anger in her from being cheated on. She couldn't fathom what could of caused Chloe to cheat, she knows for a fact that she wasn't a bad partner. Beca didn't really care much for Chloe after that incident but those memories never really leave ones mind. Then there's the Bellas who she knows from talking to Emily aren't there biggest fans for just dipping and cutting them off. But this trip isn't about that, it's about her dad she keeps reminding herself.

Stacie being able to read her like a book knows what Beca is thinking about so she holds her hand and squeezes it "Who would of thought that you'd come back." Stacie jokes.

Beca chuckles "I know right. Back to the hellhole we go." Beca says.

"Hey what are the odds that we even run into them?" Stacie asks.

"It's not them we might run into Stace, in case you forgot we have fans everywhere who post stuff everywhere." Beca sighs "Then who knows what happens after."

Stacie nodded and had to agree with that. They could avoid the girls, but the fans and paparazzi is another story. There was no way they would go undetected the whole four days they'd be in Atlanta.

"Well what's the worst that can happen? I mean technically you weren't the one who fucked everything up." Stacie said.

"Yeah I guess." Beca said and gave Stacie a smile.


Chloe was currently scrolling through Twitter during her lunch break. Chloe was currently a teacher teaching history at a middle school. Since Beca left she hasn't been able to hold a relationship, no one could come close to Beca in her book. She hasn't let Beca go yet, the regret and guilt still ate at her. Looking back now she can't even remember what made her cheat on Beca for as long as she did. What Beca doesn't know is that the girl she got caught with was someone she had been seeing for close to six months. Chloe thought back to that day.

Five years ago

After Stacie pushed her back and they drove off Chloe walked inside slamming the door before collapsing and letting the tears out. Chloe sobbed for close to five minutes before sending a text to Aubrey asking her to come over ASAP.

Aubrey arrived ten minutes later to find Chloe curled up on the sofa in tears. She sat down next to her and wrapped her arms around her.

"Hey what's wrong?" Aubrey asked softly.

"Beca broke up with me and left." Chloe sobbed.

Aubrey had a feeling as to why Beca would leave. Aubrey sighed "Don't tell me it's what I think it is."

Chloe just nodded "She saw us at Starbucks and even took pictures so I couldn't even deny it."

Aubrey had found out about the other girl a couple weeks before when she saw the messages on Chloe's phone. She confronted Chloe about and Chloe said she was going to end it but wasn't sure how she was going to tell Beca.

"Did she say anything?" Aubrey asked.

Chloe shook her head "Stacie and Beca both pretty much said the same thing. They pretty much said fuck off and to live with this."

Aubrey knew that Beca wasn't coming back but she hoped that Stacie wouldn't leave. See the thing that Aubrey kept a secret was that she had a crush the taller girl for a while now. I mean how could she not, it's Stacie Conrad.

"Give it time Chlo, you never know what could happen." Aubrey said.

End of flash back

Chloe was absentmindedly scrolling through Twitter till a post caught her eye. It was a post about Beca and Stacie, and the caption read "The dynamic duo might be coming to TV together! Rumors have Beca Mitchell to be casted on 'Silence is Death'." The post also had a picture of the two together at the latest seasons premiere in LA. In the photo the two were wearing black tight fitting cutout dresses and were posing together on the carpet. Chloe let out a sigh at the picture.

"Those two are always together and always being all touchy." She thought to herself.

At that moment the bell rung signaling the end of lunch. She quickly put her phone away and got prepared for the second half of the school day.

Chloe was happy to be heading home for the weekend, all she wanted to do this weekend was let loose and have fun. She walked into her apartment and changed into more comfortable clothes. She lounged around on the sofa till Aubrey called and said she was coming over. Aubrey got there and joined Chloe on the couch.

"Hear about Beca supposedly being casted in Stacie's show?" Chloe asked.

Aubrey nodded "Yeah, can she even act?"

Chloe shrugged "Who knew Stacie could? I'm sure Beca could if she actually put her mind into it."

"That'd be interesting to see." Aubrey chuckled.

They both tried to not get caught up with Beca and Stacie's careers but they just couldn't escape them. Stacie was this popular actress being casted in all kinds of hit movies and shows. While Beca had produced pretty much every hit you hear nowadays. Even though they didn't have them on social media everyone posted pictures, videos or articles of the two.

Like Chloe, Aubrey still had those feelings towards Stacie. But unlike Chloe who had tried to have a relationship, Aubrey hadn't had one. She simply didn't really care for them being the career focused individual she is. Aubrey ended up being a statutory agent dealing with business lawsuits or summons. She was one of the best agents in the state and was highly requested to represent all types of businesses. At first Aubrey was mad at Chloe for obviously lying to Beca but also due to that being the reason that Stacie also left and cut off communication. Eventually Aubrey let that go but she deeply missed the leggy Bella.

"Hey we should hit up that new karaoke club that opened up tomorrow." Chloe said.

"Oh yeah, that sounds like it would be fun." Aubrey nodded.

"Let's invite the girls too. I need to unwind after this week." Chloe groaned.

"Sure thing Chlo." Aubrey smiled as she sent out a text in the group chat.


The jet had just landed so Stacie walked over to Alanna and woke up the little girl while Beca stretched and grabbed the carry on bags. They covered up to avoid detection and quickly got there bags and headed to catch a taxi.

"Where to?" The driver asked.

"Rental agency please." Beca said.

The driver nodded and drove to the car rental agency that Beca had talked to. Little did Stacie know that Beca actually let Alanna pick out the car, and let's say Alanna had Beca's taste in cars. After paying the driver and leaving him a handsome tip the three headed to the desk. Alanna smiled up at Beca who was smirking.

"Name please." The lady at the desk said.

"Mitchell." Beca said.

"Rebecca?" The lady confirmed.

Beca smiled "Yes ma'am."

The lady smiled and told them to wait up front and she'll have someone pull up the car. Stacie was on her phone, she hadn't even realized that this rental agency only offered luxury cars. She was on the phone till she heard the engine of a sports car no doubt. She looked up and was met with an all black Audi R8 with gold details. She looked towards Beca "You didn't."

Beca smirked "You're right. She did." Beca pointed towards Alanna who had the same smirk as Beca.

Stacie shook her head "How are we supposed to fit three in a two seater?"

"The minion is small enough to fit up front with you. Don't worry I won't go fast." Beca said as she headed towards the car once they managed to fit everything.

Stacie took a deep breath "This is why I don't leave you two unattended."

Alanna laughed and Beca shook her head. Once they made sure Alanna fit comfortably Beca started it up and slowly pulled out. They were on there way to Ethan's house to surprise him. Twenty five minutes later they pulled into the driveway and shut the car off. Alanna ran to the door excitedly with Stacie following while Beca got the bags from the car. Stacie lifted Alanna up to let her ring the bell. After a few moments they heard the lock click and the door revealed Ethan who had a surprised face.

"Grandpa E!" Alanna shouted and quickly hugged him.

Ethan smiled as he lifted Alanna "Baby A!" He turned to Stacie and stuck an arm out.

Stacie gave him a hug and Ethan put Alanna down "What are you doing here?" He asked.

"We decided to surprise you for your birthday gramps." Stacie joked.

"Well plan successful. I see the old man jokes are still in." He said sarcastically "Now where's that daughter of mine?"

Stacie pointed over her shoulder to Beca who was currently struggling with all the bags "Did she forget there's three of you?" Ethan asked.

"She let Alanna pick the car." Stacie answered.

Ethan laughed "If she got Beca's taste in cars then you two are in trouble."

Beca finally managed to get the bags out and started rolling them while she had the backpacks on each shoulder "Yeah don't worry the short person has everything under control." She said sarcastically.

The other two laughed "Well you let her pick that car." Stacie mentioned.

"Well excuse me for letting her have some fun." Beca said as she dropped everything by the door before hugging her dad "Hey pops."

Ethan hugged her "Thanks for this baby girl."

"Of course, we couldn't avoid this place forever. Plus Lana wanted to see you and Em." Beca said "Speaking of her let me tell her we got here."

Tiny sis: Hey Em, we just got to my dad's!

Giant: Yay!! Can't wait to see you three tomorrow!!

Tiny sis: I'll text you tomorrow so we can hang out.

Beca locked her phone and headed to the kitchen where everyone else was.

"Here we are." She thought.