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Kiss Land

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Five years later

Beca is awaken by music and giggles coming from the kitchen. She sits up and slips on her slides before heading downstairs to the kitchen. When she arrives she leans against the entryway and smiles at the sight in front of her. There Stacie is singing and dancing along to "Starboy", which is Beca and The Weeknd's newest hit, Stacie is there with her 5-year-old daughter Alanna both dancing around and giggling. Yeah, Stacie, got pregnant shortly after they arrived at LA. They decided to go out one night and they both ended up finding a hookup, Stacie obviously got a bit more than she was expecting. Of course the guy didn't know because he left before she even woke up so she was left to deal with the pregnancy, luckily Beca being the way she is was more than happy to help.

Beca really did think of Alanna as her own, she even resembled Beca a bit which was ironic. She had the same eyes as Beca, color and all. Even had the same exact hair, Stacie would always joke that Beca somehow got her pregnant. Alanna was like the perfect split of Beca and Stacie which either spelt disaster for the two or meant she would be successful. She was smart and energetic like Stacie but had the same gestures and habits as Beca. The two were absolutely in love with the little girl and couldn't be happier to all be living together.

At this point Beca was the most popular and successful producer in the industry even being requested to write for artists. She had produced for the biggest names to hit the scene and they were always hits. Right now she was in the process of producing her third album for The Weekend. This new album was going to be called "Starboy" and it was going to epic. The last two times they had worked together had been nothing short of perfection. Three months after moving to LA she found a job at Def Jam and was there for four years before opening up her own label. She had met The Weekend after working with Rihanna and Drake, Drake introduced the two and here they are three albums later.

Stacie meanwhile had met a casting agent one night at a label party Beca had to attend. The agent offered Stacie a meeting and after two meetings, he offered Stacie a role in a small movie about a vampire hunter seeking revenge for his brother. Stacie got popular off that role and she was soon offered bigger roles in all types of movies and shows. She is currently casted as a skilled assassin named "Black Lotus" who tiptoes the line between good and evil. She is currently in her third season of playing the character, the show "Silence is Death" was currently the top show on TV.

The two were doing insanely well for themselves since arriving. They currently live in a beautiful house in Hollywood Hills; the house itself has 5 bedrooms and 6 baths, with an infinity pool overlooking the landscape of Hollywood, a spa, gym, studio for Beca and game room for the everyone.

Beca had seen enough of the dancing and made her presence known as she wrapped Alanna in her arms and lifted her in the air. Alanna squealed and giggled even more as Beca spun around a couple of times. Beca stopped and sat her up on the island ruffling her hair.

"Enjoy the new song kiddo?" Beca asked.

Alanna nodded her head "Yes! I love it ma."

Alanna had taken to calling Beca "ma" even though she knew that Beca wasn't her parent. But she still called her that, Alanna had always said she had two moms and that always made Beca's heart soar. Stacie was always "mommy" or "mom".

Beca smiled "So what were you and mommy making that woke me up?"

Alanna giggled "She was trying to make French Toast with eggs."

Beca chuckled knowing that Stacie somehow always managed to mess up anything that wasn't waffles. She turned to face Stacie who was trying to wipe off the egg mixture.

"How you manage to mess up dipping bread in mixture is beyond me." Beca said approaching Stacie with a wet towel.

"It's the mixture I somehow always manage to mess up." Stacie said with a pout grabbing the towel from Beca.

"Move over bum." Beca joked.

"Yeah bum let ma cook." Alanna laughed.

Stacie glared at Beca before turning to her daughter "Who's a bum?" Stacie asked with a raised brow.

"Uh no one." Alanna said quickly.

"That's what I thought." Stacie said as she crossed her arms.

"Can you at least make the eggs?" Beca chuckled.

"That I can do." Stacie answered.

The three ate once they set up the table and served the food. They spent the time talking about work and about future plans.

"Hey Becs, what are you doing for the old mans birthday?" Stacie asked referring to Beca's dad 50th birthday.

Beca shrugged "I don't know honestly. I was just going to ask him what he wanted."

"What if we surprise him with a visit." Stacie suggested.

Beca looked at Stacie a bit skeptical, they hadn't been back to Georgia since they left five years ago. They only saw Ethan when they would fly him out. Beca has never gone back to avoid the possibility of running into anyone.

"Come on Becs, it's been five years. It's is his 50th birthday, pretty big milestone if you ask me. He'd be happy to see us and especially Alanna." Stacie said.

Beca sighed "Fine we can go back but it won't be for long."

Stacie nods "Deal."

They hadn't talked to any of the Bellas except for one in particular that being the youngest, Emily. It was actually Beca who talked to younger Bella first, Emily had called Beca one day before she changed her number and asked for help. Beca of course couldn't say no to Emily, something she seemed to never be able to do. And she's been the only Bella able to know about there lives, being the only one able to follow them on social media or have there contact info. Beca had to make Emily swear on everything that she wouldn't say a thing to anyone else. They did explain to Emily what had happened and Emily understood there reasoning, she actually did a good job acting like she knew nothing when she'd hang out with the Bellas.

"Guess we should tell Emily since she'd want to see Alanna." Beca mentioned.

Alanna perked up at the mention of her "Auntie M&M" she had called her that after struggling to pronounce certain letters. The name stuck even after she was able to pronounce Emily perfectly fine.

"I get to see auntie?" Alanna asked happily.

Stacie smiled "Yeah sweetie, she's been wanting to see you. You also get to see grandpa E."

Alanna clapped and squealed causing the older two to laugh and smile at the child.

"Welp I guess I'll get the flight details ready. His birthday is in three days, if we get there tomorrow we can spend four days over there." Beca said.

"That's fine small stuff." Stacie said.

Beca got all the flight details set up and called up Emily.

"Hey tiny." Emily says as answers.

"Hey giant." Beca says.

"What's up?" Emily asked.

"Well were flying in tomorrow for my dads birthday. Thought you'd like to know." Beca answered.

Emily squealed "What!? Of course I'd love to know for your information. I can't wait."

Beca chuckled "Easy does it. Lana wants to see you."

"I can't wait to see the munchkin." Emily said excitedly.

"I'll hit you up when we land and get settled in alright?" Beca asked.

"Yeah of course. Can't wait to see you guys and spend time together." Emily says.

Beca ends the call shortly after and heads up to pack up.

"Guess we couldn't avoid Atlanta forever." Beca sighs.