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Kiss Land

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Beca was walking out the grocery store and was walking to her dad's truck since her car was currently in the shop trying to get repaired. Beca had a beaten down mustang that she's had since sophomore year of high school. She stopped at the grocery store to get some things for the apartment that she currently shares with her girlfriend Chloe. The two started dating during Beca's freshmen year, right after the ICCAs. Despite Beca being hesitant due to her parents divorce and some stuff that had happened during high school, Beca just didn't believe in love. She had been bitten before to many times, but Chloe convinced her to give it a shot and here they are four years later.

On her way to the apartment Beca decided to stop at the Starbucks next to the grocery store, probably the first time she's ever been in this one since they have one down the block from the apartment. She parked the truck and headed inside, she got up to the barista and ordered a white chocolate mocha and opted to get a lemon cake for Chloe since it's her favorite. As she stood to the side and waited for her order something caught her eye towards the back corner, it was Chloe. Beca moved a bit to get a better look and saw Chloe there with another girl. At first Beca didn't think anything of it due to Chloe always hanging out with her friends, but the girl held Chloe's hand and Chloe didn't do anything about. In fact, she was smiling and laughing, she had the smile she had when she would be with Beca.

Now Beca was skeptical, she texted Chloe just to see what she would say.

Bec: Hey babe, I'm omw home. Where are you at?

Red: I'm with Bree baby, since she leaves tomorrow :)

Bec; Ok, just lmk when you head home.

Red: Will do :)

Beca scoffed "With Bree my ass." Beca kept an eye on them. A few minutes the barista walked up to her and handed her the mocha with the lemon cake. Beca thanked her and stayed looking to see if anything would happen. Two minutes later right when she was about to get up she stopped when the other girl leaned across the table. Beca quickly pulled out her phone and opened her camera opting it'd be better to not cause a scene. The other black haired girl slowly kissed Chloe and Chloe actually put her hands on the other girls face and kissed back. Beca snapped a few pics as her heart got absolutely shattered. Once she had the pictures she quickly ran out of the Starbucks and went straight to the truck.

Beca was trying to keep the tears in until she got to her destination, to the only person she could trust now. Arriving at her destination she quickly shut off the truck and walked up to the door before ringing the bell.

"Coming!" The voice inside said.

The lock unclicked and the door swung open revealing non other then Beca's best friend and closest friend, Stacie Conrad.

"Hey small stuff." Stacie beamed at the sight of her best friend.

"Can I come in?" Beca asked quietly.

Hearing this tone Stacie frowned and ushered the smaller girl inside and towards the couch. Stacie wrapped and arm around Beca "Hey what's wrong Becs?" Stacie said softly.

"She cheated Stacie." Beca answered.

Stacie furrowed her brows "What are you talking about Beca?"

Beca pulled out her phone and showed Stacie the pictures and explained everything she saw.

Stacie clutched the phone so hard that her whole hand turned white "I'm going to kill her." Stacie growled like a wolf.

Beca grabbed Stacie's hand "Please don't, I just don't understand. We just graduated last week Stace, we had all these plans and shit. Then she does this? Why?" Beca said almost emotionless. Beca didn't know if she should be angry, sad, broken or what.

Stacie sighed "I honestly can't answer that Becs, but it's her lost. She had a great thing and fucked it up. You are breaking up with her right?" Stacie asked.

Beca looked at Stacie "Of course. I'd be dumb to stay with a cheater."

"Ok so what are we going to do about your stuff?" Stacie asked.

Beca shrugged "Pick it up, I got the truck and your car can fit clothes and shoes. I'll just put the stuff at my dad's for now."

Stacie nodded "Let's go."

The two headed towards Beca and Chloe's apartment and were glad that the redhead still wasn't there. Beca immediately stuffed everything she could into her duffle bags that weren't clothes. The clothes and shoes they just threw in Stacie's beamer. Beca put her music equipment in one bag and other valuables in the other. Beca and Stacie were heading to the door each carrying a bag when the front door opened revealing Chloe.

"Uhh what's with the bags babe?" Chloe asked walking up to give Beca a hug and a kiss.

Beca side stepped her and glared daggers at Chloe "I'm leaving. This is over."

Chloe's eyes shot open "What? What are you talking about?" Chloe shouted.

Beca pulled out her phone and showed Chloe the pictures and explained what she saw. The color from Chloe's face drained and that was all Beca needed to see.

"Baby wait I can explain." Chloe said desperately while she grabbed the sleeve of Beca's flannel.

Both Beca and Stacie swatted Chloe's hand away "Don't. I don't care for your bullshit excuses Beale. I saw what I saw and that's that. I've been through this enough. My mom cheated on my dad, my first girlfriend cheated on me and now you. I don't need this shit. So fuck off and go to the other bitch." Beca said coldly before turning to Stacie "Come on legs."

Chloe ran out after them and went to try to grab Beca again but this time Stacie grabbed her wrist and bent it causing Chloe to wince "Don't you dare fucking touch her. After everything you promised her you wouldn't do, you did. You fucked up Beale now live with it." Stacie pushed her backwards and threw the bag in Beca's dads truck.

The two drove towards Beca's dads to see what they would do next. Once they got there Beca and Stacie got down and rang the bell.

"Hey girls. Come on in." Ethan Warren answered.

The two girls walked towards the dinning table and sat down, Beca's dad joined them.

"So to what do I owe this pleasure?" Ethan asked.

"The fact that Chloe cheated and I left." Beca deadpanned.

Ethan's face said it all, he was stunned that Chloe would do such a thing "Wow, guess you can't really be that nice. I'm sorry baby girl."

Beca shrugged "It's alright. Not like I haven't been through this. Twice."

"Still doesn't make it ok bug." Ethan said.

"Look pops, I came for advice. What should I do?" Beca asked.

Ethan took a few seconds before speaking up "Well, if you still want the LA deal I can make some arrangements."

Now it was Beca's turn to look shocked "Seriously? LA?"

Ethan nodded and chuckled "Yeah seriously, I have money saved up that can get you set up till you find some work. With your talent you'll find something soon."

Beca jumped up and hugged her dad "Yes! Yes of course. Thank you thank you thank you." Beca said happily causing Ethan and Stacie to laugh.

"It's settle then, time to get plane tickets and transfer that money." Ethan said grabbing his laptop.

"How much for a ticket?" Stacie asked.

"180 why?" Ethan asked.

"Cause I'm going." Stacie said.

Beca and Ethan both stopped and stared at the taller girl "What?" Beca asked.

"Did you really think I would let you go alone?" Stacie smirked.

Beca was speechless at the fact that Stacie would be willing to go across the country with her. To just leave like that. Leave her friends and family behind for her.

"Come on small fry, you're my best friend who just got cheated on. I'm not leaving you out to dry alone. We're ride or die, we stick together no matter what. So let's go to Cali." Stacie smiled.

Beca got up and hugged Stacie "Thank you Stace, ride or die for life dude."

Once they got everything set up Ethan spoke "Don't worry about the cars, I'll call someone to deliver them over there."

"Cars?" Beca asked.

"You didn't think I would send you with that beat up mustang or my truck to LA did you?" Ethan smiled.

"You got me car!?" Beca asked.

"Yup and it's a surprise." Ethan smirked.

"Thank you so much. I love you." Beca said happily.

"Hey you're my only kid and my baby girl. It's my job to spoil you." Ethan said.

It was true, Beca and her dad had always been close. Especially after her mom dipped when she was 9 years old. Beca became a daddy's girl and Ethan always got her what she wanted as long as she was a good kid. He had bought her all her music equipment, got her the free education and made her the LA deal that she decided not to use due to her loving college. So this was just a usual thing for him to do.

"Thank you so much Ethan." Stacie smiled.

"Anything for my unofficial second daughter." Ethan chuckled.

Since Beca and Stacie were so close since freshmen year, Ethan got to know Stacie extremely well. Stacie's dad had passed so in many ways she looked to Ethan as a father figure. When Ethan found out about her dad he did everything he could for Stacie. He really did see the taller girl as a daughter.

Stacie laughed "If that were the case then you'd have to explain this height difference."

Ethan chuckled "You just got the good genes."

"Hey! I'm right here you know." Beca exclaimed.

The three laughed and headed out the door "Call me at least twice a week." Ethan told the girls.

"Of course." They said and headed towards Stacie's car.

There flight was set to leave at midnight so Stacie had to go and pack up and call her mom. They had exactly 7 hours to get everything ready.

"Hey what are we going to tell the girls?" Stacie asked.

"About that." Beca said which caused Stacie to raise a brow.

"Can we like not tell them about all this?" Beca asked.

"Why?" Stacie asked.

"I can't deal with it Stace. Seeing them would just remind me of her and I don't want that." Beca said.

"So what, you're just going to cut them off?" Stacie asked.

"That was my plan." Beca said "Let Chloe have them and pester her with the questions."

"Beca that's insane. After these past four years you're just going to cut them off?" Stacie exclaimed.

"I know how it sounds Stace but that's just how I am. Please." Beca said desperately.

"Fine, for you ok." Stacie sighed.

The two got everything packed up and Stacie called up her mom who was ok with the decision and understood. Saying to take care of the honorary Conrad. Similar to Ethan, Stacie's mom had looked at Beca like family. Stacie's mom always thought Beca was funny and entertaining, also she loved the cooking compliments.

They got dropped off at the airport by Ethan who promised to keep his mouth quiet if anyone asked. Beca and Stacie boarded the plane and were now ready for the next chapter in their life.