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The New Toppat Clan

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After Reginald passed away, it became very clear to the clan that an era was ending. The clan needed fresh new leaders since every old member of the clan had stepped down or died off. Someone fresh and new had to take over for the next generation of the Toppat clan.

Then that's where Toby came in.

His friends knew him better as PuppyRelp, or Relp for short. He was the closest to the clan's leader, having a crush on the Right Hand Man. I know it's weird but RHM is kinda cute. Relp was approached by the man himself if he would become the new leader of course Relp agreed, but only if his two partners were allowed to be his right hands. Right said it was okay.

And so came Relp's coronation day. He picked out every one of his friends to help him. They were also being coronated to being higher ups in the group. Right Hand Man spoke at the coronation.

"Here stands our new leader Toby Relp Fisherbach. And standing next to him are the newest generation of higher ups" Right said. "These children are the gateway to the future of the clan. And we are forever having hope for our new leader and the higher ups. For our late leader and everyone before him"

Everyone applauded. Relp tipped his hat. The higher ups cheered.

"You're looking at the newest head of communications Loudd Calvin and her assistant Anoyint Queemus Annus' ' Right introduced the higher ups. The purple haired antenna girl shly waves and the brown hair in the red hat finger gunned.

"Our heists leaders Totty Love and Bright Star with our getaway driver Lemon Citrus Price"

The toppat in the scarf held the other toppats hand. And they both waved. Lemon was messing with the sprout on top of his head.

"Our newest sniper recruit Arlo Mundy" Right said. Arlo shot a wine glass. Burt now has wine all over him.

"And Finally, Lexie Pexie, our…" Right suddenly paused for a moment. "Our… .. What exactly are you?"

"Whatever you want me to be sir" Lexie said.

"We'll work on it," Right said. "Let's give it up for the newest generation of Toppats"

And so began the Z era of the Toppats. For the first time ever, teenagers would rule the Toppat Clan. What's in store for them?