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A Crimson Flower in Moonlight's Grasp

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It was cold.

Diluc could see his breath in the air in front of him, twisting into the dim moonlight. The circle of candles around him were on their last wicks, sputtering as cold air blew into the cave. It was large, said to have been carved from the mountain itself by wind and ice. The fur cloak he wore did little to keep him warm, but it was a layer between the cold stone and his bare skin.

Diluc had long abandoned the pretense of appearance, setting the twisted bundle of flowers on the floor in front of him, his hands wrapping the fur cloak around his trembling form. The hood had been pulled over his neatly arranged hair, no doubt tangling with the glass beads and flowers braided behind his ears. The priestesses had taken away the rest of his clothing, and while it had been cold at sunset, now with the moon high in the sky, it was frigid.

" The Gods left the world long ago ." The elders had told them many times. " Now, only demons roam the earth , and we can only hope to curry their favor. "

Their clan was lucky, the elders insisted, to have a benevolent Master that only asked for one sacrifice at a time. The Master's craving was marked by icy cold. Wind sheared the skin from bones, growing colder every night his demand wasn't met.

The fairest flower in the clan offered on the pedestal in their Master's ceremonial cave. The elders had made the mistake of offering three separate maidens, all found frozen to the core the following morning. The Clan had been in an uproar, wondering if their Master had finally abandoned them to leave them to die in the cold. It was until their eyes rested on Diluc, the only child of the Clan Leader, did they realize who the Master really wanted.

Diluc was unsure, had never considered the possibility of himself being worthy of this kind of attention. His focus had always been the clan and their needs, never his own. But he’d taken on this duty, like so many others before him. In the previous years, the successful offerings had been marked with warm sunlight and melting snow, a body nowhere to be found in the offering chamber. The elders never specified what it was that the Master did with his sacrifices, but the general consensus was that they were eaten alive, offered to a peckish, monstrous demon.

But Diluc wasn’t a fair flower, wasn’t even a maiden. His agreement to be the offering had quelled the hysteria for tonight, but Diluc was convinced that he was going to die here, another frozen corpse to be found in the morning sunlight. He worried about his clan’s future. Worried about a lot of things as he watched the candles melt down to their last.

With a soft hiss, the candles went out one by one, leaving only the moonlight from the mouth of the cave. Diluc straightened up, looking around, the world dyed blue by the moonlight. It was pretty, in a way, and Diluc wondered if he should just cut his losses and curl up to sleep. He’d often heard that sleeping in the cold of winter meant never waking up.

" Ah, there you are." A smoky voice called out from behind him. Diluc twisted his head, unable to stand on his cold legs. He looked into the darkness in the back of the cave, jumping when cool fingers slid around the back of his neck possessively. They gripped firmly, keeping Diluc’s head in place. "The fairest flower in the clan. They were rather foolish, to try and hide you away from me." The voice murmured, a hint of anger in his tone. Diluc trembled, though whether it was from the cold or fear he wasn't sure. He could feel claws around his neck, pressing gently against the skin.

"M-Master, we d-didn't realize...I-I'm the son of the c-current Clan Leader...we thought you only wanted m-maidens…" his teeth chattered. The demon sighed, and Diluc stiffened when the sound whispered across his ear, the first touch of heat he’d felt in ages.

"The fairest flower is the fairest flower. Did you assume to know better?"

"N-no, Master…!" Diluc yelped when clawed fingers gripped his chin, turning his head. He stared, eyes wide as the Master stepped out into the moonlight. 

He was large, the pad of his thumb large enough to cover Diluc's entire mouth. His hair was a deep azure, black curling horns twisting over the crown of his head. Small gems hung from rings along each horn, small but clearly valuable. One eye was covered with an eye patch sewn from rich fabric, the other eye a sharp, piercing blue with stars within. His Master smiled, baring fangs.

"You truly are the fairest, aren't you? Your scent is so muted, it's hardly there. No one has had the chance to help you 'bloom’, a fresh bud for my tending."

"I-I don't know what you mean…?" Diluc answered, eyes wide.

"No one has ever taken you to bed." The Master clarified. "A chaste maiden, presenting with her purity intact." He grinned, looking pleased. Diluc sputtered, his cheeks heating. It was true that he'd never considered a relationship before. He'd never had the time, always helping his father with clan duties. "A pretty, chaste thing, even with this," Kaeya murmured. Diluc jumped when a claw dipped between the cloak, brushing against the head of his flaccid cock. "Normally if it was dirty I'd relieve you of it. Not very becoming of a wife, is it?" The Master's gaze drifted down to Diluc's cock. "But it's certainly endearing, so cute and tiny and not tainted by the greedy attentions of some mortal." Clawed fingers drifted down to his balls, "ah, but these serve no purpose now, they'll have to go."

"G-go…?" Diluc's voice cracked, struggling not to pull away.

"Yes, of course. We have to make room for your pussy, don't we?" The Master chuckled at Diluc's alarmed expression. "Ah, don't worry, it won't hurt. In fact, my pretty little bride, I intend to show you how good of a time you'll have in your husband's bed."

"B-bride?" Diluc paused, "I thought you a-ate your sacrifices?"

"Oh, dearest, if you want me to." The Master smirked at him, tapping a clawed finger against his nose. "I think you'd rather like it. Makes taking my cock sweeter by far, that and your changes. I'll give you a hole that will be able to take my cock, though not without a bit of effort. You'll have to learn a wife's duties soon enough." He explained easily. Diluc stared up at him, confusion on his face. Surely the elders weren’t aware of such a condition. Diluc looked away, to the mouth of the cave, where his clan’s village sat at the base of the mountain. His gaze snapped back to the demon’s face when warm fingers rubbed at his lips. 

"I-I don't-" He stuttered. The demon shushed him gently.

"Of course not, you're chaste aren't you? It's okay. It's a husband's duty to teach his wife such things."

"M-Master, I-"

"Not Master," the demon corrected, "Master is reserved for the other humans, the ones who aren't my bride. You shall call me husband, or Kaeya."


"It's my name. Tell me yours, dearest."


"Diluc, my pretty bride. I've neglected you long enough don't you think? Let's go home, warm you up with food and attention." Kaeya cooed.

The world underneath him shifted and suddenly cold stone was replaced by something soft and warm. Diluc looked around, blushing when he realized he was spread out across a bed as large as his room back home. It was softer than his own, the blanket on top smooth and warm to the touch. It felt amazing on his icy legs, as Diluc fell back from his kneeling position, wincing at the bruises that had already begun to form on his knees. He settled back, still wrapped in the cloak, watching as Kaeya knelt on the bed in front of him, the demon’s gaze sharp with interest. Diluc flushed when he realized that Kaeya was also nude, his cock hanging heavily between his legs. Kaeya’s chuckle made Diluc’s eyes snap back to his face, his cheeks burning as Kaeya grinned at him.

“Soon, dearest, but first we should give you a light meal to restore your strength.” He said, moving to sit at Diluc’s side on the bed. The size difference was comical. Diluc could have sat on Kaeya’s thigh alone comfortably. Diluc watched the demon warily as Kaeya waved a hand in the air. 

A soft click to his left drew Diluc’s attention, to what he realized was a large door. The door opened, revealing a small swarm of what he could only assume were other demons, each one more monstrous than the last, each carrying either plates of food or pitchers of mysterious liquids. A small collection of them brought an ornate tray that was delicately placed in front of Diluc, looking like it had been entirely carved from silver, stars and planets covering its surface in graceful arcs.

“Dearest, what would you like to drink? Anything you wish. I have wine from every corner of the Earth if you want it.” Kaeya spoke up, drawing Diluc’s attention back towards him.

“I…” Diluc hesitated, his cheeks flushed with embarrassment. His father had always joked that Diluc’s dislike of alcohol would be the end of him. “I don’t drink alcohol. I’m sorry, uh,” He added at Kaeya’s surprised expression. “I could try it-”

“Hush, sweet thing,” Kaeya soothed, reaching out to stroke Diluc’s hair. “This is your wedding night. You will have anything you wish for and none of what you don’t. Maybe something to warm you up? Some tea?”

“I like tea.” Diluc agreed softly, blinking when a small cup and saucer were placed on the tray. Even the cup and saucer looked ornate, like it had been spun from crystal. Diluc watched as a demon fluttered forward, quickly filling the cup with a red-tinged tea from a teapot. The color gave him pause, but after a moment Diluc took a sip. It was bitter, as Diluc liked a bit of honey in his tea most days, but he didn’t want to antagonize the demon anymore. Kaeya’s eye appeared to be all-seeing though, for soon a small cup of honey was placed on his tray, which Diluc shamelessly used to sweeten his tea to something more delectable.

With a flick of Kaeya’s fingers, food was placed on Diluc’s tray. Fruits, some so foreign that Diluc could only assume that they were fruits, sliced meats, and small cubes of cheese. Diluc blinked when Kaeya picked up a slice of meat between his claws, offering it to Diluc. 

“Here, lovely,” Kaeya cooed. Diluc hesitated, before opening his mouth. The meat tasted good, rich with just enough salt to not overpower. Kaeya looked pleased with Diluc’s obedience, offering him fruit next, then cheese, again and again. Sometimes he would pause, glancing at the demon servants for one of them to refill Diluc’s cup. He patiently chided Diluc to drink more tea between bites of food until Diluc felt like he might burst.

“I...I don’t think I can eat anymore.” He admitted when Kaeya offered him another grape. The demon nodded his head, waving his hand. The tray was collected, and as quickly as they came the demons disappeared out the door with another soft click. Diluc stared after them, blinking when he felt Kaeya shift closer. 

“Do you want for anything else?” Kaeya asked, a finger brushing underneath Diluc’s chin. Diluc tilted his head up, blinking up at the demon. “Say it, and you’ll have it.”

“I don’t think so?” Diluc asked, looking back at him. He was warm and full for the first time since the priestesses had stripped him earlier that day.

“Then, perhaps it’s time that I have what I want?” Kaeya answered. Diluc blinked, before color crept into his cheeks.

“Oh,” Diluc murmured, glancing away. 

“Don’t be frightened, dearest, my cute bride. I’ll be sweet to you,” Kaeya leaned close, pressed a kiss to Diluc’s lips. It was surprisingly chaste, but a small nip of teeth distracted Diluc from the cloak being undone from his shoulders. It slipped off to pool onto the bed, a small noise escaping his throat when a tongue slipped between his lips. Diluc whined when a hand slipped around his back, pulling him closer to the demon. His hands rested against warm skin as he tilted his head into the kiss, gasping when Kaeya’s hands slipped to his thighs, pulling him onto his thigh. The sensation of his cock rubbing against Kaeya’s thigh caused pleasure to curl up his spine, and Diluc whined as he rocked his hips forward. 

“What a needy thing,” Kaeya murmured, pulling away to kiss at Diluc’s neck. “If it wasn’t for your pure scent, I’d have thought you’d have done this before. You’re so lewd.” 

“I-I,” Diluc moaned, rolling his hips with a shudder, “I’m not…!”

“Oh, you are. Don’t worry, there’s no reason to lie to your husband.” Kaeya purred, “I’ll teach you that soon enough.” He explained, nipping at Diluc’s jaw. “I rather like this cute honesty. If you want pleasure, simply ask for it and I will oblige you. It’s your wedding night and you will want for nothing.”

“A-anything…?” Diluc asked breathlessly, rutting against Kaeya’s thigh shamelessly now. Every touch made him feel heated, every kiss burning into his skin. “I-I think I’m,” his voice slurred, “am I drunk?” He asked, his tone accusatory. Had his tea been spiked? Had Kaeya lied?

“No, darling,” Kaeya chuckled in amusement. “Not from your food at least,” he added, hands petting down over Diluc’s body. “Such a soft, pure body, you’ve never been touched like this at all, have you? So easily overwhelmed by the softest of caresses.”

“I-I never...with no one…"

“I know, my pure bride.” Kaeya’s hands gripped Diluc’s hips firmly, helping him to rut against his thigh even more. Diluc panted out small moans, his hands going to grab at Kaeya, barely circling the demon’s wrists even halfway. His eyes slipped closed as he trembled and gasped, his body feeling amazing. Everything tingled and burned, and yet he felt an ocean welling up inside him, threatening to overflow. “I-I feel weird…!”

“Ah, your first orgasm? Pretty thing, take it and enjoy it.” Kaeya ordered, continuing to rock DIluc back and forth, even when Diluc’s pace faltered. The demon was grinding Diluc against his thigh, forcing DIluc’s cock to rub and bump into warm skin until Diluc came with a gasp, his back arching, eyes wide as he spasmed in Kaeya’s grip. White streaked across the demon’s leg, but Kaeya didn’t seem annoyed, if anything he looked hungry as Diluc slowly recovered from his first time.

“I...I...was that...?” Diluc breathed, trembling in Kaeya’s grip.

“An orgasm? Yes, wasn’t it nice?” Kaeya replied, amused. Diluc fell back against the bed with a small grunt, blinking up at Kaeya in confusion. Kaeya licked his lips, flashing fangs as his head slipped down between Diluc’s thighs. Diluc gasped as lips brushed against his inner thigh. Kaeya peered up at him from between his legs, an amused smile on his face. “I plan to give you many, many more during our marriage, don’t fret.”

“I...really?” Diluc asked, his tongue feeling thick. His spine still tingled from his first one, was he even capable of having another so quickly?

“Don’t worry, my cute wife. You’ll like this, I promise.” Kaeya replied, before opening his mouth wide. Diluc moaned as Kaeya’s tongue, long and blue, dragged across his cock in a long lick. Diluc whimpered when Kaeya’s cool tongue wrapped around his balls, long and coiling like a snake, before the demon’s lips covered them completely. Diluc felt a lick of fear in the pit of his stomach as he watched, only to spasm when pleasure arched up his spine as the demon sucked. His head fell back against the bed, eyes unseeing as another orgasm rocked through his body again. His hips jerked in the air, the demon’s grip firm as hoarse moans escaped his throat. He gasped in confusion when he felt Kaeya’s tongue pressing firmly against him, until he felt like he was being pierced.

Diluc wailed, his body arcing as pain and pleasure, both so sharp it brought tears to his eyes, overtook his body. He could feel Kaeya’s tongue inside him, wriggling around insistently, like it was trying to map his insides. Diluc whimpered as another orgasm rocked his overheated body, his thighs shaking as Kaeya hungrily grunted between his legs. The pleasure blurred his mind, confusion washing through him as foreign sensations curled and twisted up his spine. His hands gripped at the fabric of the cloak, at the bed, tugging and pulling as pleasure came at him like waves, a never-ending and constant promise. 

Diluc didn’t know how many times Kaeya made true on his promise, but Diluc’s body was limp by the time Kaeya pulled his tongue free from inside him. Diluc looked down at him wearily, blinking in confusion when he didn’t see so much as a drop of blood on the demon’s face. Kaeya looked back down at him, satisfaction radiating off him like a sated cat. 

“Perfect, you’re absolutely perfect,” Kaeya breathed, his hands going down between Diluc’s legs. Diluc blinked in confusion when Kaeya’s fingers brushed under the base of his cock, the sensation different. Diluc reached down, blinking as he felt wet lips where his balls had been. “Oh, darling, don’t look so distraught.” Kaeya soothed, stroking his hair. “Let your husband show you the pleasures of being a woman.”

“W-what?” Diluc stared up at him in confusion. “W-we’re not done?” He asked. He could barely move! Kaeya chuckled affectionately.

“No, dearest, you haven’t even taken my seed.” Kaeya leaned back on his haunches, giving Diluc sight of his cock, hard and erect. Diluc wasn’t aware that it could have gotten even larger. “Haven’t I been patient, gentling you into your new role instead of just taking what I want? You’re so petite and delicate, I don’t want to break you in two.” Kaeya licked his fangs. “Is my pretty wife ready to give her husband his reward?” He asked eagerly. Diluc shuddered at the heat that pooled in his stomach at Kaeya’s words. Wasn’t it strange? That he wanted exactly what Kaeya was offering? Had he already been pulled into his thrall? 

“I...yes, husband,” Diluc murmured, gasping when Kaeya pounced on him, large thighs slotting under his and lifting Diluc’s ass off the bed. Diluc stared up at him, eyes wide at the hunger on Kaeya’s face. 

“Call me ‘husband’ again, my wife, and I don’t think I can be as gentle. You sound too enticing.” Kaeya’s brow furrowed in concentration, like he was trying to physically restrain himself. His hands slid along Diluc’s thighs possessively. “Spread your legs wide, just like that, yes, perfect.” Kaeya praised,  one hand going to grip the base of his cock. Diluc stared at it as Kaeya jerked himself off slowly. A thick bead of precum welled at the head, before dropping down to land on Diluc’s hip. Diluc stared at it as it slid across his skin, shocked with how badly he wanted to taste it. His gaze drifted back to his husband’s cock, his gaze fixed to the thick head.

“Will it fit?” He asked nervously, even though he wasn’t sure if he honestly cared or not. The head of Kaeya’s cock alone was as thick as Diluc’s fist, but the idea of it inside him made his body tense with anticipation.

“With enough coaxing, of course.” Kaeya answered, “Ah, but I think we both know that I’m very persuasive.” He laughed lightly, pressed the head of his cock between Diluc’s lips. Diluc gasped, squeezing his eyes shut at the foreign sensation. It was different, a pressure and slight burn as the tip of his husband’s cock spread open the newly formed hole there. Diluc buried his hands in the blankets, gripping tightly as the head breached him slowly, widening and widening until he was gasping as his hole struggled around his mate. “Oh, my poor wife, struggling so much.” Kaeya cooed, stroking his hip. “A wife’s duties can be so difficult, can’t they? Don’t worry, I’ll teach you them again and again.”

“I-it’s too big,” Diluc complained, whimpering when Kaeya pulled the head of his cock out, only to press it against his entrance once more. “P-please, h-husband. I-” Diluc cried out when Kaeya’s hips jerked forward, shoving the head inside. Diluc wailed as Kaeya groaned above him. Kaeya’s grip on his hip was like iron as the demon exhaled slowly. 

“Love, don’t beg with that kind of voice,” Kaeya murmured, his voice gravelly. The demon stroked at his shaking thighs, cooing at Diluc. “You’ll make me lose my composure.” he insisted. “Breathe, darling, I want you to relax.”

“It’s too big!” Diluc complained, squirming now. “You’re hurting me…!” He whimpered, turning his face away when Kaeya leaned forward to give him a kiss. Kaeya kissed him gently on the cheek.

“Oh, my poor wife, struggling so much for me. I promised you’ll be rewarded soon, just a small bit of pain for all the pleasure for the rest of our days.” Kaeya swore. Diluc whined when he felt Kaeya rocking his hips, just a gentle grind as Diluc’s hole slowly adjusted. “There, see? Isn’t that better already?”

“I-I don’t know,” Diluc whimpered, biting his lip, his face full of confusion. “I-I think so?”

“What a good wife. Look at you, your cute pussy is warming up to me.” Kaeya murmured, rocking his hips forward. A small moan escaped Diluc’s mouth as Kaeya rolled his hips. “My pretty wife’s tiny pussy. Don’t worry, this cute hole will get greedy enough, wanting your husband’s cock whenever you can get it.” 

“O-oh,” Diluc moaned, shivering as Kaeya sank another inch inside him. “I-It’s so th-thick…!” 

“Of course, only the best for my wife. Only the best to have our children.”

“C-children…?” Diluc gasped, his hole fluttering around Kaeya’s cock. Kaeya groaned above him.

“Of course, what wife wouldn’t give her husband children?” Kaeya groaned, his hips sliding back and forth. Diluc struggled to process his words as another wave of pleasure washed over him. “I gave you everything you needed, a hole, a womb. Pretty little eggs for my seed to take to.” Kaeya chuckled from above him. “Diluc, my beautiful wife, I’m going to breed you again and again. Don’t worry, you’ll want for nothing, my pretty wife. Ask for anything and I’ll give it to you.”

“I-I,” Diluc twitched as another orgasm washed over his body, his tired muscles unable to do anything else besides squirm in Kaeya’s grasp. “I-I want more,” he whimpered, his head falling back against the blankets, “I want more...or-orgasms...n-now,” he demanded. Kaeya laughed softly above him, leaning down to press kisses against his lips. 

“That’s not the way to ask, darling. Tell your husband ‘I want to cum’.” Kaeya explained. Diluc flushed, squeezing his eyes shut.

“I want to c-cum,” he repeated, gasping when Kaeya thrust sharply inside him.

“My cute wife gets anything she wants on her wedding night.” He declared, his pace quickening. Diluc could hear the mess between his legs, his pussy wet and loud after his orgasms as Kaeya claimed him over and over again. His husband’s cock was still large, just a tad less than unbearably so. He felt like he was just shy of being split in two. Diluc whimpered when Kaeya's fingers wrapped around his cock, jerking him off in time with his thrusts.

"Ah, you tighten up so nicely when I play with your clit." Kaeya murmured, his hips snapping forward. Diluc whimpered out a gasp, hands clawing at the blankets underneath him.

"I'm gonna c-cum, I-" Diluc twisted in the bed as his body convulsed, a strangled sound escaping his lips. He whimpered when Kaeya groaned above him.

"Pretty little thing, are you ready for your husband's seed? Going to carry my spawn nicely?" Kaeya asked lowly. Diluc moaned, nodding his head. "Tell me, dearest, I want to hear that cute voice."

"I-I want your cum, husband," Diluc moaned, whining when Kaeya's thrusts grew rough. "I w-want it! Please!" He cried, moaning when something hot flooded his insides as Kaeya groaned loudly above him.

"Hells, what a mouth on you." Kaeya groaned, his hips jerking erratically into his wife's pussy. Seed leaked around his cock, dirtying his wife's hole even more. "Ah, there it is," he noted, finger tracing across the icy blue brand that appeared over his wife's womb. It was lovely across such pale skin, but with the birth it would fade. Kaeya’s hand traveled lower, claw tracing over Diluc's trembling right thigh. Kaeya’s brand appeared there as well, marking Diluc’s outer thigh. Staccato whirls spread across his skin, forming a tight band, not unlike a tattoo , in a sweeping loop around the thickest part of his wife’s thigh.

Most demons like to wrap their marks around their toys’ necks, like a collar. And more often than not Kaeya was harassed about taking human pets for ‘wives’. Kaeya thought his critics all rather dull. It'd be a joy to show off his mark at parties, pushing aside the fabric of his wife's dress to display his mark of ownership. Diluc would look so pretty, swollen with his eggs, thigh boldly declaring who had claimed him.

"A-am I…?" Diluc murmured sleepily, looking up at Kaeya. Kaeya cooed, leaning in to pepper kisses along his wife’s lips. That’s right, humans were so delicate, they needed to be spoiled with attention even after the slightest of matings. 

"Pregnant? Yes, and so quickly too." Kaeya smiled, stroking his wife's cheek. "What a naughty little thing. Your womb wanted my children so badly, didn't it? What a good job you've done." He praised.

"H-husband…!" Diluc moaned when Kaeya began to pull out. "N-no!" he whined. Kaeya paused.

"No?" He echoed. Diluc didn’t even have the frame of mind to realize he was saying ‘no’ to the Master of his Clan.

"Inside! S-stay...I…" Diluc whined, clawing at Kaeya’s grip on his hips needily.

"Oh, my pleasure-addled wife." Kaeya cooed. "If I stay inside you, you're going to be so sore tomorrow. And so messy." He explained, petting Diluc’s hips. 

"It's my wedding night." Diluc countered. Kaeya blinked in shock, before chuckling darkly.

"It is, how foolish of me. What a clever little thing you can be." Kaeya slid his cock back inside, earning a gasp from Diluc. "Does my wife enjoy that? Being a cute little sleeve for my cock?"

"Ye-yeah," Diluc slurred, limp against their bed. "It's g-good…! B-big..."

"Oh? Such greedy words from someone who was complaining just a little while ago, don't you remember?" Kaeya teased affectionately. 

"You said you'd reward me," Diluc answered. Kaeya laughed lowly, pleasantly surprised. This human had already survived much better than previous ones, maybe his wife would last the week and Kaeya could really begin to play with him then. The thought made his cock twitch. 

Ah, maybe his cute wife would agree to another round. Kaeya would just have to spoil him more in the morning.