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Oh. Wow. Blights.

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Luz had a thing for Blights. There. She’d said it.


Or thought it.


Late at night. Alone in her sleeping bag. With no small amount of mortification.


But come morning, she stood by her late night thoughts, so Luz just had to bad boy up and smell the blood apples.


She had a thing for Blights.


Which wasn’t to say she was blind to anyone or anything else- the Boiling Isles had plenty of interesting, attractive creatures on them. But Blights, particularly the twins, got under her skin in a way that others just didn’t.


And they knew it.


Emira would walk by her in the halls of Hexcide and purr a ‘hey there, cutie’ in her ear and saunter off, all graceful moves and flowing hair and leaving Luz a blushing mess in her wake. She’d more than once gotten distracted enough to get eaten by a locker as a result.


Cue Edric swooping in to pull her from said locker, hauling her out like some dazzling knight from a fairy tale, easily lifting her and putting her back on her feet with a pat on her shoulder, a ruffle of her hair and a charming wink. Being so close always reminded her just how much taller and broader he was than her and it left her just as much a mess as Emira did.


And then there was Amity.


Amity was a whole different ball game. Amity wasn’t really hot like her siblings. Amity was cute. Amity was weapons grade adorable. Something she tried so hard to temper with her standoffish attitude, but it really only reminded Luz of a cat. A cat that still purred when you pet them, despite acting aloof. It was the ‘tries to be badass but is actually a cinnamon roll’ trope to a T.


Luz could totally dig that trope on a fundamental level, mind you, so she was super on board with it. And it also meant that Amity didn’t get up in her face and flirt with her like the twins did.


Which made her less of a flustered mess around Amity, that was for sure. It wasn't that Amity wasn't attractive, or that she didn't inspire some... less than platonic thoughts in Luz here and there, it was just that she was so different in her affection than the twins.


The twins were like a raging bonfire, while Amity was a cozy blanket. Sure, the bonfire was impressive, it was hot and alluring, but you couldn’t light a bonfire in your living room. You couldn’t hold it close. You couldn’t call it yours. Bonfires were great once in a while, but could be overwhelming. 


A blanket was less impressive. It didn’t have that teasing, almost seductive allure to it, it didn’t keep you as warm as the fire, it didn’t wow you as much. But a warm blanket would still be just that; warm. A blanket might not be as alluring, but it would be comforting. You could hold it close and just revel in its warmth. You could call it yours.


Luz liked that Amity was a comfy blanket rather than a wildfire like her siblings, even if she sometimes wondered what it’d be like if Amity was more like them. Luz suspected it’d be a sight to see, for sure. She liked to think that if Amity ever flirted like her siblings did, Luz would be cool and suave and not at all a flustered mess. She would totally own it!


So, when she came back from school after a week off to ensure that Belos hadn’t put a bounty on her for the whole ‘invading his palace, beating up his guards, saving Eda and throwing down with Palpatine’ and found out that, somehow, her comfort blanket had been set on fire and turned into a raging inferno of ‘whoa’, Luz would have liked to think she was at least somewhat ready to roll with the punches.


But for all her musing, Luz was not ready to face the heat at all.


She noticed something was different the second she spotted the siblings, all three of them, at the other end of the hall before the first classes started.


Instead of the regular two skipped heartbeats (for the twins) and one cheerful flutter (for Amity), now her heart lead with three skipped beats and a flutter.


She’d have lingered on that if her thoughts hadn’t been overtaken by the fact that Amity’s hair was no longer its regular aquamarine, but instead a shock of dark brown that Luz’s inner artist immediately appreciated.


It made Amity seem warmer, somehow. Though the genuine giggle that Edric had torn from her with his antics might also be the cause of that.


And then Emira glanced her way and smiled in that alluring way of hers, jabbing Amity. That was how Luz found herself getting stared down by all three siblings and they all had the same look in their eyes for a change.


Now, Luz wasn’t the best when it came to social cues, she’d be the first to admit, but she could tell when someone was checking her out, thank you very much. She was more than used to that from the twins by now.


Which was why it threw her for a loop that Amity was giving her the exact same look. Like she was sizing Luz up, and liking what she was seeing. Like she wanted what she was seeing.


The very idea made her heart skip several beats, made her face flush and her mouth run dry. A part of her was screaming 'no way!' at what her eyes were telling her, but there was no denying it. She knew the look the twins sent her. She could see Amity's was the same. Worse, where the twins were obviously teasing, playing the game, Amity?


Amity's look was sincere. And that was so, so much more breathtaking. 


They started to move in her direction.


Luz decided that if she could barely handle one Blight without tripping into a locker, no way was she going to be able to handle three at once. Cutting out the middleman, she threw her bag to the floor and yeeted herself into the nearest locker hoping that karma would be satisfied with her acceptance of her fate and let her off the hook.


Too little too late. They were on her.


Edric plucked her from the gaping maw that promised her salvation with a laugh, putting her on her feet with two grounding hands on her shoulder, standing behind her. She tried to let the gesture center her, but instead it swept her off her feet even harder.


“Still fighting the lockers?” Edric teased, hands rolling over her shoulders. “I keep telling you, the trick is to charm them, Luz.” He all but murmured in her ear, prompting a pleasant shiver to run down her spine.


“Maybe she was trying to hide from the emperor.” Emira picked up, leaning well into Luz’s space, causing the girl to swallow and her stomach to jump. “If you were trying to hide, you could’ve just asked me, cutie.” The older witch winked. “I’d love to hide with you.”


Before Luz could get a word in edgewise- unlikely, her mouth was dry and her tongue in knots and half of her wished to bolt while the other half wanted them to never stop- Edric snickered.


“Nah, sis. Hiding is more Mittens’s thing. She’s the one with boltholes all over the isles.”


Emira gasped, perking up in delight. “You’re absolutely right, Ed! She should go hide with Amity!” Then the witch stepped aside and Luz was shoved forward, but rather than topple to the floor she was caught, coming face to face with pale skin, golden eyes and dark hair.


And lips that pulled into a rueful smile. “You guys are insufferable.” Amity deadpanned, leveling the twins with a look that was both amused and annoyed, before her eyes swiveled to meet Luz’s.


And there the look in them struck a balance so perfectly between shy and alluring that Luz felt herself lean in just to be closer to it, just to crawl closer to that cozy blanket that tempted her like a flame, trying distantly to remind herself that she was probably reading this completely wrong, that it was just wishful thinking. The excuses rang hollow in the face of Amity’s covetous gaze.


“Well, seeing as subtlety is apparently dead,” Amity started, longsufferingly, “want to go hide with me, my fearless champion?” she finished, sweetly, an amused twinkle in her eyes.


It pulled Luz from her daze enough to answer, at least. “Yes, my queen.” She breathed before slapping a hand over her mouth, mortified at her words and the surprised looks from the Blights. What the heck was that?! That was supposed to be a teasing Grom referencing rebuttal, not- not whatever that was!


Distantly, she heard Emira whistle. “Oof, Mittens in the lead.”


What will the opposition do to even the score?”


And excellent question. Probably one best answered when Luz’s brain wasn’t at least seventy percent mush. “New hair style!” was the first thing that tumbled out of her mouth. “Loving the new look, Amity!” She finished, with finger guns, of all things, and she groaned inwardly.


Wasn’t her strongest save, but at least it put her back in the game.


Amity seemed still seemed dazed and startled again- had Luz shouted that? She’d probably shouted that. Sorry, Amity- before the girl smiled softly, raising a hand to her hair with a faraway look. “Thanks. I... figured it was time for a change. Time to find my own voice, sort of.”


That didn’t make any sense to Luz, but she’d ask about it when she wasn’t too busy trying not to drool about the way Amity’s hair danced around her fingers as the witch carted them through the locks at the side of her head. And after Luz had had the time to examine why that suddenly got to her this much.


“I-I see.” Luz cleared her throat. “It looks good. Different. You’re different. Good different! Just, different different, you know?” She scrunched her eyes shut and smacked a palm to her forehead. Real. Freaking. Smooth. If the floor could please turn into a mouth and swallow her whole, that’d be great. It wouldn’t even be a tall order in this place.


A giggle told her that it was, because she was apparently still here. But that same giggle also made her realize that she wanted to stay right here and babble non-sensibly just so she could hear Amity giggle again. That was something. She opened her eyes. Amity’s smile had softened.


“Part of the voice finding quest.” Amity admitted, gesturing to the two grinning Blights hovering beside Luz. “These delinquents have been helping.”


“Aww, Mittens,” Edric started, clutching his hands over his chest. “we just want to help you be the best you you can be.”


“And corrupt you.” Emira added, sunnily, high-fiving Edric while at it.


Three seconds of not being pinned by Amity’s gaze gave Luz the time to take a steadying breath. In. Out. This was Amity. This was Amity. This was cute, adorable, Amity who was her friend and who was suddenly smoking hot and looking at you like… like… something. Like a lot of something. You can handle this! “The best Amity Blight can be?” She tried for her best teasing look. “Does that mean you’re gonna get double A’s in class now?” She snickered. “Or are you going to do all the tracks like me? Gotta catch ‘em all!”


Opposition is recovering!” Edric announced, somehow managing to whisper it.


But will it be enough?” Emira asked in return.


Amity laughed, a sweet sound like wind chimes going off, clearly audible in the slowly emptying halls. “Nothing like that, though I wouldn’t mind sharing all those extra classes with you.” She clarified, a quirky, awkward little smile overtaking her for just a second. “Just… focusing more on the things I want, rather than what my parents want. Do the things I want to do. Be with the people I want to be with.” Then her look changed, and she leveled Luz with a gaze that was less a bonfire and more like staring into the flipping sun. “And pursue that.” She purred, purred and-


Wow. Just, wow. Faintly, she heard Edric and Emira mutter to each other.


We taught her that, right?”


I didn’t, and I know you definitely didn’t.”


She ignored them, diving right back into her conversation with Amity. “And what does my lady Blight want to pursue?” Luz asked, voice come out more breathy than she intended but hot dang if you were getting stared down by a hot Blight, you’d be a little breathless too. And yeah, Amity was being very hot in Luz’s books right now. “Maybe I can help you-” she mimed throwing out a fishing rod and reeling it in, “-catch it?”


The witch in question stepped closer, into Luz’s space in a way that Emira did all the time but Amity always avoided, and Luz would be lying if her fingers weren’t itching to reach up and feel if that brown hair was as soft as it looked. And she would have, if Amity didn’t have her pinned with her warm gaze, a small smile playing over her lips as the witch leaned in.


“Wouldn’t you like to know, Noceda?”


Luz very, very much wanted to know and found herself leaning in too, tilting her head, heart hammering in her chest, thoughts an incoherent mix of ‘What the heck is happening?!’ and ‘Better believe it’s happening, buttercup!’ and that last thought in the mess prompted her to wet her lips. “Yes.” She answered, eyes darting down to Amity’s lips only to find her wetting them too and oooooh boy they were on the same crazy page here-


The bell shrieked and both girls startled apart, quickly glancing around to see the nearly deserted hallway.


Right. Luz was at school. She had five minutes to get to Plants class. And she’d very nearly kissed Amity Blight.


Luz felt her face heat up and her a sudden sense of vertigo. Holy smokes she’d nearly kissed Amity Blight!


“I-I gotta go!” Luz squeaked, turning on her heel, but she was stopped three steps away by Amity calling out.


“Luz!” The girl in question stopped, slowly turning back to see Amity walk forward, closing the distance between them and Luz was just about ready for anything to happen when Amity held out…


Her bag. The witch gave her a slightly shy smile, almost rueful. “You forgot your bag.” She told Luz, a very faint blush still on her features the only indication that Amity was also a little unbalanced. “Don’t get eaten by another locker.” She remarked, as Luz took the offered bag.


“You’re de-Blight-ful.” Luz said, dazed, before once again slapping a hand over her mouth and glaring down because what the heck that was no time for a dumb pun-


A snort tore her from her thoughts. Followed by giggles which turned into a full laugh. Luz looked up to see Amity nearly doubled over, laughing with such carefree abandon, still slightly red, still unbearably shy as she tried to hide her face in her hands as she fought to get her giggles under control.


It was Amity like Luz had known her before today, and that should have made her less of a raging inferno, less keen to make Luz's heart try to beat out of her chest.


Instead, Luz felt her heart stop entirely and realized with a jolt that Amity was somehow even more bewitching like this (Heh. Bewitching. She needed to share that one with king later).


And then the witch finally got her giggles under control and wiped away a tear, giving Luz another long look, but for all that it was warm, it wasn’t heated. It didn’t make Luz feel like Amity merely wanted her. It made Luz feel like… like she was liked. 


Amity bit her lip. “You know, one of the things I want to 'pursue' is at the Knee.” She remarked, giving Luz a meaningful look, the most nervous she’d seemed since this whole interaction began. “Would my brave champion come and assist me, say, tomorrow around noon?”


Luz was about to agree out of sheer habit, because of course she wanted to, when she paused, brain kicking into gear and putting everything in perspective.


Amity had said she was doing what she wanted now.


Amity was flirting with her (holy crap-)


Amity had nearly kissed her (holy crap-!)


Amity was asking Luz to join her on an outing to the Knee-


Holy crap, she’s asking me out on a-


“Yes!” Luz exclaimed, before pulling herself back. “I mean-” she cleared her throat. “-as my queen commands.” She offered, giving a shallow bow and winking.


Amity sagged in obvious relief before she smiled. “It’s a d-”


The bell shrieked for a second time and both girls whipped their heads around to find the hallway deserted, even Edric and Emira had gone, and both of them were late for class.


Crapbaskets. Luz and Amity exchanged a look before running off in opposite directions. “I’ll pick you up at the Owl House at noon!” Amity called.


“I’ll badger Eda into lending us Owlbert!” Luz called back, smiling to herself. She had no idea what the heck just happened here, but she was pretty sure she and Amity were doing a thing. A thing Luz liked. Liked a lot more than she thought she could like anything and she was already looking forward to their outing to the Knee-


“Good call!” She heard, distantly. “See you later, cutie!”


Luz tripped and got swallowed by a locker.