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Locker Room Shenanigans

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How they ended up like this, he couldn’t remember. All he knew was after everyone has gone out of the locker room a few banters along with a few suggestive jokes and teasing led them to their current situation.


With him bent over in half as Kuramochi thrusts deep inside him. And as much as he wanted to deny all the noise he was making but he couldn’t.


At least not when his lover, who was a year younger than him was balls deep inside him and not when he was writhing in pleasure as Kuramochi hit the deepest parts of him.


“Wouldn’t it be great if your little brother knew how lewd you really are, Ryou-san ~.” The deep voice of Kuramochi suddenly enters his ears, blocking out the moans and curses he was spilling. Frowning at what his lover said, he couldn’t help but heat up at the words. It would be the worst possible thing to happen if Haruichi suddenly walks in them, especially since his brother treated him as pretty much a hero. And well his current position and looks doesn’t really fit the “model-older brother” category. With his legs spread and face against the wall. Not to mention the dick that’s sliding in and out of him.


No. That is definitely not how he wanted his brother to see him. It was bad enough that Haruichi saw him cry after the defeat that summer. It even more embarrassing to be seen doing explicit acts with a junior, rather it’s humiliating.


Although they didn’t bother hiding their relationship (not that Kuramoch made it possible to be hidden), Ryousuke still didn’t want his brother to know what he does during his private time. Kind of hypocritical of him, since he goes out of his way to find out who Haruichi is dating and what they do when they’re alone (though he would deny it most of the time) it was quite obvious still. With the deadly glares the tall, quiet ace was getting whenever the third years visit.


“S-shut u-ahh! Fuck! Y-youichi I’m—“ Ryousuke released a sharp gasp as calloused hand wrapped around the base of his cock, preventing him from his orgasm. Looking over his shoulder he cursed his lover silently through tears stained face.


Youichi just smiled, the grin that showed Ryousuke he was under the younger man’s control. He hated it, but at the same time loved the sensation of being dominated. Sadistic Masochist, is what Kuramochi tells him. The pain and pleasure that builds up with Kuramochi’s ever changing paces. He might be a cheetah on court but boy does he have a lot of stamina. 


Warm breath ghosted over his ear followed by a wet lick of tongue. Soft bites trailed down to his neck while the hand on his cock began moving, it was slow but it gave him a sense of relief (maybe a little frustration), either way he he loved it.


Kuramochi’s pace began to slow down and his breath was getting heavier by the second. A clear sign that he was close to his climax but had enough to continue with the teasing.


With one particular trust to Ryousuke’s prostate and a stifled scream he whispered again in his lover’s ear. “You look so lewd right now Ryou-chan ~ What happened to you being a tease?” Kuramochi’s voice sounded like honey in his ears. How was it possible that the boy with the high pitched hyena laugh could make him melt with nothing but his voice? 


“—mochi... Y-youichi! Ah.... I... please...”


“Please what Ryou-chan ~?” Kuramochi pulled the last syllable of his nickname thrusting against his sweet spot as he did so. Ryousuke’s knees buck as he feels his legs weaken from beneath him; both in tiredness and overstimulation. 


“Pl-please let me... AHH! Let me cum You-chAAhn !” Ryousuke spoke in between moans. Stifling his cry to not sound like he was begging. As much as he loved the stimulation Kuramochi was giving him, he really wanted to come. His legs were tired and he wanted to shower before falling into deep slumber. And the only way to get that is to get Kuramochi to make him cum.


“What was that? I can’t hear you? Beg me a little more Ryou-san ~. Beg a little more and I’ll let you come.”


“P-please.... Ple-please Youichi.. let me c-cum!” 


A soft ‘hyaha’ filled the air followed by Kuramochi’s sudden pick of pace. Kuramochi’s hand and thrust made him lose his mind. It wasn’t long when he felt the shortstop losing his pacing and the hand working on his dick going faster. It didn’t take long for both of them to reach their highs. Ryousuke spurting his seed on the wall and Kuramochi deep inside him, filling him to the brim with thick semen.


After almost half an hour of standing in that awkward bent position, Ryousuke’s legs finally gave out. He slid down the floor with a flushed face and his body felt heavy. Luckily tomorrow was their day off if not he might not be able to attend practice after two exhausting activities that day. 


“R-ryou-san... Sorry I got carried away... but you were teasing me and I... Shit! You look so hot right now I think I’m getting hard again.” Kuramochi said, eyeing Ryousuke’s limp body. He face was propped on the wall and even with his legs spread awkwardly on the floor the way Kuramochi’s cum slowly coats Ryousuke’s fine thighs and legs were enough to turn the younger on once again.


Ryousuke let out a soft chuckle as he met with his lover’s eyes. Kuramochi’s face was still flushed and his eyes were wide. “Save your energy for winter camp.” Ryousuke spoke teasingly as he reached for Kuramochi’s hand.


“Right now tho, I want to get out of uniform and clean myself up.” 


“Ah! Right! Right! Can you walk?” 


Ryousuke raised a single brow at the question and Kuramochi’s face burned a brighter shade of red. He would’ve laughed at the look but stickiness and numbness he was feeing on his legs was horrible.


“Sorry... I’ll uh... I’ll help you then..”


Kuramochi cleaned them up a little before helping him up. Propping the third year on his shoulder they slowly made their way back to the dorms and to the showers.


It was fast, reaching the dorms and showering didn’t take long as well. Not when everyone has been done and are either working on their personal practice or resting. 


The walk towards Ryousuke’s room was quick as well, and the third year was immediately drawn to sleep as soon as his head hit the pillows. 


“Stay.” Ryousuke spoke, pulling on his wrist after being laid down. His voice was filled with sleepiness and Kuramochi found it cute but kept it to himself to avoid getting assassinated.


“You sure? Wouldn’t your roommates mind?”


“Only if you don’t keep your hand to yourself”




Laughter surrounded the room for a short while before Kuramochi climbed on to the bed and snuggled his lover. He might as well enjoy the last moments of peace because he knows for sure that tomorrow when they wake up he’ll be the slave of this pink haired devil after the stunt he pulled inside the locker room.


He just prays that Ryousuke’s roommates would be around the moment they wake up so he won’t suffer too much.