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“Auugh, why couldn’t Gojo sensei handle that one,” Yuuji whines throwing his arms above his head in a stretch, head barely dodging the cursed tool dangling from the strap at his wrist.


“Oi..stop your whining,” Nobara grumbles and Megumi couldn't help but agree.


“You know why…” Megumi responds, granted he did share in Yuuji’s discontentment with the situation. While it was common knowledge they were always short staffed for higher grade curse didn't make it any less...annoying to get beaten up this way.


It was well after midnight by the time they reached the campus grounds, trudging up the steps with the last dregs of their energy.


They were all worse for wear after this one, but luckily damage had been kept to a minimum.


“Fushiguro, you were really cool out there today,” Yuuji states suddenly, a beaming smile stretching across his features.


Megumi feels a blush creep up his neck and feigns discomfort rubbing the back of his neck.


“It was nothing,” he mumbles looking away. Nobara makes a gagging sound as they traverse through the gates of the school. As they meet in the center Nobara turns to them. She’s covered in grim head to toe like the rest of them,blood splashing across her open uniform. Her hair is the most disheveled Megumi’s ever seen it as he flicks over her once again for any pressing injuries.


“As much fun as it is hanging with you two, I have a date with my shower so keep it down,” she announces turning from them. Megumi pokes his lower lip out, eye twitching. Of course she’d know they were fooling around, but this was the first time she’s ever brought it up. Megumi wasn't even loud when they did fool around and he releases a soft sigh.


“Hey what’s that supposed to mean?” Yuuji calls after her but she doesnt stop her stride, headed straight to what she deemed the girls dorm. Megumi hums placing a hand on Yuuji’s shoulder pushing him lightly toward their own rooms.


“Ignore it, let's go,” he says instead and Yuuji nods. They fall into step back to their dorms when Megumi speaks up.


“Sukuna’s finger...did you eat it,” Megumi questions suddenly. In the chaos he hadn't thought about it for a moment after giving it to him.


“Ah I- well he did,” Yuuji responds, eyes going up to the moon. It hung bright and heavy and Megumi could swear he saw the brief etching of markings bloom across Yuuji’s features before they vanished. His brows furrowed stomach churning suddenly, apprehension creeping over his nerves.


“Are you okay,” Megumi questions a little unsure. Yuuji turns to look at him as they slow to a stop. Megumi faces him as Yuuji studies him, before breaking eye contact and yawning.


“Yeah I’m just a little exhausted,” Yuuji admits, breaking into a yawn. “ He’s a bit restless in here,” Yuuji mumbles left hand coming up to knock against his own skull. His nails are caked in dirt and Megumi’s eyes linger on them a moment.


Megumi nods and they continue on, crossing the threshold of the dorm and making their way to their quiet stretch of hall.


“What do you mean by restless,” Megumi questions, turning to his room as Yuuji passes him. Yuuji pauses at his door before turning the knob.


“He won’t stop talking,” Yuuji says a bit cryptically. Megumi frowns, pulling his door open.


“Well...what is he saying…” Megumi asks. He’s curious, this wouldn't be the first time Sukuna was particularly chatty after consuming a finger, but Yuuji usually would tell them. Yuuji stands there a moment and Megumi swears he sees red creep across his cheeks a moment before he turns and walks up to him.


Megumi parts his lips to speak when Yuuji presses a chaste kiss to his lips before pulling away. Confusion crosses his features and Yuuji must see it before he’s laughing.


“Nothing important really, he’s just jealous,” Yuuji says with a toothy grin. Megumi’s brows come down as he crosses his arms.


Jealous? ...

Megumi chooses not to follow his follow up question with


“Are you starting things,” Megumi questions. Yuuji hadn't told him much about when Sukuna mentioned him in their internal monologues and frankly Megumi didn't care, granted it was a little concerning.


Probably monologuing how he wants to kill you…

Yeah, he hadn't forgotten their first meeting.


“Nope finishing them. If I dont pass out, can I come over,” Yuuji questions, shoving his hands into his pockets, Maki’s tool dangles into the wall from his wrist. Megumi’s eyes drop to it briefly, it’s all dinged up and he’s sure she won't stop talking about it. Megumi hums before cocking his hip.


“Sure, you can sleep over if you want,” Megumi says finally and Yuuji pouts before stepping closer, lids lowering.




“I was thinking…” Yuuji says, stepping close until he could whisper in his ear, “About maybe having a taste of...what you offered before…?” Yuuji whispers. Megumi grunts smirk crossing his lips as his hands go to Yuuji’s hips digging into them.


“Ah but...have you earned it,” Megumi responds salaciously, Yuuji groans, or rather growls hands going to Megumi’s ass and squeezing. Megumi grunts pressing back briefly into the touch. Yuuji tucks his face into the side of neck as his left hand strays to Megumi’s front.


Megumi grabs his wrist before he could touch him there. Megumi snarls, there was no way Yuuji was touching him there with his hands so filthy.


“No...if you want to touch me go clean up first,” Megumi growls and Yuuji withdraws, looking at him like a kicked puppy. Megumi huffs expression softening, he had no intention of nursing any kind of infection from Yuuji’s overactive fingers. Yuuji pulls back with a pout before smiling, he pecks his lips.


“Bossy,” he starts before Megumi sets him with a look, Yuuji closes his eyes putting his hands up as he walks backwards towards his door. “Roger that, I’ll see you later,” Yuuji says before stepping in and shutting the door. Megumi snorts before shaking his head, a smile stretching across his lips. 


He thinks he beats him to the showers and debates waiting up for him before crawling into bed instead, leaving his door unlocked.




It’s late when his door creaks open, light pooling in from the hallway. Megumi tries to open his eyes, but his lids refuse to open. Yuuji says nothing as he slips into bed behind him and Megumi sighs as he feels his familiar heat at his back. Megumi hums content as he feels a heavy arm band at the dip of his waist, another arm, Yuuji’s right, bullies its way under his head and pillow.


He’s almost back to sleep when he feels lips at the nape of his neck, feather light kisses to the sensitive skin there and Megumi sighs softly, hooking his left arm behind him to grab Yuuji’s hair. It's soft and fluffy between his fingers, roots slightly damp on the pads of his fingers as the kisses get heavier across the left side of his neck. Megumi hums as he feels a kiss to the back of his ear, a hand worming its ways under his loose sweatshirt.


He feels his hand stroke curiously across his chest before cupping his left pec, thumb and forefinger pinching a nipple and Megumi makes a low sound in the back of his throat. The hand gets bolder cupping and squeezing, fingers tweaking his nipple until it peaks and Megumi lets off a soft moan.


 Megumi feels arousal bloom low in his stomach as a hot tongue swipes across his throat like a blade before biting down hard. Megumi jolts at the sensation growling.


“Watch it,” he growls, giving Yuuji a harsh shake by the grip in his hair, eyes opening to slits to stare at his wall as Yuuji hisses, hand tightening on his chest. His eyes slide down to the window at the foot of his bed, the moon painting his room in moonlight through the sheer curtains he’d forgotten to close. Yuuji shifts behind him and Megumi’s eyes briefly slide to his own body, watching the lump of his arm move under the blankets before a tongue swipes over the spot in apology.


 Megumi knows it’ll leave a bruise.


 Irritation flares hotly over his nerves, it was too high to cover and he’d never hear the end of it when the others saw. His fingers tighten in Yuuji’s hair painfully and he hears a low groan.


“I told you about-” Megumi starts before his jaw is grabbed in a surprisingly strong grip and then he’s being kissed. Megumi’s eyes shut reflexively at the intensity and he gasps. Yuuji wastes no time, tongue diving deep and curling around his own. Megumi lets out a surprised moan as his left hand releases his chin, instead stroking down the outside of his left thigh rumpling the grey sweats. He barely has enough time to pull his own arm back before Yuuji is deepening the kiss, tongue curling sensually around his own.


Yuuji presses his hips forward and Megumi moans into the kiss as Yuuji plunders his mouth, he’s hard against his ass and Megumi feels a thrill shoot through him. He nips Yuuji’s bottom lip hard enough to hurt in payback and Yuuji's hand squeezes his hip before stroking slowly down to his navel dipping into it. Yuuji breaks the kiss, turning his head back so that he can rest it against the pillow.


Megumi keeps his eyes closed, panting from the intensity of the kiss, content to see where Yuuji was going with all of this. Yuuji had seemed worked up earlier and Megumi was content to just let him do what he wanted for once. He couldn’t remember a time where Yuuji was this straight forward in what he wanted and he bit his lip in anticipation.


“You’re so quiet…” Megumi mumbles, “Are you that eager?” Megumi questions lightly and he hears a low grunt before Yuuji snaps the waistband of his pyjama bottoms once. Megumi’s breath hitches at the slight sting and he feels excitement sinking down to his core as his hand breaches the elastic band.


Yuuji's hand is warm as it strokes slowly down the firm contours of his belly until he reaches between his thighs and Megumi squirms. This close to sleep it’s easy to just give in a little as he feels a kiss to his left ear again, a hot tongue tracing the shell of it. Megumi curls a bit more onto his right side almost in the fetal position to press his ass against Yuuji’s front. Yuuji grinds against his ass a moment before almost ripping his pyjama bottoms off, the blanket following suit as it's ripped off of him leaving his lower half bare. He squeezes his eyes shut as he feels Yuuji’s hand at his hip again.


There’s a low groan behind him before that hand is back between his thighs stroking over his lips. Megumi squirms as his fingers stroke his folds spreading them to tease at his clit. Megumi moans softly as the tip of his finger teases the sensitive bud, Yuuji panting against the shell of his ear as he teases him. Stroking over him in patterns and zig zags until Megumi feels himself shockingly begin to get wet.


“Stop teasing,” Megumi whispers, eyes squeezing tighter as Yuuji’s hands dips into his wetness stroking over his clit again before dipping the tip of his finger inside, he jolts legs closing.


Yuuji groans behind him and he sacrifices playing with him to force his left leg back open,maneuvering it to bend, foot propped on the bed, before returning to stroke slowly up his slit. Megumi shudders, his left hand going to cover his mouth as Yuuji pleasures him.


It feels...different...

Megumi thinks. much better


Megumi swore it hadn't been that long since they fooled around but Yuuji had definitely improved as his right hand lifts his face up enough to kiss again and Megumi felt himself throb in excitement. After Megumi’s last lesson he’d promised to learn how to please him.


Yuuji clearly wanted to make good on that promise tonight.


Megumi moans, breaking the kiss as he slides a finger back inside him curling until he hit that spot he always missed and Megumi muffles his cry. Yuuji groans softly behind him, thrusting into him before adding another finger, then another until Megumi was squeezing around his three fingers panting, soft moans falling like silk. Yuuji moans behind him, hot tongue blazing a path up to his abused ear lobe as his fingers work Megumi up into a frenzy- until he was gushing around his fingers. Megumi moans breathlessly rocking his hips down onto his fingers as they rub and curl inside him chasing the wave riding hot in his belly. Yuuji’s thumb strokes up to his throbbing clit and Megumi muffles a scream squeezing rhythmically around his fingers as he cums hard.


“Ah F-fuck!” Megumi shudders, toes curling as his orgasm rocks through him warming his blood. He shivers as those fingers twist inside him and Megumi feels himself drool against his pillow at the intimate caress as he rides that wave of satisfaction panting.


Megumi didn’t think he could get that wet just from his fingers as he pulls them free with a wet sound. Yuuji moves behind him, shifting until he hears a grunt of annoyance and the sound of clothing falling before his warm chest is flush against his back again. Megumi whines deep in his throat already missing the feeling of something inside him when he feels something much larger drag along his wet lips. He clenches, biting his lip as Yuuji slaps his cock against his throbbing pussy and Megumi opens his eyes staring at nothing as his heart pounds.


“’re this-ngh-hard,” Megumi gasps out, brows furrowing as his mouth drops open when Yuuji presses the head in. Megumi clenches tight around the tip and Yuuji releases a guttural groan Megumi’s never heard before. Megumi forces himself to relax but the earlier foreplay makes it easy to take him as Yuuji presses inside.


But it was always a tight fit. Yuuji’s cock was thick with a vicious curve that made Megumi drool when Megumi rode him to orgasm.


Megumi clenches tight at the memory moaning as Yuuji thrusts almost to the hilt. Megumi reaches down with his left hand between his thighs, touching himself and Yuuji growls behind him rocking his hips before pulling back and thrusting in shallowly. Megumi sighs, he can’t get as deep this way but he doesn't mind, the pleasure simmers as he tucks his finger to stroke where Yuuji can't get inside him. Megumi feels his cock twitch at the sensation before Yuuji’s hand grabs his knee lifting it up to sink deeper inside him before setting a slow sensual pace that makes his toes curl.


“Shit-aah,” Megumi moans out and Yuuji snaps his hips into him. Megumi gushes around his cock. His sheets would be ruined at this rate. Embarrassment creeps into his gut at the soft wet sounds he can hear under the sounds of their panting and he closes his eyes.


 Yuuji exhales against his neck, hips circling in ways that drive him into all the right places and Megumi moans pushing himself down on his cock as much as he could. It feels different as Yuuji’s hand tightens on the side of his left knee forcing it up closer to his chest and it forces his cock deeper in ways Megumi’s never felt and he gasps, hand going to the sheets in front of him and tangling them again. He holds him in that position in a show of strength and Megumi tightens at the thought of it.


“Damn-Y-yuuji,” Megumi moans and the hand at his knee tightens, nails digging in and the flash of pain makes Megumi moan. Yuuji growls behind him biting his lobe and Megumi’s eyes flicker, unable to open from the pleasure.


“Ah-f-fuck, Youre gonna make me cum,” Megumi gasps as Yuuji thrusts harder into him, Yuuji’s right arm shifts until its under him and Megumi knows his weight on top of it can’t be comfortable. Yuuji shifts until he can feel fingers go down to his throbbing clit, teasing around it without touching and Megumi thrashes panting hard. He’d never made him cum like this with no direction from Megumi himself. His eyes open to slits as Yuuji grinds his cock into that spot inside him and Megumi clenches his eyes shut as he cums, white flashing before his eyes.


“Ah!” he gasps out breathily and he hears a low groan behind him as he cums, Yuuji’s fingers stroking his folds as he clamps down on him. Megumi jerks against him, tensing as his orgasm crashes through him. Yuuji moans and he feels his cock throb inside him as his insides squeeze him tight and he feels him fuck into the tight clamp of his muscles until Megumi cries out. Megumi tenses again gasping before falling limp, feeling heavy as Yuuji’s fingers keep stroking around him as he stops thrusting. The hand stops when he lets out a whimper-overstimulated and Megumi feels shifting behind him before Yuuji starts to pull out. He frees his arm from under him and drops his leg abruptly before he feels the weight behind him disappear.


“Huh,” Megumi mumbles groggily before he’s pulled to the edge of the bed. It happens so fast Megumi barely has a chance to catch himself before he has a face full of blankets. He’s pushed straight to his knees and they strike the floor painfully before he’s pushed forward and bent over the bed. He hisses.


“Yuuji, what-” he starts turning to look over his shoulder before he freezes. 


The breath in his lungs seizes as red eyes gaze back at him.


“Well since you were feeling so good I thought I’d let you finish before I had my fun,” Sukuna says a smile stretching across his lips as he licks at his fingers. Megumi’s eyes widen as he watches the string of slick stretch and snap between Sukunas fingers before his lids hood and sucks them into his mouth.


Megumi squeezes his thighs together unconsciously heart thumping wildly in his chest.


A million thoughts rush to his mind before the first blurts out.


“How are you in control right now,” he whispers, still positioned over the bed. It’s not the best position but he doesn't move, Sukuna advances on him anyway, his right hand sliding to his hip and squeezing tightly. Fear hangs low in his belly, battling the last fleeting sparks of arousal.


Megumi knows a warning when he sees it, but he doesn't back down, holding Sukuna’s unnaturally bright gaze as his lips quirk at the corner.


He hums deeply before deciding he’ll answer him.


“The brat is more exhausted from that little mission than he let I figured I’d come and play with you in his absence,” Sukuna responds after a moment, “That is...unless you’d rather I have a different kind of fun...the blindfolded one isnt here right now right…?” Sukuna trails off, eyes going to the window and Megumi tenses.


“No...” Megumi utters stomach churning at the thought.


“What was that,” Sukuna questions mockingly.


 Megumi bites his lip.


“Haven’t you already had your fun,” Megumi grits out and Sukuna chuckles, the dark sound dripping like molasses from his lips.


“Me? I recall you having all of the fun,” Sukuna points out and Megumi bites his lip, sacrificing the eye contact to hide the humiliation creeping into his eyes. He doesn't respond and Sukuna continues on.


“Well what will it be...I can easily entertain myself elsewhere until the brat wakes up or..” Sukuna questions and Megumi clenches his eyes shut before loosening a chuckle.


“You say that as if I have a choice,” Megumi says instead.


“Ah but there is always a choice,” Sukuna responds hand sliding over his right ass cheek, and Megumi looks at him before rolling his eyes.


Megumi closes his eyes a moment. Before turning back to the bed, folding his arms to pillow his head.


“Well… if you're going to do something, hurry up, my knees are getting tired,” Megumi retorts and Sukuna grins all teeth.


“Careful sound like you want it,” Sukuna says and Megumi feels his hand trail between his lips, tracing the wetness he can feel dripping out of him and humiliation forces the words past his throat before he can check them.


“I want you to hurry up-” Megum,i doesn't get a chance to finish, a loud crack sounding in the room like a gunshot.


 Pain flares from his backside and Megumi feels tears prick at the corner of his eyes and he bites a knuckle before another strike lands on the opposite cheek.


“Watch your mouth,” Sukuna hisses and Megumi bites his tongue. 


 Sukuna loosens a chuckle when Megumi instead shoots a vicious look over his shoulder. Sukuna strokes his reddening cheek in what would be an apology for most but an assertion of power for him.


Megumi bites his lip before speaking anyway.


“Then do something with yours,” he whispers out, stomach twisting in knots. Sukuna looks surprised before he smirks.


“Do you think you get to tell me what to do?” he questions, cocking his head and to Megumi’s surprise he starts to move, sinking down lower until his head is level with Megumi’s ass. Megumi’s tongue glues itself to the roof of his mouth as Sukuna’s eyes goes to his most private areas.


He looks forward to the bed as he feels Sukuna’s hands grab his ass spreading him wide.


He’s sure his entire face is red, Yuuji had never tried this in this position and his stomach twists again at the thought.


Is this….?


He forgets the thought the moment he feels Sukunas tongue swipe boldly up from his slick folds to his ass and Megumi gasps jolting.


Sukuna hums and he feels him give another lick with the flat of his tongue until he was burying his face in his pussy, tongue expertly eating him out and Megumi moans loudly. His fingers twist in the blankets as he feels the tip of a tongue swipe at his clit before Sukuna sets his mouth against him and sucks .


“Ah!” Megumi shouts in surprise and he swears he feels Sukuna smile against him as he loosens a moan into him. Megumi shivers feeling the vibration of it before Sukuna sinks his tongue inside him. Megumi moans pushing back into his face, hips rocking as Sukuna turns his head, nose brushing against other sensitive areas until Megumi thinks he’s going to cum, body beginning to tense.


“So good...” Sukuna groans tongue spearing back inside him and Megumi clenches up at the words before Sukuna pulls away groaning. “You’ve made a mess of my face...why don’t you take a look,” Sukuna baits but Megumi doesn’t fall for it working to catch his breath.


Sukuna chuckles at him and Megumi shakes his head, the sound rolling over him like smoke,sinking into his bones as he spreads his thighs.


Sukuna says nothing as he rubs his cock up his dripping folds, the tip of his cock rubbing friction on his sensitive clit and Megumi’s blood simmers in arousal as Sukuna fucks between his thighs. He clenches as Sukuna’s hands slide down his back, rumpling his sleeping sweatshirt until it bunches at his shoulder blades. Sukuna’s fingers go to his nipples, tweaking the sensitive buds and Megumi pants.


He can’t handle this, the’s too intimate as Sukuna leans over his back, the feeling of his naked chest against his back,slick skin rubbing making him impossibly more aroused. Megumi shakes his head pressing back before parting his lips, frustration bleeding into his voice.


“Get on with it…” Megumi growls, he looks back at him before reaching between his thighs to guide Sukuna’s cock to his center.


No...Yuuji’s cock ..

Megumi bites his lip unsure if he could convince himself this doesn't count. It was Yuuji’s body afterall right?


  This doesn’t count…. I’m...I’m doing this to distract him..


 He catches the red glow of Sukuna’s eyes as the heat leaves his back and knows he’s probably being mocked but Sukuna says nothing as he smacks Megumi’s hand out of the way and nudges his legs further apart with his knee. Megumi’s hands go to grip the frame in front of him as Sukuna pulls him back a bit further, probably to get him on his hands and knees but Megumi refuses, gripping the bed to keep himself up.


He slams inside him and Megumi screams, clenching like a vice. Sukuna moans low and deep, the sound vibrating up Megumi’s spine as he grips his hips tight. He grinds into him,his cock driving deep before he pulls out to the tip and slams into him again. Megumi gasps, the air pushed out of his lungs as his spine arches before Sukuna sets a brutal pace; pounding into him until the sound of their bodies slapping together fills the room.


“F-fuck Sukuna~” Megumi moans out hand going back before he reconsiders and grips the frame as Sukuna pounds into him. He rocks forward unable to control the pace as he’s fucked and he squeezes tight at the lack of control.


 Sukuna is determined to fuck another orgasm out of him this way. He’d sounded so sweet on the verge of sleep that he couldn't resist taking a bite. The feeling of his fingers clenching in his hair had felt good, electric even.


He hated when the brat expressed dislike of the feeling. He didn't know what the hell he was doing half the time. Didn't know how to make Megumi wet . He’d seen them talk about it, talk about how he couldn't get wet, couldn’t cum like this and all Sukuna could think was that the brat was an ametuer.


Sukuna growls, slapping his ass and Megumi clenches around him pushing back into the feeling as Sukuna carves out a space inside him. He reaches down with his hand teasing his clit and Megumi gets even tighter and Sukuna feels himself leak inside him as he folds over his back. He plays with his clit stroking over it and his dripping folds and Sukuna thrusts even harder into the feeling until Megumi lets out a sob insides spasming around his cock. He’s getting louder, restraint being stripped away as Sukuna pleasures him and the thought of it twists heavy in Sukuna’s gut.


“I fucking knew it,” Sukuna slurs into his ear, “You’re gushing. I knew- I knew he wasnt fucking you right,” Sukuna snarls. He rises, his hands going to his trim waist nails digging in until Megumi is sure he will draw blood.


Sukuna groans a hand stroking up Megumi’s spine and he shivers moaning as he’s pulled back into his thrust. Megumi drools as he drives deep, slamming into that spot inside him he wished Yuuji would hit every time and Megumi feels himself getting closer to release his eyes rolling back.


“Ahn-” Megumi chokes himself off, rocking his hips back to meet Sukuna’s thrust. Sukuna’s balls slapping against him,adding to the erotic sounds filling his head.


“Mmm you’re cunt is creaming on my cock Fushiguro…” Sukuna groans, watching him fuck himself back onto him. Sukuna grins, pausing to let Megumi grind back into his cock, before he bounces on it, little ass smacking into him and Sukuna’s eyes fall to his cute hole peeking at him from between reddened cheeks.


Megumi fucks himself back, slowing the pace and Sukuna slaps his ass watching it jiggle before grabbing his right cheek spreading it wide.


Megumi tightens and Sukuna watches his head come up in what he imagines is embarrassment from being spread open.


“I can see everything like this...Fushiguro,” Sukuna narrates lids dropping low. Megumi tightens again before squirming on his cock, Sukuna tightens his left hand on his hip pulling him back flush to his front. His pussy spread and stuffed obscenely with his cock, the virgin hole winking up at him and Sukuna drools over it.


Megumi growls.


“Shut up,” he says so lowly Sukuna barely catches it. He ignores him instead focused on what he’s going to do next, he strokes his thumb over him and it clenches along with his pussy. Megumi’s head comes up quickly.


“Don’t-” he gasps.


“Don’t be shy're perfect-made for this,” Sukuna grins before picking up a brutal pace, slamming into him. Megumi yelps darting forward but Sukuna pulls him back into the impalement grinding his hips. 


“You should be thanking me for being so generous -for making you feel so good...” Sukuna grunts snapping his hips and Megumi gasps at the intensity. He spreads his legs wider and Sukuna groans at the lewd movement as he arches his back, he’s beginning to sweat, back starting the glisten in exertion and Sukuna wants nothing more than to trace the long line of his spine with his tongue. Maybe later. Sukuna squeezes his ass before stroking over his cute little hole before adding more spit stroking his thumb more intensely and Megumi loosens a quiet moan shuddering.


Sukuna feels excitement roll through him again, he’d heard those two talking about it. About how Yuuji would need to work for his ass and it’d made Sukuna’s blood boil watching him fumble over his body. Touching what was his to play with.


He’d seen the slim bottle Yuuji shoved to the back of his drawer and was sure to grab it before he’d come here. 


He keeps his pace pulling Megumi back into it before tempting his hole again with his thumb. Megumi shudders unintentionally pushing back into the new sensation and Sukuna presses the tip of his thumb inside him. 


The reaction is instant.


“Ah!” Megumi cries before covering his mouth with one hand, banding his forearm across the edge of his bed frame when Sukuna doesn’t slow his pace.


Sukuna laughs and shame sits heavy in his stomach as Sukuna’s thumb plays with his ass.


“Ah-” Megumi cries out slapping a hand over his mouth and Sukuna groans behind him, blunt nails digging into his hip as he grinds inside him. Megumi feels his eyes roll back as he sets a hard pace, slamming his hips into him and Megumi feels himself gush at the intensity.


Sukuna grunts behind him.


“I won’t rip you open,” Sukuna slurs behind him, “I want you to feel it,” he grunts and then he feels something drip onto him before his fingers are back at his ass.


Megumi bites his lip as he feels his thumb sink further inside him and he clenches. The sensation is strange as Sukuna slows his thrusting enough to fit two fingers inside him and Megumi groans.


“Tch..two hands” Sukuna growls and Megumi feels his hands disappear a moment before he hears a soft click. Megumi squirms on his cock and Sukuna grunts. His knees ache but he fucks himself back slowly eager to cum and he hears a soft chuckle. He feels his hand return to his hip the other drifting back to his winking hole until he feels two then three fingers sink back inside.


“Fuck,” Megumi gasps back arching and as he chases the full feeling. Sukuna twists his fingers and Megumi groans as he rocks into the feeling.


It felt better than his own curious fingers as Sukuna picks up his thrusting again along with his fingers.


Megumi moans eyes closing. It was good.


So good…

Megumi felt himself drool at the syrupy pleasure as Sukuna circles his hips, finger spreading and stretching his virgin hole and Megumi feels that tide of pleasure rising in his stomach again. The pleasant feeling warming through him as his muscles began to tighten. He was hot, the sleeping shirt bothersome as it brushed against his upper back-clung to his arms but he couldn’t spare a hand to remove it.


He didn't want to either.

It made this entire act feel all the more dirtier...taboo...


“Your ass is gobbling up my fingers Megumi~ ” Sukuna starts. “I thought this was for Yuuji,” Sukuna mocks and Megumi’s eyes snap open.


“Don’t-Don’t mention-,” Megumi gasps out and Sukuna removes his fingers from his ass.


Don’t mention Yuuji when I'm like this…


Sukuna stops moving and Megumi looks back gasping. Sukuna studies a moment before he leans forward hands wrapping around his hips.


“What did I tell you about telling me what to do…”Sukuna asks quietly and Megumi barely has a moment to flinch before a heavy hand lands on his ass. He can barely stop the yelp that comes out of his mouth before another blow lands on his other cheek, Sukunas right hand gripping it tight.


Megumi loosens a  sob as his thumb slides back into him before Sukuna pounds into his pussy. Megumi covers his mouth,barely muffling the hoarse scream as Sukuna sets a brutal pace. He moans, tightening on his cock-on his thumb and Sukuna groans behind.


Perfect…” Sukuna slurs and Megumi’s eyes roll back as the sloppy sound of his hips meeting his fill the silence of the room. He feels his right thumb wiggle in his ass and he clenches on it, feeling the pressure of it and it drives him crazy. He sobs, Sukuna’s grunts picking up behind him and he knows he’s close to.


“I-I’m gonna cum,” Megumi gasps amazed, his fingers dig into the frame of the bed preventing his head from smacking into it.


“Cum..” Sukuna hisses as he folds over his back and Megumi feels himself gush as his cock crooks even deeper inside him. Sukuna grabs his chin with his left hand, before turning it enough to capture his lips.


“Ah!” Megumi screams as he hits that spot inside him and he cums hard, the sound swallowed by Sukuna’s mouth covering his own. His tongue curls around his and it feels like he’s trying to suck the erotic sounds from him as Megumi feels a wet heat gush into him. His stomach clenches at the feeling and he feels himself throb as Sukuna groans cock twitching within the tight clamp of his muscles as he empties inside him.


Sukuna breaks the kiss, a thick string of mixed saliva snapping from their lips as Megumi collapses to the floor on his chest. He feels his thumb leave his ass as Sukuna pulls out and Megumi sighs in relief, guilt rushing through him. He pants against the floor before lifting himself slowly back up, hands grabbing onto the bed frame. He feels Sukuna behind him before he’s practically pushed out of the way and a pillow is suddenly shoved under his aching knees.


Confusion washes over him before his ass is grabbed and spread wide again. Megumi’s eyes round.


They weren’t finished yet.


“Sukuna..” Megumi whispers unsure of what he was saying before he feels his cock nudge against his asshole.


“Relax,” Sukuna mutters and Megumi turns his head just enough to catch the slightest furrow in his brows before he’s pushing inside of him. Megumi’s breath leaves his chest in an audible whoosh as the head pops in, he clenches hard and Sukuna groans behind him, fingers tightening on his ass still spreading him open.


He pushes forward slowly and Megumi lets out a shattered gasp, nails biting into the wooden frame of the bed. Sukuna pauses and he feels the hand on his right hip disappear before the soft click of a cap filters in. Sukuna pulls out of him and Megumi almost collapses until Sukuna returns nudging his entrance again. The feeling of his cock is much wetter and smooth than before as it splits him open and Megumi holds his breath as Sukuna sinks deeper inside him.


“Tighter than your cunt,” he groans “No wonder you told this brat to work for it”, and Megumi tightens on him. He pushes forward until Megumi can feel his hips press flush against his ass and he throbs at the thought. Sukuna moans and he feels his hands stroke up his sides then up and then back down his back as Sukuna’s cock twitches inside him. The full feeling drives him wild as Sukuna rolls his hips, cock crooking inside him to rub friction and Megumi moans, a blush high on his cheeks. Sukuna’s hands settle at his hips, thumbs pressing into the small of his back near his dimples.


Sukuna hisses pulling out to the tip before pushing back into him again slowly so he can feel every inch of his veiny cock sliding into him…


Mgumi welcomes the slow thrusts as he adjusts before starting to rock into the movements. Sukuna groans picking up the pace thrusting into him and Megumi moans as Sukuna’s cock spears him open, pleasure rolling hot up his spine.

No..Yuuji’s cock...


Sukuna thrusts harder into him and Megumi moans, mind racing at the implications of what he was doing….what he was enjoying right now. Who he was enjoying right now. Guilt sinks low and cold in his belly as Sukuna’s  hips smack audibly into his ass, his balls slapping friction against his abandoned pussy and Megumi can't remember the last time he was this turned on.


Megumi bites his lip,thrusting an arm back to push Sukuna away from him. He shouldn't be doing this he thinks suddenly.


What the hell was he doing right now? Laying here getting fucked by him... liking it ...wanting it even...he’d lost his mind. Giving in to Sukuna like this, he was betraying Yuuji’s trust because...he wasn’t distracting Sukuna at all. After he’d fucked him in bed, to the moment he’d revealed himself...Megumi had already wanted more.


Wanted more of him, wanted him to fuck him again and again. He was better than Yuuji and he was already craving more. Sukuna slaps his arm away.


“Seems like you're ready for more,” Sukuna utters fingers tightening.




Sukuna hums before pulling him back into his thrust. Megumi’s back arched eyes widening before Sukuna did it again and again, until he was pounding into him. Megumi screams walls rippling around Sukuna in pleasure as he pounds into him. His cock drives deep, rubbing into all the right places and the pleasure swirls hot with the guilt until he swore he couldn't breathe.


Megumi cries out, hands sliding from the edge of the bed to the floor under Sukuna’s onslaught.

To say it was the same cock would be lying. was the same body he knew but it felt different every time Sukuna touched him..


Where Yuuji was kind, boyish and exploratory...Sukuna was experienced .


He knew where to grab, stroke, touch .

He knew how to use his cock.

And….Megumi preferred it...the realization burning inside him cracking his veneer. He wanted ...


“Ah-ah stop! stop!” Megumi shouts out, left hand flailing behind him to push Sukuna away. Sukuna growls sacrificing a grip on his hips to press between his shoulder blades to push his chest flat to the wooden floor, Megumi's knees sliding unintentionally wider on the pillow saving his knees and he vaguely wishes he’d fucked him on the bed before shaking his head at the thought.


“Stop? You're the one sucking me in deeper Megumi~” Sukuna groans, “And...what's more..”he trails off hips stopping. Megumi bit his lip.


Dont stop...


He was close…


Sukuna laughs heartily.

“Were you about to cum?” Sukuna mocks and Megumi closes his eyes, he could feel the throb of it, he was there…

 It doesn’t take Sukuna longer than a second to realize his plight, and he laughs.


“You think cumming like this would betray the brat huh,” Sukuna says and Megumi can practically see the malicious grin tilting the corners of his lips as he squeezes his eyes shut. “You're way beyond the point of return Megumi Fushiguro, so just enjoy yourself...I’ll take care of you from now just let go,” Sukuna whispers and it feels like a nail in the coffin.


Let go…?


Sukuna grabs his hair lifting him back to his hands and knees and Megumi gasps out a moan tightening on his cock.


He couldn’t-couldn’t do that to Yuuji again. Sukuna hums before the hand at his hip tightens before stroking up to his chest pinching a nipple so hard reflexive tears sprung to his eyes. He can feel it...that thread of control unraveling before his minds eye. Sukuna shifts leaning over his back and Megumi feels the drag of his cock and is betrayed by the moan that spills from his lips unfiltered. The erotic sound ringing in his ears.



Yuuji doesn't have to know...


There you are ,” Sukuna whispers into his ear before placing a kiss there, then another before his tongue circles the shell of his ear and Megumi shudders at the sensation. Sukuna’s left hand goes back to his waist while his right sneaks between his thighs. Megumi moans as Sukunas tongue dips into his ear, the sensation is strange…but it feels good.


Yuuji would never do this, never tried it. Megumi had thought nothing of it before,but now with Sukuna lavishing it with attention he feels himself throb in need again and moans clenching, pussy throbbing with need. His hands curl to fists to keep from touching himself before he feels a hot tongue spear a hot line between his folds.


“Ah!” Megumi jolts almost ramming head first into the side of the bed before Sukuna pulls him bodily back into the impalement of his cock. Megumi sees stars as Sukuna picks up the pace again, forcing him back into his thrust as his mouth hand fixes its lips on his clit and sucks


Megumi's thighs shake at the onslaught of stimulation as it licks a lazy pattern, tongue flicking feather light before growing firmer. Ignoring his throbbing clit and instead teasing his aching hole. Megumi screams in pleasure, moans tumbling from his lips and Megumi can barely hold back the noises forcing themselves up his throat.


“You’re dripping from more than just my cum,” Sukuna groans and Megumi sobs.


“Damn you,” Megumi pants out,cheeks splashed red as his thighs shake beginning to tense.


Sukuna grunts and Megumi screams voice catching as Sukuna’s tongue parts his soaking lips,diving inside to taste him at his core. Sukuna groans behind him, balls slapping against his perky ass as he fucks into him hard. Sukuna’s spears inside him wiggling and driving unnaturally deep and Megumi cums hard with a choked gasp. He tenses and Sukuna moans as he vaguely hears a wet splash, inner thighs wet as his eyes roll back.


He thinks his heart may have stopped as he cums.


Sukuna doesnt stop even as he collapses back to his chest, instead he raises his hips higher,gripping them tight as he pounds into his ass forcing Megumi to ride the wave of his orgasm. Megumi sobs as his hand licks at the sticky mess between his thighs, tip of its tongue pressing and circling  Megumi's clit until he feels another orgasm building painfully on the edges of his consciousness. Megumi moans into the floor, red scorching his cheeks as Sukuna grunts behind him. He feels his cock get harder inside him and he knows he’s going to cum. Cum where Megumi told Yuuji he couldn't, where Yuuji hadn't earned it and shame folds into the tight knot twisting in his gut as Sukuna forces him toward another orgasm. He rocks with the motion of his thrusts tongue feeling loose a smile quirking at the corners of his lips.


“S-sukuna~” Megumi moans and it feels like a betrayal.


His legs shake as he meets Sukuna’s thrust, missing the devilish smile that twists Yuuji’s features. He clamps down hard and those full lashes flutter at the sensation of being so thoroughly fucked, Sukuna’s thrusts stutter, a low moan filters to his ears and Megumi tightens again at the erotic sound.


 He feels nails bite into his hips and Megumi circles his hips back on Sukuna’s cock wanting to feel it everywhere and then Sukuna lets out a choked groan forcing himself deeper and Megumi’s eyes roll back when he feels the first heat of his release inside. Megumi moans cumming, squeezing hard on Sukuna’s cock and Sukuna moans thighs shaking as he pumps him full. Megumi rocks as best he can against Sukuna’s throbbing cock, milking him as Sukuna’s voice gives way to a guttural moan.


Megumi collapses completely to the floor as Sukuna releases his hips, cocks sliding out with a lewd sound. His legs sliding down till his hips meet the pillow Sukuna’s position behind him forcing his legs wide as they rest against the floor. Sukuna groans behind him and he feels his hand grab his ass again, spreading him wide to watch himself drip out of both of his used holes as he pants catching his breath.


Megumi thinks he should feel miserable, but he doesn't. Satisfaction bruns through him as he lay there cum leaking out of him onto the pillow under his hips. The sleeping top is practically sticking to him and he feels the air cool the sweat on his skin. Sukuna releases him and he hears him rise from between his legs.


“Until next time Megumi ,” Sukuna says, and he hears him step away toward the door, he hears it open. “ I wonder what the brat will think if he finds you like this seems like he’s trying to come back,” Sukuna laughs and then the door shuts.


Megumi doesn’t move for a long time.


Later when Yuuji sneaks into bed with him, Megumi is all cleaned up. Yuuji sighs behind him as he curls up, left arm banding around Megumi’s waist as he presses a kiss to the nape of his neck. Megumi stares resolutely at the wall.


He knows one red eye is looking back at him and can practically hear Sukuna’s snickering in his head.


He doesn’t get any sleep.


He was already addicted to the feeling.

He couldn’t wait for next time.