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Lan Xichen was not getting better.

Seclusion was supposed to help Lan Xichen clarify his thoughts, heal his emotional wounds. But no amount of focused meditation could prevent the piercing pain he felt in his heart when he thought of his sworn brothers. Memories of teaching Jin Guangyao how to play the guqin, of Nie Mingjue's destructive end...

The teacup in his hand crushed, shards biting into his palm. It was not the first teacup that needed replacement since his seclusion.

Thoughts of the scattered corpse and of Guanyin Temple...

Lan Xichen sobbed, bloody hand grasping at his chest.

How could he make these thoughts and feelings go away?


Lan Xichen knew that his family wanted to help him. After one too many broken teacups, they began to visit him with more frequency. Did they all think he was so fragile that he needed a roster of minders to ensure his mental health?

Then again, he himself often needed to leave his room for some air, so he was not strictly secluding himself anyway.

When he had visitors, he would ask them about their daily routines. Uncle, how are the new visiting students? Wangji, how is Young Master Wei's golden core developing? Sizhui, how was your night-hunt?

When Lan Xichen was not in the mood for conversation, his visitors drank tea with him in a comfortable silence. The Gusu Lan disciples were very good at this. Even Lan Jingyi.

Wei Wuxian was not.

Every fifth day, when Lan Wangji had a full day of sect duties, Wei Wuxian would come and sit with him. At first, his brother-in-law had been respectfully, though uncomfortably, silent. Once Lan Xichen made it clear that he could speak, Wei Wuxian became animated.

Wei Wuxian's smile was bright. The more Wei Wuxian spoke, the more Lan Xichen understood his brother's attraction to him. Lan Xichen found himself carefully watching Wei Wuxian's expressive face as he discussed his latest projects.

It was obvious that Wei Wuxian spent more time than was healthy on his projects, elegant hand covering a yawn every time there was a lull in conversation.

Lan Xichen sipped his tea, watching Wei Wuxian's long lashes flutter as he nodded off.


The thought had not occurred to him until he heard Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian's lovemaking on one of his evening strolls. Sure that no-one would be in the area, they made no effort to keep their activities quiet. Lan Xichen's face heated up when he heard Wei Wuxian's high moans above the rhythmic slapping of skin against skin.

"Lan Zhan! Have mercy!" Wei Wuxian cried pleadingly.

The rhythm and volume of the slaps increased, echoing outside the Jingshi. Lan Xichen's breath hitched.

He had never experienced sexual intimacy. He knew how these things worked from reading material that was confiscated from guest disciples. He also knew about Lan Wangji's hidden scrolls.

The ideas began to churn in his head. Sex was supposed to make one feel good. He had even seen how relaxed Lan Wangji was since sleeping with Wei Wuxian.

Maybe if he could find physical release, then he could ease his pains.

Maybe he could get better.


It had been ridiculously easy to get his hands on what he needed. All he had to do was mention to Lan Sizhui that he had trouble sleeping, and he obediently brought some sleep inducing teas for him.

As for lubrication, Lan Xichen could not risk them discovering oils of unknown origin in Wei Wuxian. He had heard Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian making love every night. His brother's seed would have to do for lubrication.

When Wei Wuxian next visited, Lan Xichen served him tea as usual. He watched Wei Wuxian's throat bob as he swallowed the tea in one gulp. He licked his lips at the thought of tasting that lovely pale skin.

Wei Wuxian talked about his new talismans, and Lan Xichen quickly refilled the cup after Wei Wuxian's lively monologue. He eyed the cup as it reached Wei Wuxian's pink lips.

The more he watched, the more he wanted.

Wei Wuxian did not notice the attention, and eventually drifted off, head lolling forward.

"Young Master Wei?" Lan Xichen shook Wei Wuxian's shoulder. He leaned over and ghosted the pale neck with his lips. He licked the side of Wei Wuxian's neck, tasting the slight saltiness of sweat.

There was no response. The tea had effectively induced a deep sleep.

He felt light-headed.

He threw a silencing talisman at his door, and carried Wei Wuxian to his bed, laying him down. He stood back, taking in the sleeping, vulnerable form. Mo Xuanyu's body was slighter than Wei Wuxian's had been, and he exuded a soft beauty. Gently untying his belt, he peeled back the layers of robes to reveal a slim torso marked with bites and bruises.

Wangji really should be more gentle with his husband.

Lan Xichen splayed his hands across the expanse of skin, massaging the silky skin, then bent down and lightly kissed the marks. He licked a nipple, feeling the bud harden under his tongue. As he licked and nibbled, he undid the pant ties. He sat up to strip the pants and boots off.

The robes could stay.

Lan Xichen's breathing quickened when he took in the sight of his brother-in-law. His earlier ministrations had excited them both, evidenced by Wei Wuxian's half hard cock.

He hurriedly divested himself of his own robes, his cock jutting out expectantly when exposed to the air. He untied his forehead ribbon, placing it on his neatly folded robes.

He would not be restrained for this.

Kneeling between Wei Wuxian's legs, he placed cushions under his hips. He lifted his knees, bending them so that the feet were firmly placed on the bed, spreading Wei Wuxian open.

Lan Xichen ran trembling hands over Wei Wuxian's length, feeling the balls, fingers flitting over the entrance. Body well-trained by Lan Wangji, Wei Wuxian reacted to the stimulation by spreading his legs invitingly.

Lan Xichen admired the view, wetting his lips. He placed a finger at the puckered entrance, and pushed.

His mouth dried. Oh, it was so warm and wet inside. Wei Wuxian's body seemed to suck his finger, clinging as though he did not want to let go. Lan Xichen wriggled his finger around, and pulled it out. His fingertip was coated in a thick, white fluid, and his breath quickened.

Lan Wangji had indeed left something behind. How helpful.

However, he wanted to be careful, so he took Wei Wuxian's length in his hands, caressing the hot weight. He fingered the slit, and Wei Wuixan's back arched as he released thick, clear fluids. Feeling Wei Wuxian harden in his hand, his own cock twitched in anticipation.

He spread the pre-come, and moved his hand inexpertly up and down, noting which areas and actions incited those throaty noises out of Wei Wuxian.

Lan Xichen's cock throbbed at the sounds. Wei Wuxian began to pant, and his muscles tensed when he came, spurting his seed in tendrils onto his stomach.

Lubricant ready, he began to finger Wei Wuxian's hole again.

Wei Wuxian's body easily took in two, and even three fingers. The result of their daily lovemaking.

He was feeling hazy. Unable to resist any longer, he used Wei Wuxian's cum to slick himself up. He lifted Wei Wuxian's knees over his shoulders and lowered himself so that the dark tip of his cock touched the entrance.

He inhaled, and entered.

He choked at the feeling of pressure surrounding him, and breathed deeply as he sunk in. He watched his length disappear into Wei Wuxian's ready hole, inch by inch, the rim hugging him tightly. His balls squashed against Wei Wuxian's butt-cheeks. Finally, he was fully sheathed.

He exhaled shakily. Wei Wuxian's body took him so well, as though it was made for Lan Xichen's cock. With this feeling, he was certain his brother-in-law's body would help him feel better.

He wanted this. Needed this.

The moist warmth was unbearable. He had to move. He pulled back far, and plunged in deep. Wei Wuxian let out a moan, which urged Lan Xichen to repeat his motions.

His pace was slow. He wanted to indulge his first time. Tightness around his length. Slickness aided by a mixture Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian's seed. Delicious friction. It was intoxicating.

He now understood why people would lose themselves to carnal acts. Crave it even. He supposed he should thank Jin Guangshan's such proclivities for producing the delectable body he was currently enjoying.

Wei Wuxian's hair tie loosened, hair a disarrayed halo around his head. His body jolted every time Lan Xichen rocked forward. He began to moan at every thrust, and Lan Xichen hungrily caught the sounds with his mouth. His tongue dug, breaching the slack lips. The thought of both his tongue and cock penetrating, violating, the pliant body beneath him made his blood rush.

Putting his hands behind Wei Wuxian's knees, he folded Wei Wuxian in half, bearing down on him. His hips rolled slowly, sinfully.

He stuttered when he felt his climax approach, and he used his weight to push himself in as deeply as he could. With his hips flush against Wei Wuxian's ass, he closed his eyes, seeing stars, and groaned. He held still as he released deep inside Wei Wuxian's passage.

It was like a sudden release of tension. A wonderful tingling pleasure rippled through his body. He thrust a few times through his orgasm, then went limp, breathing heavily.

He pulled out. Wei Wuxian's hole winked, creamy seed leaking down his ass. Lan Xichen, Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian's seed. Lan Xichen scooped the thick fluid with his fingers and placed it on Wei Wuxian's lips. He pressed his finger in, and Wei Wuxian's mouth opened naturally. He swiped Wei Wuxian's open lips with the fluid. He began to transfer the cum dribbling from Wei Wuxian's hole to Wei Wuxian's lips, feeding him.

Lan Xichen moved up, licking cum off of Wei Wuxian's soft lips. His tongue greedily swept around inside Wei Wuxian's mouth, tasting everyone.


His hands explored the sweaty body beneath him, flicking at the nipples, fondling Wei Wuxian's balls, tracing Lan Wangji's bite marks.

Lan Xichen hardened again. He flipped Wei Wuxian over onto his stomach, maneuvering his limbs so that he was on his knees with his ass high in the air. He swept aside the curtain of robes, and parted Wei Wuxian's butt-cheeks. The hole twitched, expelling another glob of seed.

He pushed the glob back into the hole, where it belonged, then knelt into position. He placed his hands on Wei Wuxian's hips, over the bruises Lan Wangji had left behind, and pulled his hips back, while simultaneously thrusting forward, entering the sweet warmth in one smooth motion. He pulled out, and slammed back in, setting a frantic pace.

His hips loudly slapped against Wei Wuxian's ass with each thrust, the rhythmic slapping reminding him of his nights listening in outside the Jingshi. He breathed harshly.

He spread Wei Wuxian's ass cheeks, watching as his rutting frothed up the cum in Wei Wuxian's channel, leaving white trails around the entrance and on his length.

His blood roared in his ears. He reached around with his left hand and began to pump Wei Wuxian's hard cock.

His loud panting mixed with Wei Wuxian's soft mewls. He pounded in earnest, desperately chasing his climax.

Wei Wuxian let out a high-pitched whine, and his hole clenched around Lan Xichen's length as he came into Lan Xichen's hand. The tightness of Wei Wuxian's passage pushed Lan Xichen over the edge, and his hips jerked. He cried out, spilling deep inside Wei Wuxian's welcoming hole.

Lan Wangji would penetrate Wei Wuxian tonight without knowing that he would be driving Lan Xichen's seed deeper into his husband.

Lan Xichen's shoulders shook at the thought, feeling his cock pulsing and spilling again.

He breathed deeply, sighing at the comfortable heat around his spent cock, savoring the sensation, and rubbed Wei Wuxian's hips appreciatively, smearing cum all over the bruises.

He felt content. Relaxed. He should have done this a long time ago. His brother-in-law really did help him feel better.

The physical release helped to ease his pains. He could get better with this.

Already, he was planning his next session.

He could not enjoy Wei Wuxian's body every time he visited. Wei Wuxian was too intelligent, he would become suspicious if he fell into deep sleeps too frequently.

Lan Sizhui had said he had wanted to help.

Besides, Lan Xichen should reward Lan Sizhui for providing him with the sleep-inducing tea.