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tell me I'm a bad man / tell me I'm an angel

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Lan Zhan was sitting on their marital bed reading a book when Wei Ying sloped into the bedroom wearing a coy expression and a combo of the tiniest shorts and crop top that he owned.

Wei Ying kneeled on the bed next to his husband with his head bowed submissively. He looked up through his long eyelashes sweetly when he spoke. “Lan Zhan, are you still ignoring me? I’m really sorry for distracting you in your meeting earlier, I swear I didn’t mean to.” He would have looked a picture of innocence if it weren’t for his sinful little get-up.

“You just happened to be cleaning the house in my shirt and not much else when I was in the middle of a conference call?”

Lan Zhan had been in the middle of an important meeting with a possible new business partner when Wei Ying had wandered into Lan Zhan’s office to dust his bookcases, wearing only one of his husband’s nice white dress shirts; the top three buttons were undone to show off his pretty, hickey-decorated collar bones. Lan Zhan did an admirable job of maintaining his composure. That was, up until Wei Ying dropped his feather duster and bent over to pick it up, revealing that he was not in fact wearing anything under the shirt.

Lan Zhan had very nearly choked on the water he was drinking, causing the business partner to be concerned for him, and causing Wei Ying to giggle mischievously before skipping back out of the room.

Lan Zhan had spent the rest of the day giving his naughty husband the cold shoulder; retiring back to their bedroom immediately after dinner, reading his book and ignoring Wei Ying’s apologies.

“I didn’t know you were going to be in a meeting when I went into your office! And I’d just woken up with the urge to tidy the place up and your shirt was the quickest thing to put on because it was still on the floor from last night and-”

“And you just happened to forget what seeing you in my clothing does to me? And you just happened to forget to put on any panties?”

Wei Ying looked down shyly, pulling out all of the stops to make himself appear small and cute. “I was in a rush, okay? You know I’d never intentionally try to distract you from work if it was important.”

“Wouldn’t you?” Lan Zhan cocked an eyebrow accusingly. 

Wei Ying gasped, feigning offence.

“Didn’t you once attempt to blow me whilst I was on the phone to my boss - my boss who just so happens to also be my uncle?” Lan Zhan asked without a hint of humour.

“Hey, I already had you in my mouth when he called; I wasn’t going to let that stop me!” Wei Ying giggled, fondly recalling that fun demonstration of their slight shared exhibition kink.

“What are you here for again, I thought you were apologising?” Lan Zhan asked, refusing to comment on that particular interruption because he would then have to admit that having Wei Ying kneeling between his legs under his desk whilst he attempted to discuss monthly quotas or something with his uncle had been an extreme turn on indeed. (He might have had to fuck Wei Ying on his desk about it afterwards when Lan Qiren had hung up).

“I’ve come to make it up to you!” Wei Ying perked up, his glossy high ponytail bouncing cutely with his movements.

“And how did you plan on doing that? Other than putting on a seasonally inappropriate outfit.” Lan Zhan’s eyes raked Wei Ying’s exposed body hungrily. Obviously, he found his husband extremely alluring in skimpy outfits such as this one, but having grown up in Gusu, he couldn’t help but worry for Wei Ying’s health.

“First of all, we’re indoors. Second of all-” Wei Ying used his hands to pull himself closer to Lan Zhan on the bed whilst remaining on his knees, before plucking the book from Lan Zhan’s hands and plopping it down on the nightstand. “I thought you might like to get some of that anger out by fucking me, er-gege,” he drawled sweetly, taking Lan Zhan’s hands and guiding them to caress his bare waist.

“Do you deserve it? You love being fucked, how will that teach you a lesson?”

“And you love fucking me! But this is about what you want, you can do whatever you want to me, Lan-er-gege, Come on, I’ll be good I promise.”

“Do good boys distract others while they are working? Perhaps I need to punish you.”

“That might be the easiest way to teach me my lesson,” Wei Ying agreed solemnly.

Lan Zhan took one last look at his pouty husband in his revealing outfit before making an executive decision and manhandling Wei Ying until he was lying ass-up across Lan Zhan’s lap. Wei Ying squeaked in delight when Lan Zhan lifted him, presumably thrilled to have finally broken his husband’s resolve.

Lan Zhan palmed one of Wei Ying’s plump cheeks firmly; his tiny shorts rode up to the point that at least half of his ass hung out of them. Wei Ying wriggled his hips, making his cheeks jiggle under Lan Zhan’s hand. Lan Zhan brought down the first smack to Wei Ying’s bottom, causing him to gasp.

“Behave,” Lan Zhan ordered, admiring the red handprint already beginning to bloom on Wei Ying’s plump behind.

“Sorry er-gege, I just got too excited,” Wei Ying drawled, batting his lashes innocently.

“Are you going to be a good boy for gege and take your punishment?”

Wei Ying nodded, giving Lan Zhan his biggest doe-eyes. “I’ll be good.”

“Good baby” Lan Zhan cooed, pressing a fleeting kiss to Wei Ying lips before firmly tugging his shorts down to his ankles, “these hardly cover anything anyway.”

The loss of the tiny shorts revealed something more exciting though; a pair of see-thru lacy red panties that covered even less.

“Do you like it, er-gege? I wore them just for you,” Wei Ying asked sweetly, wiggling his butt again.

Lan Zhan teased a finger under the lace, dangerously close to the cleft of Wei Ying’s ass cheeks, but never going far enough to be satisfying. 

Wei Ying yelped as he was spanked once more.

“Such a little slut aren’t you? You can’t think of any other way to make it up to me other than spreading your legs.” Lan Zhan growled, punctuating it with a slap to Wei Ying’s other ass cheek.

Wei Ying whined. He had a particular weakness for his husband’s dirty talk. He was no doubt beginning to tent the front of his lace panties.

“You knew I’d see you dressed like this and would have to fuck you, didn’t you? Such a little tease.” Lan Zhan continued. He was not always much of a talker in bed, Wei Ying was usually the one who liked to keep a running commentary of nonsense going whilst Lan Zhan fucked him. But when riled up enough, the things Lan Zhan growled into Wei Ying’s ear could be downright filthy.

“I- I wanted to be pretty for you” We Ying mumbled timidly. Lan Zhan couldn’t tell if the character Wei Ying was trying to embody was closer to slutty brat, innocent virgin, or both.

“Wei Ying is always pretty and he knows how to use it to his advantage. My pretty little minx.” Lan Zhan spanked Wei Ying’s ass once more, but this time, instead of a yelp of pain, Wei Ying failed to suppress a breathy moan.

Lan Zhan’s eyes narrowed. Wei Ying's eyes widened as he realised his mistake.

“Is someone starting to enjoy their punishment?” Lan Zhan asked slowly.

“I- no-”

“I think you are. Little slut, can’t even take a spanking without getting whiny and desperate. Of course, you’d get off on this too; is there anything you can’t get off on?” Another slap echoed through the room - Wei Ying moaned again, louder this time.

By this point, Lan Zhan could distinctly feel Wei Ying’s hardness pressing into his thighs. With each slap, Lan Zhan felt Wei Ying grind his cock down into his lap, desperate for any sort of friction. His movements were stilled by Lan Zhan’s big hands grabbing his hips and holding them in place.

“Such a little slut for my cock aren’t you, baby? You’re so desperate for it that you thought you’d come in here and make a display of yourself to get my attention. Is that correct?”

Wei Ying’s lip wobbled as he spoke. “I know you like my ass. I thought if I made myself extra pretty you’d fuck me and I’d be forgiven. I wanted to make it up to you, I don’t like it when you ignore me.” 

There were tears decorating Wei Ying’s cheeks and pretty doe-eyes. He looked and sounded so helpless and innocent that Lan Zhan couldn’t help but take pity on him. He wiped at Wei Ying’s tears with one hand, his other gently massaging Wei Ying’s poor, sore ass cheeks. “Shh, no more tears, angel. You took your punishment so well, I’m so proud of you.” Lan Zhan reassured him.

Wei Ying sniffled, “really, gege? I was good?”

“So good. I think you deserve a treat, would you like that?

“Treat? W- what kind of treat?” 

“You’d like my cock, wouldn’t you baby? That’s what my slutty little boy wants, isn’t it?” Lan Zhan asked, seamlessly catering to Wei Ying’s need to be praised and Wei Ying’s love of being degraded.

Wei Ying nodded desperately; hiding his face in the bed covers in shame.

“I want to see your pretty face when I’m speaking to you,” Lan Zhan said firmly, coaxing Wei Ying to look up at him once more. “Do you want me to fuck you, sweetheart?” He asked softly.

Wei Ying seemed to recognise and relish the fact that he was being made to beg for it.

“Yes, please. Gege can have me however he likes, can do whatever he wants with me, just please fuck me, Lan Zhan.”

“Good boy” Lan Zhan bent down to softly kiss Wei Ying’s lips. Wei Ying moaned against his lips; possibly at the kiss or the praise or both.

Lan Zhan pulled Wei Ying’s panties down his long legs and shucked them to the floor along with the sinful shorts. He was about to tease two fingers into Wei Ying when he felt a dampness between the boy’s cheeks that he hadn’t been expecting. He pulled away from the kiss (to Wei Ying’s displeasure) and investigated the area. He found that two fingers slipped in with relatively little resistance, which was strange since he had been expecting to have to finger Wei Ying open.

He looked at Wei Ying expectantly, waiting for an explanation. “You appear to already be wet and open, my love,” he said, trying not to sound too accusatory.

Wei Ying blushed brilliantly, biting his lip shyly. “I prepared myself for you.”

“My baby is so thoughtful. So thoughtful and so desperate; getting his pretty hole ready for me to use” Lan Zhan praised, slipping two fingers back into Wei Ying, teasing his prostate lightly. “Think you’re prepped enough to take my cock now?”

“Yes, yes please.”

Lan Zhan smiled at Wei Ying’s eagerness. “Okay, you can sit up now, come on and straddle my lap, there’s a good boy.” He helped manoeuvre Wei Ying into a sitting position, quickly shucking his own slacks as he did so until Wei Ying was perched cutely on Lan Zhan’s bare thighs. 

Lan Zhan trailed his hands up and down Wei Ying’s torso, hands dipping under his crop top until he eventually pulled it off in one swift motion - leaving Wei Ying completely bare on his lap, waiting eagerly for his next instruction.

“So pretty,” Lan Zhan mumbled absent-mindedly, ignoring Wei Ying’s impatient whines, “so pretty and all mine.” His eyes were particularly drawn to Wei Ying’s dusky nipples and the barbells that adorned them; of all of Wei Ying’s piercings, these were by far Lan Zhan’s favourite.

“Am I pretty enough for er-gege? Pretty enough to fuck?”

“I think you know the answer to that, my gorgeous little cockslut. Now, if you want to come, you’re going to have to work for it. Take my cock out, baby and get me ready for you,” Lan Zhan ordered, handing Wei Ying the bottle of lube they kept by their bed.

Wei Ying pulled Lan Zhan’s boxers down bit by bit, eventually pulling them down his legs completely and tossing them to the floor. Wei Ying’s mouth seemed to water when Lan Zhan’s big cock sprang free from its confines already mostly hard. He quickly got to work, pouring the lube out onto his hands and stroking Lan Zhan to full hardness.

“Well done, baby. Are you ready to ride me?” Lan Zhan prompted.

“Yes please.”

“Come closer then, sweetheart.” Lan Zhan pulled Wei Ying forward by his thighs before holding his cock in position, ready for Wei Ying to sink down onto.

Wei Ying lined himself up, using Lan Zhan’s shoulders for balance as he sank down inch by inch - face contorting in equal parts pleasure and discomfort at the stretch. He groaned loudly when Lan Zhan was finally fully seated inside him. Lan Zhan gave him a few moments to adjust, stroking Wei Ying’s thighs comfortingly, encouraging him with praise.

“Good boy, my A-Ying takes my cock so well. I’m so proud that you took it all in your tiny hole.” 

Wei Ying whined as Lan Zhan squeezed his hips and guided him up and down slightly. 

“Do you think you can start to move for me, kitten? Can you ride me?”

Wei Ying nodded, and with fervent determination began to slowly lift himself up and down on Lan Zhan’s cock. Feeling kind, Lan Zhan let Wei Ying set the pace. Wei Ying had been punished enough for his actions earlier, now was the time for his treat for taking the punishment so well. 

However, Wei Ying still seemed determined to prove himself to Lan Zhan. “Is this good, er-gege? Does it feel good?”

Lan Zhan was endeared by Wei Ying seeking his approval - as if Wei Ying wasn’t the most beautiful man he could possibly have the pleasure of sharing his bed with; as if Wei Ying’s warm and velvety walls weren’t virgin-tight and seemingly made for Lan Zhan with how they sucked his cock back in again and again.

“So good, my baby boy is as tight as the first time I took him.”

Wei Ying gasped, “really?”


Lan Zhan was the only person in the world who could say with pretty sure conviction that Wei Ying was still as tight as a virgin, considering that he had been the one to take Wei Ying’s virginity, at the same time that he had lost his own, many years ago when they were still teenagers. 

Lan Zhan gripped Wei Ying’s hips tighter, helping him move faster. Wei Ying tugged at Lan Zhan’s t-shirt desperately until Lan Zhan conceded and tossed it to the pile with the rest of their abandoned clothes.

Wei Ying’s breaths came out in little gasps as his legs became tired. His movements became sloppy as he struggled to ride. He hid his face in Lan Zhan’s neck in shame as he wriggled his ass, desperate for some kind of friction; clearly so close to his release but unable to chase it any longer.

“Do you want me to help, baby? Do you want me to take over?” Lan Zhan asked next to Wei Ying’s ear.

Wei Ying nodded against his chest. “Please gege, fuck me. I’ve been good,” he pleaded.

“Wei Ying has been very good, he deserves a break,” was all Lan Zhan said before thrusting up firmly into him. 

Wei Ying gasped loudly, scrambling for purchase on Lan Zhan’s shoulders once more as his husband set a brutal pace; one hand gripping Wei Ying’s soft ass cheek as the other stayed on his hip, pulling Wei Ying down in tandem with his own thrusts upwards.

Wei Ying was moaning wantonly as Lan Zhan had his way with him, thighs trembling as he reached his peak. “Lan Zhan- so close, don’t stop,” he mumbled incoherently.

“Can you come from just this, baby? Without even touching yourself?”

Wei Ying nodded again, “want to, for you.”

“Come for me, A-Ying. Good boys come untouched.”

This was apparently all it took to finally send Wei Ying over the edge, as he was soon moaning loudly, throwing his head back in ecstasy as he released across his own torso - his eyes squeezed shut, riding out his orgasm - before eventually flopping forward onto Lan Zhan’s chest.

Lan Zhan kissed his forehead as he continued chasing his own release. “So perfect, my Wei Ying so pretty when he comes for me.”

“Want you to come too. Come inside me, er-gege,” Wei Ying drawled, enjoying being used as a pliant toy for his husband’s pleasure.

Who was Lan Zhan to deny his sweet, obedient lover anything? With a few final hard thrusts, he felt his own orgasm wash over him, he released into Wei Ying as promised, letting Wei Ying’s hole milk his cock for every last drop of seed, taking it all so nicely.

Eventually, his thrusts stopped. He wrapped his arms around Wei Ying and cradled him against his chest, both of them completely spent and attempting to get their breath back. 

Lan Zhan took Wei Ying’s face in his hands, looking for any side of discomfort or pain on his face. “Are you okay, my love?” Aftercare was an important part of their lovemaking, no matter how rough or tender. Lan Zhan needed to be sure that Wei Ying knew that the things he said and called him in the heat of the moment were not necessarily real reflections of what Lan Zhan thought of him.

Wei Ying gave him a sleepy smile, eyes completely blown out. “Never better. My husband takes such good care of me, even when punishing me. Perhaps er-gege could run me a bath though to soothe my aching muscles; he really did a number on my poor ass cheeks.”

Without warning, Lan Zhan slipped out of Wei Ying and scooped him up into his arms.

Wei Ying giggled all the way to the bathroom as Lan Zhan carried him off to get clean.