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Body Language

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The sensation of rough and scratchy sand beneath Lena’s bare calves was the first thing she got aware of. Then, the gentle breeze blowing a little melody into her ears. A tap of a finger charged another sense of her. It was soft, repetitive like a regular beat and with a rather quick rhythm. And then she heard it too.

A faint heartbeat pumping quickly inside her. The heartbeat which belonged to the little inhabitant that had resided inside her belly for quite some time now. Lena hadn’t fully accepted it yet, but she was at peace with the fact that it was how things were going to be from now on. A little Luthor crawling around her tremendous penthouse. A little Zor-El clinging to her legs from nervousness.

That thought made Lena smile. If she was being frank, the idea of a child did not hang inside her mind before she met Kara, but things changed. Fairly a lot had changed since she met Kara.

And now she was lying on the beach, the delicate rays of the morning sun pouring energy into her pores, surrounded by Kara’s protective arms while she tapped the rhythm of their pup’s heartbeat onto her belly.

With a hum she lifted her right arm, eyes remaining closed, and placed it on top of Kara’s, stroking the impenetrable skin of her mate with a thumb.

:zhao,” Echoed through Lena’s ears. It was Kara’s voice, rough and scratchy as the sand and somehow filled with hesitancy.

Something was unsettling about the way Kara called her that. She had grown so attached to the term of endearment because she was certain it would always be filled with devotion whenever Kara used it, and frankly it also fed her ego, knowing that she was probably the only person on this planet being called ‘my love’ in Kryptonese.

“Darling,” Lena whispered before blinking her eyes open. Firstly, she got adjusted to the sudden brightness of the barely surfacing sun in front of her. Secondly, when she tried to move a heavy weight on her stomach prevented her from doing any kind of physical exertion. Instinctively she glanced at the source of weight that was causing her trouble to move and then she saw it.

Her belly, full of a presumably seven months old baby inside her. A baby that had supposed to have the size of a raspberry.

“Kara what—” did you do to me would’ve been the first thing she said years ago if her old self was in this position. But she knew Kara would’ve never done anything to hurt her purposefully. She trusted Kara, something she was still quite unfamiliar with, so she turned around her head, facing Kara as good as possible in her current position and connected her gaze with Kara’s. “What happened?”

As far as she was concerned her belly had grown massively in the past twenty-four hours. When she wanted to confess to Kara her belly had been bigger than before but not as swollen as it was now. It had been as big as a four-month-old pup in her womb maybe, but now it looked far bigger. She didn’t know how long she was out or what had caused her losing consciousness but hopefully Kara could fill that missing piece of information.

What she saw in return was something she had almost never witnessed in her entire life. An Alpha bursting into tears right in front of her, Kara crying in front of her. “I’m so sorry.”

Lena cupped her wet cheeks, wiping away the salty tears. “You have nothing to be sorry for, Kara. This is on both of us.” She turned around and nestled herself against Kara, pulling her toned arms to wrap them around the big size of her belly. But Kara pulled away as soon as her fingers brushed over the swollen belly.

“No, Lee—” There was a pause and a thick gulp. “—na. I- I- it’s my fault.” Kara stood up swiftly and began pacing around Lena. “It’s- it’s my fault because you wouldn’t have had to use it if I weren’t such a stupid, stupid, stupid knothead.” Kara facepalmed herself each time she said stupid.

“What are you talking about what did I use?” Lena wanted to stand up, to be on the same eye height as Kara but she didn’t have enough muscle in her legs, especially after gaining one kilo out of nowhere. One kilo that was nothing but concentrated on her belly.

“The- the sun grenade,” Kara hiccupped, “Alex said it caused the massive growth and extracted all the energy from your body and- and you had a shutdown to save the remaining energy for the baby, to keep you alive.” She explained, adding the fact that she had to make a blood transfusion otherwise Lena would’ve needed more time to wake up or worse.

Now that Lena was filled in, she was at loss. Her senses were roaring, though. She could feel Kara drifting away as if she were afraid the next bad thing caused by her would break Lena. The only thing that would break her was if Kara were to run away, to leave her utterly alone.

She pulled herself together, forcing herself to stand up and luckily Kara was quick to aid her. “Kara,” She cupped Kara’s cheeks softly, caressing the flawless skin of her mate.

Kara was flushing embarrassment, glancing bashfully at everything but Lena. “You can’t leave me,” Lena began, forcing Kara to look at her. “I can’t let you, okay? You’re my darling, my sanity, my everything and I—” Lena stopped herself, resting her forehead on Kara’s. Her hands drifted to Kara’s, interlacing their fingers softly like they were made for each other. She closed her eyes and took a long and deep breath. “khap :zhao rrip, Kara.”

There it was. The words she had been fighting to accept for so long hung in the air between them. Silence spread across them and Kara’s drilling gaze suddenly felt smothering. But Lena wasn’t going to take it back. It was the truth and there was no going back. Not with their future child, not with her feelings. They had to accept how things were. It wasn’t ideal but it was what had happened.

The bright cerulean orbs in front of her widened, red surrounding the iris immediately as Kara gaped at her with an expression Lena hadn’t seen before on her mate. Kara fell to her knees, still gaping and not letting go of Lena’s hands. An uncontrolled whimper rolled out of her throat and she caressed Lena’s swollen belly with Lena’s hands still in hers. A delicate and lingering kiss was pressed on Lena’s stomach before Kara rose again on trembling legs. She let out a wet laugh and reached for her universal translator, turning and taking it off.

“I would never lea-ve you,” Kara murmured with her familiar accent. “I pro-mise because- because I am in love with you, too.” She broke down to tears, the smile not leaving her face. “Al-ways have, al-ways will.”

No doubt and no coldness was left in Lena’s heart after hearing those words from Kara’s mouth. A smile twitched at the corners of her mouth and she couldn’t help but flash Kara the biggest grin she had to offer. “Did you practice saying that in English?” Her heart was swelling with warmth and nothing could ruin this moment.

Kara nodded goofily, looking away bashfully again but this time it was clear that she was wasn’t embarrassed. She always did that when Lena pointed out her unsubtle actions and Lena found it absolutely adorable. “And you did too with Krypto-nese.”

They shared a long and languid kiss with a balanced amount of desire. Lena tilted her head aiming for a short window of time where Kara’s mouth was slightly agape to thrust her tongue inside, eliciting a grunt of surprise. Kara rested her hands on the small of Lena’s back, curling her fingers softly, the touch erupting goosebumps on Lena’s skin. Heat fluttered in Lena’s chest and she could hear three inconsistent heartbeats

After a deliberate amount of time, they broke apart, gasping against each other but Kara didn’t drop her hands. They remained in this position; Kara slightly bent over because of their little sunshine in the middle.

Lena let out a giggle, her lips pulling a smile at the pet name she just chose for their little one. It felt suitable and right. “Kara, we need a name for our little sunshine.” She ran her fingers up to Kara’s nape, scratching lightly.

Kara gasped in response, eyes widening as something light up in her mind. It caused Lena to frown because Kara withdrew from the hold.

“Oh Rao, I for- forgot to say,” Kara chuckled nervously, grabbing her universal translator and clasping it on again. “Alex told me the gender while you were unconscious. Um—” She looked up to meet Lena’s eyes. “Do you wish to know?” Her voice was quivery.

Because Lena had always been a rather curious human, she was eager to know the answer. Although she had assumed it was a girl, something was telling her so much, she wouldn’t be disappointed if it turned out to be a boy.

She nodded in response and glanced down caressing the swell of her stomach softly, earning a short kick as reply. Lost in thoughts of their little sunshine she didn’t even hear Kara revealing the gender until the Alpha let out a pleased scent and ran her hands over Lena’s arms. With surprise Lena perked up and gazed upon sky blue eyes.

“It’s a girl.” Kara repeated with a fond smile.

If Lena could, she would’ve flown up to do somersaults but that wasn’t such a smart idea given Lena’s current situation. Although Lena was ecstatic about the news something else itched at the back of her mind. She didn’t want to go back to the wedding now that she couldn’t conceal her pregnancy anymore. Only one thing on this planet could put herself together and finally accept the pregnancy fully.

A talk with her birth mother.

Just one single conversation with her would be sufficient for Lena but unfortunately that wasn’t an option since her mother was dead.

Noticing her vortex of thoughts Kara searched for Lena’s verdant eyes to look for the issue that had caused her whirlwind of thoughts. Feeling too exposed and bare of Kara’s piercing gaze, Lena decided to share her thoughts, something she rarely did with someone.

So she told Kara that she wasn’t ready to go back to the wedding. To be fair she was slightly afraid of the pregnancy and she would rather spend the rest few months, weeks or even days of the pregnancy surrounded by an environment she knew far too well and felt safe.

Her penthouse.

She was scared to share her thoughts about her mother because whenever she spoke about her, she was mocked in boarding school, so she preferred to keep the only pure thing of her life for herself.

But Kara knew her good enough to know that there was something else plaguing her mind thus she felt compelled to tell.

And the reaction she received from Kara was something she was least expecting.

With determination spread across Kara’s features she grabbed Lena’s hand softly and walked back towards their hotel room which was still a disaster. Quickly, she packed all of their things leaving Lena with a lot of questions until she finally stopped pacing around.

“We’re going to see Agnes.”


Of course Alex insisted to come as well in case of any emergencies regarding the pregnancy and Kara agreed it would be a good idea. They were flying back to National City now.

The flight was far more agreeable than anticipated. Thankfully Lena was able to work during the flight (not that she had to, but she wanted to get rid of all the excessive emails she had gotten about her absence at L-Corp).

Her secret project was almost done, and she had to make a few calls to check if everything was in its position without Kara noticing that she was working on something.

After they landed and arrived at Lena’s penthouse she paced directly to her bathroom. Her stomach ached and Lena had been dying in pain since they landed but she didn’t want to concern the others. She knew this pain would be over soon and then she could forget about it.

But her plan fell apart as soon as Kara tore the bathroom door open with a worried crinkle between her brows. She kneeled down to Lena with an expression saying as much as that she knew the sort of pain Lena must’ve been feeling because slowly, she revealed the small lotion she was holding in her hand.

It was the same bizarre looking lotion the little alien girl had given them before they left the warehouse. And that same girl had made a rubbing motion as if she had known already that all those months ago Lena had already been pregnant.

Carefully Kara lifted the bottom hem of Lena’s shirt and rubbed the lotion softly on Lena’s swollen skin. The pain vanished at a slow pace, but soon enough Lena was already feeling better thanks to the lotion.

She assumed that most of the aliens in that warehouse were telepaths and that was why they were aware of the little resident in Lena’s belly.

Promptly after Lena’s pain extinguished, they drove to the warehouse and soon Lena got the same reaction as all those months ago. It mentally bruised her knowing that whatever she did she wouldn’t be able to gain their trust but hopefully what she had planned was a foot towards the right direction.

An urgent wave of want crashed over Lena and she needed to be close to her Alpha. Kara was walking a few meters further, ears perked up in case of any element of surprise. Nonetheless Lena decided to get near Kara’s warmth and hummed as she kissed Kara’s shoulder and wrapped slender fingers around Kara’s own ones.

In response Kara squeezed her hand once and showed Lena a fond smile. Alex was definitely third wheeling, but she didn’t seem to mind. Instead she was engrossed in all those refugees that had resided in this warehouse.

Agnes was in her usual spot washing some clothes with a thick brush that appeared to be the bottom of an old broom. Her face light up as soon as she saw Kara and went over to hug her, tearing Lena away from her hold. Then she noticed Lena’s swollen bump and her face showed a knowing look because of course she knew why they were here. She was a telepath.

Lena sat down at the offered chair to relax from fatigue. Even a simple walk from the car to a warehouse was extremely exhausting. She didn’t know what exactly Agnes was going to with her but somehow, she trusted the elderly woman, so she exhaled a long breath and closed her eyes.

Her mind felt like it was vibrating for a bit, but it stilled eventually, and a sudden brightness engulfed everything. As soon as this said light vanished, Lena could make out features of a woman she was very familiar with but couldn’t quite tell who it was. When the person stepped closer it hit her.

It was her mother in flesh and blood. And with two perfectly functional eyes. The same green eyes Lena wore every day since the day of her birth.

“Mummy?” Lena sobbed as she closed the distance between them. Her mother returned the embrace wholeheartedly, stroking along the spine of Lena’s back. Suddenly Lena felt catapulted back to her five-year-old self when her mother had been still alive.

After Lionel had taken her in, she was still used to call her mother mummy, but Lillian despised that word in her mansion. First, Lena had thought it was because she was not her real daughter but not even Lex was allowed to call Lillian anything else than mother.

“My dear child. Look how much you’ve grown.” Her voice was exactly as Lena remembered from her deepest memories. It was soft and so pleasant in her ears.

They sat down on a bench while glancing at the sunrise and talking about everything that came into Lena’s mind until they got to the part of why Lena was actually here. The pregnancy. She hadn’t even realised at what cost it all came. Diapers, milk, clothes, toys and many more things were still missing in Lena’s household and she hadn’t even participated in pregnancy classes.

Thankfully, her mother felt her inner dilemma and calmed her down, telling her all about her experiences during her pregnancy. She reassured Lena that with Kara’s help they would make a great team and plus, Lena had Alex, Sam and Andrea, too (although she wouldn’t trust Andrea with her new-born so quickly).

“How will you name your little girl?” Her mom asked suddenly.

Lena’s brain stopped working for a second. She and Kara hadn’t agreed on a name yet and she didn’t want to choose on her own but to be quite frank, she had no idea what to call her daughter.

“I have no idea to be honest,” Lena chuckled lightly, looking down to their intertwined fingers, something she had dreamt for so long. To hold her mother’s hands. “I was thinking of something that connects her to her Irish roots, but also something that reminds Kara of her home.” She mumbled loosely.

“I didn’t know what to name you until you were born. But when I first laid my eyes on you, I knew just what to call you.” Her mother said with a soft smile. “Do you know what your middle name means?” She asked, nudging Lena’s shoulder. When Lena shook her head, her mother continued to talk. “The meaning of Kieran is dark-haired in Irish and it reminded me so much of your little dark patch of hair when you were born.”

Tears swelled behind Lena’s eyelids. This is all she ever wanted and needed. She knew now what to call her daughter.

Despite the happy moment Lena was sharing with her mother her own guilt caught up with her and she felt her happy tears turn into bitter ones. “Mummy, I’m so sorry I didn’t say anything when the truck got closer.” She sobbed, instinctively touching the small scar below her eyebrow that reminded her of the day her mother had died.

“Darling it was not your fault. You were five.” Her mother embraced her tightly. Moments passed until Lena’s sobbing cleared and they broke the hug. All of a sudden, her mom had something in her hand.

It was her teddy bear. The one her mother had given her several days before the incident. The one Lillian had tossed away because apparently Lena had been too grown up to possess a teddy bear.

Lena hugged it tightly, inhaling the sweet scent of the happy part of her childhood which she had forgotten completely if she hadn’t met Kara who brought it out of her.

Now it was time to go and they both knew it. They had talked about the reason why Lena came here, and she got finally the closure she craved for over twenty years. For one last time she hugged her mom tightly, memorising the floral smell she carried around her.

“Is breá liom tú, mummy.” She whispered into her mother’s ear in her native language. The hold around her tightened and her mother whispered the words she never thought she would hear her say again.

“I’m so proud of you, mo stór.”


Expecting a brightness when Lena opened her eyes, she didn’t even need to get accustomed to the dim light. One of her hands was warm and sweating while the other one felt cold. Her cheeks were sticky because of trail of dried tears on them.

So while she cried in her odd telepathic dream, she also had cried here. Her thoughts drifted to Kara immediately who must’ve been quite terrified at the sight but when Lena searched for her mate, she found her sleeping peacefully with her head resting on the small space next to Lena and a hand clutching to Lena’s (the reason why one hand felt warm and sweaty).

With her free hand she stroked Kara’s curls softly eliciting a content grunt from her. Kara jerked her head up and simultaneously widened her concerned blue eyes.

“L-Lena,” She choked out, letting go of her grip and tucking Lena’s sweat sticking curls behind her ears. Her eyes softened immediately when she noticed that Lena was doing fine. Yet she still checked verbally. “Are you alright?”

Lena remarked that Kara had taken off her universal translator and her accent came to the surface, but Lena wasn’t one to protest at the sound of Kara’s husky voice trying to speak in English. She had already made diligent progress with the English tongue and Lena couldn’t be prouder of her.

She nodded to answer Kara’s question and lifted her hand, touching Kara’s warm cheek and rubbing the soft skin with her thumb. It made Kara close her eyes and lean into the touch as if she had craved it so much like water in the desert.

Nobody else was around them and given that Kara had been sleeping earlier Lena figured that it was very late already. She scooted over the small bed, leaving a bit of space for Kara to squeeze herself in. It was very tight, but Lena longed for Kara’s nearness and secureness.

After Kara encountered a comfortable position, she turned her head in Lena’s direction, looking at her pearlescent green eyes. A hand found itself on Lena’s swollen stomach, providing her with warmth despite the rather hot weather outside.

“Goodnight kiss?” Kara asked gently and it made Lena chuckle.

Instead of answering she closed the distance between them and pressed a lingering peck on Kara’s lips. “I love you.” She whispered with all of her heart.

A short whimper came from Kara’s direction and a smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. “My love for you is like the universe. Big and never ending,” Kara made a short pause as if she were looking for a word. “Expanding.” She finished with a satisfied smile and nuzzled her nose against the crook of Lena’s neck inhaling the sweet scent of her Omega.

With the smell of happiness surrounding them both, Lena fell into a pleasant slumber.

Little did she know that it would be her last tranquil sleep for a while.


Flickering lights dragged Lena out of her sleep. She couldn’t feel her legs and her mind was dizzy. Everything around her spun as if she were drunk. A jabbing pain flashed through her and she had to groan loudly in pain.

Around her were people she hadn’t seen in her life pushing her bed to some place she didn’t know. They looked all strange like… aliens? But under them was Alex, a face she recognised. Alex noticed her consciousness and reassured her that they would arrive to the place soon. She talked about a room with red sunlamps or whatsoever, but Lena was only listening to it half-heartedly. Her eyes tried to focus on a head with golden hair and sapphire eyes, but she couldn’t find it.

“Kara!” She screamed with all of her strength, blindly searching for an outstretched hand, desperately hoping that she would find the warmth soon, but she didn’t.

The sole thought of Kara not being here when she needed her the most made her weaker. Everything started to turn black around her and she found no reason to fight it. She had almost lost her will to live if she hadn’t heard a loud crash and a voice calling:

i :zhao!


When Lena awoke, she was surrounded by the warmth she had sought so much earlier. Or maybe it had been just a dream she wasn’t sure. But her doubts about reality vanished as soon as she saw Kara lying in a bed with her, wearing only underwear which Lena mirrored. Her waist and legs still felt numb but that didn’t occupy her mind long because Kara was sucking on her mark gently which was a traditional way of rewarding the Omega after an intense process of giving birth which reminded her…

Oh Rao!

In Kara’s arms laid the most precious, pure and beautiful baby Lena had ever seen, wrapped in a blue towel.

It was her. Their baby, their daughter lying between the both of them and sleeping soundly. She had a dark patch of hair which made Lena smile and chuckle internally because when she had an idea what to name her daughter, her mother had been telling her about how she had the same dark patch of hair when she was born.

Her daughter’s cheeks were flushed from the heat both bodies around her were radiating and her eyelashes… Gosh they were the longest Lena had ever seen. In conclusion her daughter was the most beautiful being Lena had ever laid her eyes on.

Kara stopped licking Lena’s mark and glanced up with heavily hooded eyes. “Looks like the most amazing person in the galaxy just woke up.” She rasped thickly.

Lena hummed in response, smiling softly. “I missed it, didn’t I?” She wondered out loud. “Giving birth.” She looked down once more to their daughter, touching her incredibly soft skin. Her heart swelled at the sight of her little one moving instinctively to the touch of her mother despite being asleep. Out of all inventions Lena had created in her life this little being in front of her was the most beautiful and the one who made her the proudest.

“Oh no you were very much awake.” Kara replied with a chuckle. “And terrifying. You screamed nonsense while you were drugged and well,” Then she lifted her wrist and showed an angry red bite wound.

“Did I do this?” Lena gasped as she trailed her fingers on the mark. She couldn’t remember doing this.

Kara nodded, “I told you to bite as hard as you could, distract from the pain. I had forgotten we were in a room with red sunlamps. Oh, and my other arm is full of marks of your nails, but it’ll heal soon, don’t worry.” She reassured her before Lena could feel guilty about it. Something must’ve enlightened her mind because she shifted and cleared her throat. “Lena I um…” She began slowly. “I thought about a name and I’m certain you wanted to keep the ‘L’ tradition, so I thought maybe uh… please don’t be mad!” She clenched her eyes shut, releasing distressed pheromones.

But Lena placed a delicate hand on Kara’s cheek to calm her down. She had an idea in mind, but they could discuss it and she was willing to drop her idea. “Just say it, darling.”

The drilling blue orbs appeared again. “Lorelei.” She whispered out reluctantly.

“Kara that’s a beautiful name. Why would I be mad about it?”

“Because I’m sure you wanted to decide and I just— it’s a silly idea, let’s forget about it. You surely have anything else in mind.”

“Actually yes, I have. The name of my birth mother but we can settle for both. I already love the sound of it.” Lena chuckled repeating those two names in her head.

“What was your mother’s name?” Kara inquired curiously.

“Ciara,” Lena answered shortly, “It means ‘dark haired’ in Irish just like my middle name Kieran does.” There was a long beat of pause. “Lorelei Ciara Zor-El. Quite fancy, don’t you think?”

“No,” Kara shook her head. “Lorelei Ciara Luthor Zor-El is quite fancy.” She mimicked Lena’s accent with a smirk.

“I love it.” Lena pressed a hard kiss on Kara’s lips.

The sounds of Lorelei stirring awake enfolded the room. As if Lena had always had the motherly instincts, she took Lorelei carefully from Kara’s arms into her own and rolled down her comfy bra to let her daughter drink milk out of her breast.

“She’s hungry already?” Kara asked, her voice sounding somewhat surprised.

A soft giggle rolled out of Lena’s throat. “I wonder who she got it from.” She deadpanned. No reply came from Kara, though and when Lena looked up, she saw fully dilated eyes staring at her bare nipple where Lorelei was sucking greedily. “What, you wanna have a taste as well?” She joked but Kara’s slow nod showed her that Kara didn’t receive it as a joke. “I was just kidding, darling.”

Rosy cheeks were apparent on Kara’s face now and the whole sight was absolutely endearing for Lena. She had never felt so happy in her entire life.


Days passed while Lena had to remain in bed until she regained her strength. Alex told her that they had to do a caesarean section in order to get Lorelei out. Lena hadn’t had dilated enough for a baby’s head to fit through and Alex didn’t want to risk any further complications given this hadn’t been a normal birth.

Lorelei was half alien and half human.

Sam and Andrea went to visit after Lena wanted them to meet the little Lori. It had been a few hectic days for both Lena and Kara, but the most important thing was that everyone was well. She called Jack after some time, apologising profoundly for having left his wedding so abruptly and then she sent him a picture of Lori, explaining everything that had happened, and he forgave her in an instant, calling himself ‘Jackie the cool gay uncle’.

Surprisingly enough, Imra sent her a letter after having overheard that she had been at the wedding as well with Kara and that they were a couple now. In the letter she apologised to Kara repeatedly and would try to anything to make amends. Lena was angry at some point, but she put on the Obsidian North lenses, slapping the shit out of Imra in various scenarios which felt therapeutically relaxing.

While Lena had stayed in this room with red sunlamps Kara had managed to transform an entire guest room into a baby changing room and built a small crib of wood next to Lena’s king-sized bed.

Suddenly Lena’s phone rang and when she saw the caller id she answered with a snort. “Yes?”

“Hola corazón. What stuffed animal should I buy your baby, an elephant or a penguin?” Andrea asked while there was some ruffled sound in the background.

“I thought you would stop calling me that after I settled for an Alpha.” Lena rolled her eyes.

A tsk came from the other side of the line. “Please I thought you wouldn’t settle for less.”

“Kara is not less she’s—”

“I’m sure her dick is fantastic.” Andrea interrupted her.

“I didn’t keep her just because of her dick, Andy!” Lena whisper shouted. “Kara is more than that but don’t get me wrong, it is a bonus.”

“Aha, I bet it’s quite the big bonus.”

“Andrea!” Lena groaned but she had to laugh as well because she knew Andrea was just teasing her. “Bye, have fun deciding.” She said before hanging up.

When Lena was finally granted the green light to go home, she was more than delighted to be around her comfortable surroundings.

The first thing she did was something she had planned for a while now. She called Kara who had just finished feeding Lori with a bottle of milk and handed her a small box.

With furrowed brows Kara laid Lori carefully in the crib before accepting the box and opening it. “Keys?” She asked irritated.

“Remember how I promised to build apartments for all aliens on Earth?” Lena waited for Kara’s nod. “Well, I organised a team of my best L-Corp architects to build apartments for your fellow aliens and others who seek shelter on this planet and those keys are for apartments which belong to them now.” Lena explained sheepishly while fiddling with her fingers. “I will also launch the Alien Amnesty Act that allows aliens to have the same rights as every normal civilian.” It wasn’t until then that Lena realised Kara had been sobbing silently. Before she could misinterpret it Kara throwed herself at her kissing her deliberately which Lena welcomed keenly.

After some time, they separated, both in need of some air.

They were holding hands now, watching as Lori slept peacefully with her cloth and penguin in her crib. Lena never thought that one night with Kara could’ve led to this, but she didn’t regret the way it happened. She used to but now she was glad that it led her where she was with Kara. Her sweet and strong Kara who brought out the best in her and vice versa.

Kara could be cocky sometimes in her own adorable way and Lena loved it. She loved Kara so much, but her heart belonged mostly to Lori now. And yet whenever Kara gazed upon her with a love filled look in her eyes, tears of happiness cascaded down Lena’s cheeks. Like right now.

The next thing that happened was something Lena hadn’t expected at all.

“Lena,” Kara began with her ever so familiar accent. She knelt down on both of her knees while fishing out a bracelet with a green and blue crystal on it. “Would you do me the honour of accepting this bracelet to bind our union?”

Great Rao!



Some time had passed. Kara was now fluent in English and Lena in Kryptonese. Currently, they were sitting on the couch watching a movie while cuddling with each other. Lori was at Alex and Sam’s house and as much as Lena and Kara loved Lori, they were glad to have a night for themselves without the sounds of Lori’s wailing interrupting them.

And now Lena had some devilish plans in mind because Let’s Be Honest Lena’s cunt was achingly wet. She needed to be filled but every time she asked Kara told her it wasn’t such a great idea given the surgery and Lori around them and Lena respected that. They had made out often which led to Kara fingering her and Lena jerking her off, but they never did the whole thing. But now she was fully healed, and Lori was at Alex’s so there was no excuse for Kara now. Lena casually smelled her mate, looking for aroused pheromones and as anticipated she found them. She knew Kara wanted this as much as she did. Now it was just time to play and tease.

Lena shifted slightly, wrapping her hand around Kara’s which was resting on her waist. She tugged on it softly, pushing it southwards to the source of her need.

:zhao,” Kara croaked. She wanted to retreat but Lena held her hand firm in its place.

“Kara please make love to me.” Lena couldn’t bare it anymore. She really tried to tease Kara further, but she desperately craved her cock.

That seemed to trigger Kara’s Alpha instincts because her eyes darkened immediately and she nodded, lifting Lena up like a feather.

They kissed frantically throughout the way to their bedroom until Kara set her in the middle of her bed and peeled her own clothes off with superspeed. Her cock wasn’t very hard yet, so Lena stuffed two fingers inside her pussy, coaxing them with wetness and then pulling them out again to taste herself provocatively.

“Come get your meal, baby.” She moaned obnoxiously loud and oh, Kara went feral each time Lena called her baby. As presumed Kara sported a tremendous erection, twitching in need as she climbed onto the bed, grunting.

Yet she took her time to take off Lena’s clothes and when she did, she took a moment to kneel and look at the goddess in front of her. How Lena’s pink cunt glistened in wetness and Kara dived in to get her meal.

After she got her dose of Lena’s pussy she moved to the favourite part of Lena’s body.

Her boobs.

It felt like she spent an eternity licking and sucking on Lena’s rose-coloured nipples.

Eventually she slid her rock-hard cock inside, slipping inside and initiating a slow rhythm but like a well-oiled machine. She groaned loudly into Lena’s ear while her hands found Lena’s back.

Now that Kara was more comfortable with her powers, she allowed herself to hold Lena while she fucked her, and Lena showed her gratitude by rewarding Kara with a wet and messy kiss.

Unfortunately, Lena’s temporary powers vanished after Lori’s birth, but she was okay with it. Superpowers weren’t really her thing, anyways although she really would’ve loved to have telepathic powers like Agnes.

On a positive note, Lena could slam her nails into Kara’s muscular back as hard as she wanted, and it would only leave a trail of reddened skin for a short amount of time. Yet when she did, Kara felt the short and delicious burn because she responded with an especially hard thrust, making the bed squeak shortly.

It reminded Lena of each time they had fucked hard and fast but this time it was different. They were making love. It was much slower, and Kara’s thrusts were more coordinated and precise, aiming for Lena’s g-spot and finding it rather quickly.

Lena closed her eyes, engraving the overwhelming feeling of getting railed slowly and thoroughly into the mattress with the love of her life.

And that was when she came hard with Kara following behind, shooting blasts of her powerful seed into Lena’s accepting cunt.

Nothing felt better than making love.