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Body Language

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The calming rustling sound of the blowing spring wind eased Lena’s tense body. Her week had been another tough one with unwanted old Alphas in the boardroom, trying to seduce her. She desperately needed a personal bodyguard to remind them of their place. But unfortunately, everything her previous bodyguards did was goggle at her cleavage. Instead of making her feel safe, they made her feel uncomfortable.

It was a waste of time and money.

People, especially Alphas weren’t accustomed to have an Omega in a position of power or rather, to have them as their boss. And yet here was Lena fucking Luthor, the CEO of L-Corp, the company she rebranded after her malicious brother went to jail and her poisonous adoptive mother disappeared from the surface.

Now Lena was sitting in the middle of her king-sized bed with spread legs and two fingers stuffed into her pussy, aiming for a release she’d been building up to the whole week. She had been feeling so horny lately. Maybe her heat was due in a few days, she wasn’t really certain of it.

If her heat was indeed due in a few days, Lena knew she wouldn’t get a satisfying release with only her fingers or vibrators. She needed the real deal which meant an Alpha to take care of her needs. That’s what she always did when her heat was getting closer to its peak. Arranging a one-night stand in a chunky hotel room, signing a non-disclosure agreement with the Alpha and get it over with.

Sometimes, the Alphas who had agreed to such terms were either just horny and egoistic or very terrible in bed. But what all of them had in common was, that they put their own pleasure over Lena’s which was actually the contrary of the agreement. Due to that Lena preferred to sweat her heats through with all kinds of kinky vibrators and some self-healing baths.

The phone started to ring, startling Lena out of her self-time and tornado of thoughts. Lena groaned in displeasure and withdrew her fingers out of her achingly wet cunt. She cleaned them on a towel before plugging out her phone out of the charger to answer the call.

“Lena Luthor speaking.” She somewhat panted with her most bitchy and monotone boardroom voice.

“Lena, hola corazón, how are you?” The voice behind the phone answered with a hint of exaggerated enthusiasm.

“I told you to stop calling me like that, Andrea.” Lena rolled her eyes, being completely aware that Andrea couldn’t see it.

“Pfft, I’ll call you mi corazón until the day you finally settle for an Alpha.” Andrea scoffed through the phone.

Lena pinched the bridge of her nose between her index finger and thumb. “That’s never gonna happen Andy. You know I don’t settle for less.”

“Then don’t get pissed at me for literally calling you my heart. I mean, it’s not like I’m insulting you.” Andrea protested.

“Whatever. Why are you calling? I’m busy right now.” Lena pointed out, getting herself ready for bed.

A short gasp came from the other side of the line. “Lena Luthor have I interrupted you while you were masturbating?”

“No,” Lena denied quickly. Fuck, was she that easy to fathom?

“Oh honey,” Andrea tsked, “I can smell your torment up to here.”

“Okay fine, perhaps I was taking care of myself but… ugh, I don’t know.” A wave of uncertainty crashed onto Lena’s mentally suffocating walls.

“Why does it sound like you’re not releasing your stress?” Andrea asked intriguingly.

“Because I’m not,” Lena admitted, “I just wish I could have like a personal sex robot programmed to do everything I say.” She groaned desperately. “I mean doesn’t Obsidian North have something similar to that?”

Andrea chuckled on the other side of the line. “Well, I told you I wasn’t going to create a porn lounge for the lenses but,” She dragged out the last word, “I might did something alike, but it’s private. Only a limited number of people have access to it.”

Fuck, Lena really needed that sort of thing right now. “Would you be willing to add someone onto that limited number list?” She questioned, mentally crossing her fingers for Andrea to say yes.

“Under no circumstances,” Andrea declared while Lena sighed out a fatigued sigh. At least she didn’t have to go to work the next day since Jess explicitly prohibited her to set foot on the property of L-Corp on a Sunday except if it was an emergency. Therefore, she had another day of time to get her heat in control. “But lucky you, you’re already on that list.” Andrea added shortly after. “Although I will never make this public, it’s not market ready yet. There might be some glitches.”

Oh, thank fucking God she was on that list. “Wait, who is on that list anyway except me and you of course?” Lena arched an eyebrow.

From the other side of the phone call came a short and breathy laugh. “You know, just me and you,” Andrea purposely set a long pause before continuing. “And that one Asian guy who paid me three million dollars to make his favourite hentai become a real-life story with him as a main character.”

“Andy what the fuck. Are you serious?” Lena gasped and chuckled in response.

“Oh please,” Andrea scoffed scornfully, “The cancer charity I donated the money to will never find out those three million dollars belonged to that horny rich Asian dude.”

They laughed about three full minutes until they both calmed down and Lena spoke again.

“Okay now back to seriousness. What exactly is going to happen when I go into the ‘porn lounge’ as you call it?” Lena asked.

“You will get transported to a simulation of your current location which I strongly assume is your penthouse right now. Then the algorithm will run a few tests and conclude a realistic scenario of what could happen in there if you weren’t alone. In your case a female blonde Alpha—”

“I beg your pardon?” Lena gasped in a sarcastic manner. “Just because my last relationships had the same hair colour, doesn’t mean I have a type and besides, I got over Lana and Harley.” She dismissed quickly.

“And Imra.” Andrea concurred smugly.

“For the record her hair was dyed at that time. That doesn’t count.” Lena pointed out.

“You’re such a useless bottom lesbian.” Andrea said with a humorous tone.

“Fuck you.”

“Oh, I’m not the one who’s gonna get railed tonight.”

“I’m hanging up now.”

“Okay bye corazón.”

Lena ended the call quickly with a mixture of a groan and a laugh. Sometimes she really loved her best friend, but she could be a lot as well. Her other best friend Sam was quite the opposite of Andrea. She was more serious when it came to certain matters and the most mature out of all three. Andrea always called her the mom of the friend group and not only because she was the only actual mother in this friendship triangle.

Sam was the first one to settle for a mate and a family. She had met her mate Alex in med school. They hit it off afterwards and not much time later Sam was already expecting their first child. The pair has been inseparable ever since.

Andrea on the other hand had her weekly rendezvous with different Alphas until one Alpha called Russell Rodgers literally fucked some sense into her. They decided to take it slow from there. Lena wasn’t quite sure if they were in a relationship or not, but it wasn’t her place to ask. She knew eventually Andrea would overthink everything and regrettably call it off if Lena asked her about her relationship status with Russell. And since Andrea hasn’t looked that happy in a long time Lena wasn’t one to interfere with that.

Noticing that her throat was dry, Lena put on her silky robe and padded over to her huge kitchen to fetch a glass of ice-cold water. The weather had already started to blossom into the sticky heat that it was going to reach as soon as the months May and June arrived. She opened the door of the balcony to get some fresh air into her apartment since it was already getting late and a crisp breeze flowed through Lena’s long raven hair. It extinguished some of the blazing fire that passed through Lena’s body.

Lena checked the time. It was time to get dirty. She walked to her closet room and looked for the dusty box of Obsidian lenses in the upper shelf. There was the pair of lenses she rarely used because she wasn’t really a fan of virtual worlds.

She placed the two lenses on her thumb and index finger and dipped her head to swipe the lenses onto her eyes. Suddenly a series of settings and options illuminated in front of Lena. She went through the list of ‘rare lounges’ and true to Andrea’s word there was indeed an option for virtual sex.

But before she could start, she had to get comfortable first because right now she was still kneeling on the floor of her closet room. She turned off and extracted the lenses. It was getting chilly, so she walked back to the kitchen to close the balcony door.

Her clit pulsated to remind her that her heat was indeed due in a short time. She pushed the curtain back to its place and shut down her eyes to steady her thoughts and perhaps to prepare her to what exotic experience was coming towards her.

A rattling sound echoed through the kitchen and Lena startlingly turned around quickly to inspect the source of the noise. She opened her eyes and her jaw fell involuntarily onto the floor when her green eyes locked with magnetic blue ones.

In front of her was a tall blonde with wide blue eyes, wearing a thin grey hoodie and black sweatpants that clung to her thighs just right. Despite her baggy hoodie Lena could notice broad shoulders. Her hair was tied back in a messy ponytail and her hands were full of the cookies and other sweets that Lena stored in her deepest kitchen drawer for Ruby whenever she, Sam and Alex were in town.

Lena’s breath stocked when she noticed the blonde’s eyes roaming Lena’s body which was covered in nothing but a thin and silky robe. Underneath that robe Lena was butt naked. And besides all that, she was also entering her heat which meant she was pretty sure the air of her apartment reeked of sexual heat pheromones. But that didn’t really matter because Lena’s simulation had already started, and she was more than ready to get railed. Especially by that hunk of blonde Alpha in front of her.

That hunk of Alpha who flared her nostrils and closed her eyes to inhale Lena’s desperate scent deeply. Her pupils dilated when she opened her eyes again and she dropped all of the cookies and sweets that she tried to steal.

“Wow, my wet dream in person.” Lena crossed her arms and dropped her gaze on the Alpha’s tent between her sweatpants. She mentally scoffed at the ‘most realistic scenario’ the algorithm chose. An Alpha breaking into her penthouse to get cookies and sweets. Her penthouse which was on the 28th floor.

Very realistic, Andrea she said to herself and put a mental note to tell Andrea about the ‘realistic scenario’ algorithm that was clearly still glitching. Despite that issue everything seemed to function just well. The Alpha in front of her looked ready to be mounted on and Lena wasn’t one to be opposed to it when the blonde looked so fucking hot.

“What’s your name, Alpha?” Lena asked. She wasn’t a fan of knowing her hook-ups well. A nickname or pet name was mostly sufficient for both parties. But knowing the Alpha’s name in this rare situation wouldn’t hurt a fly and besides, Lena wanted to know the name of her wet dream in person, so she could cry out that name when she pleasured herself.

The Alpha however, remained silent. Glancing at Lena’s free breasts while releasing more of her piquant scent.

“Huh, you’re not the type for introductions. I like that,” Lena said instead, “But I’d really like to know your name. I’m Lena.” She introduced herself, placing her right hand onto her chest to show that all she wanted to know was the blonde’s name and nothing else. “And you are who?” She questioned again, this time pointing her finger at the Alpha.

It took a moment for the Alpha’s brain to register the words. “Lena,” She repeated Lena’s name with a hint of an accent. Her voice was hoarse, and it affected Lena’s throbbing clit directly. “Kara.” She answered after a pregnant pause.

Fuck Lena wasn’t sure how in the name of Jesus that simulation knew how much she liked heavy accents. She had only heard two words out of Kara’s mouth with that accent and it was already the hottest thing she had heard in a long time. It sent hot shocks straight to her clit.

“Okay let’s get down to business, Kara.” Lena replied with a flirty voice and took Kara’s hand to lead her to her master bedroom.

Lena never liked to admit that she was touch starved, but the sole fact that her body tingled in all the right kinds of ways because she was holding Kara’s hand was admitting enough.

The way to the bedroom seemed to be taking ages. Particularly because on the way, Kara tripped over her own feet and fell on the floor right in front of Lena’s barely covered cunt. Heat creeped up her cheeks and the tips of her ears reddened instantly in embarrassment. She stood up swiftly and ran her fingers though her messy ponytail to somewhat adjust the loose wisps of hair while flashing Lena a quick and sheepish smile.

Everything about Kara seemed endearing. She acted like a child but not in an annoying way. It was exactly the kind of person Lena needed in her monotonous life to lighten up her view of things. Sadly, this was all a simulation and Lena didn’t have time for someone like that anyway. Her job required her full attention (Jess would beg to differ but that’s irrelevant for the moment).

Lena let her robe slide off her shoulders and climbed to the middle of her giant bed. There, she spread her legs, giving Kara a full view of her glistening cunt, which ached to be filled by Kara’s rising tent.

Kara gaped at the sight in front of her while she peeled, almost ripped off her clothes. Holy fucking Christ, Lena sure wasn’t expecting what was concealed underneath Kara’s baggy clothes. In addition to the broad shoulders, Kara had bulging biceps, two perky breasts with nipples that stood in attention and as Lena dropped her gaze, she almost lost her sense of sight. Six taut abs hid behind a tremendous erection that bounced proudly. Droplets of excitement ran down the broad head of Kara’s cock like a fountain. Thick veins pulsated from the pressure of Kara’s upright cock.

Kara on the other hand gulped thickly and her gaze wandered from Lena’s wet pussy to her plump breasts and then to her face. When she locked her gaze with Lena’s, she whined loudly, her erection twitching in agreement. She joined Lena on the bed without leaving her gaze from Lena’s alluring eyes.

Instead of slamming her large member into Lena’s awaiting cunt, Kara hovered over Lena’s body and began to sniff on the juncture of Lena’s unmated neck. Kara bit on it lightly and Lena wasn’t sure if she was testing her because if she could, she would love for Kara to bite down harder to mark her. It wouldn’t last long anyway because after this Lena would wake up in her bed utterly alone.

As if Kara could detect her struggle, she bit down once more to shake Lena awake. Lena responded rapidly by moaning loudly and gripping Kara’s hand to show her where she needed her the most. Her wet folds throbbed and clenched around emptiness and it left Lena whimpering. She needed that huge cock inside her now.

But Kara? She took her time kissing and gently nipping on Lena’s collarbones while stroking her thighs with her hand. Her kisses continued to wander up to Lena’s neck while she murmured sounds of pleasure. She carried on nibbling on the other side of Lena’s neck, the tip of her cock brushing lightly over Lena’s body, leaving her gasping for more.

Lena couldn’t bear it any longer, she really needed something, anything inside her but all Kara did was work her up even more than she already was. A tear ran down her cheek at the frustration of the emptiness in her cunt.

“Kara, please I need you inside,” She whined desperately, hoping that Kara would stop with the delicious torture she was receiving.

Kara stopped sucking on her neck and looked up with concerned eyes. Her brows knitted in a worried manner and her eyes became glassy as well. “Lena no, no cry please.” She wiped of Lena’s tears and pecked her wet cheeks gently. She hesitated for a second before she dipped her head again, but this time pressing her lips onto Lena’s.

Lena’s heart filled with warmth and secureness. She kissed Kara back with an intensity she didn’t know she was capable of having. Kara whined into Lena’s mouth and pressed her tongue against Lena’s lips for permission to enter. As soon as Lena obliged, Kara thrusted her tongue inside and began to devour Lena’s mouth like it was her last meal. Lena chuckled as she tasted the flavour of the cookies Kara had tried to steal earlier.

Fuck this simulation was so realistic. She needed to compliment Andrea on her fantastic work. Everything felt so real. It was almost too perfect to be true.


Kara lined up her cock at Lena’s entrance and coaxed it with Lena’s fluids before cautiously pushing the tip inside Lena’s slit. Lena was sure she screamed at the feeling of the sudden stretch and slammed her trimmed nails onto Kara’s back. She was also sure that every normal person would’ve started to bleed by the amount of pressure that Lena was using to scratch the skin of Kara’s toned back, but since Kara was everything else but normal, Lena didn’t really worry much. Kara moaned and continued to assault Lena’s mouth as she pushed the whole head inside and started a slow pace.

With every thrust, Kara pushed her shaft a bit harder into Lena’s cunt. It was torturously slow but necessary to get the whole cock inside without hurting Lena. It was hurting her, but it was the exact amount of pain that pleasured Lena. Halfway through, Lena was already ready to cum. She didn’t know how long she would last when Kara bottomed out and began to fuck her sincerely.

Before Lena could finish thinking that sentence, Kara slammed her hips harder until she finally bottomed out. Lena had to break the kiss in order to moan gutturally. Kara bit and sucked on her lower lip before she pulled out all of her dick until only the head remained inside Lena’s tight cunt. She slammed her cock back inside with much more force this time and Lena whined devotedly because she almost came right then.

“Fuck me harder and faster, I can take it.” She panted and began to move her own hips to show Kara that she was ready. No scratch that, she needed it.

Kara received the message and picked up her pace. She rested her head on Lena’s shoulder, huffing her hot breath onto Lena’s neck as she pumped her hips faster and faster.

“Oh, fuck yes, that’s what I’m talking about.” Lena moaned and held the back of Kara’s head as she licked Lena’s unmated neck.

Lena wasn’t sure if she came right on the spot when Kara began to fuck her senselessly because she never came without a bit of stimulation on her clit. But Jesus fucking Christ Kara’s dick was doing its job perfectly on its own.

“Lena, Lena,” Kara grunted with a muffled voice. She gripped the sheets of Lena’s bed tightly and thrusted her hips harder, her balls began to slap on Lena’s ass each time her hips met Lena’s. “Rao, Lena.” She groaned and teared the sheets apart. Without wasting a second, she slid her hands under Lena’s body and lifted up her ass to fuck Lena even deeper.

The whole bed began squeaking and moving. Feathers of ripped open pillows slowly flowed down onto the floor. The sole thought of Kara’s ripping muscles being able to rip apart pillows and sheets without much resistance provided Lena with another quickly rising orgasm. She couldn’t even warn Kara before her folds clenched around Kara’s cock, thoroughly milking it.

Lena cried and cried out Kara’s name repeatedly as Kara guided her through her blissful orgasm with slower trusts. It was incredible but not quite satiating. She needed Kara’s warm seed and knot to be fully sated.

“Kara, I want your knot, fuck I need it so badly.” Lena rasped after calming down from her intense orgasm.

Kara lifted up her head and nodded frantically. She dipped her head to smooch Lena softly and turned Lena around, so she was on her hands and knees before pushing her member inside and accelerating her pace once again but from behind. This time it was obvious that she was chasing her own orgasm but somehow it still managed to pleasure Lena as well. Kara quickened her pace and slammed her throbbing cock inside Lena’s tight cunt. The position gave Kara the access to bang Lena even deeper.

A thick knot started to swell at the base of Kara’s cock. Kara whined and slid her hands to grip Lena’s jiggling breasts. They were bouncing up and down with each thrust until Kara captured them in her big hands and started squeezing them. The wet slapping sound and Lena and Kara’s pornographic sounds were the only audible thing in the room.

Lena’s arms gave in and the upper half of her body plopped down onto the mattress. She couldn’t even pinpoint where exactly and what time it was because of the Alpha fucking her silly from behind.

Kara let go of Lena’s tits and picked her up so that her back was touching Kara’s frontside. Lena arched her back and tangled her hand in Kara’s messy hair. She moaned at the new position and at the display of Kara’s strength. It was incredible to see how strong Kara was, it made her cunt spasm.

Lena had never had sex with so much body contact, it was driving her mad. She felt Kara’s strong arms wrapped around her waist to steady her as Kara thrusted her hips mercilessly. Kara whined desperately as she tried to get the fully swollen knot into Lena’s tight hole, but it was too big.

“Kara stop, it doesn’t fit.” Lena tried to calm her down, but Kara was stubborn. She tried to push her knot inside once again but like the first time, Lena’s tight walls didn’t have enough room left for such a thick cock and a broad knot at the base of it.

“Darling it’s okay we can try a differe—” The rest of the sentence got swallowed when Lena remembered that this was only a one-time thing and she wasn’t sure if the porn lounge was even able to create the same sexual partner twice. Fuck, she should’ve asked Andrea earlier.

“Lena,” Kara sobbed and sucked on Lena’s neck once more. During the fucking, Kara had made it abundantly clear that she wanted to bite Lena and mark her.

“Do it,” Lena encouraged her, “Claim me Kara. Please.” She begged and lifted up her chin in submission to give Kara the green light to bite.

Kara lowered one hand and rubbed messy circles on Lena’s clit. She sucked the juncture of Lena’s neck once more and bit down firmly.

A white-hot electricity spread through Lena’s body as she felt Kara’s teeth penetrating her skin, claiming her, and making her Kara’s. Her mouth shot open and her body blossomed open. Kara took that opportunity to force her knot inside and Lena screamed out violently as Kara’s knot popped inside with a pop, sealing them together.

Kara’s body trembled as she whined into Lena’s shoulder and bit down harder. Her body went rigid when her pulsating cock finally released long spurts of her strong cum into Lena’s womb. She howled while she emptied her cock inside of her new mate. Her orgasm continued and she shot another load of her seed, thoroughly filling Lena’s womb.

Lena was certain she was undergoing an outer body experience when she sobbed her release. It was a magnificent feeling having her cunt full with a cock and knot, her womb sated with warm cum and her strong mate holding her tightly as they shared perhaps the most extreme climax they ever felt.

While panting, Kara lowered them both on the mattress and kissed Lena tenderly on the jaw. They sighed happily into each other’s warmth and dozed off to sleep. After all the silly fucking Lena wasn’t sure anymore if she took off her lenses or if she was in a simulation in the first place. All she knew was that she was sated, her cunt was full with Kara’s knot and Kara, oh Kara was spooning her from behind while releasing happy and soothing pheromones.

It was perfect.