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“Isn’t this a little inappropriate of you, Zhongli-Xiansheng?”

He knew this was a terrible idea, when the heat was just simmering under his skin as he grabbed his glock and rushed out the door. He should’ve known, should’ve put it all together that his heat is starting soon. Zhongli tries to stretch, wriggle his way through the tight constriction of concrete around his torso. This again, is another stupid idea. He’d thought he could shimmy through the narrow passage in the wall to get inside the building - he hadn’t expected to get stuck in the wall because of his ass.

It should’ve been easy, an undercover mission. Zhongli had been on the case of the infamous serial killer Tartaglia for a year now - had been the best investigator on the case. He’d known he was hot on his tail, but he had gotten careless by the hunt - Zhongli came here tonight so he could finally catch Tartaglia in the act, right before he killed someone else tonight.

He hadn’t expected himself to be the next victim, however. And the dread and panic curling up his spine makes it clear how much trouble he’s in right now.

“You’re under arrest-”

Suddenly, gloved hands landed a strike on his buttocks. Zhongli gasps mid-sentence, knees jerking unexpectedly, knocking them painfully against the concrete wall. The hand stays where they are, fingers spanning wide in order to cover the curve of his butt.

“No, I don’t think I am, officer” He hears a tsk’ed coming from behind him, shivers as he feels the body behind him pulls away slightly. The hand sprayed wide over his ass, gropes at him. Absolutely shameless as he burns slightly in embarrassment and mortification at what was happening. But a thumb dips into his hole through the fabric of his pants. Pressed into him deep enough that when he pulls back, Zhongli knows the fabric is damp with his slick.

“I think you’re under arrest,” Zhongli feels - Tartaglia’s hands are touching him now, firmer and surer, harder as he squeezes his cheeks unapologetically. Feels the give and shape, gropes him through his clothes and the groan of the alpha -

The simmering heat that had been working on him throughout the day finally bursting. Arousal came at full-force indicating that his heat is here, that he’s with a compatible mate. Slick gushes out of his hole, he whimpers, drenching his trousers as he tries to buck into the touch or away from hands on him.

“Walking around like this, bet you were hoping I’d make you mine”


He tried to deny, but he couldn’t get the word out on time.

There’s a loud rip of his trousers, he could feel cold air against his skin as Tartaglia tugged on his pants, harshly pulling the fabric off of him.

“No underwear either?” The squeezes turning into grips, as Tartarglia unapologetically gropes at the plump globes of his cheeks. Zhongli burns even harsher in shame and embarrassment, tries to struggle against the wall but finds himself in an even tighter fit.

“Looks like you came here to get bred all along. Were you hoping you’d get caught? Must have come here hoping I’d mount you, right, Zhongli-Xiansheng?”

He fights back, striking out a leg behind him to sweep him off-guard - but Tartarglia simply had to press back against him. With his hips against Zhongli’s ass, he gave a deliberate grind of his bulge against the seams of his pants, slow and teasing. The drag of a cock so close to his hole - now freed from it’s confinement despite being fully dressed has him shivering at the temptation, luring his baser instincts. He finds himself unconsciously clenching - trying to stop the slick from escaping, starts producing more now with the heady scent and touch of the alpha on him.

Anybody could walk in, anybody could see him here being used and grinded into like a slut in the slums, while they’d have no idea who he is, what he’s here to actually do. Stuck inside a wall, with only his hole exposed to the air - the sensation of the cold outside chill and Tartaglia’s warm, deliberate press of his cock is intoxicating to any omega in pre-heat. Zhongli is already feeling hotter, stirring and emptiness in his lower stomach more pronounced as a dollop of slick tries to escape him.

“Do you want me that badly?” He hears him ask, finds himself trying to squirm away (morally) or press closer (naturally) to the heat of the body behind him and the comfort in the alpha’s actions. He pants into the darkness, casted in front of his eyes - his torso is stuck in a cargo facility. Encased in complete darkness, his sense of smell, hearing and touch heightened through his inability to see nor do anything about what’s going to happen to him.

“You’re making this so easy. Didn’t peg you as such a slut, Zhongli-Xiansheng,” He can hear the mocking in the way he laughs, the tone contrasts how gently he’s spreading him open. Zhongli hears the sound of Childe’s knees dropping to the floor. The anticipation and heat inside of him makes his hole clench, tries to stop the next glop of slick from rushing out of him even if he needs it - he wants-

“What were you thinking? Or maybe, you weren’t thinking at all?” He hears him scoff, feels a hot breath against his hole - “ You’re usually so level-headed. Got me so excited when you chased me around like you’re courting me. But you’re just a heat-drunk slut, huh?”

Zhongli jumps when he feels a hot wet tongue drags up against his hole. Couldn’t stop the gasp that escaped his throat, his entrance unclenching as it deposits a dollop of slick right onto the alpha’s mouth. A hoarse groan in reply at the taste of his slick, tantalizing enough for the alpha to make him sound desperate and starved. Zhongli’s omega preens and he whimpers as he feels the tongue press harder against his rim, the broad strokes of it jolting him as he shivers harder, feels the way it tests the give of his ass.

“In the end, maybe you’re just a mindless, stupid whore. Walking around like this, reeking everywhere. Were you just hoping some alphas will come to fuck you senseless because you’re dripping slick on the floor? Did you think you were discreet, Zhongli?”


Shame, guilt and pleasures curl up in his body, conflicting emotions as he tries to deny it but his heat scorches him hotter and his hindbrain tries to open up his body. Tries to plead his innocence to the possible alpha mate by letting him touch him, push back onto the tongue and warm breath still cleaning up his rim. His body submits to the alpha, wants him to know how good he could be-- how nice of a mate and how fertile he is that he could get bred immediately if he’d wanted—

He didn’t- He hadn’t realized. He tries to struggle, but pleasure courses through him when he feels the tongue dips into him. It’s too hard not to gasp when the muscle licks deeper inside him. Flicks and drags against his entrance, rubs against his walls and Zhongli only realized now how thick Tartaglia’s tongue is—

“Didn’t realize you’re that dumb,” There’s a smack on his ass, his words muffled against his hole. Zhongli shaking from the stimulation, the vibration of the words on his sensitive skin feels intoxicating against the rim, warm breath on his wet hole, the alpha’s nose and face so close to his vulnerable passage--

“Or were you hoping you’d get raped by an alpha? What would you have done if it wasn’t me?”

Tartaglia's tongue then dips to lick insistently inside of his wet, warm passage. Zhongli is gasping and shaking, much too distracted to be able to provide an actual answer. He feels the bridge of his nose dig into the crease of his ass, warm breath spanning over his ass. The alpha’s groaning like he’s famished, pressing his face against his hole, his ass, the entirety of his backside again and again. He’s held up solely by the frame of strong grips spreading his cheeks apart to get to his cavern. Palms cupping his cheeks as the alpha’s face nudges and suffocates himself against Zhongli’s crotch, deliberately ignoring his leaking cock. Only using him for his snugged, wet omega ass, get it ready for his cock and knot to sink into, to spill his cum inside of him, knock him up and fuck into him again and again until there’s no doubt he’s breed up full by his potent seeds. Pupped out of his job and commissions.

“Tastes good,” He hears the alpha moan in response, “But when I finish fucking you here, nobody else would be able to have you. A ruined omega, already pupped and full of my seed and litter. Cum plugged so deep inside, making you look pregnant. Nobody else would want you, would they?”

His slick must be dribbling down his thighs, he could feel how wet he is just from how heavy he feels. The sound of slurping and sucking, of moans and hums of his alpha’s pleasure makes him weak against the struggle. He knows the alpha’s mouth and lips must be completely smeared and messy with his slick, and Zhongli groans at the thought of his scent and taste being irresistible to the alpha, appeals to him, makes the omega in him preen at the baser nature of what is happening.

To the bare bones of it - when he needs it most right now, an alpha finds him a suitable mate. Breed him if he’s full, if he proves himself worthy enough - and this alpha might make good of his promises. The thought nearly sent him spiralling, years of suppressants he accidentally forgot to take this month unleashed the hell of a heat crashing onto him. He manages to grip onto the edge of the hole he’s stuck in and held on for dear life as the alpha feverishly eats him out frantically and messily. Each desperate drag of his tongue curled inside his walls, every flick of the tip and the thick long muscle pressing into his hole has his gushing out more and more slick. Zhongli couldn’t have stopped the whimpers that escaped from his throat, nor stop himself from clenching on the tongue as it debauches his body in a way that has his toes curling, his body pressing back as if he needs it inside him. More and more of it, he wants—

“Greedy slut,” He hears the alpha laugh breathlessly as he pulls away, “Would you have let them fuck you anyways? Take you apart until you’re sloshing with cum, and when I find you again - do you think I’d take you with me, if you aren’t already pregnant with my pups at the time?”

He feels the sharp sting of teeth scraping against his ass cheeks. Possessive, jealous as the alpha’s mouth sucks and nibbles at the flesh of his ass in an attempt to mark him there.

“Good omegas don’t go bending over everywhere, spreading their legs and spraying their scent on everything, especially when they’re so close to their heat, pretty little bitch”

Long, gloved fingers carefully nudge it’s way inside him. Zhongli gasps, it’s too dry, not wet enough, but it’s quickly remedied by the wet slick that gushes out of him.

“Good omegas don’t go around presenting their dripping holes either, they stay inside and fuck themselves on their dildos. What does it say about you that you’d come running to an alpha right when your heat is about to start, Zhongli-Xiansheng?”

Tartaglia deftly presses another digit in, stretches him open on his fingers, spreading apart his walls as he thrusts his tongue along the v he makes with his fingers. The feeling of his hole being breached and spread apart by long, thin fingers fucking into his body, and the thickness of the tongue plugging him up, licking and plunging into his tight hole has him shaking as he takes it. Knows he’s making a puddle on the floor beneath him from how he could feel it drip down his thighs and heavy balls. Cock neglected, but he wants— he needs—

“Tartaglia -”

“No, I don’t think so.” Another digit presses inside, tree fingers shoved into his body and fucking him stimulatenously. Zhongli’s entrance is stretched wide open, he’s ashamed to think he’s gaping, hole wide open as the alpha seems intent on leaving him loose and unreceptive to any other alpha who might use him after him. Still, even with the fingers and tongue stuffing him up very nicely, even with the stimulation of being full of fingers and tongue and the face still very much tongue kissing and making love to his ass. Every thrust makes him feel so empty. The hands only serve to open his hole, and while his entrance is stimulated, it’s not enough when he wants the press of a fat alpha cock inside him—

“Why would I want used goods, Zhongli-Xiansheng? What good would you be when you walk around in heat for anyone to bend you over and breed you up?”

He hears the growl behind him, feels— alpha’s anger. There’s a part of Zhongli that immediately tenses, hurt and panic rising in his chest as he feels a protest, some kind of reassurance ready to blurt out of his mouth. He wants to tell him - he won’t-

“It’s better if you just let me use you first.” The tongue leaves him, fingers still pumping into him but he can feel his alpha getting up - Zhongli can’t help the whimper that falls from him, desperate. He tries to claw at the wall behind him, tries to make him stay where he is - this is his fault, he should apologize, should’ve known better-

“Little omega bitch,”

Zhongli’s brain promptly pauses all thoughts when a thick, fat tip nudges against his hole. His pulse thrums, everything narrows down to the sensation of the drooling wet tip of his alpha is rubbing insistently against him.

Alpha ” He hears himself moan, the sound echoes in the dark room in front of him. He wants to be good, he wants to let him in-

“What a good little slut you are,” He hears him purr, feels the clench of his hands now removed from his ass gripping tightly onto his hips. “I’m going to use you so well, my dumb little whore”

It’s slippery, the glide of the cock cocooned between his cheeks. Zhongli’s ears are burning from embarrassment when he realizes his ass is fat enough, plump enough to keep his alpha’s cock snug between them. There’s a bit of shame in knowing he’s not small and lithe, not like a typical omega. His body is a bit hard, muscles toned and probably bony. But with an ass that might not please his alpha -

“Don’t -” He tries to start, his voice is dry and he tries to lick his lips. Tries again “Just -... Spread it apart. Don’t bother too much with it-”

“Why?” He gasps, feels the harsh smack across his globes. His cheeks burn even hotter, scorching his face when he knows his ass must be jiggling-

“Are you embarrassed about your ass?”

Tartaglia sounds - mirthful, surprised, but also turned on by Zhongli’s shame. He wants to crawl away from the feeling, from being seen by those eyes. Being perceived is one thing, being paid special attention to one of his - body parts - his vulnerability is another-

“Stop-” He struggles, hands scrambling, barely touching the floor.

“But it’s your best asset you know,” The man behind him continues to furrow his cock between his cheeks, the drag of his length against Zhongli’s crease and hole, makes him want it inside of him, “If you hate it that much, why don’t you tell me where to put it?”

It’s darkness in front of him, he can’t see anything. One would’ve thought nothing is happening to him if not for the way tears are pooling in his eyes. Heat makes him emotional, Zhongli simmers with arousal from the loud squelching behind him, the feeling of a fat cock against his ass. Hips coming together, his slick and his alpha’s pre-cum drooling and smearing against their groin and thighs. The ‘shlick shlick’ sound of wet skin slapping, his fat fleshy ass and the alpha’s strong hips slamming together as he simulate fucking into him— makes his baser instinct promptly wins out. At this point into his heat, Zhongli might burn from the inside out of he doesn’t get a cock inside of him—

“Please-” he gasps “Please, I want it inside me.”

“Inside where?” Zhongli burns with shame and embarrassment, the thread of his self-preservation coming loose-

“Inside of my hole. Please, alpha” He sobs, the heat from the body so close to his own and the need to get a thick knot inside of him- “Want it inside me, want to get pupped. I want your knot -”

He gasps. The cockhead dips into his hole. It’s so thick - thicker than his fingers, and he’s clenching as he moans around the feeling of finally getting plugged-

“Is this enough for you, little slut?” - the tip tugs at his entrance, pulls back and leaves his hole. Zhongli sobbing as he cries out “No, don’t- come back-”

“You have to be clearer, stupid bitch.” He feels the hand squeezes his ass cheeks together, feels the cock dipping back in and Zhongli’s screaming -

“No, no, please put it in -”

“But I am? I told you to be clearer.” The man tsk’ed, but Zhongli could only sob as he feels his hole clenching. He’s so empty, his passage is pulsing. The tip of the cock is thick enough to spread his entrance wide - but it’s not enough -

“Greedy omega slut,” He hears the man growls, fucks into him with just his tip. The feeling of his ass being stretched open and closed, of being fucked with just his cockhead has him squirming. It’s - good but it's not, enough. He wants more, he wants it inside him-

“Alpha, alpha-” He’s gasping. “Please, please, please-”

The alpha’s cockhead dips into his hole before leaving again, dips in before leaving. He fucks him with just his tip, controlled and unhurried to be inside even when Zhongli can feel his pre-cum drooling and depositing itself into straight his passage each time he fucks in.

“Do you want me that badly, little omega?” He’s drowned by his own slick and the alpha’s pre-cum pooling inside his hole - tempting him enough, but never giving into him. He wants it so bad. The stimulation of his rim stretching just enough to widen and close around the cockhead- trying to hug and tug it back into himself has him trying to squeeze his thighs together. He can’t stand it, the alpha fucks him at a pace that’s fast enough and would be so good if he could just— if he could just put it in—

“Tartaglia-” Zhongli tries, he’s moaning from the stimulation. Unable to handle it as his fist slams back against the wall behind him. Frustrated and in need, yet this alpha decides to toy with him even when he— he’d—

The alpha seems to notice his patience thinning, laughs delightedly before he growls in response,

“Call out my name next time you scream, it’s Childe”

Zhongli pulses, thrums at the taste of his name- his alpha—


He gasps, tentative—

The cock—

Pushes into him, feeds itself into his hole slowly, inch by inch, until he’s half-way in. Zhongli’s breath escapes him, hollows out his lungs as he feels his passage finally— finally being spread open by the fat cock the alpha provides.


“Say it right, Zhongli-Xiansheng”

Then, the alpha slams his entire cock into him all at once. Thick length spearing him open as his walls try to adjust to the protrusion, grasping and clenching as it squeezes and milk the alpha’s length.

“Your hole is so wet and warm,” He hears him groan, Zhongli scrambles to find his hold as his entire body is jerked forward by the force of the thrust, he moans at the fullness of the alpha’s cock but it’s stuttered as it’s fucked out of him when the alpha starts fucking into him with wild, animalistic instinct.

“Sucking me in, swallowing my cock like you can’t get enough. You should see how it looks, Zhongli-Xiansheng. Dripping all over me, does it feel that good to finally be bred like a bitch? Used like a fleshlight?”

“But ah, you’re not a very good omega, are you” The alpha laughs, and Zhongli burns in shame and embarrassment. “Couldn’t follow any instructions, couldn’t even call my name when I handed it to you just like that.”

Hands coming to grip tighter around his waist as he’s pulled back onto the alpha’s cock, his hole squelching loudly, as Tartaglia— Childe starts pounding into his ass. “I’m going to ruin you,” His cock is thick and veiny, curved just the right angle to drag mercilessly against Zhongli’s prostate, back and forth against his walls. Zhongli’s toes curl at the promise, the simmering desire and possessiveness in his voice as he drives his cock into his hole, faster, faster.

“Stuffed you full, breed you like you deserve. You’re never going to be satisfied with anybody’s cock but mine.” Stretching him further as he’s fucked steadily through the wall and into the ground in front of him. Zhongli sinks onto his forearms, body curved nearly into a downward dog as he takes his mounting in semi-resemblance of a traditional, omega mating position.

“Do you really like my cock that much, dumb little knot-slut?”

He couldn’t contain his moans, nails scratching the ground on the other side as he could only shake and shudder whenever he plunged into him. Harder and faster, the shape of his length filling him up as he spreads his walls, opens him up deeper and deeper as he tries to angle his hips so he could fuck into his prostrate - a strangled cry escaping his lips at the jolt of pleasure rushes through him.

“Should’ve fucked you sooner, if I knew you’d wanted it this bad,” He hears him groan. Thick trail of slick dripping from his hole, with each pull from Childe a glop of pre-cum and slick dripples onto the floor beneath them as well. “Dumb little slut like you, made to keep my cock warm, made to get fucked. Warm and snug, tight little hole, bet you want to get breed nice and plump, until you’re just pumping out litters and litters for me, don’t you”

“Maybe you really are just a whore, Zhongli-Xiansheng.”

The sound of their fucking so loud in the room. His pants and moans echo-ing in the cargo facility in the darkness. Tiny ‘ah, ah, ah’ escapes him but he couldn’t shut himself, couldn’t stop it with each lunge doubles in pace, becoming more frantic and animalistic in nature. “What are you going to do when you’re round and useless with my pups?” Childe’s cock feels so big inside, stretching him open around him, keeps him spread wide as he pulls him onto his length by the waist, fucked deep and hard. Rocking his body onto his cock. “Did you come here wanting to get fucked until you can’t walk, pretty little omega?”

“Look at what you got yourself into,” He hears the pleased groan in the alpha’s voice, so he squeezes even harder. Body jerking back and forth at the rhythm the alpha sets, now unco-ordinated, frenzied and rabid. The alpha is only taking his pleasure from him, but his omega makes him enjoy it. Feral in his own lust and wants, wanting to please, wanting to abide and submit to his mate’s needs.

“Being bred up by an alpha, the man you’ve been hunting down for the past year. Stuck in a wall, unable to do anything but let me sink my cock into you, use your body for my seeds. Keep you flooded with cum, pregnant. Keep my knot warm inside, all the time.”

He can imagine how it’ll look from the outside -- Childe fully clothed, fucking into him. His ass and pants wet with slick and pre-cum, staining the walls and floors and the fabric of his clothes with their fornication. Mounted without even his face being seen, used and pulled onto Childe’s cock as he thrusts into him at the same time. Used like a cocksleeve to receive his alpha’s cum. Heavy balls smacking against Zhongli’s thighs, the sound loud as his legs are smeared with his own slick.

“I’ll be so good to you, my pretty little whore,”

Each time the engorged cock plunges into him, it chokes a sound out of his throat. Zhongli couldn’t move away even if he wanted to, instead he found himself spreading his legs further apart, tilting his hips back to weakly thrust into the alpha’s length. The feeling of the swollen cock reaching deeper into him, spreading his passage open as it fits so snugly inside of his wet, wanton hole makes him clench and tries to milk his cock as best as he could.

“You made a mess on the ground, Zhongli-Xiansheng,”

The alpha’s precum pools inside of his hole, smearing against his walls and the inside of his body with the alpha’s scent and fluids. But it quickly gets taken out, slicking his rim and dribbling onto his ass when he pulls out again.

“You’re gonna clean it up later, right?”

He bounces his hips back as much as he could, fucks himself back onto the alpha’s cock. Zhongli wants him to fuck it in even deeper, so that there’s no way they could waste it. He likes the feeling of being full, plugged up tightly by the alpha’s cock and anything he could give him. Makes sure the precum stays inside his hole along with his cock, makes sure he doesn’t pull out fully.

“Ah, but what if you’re too dumb to know how to clean? Don’t worry, my pretty little cockslut. I’ll teach you how to do it,” The pressure and weight of the heavy cock inside of him makes him heady with lust, the friction against his rim, passage and ass makes him want to take his own needs. Zhongli’s hips ache, ass sore but he still bounces back onto the cock behind him. Feels it filling him up, pleasure and want lighting up his body until all he could do is fuck himself against it over and over, faster and harder.

“Dumb omega,” He hears him croon, a laugh dancing in his tone, clearly pleased and amused by his behaviour. “Finally want my knot in you? I might break you, you know.”

He keens high in his throat, then lewd moans escapes him, Zhongli’s body is lecherous as it betrays him further. His carnal needs outweighs his own logic or sense of propriety. But it must’ve stirred the alpha on, as he snaps his hips faster with reckless abandon. His body lights up in pleasure, feeling the knot rubbing against his hole - nudging against him each time the alpha fucks his cock in. Childe’s pace becomes jerkier, the thickness of the knot has Zhongli nearly drooling with want. Omega mind outweighing everything else around him, Zhongli’s hole clenches and squeezes, tries to milk and tug the alpha cock inside. Tries to lure him into fucking his knot in--

Thick cock encased in tight wet heat, the feeling of warm pulsing flesh and a bulbous knot sinking into hole. The alpha rolls his hips steadily, deep and slow. From frantic to thorough, carefully feeding his knot into Zhongli’s snug, drooling insides. He can hear him moan, satisfied and appeased as he fuck him slow and meticulously with his cock.

Zhongli is keening again, whines as he scratches the floor. Body shivering in pleasure as he feels himself gets plugged so full, finally, finally tied onto a knot. His body works to press back, hole milking and squeezing, the stimulation of the knot rubbing against his prostate has him moaning loud and low as he cums untouched from his cock. He can hear the alpha’s laugh behind him, hands gripping his ass as he grinds deeper into him, makes him roll at the same undiluted rhythm as his hips.

“Feeding my knot into your hole,” He hears his pants behind him, “Gonna get you plugged so full, hanging off my knot. Nowhere else for my cum to go except for deeper inside of you.”

Cum pours into him, floods his insides as the alpha’s cock gushes copious amounts of thick viscous seeds inside of his body. Potent and virile, Zhongli can’t help but shiver at the feeling of having his alpha’s cum filling him up completely. It drenches his insides, makes him feel heavy with the weight inside his body. Plugged up by the knot, it could only stream into his womb, deeper. Each splurge of the alpha’s cum makes sure his walls get bathed in his seed, surges the cum into his body. The torrent never stops, coming in abundance as he slowly bore a slight bulge to his lower stomach at how much he’s being filled with. There’s no way he isn’t bred up, now.

“Pretty little omega bitch,” he hears the alpha groan, “Maybe I’ll take you with me, keep you as my arm candy,”

Zhongli shivers, the image of him being dangled on Childe’s arms. Criminal syndicates, mongols and drug lords around them. Prettied up in jewels and bedazzled goods has his inner omega preening. With cum still pumping into his body, he opens his mouth and says:

“You talk a lot.”

He breathes it out, “Better take me away fast, then. You’re still under arrest.”

The siren blares behind them, suddenly only a street away. He can feel the alpha jerk, knot jolting inside his body, and Zhongli muffles his moans as he clenches tighter around him.

“You have the rights to remain silent.”

(Thank god he did.)




(Childe broke out of jail a few weeks into his incarceration. Zhongli finished his case, and had also mysteriously disappeared. Police searches are furtile, they remain missing for the rest of their lives under those names.)