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The Snake Breeder's Husband - A Letter

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When we both wore the rags from our fine college,
I went forth beside the river, seeking snakes.
You stumbled upon me, playing at being a heron,
Then runned through the grass, scattering the flowers.
And we continued living in Mineta:
Two eccentric natural philosophy students without fear or mistrust.
At 18, you married me and my traits.
I laughed not, thinking about reputations.
Lowering my head, I considered your eldritch candies.
Of all ways to secret knowledge, yours was easiest to take.

At 19 I sought to apply my knowledge to humans.
You are not useless because of lacking my blood.
Knowledge outlasted Monteon‘s destruction –
Why should we not continue Icanyke's tradition?

When I was 20, you left.
You went into the Oursouki Empire where conservative Bassan is spoken,
And you have been gone for five full months now.
Sasha and the other snakes are upset also.

You were not moving smoothly when you went forth.
Beside the door, mice and rats have been pickled.
I know not how many we may need!
The flowers have bloomed beautifully, with a warm spring.
The snakes are active this Kaliri,
Among our garden’s foliage.
They comfort me.
Our plans cannot wait forever.
If you return to Mineta through the standard route,
Please get a message to me through the best way,
And I will go forth into the busy parts of Mineta in order to meet you
As far as Rostra’s Temple.