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The Sunlight Faded

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Shiro stopped at the boutique she first found herself in front of a year ago. The wedding dress from before was still on display. She didn't know why she wanted to try it on. It was far too expensive and he wouldn't even see her in it. 


The fit was perfect. The gown flowed around her perfectly. The employees even complimented her. She was beautiful and for a small moment she could see it. An aisle of white flowers lining the pathway to the one that held her heart. The one that made her world full of sunshine.

It was silly of her to stay optimistic for so long back then, but she wanted to find the way out. Yet, no matter how much she struggled nothing changed and in the end she lost it all. Everything slipped from her grip.

Staring at the mirror she realized how unappealing she looked. No matter what everyone else saw she only saw the harsh truth.


There was nothing there, her eyes were empty.

Reality crashed into her and reminded her of the white void she had stared into for eternity. Happiness had already faded for her. What possessed her to try and cover up what couldn't be hidden. She changed her clothes and headed out as fast as she could.

"Why am I so stupid. What good did that do me? Why am I like this!"

She swallowed her sobs as she rounded the corner. She just needed to go home and rest. She let it get out of hand, but before she could even get around the corner she was grabbed. A hand slammed down over her mouth as she struggled and was dragged into the alley.

"You won't get away this time."

Shiro's instinct took over. How many times had they tried to take her? The times when those four weren't there was always the scariest, but she knew how to protect herself. She knew how to escape.

She threw her weigh back and brought her legs up as far as she could holding his forearm as leverage. She dropped quickly with thrown weight and her would be kidnapper stumbled forward. She bent over lower than the man expected and forced him to let go. All her movements precise as she grabbed ahold of his arm over her shoulder and threw him over her.

He hit the ground hard with a loud grunt and a heavy thud. Her next move was to run but the man was still quick enough to grab her ankle causing her to trip and hit the ground. She turned back and before she could attempt to kick him he was already stabbing her with a syringe.

She panicked but he held her leg even as she kicked his face. The moment the syringe left her body she felt weak. Light-headedness descended upon her swiftly and she clawed at the ground to drag herself away. If only to get to the main road to be seen. She needed to get away she couldn't let this man take her.

Her heart was stuttering as her throat constricted. "Somebody… please…"

Her voice wasn't even a whisper but she still tried not wanting to give up. She heard the man getting up and for a second sheer terror consumed her.

That was until the man standing over her hit the ground unconscious beside her. She almost felt relief until a boot landed near her face. The black boot was spotless and reminded her of combat boots. She knew this shoe. 

Slowly she looked up from the shoe and met golden eyes. He stared down at her, silver hair glinting in the moonlight. It reminded her of a moment lost in time. A moment in which she first met this person "I command you to sleep."

Shiro wanted to speak but she felt her body obey his command and she faded fast unable to do anything but comply.

When she woke up she was in her apartment. The small room was dark and cold as the heat was off at the moment, but none of that mattered because he was in the room and everything felt too small. It was stuffy and cramped in the tiny apartment with him looming so close to her.

"Finally," he spoke staring at her from the seat he had taken by her pallet. His annoyance was palpable as he reclined in the beanbag chair. His eyes almost aglow in the dark.

She never thought she'd be meeting this person again. She wasn't sure what she was feeling exactly. Only relief made itself known at the moment. 

"Thank you," she sat up pushing her hair from her forehead. The drug had ebbed off completely and she only felt slightly dizzy.

"Are you an idiot?" 

Shiro can't say she didn't expect such a response but hearing it was much different from knowing. "Yes"

Helios shifted in the chair his head tilted just a bit as he observed her. She wondered what he was thinking as he stared. His coat hung off one shoulder and his expression deadpanned the minute she turned her full attention to him.

"Not exactly?" she said looking down at her pastel plaid covers. He kept his attention on her and she wondered why he was here. She hadn't been keeping up with the events of this world. She had decided to stay away, but she found it strange that there were no events in the news to at least alert her. Black Swan was quiet. No virus or sudden comas. Just everyday news.

Helios was still eyeing her strangely. She waited for him to start, but he didn't. It was a waiting game between them with nothing but the moonlight and the distant sounds of traffic. 

"So what are you, really?" he gave up first. She never did answer his question. She never intended to, but the answer slipped out anyway, "A failure... attempting to forget that fact. Empty mostly."

He didn't reply right away but there was something odd in the way he turned from her. A hesitation lingering heavily on him. She'd seen it before. A perfect replica of the past. A perfect reflection of him.

Shiro's weak laughter broke the silence and he looked over to her. Glimmers of gold caught her attention more than once before she spoke, "Don't worry about me so much, I've already lived my life."

"Worried?" It sounded like she insulted him yet he still didn't move to leave.

She got up and turned on a light as she went to the kitchen. "Do you like sweets?"