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Huang Shaotian’s bag was making a weird noise. It was also weirdly heavy, considering that they were only away for two days. Everyone was aware of it but no one wanted to be the first one to point it out, certain that they’d just get an earful from their teammate about how all bags made noise when they were being dragged along a pavement and also it’s raining so don’t you have better things to do than ask me what I’ve packed- They had a headache just thinking about it.

So, no one said a word and Huang Shaotian continued to drag his weird bag towards the hotel.

Yu Wenzhou considered himself a polite man and he wasn’t often thrown off by the unexpected, had worked hard on his ability to remain calm no matter what. But this, this was really strange. Yu Wenzhou watched as Huang Shaotian unpacked his bag, at first everything was normal, clothes, Blue Rain uniform, the hairdryer was a little strange but he knew his sister preferred her hairdryer to the ones at hotels.

The second hairdryer was where it started getting weird.

And the snow globes. There were five of them. Yu Wenzhou knew this because his vice-captain lined them up carefully on the bedside table. They were all in various neon colours and one of them lit up when you shook it.

Maybe they were sentimental.

The snacks were what had Yu Wenzhou finally speaking up, it wasn’t that Huang Shaotian had brought snacks, it was the fact that the rest of his suitcase was filled with snacks, enough so it looked like he was planning to eat only what he had in his bag and nothing else.

“Shaotian,” the other’s head whipped up from where he was categorising his snacks, eyes bright and alert and Yu Wenzhou gestured to the piles, “do you think we won’t be fed this weekend?” When Huang Shaotian looked confused, Yu Wenzhou looked at the actual piles of food and his teammate flushed.

“I get hungry, I know they’ll feed us during the promotional event but sometimes things drag on and then I don’t get to eat until later but if I have snacks with me I won’t have to worry about that!” Yu Wenzhou hummed in acknowledgement, glad to see that he was right, that his vice-captain always had a reason, even if that reason wasn’t immediately apparent.

He frowned as he remembered a match from a few months ago where Huang Shaotian had darted out during the break and Yu Wenzhou had followed after him, concerned when it looked like his vice-captain was near tears. He’d found him standing in front of a vending machine, jabbing at the buttons, and swearing when it didn’t work.

“Shaotian?” His vice-captain had whipped around, surprise in his eyes and his foot mid-kick before his cheeks flared red and he stepped away.

“Ahhh captain I didn’t see you there, I didn’t know that you were hungry, I am also hungry so I came out here to get a snack but the machine ate my money and it won’t give the money back but it also won’t give me any food which is why I kicked it but I know I shouldn’t have, do you have any spare change captain?” Huang Shaotian’s smile was a fragile thing, wavering at the edges and Yu Wenzhou handed over his change, watching as his vice-captain visibly relaxed as he devoured the snack.

At the time, Yu Wenzhou hadn’t known why Huang Shaotian had looked that desperate, he hadn’t understood why he looked as if he was about to cry. He eyed the pile of snacks once more before he spoke, voice casual.

“Pack some healthy snacks next time.” Huang Shaotian nodded, smile crossing his lips. A smile that slid off his face as he started digging through his bag and Yu Wenzhou’s head tilted to the side. “Did you forget something Shaotian?” His vice-captain’s head collided with the bed and he seemed resigned.

“I forgot to pack a toothbrush.” Yu Wenzhou blinked.

“You remembered to pack two hairdryers, five snow globes and a mountain of snacks but you didn’t pack a toothbrush?”

“Hairdryers are important!” Huang Shaotian quailed under Yu Wenzhou’s disbelieving look digging around until he found his wallet and he grabbed his captain’s wrist before dragging him out of the room, chattering away all the while. “But you’re right, it’s also important that I brush my teeth and that means that I shall buy a toothbrush right now and I’ll bring you with me so that you can watch me buy the toothbrush so you can be reassured that I’m taking care of my teeth and that they won’t fall out as you watch.” Yu Wenzhou let himself get dragged away, smiling as he listened to his friend talk, voice attracting a lot of attention but Yu Wenzhou couldn’t help the fond look in his eyes.

While Huang Shaotian went muttering over the different toothbrushes, Yu Wenzhou wandered around the small shop, eyes suddenly catching on a bag of dried mango. He remembered thinking that Huang Shaotian should have healthier snacks in the event he got hungry and he gathered up some fruit, assorted nuts and a few cartons of milk, paying for everything and returning to where his vice-captain was still mulling over the toothbrushes.

“Captain look this blue is nearly the same colour blue as our team uniforms but then I thought that maybe a colour that doesn’t match, but compliments the uniform would be best, so it’s between this blue and this really nice purple, the purple is actually kind of like Swoksaar, isn’t that neat captain, that’s neat but which one do you like?”

“The purple one.” Yu Wenzhou didn’t understand why the toothbrush had to compliment the colour of their uniforms but if Huang Shaotian thought it was important then he was willing to agree and give the matter some thought.

And if indulging his vice-captain earns him a bright smile that settles in his chest and warms him through?

Well that’s his business and no one else’s.

Huang Shaotian was jittery. Yu Wenzhou was used to keeping an eye on his team when they were taking part interviews and promotional photos and though everyone was flagging, Huang Shaotian seemed more on edge than most. Admittedly, the mix up with the transport, followed by a technical issue (something with the lights or cameras, Yu Wenzhou didn’t quite catch it) had everyone impatiently waiting to go back to the hotel and collapse.

Yu Wenzhou spotted Huang Shaotian gnawing slightly on the edge of his thumb, gaze flickering over to their bags longingly and it hit him all at once.

The snacks he’d seen Huang Shaotian packing before they left, the fact that he couldn’t eat any of them because they were loud and crunchy and may be picked up by the microphones. He slipped away to his own backpack, rummaging around in it as quietly as possible, ignoring the glare from the assistant. He would usually be more apologetic but Huang Shaotian’s eyes were bright under the stage lights and Yu Wenzhou wasn’t entirely certain it was just the lighting making them that way.

From the way Huang Shaotian fell upon the dried mango and little carton of milk as if they were the best thing he’d ever tasted, he’d been near the end of his rope. Yu Wenzhou found himself distracted from his own interview when Huang Shaotian went rummaging through his backpack in search for more snacks, handing them around, like a proud squirrel sharing his hoard.

After the interviews and photos were all finished and they were finally released back to their hotel, Huang Shaotian sidled up to Yu Wenzhou on the bus, eyes sharp and flickering all over his face, clearly searching for something in his gaze.

“You had snacks captain, in your bag, so many snacks and I know you don’t snack, at least you don’t snack all the time, I remember when you were working and I brought you a muffin, and you looked at the muffin, you looked at it and you said, in a very serious captain voice “I don’t snack Shaotian but thank you, do you remember, do you remember the muffin? I know that it was also because you don’t like blueberries but you also didn’t eat the almond cookies you really like, the ones your grandma sent, I know you like those because you did your really scary stare when you told me not to eat them so why do you have so many snacks captain? Did you change your mind about snacking, is that it-?”

“They were for you Shaotian. Healthier snacks and quieter too.” Huang Shaotian’s mouth snapped shut, eyes wide as he processed the information before he lit up, expression bright and delighted.

“Captain did you know that you’re really the best captain, I said it in my interview, I said the other pros can fight me on it, but you’re clearly the best captain, I should get a shirt that says that, for you, one that says best captain on it and then I can wear one that says fight me because I should, I should fight anyone who says you aren’t-“

“No shirts Shaotian,” Yu Wenzhou worried about the consequences of Huang Shaotian wearing a t-shirt that explicitly invited people to come and fight him. He simply kept his stare flat and unwavering until Huang Shaotian sighed, sound dramatically disappointed.

“No shirts then, but you’re still the best captain you got me snacks, always the best captain!” Yu Wenzhou knew that Huang Shaotian’s sunny smile was sincere and he was thankful for the snacks. He also knew that his vice-captain was working to find a way around the disapproval of the shirts but decided that there were better things to focus on right now.

Like the way Huang Shaotian was glowing with delight and Yu Wenzhou couldn’t help the way his gaze was drawn to him. Even if he was worried he might be blinded, he couldn’t help but look.

Huang Shaotian wasn’t entirely sure when it happened. When he started to look at Yu Wenzhou and notice the way his hands were graceful and elegant. The way his clothes pulled tight at his shoulders, the curve of his lips when he smiled, the long line of his neck, the way his shirts would sometimes ride up when he was working out and offered a peek at his stomach-


The point was that Huang Shaotian couldn’t tell when Yu Wenzhou became more than his captain, more than his friend. When he looked over and began wanting more, wanting to reach out and touch, trace mindless patterns over Yu Wenzhou’s skin, hold him close and crawl into the bed after him when he had to pull his captain away from his computer late at night.

But he couldn’t do any of that.

Yu Wenzhou was his friend, his friend, his captain, his partner and Huang Shaotian refused to do anything that endangered that, refusing to risk the loss of what he had.

So, he tried other ways to satisfy his overwhelming need to do things for Yu Wenzhou.

Like carrying a bottle of the fancy infused water, that he thought tasted like flower petals but wet, that Yu Wenzhou liked to drink. Making sure he kept a scarf in his bag, the nice smelling massage oil for when Yu Wenzhou’s hands grew cramped or a headache built up behind his eyes.

He barely noticed when Yu Wenzhou stopped carrying these things, content to trust Huang Shaotian to bring them.

He only noticed when he spotted Zheng Xuan murmuring something to Yu Feng that made their Berserker snicker and Huang Shaotian zeroed in on the conversation, bounding over and slinging an arm around Zheng Xuan’s shoulder, Yu Feng ducking out of the way easily. Huang Shaotian missed the betrayed look Zheng Xuan offered the other player, a look that was returned with a shrug.

“What were you laughing about, was it something actually funny or was it like that time you were laughing at a dog for not reason, laughing laughing laughing and not explaining to poor vice-captains what the joke was, you even had captain laughing, even when he tried to hide it, he was still laughing, I could see it-“

“We were making a joke about your backpack.”

“What about my backpack, is there something on it, did you stick a note to it again, that’s so childish Zheng Xuan you shouldn’t engage in childish pranks-“

“Your backpack is the captain’s backpack, you have all his things, his water, gum and stuff for headaches and he carries your snacks and hats and all those throat lozenges that you need when you talk too much.”

“I don’t-“ Huang Shaotian didn’t have anything to say in response and his teammates took the opportunity to escape before he could recover enough to continue. “Our backpacks are different!” Huang Shaotian noticed he was yelling at an empty training room and he flushed, escaping off to his room where he dumped out the contents of his bag.

Surely the other two were just exaggerating.

Huang Shaotian was faced with the overwhelming evidence that his teammates were right and that his backpack was essentially for Yu Wenzhou’s use alone. Now that he took the time to think about it, his captain did spend more time rummaging through his backpack rather than his and Huang Shaotian didn’t ever reach into his own if he needed something.

He even carried that brand of lip balm that Yu Wenzhou likes except he had been thinking about swapping it out for another brand that didn’t make his captain’s lips so shiny. It was distracting and unfair for poor innocent Blade Masters who definitely didn’t walk into walls when captains who were too pretty for their own good wet their lips.

Definitely not.

Huang Shaotian packed the assortment of items away again, making sure he hadn’t forgotten anything, smile on his face as he remembered all the times Yu Wenzhou had needed something that he’d been able to provide.

He resolutely ignored the time Yu Feng tried to offer a stick of gum and he’d stomped on his foot subtly. In his defence, Yu Wenzhou didn’t even like that flavour of gum, even if Yu Feng had kicked his leg later in retribution.

Huang Shaotian patted his backpack happily, deciding that he was pleased with carrying his captain’s backpack, even if his teammates liked to tease.

He was content.

It was season six and they’d won.

It was season six and the trophy was in their hands.

It was season six and everything was bright and beautiful and Huang Shaotian swore he could taste the joy.

It was season six and Huang Shaotian caught sight of Yu Wenzhou and thought that he was the brightest, the most beautiful and his heart ached in his chest.

Yu Wenzhou was gazing out at the crowd, seemingly unbothered by the bright lights and his face was awash with the glow of the stage but there was something else there as well. Something that even Huang Shaotian, who prided himself on being able to read every single one of Yu Wenzhou’s expressions, couldn’t figure out.

He found his captain when they were off the stage, he was out of the way, apart from the noise, the screaming and he seemed at peace. Huang Shaotian began to leave, not wanting to disturb his captain but he stumbled into the wall and Yu Wenzhou turned, spotting him even as Huang Shaotian tried to turn invisible through sheer force of will.

“That didn’t work when I caught you stealing lollipops from Doctor Cao and it won’t work now Shaotian.” He opened his eyes to see Yu Wenzhou smiling at him, eyes bright and fond.

And Huang Shaotian was tired of holding everything back, tired of pretending that he didn’t want to take Yu Wenzhou’s hand and hold it as long as he was allowed to. The adrenaline of victory was still singing in his veins, still making him bold and fearless and he found himself in front of Yu Wenzhou and he reached up and pressed his mouth against his captain’s.

Yu Wenzhou was terrifyingly still for a few long minutes before his arms were wrapping around Huang Shaotian, pulling him close, pressing him against his body as if he’d been waiting too long for this. Huang Shaotian gasped out in delight, breaking away to pepper light kisses all over Yu Wenzhou’s face, his cheek, his chin, his nose, his forehead, very important to kiss his forehead-

“Why my forehead Shaotian?” Huang Shaotian realised all at once that he was murmuring his thoughts under his breath and he took in Yu Wenzhou’s soft, besotted smile and was certain his expression was identical.

“That’s where your brain is, your beautiful beautiful brain, have to appreciate that captain, have to appreciate every part of you, you’re so perfect, so perfect and I get to tell you all these things now and you can’t stop me, you have to listen to it all!”

“I’ll always listen to you Shaotian.” The words were heavy with a promise and Huang Shaotian blinked away the tears, curling into Yu Wenzhou’s embrace until they could put off the interview no longer.

The press noticed the way Huang Shaotian was jittery, leg bouncing, seemingly unable to sit still in his excitement. Despite the slight chastisement in Yu Wenzhou’s eyes for making the table vibrate under the force of his leg bouncing, his captain was clearly ecstatic, just better at remaining calm.

“Vice-captain Huang, is your good mood because of your victory tonight?” Huang Shaotian’s eyes were bright with mischief as he replied.

“I had two wins tonight and two prizes.” His face broke out into a massive grin as he refused to elaborate, despite reporters clamouring for a clarification.

And if Yu Wenzhou’s ears tinted pink?  Well that was between them and them alone.

Huang Shaotian was excited about something. His gaze was completely focused on the paperwork, lips moving, occasionally murmuring under his breath as he went through the reports they needed to submit to management. After their championship, there were a slew of new sponsorship offers, more investment interest and a push for more advertisement.

Which meant more paperwork.

Yu Wenzhou huffed out a quiet laugh when his boyfriend dramatically pressed the last key on his keyboard, gaze flicking to Yu Wenzhou immediately, quiet expectation written across his face.

Well, perhaps not that quiet, considering the noise of Huang Shaotian’s fingers tapping restlessly against the desk.

“Yes Shaotian, I’m finished too, what is it?”

He was presented with a small object, wrapped in pale blue tissue paper. Huang Shaotian wriggled in his seat slightly, like a dog presenting a gift that he was very proud of and Yu Wenzhou smiled internally at the image. He began carefully, an painstakingly slowly, peeling off the tape, watching as Huang Shaotian looked at him with betrayal.

“Captain you’re picking on me, you’re really picking on me it’s unfair, it’s not fair, I know you like to move slowly but I already had to wait and if I wait any longer I might die, do you want that on your conscience captain? The death of me, of your boyfriend, of Blue Rain’s beloved vice-captain, gone forever because I died when you opened a gift so slowly I died of old age!”

“I’ve opened it now Shaotian,” Yu Wenzhou couldn’t keep the amusement out of his voice at Huang Shaotian’s dramatics and it took him a few seconds to register what he was looking at.


More precisely, keychains of two very familiar avatars and Huang Shaotian was watching him expectantly.

“They’re for our backpacks captain, so when we go out places, we can always keep track of our bags, see aren’t I clever captain, you can write your name on them see, you can make sure that your backpack never goes missing- captain captain that’s Troubling Rain, you play Swoksaar, is your eyesight getting so bad, do you need new glasses?”

“But my backpack is for you. So, it should have your avatar. And then I know that you’re always near me.” Huang Shaotian stopped dead in his tracks, eyes scanning over his boyfriend, blinking rapidly until the words seemed to register properly.

“You cannot say things like without a warning Wenzhou, are you really plotting my death? First with the slowness, now with nice things that make my heart stop, you have to be more considerate of the delicate hearts of your vice-captains Wenzhou!”

“Vice-captain,” Yu Wenzhou reached out to brush gentle fingers against Huang Shaotian’s cheek, “I only have one vice-captain and he’s the best.”

And what else could Huang Shaotian do but clamber into his boyfriend’s lap and kiss him at that? There was simply no other way forward, he’d looked over all the options very carefully and he was right.

The team took in the new keychains with bright amusement, asking Huang Shaotian if he planned to switch classes, watching him spring into action, pointing out who needed to switch class if they had their captain, who would ever need a new Warlock if there was Yu Wenzhou there to play. Yu Wenzhou pressed a kiss to his hand and Huang Shaotian grinned up at him before continuing to defend his boyfriend’s honour.

The best thing about dating Yu Wenzhou was being able to curl up in his captain’s bed. Well, actually there were many best things about dating Yu Wenzhou, if he actually started to make a list, he’d never have time for anything else and then he’d neglect everything so it was better not to try and make the list.

But what made sleeping in Yu Wenzhou’s bed the best was learning that his calm, collected, rumoured to have ice in his veins captain was a wriggly sleeper.

Huang Shaotian first discovered this when he woke up, cold and shivery because his boyfriend had somehow shifted their positions so that Yu Wenzhou had the covers wrapped around his torso and his head hanging half off the bed.

It was actually very difficult to get his boyfriend back onto the bed and Huang Shaotian made the mental note to train with weights more often to ensure he could manoeuvre Yu Wenzhou properly like this.

Once Yu Wenzhou was safely back on the bed, it was easy enough to curl back into his arms, snuggling back into the warmth and falling back asleep. And if Yu Wenzhou shivered a little when Huang Shaotian pressed his nose into his shoulder, well he shouldn’t have stolen the blankets in the first place.

The absolute best best part of it though, was when Huang Shaotian brought it up and he got to watch the pink flush spread prettily across Yu Wenzhou’s cheeks and slowly down the back of his neck. He had to wriggle his way into his captain’s lap to see the colour more closely and it was just as good up close as it had been further away, plus he was now in his captain’s lap so it was a win all around.

“I always shift in my sleep, I didn’t mean to wake you-“ Yu Wenzhou went quiet when Huang Shaotian pressed a finger against his lips, still smiling.

“I have come up with a solution already, I know exactly what to do, do not worry captain.” Yu Wenzhou blinked, clearly ready to listen carefully and Huang Shaotian felt the urge to press a kiss to his cheek. So he did. “The solution is for me to hold you more tightly, it’s a great solution, you can then hear everything I say to tease me with later and I get to stay warm.”

“If you tell Troubling Rain not to feed me more pickles then I have to tease you about it Shaotian. It’s unavoidable.”

The best way to stop Yu Wenzhou from looking up at him like that, all gentle with laughter in his eyes, was to kiss him. He always had to look away before he turned into a puddle of mush when Yu Wenzhou looked at him like that.

His new solution worked perfectly, Yu Wenzhou still caught fragments of his dreams, he never woke up cold again, and he always woke up perfectly pressed up against his boyfriend.

Yu Wenzhou wasn’t sure when he got in the habit of doodling Huang Shaotian in the margins of his notebooks. Maybe the first time he got distracted by the way he lit up when he laughed, or that time when their friendship was still in its infancy, when Huang Shaotian had wielded a chopstick with the same gusto as Troubling Rain and managed to hurl it at Fang Shijing’s head.

The man had simply stared at them, clearly unimpressed before leaving. It was at that moment that Yu Wenzhou realised how much he liked to see Huang Shaotian move. It was unnatural when he was still, like the weeks after Wei Chen’s- their captain’s departure.

Even if he couldn’t pinpoint the exact moment he started to doodle Huang Shaotian, it was a habit that never went away.

Tiny Huang Shaotians decorated the margins of his notebooks, often waving things in his hands, food, pencils, the book he’d grabbed from Zheng Xuan to try and get him to react- the list was endless.

The first person to see the doodles was Wang Jiexi. He dropped his notebook, Wang Jiexi scooped it up before pausing at the quick sketch of Huang Shaotian’s smiling face. His mismatched eyes seemed far too knowing as he handed the notebook back and Yu Wenzhou cursed his flush that only seemed to confirm what the other player thought.

“Does he know?”

“Of course not.”

“You should tell him.” Before Yu Wenzhou could muster a response to that, Wang Jiexi was already walking away back over to where his team was and he could only stare at his retreating back.

Yu Wenzhou snapped his notebook shut and dropped it back into his bag, re-joining his own team and letting Huang Shaotian’s chatter wash over him, grounding him. It wasn’t like Wang Jiexi would say anything and he pushed the thoughts aside in favour of focusing on his upcoming match.

Nowadays, Huang Shaotian not only knew about the doodles in the notebooks, he liked to contribute himself. Now the tiny Huang Shaotians and Troubling Rains had little speech or thought bubbles floating over their heads, filled with Huang Shaotian’s writing.

Best captain! Said one.

Remember to drink! Cried another.

Kisses are important! Many of them claimed.

Yu Wenzhou couldn’t help the smile that broke out every time he caught sight of the little messages, often going to find his boyfriend when he saw a new one. Huang Shaotian would be ready for his hug when he arrived and Yu Wenzhou would murmur thanks into his hair in between kisses, content to just hold him for a while.

“Shaotian.” Yu Wenzhou stared at the contents in the box, both unsure of what he was looking at and completely certain that he knew what these were. He asked anyway. “What are these?”

Huang Shaotian pulled the t-shirts out of the box, shook them out enthusiastically as he showed them off, delight radiating off him as he let Yu Wenzhou read the writing emblazoned across the front.

Best captain! It read with Fight Huang Shaotian below it in smaller letters and brackets. The other t-shirt had I’m Huang Shaotian with Fight me! PKPKPKPK! Written underneath. They were self-explanatory but Huang Shaotian lunged into the explanation anyway.

“Do you remember when you said that I couldn’t make the t-shirts, that I shouldn’t, but I thought, I was thinking very carefully, and then I remembered, that you said that before I kissed you, you said it before I kissed you and told you I wanted to date you, and most importantly you said it before I told you I love you.” Huang Shaotian placed the first t-shirt on Yu Wenzhou’s lap before continuing, “and because you said no t-shirts all that time ago, I thought you could have changed your mind about it all, because it’s been so many years since we debuted, it’s been so many years that I can’t remember how many, which means you must have changed your mind about the t-shirts by now, look at them captain, they’re so nice, and they’re soft too, feel feel!”

Yu Wenzhou obediently felt the fabric and he had to agree that the material was particularly soft. He still wasn’t convinced that the t-shirts were a good idea and he said as much.

“But that’s the best part captain, it’s the absolute best part, these aren’t for wear outside, well, you don’t have to wear yours outside, I can wear mine though, but they can be comfortable shirts to wear when you want to be comfortable and they will remind you that you’re the best captain, the absolute best captain in the whole alliance whenever you see them. Isn’t it great?”

“Once.” Huang Shaotian blinked, grin slowly spreading across his face as Yu Wenzhou huffed out a quiet, defeated sigh. “I’ll wear the t-shirts in public once.” It’s worth it for the smile that spread across Huang Shaotian’s face, t-shirts back in the box to free up Yu Wenzhou’s lap so Huang Shaotian could press kisses to every available inch of his captain’s face, murmuring best captain every time he paused for a breath.

Yu Wenzhou wrapped an arm around his husband’s waist, steadying him as he captured his lips in a deep kiss, making Huang Shaotian grin before returning the kiss, pressing himself closer to Yu Wenzhou, hands slipping up the back of his shirt to clutch at his back.

He knew, on some level, that agreeing to wear the shirts outside once, would likely result in him wearing the shirts in public many more times than once. Because the first time would have Huang Shaotian full of delight, bouncing around with every step and finding a way to show off their t-shirts to anyone who seemed like they were even slightly interested.

Like how after they’d got married, Huang Shaotian had waved his new ring in everyone’s face, nearly punching a few people in his excitement to proclaim that they were married that they were married and that Yu Wenzhou was his husband.

Just the memory had Yu Wenzhou smiling and it, along with Huang Shaotian nipping at his neck, had him sufficiently distracted from the impending promise to wear the shirts in public.

When he’s finally called upon to fulfil his promise, the pictures of Huang Shaotian’s beaming delight and his own lovesick gaze invite an influx of teasing from their fellow pros. But his husband’s joy at the pictures wipe the thoughts of the good-natured mocking from his mind and somehow, Yu Wenzhou isn’t sure the details, Huang Shaotian extracts another promise to wear the shirts again.

But just then, Huang Shaotian was warm in his lap, his ring was a reassuring weight on his finger and everything else could wait.