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Night Rises and Morning Sets

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There was a horde of misshapen beings beneath him. They were making either ugly wailing voices, or pathetic growls from so many mouths that littered on their skin. Moonlight had yet to reach this particular alley, filthy and damp, with a powerfully acrid scent that made him want to retch. He sat, cross-legged, on top of one building that wasn't too tall from them, lips pulling back to a scowl and crimson eyes observing them with nothing but abhorrence.

"I'm such a hypocrite." He huffed in boredom, fist resting against his cheek as they formed a humongous blob of eyes, mouths, and hands, all of them reaching for him. He slowly came up to a stand, barely avoiding three hands rushing to his direction. The attack grew a hole on the poor roof, and he rolled his eyes because of that.

"Tch, what a nuisance." He held another attack with his palm alone, cringing at the way that monstrous creature howled out loud in pain from their contact with his blazing cursed energy. He didn't even attack back, and they were already pained? Unbelievable. "Weak curses like you is something that I loathe so much. Goodnight."

With a small flick of his fingers, the curse was split into various slices, neatly and inaudibly. Their pieces fell onto the alley's flaccid ground with a hiss, fading into nothing in mere seconds. It sent a wave of quaint nostalgia, but he chose to ignore it.

He watched as the last of their remnants being swallowed by the darkness of the night before he glanced to his watch. His eyes bulged from their sockets right after. "Damn it, it's almost three! I better go back really soon!" Even though he had to report to his supervisor, he figured he could just postpone it until morning. His supervisor was a jerk anyway, why should he waste his time just to speak to him, and not to mention they could discuss it later in school?

For now, he should go home and have the rest of his sleep that he clearly deserved.



"Nii-chan!! Nii-chan, wake up!!"

Sukuna hadn't even groaned or rolled to the side to tell his younger twin that he didn't to be awake just yet, but then a splash of cold water hit his face with full force, and Sukuna jumped out of his bed. "YUUJI!!!!!"

"I HAD TO, NII-CHAN!! WE'RE ALMOST LATE!!" Yuuji yelled back in his defense, already clad in Jujutsu High gakuran and his bag was slung over his shoulder as his other hand was holding a half-empty water bottle.

Sukuna relented with low growls along the way, while Yuuji chuckled in triumph. He took a quick shower, hankering to remove reeks of curses from his body, snatched his breakfast and opted to eat them on the way to school, then finally locked the front door before he and Yuuji departed. All of it under ten minutes. Sukuna was used in doing everything quickly and with precision, so it was no problem for him.

Sukuna was munching onto his breakfast (it wasn't anything big, just three onigiri, but Yuuji's cooking was always fulfilling, no matter what) when Yuuji chirped beside him. "Nii-chan, did you get enough sleep last night? You look kind of worn out..." He asked, eyeing Sukuna's face in worry.

"Nightmare." Sukuna lied, and both knew it was an awful one. Sukuna got the so-called nightmares often of his countless massacre in the past, but since it was pleasing for him, he could almost call them good dreams. A reminder of what he was capable of and what strength he once wielded. Of who he was back then, and he never got a bad night from those. So yeah, it was a terrible lie.

But Yuuji didn't prod, and it received him an affectionate ruffle that Yuuji frowned at (though Sukuna could see the brat lean into his touch, and it made him snicker).

Yuuji waited until Sukuna finished his last onigiri before they ran with inhuman speed to school (don't run when you eat, brats). Sukuna relished in the way the cool morning breeze became wild by his strides, swaying his slicked strawberry locks ceaselessly. The anger he had earlier from Yuuji's abrupt method to wake him up was gone along with the wind, and it was refreshing.

"Yuuji-kun! Sukuna-kun! Just in time!" Sukuna didn't have to react as Gojou-sensei popped out of nowhere near the class and smothered his twin with an embrace from behind. Yuuji squeaked in surprise, but then he laughed along with their teacher when he realized who was giving him a hug.

"Hands off him, sensei. You're always so clingy, I can't believe you're almost thirty." Sukuna scoffed as he tugged at Gojou-sensei's collar and pulled him away from Yuuji. Gojou-sensei's laugh was prolonged by his action, and he kept smiling wide even until they entered the class. 

"Such a man child." Sukuna murmured darkly as he propped his chin with his palm. Just because the two of them were dating, that didn't mean Gojou-sensei could get all lovey-dovey with Yuuji in front of him. If it wasn't for the laws of humanity, he would already slice the teacher into pieces.

Ah, talking about pieces, I should report last night events to him. Sukuna mused as he paid attention to Gojou-sensei's lesson quite begrudgingly. He was a great teacher, sure, but he was really an insane sorcerer.

As the lesson ended, Sukuna approached his teacher who was collecting their books, and Gojou-sensei realized his presence before he could even open his mouth to speak. "Sensei, I need to talk to you."

Gojou-sensei hummed, nonchalant and calm as always. "Sure, sure! Follow me then!" He exclaimed cheerily, and Sukuna was glad his classmates were too busy chatting to each other to listen. Though Sukuna had to admit, he could feel the weight of Yuuji's muddled gaze from his seat. 

He didn't spare his twin a single glance when he exited the class with Gojou-sensei.



"Oh, it was a Grade 2 Curse? Interesting." Gojou-sensei rubbed his chin, mosaic blue eyes shimmering at Sukuna behind his black shades. "You killed it, right?"

Sukuna rolled his eyes. "Of course I did. They were nothing I couldn't handle. I could even kill them in my sleep just fine."

"As expected." Gojou-sensei chuckled, his tone sharpening on the edge. "To think the former King of Curses is willing to become a Jujutsu Sorcerer, I thought I was dreaming!"

"Don't get your hopes too high, I do this only for the brat's sake. He already had enough bullshit from the past." Sukuna kicked a stray pebble on the ground, crimson eyes casting down. "And well, he's not that bad as a brother either. He's like a housewife sometimes, with his chores in cooking and cleaning the house and all."

"Right?!" Gojou-sensei cooed excitedly, it made Sukuna click his tongue in exasperation. "Yuuji-kun is a perfect for me, who's the strongest, haha! He might be unable to see and fight curses here, but he still has the strength I admire so greatly!!"

"Take his innocence and I swear I'll use Malevolent Shrine on you."

"Oooohh, sweet! Well, I can't wait to use Immeasurable Void on you, then!"

Thankfully the bell rang before Sukuna could use Cleave on his teacher, and Gojou-sensei patted his shoulder with a wide, creepy grin that said "Good work". Sukuna's eyes narrowed judgingly at the hand on his shoulder, and he bloomed a tiny grin of his own. "I don't need your gratitude, sensei."

With a simple rise of his forefinger, Gojou-sensei's hand went flying from his shoulder in one, clean invisible cut. His teacher guffawed as he healed it with Reverse Cursed Technique in mere seconds, the loss of his hand was as if an entertainment of its own. Blood hadn't even dripped from his wrist, and Sukuna was glad for he would absolutely hate it if he caught a splatter of blood on his gakuran.

He and Gojou-sensei glanced at the severed, bleeding hand on the ground, and his teacher picked it up so easily as if it was nothing serious. "You know, maybe we could keep my hand as a decoration for Halloween."

"Just give it to Ieiri-sensei. I'm sure she'd be delighted in we sent her your hand."

"Great idea! I'll give this to her right away!"



Maybe it was because of Gojou-sensei's powerful aura, or Sukuna's bristling energy, but Sukuna noticed that curses were lurking openly more often. During day when he studied and Gojou-sensei taught, it was other sorcerer's job, but when it was night, the job was theirs. Gojou-sensei took care of the curses outside Tokyo, while Sukuna took care of those inside the town.

It caused him to lose his crucial hours of sleep. Of course, Sukuna could freshen his brain with Reverse Cursed Technique anytime, but that wasn't the problem here.

Yuuji was starting to get more suspicious.

Sukuna knew his twin was no fool, he never was. Sometimes when Sukuna was too ticked off with the swelling amount of curses, he entered the house with less swift movements. Yuuji had commented of how he heard odd noises at night lately, and Sukuna almost cursed at himself.

Then, even though Sukuna had suppressed his cursed energy, it seemed his presence alone was enough to lure those lowly curses. More than once Sukuna found them inching towards his twin, and they were cut into micro pieces in no time. Yuuji often craned his neck over his shoulder, Sukuna's honed hearing caught him mumbling about something he sensed behind his back.

At school, Gojou-sensei called him to his office more frequently to discuss about the curses. As far as Sukuna knew, only his teacher who knew about who he actually was. In this world, Ryoumen Sukuna the King of Curses didn't exist, and so Sukuna was classified as a Special Grade Sorcerer along with Gojou-sensei instead of a Special Grade Curse. He wasn't as strong as his previous form, but he was still powerful, nevertheless.

And Yuuji looked forlorn because of that.

Gojou-sensei never stopped showering his twin with affection and love, both on school ground or outside, but Yuuji masked his suspicion really well (to others, anyway). Though Sukuna doubted his teacher was blind about it. Gojou-sensei still had that Six Eyes, and it really missed nothing. 



One night, Sukuna was bathed in the blood of his past slaughters, where everything was soaked in red and he was accompanied by severed limbs and the echoing bellows of those pathetic humans. Then the reminiscent was cut off by a sudden jingle from his phone on the nightstand. Sukuna opened his eyes and groaned inaudibly, hand stretching sideways to fetch his phone. Who the hell texted him in the middle of the night and pulled him from his mesmerizing slumber?!

Special Grade, two kilometers on your east.
I'd love to take care of it myself, but Principal Yaga sent me to Kyoto to play with another Special Grade and a bunch of Grade 1.
Good luck, Sukuna-kun :)

"Damn it." Sukuna murmured under his breath. He rolled himself out of the bed, rummaging through his wardrobe for a thicker attire since it was nearing winter. He already clicked the window open, but he froze as he sensed movements nearby.

"Suku-nii, where are you going?" Yuuji sat up groggily on his bed, rubbing the sleep away from his eyes. Sukuna almost facepalmed at the realization of them sleeping in one room.

"Go back to sleep, Yuuji."

"Tell that yourself, nii-chan. It's one in the morning, where are you going?"

Yuuji had left the bed to approach him. Sukuna's breath hitched as Yuuji held his face in his palms, his expression solemn and accepting no evasion. Sukuna rebelled in his hold, but his shoulder slackened at the reminder of Yuuji's unwavering strength. 

"Yuuji, let me go."

"Would nii-chan leave me like grampa did if I do let you go?"

Sukuna's jaws clenched, and he cupped his twin's hands in return. "What? Are you afraid of me leaving you? Don't be ridiculous."

"Then tell me." Yuuji insisted, his honey-coloured eyes boring deep into Sukuna's soul. "You and Gojou-sensei have been so distant lately. I know there's something wrong. We've promised to never hide anything from each other, haven't we?" Yuuji bloomed a meek grin. "Is nii-chan going to cross your own words?"

"So stubborn, brat." Sukuna huffed, and he bumped his forehead to Yuuji's lightly, an act that the inner King of Curses of him scowled at. But whilst Sukuna always embraced his ruthless side, he kept his humanly side for Yuuji safe and sound at anytime. 

"Fine, but after you count to three."

Yuuji chuckled, how fragile it sounded. "And then you're going to leave me, right?"

"Just for tonight." Sukuna smirked back, flaunting his canine fangs. "Nii-chan will be back in two hours, don't fret too much like a spoiled brat. In the morning I'll tell you everything you want to know. I'll even drag Gojou-sensei as well. How's that sound, my dearest Yuuji?"

Yuuji smiled and closed his eyes, exhaling submissively. His breath hit Sukuna's face like the warmest of summer breeze, and he was itching to ease his twin's worries for the whole night. Too bad he had a Special Grade Curse to obliterate. "Sounds great."

"Good boy. Start counting for me, then?"

"Okay. Three..."

Sukuna gently pried Yuuji's hands from his face, and Yuuji let him.


Sukuna caressed Yuuji's cheek with the back of his fingers, and Yuuji's smile grew wider.


Sukuna leaned forward to kiss Yuuji's forehead, and Yuuji's tense muscles loosened at the tiny cursed energy Sukuna exerted to his skin. He caught the fainted boy into his arms, cradling him close to his chest. Yuuji's breath was normal, and his eyelids were closed firmly but not tightly. He was truly at ease in this moment, and it drew a soft laugh from Sukuna.

He put his twin back to the bed, tucking him under the blanket and ruffling his messy strawberry locks fondly. "Have a sweet dream, Yuuji. We're going to have a really pleasant talk with Gojou-sensei in the morning, I assure you."

With that Sukuna left, heading toward the east with his crimson eyes shimmering violently under the silver moonlight. A feral grin was gracing his face, and he had no doubt many low curses were tailing him.

Maybe after this, he could slip onto Yuuji's bed and have the boy snuggling close to him like the old times. That would be nice.

(Then in the morning, he would slash his teacher's arms apart from his shoulders since it was his fault he got a task in the midnight that lead to Yuuji finding out about their night occupations)