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Frozen Bloodline

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Tommy held onto the railing as he looked out at the ocean, watching it slowly turn from iceberg minefields to open and empty sea. It was still cold enough for Tommy to wear his fur cape and it was absolutely boring. His excitement from the past two weeks of finally getting to leave the Antarctic Empire for the first time, no the visits to the Embassy didn’t count, wore off.

It was Wilbur’s idea, of course. He was the one to convince Phil and Techno to let them leave. Wilbur told them that he wanted to find his place in the world and Tommy just wanted to follow.

It was three days into a week trip to whatever kingdom Tommy and his brother were going to and he was bored. Tommy sighed while staring at the ocean. Four more days to go. Just four long, boring more days.

“Hey, Tommy,” Wilbur said, shaking Tommy out of his daze. “What are you looking at?”

“Nothing, why?” Tommy asked, turning around.

“It seemed to keep you interested for the past fifteen minutes. Not that I wasn’t complaining, but you being quiet for more than a minute usually means something is very wrong or you’re asleep.” Wilbur explained sitting down on a bench that Tommy swore wasn’t there before.

“I zoned out, is that what you want to hear, bitch. I’m bored.”

“Really? The great Prince Theseus, bored. I never would’ve thought of that.” The sarcasm was painfully obvious as Wilbur spoke.

“Very funny Will,” Tommy rolled his eyes at the usage of his real name. It was such a weird name in Tommy’s opinion, it felt unnatural to him and it was all Techno’s fault. No one really called him ‘Theseus’ unless it was at an important event that he was forced to attend, or Wilbur and Techno were mocking him. “But I am the greatest man here.”

“Says the fifteen year old child who’s never been in a real fight.” Wilbur noted as Tommy practically jumped onto the bench.

“I’m not a child!” Tommy insisted. “And I’ve been in and won more fistfights than you and Techno combined.”

“I remember most of the time it was Techno and I were the ones winning them for you.” The older corrected.

“Minor details.” Tommy said.




He didn’t know when it got so warm but the heaviness of his normal clothes combined with his cape, Tommy was miserable. Just because he felt like he was cooking inside of his clothes didn’t mean he had to show it. He was a big man after all, what's some heat gonna do to him? Apparently a lot. Throughout the morning Tommy kept on getting weird looks from the ship’s staff and crew, like he spontaneously grew hybrid traits or something. Tommy just brushed it off as nothing.

As the day went on he kept getting more and more uncomfortable. Eventually Tommy took off his cape and the gloves. He felt like he was sick, but he knew he wasn’t. Maybe I should ask Will about it.

“Hey, Wilbur?” Tommy asked, opening the door to his brother’s room. Poking his head in he saw that Wilbur was at a desk writing something. Tommy assumed it was a letter to Phil.

“Yeah, whats up Toms?” Wilbur got up from his seat and Tommy saw he wasn’t wearing his normal royal clothes but a red beanie, a yellow sweater and black pants. “Tommy, what are you doing?”

“Just looking around.” Tommy joked.

“Ok, stop acting like a gremlin, open the door and tell me what you want.”

“Fine.” Tommy sighed and opened the door. “Why-”

“What the fuck Tommy!” Wilbur’s eyes widened. “Are you trying to get a heatstroke?”

“What are you talking about?” Tommy asked, very confused on what his brother was talking about.

Wilbur sighed pinching the bridge of his nose, frustrated. “I’ll tell you later but you need to change out of this, find something thinner than what you’re wearing right now.”

“Uhhh...” Tommy was now even more confused.

“Go, leave! I don’t want to have to tell dad that his youngest son died from his own stupidity.” Wilbur said ushered Tommy out of the room.

Tommy, for once, did what he was told and found some lighter clothes. He found a short sleeved shirt that was white with red on the sleeves and beige cargo shorts. When he put them on he almost immediately felt better and not baking alive. Tommy sat on the floor of his room and leaned against the wall. A knock came at his door a few minutes later.

“Tommy?” Wilbur’s voice was partially muffled from behind the door. “You ok?”

“Mhm, yeah, I’m good.” Tommy responded.

Wilbur came into his room sitting next to Tommy and giving him a cup of water. “Wow, you actually did what I told to do.”

“Shut up.” Tommy said after chugging down the water. “Why were you so worried about a ‘heatstroke’?”

Wilbur thought for a few seconds. “Hmmmm, ok so, you know what hypothermia is right?”

“Yeah, of course we live in the arctic.” Tommy said.

“Take that and reverse that.”

“Sure.” Tommy said, only vaguely getting the concept.

“Do you remember which kingdom we’re going to?’ Wilbur asked a few minutes later.

“It's like SM- something why?” Tommy wondered where this was going.

“It’s called the SMP Kingdom and I had Techno do some research before we left and their harshest winters are like what spring is to us.” Wilbur said.

"So that means?"

"So that means all the weather here to us is going to be extremely warmer than what we would expect."

"Great." Tommy mumbled.


Once the ship entered the port, the one thing Tommy realized that he missed was the noise of a city. After a week of mostly quietness, minus the crew, he was glad for the boom of sound. He couldn’t wait to go.

Then Tommy had to spend the next ten minutes waiting for Wilbur to explain to the Captain that ‘No, they weren’t being disrespectful by not being able to get closer to the castle And no, there’s not going to be any repercussions from the Emperor or Philza. Ect. Ect.’ and Tommy was getting really ansty from all the waiting. They already spent a week on this boat so why couldn’t Wilbur have explained this sooner?

“Come on, Will let's go.” He muttered to himself pacing on the deck. You know what screw this.

Tommy immediately ran down the ramp that led to the docks’ landing, surprising a few of the workers who were bringing down crates of whatever goods they normally brought along. He cupped his hands around his mouth before shouting.

“Oi! Dickhead, if you’re gonna take your sweet ass time in there I’m gonna ditch ya!” Tommy made sure that he saw Wilbur before taking off into the city.

“Child, you’re gonna- Tommy!” If Wilbur said anything else Tommy didn’t as he was already at one of the capital’s gates.

He ran through the city with ease as if he knew the place by heart. Tommy, while he definitely didn’t, honestly didn’t know where or cared about that as he found himself in the city’s center or what he assumed it was. Tommy slowed down as the crowds of people would help him hide from his brother. Really Tommy just wanted to screw with Wilbur. Make him freak out a little before coming back and acting like nothing happened.

Tommy waited around the area where he assumed he came from and where Wilbur was sure to follow. Soon enough there were the sounds of someone running, actually a few someones. Tommy positioned himself so that if he was right could run straight out the city’s main gate. He started speed walking into an almost jog as soon as the people were close to the turn into the city center.

“Tommy!” Wilbur yelled.

Tommy had a shit eating grin on his face as he turned around, flipped his brother off and shouted: “Come and catch me bitch!” before bolting.

As Tommy ran out of the capital and took a turn into the woods that weren’t too far away, he didn’t check to see if Wilbur followed him or not. He also didn’t seem to see the twisting roots of trees that poked through the ground, almost tripping a few times and he really didn’t notice the small sharp dips in the ground landing hard on his feet. What Tommy really didn’t expect was running into or more accurately falling on another person.

Tommy’s foot got caught up on a huge knot in a tree root and lost his balance. He expected to hit the ground until he collided with what he thought was a tree, until it let an ‘oof’ and realized he body checked a person. The two hit the ground hard, knocking the wind out of both of them. Tommy rolled off of the other person thinking it probably wouldn’t help being dead weight.

“W-what the hell, man!” the boy, they were most likely a boy Tommy thought, said. “Watch where you’re fuckin’ going.”

“Didn’t see you.” Tommy said.


After a few seconds to catch their breath and for Tommy to notice a dull pain in left ankle they both pulled themselves into a sitting position. Tommy noticed that the boy was around his age, brown hair, blue eyes, wearing a green button down shirt and some kind of pants.

“Tubbo.” The kid said sticking out his hand.

What?” Tommy asked. What the hell did ‘Tubbo’ mean?

“Thats my name.” The kid-no Tubbo explained.

“O-oh mines, Tommy.” Tommy returning the handshake.

Tubbo stood up, then pulled Tommy up. When Tommy put weight on his left ankle and foot a shooting pain went up his leg.

“Ah, what the fuck!” Tommy yelled in pain and leaned against Tubbo.

“Whoa, you ok?” Tubbo asked struggling hold up Tommy.

“Yeah, just that my foot is being a bitch.”

“You probably twisted your ankle or something like that.” Tubbo said. “We could go to my house and have my sister take a look at you.”

“Is your sister a doctor or something?”

“No, she just knows how to heal people better than I ever could.” Tubbo laughed. “You have any siblings?”

“Yeah, two older brothers, they’re twins actually….” Tommy trailed off as remembered what he was doing. “Oh, shit! Wilbur, I forgot about him!”

“Is he-”


“Ok so how about we get out of here and try to find him?” Tubbo suggested.

“Yeah, lets go get me killed.” Tommy deadpanned.

Tubbo gave him a worried look of ‘Are you serious?’.

“I’m joking. I’m joking. Tommy retracted.

“Good, because I don’t want my new friend getting killed in the first ten mintues of knowing him.” Tubbo’s expression lightened up.

New friend huh?