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The angel that didn’t fall

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It had been twenty thousand years since the war ended and the seven brothers fell from the sky and now live in the city of devildom as the highest demons that existed, but Mammon the second oldest of the brothers could not help that he was drawn to the place, it was as if it called on him. He followed the call until he came to the place where he had fallen, when he got there he saw that dim light that shone brighter as he got closer.

"What is this?" Mammon whispered to himself

He picked up the light with incredible care to be Mammon as soon as he touched the candle it went into his heart. It started to hurt in his back and in his arms when the worst pain had disappeared he looked at himself in the lake. He was shocked he had returned to the angel, his eyes were blue as the sky again and he had his clothes back, his clothes like something a prince could wear, the attire was blue and white and he had the emblem of the other son of heaven . He also saw how he had regained his white angel wings instead of his black demon wings.

He knew that if his brothers found out about this, his punishment would be terrible. When he looked at his chocolate brown arm, he saw a piece of jewelry symbolizing the sky, "But this is still one of the most important objects there is," said mammon impressed

He did not see the demon hiding in the shadows as he lifted from the ground The demon hurried to the castle where the other brothers kept until the castle was carbon black and made of a material that could only be found in the caves behind the castle. When the demon entered the castle, he got the attention of all six brothers "What do you want?" Lucifer asked "An angel has been seen in the place where you fell," said the demon

The brothers' eyes were widened, everyone thought the same thing no angels have ever been to that place


"Summon all who live in devildom and get them and come to the castle," Lucifer ordered

The demon did as he was told and soon all the demons were outside the castle

"An angel has been seen in the fall," said Lucifer The demons began to roar until Lucifer began to speak again "I want you to find the angel and take it to me and my brothers," Lucifer said before the demons left. Mammon heard the sound of roaring demons and knew he had to be as usual again and time was running out "I nen na- changing a so na- anand," Mammon said as he remembered what his father had said

If you ever find your wings again, say this phrase and you will become both a demon and an angel