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The long hours of filming ended. Sangmin, Soogeun and Heechul were dancing to some new song that just got out. Crazy middle aged men were having fun. Kyunghoon trying to slip away from the after party got stopped by Hodong. His chubby but strong hands were on his shoulders. He smiled at him. 

“Where are you going? Escaping again? Not this time! Not this time!” He dragged him back into the circle. 

 Kyoung Hoon knew these guys will  get drunk and he will have to  take them home. 

“Kyoung Hoon oppa lets go party. Why are you trying to leave again?”, said Heechul bumping him playfully with his fists. 

“Hehe”,  is all Hoonie said, he had no other excuses.

“Tonight i'll make sure you get drunk.” Winked Heech. Made Kyunghoon uncomfortable that he had to look away. 

“Just today lets have fun,” he said, dragging him to the door with the others.

They arrive at a restaurant. The kind where you get vip rooms. They all enter and relax. Kyunghoon studied the menu one by one. He was gonna have something really good.

“Hoonie, why are you tryna get the good stuff all to yourself?” Said Heechul nudging him with his shoulders.

“Cuz you guys are only ordering drinks.”

“Hey, we're getting meat too.”

“Meat and drinks.”

“Are you mad at us?” Worried Heech seemed drunk already. He leaned closer and whispered “I started at work.” He then, laughing like crazy, joined the others convo.

Their party seemed like it would never end. He wanted to run away before he had to take any of them home. Not today he chanted.

Heechul noticed lonely Hoonie eating a fancy dish all by himself.

“That is some fancy meal. Is that gold I see?”

“No, but it looks amazing and tastes good too.

“Let me try.”

“Here,” he offered a new set of chopsticks.

“No,” Heechul shook his head, “feed me.”

“Uhmm you can just… use ...” him trying to give him the chopsticks.

“Hyung feed me,” said the crazy man.

“You say oppa so many times that hyung sounds weird coming from you.”

“Stop being rude and feed me!” He closed his eyes and opened his mouth.

Kyunghoon got a piece and was about to feed him, then he thought it would be funny if he just put a lettuce, then grabbed a handful and when he was about shove it in, Sangmin god of being not in the right place and time, pushed him forward and into Heechul’s mouth. His lips were in Heechul’s mouth. He opened his eyes to chomp on a pair of lips. He did not push him away instead he gave him a long deep french kiss. Everyone is looking. 

“Heechul-ah you’re too drunk,”said Youngchul.

Proud of what he did, Heechul clapped and started to eat Kyunghoon’s food. Kyunghoon in shock, not moving nor blinking. Yongchul laughed it off and continued to drink. Hodong huffed and angrily told Soogeun to continue their convo. The party atmosphere was back. Heechul shoved the food into his mouth like it was his to begin with. Kyunghoon wanted to scream in disgust or pretend like nothing happened but then he thought if he screamed wouldn’t it be suspicious. He chose to pretend like nothing happened. 

Janhoon did not say a word he monitored Heechul from across the table. It was clear he did not like what he just saw. He was literally watching Kim Heechul's every move.

Kyunghoon grabbed his dish back and said, “Stop eating my food!”

“But it’s good!”

“Get your own! You finished it? Oh come on. I'm gonna go….”

“Don’t go! The party just started.”

“I wanna go home. I've had enough of you drunk people.”

“No! Okay I'll make it up to you. Let’s play games all night. Huh how’s that sound?”

“You can’t play like that.”

“I can and I did many times before and most of them I have won.”

“Probably single player games and on easy mode.”

“Oh ho ho you think too easy of me. You know I'm hard.”

“..!!” Kyunghoon coughed on his saliva.

“A hard core gamer.” Heechul smirked.

“Shut up I'm leaving.”

“I’m coming with you!”

Kyunghoon grabbed his coat and said his bye’s. Heechul sprinted right behind him with no manners whatsoever.

“Kim heechul where are you going!” Shouted Jang Hoon across the room but the man didn’t hear a thing.

They walked out. Wobbling Heechul standing beside him. Kyunghoon tryna pretend they are not together. 

“Are you gonna follow me all the way home?”


“My parents are not gonna like you.”

“Aw why i’m beautiful.”

“You're drunk.”

“Im okay.”

“No, you’re not.”

“Okay, how many fingers am i holding up?”



“Oh, I knew that.” 

“Yeah right. If you were okay you wouldn’t have closed one eye to look”

“Sigh, okay go to my place.” 

“No, I'm going home.”

“Fine I tried.” Said Heechul and took a step onto the road nearly getting hit by a car. The car honking like crazy as it  passed by. Kyunghoon jerked him back onto the pedestrian side.

“Are you crazy, look at the lights!”

“I thought I saw green.”

“You are pointing at the road  traffic lights! Why are you so troublesome!”

“Im sorry, I'll take a cab.”

They hail a cab.

“See you next wednesday…lil bro.” He got into the cab and sat there lonely.

Kyunghoon grabbed the door and closed it from the inside.

“I thought you were leaving?” Not caring about the drunk man he told the driver where to go. 

At his place.

“Wow am I bothering should I go?”

Hoonie glared and said as he opened the door,  “I'll make some tea.”

“No no I don’t wanna bother your parents.”

“They’re out of town.”

“Oh… okay.”

Kyunghoon went straight into the kitchen to put on some water. He showed Heech the living room. He rolled up his sleeves and started making some fine ass green tea. Proud of himself, got a tray, placed the tea, a pair of cups, some crackers and into the living. Heech was not there.


“Up here!”

He quickly ran up the stairs to find him looking through his albums.

“Who told you can come into my room?”

“You invited me home?”

“Well doesn't mean you can just- sigh”

“You were a cute kid.”


“Hey how do you bring girlfriends to your home? I mean when your parents are around.”

“I dont bring them.”

“Love hotels?”

“No. I made tea, let's go drink tea.”

“But it's way more fun here.” Heechul flops on bed.

“I'm sorry I can't move im paralyzed.”

“Ugh i'll bring them here just don't move anything.”

“Okay… but what's under your bed?” Said Heech as Kyunghoon went out.

He pulled out some mags. And started flipping.

As soon as the house owner brought tea. He jumped to grab the mags from heech.

“You are a pervert.”

“You're the pervert who's snooping around my room.”

“Never knew you liked those things.”

“Please stop talking.”

“Okay, okay i won’t talk.”

“Here.” Kyunghoon gave him a cup of tea.

“Oh wow such courtesy.”

“Compared to you I have tea at home.”

“I have tea, I just dont use 'em.”

“How are you living without using life necessities.”

“I've got my computer some water and my animals. Here I am alive!”

“He grabs Heechul's wrists.”

“You're not that fat, why are you not eating.”

“Speak for yourself, I can see your ribs.”

“It’s because i work a lot.”

“You're just starving.”

“No, I'm dieting.”

“I have a feeling I need to do something right now.”


“This. “ Said Heechul and progresses on to kiss the shy boy.”

“Woah? Why did you. Come on this is why they think we’re gay.”

~Utter silence.~

“I like you Min Kyunghoon. You know it.” Kyunghoon looks down.

“I- I like you too. As a friend, a brother.”

“Well I like you as a lover.” He looks him in the eye dead serious.

“I liked you all the time.”

“I know.”

“I wish I was a girl so you could love me back.”

“You don't have to be.”

“A girl?”

“Yeah. I can like you like -“


“A um hm like this?”

“He gets closer to land a kiss on him.” Heechul's eyes are sparkling with stars.

“Are you sure?”

“I don't know but my body is doing it, I guess I am?”

“It'll be bad news for both of us.”

“I know.”

“I really wanted to keep our relationship as it is. But i just like you so much i-“

“Let's do it.”

“Do what?”

“Do it.”

“Do you know how to?”

“That’s rude.”

“No I mean I dont know I’ve never been with a-“

“Me too. Let's find out”

Kyunghoon climbs on the bed leaning over Heechul putting his tray aside and kissing him.

Heechul pushes up against his lips. They had a sloppy long kiss. Trying to take control on one another.

“Your kiss isn't bad.”

“You too. How about we take our  clothes… off?”

“Yeah lets do that i mean it's a part of doing it.” 

They get naked real fast.

“Now what.”

“Now we start.”

As Kyunghoon lay atop of Heechul he trails his hand down the pale skin. Heechul touched him all the way from his stomach to his shoulders. He found him quite firm. He may be bad at dancing but at kissing and cuddling he was pretty good with the rhythm. 

His hands find a way to his parts. It was in a state.

He looked down. 

“Woah.” Heechul exclaimed.

“What is it?”

“You're quite impressive.” Heechul starts staring at his cock.

“Stop looking!”

“You want the light off?” He looks at him with a raised eyebrow.

“No. Look all you want.”

“Wait, I need to get up.”


“This is weird even for me.”

“You thought so too great we could still play-”

“No no the position. Lets switch.”

“Gulp. Uhmm no?”

“What do you mean by that? Im older than you.”

“What does that have to do with this?”

“Everything. Age is experience etc...”

“I doubt you have any more experience than me.”

“Well in this field maybe not that much, but with age comes wis-”

“Shut up!”


“Let's hurry and do it!”

“No we are not rushing this.”

“Why not?”

“Because my knowledge of this field is limited to some animations i've seen of this genre and besides its our first time lets take it slow.”

“You're right. What do you suggest we do?”

“Idk make out, then maybe we'll know?”

“I know one thing for sure one goes into another.”

“No, actually it can be different. We could avoid all the “weird stuff” and start with the things we know.”


Heechul leans forward and kisses passionately.

“Like kissing”


Heechul shows his hand movement resembling a motion of a rock paper scissors game starting point where you say the three and then show your thing.

“Ahhh. Yes, that we can do.”

“Right. So can i get up?” said Heechul barely holding up against him.

“Sure yeah yeah.”

Then they spend the night like two teenagers who found out they were men for the first time in their lives.

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