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Sweet Dreams

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A deep violet sky hangs blackened like a starry blanket draped over the Wangshu Inn. There’s a chill in the air, the tips of your fingers stinging with cold numbness. Your breath comes in slow pants, briefly warming your cold nose. You can see the fog of your hot breath as you audibly exhale, and you briefly recall pretending to be a dragon on the days like this in your childhood. 

Tonight was no such day, however. Tonight, you’re limping from the teleport waypoint, an arm clutched weakly to your side with the edges of your vision growing dark. Your weapon drags across the wood floor behind you with a quiet scratching noise. 

It’s almost funny, you can’t help to think to yourself as your back slumps against the railing. A wry scoff escapes your lips. Years spent traveling world to world, and centuries spent in a never ending nightmare only to meet your end at the hands (?) of a cryo abyss mage. It’s funny, because had you been able to summon the full extent of your original power, a creature such as an abyss mage would hardly pose a threat. 

Your palm is stained a pinkish red and you suddenly feel exhausted. Your eyes start to drift close, when the sound of your name being said jerks you back to consciousness. 

You blink slowly. A teal green color blurs before you, swirling in black mist. Squeezing your eyes shut and shaking your head, you refocus and look up. 

Xiao looms above you, his amber eyes piercing and lacking all of their usual judgement. He looks almost… concerned? He outstretches his tattooed arm to you, offering a hand. 

“Can you stand?” He asks.

Head lolling to one side, you blink a few times. Everything feels so slow. “No,” you admit softly. “I’m… too tired.” 

Xiao seems to disregard this completely. Instead, he bends down and drapes one of your arms over your shoulder and gently takes hold of you. He holds you close like you’re made of glass, and one wrong move would shatter you into a billion irreparable pieces. 

Your surroundings change with a blink. What was once a cold black, clear sky is now a dark room, illuminated only by silver moonlight spilling through thin pale curtains. 

There’s a single bed completely undisturbed, or alternatively, immaculately made. You sink into the plush mattress as Xiao lays you down and props up a puffed pillow to elevate you. 

“Stay awake,” Xiao whispers as your eyes begin to flutter shut again. 

For him, you oblige. Your eyes burn and you blink languidly, relishing the couple seconds of sleeplike peace of darkness behind your eyelids. Xiao’s hands ghost over your injuries, slender fingertips examining you. 

You expected his hands to be cold. They’re not warm either, though. The skin where fingers meet the palm is rough and calloused, but the wear feels comforting. It was rare for Xiao to be without his gloves. If it wasn’t for the faint scars over his knuckles and the back of his hands, you’d think his hands dainty. 

Like a sigh of relief, your pain washes away. You touch your abdomen. It’s still wet with blood, but the wound is sealed. Bruises and cuts still litter your body, but you no longer feel like you’re on the brink of death. 

“Xiao…” you breathe softly. He’s knelt over the side of the bed, honey eyes pouring into you. You can’t think of what to say. Perhaps there’s too much to say all at once. 

His coarse hand comes up to cup your face. Between his thumb and index finger, he brushes your cheek. It’s so tender your heart catches in your throat and all you can do is stare dumbly up at him. 

With a quiet exhale, you lean the side of your face into his gentle touch and meet his even gaze. Xiao’s eyes are so intense it sets your heart ablaze. He glances once, twice, to your lips and leans in to press a soft kiss. You lean forward to meet him, running a hand through his silky black hair. 

“How did you do that?” You ask in a whisper when you reluctantly pull away. 

Xiao huffs through his nose. “I do more than conquer demons, you know.” 

Cupping the side of his face with your hand, you tilt your head and give him a soft smile. “I know. Thank you.” 

Xiao straightens up. “Be more careful. I can’t always fix you mortals.” 

“I’m not that fragile,” you protest. His eyes are critical as they search you. “But,” you sigh, “in this case, you’re right.” 

Xiao looks almost pleased to hear you admit it, but his expression is barely readable as always. “Do you still hurt?” He asks, eyes trailing over you. 

“Just sore,” you answer. You shift and wince a little. “And not the fun sore.” 

“I could…” he trails off for a moment, “fix that too.” He rubs the back of his neck. “If you want.” 

A yawn overtakes you before you can respond. “You’re tired,” Xiao states. “I will leave you to rest.” 

You grab him by the wrist as he turns away. “Wait,” you blurt. Slowly, you slip your hand into his. “Stay.” You emphasize with a soft pat on the empty space of the bed beside you. “Please?” 

Xiao is surprisingly easy to convince. Wordlessly, he circles the bed and you feel the mattress dip with his added weight. He’s laying stiff on his back like a slab of stone and you can imagine how uncomfortable it must be. 

Running a hand down his arm, you plant a kiss on his temple. “It’s okay,” you mutter in his ear. The hair on the back of his neck stands on end. He sighs inaudibly, but you feel him relax beside you. 

Sleep’s claws sink into you at some point, as you loosely hang onto Xiao’s arm with one of his hands resting on your shoulder. You remember your cheek resting on his chest, drifting off to the slow sound of his heartbeat and the rise and fall of his breathing. 

Now, however, you’re drifting in an inky void, heart pounding in your chest. All at once, you’re plummeting, colors blurring and rushing past you. 

A crimson diamond shape towers before you and a slender, white haired god appears through the portal. “Did you think you could escape me?” Her voice distorts and echoes around you. The volume threatens to burst your eardrums. 

Gold and red swirl in cube shapes around you. Your twin is inches out of reach, but you’re too slow once again. The tips of your fingers graze the cubes as they swallow up your sibling and you feel the hot eyes of the god stabbing through you. 

“You know you don’t belong in this world,” she declares, voice thundering. Dark red cubes lunge at you and you try to move out of the way, but they catch on your golden wings. They split like the fragility of butterfly wings and tear. 

The unknown god catches you by the edge of your clothes and yanks you to face her. She forcefully pulls your chin up to meet your eyes. You tremble with fear and nausea takes over.

“I love you,” she says with Xiao’s voice. 

Terror gives way to confusion. “Wait, what?” 

Blinking, her shape morphs, white hair shrinking in length and turning ebony with aquamarine-tipped ends. Cold amber eyes turn to… well, cold amber eyes, but familiar ones. 

The firm fingers squeezing your chin turn gentle and soft lips meet yours in a tender kiss. An arm slips around your waist and a hand rests on the small of your back, pushing you chest to chest with the adeptus. 

Xiao’s tongue presses into your mouth slowly and you melt into him gladly. His kiss quickly turns frenzied and his hands tangle into your hair as the air grows hot. 

Sharp teeth graze your throbbing pulse on your neck and you choke back a small sound in your throat. Xiao moves down to your collarbones, marking deep purple on your skin.

Your dream fades away when you blink your eyes open suddenly. You’re immediately aware of Xiao holding the side of your face softly, knees splayed on either side of your hips. His shadow falls over you, and his eyes are closed with his lips pressed in a closed-mouth kiss to the corner of your lips. 

“Xiao…?” You mumble, stirring to rub your eyes. 

All his tenderness shatters and his head jolts up. “You’re awake!” He exclaims. “I… Sorry. You were having a nightmare. It pained me to see you in distress.” 

You rub at an eye with the back of your hand and blink up at Xiao as he sits on his knees beside you, hands folded and eyes down. “It’s okay. What were you doing, anyways?” 

In the moonlight, you can see blush paint his cheeks a pale rose color. “I was going to… eat your nightmare.” He looks up at you. “It would not be painful, do not worry. I can make it so you feel nothing but pleasure.” 

Oh. You squirm and squeeze your legs together. “That would explain where my dream went.” 

Xiao peers at you, looking oblivious. “Where did it go?” 

Heat warms your face. “Y- you know… we were kissing, and you-” Xiao is smiling out of the corner of your eye and you snap your head up at him. “You’re teasing me!”

“Perhaps,” Xiao says with a shrug. He crawls forward and brushes a stray hair out of your face. “Do you have nightmares often?” 

“Sometimes,” you respond lamely. 

“I can make it go away,” Xiao offers in a tone much quieter than usual. “The nightmares.” 

“By eating them?” 

“Yes,” he says. “I can change the dream.” 

“To…” you trail off. 

“To whatever I want,” Xiao answers. “In this case, to whatever you want.” 

Various thoughts whirl through your head all at once, trying to imagine what such a dream what even present as. Different clips of possible scenarios overwhelm you and you have to pinch yourself to focus again. 

“And I’d be asleep the whole time?” You ask, twiddling with your fingers. 

Xiao nods once. “Yes. I understand if it’s something-”

“I want to do it.” 

He blinks his amber eyes at you, surprised at your quick answer. “You… do?” 

You inch towards him. “I trust you, Xiao. I know you wouldn’t hurt me.” 

Xiao is silent for a long while, processing the amount of faith you have in him. You know he thinks himself something destructive, but you’ve seen his nature, and your trust is anything but blind. 

“Next time you have a nightmare, do I have your permission?” Xiao finally asks, done wrestling with himself. 

Planting a soft kiss on his cheek, you nod. “Yes, Xiao.” 


- X -


On a balmy night four days later, Xiao’s room is bathed in darkness with only a sliver of the moon visible. Xiao sleeps incredibly light, and so you stare at how peaceful he looks. His black hair is spread out on the pillow in soft strands, breathing quietly with the most relaxed look on his face you’ve ever seen. 

The image of the adeptus sleeping in tranquility is what you eventually drift off to, but it’s not long before it’s burned away into something dreadful. 

It’s raining torrentially. Your hair is plastered to your face and raindrops cling to your eyelashes, making blinking feel sticky. There’s a sheen of rainwater obscuring your vision, but you can see the form of Osial looming above you. 

Keqing and Ganyu stand at attention on either side of you, weapons drawn and ready. You glance to see Ningguang behind you three, face cold and determined. Xiao’s polearm glints, and his body language indicates he’s ready to lunge at a moment’s notice. Tension hangs in the air as Fatui soldiers surround you. 

Ganyu falls first. 

She’s soaked, like all of you in the storm. A Cryogunner creeps up on her with a charged frost cannon. There’s a clicking noise and when the mist clears, Ganyu is encased in ice. An Electrohammer vanguard sweeps in from the side and in one fell swoop, what used to be Ganyu is shattered into icy chunks. 

You barely have any time to react when you hear the piercing screech of Cloud Retainer shot mid-air, sending her falling through the sky. . Mountain Shaper crosses the battlefield to aid her, but a wave washes over the adeptus deer When the water settles, there is no Mountain Shaper. 

Ningguang puts up a wall to protect Keqing from a blast of water, desperation on the Geo user’s face. Keqing looks over her shoulder at Ningguang. The Tianquan has enough time to see a pyro infused projectile come from a completely different direction and pierce the skull of the Yuheng. Her twin tails come undone as she falls lifeless, lavender hair spreading out around her. 

Your heart is the only thing you can hear. You want to scream but no sound will come out no matter how hard you try to wail to the heavens. 

Xiao is nowhere to be seen. You glance frantically around you, feeling like a cornered animal. Ningguang is the only other one standing. She looks exerted, and she glances to Keqing’s still body. If it wasn’t for her glazed, open eyes you’d think her resting. 

The largest wave you’ve ever seen casts a shadow over the entire Jade Chamber. All you can do is stare in impending horror as it begins to crest. Just as it’s about to hit you, you call out for Ningguang, throwing out a hand. 

Cold, dark water hits you both before she can take your hand. You gasp instinctively and water fills your lungs, salty and burning. You flail your arms up. You can see the rippling light above you growing further and further away as you try to float back up to the surface. The bright blue light fades as you sink and you surrender yourself to the relentless ocean. 

As you do, two strong arms wrap around you and pull you out. You gasp for air, coughing and choking. Your eyes sting and you want to cry. 

Familiar calloused hands brush your wet hair out of your eyes. “You’re safe,” Xiao assures you. You spend several seconds catching your breath and taking in your new surroundings. 

You look around in bewilderment. You’re in Xiao’s room at the Wangshu Inn, and you’re no longer soaked. “Ganyu, Keqing, e- everyone…-” you suck in air, your mind racing. 

“Are perfectly safe too,” Xiao says. He sounds so sure of himself that you find yourself immediately trusting his words. 

Before you know it, Xiao’s mouth is on yours and you give yourself to him. You clutch at his beaded necklace and guide him to the bed where you plant both hands on his chest and shove him. 

Xiao lands on his back, leaning on his elbows. He looks up at you curiously, cheeks quickly turning red as you discard the top half of your clothes and pounce. 

He hungrily meets you, welcoming you onto his lap as you cup his jaw and fervently kiss him. You can’t help but grind your hips on him, desperate for some sort of friction. Xiao groans into your mouth and you slip your tongue past his lips. He’s pliant against you, following your lead at every turn. 

Fingers dig into the skin where your back meets the curve of your ass as you rut your hips down. You pull back from the sloppy kiss with a pant to lock eyes with Xiao. 

His amber eyes are fiery and passionate and you smirk. His nails pinch your skin as you keep a steady rhythm on his lap. Xiao scoops you up without so much as a warning, supporting your weight with his hands squeezing your butt firmly. 

He spins around and you fall onto your back on the bed with a surprised squeal. Xiao is on you in an instant, kissing down your bare chest relentlessly. You let out a soft, pleased sigh as you rest a hand on the back of Xiao’s head, lazily playing with his hair as he trails down lower and lower. 

You find yourself completely nude as you feel Xiao’s warm breath between your legs. You don’t remember disrobing, but Xiao’s pressing featherlight kisses to the insides of your thighs and you forget what you were thinking about. 

Your dominant hand settles in Xiao’s obsidian hair, encouragingly scratching at his scalp. His tongue meet your eager sex, throbbing impatiently. You sigh a little and pet his hair. 

Xiao strokes experimentally with his tongue, warm and wet and if you didn’t know better, experienced. Your other hand pulls and grips at the white sheets as his tongue moves ever so slowly. You can’t tell if he’s teasing you on purpose, or if he simply preferred to take his time. 

Amber eyes peer up at you under half-lidded eyes. Xiao looks drunk on the high of pleasing you. His eyes burn with intensity and his cheeks are rosy. You comb your fingers through his hair, silently pleading with him to continue. 

His tongue returns to you, this time with a touch more intensity. Everything melts away to thoughtless pleasure in blurred waves. It feels like there’s a lusty fog choking you slowly, gently. You scrunch the bedsheets in your hands and breathe in shakily. 

Your heels are perched up on Xiao’s shoulders, allowing him better access to you. His fiery eyes maintain eye contact with you, mouth moving up and down at a slow pace and tongue stroking teasingly. 

Sparks of color burst in your vision, whorling and twisting as your chest rises and falls. You tug on Xiao’s hair on instinct, bucking your hips up and pushing his head down on your sex. He makes a muffled sound of surprise, but obliges you without so much as a gag. 

The steady thrumming of your accelerated heartbeat thumps against your ribcage and your entire body feels like it's numb and sinking into the mattress. Xiao’s rough fingertips brush the soft flesh of your inner thighs as he shifts your legs on his shoulders. He slowly spreads your legs wider, hands moving against the tightly tensed pelvic muscle connecting the thigh. A shiver runs down your spine and you hold back a pathetic whine as Xiao picks up the pace. 

Cloud nine has nothing on how Xiao’s talented tongue is making you squirm impatiently under him. Even though he’s moving more intently, he’s still achingly languid and you can feel him smirk as you breathe soft pleas for him to go faster. He’s enjoying your desperation. 

Out of nowhere, Xiao’s licking and sucking like his life depends on it, saliva dripping down. He licks it back up and wets you with it. You gasp out a squeal of surprise, tightening your fingers’ grip in his locks. Xiao hisses a bit, keening into your harsh pull. 

Your body feels like it’s floating, and the chord of arousal pulled tight in your core feels as if it's about to snap in two. You’re panting, toes curling as you twist and writhe, teetering on the edge of climax. 

A whimper dies in your throat, and you want to cry. Climax feels impossible, like you’re running at it and it continues to stay just out of arm’s reach. Something strains in the core of your stomach, and a feeling of immense relief washes over you. 

It’s relaxing and intense all at the same time. Xiao’s mouth has left your sex, still unpleased and throbbing. He licks his glistening lips and peers down at you, eyeliner and eyeshadow still somehow perfect. 

You feel as if you’re swimming through thick cobwebs, head filled with fuzz and everything begins to feel far away. You try to move, but the bed pulls your numb limbs back down. 

For the first time in archons-know-how-long, you wake slowly and without so much as a trace of fear. Your eyes are glazed with sleep, and you blink a few times. The room is almost completely pitch black, but Xiao is at your side, sitting cross-legged. His Yaksha mask covers his face, illuminating your immediate surroundings in a deep teal glow. 

As your sleepy brain catches up with you, you see Xiao’s mask fade moments after your dream fills your mind. Xiao’s calloused hand cups the side of your face that isn’t pressed into your pillow.

“How do you feel?” He asks in a throaty whisper. “You look surprised. I didn’t hurt you, did I?” 

You let out a heavy exhale, head spinning as you manage to shake your head. Define hurt, you think to yourself. It’s taking everything you have to try to not think about the arousal throbbing almost painfully between your legs. You feel like you’ve just spent hours in a sauna, face warm and flushed. 

Lucky for you, Xiao is astute as ever and seems to catch on rather quickly, taking note of your desperate expression. The feeling of lust is the only thing on your mind other than the lull of sleep. You’re panting heavily, eyes half-lidded and practically begging. 

Xiao tilts his head in sympathy. “Unfortunately, although the dream is intense, it offers no real physical release,” Xiao admits. His amber eyes glide down your body, figure outlined underneath the lightweight blanket. Reluctantly, he speaks again. “Would you… be opposed to continuing your dream?” 

A jolt runs through your body. You slip your hand out from under the blanket and grab Xiao’s thin wrist. “Mm... please,” you whisper softly, blinking slowly up at him. 

Unsure of himself, Xiao settles in beside you, knees brushing yours as he sheds the blanket. “I am… not well versed in this,” he grumbles under his breath. 

Lifting a hand to hold the side of his face, you smile sleepily at him. “That’s okay,” you assure him. “I’ll tell you what feels good and what doesn’t.” 

A scarred hand trails down the smooth skin of your stomach down to between your legs and you feel an instant sense of both relief and zest. Squirming a bit, you shift your legs and Xiao seems to falter a moment when he feels just how hot and bothered you are. 

Embarrassed but in no way going to ask him to stop, you bury your face into the pillow. Xiao’s hand moves at a leisurely pace, both experimental and with no desire to rush. Your eyelids feel heavy and you close your eyes with a pleasant sigh through your nose for just a moment. 

Or at least, you thought it was only a moment. Xiao’s poking your cheek and you snap your eyes open blearily. “Did you fall asleep?” He asks. His voice is steady, but you can’t help but feel guilty. 

“S’not a reflection of you,” you say quickly. “I just… feel so tired. It’s strange.” As if on cue, a yawn overtakes you and wetness pricks at the corner of your eyes. 

“It is not strange,” Xiao says. “Having a nightmare eaten is physically draining. It might be best to resume this another time.” 

The hunger to be touched, to finish, practically growls inside you. “Mmm, wait, no,” you object with a mumble, “wan’ you to keep going. Even if I fall asleep again.” 

You meet Xiao’s eyes to see his pupils blown wide in huge black saucers of surprise. You almost regret suggesting such a thing; that is, until you see the redness spread across his face and the evident strain against his indigo pants. 

Realization dawns on you. “Do you like that idea?” You ask slowly, thumb brushing the back of his hand that’s perched on the side of the bed next to your shoulder.

“Yes,” Xiao responds almost immediately. You can see his throat bob with a dry swallow in anticipation. His pupils look round like a cat’s that’s high on catnip. 

You smile lazily up at him and reach up to entangle a hand in his two-toned hair. He leans down to kiss you placidly, tongues sliding together. The kiss lasts until you have to pull away to pant, and a thin string of saliva stretches between you. 

Xiao still moves at a slow pace, but there’s a level of fervency that wasn’t there before. It would appear you unearthed a kink even Xiao himself didn’t seem initially aware of. Not that you were complaining. 

His other hand that isn’t busy pleasuring you ghosts down your body in silent worship, tracing the wiry tendons flexing as your body tenses and relaxes periodically. The roughness of his scarred hand tickles and scratches at the same time, and it’s a bit foreign over the softness of your thigh, but familiar all the same. 

Loose strands of Xiao’s hair graze your collarbones as he buries his face into the crook of your neck, sharp teeth lightly nipping at your pulse. Xiao lazily ruts uncoordinatedly against your leg, warm breath on your neck making your hair stand on end. 

The black, emptiness of sleep falls over you again, comforted by the half embrace of Xiao and his featherlight kisses to your neck. You wake with a sharp moan, feeling a pleasant sting in your shoulder. Teeth marks litter your neck and chest from seemingly out of nowhere. 

Xiao’s fangs are replaced with a tender kiss to the red bite mark, and his golden eyes meet yours, moist with fatigue. “I wondered what it might take to wake you,” Xiao growls softly. “You make such cute noises when you’re asleep.” 

Heat burns across your face, and you let out a breathless moan as Xiao dips a finger into you and crooks it in and out in a slow rhythm. Your legs tremble a little and you feel the muscles in your thighs relax as he slips his finger out and starts to stroke again. 

Fervid kisses move up your neck, and you feel your throat bob against Xiao’s mouth as he sucks up a small hickey, hand moving up and down in lazy circles. His nose presses into your neck and you can feel him breathe in deeply, intoxicated on you. You card a hand lightly through his hair, tracing his natural middle part. 

You sigh a worn out moan before feeling yourself slip away into a light sleep again. You’re just barely aware of Xiao’s slick hand finding a sensitive spot on your sex. You writhe a bit and bury your face into the creases of the pillows with a sleepy whine. 

“Don’t you know you’re never supposed to reveal your weak spot to the enemy?” Xiao hisses into the shell of your ear, fangs grazing the cartilage. “They’ll exploit it; attack it without mercy.” 

To demonstrate, Xiao traces the pulsing in your sex before moving back to the sensitive spot and you shudder. His fingers are wet with your own arousal and he’s found a steadily increasing rhythm as he relentlessly draws circles with his teeth digging into your shoulder. 

Twisting under him does no good; he only manages to find a new angle to torture you with pleasure at. You flutter your eyes open to see him drinking in your expressions with a lustful gaze. You blink away the bleariness making things fuzzy and stare at him with pleading eyes. 

“Mhnn… please,” you whimper quietly, curling and uncurling your toes into the bedsheets. 

“I’m not a mind reader,” Xiao says, nipping and kissing over the bruising marks he’s left over your neck and chest. “Please what?” 

The only response Xiao got was a half asleep whine, nosing your face into the crook of his neck. You can feel Xiao chuckle in amusement, and he tucks a loose strand of hair behind your ear. 

Heat fills the entire room as your chest rises and falls with your soft pants, body burning from the inside out. In a moment of lucidity, you twist away from Xiao’s hand to pull off your pajama bottoms and throw them off the bed. 

“‘M hot,” you mutter, turning your hips back towards Xiao. His hand returns your aching sex, cool in temperature from the woosh of air after your pajamas were discarded. You shiver and laugh softly, before your laugh devolves into a broken, breathy moan. 

Xiao is treated to the sight of your pupils so wide they threaten to envelop your irises and sclera, expanding exponentially when you look over to him. You lay limp like a ragdoll under Xiao’s evidently skillful hand, or at the very least, an impressively quick learner. The adeptus doesn’t seem to mind in the slightest; in fact, it seems he’s tipsy on the fact you trust him so wholeheartedly. 

Twisting your ankle so it cracks, you let your muscles go lax as your eyelids droop once more. Xiao strokes your cheek tenderly with the back of his hand, and you give a soft sigh. 

The dull sensation of Xiao pleasuring you fades in and out as you slip between sleep and consciousness. The speed of his movements are gradually increasing, and he hasn’t shown any mercy on your sensitive spot as promised. Your head feels heavy, a pressure pushing you down into the alluring mattress and tantalizing you with the idea of sleep. 

With Xiao’s mouth closing around a nipple, you jolt awake with a surprised squeal. His warm tongue swirls slow circles before the pleasure-pain of teeth biting makes you whimper. 

“Do you think you can last much longer?” Xiao coos, breathing hot air against your ear. “I can feel you coming apart at the seams,” he whispers and it sends a shiver down your spine. 

“Mmf,” you grunt, shifting your hips up into his hand. “S’not fair…” you sigh defeatedly. 

Xiao presses a soft, open-mouthed kiss to the pulse throbbing under the skin of your neck. “What isn’t fair?” 

You lift a hand with difficulty, feeling much heavier than it really was. Slowly, you slide it down the waistband of Xiao’s purple baggy pants, feeling the pool of precum seeping into the cloth. Satisfaction spreads throughout your entire body as you see Xiao’s cool, cocky expression change. His hips involuntary twitch into your hand and his eyes squeeze shut for a moment. 

“‘M getting all the fun,” you mumble. “Wanna make you feel good, too.” 

Xiao breathes a long sigh against your neck and touches his forehead to your shoulder. You can feel him biting his lip in an effort to stay silent. 

“Mhmhm,” you chuckle softly, moving your hand up and down his shaft. “Don’ be like that.” You run a finger down the wet slit of the head of his cock, soaked with precum, and use it to lubricate him. “Lemme hear you, too.” 

Xiao’s hips thrust into your hand and he reflexively puts a bit too much pressure on your sex. You give a short gasp in return and he eases up in favor of sinking his fangs into the crook of your neck where your heartbeat is throbbing. 

You hold back a cry in your throat, and Xiao soothes the bite with a soft kiss. There’s a touch of blood oozing out from where his fangs were and Xiao continues to pepper kisses on the reddening mark. Your vision sways with darkness for a second, exhaustion making you slow your strokes. 

Xiao gently humps into your hand with heavy breaths, and although his soft pants and grunts reveal his rising libido, his focus on you never wavers. You can feel the precum beading at his tip and trailing down your hand as he moves at a rhythmless pace. 

Fatigue washes over you and you give a quiet groan, rolling your head to the side. Xiao’s free hand moves to your hair, combing through your locks lovingly. The calming gesture lulls you asleep once more, eyes drifting shut. 

Under your breath, you moan out low noises in between consciousness, faint shapes and colors dancing behind your eyelids. Xiao’s hand in your hair makes your chest grow weak with warmth, swelling like a blooming flower. 

“Mmm…” you mumble out, nuzzling into him. “Love you.” 

Xiao halts for a moment, and you can feel his eyes on you. Then, you feel his soft, thin lips press to the corner of your mouth tenderly. “I love you, too,” he whispers quietly. 

Thinking took too much strength. Your mind is overloaded with both exhaustion and pleasure, creating a thick haze in your head. The only thing you could focus on was your building climax. 

You keen into his steady hand, whining softly as Xiao pets your hair with hushed murmurs into the shell of your ear. Your body arches, chasing that climbing pleasure with trembling thighs and one hand tightly gripping the bed sheets. 

There’s a sheen of cold sweat beaded across your forehead, and you’re struggling to keep your breathing even. “Mhn- hah- ah, Xi- Xiao,” you pant breathlessly. You open your mouth to tell him you’re close, but the moment you do, he swoops in to wrap you into a passionate kiss. 

His fangs scrape your bottom lip and he makes a show of dominance by leaving a small nip. You’re forced to pull away from the kiss when the wave of pleasure crests and washes over you, hips twitching instinctually as Xiao slows his hand to fuck you gently through it. 

Xiao’s hand stills as you come down from your orgasm high, breathing heavily. You return to lazily pumping your hand up and down the shaft of his cock and he groans into your mouth as he envelops you in a slow kiss. 

A gasp of overstimulation escapes you as Xiao starts to move his hand on your sex again, still quivering from your orgasm. “Xiao… what-” you’re cut off when he wiggles his index finger in your hole and prods at a sweet spot. You squeak in surprise, and you can feel Xiao smirk against your neck. 

His finger slips out and he makes his way down to bed to settle between your bare, open legs. “You wanted my mouth in your dream,” Xiao reminds you with a lick of his lips. “I’m only giving you what you desire.” 

You whimper a high-pitched tone in your throat as he nips and sucks love marks into the soft flesh of your inner thighs, hands pushing your knees apart. Canines press into the sensitive skin, leaving angry bite marks that make your heart flutter with excitement. 

His mouth is warm and wet, and the second his tongue touches you, your hands fly to his dark hair, desperate for something to hold onto. He’s slow and gentle, careful to not overstimulate you too much, but the sensations still make you tremble. 

Even in the dark, you can see the faint stain of precum against his pants and the desire to get him off stirs in your core. However, nestled between your legs, his cock is out of your reach, though the adeptus seems intently focused on you. If the absence of your hand stroking him frustrates him, he does a good job of not letting it show.

Mercifully, Xiao’s tongue swirls around your sex up and down, slowly working you back up to an approaching climax. In one agonizingly deliberate movement, Xiao’s mouth swallows you whole.. You tighten your grip in his obsidian locks, the heat of his breath making you want to thrust up into his mouth and see him choke on you.

You arch your back off the bed slightly as he starts to suck, coiling his tongue in wide circles as he peers up at you with a devilish glint in his eyes.. You can’t resist the urge to pull on his hair harshly and buck your hips up. He makes a surprised choking noise before quickly adapting and continuing, keening into your rough tug of his hair. 

Your heart skips a beat as he looks up at you with an air of submission and you’re immediately speared with a sense of control spiked by lust. Your tightens in his hair, guiding the movement of his head on your sex with sharp jerks of the roots. As you savor the high of seeing that helpless look of obedience on Xiao’s face, the adeptus completely at your mercy, you can feel a second orgasm growing closer and closer. 

“Nnh-” Xiao grunts, pulling his mouth off you for a moment to gloat. “Again already?” He teases, licking his lips hungrily. 

Fists still balled in his hair, you shove his mouth back down on your sex and feel him huff through his nose in indignance. You scoff out a broken laugh at the scowl he’s giving you, eyes sharp. Xiao quickly turns your amusement around as he envelops you in the wet heat of his tongue and mouth, relishing your breathless moans. 

You can see Xiao’s eyes watering a bit, but you only bite your lip, finding the glimpse of submissiveness going straight between your legs. His black eyeliner is smudged like raccoon eyes, and his red eyeshadow is smeared across his eyelids. You burn with the desire to ruin him even more. 

As the sensation between your legs winds tighter and tighter and tighter, you thrust up in impulsive, uncoordinated movements into Xiao’s mouth. His tongue turns delicate and loving, moaning vibrations in response to your roughness. 

White hot pleasure lances through your core and bursts of satisfaction spread throughout your body. It’s much gentler of a climax than you thought it might be, but you don’t loosen your grip in Xiao’s hair until you’re twitching with the aftershocks. Your hands drop to your sides with a heavy exhale, a wave of exhaustion overtaking you. 

Xiao looks up at your lazy, blissed out expression with a soft fondness only you are lucky enough to be witness to. He wipes the shine off his upper lip and sits up on his knees. You manage to scoot up a bit onto your elbows and make grabby hands towards him, beckoning him forward. 

He inches towards you. “What?” 

You glance down to the pitched tent in his pants with half-lidded eyes. “Lemme do something ‘bout that,” you mumble. 

Color paints his cheeks but his face remains stony. He swings a leg over you, one knee on either side of your chest with his groin level to your face. Eagerly, you yank down the waistband of his dark purple pants and his aching member springs free at last. 

You give a low noise of anticipation in your throat, and take the head into your mouth. Your soft lips close around him, teasing your tongue along the slit. Drowsiness makes your eyelids flutter, giving a tired moan that makes Xiao shiver from the vibration. 

Taking the lead, Xiao gathers a fistful of your hair with one hand and slowly pushes your head towards himself until his entire cock is down your throat. The tip of your nose brushes against his navel and he starts to guide your head by your hair. Gradually, he picks up the pace and you have to stick your tongue out all the way to make it easier on your throat. 

Steadily, Xiao keeps a rhythmic pace, low moans falling from his lips as he holds your head in place. By the deliberate way he thrusts in and out of your mouth, you know he’s savoring the feeling of the way your throat clenches around him with every thrust. You’re breathing through your nose, and some saliva dribbles down your chin. 

With a quick double tap, Xiao pulls out of your mouth. You take a moment to swallow the collection of spit and precum and breathe before letting him resume throatfucking you into oblivion. 

Once he gets going, Xiao’s grunts and moans are something animalistic and deep in his throat. He’s panting your name like a holy mantra, fingers grasping at your hair tightly. Tears start to prick at the corners of your eyes as you actively try to suppress your gag reflex. 

He releases you when you cough and splutter, throat tensing as you gag on his thick cock. “Are you alright?” He asks, saffron eyes aglow with concern. 

Swallowing, you nod. “Hah, yeah,” you pant softly. 

Xiao’s eyes darken, and he gives a smirk. “Good,” he says. “‘cause that felt real nice.” 

He forces your mouth back open and you comply as he ruts into your throat. You can feel the head poking the back of your throat and your eyes water involuntarily. Xiao gives a particularly loud moan every time your gag reflex pulses around his member, and he gives you a moment to breathe before plunging back in. 

You feel his cock throb desperately for release as he approaches his climax, his thrusts growing sporadic. With a shaky groan, Xiao surprises you pleasantly by wrapping a hand around your throat and squeezing. You swallow roughly and you can feel your throat bob under his grasp. 

You keep your throat relaxed as he hastily fucks your mouth at an uncoordinated pace now, no longer caring about rhythm. You watch the muscles of his tattooed arm flex and ripple as he chokes you out, eyes watery from gagging. The restriction of blood flow to your head gives you a floaty, zen feeling and the lack of air has your eyes rolling back in pleasure. 

With a groan behind clenched teeth and a few fast and short thrusts into your throat, you feel Xiao come with a deep growl. Thick, viscous cum runs down your throat and you struggle to swallow it all with his hand firmly grasped around your neck. He almost tastes like nothing, but there’s a faint silky taste akin to the almond tofu he loves so much. The adeptus milks himself for all he’s worth through the last few thrusts, accompanied by weak spurts that dribble down your throat slowly. 

Xiao’s hand eases up on your neck, leaving a faint handprint. His softening cock slides out of your mouth and you swallow the last of his load before gasping for air. He combs a hand through your tousled hair affectionately as you pant. 

“You performed very well,” Xiao coos, stroking your cheek. Warmth blooms in your chest at his praise. You lean into the touch softly, and he brushes a thumb over your cheekbone. 

You laugh breathily. “You too. And here I thought you said you weren’t well-versed.” 

Rosiness spreads across the adeptus’ features. His amber eyes stay locked onto yours. “You’re a good teacher,” he replies with certainty. You hum softly as he presses a quick peck to your kiss-swollen lips. “Allow me to clean you up.” 

He hops off the side of the bed and walks around the bedframe past you and towards the bathroom. Unable to resist, you reach out and slap Xiao’s bare, sinewy ass. You can’t help but giggle as he makes a noise of surprise and whirls around to fix you with his stare. 

Giving a mere shrug in response, you snicker. “Shouldn’t have walked by me pantsless if you didn’t want me to smack that cute butt of yours,” you taunt cheekily. 

Xiao’s eyes flicker, and he leans to hold your chin up with his thumb and index finger. “I’ll get you back for that,” he promises, before giving you a soft peck. 

You hear water run as Xiao enters the bathroom, and he returns a few moments later with a hot washcloth. You tense from sensitivity as he delicately strokes the rag along your sex and inner thighs. He briefly runs the other side of the cloth along the darkening bruises and bite marks along your neck, chest and shoulders. 

“How’s your throat?” Xiao asks as he switches the cloth to his non-dominant hand so he can cup your cheek. 

Sleepily, you hold his hand to your face and lean to press a tender kiss to his wrist. “Mm… thirsty,” you decide, dry swallowing. 

Xiao meanders about the small room, tossing you a pair of fresh underwear as he changes into something more comfortable to sleep in. As you slide the clean pajamas on, Xiao comes over to your side of the bed and hands you a glass half-full of water. You take a few grateful sips before setting it on the nightstand. 

The adeptus settles in beside you, laying his head on the pillow next you. His saffron eyes meet yours and you reach out a hand to twirl the longer strands of hair between your fingers. 

“Did you like it when I pulled your hair?” You ask softly, absently wrapping the lock in circles. 

Xiao fixes you with a serious look, even with red rising on his cheeks. “Yes,” he says firmly. “It was… different. But it felt good.” 

His direct honesty is a godsend. Your heart does a little flutter and you smile at him. “What about you?” Xiao asks quietly. He drags his knuckles softly over to marks he left on you, a flicker of remorse showing in his eyes. 

You cup his face. “I like when you mark me, Xiao.” You close your eyes and press your forehead to his. “Makes me feel like yours.” 

You feel Xiao smile faintly against your lips and he leaves a light kiss to the corner of your mouth. “You are mine,” he says in a low voice. His lips meet the tip of your nose, and you giggle. 

“And you’re mine,” you mumble, combing a hand lazily through his hair. Xiao slow blinks in affirmation and you feel warm inside. 

“Mmm,” Xiao sighs softly. “Turn around.” You do, and he gently pulls you into him by the waist. Your back is flush to his chest with his strong, tattooed arm holding you close to him. 

Slowly, he presses tender kisses to the sensitive, raised marks on your skin, his soft lips kissing them better. His eyelashes tickle you with butterfly kisses as his lips trail over purpling hickies. His other hand comes to comb through your messy hair, encouraging sleep to wash over you. 

Xiao nuzzles his face into the crook of your neck, ebony hair falling over your shoulders. You can feel his soft, even breaths on your neck. 

“Sweet dreams,” he whispers into your ear.