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M.I. Fan Club Interim

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It wasn’t just a hole in the ground. No ordinary manhole, no peculiar rabbithole, it was the, well yeah, Deku-hole. Okay, that sounded a little wrong. But it was true!

Uraraka happily launched herself inside and arrived at the base of her secret Deku Fan Club which she shared with Toga. Yeah, Toga. The villain. The way they started off may have been a little weird, but after a few weeks of regular club activities and spending time with Toga down here, she thought they could get along quite well.

“Toga-chan?” She looked around, surprised she was seemingly the first to arrive here today. It was a little strange to spend time with a villain, but with time Uraraka had learned to accept the fact that at the Fan Club they put down their Hero and Villain status and just enjoyed their similar interest in Deku. 

Uraraka hummed and took out the pictures she was sure Toga would like. Where was she anyway? The thought that right at this moment, Toga could be doing bad villain things, she tried to not think about it while waiting some longer for her to arrive.

Which luckily didn’t take that long. “You’re heeere!” Toga landed right next to her and gave her a happy clingy hug. 

“Yeah h-hi haha, you’re late!” Uraraka told her new friend, patting her back. Toga nodded merrily.

“I brought this!” She dropped some packs of pocky and cookies, and Uraraka smiled. “Yum!” She scolded herself for thinking Toga was maybe late because she had to, well, do bad villain stuff. Then again, she most likely didn’t pay for these.

“I brought something as well: new pictures! We had a school festival so I thought you might like this,” she said, showing the photos. 

“Oh what! He is wearing a costume! So cute!” Toga said excitedly, admiring the pictures with a happy smile. “Let’s put them up there!” she exclaimed, jumping up and down with excitement. Then, when Uraraka reached up to pin the photos to the wall, Toga’s expression suddenly changed, sending a little chill down Uraraka’s spine.

“But why didn’t you invite me?” Toga looked dead serious, and Uraraka giggled sheepishly, feeling the nervosity increase. Uh oh. She hadn’t seen this expression of hers in... quite a while. 

“W-wha? To the school festival? Well b-because you’re not a U.A. student of course!” And a villain. Which of course she didn’t say out loud.

Toga leaned closer, and Uraraka tried to hurry with the pictures because stretched out like this she felt very exposed.

“So? I could’ve seen Izu-kun in costume with my own eyes. You could’ve given me some of your blood again and let me participate,” she said, making Uraraka even more nervous. Just once in a while, Toga could be like this.

“Noooo! I had my duties at the festival and you possibly couldn’t have - hehehey don’t be like this!” She dropped the pictures and started to run, even though she knew, there was hardly anywhere to run to.

Looked like it was time to meet with Toga’s true villain side again, and although she knew she was going to stumble out of this feeling all exhausted and with totally no voice left-  she had to admit she was glad it didn’t mean blood and murder. No, whenever Toga was like this, it meant Uraraka had to face the tickling ot multiple lifetimes. 

“Gotcha~!” Toga wrapped an arm around Uraraka’s neck and dragged her down to the ground and instantly clawed at her vulnerable side, making her squeak. 

“TOGahaha-Toga-chahahan wait! I-ihiihit’s beeheheen a whihile!” she giggled, struggling and wriggling hysterically already, but the little blonde had shown her many times before how strong she was. She didn’t need to tie Uraraka up or use any other tricks to pin her down and reduce her to a laughing mess. 

“Heh yeah! A while ago huh? So~? All the more reason to actually do it. You’ve been a good girl recently but today’s action just proves we need a little interim test. Are you in?” Toga chanted.

“T-tehehest?!” Uraraka laughed as she felt Toga’s hands move around and creep under her shirt. She gasped and sucked in her stomach, her eyes squeezing shut as she tried to prepare for what was coming.

“Yup. To prove your loyalty to this fan club and to me. You may answer while you laugh,” Toga said, and her fingers under Uraraka’s shirt started to make little spidery crawling moves all over her tummy, making her squeal already.

“AGAHAha- b-buhuhut I’ve beeheheeen goood!” Uraraka had suffered some punishments like this, but today was really unfair. She had brought quality pictures to the club, and this was her reward

“No you haven’t. Remember, what’s rule #1?” Toga said, tightening her arm around Uraraka’s neck but luckily not tight enough to stop her from breathing and, well yeah, laughing. 

“AHHAAH- y-youhouou’re t-thehehe boohhohoss!” Uraraka cried, already dying from having Toga’s single hand clawing at her belly and she knew she could do much worse. When Uraraka’s squirmed too much to the little villain’s liking, Toga even wrapped her legs around her, clinging onto her fully and trapping her completely.

“I’m the boss, yup. I’m the President. Aaand?” Toga sang, wiggling her fingers viciously all over Uraraka’s tummy before wiggling a single digit into her belly button. Uraraka gasped loudly and shook her head heavily.

“I d-dohohohon’t knohohow!” Was there even more to rule number one? Toga was the boss, wasn’t that all? Toga simply made a disapproving clicking-sound with her tongue.

“Already? Tch, disappointing,” she said teasingly, and Uraraka thrashed heavily when Toga let go of her neck just to claw at both her sides and ribs with no mercy. 

“GAHAHah-I r-reheheally doh-aaahh!” She wriggled heavily to escape the tickling, but Toga’s legs were still wrapped around her and eventually they simply rolled in a way that was convenient for the villain only: Uraraka ended up pinned down beneath the blonde’s small yet strong body. 

“Alright then, another chance,” Toga said, briefly lifting her hands off Uraraka’s heaving body. She smirked - the familiar tickle monster look in her eyes that made Uraraka shrink, making her giggle nervously. “Yehehes?”

“Rule number two, three and four. One chance,” Toga said, holding up one finger. 

Uraraka gathered her breath and thought for a moment, closing her eyes in concentration. “Eh t-that’s... C-contribute to the Fan Club’s merchandise, ehm, club gatherings every other afternoon a-and...” she blushed a little since it was hard to look away from Toga’s teasy smirk.

“And that I should s-share everything amazing that happens with Deku?” 

Toga nodded. “Bingo!” she said, and Uraraka sighed in relief, but totally tensed up when she felt Toga’s hands start to move again, sliding over her bare skin as they moved from her tummy and settled at her ribs.

“So which rule did you break today?” was Toga’s question. 

“N-no way! I brought pictures?” Uraraka said with her sweetest smile, but that soon turned into a full laugh when Toga’s hands started to dig into her ribcage while wiggling like crazy. Uraraka arched her back and howled hysterically.

“You just brought pictures while I could’ve seen Izu-kun in costume myself!” Toga whined. She didn’t look too dissatisfied though. The expression on her face had gone from evil smirk to happy smile the past few seconds. This girl was enjoying Uraraka’s predicament way too much! 

“AAHAHh! Toga-chaaahahan t-thiihihis isn’t fahhahaair!” Uraraka totally got the answers right and still got tickled. So mean! She shook heavily and squirmed, but it was as if Toga’s body was attached to hers. 

“NOnonono I behehehg you- Togaaaaahahha!”  Urarakas shrieked when the those sneaky little fingers slowly wiggled their way towards her armpits.

“Beg what? What would you beg?” Toga asked with an overly sweet voice.

“D-don’t tickle my armpits?” Uraraka whispered as she braced herself for what she already knew was coming. 

“Let me think about it~!” Toga sang, but she already slipped her fingers under her arms and started to tickle her armpits like crazy. Uraraka shook heavily and thrashed against her.

“NOhohoh eeeheheep!” It tickled so bad her quirk got activated for just a moment and they both floated. 

“Oooohoho!” She could hear Toga cry out in joy. When they dropped, Toga gave her armpits an even rougher round of tickles while she chanted: “do it again do it again!” 

It wasn’t as if she had much of a choice, so they floated again. It must’ve been a crazy sight if anyone could see; A floating Uraraka, howling and squealing with little villain Toga attached to her body, tickling her to death. 

“I cahahahan’t!” she giggled when they dropped down again. One more time and she was going to be sick and vomit all over their precious Deku-things. Not on her watch.

“Awwww fine then!” Toga whined in disappointment, and she loosened her grip. For a moment Uraraka thought she was finished, but that was until she felt Toga’s weight move to her legs. Eh?

“Thennnn here’s next~!” Uraraka literally bounced when she felt Toga’s fingers sneak behind her knees and scribble at the sensitive spots there, making her shriek. Toga had discovered this spot a few tickle tortures back and Uraraka wished she hadn’t. Even she didn’t know she was so sensitive there, just having Toga tickle her there made her feel as if she could burst from ticklishness!

AAHAHh! Toga-chahahaan! Nohohot theeehehehere!”

Toga didn’t answer. She tickled her exactly there, no mercy at all. Uraraka shook her head again, her hair probably a big mess and her voice was already starting to get a little bit hoarse.

“A-ahahask me quehehestions!” This was supposed to be a test to get her out of this, how could she if Toga wasn’t even asking her any questions so she could prove this punishment was totally unnecessary? 

“Oh right, the test. I forgot! Tickling you is so much fun Occhan. But okay.” Uraraka prepared herself to answer the next club house rules: she knew them. She was sure she did.

“When was this club founded?” Toga asked. So. Mean. Toga had started the club first and she had never told her when!

“I dohohon’t knohohhow! It ihihisn’t fahahair!” Uraraka squealed, tears from laughter that had slowly been forming in her eyes finally streaming down her flushed cheeks.

“Awww. What’s not fair, ticklish little Occhan, is that you never asked. You lack interest in both Izu-kun and me, and in our most precious club, so you deserve this punishment!"

Punishment! Had she not been punished enough? Uraraka didn’t even try to move when Toga climbed off her legs and left her knees alone. She simply lay there like a weak doll, waiting for the next phase of her punishment.

“J-juhust let me lihiiive,” she whined dramatically, still giggling and squirming weakly. Toga giggled along.

“Of course! Can’t live without you Occhan,” Toga said. Well that made Uraraka blush a little, but the next minute she was laughing for her life again, feeling her feet getting tickled. They had been placed in Toga’s lap and her shoes were taken off faster than she could’ve prepared herself for the tickling that was to come.

“Hmhm! I know a new rule. We shouldn’t wear shoes in here. We don’t wear shoes in houses, and we shouldn’t wear shoes in this club house either. Besides, if you don’t wear shoes I can tickle your feet easily like this, all. the. time!”

Ah, was Toga really a murderous villain? Wasn’t she just secretly a tickle monster? She had to be a tickle monster, only a tickle monster. This was just insane! 

AHAhaHAh I dohohon’t agreeheheee!” Uraraka shrieked, putting herself in an even worse position.

“You don’t?” Toga gasped, and Uraraka felt how she took off her socks and started to scratch at her bare feetwith her short little nails, scribbling up and down her soles and also paying thorough attention to her arches, the tingly balls of her feet and the hellish parts under her toes. She threw her head back, her arms covering her face as she squealed and giggled continuously.

“MPHphh! Hngmpgh!” 

“Hey! You’re no fun! Let me hear your laugh or I will tickle you twice as long!” Even that. Uraraka wasn’t even allowed to muffle her laughter.

“EEEHEheheh! Noohoohoooo!” She uncovered herself and laughed freely until her lungs and entire body felt like they had been warmed up - no just overheated. Toga explored her ticklish feet like she had learned to in many other sessions like this, but Uraraka had to think this was just the best- er, worst one. Best? How. Her head was getting really too cloudy and messed up for all this.

“M-mercy. Mercy,” she whispered when her overly tingly feet were twitching from all the attention. 

“Hmm? Mercy?” Toga made a thinking face, and Uraraka knew how in most cases this ended. But this time, she shrugged and released her feet. First Uraraka heard Toga move around and some rustling sounds were heard. 

She then plopped herself down next to Uraraka, and Uraraka was surprised when something was put in her mouth: a pocky stick.

“Oh.” She lightly sucked the strawberry flavor, smiling a little. That tasted sweet and yummy.

“That’s mercy. Right!” Toga sounded proud of herself, making Uraraka giggle.

“I guehehess,” she giggled with the pocky between her lips, but Toga then brought her hand back to her stomach. Uraraka immediately tensed up and went to pry her hand off, but Toga was only rubbing her, a smile on her face as she nibbled on her own pocky.

“You held out well though. I guess you passed the test.” What test? 

“Aah but next time I wanna tickle you even longer~!” Toga whined, making Uraraka feel tingles everywhere already. 

“Hey, I know. When’s your birthday? What if I do get some of Deku’s blood. And I will become him, and tickle you like that. Wouldn’t that be cool?”

Uraraka blushed. “I d-don’t think it...” She twitched when Toga’s fingers on her stomach curled, tickling her very lightly.

“I m-mehean thahat’s a great idea!” she giggled, the pocky breaking a little as she continued to press it between her lips while giggling.

“...You didn’t answer my question.” Toga raised herself and looked all serious again. Oh no. Uraraka felt like she had barely recovered. Still, why couldn’t she just answer the question?

Toga leaned in and bit off Uraraka’s pocky stick, making her gasp a little in surprise at how close she got. Toga then raised again, looking at her with ice cold eyes and an evil smile as she nibbled on the pocky. 

“Are you gonna keep it a secret from me?” 

Uraraka just really didn’t want Toga to go snooping for Deku’s blood just for her birthday and all that crazy shit and - “Are you hiiiiding it from me? Do I have to tiiickle it out of you?” Toga sang, going from ice cold back to her sweet and playful side, and her fingers were wiggling rapidly already, scribbling up and down Uraraka’s sides and making her laugh tiredly.

“Noohoho!” she giggled, but it appeared she hadn’t had enough yet. She was not going to tell Toga her birthday, she wasn’t. 

“I will tickle you to death!” Toga warned, increasing the tickles on Uraraka’s sides, making her entire body jerk in response.

“I knohohow!” she laughed, swallowing what was left of the other end of the pocky in her mouth, and she almost choked a little and coughed a few times mixed with hysterical giggles at the ticklish sensations. 

Uh oh. There they went again, but she still, she refused to tell Toga her birthday. Maybe she was just getting used to this, maybe she was growing insane or maybe, just maaaybe she didn’t even mind getting tickled to death by Toga over and over.

And maaaaybe, a tinier maybe, the tiniest, she enjoyed it a little. Just a little. Did that make her a masochist?

“Are you ready to get tickled to death? Because I swear I will not be nice this time!” As if she was nice just now!

“AAAahahhaha! Togahaha- wahahahait eeeeehp!”