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The walls of Bakugo’s room rattled with a combination of a slammed door and small explosions from Bakugo’s hands. Even that couldn't drown out the cursing coming from the boy, who long ago had learned how to always be the loudest person in a room.


“Open the door Bakugo”

“No Shitty Hair I will not open this fucking door you fucking asshole!” Why on earth would he open the door? He’s just fucked his entire world up. Maybe he should just kill Kirishima, yeah that would work.

“I want to talk to you. We need to talk!”

“We need to talk! I tell you I’m in love with you and you say ‘we need to talk’! Shitty Hair had always been dense but really. This is a new level of idiocy even for him and Bakugo had thought Kirishima had reached the peak last midterm when he was helping Kirishima study.

“You didn’t let me say anything! You just ran away and locked yourself in here!”

“I did let you say something! I did too! You just stared at me and I realized oh well I guess I’ve just fucked with the best thing that has ever happened to me by wanting more than what we have. So I left. Of course, I left!”

“Open the fucking door.” Oh fuck, oh shit, he’s fucked up. Kirishima never swears

He stomps towards the door wrenching it open. As the door falls open the idiot falls in with it nearly crashing into him. Quickly catching Kirishima's arm and, saving him from a nasty face plant, then just as quickly dropping it and backs away from him.

“You never swear.” He should have just let Kirishima fall.

“Sorry, but it was just a little bit of a shock when the literal love of my life, the person I’ve been pining after for years, tells me he loves me. So I’m trying to figure out that, and I know you know that when I get surprised I don’t think very well, and then you walk out of the room which is dramatic even for you. And you literally lock yourself in your room, dude. Of course, I’m gonna get upset.

“What. Love of your life?” He says voice cracking

“Yeah, man.”


“Yeah, oh.” The look Kirishima is giving him is not one that compliments Bakugo's intelligence.

“Go on a date with me then? No. Wait, Priorities. Can I kiss you?”


“Of course now.”

“Yeah, I would like that.”

As kisses go it wasn't great, he could acknowledge that. It was sloppy and messy and both too long and too short. But it was their first kiss, and first kisses are always special. So even if it was not perfect, it was to both of them.