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peaches and cream, sweeter than sweet

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Daimi lurches in her seat, banging her knees on the underside of her desk. The sound and the sudden action from the never-caught-slipping millionaire raise heads to peek at her. She grips the edge of her desk for dear life as her knuckles turn concerningly pale. Saeki rolls her seat over to where Daimi is slumped over with her forehead on the desk and a hand over her stomach. She gives Daimi a few reassuring pats on her shoulder and strokes her hair gently.


“Cramps, Dai-chan?” Saeki slides a chocolate bar to which Daimi accepts graciously. She doesn’t open it immediately and instead places it next to the rarely used keyboard. Before she could respond, a low groan slips out of her mouth. It earns a sympathetic look from Kamei (despite how dense he may look) but not even a single glance from Haru.


“Something like that, Mahoro-san,” Daimi lets out, doubling over again. She quickly shrugs off her blazer to get rid of the restricting piece of clothing from her heaving chest. The pen she had been playing around with before the first pang has long been broken in her tight clutch, ink spilling down her palms. “I-I’m going to go to the restroom. Excuse me.”


Saeki gives her one last pat before letting her go. Daimi stands up to walk out of the doors with an awkward gait. It was such a stark contrast to her usual confident swagger which has the entire MCPTF baffled. “Will she be okay?” Kamei voices the concerns of many as the door shuts close. “Isn’t this the first time she’s been… like this?”


Saeki sighs and flicks a gummy fish onto Haru’s forehead to catch her attention. It doesn't work the first time, Haru being buried into who knows which cold case from several decades ago. She throws another one at Haru which finally catches her attention. “Haru-chan! She’s literally your partner, shouldn’t you go check up on her?”


Haru massages the bridge of her nose and noisily exhales. “We’re partners, not friends, Mahoro-san. I believe you two are much closer than she and I.” Saeki angrily throws the entire package of gummies at Haru in response. Haru easily catches it in one hand and passes it back to her. “Sheesh… I’m going, I’m going.”


Haru removes her brown jacket and sloppily tosses it to the back of her seat. She makes a move towards the door, only to hesitate slightly. She glances at her empty hand, then at the chocolate bar, then finally back to her empty hand again before shrugging to herself. She picks up the bar and places it in her back pocket and sets off to find Daimi. 


Instead of turning to her left to the restrooms, she immediately runs to the stairways on her right. As predicted, she sees a slightly squirming Daimi through the glass in the door, leaning against the railing in an attempt to look nonchalant despite the clear discomfort on her face. Haru chuckles as she opens the door. 


The echoey nature of the stairway serves to only amplify the sounds of a distant vibration. Daimi glowers at Haru as she slowly descends the stairs to reach the millionaire. (Daimi is slightly infuriated that Haru is still taller than her despite taking an additional few steps among others.) Daimi opens her mouth to reprimand Haru only for a loud and unrestrained moan to escape when Haru discreetly raises the vibration levels. 


Daimi sways a bit and stumbles into Haru’s arms, heels clicking on the steps every time she moves. Haru catches her and lets her bury her face into her chest in an attempt to muffle the sounds coming out of her mouth. “I-I’m going to kill you.” 


Haru hums in glee at how pretty and submissive Daimi was being in front of her. “A deal is a deal, Kambe.” Daimi bites her breast in retaliation and Haru gasps from the jolt of pain. “Must I punish you?”

Daimi tilts her head to peek up at Haru through batting eyelashes. “What if I want you to?” Haru immediately increases the vibration level at Daimi’s rebellious words. She lets out an accidental sob at the intensity and bites Haru’s nipples even harder to quiet herself. “F-Fuck, Haru…”


“What do you want, princess ?” Haru whispers directly into Daimi’s ear, kneading her ass slowly with her palms. The way Daimi feels herself getting wetter at the pet name is borderline embarrassing. But of course, the ever so perceptive detective notices the hitch of Daimi’s breath at her words. “Do you like the name princess ?”


Daimi nods almost instantly, head still burrowed into the valley of Haru’s breasts. An uncharacteristically deep chuckle from Haru is felt against her cheek. It takes a few moments for Daimi to calm down from her high when Haru’s fingers part from her ass and make their way to the front of her pants. She presses directly onto Daimi’s clit which elicits a delicious moan from her throat. “Stop teasing…”


Haru notices how damp and sticky Daimi’s dress pants are and smiles to herself. All this, from just one remote-controlled vibrator and a pet name suited for a bratty spoiled kid like her. She slaps it once, then twice before moving away. 


Daimi, who was leaning her full weight against Haru’s, almost falls forward. She glares at Haru once more from the lack of support and warmth. She holds Haru’s shoulders with an iron grip and wheezes out, “Where are you going?”


“Back to the office.” Daimi gasps out when the vibrator shifts just so, as she takes a step forward to Haru. It’s hard to act intimidating and threaten Haru to take her right then and there when she’s practically a sobbing mess, begging for some sort of relief. “Be a good girl and stay silent. Maybe then I’ll reward you later.”


Daimi chokes out a whimper when Haru reaches down to circle her clit again before detaching herself completely from Daimi. Daimi opts to lean against the wall for support, head lolling to mess up her perfectly brushed hair. “Oh, aren’t you a mess?” Haru coos, wiping the tears from her eyes and smudging Daimi’s eye makeup. “Do clean up before you come back in. We don’t want our coworkers to know what transpired between us, do we?”


Daimi narrows her eyes at Haru before slapping her hand away. She wipes her own tears then swallows back another moan. Haru gives her an innocent smile and reaches for her back pocket to take out Saeki’s chocolate bar. “We need to make your trip to the restroom convincing, princess. ” Instead of passing her the bar, Haru breaks off a piece of chocolate and holds it between her teeth. Daimi raises an incredulous eyebrow as if to ask her “Seriously?” 


Haru wiggles the piece then pops it into her mouth. She pockets the bar and shrugs. “Fine. Don’t get it then. Your stubbornness is going to expose how much of a slut you are, pretending that you have period cramps when you’re obviously sleeping around.”


Daimi grits her teeth but lowers her head in submission. “That’s a good girl.” Haru tries again, holding the new piece of chocolate delicately between her teeth. Daimi bites the chocolate and attempts to quickly move away but Haru captures her lips in a kiss. She pushes the chocolate into Daimi’s mouth with her tongue and attempts to taste her. Daimi has her mouth in a tight line after accepting the chocolate but gradually opens it to let Haru in.


Haru doesn’t taste the bitter cigar smoke she tasted when she first kissed Daimi, in fact, she doesn’t think she’s seen Daimi smoke at all recently. She stores that bit of information to ask Daimi later. Haru leads the kiss, nibbling gently on Daimi’s bottom lip and gently stroking her cupped cheeks. The way she holds Daimi’s face like she’s holding her entire universe was a soft contrast to the animalistic dominance she portrayed earlier. 


The chocolate in Daimi’s mouth has long been melted and gone, but Haru stays to kiss her longer. Daimi hums into the kiss and smiles slightly at Haru’s attentiveness. They reluctantly pull away for breath. Daimi’s chest is still heaving from the vigor of Haru’s enthusiastic kiss and the intense adoring look Haru has on her face. She tucks a piece of hair behind Daimi’s ear before her eyes flicker to her lips. “Oh, you still have a bit of chocolate on your lips,” Haru mumbles.


She pulls Daimi back into a kiss and Daimi eagerly reciprocates. Haru sucks on her lip while Daimi slowly loops her arms around Haru’s neck, bringing her down to her level. Their breasts are pressed flush together and provide the much-needed friction on Daimi’s aching nipples. Haru fondles her left breast, squeezing where her nipple should be, before moving away. Daimi’s face is in a perpetual state of blushing pink and she looks away from Haru’s earnest stare shyly.


“How are you feeling, Dai-chan?” Haru whispers. She slips the chocolate bar into Daimi’s front pocket. Her golden eyes glitter in mirth when Daimi hugs her by the waist now, leaning her head into her shoulder. The stairway is silent, save for the low vibrating sound coming directly out of Daimi. “Light?”


“Green,” Daimi practically shouts. “Green. Green. Green. Please keep going,” she begs, and Kambe Daimi never begs. Haru’s soft gaze on her girlfriend transforms into a smirk she only reserves for the bedroom and tilts her face.


“As you wish, princess .” Haru pats Daimi’s cheek condescendingly, then leaves Daimi hanging, taking the stairs two steps at a time to quickly exit the stairway. She decides to show Daimi mercy and turns off the vibrator, and she hears a loud exhale of relief from the younger woman and the thump of her falling to the ground. 

Kambe Daimi returns to her seat five minutes after Katou Haru returns. An impressive amount of time, considering how much her hair and face was in disarray when Haru left her by the stairway. She looks as if nothing had truly happened, save for the bead of sweat that trickles down her forehead. 


She plops down in her seat and stoically turns to get back to work. Before she puts on her HEUSC glasses, she makes a show of throwing the chocolate wrapper bar into the wastebasket next to her. “Thank you for the chocolate, Mahoro-san.” Daimi bows slightly at her senior.


Saeki’s frown deepens when she asks, “Are you feeling any better, Dai-chan? You’re seriously not acting like how you normally do.” 


Just as Daimi opens her mouth to reassure her that everything is fine, Haru, just like the little piece of shit she is, turns on the vibrator again. Daimi clutches her abdomen and ducks, muttering how much she despises Haru at the moment. Said woman lets out a small chuckle, earning a frown from Saeki. 


“Haru-chan! I know you dislike each other but that’s rude!” (Oh, how it couldn’t be any further from the truth .)


Haru’s eyes widen at Saeki’s sharp accusation, and she waves her hands in front of her. “No, no, Mahoro-san. The witness testimony was so bullshit, it was funny.” To prove her point that she truly does care about her partner, Haru makes her way next to Daimi and crouches to her level to make eye contact with her. Daimi scowls at Haru through the curtain of her long hair. “Just a bit longer and I’ll give you a reward,” Haru murmurs before straightening. 


One more hour until their workday is over. One more antagonizing hour for a restless Daimi to find out just what exactly Haru has in store for her. All was going without a hitch, except for the constant shifting in her seat and the stuttering exhales that made Kamei narrow his eyes in suspicion. 


Then fifteen minutes before they were free to leave, Kamei comments, “Do you hear that noise?” Daimi and Haru freeze, but still looks at him for him to continue. Kamei places a single finger on his lips to signify everyone to stay silent and dramatically cups a hand on his ear. Saeki mimics him but shakes her head no. “That buzzing sound.”


“Can we please focus on work so we can get out of here on time,” Haru grumbles nervously, no doubt noticing that Kamei is suspecting something out of the norm. Kamei wags a finger in front of her face which Haru swats away quickly. “I’m serious, Kamei, what have you been doing this entire day?”


Kamei has the gall to look sheepish and rubs a hand on the back of his neck. “This is the most interesting thing that has happened today and I really want to know where that sound is coming from.”


“Haru-chan, you can spare fifteen minutes of work to entertain Kamei, can’t you? You know he’s not going to work anyway,” Saeki laughs. Kamei gives her a playful glare and an immature huff. 


Yumoto tosses a magazine on his desk and starts to pack up. “In that case, can I head out, Chief? There’s not going to be work done anyway.” Chief Kiyomizu waves to him goodbye and Yumoto zooms out of the room. Haru sighs reluctantly and tiredly motions for Kamei to continue his absurd search. Chief Kiyomizu is chief, after all.


Kamei gets to work. He stands up to signal for everyone to remain silent. In the stillness of the room, the buzzing sound can undoubtedly be heard. “I hear it!” Saeki whispers excitedly, while Kamei shushes her almost immediately. Haru swipes her pen holder from her desk to the ground in a noisy clatter, startling the man next to her.


“Jesus Christ, Katou-san. Can you get any louder?” he groans sarcastically but nonetheless helps her pick up the pens. Haru mumbles out a half-hearted apology. Daimi uses this moment of distraction to slip away from the room, only for Saeki to grip her wrist tightly. 


“Don’t you want to find out what the sound is, Dai-chan?” Daimi feels her resolve and desire to get away from this everything-can-go-wrong moment dissipate with Saeki’s pleading eyes. She reluctantly sits back down on her seat, much to Haru’s horror. Kamei pushes Haru’s penholder far away from the edge to avoid another interruption to his quest to find the mysterious buzzing sound.


“Okay, silence, everyone. I need your utmost cooperation when searching for this…” Kamei gestures wildly, trying to look for the right word. “...noise that has been bothering me for the past few hours and I just can’t take it anymore.”


“Count me out then, Shinno-kun! Just make sure to lock the doors behind you when you’re done.” Chief Kiyomizu bids everyone a good night and swiftly leaves. Kamei notices that it’s five minutes overtime, and Haru prays that his desire to leave the workplace is stronger than the desire to get to the root of the sound. But of course, Kamei is one persistent bastard. 


“Well, we’ll just have to find out what the sound is as soon as possible.” Kamei kneels to see if it’s any louder on the floor. His eyes light up when it does seem to get louder. “Bingo.” He begins to crawl on all fours around the corner of their conjoined desks and towards Saeki and Daimi. 


Saeki rolls away from Kamei to give him more space to poke and prod the area beneath her desk before he turns towards Daimi. When he noses closer, Daimi’s knee jerks to the bottom of her desk, effectively scaring the man and causing him to hit his head. “Pervert,” Daimi remarks. Kamei scrambles out from underneath her to refute her claim. 


“K-Kambe-san, I—”


“Kamei! That’s enough!” Saeki shouts, face heating up with anger. “I expected better from you, you… you horndog!” Haru sighs in relief when Kamei reluctantly backs away.


“I swear I heard it from Kambe-san…” Kamei mutters but eventually packs his bag to leave for the night. Saeki pats Daimi’s knee reassuringly and tells her to file a sexual harassment report on Kamei if it bothered her in any way, shape, or form. Kamei squawks out an indignant cry at Saeki’s harshness and attempts to defend himself. He quickly shuffles out when Saeki shoves him out of the room. 


“Haru-chan, take care of Dai-chan while I take this pervert,” she points at an ashamed Kamei, “out to beat him up, will you?” She kicks the back of his knees when he doesn’t start moving. 


“Are you going to follow me home, Saeki-san? Geez, give me a break!” 


“We take the same train line, idiot! I’m going to kill you before you get home if you don’t shut up.” Saeki glances over her shoulder at Haru. “Be nice.” Then the door slams shut. 


After hearing their echoing footsteps disappear the further they get, Daimi gets up to crowd Haru against her desk. “Be nice~” she croons, then blows a puff of air on Haru’s face. Haru laughs and easily flips their position, locking Daimi’s wrist in place next to her ear. Daimi’s body slacks as she lets Haru take charge.


“Oh, I’ll be nice, alright. You’ve been a good girl for me, haven’t you?” Haru teases and increases the intensity of the vibrator. With everyone gone for the day and no one to interrupt them, Daimi finally lets out a long keen. Haru kisses the corner of Daimi’s mouth and pushes her hair out of her face to tuck it behind her ear. Her mouth moves to her exposed jaw and trails to the side of her neck. Haru nips the skin just barely before stepping back to worship the view. 


Daimi shifts in her sport to rest her weight on her elbows as soon as Haru lets go of her wrists. She pants heavily, tongue sticking out as if to beckon Haru back to her. It works. Haru unbuttons her vest and Daimi quickly discards it on the floor, sighing when Haru finally touches her breasts. Daimi shoves the keyboard underneath her away when Haru picks her up by the thighs to seat her at the edge of her desk. 


After turning off the vibrator and pocketing the remote, she kneels on the floor and makes quick work of the button and zipper on Daimi’s dress pants. Daimi hesitates in her hurry to remove her tie and maroon blouse, mesmerized by the older woman’s skilled fingers. Haru slowly slips her pants down for a string of slick to appear, much to Daimi’s embarrassment. She hides her face in the crook of her arm when Haru pauses to stare. Daimi jolts when a particular vibration hits her deep, breaking Haru out of her reverie. She reaches up to gently pry away her arm and makes steady eye contact with her. “This is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen, princess.”


Daimi reaches down to grab Haru by her collar to kiss her hard . Haru stumbles then quickly balances herself as she cages Daimi’s body with her arms. The kiss is all teeth and bite, but Haru doesn’t mind, opting to sneak a hand over Daimi’s crotch. She moans into Haru’s mouth and bucks into her touch. “P-Please…”


Haru breaks away from their breathless kiss to lower herself back on her needs and face Daimi’s soaking panties. Hours upon excruciating hours of constant stimulation has Daimi completely drenched and ready for Haru’s taking. Haru peels away her panties that protest by sticking to her wet cunt. She exhales slowly to calm down her excitement, eliciting slight shivers from Daimi. 


Haru tosses the black lacy panties somewhere behind her. She grabs Daimi’s dangling ankles to set her heels on the edge of the desk for a better angle. The tail of the pastel pink bullet vibrator appears past her clenching hole, which Haru slowly takes out and admires the amount of slick that comes out with it. Daimi’s cunt glistens in the fluorescent office lights, making her folds appear all the more appetizing. “Itadakimasu.”


Then, Haru dives in. 


Her face is pulled to Daimi’s slit, tongue penetrating her hole. Daimi instinctively clenches around it as she grinds her teeth in pleasure. Haru, clearly enjoying the Daimi’s reactions and the sweet taste of her girlfriend, hums as she works her tongue in and out. She kisses the nub above her hole and pulls back reluctantly to ask, “You like this, princess? Eating you out at the office where any one of our coworkers can return?”


In lieu of an answer, Daimi grabs Haru by her short locks and shoves her head into her cunt as she throws her own head back to moan. She spasms slightly every time Haru’s nose brushes against her clit, still sensitive and very much wanting Haru’s calloused finger to rub it. Instead, Haru merely teases her by licking from the bottom of her slit to the top, purposely avoiding her clit. 


“H-Haru, stop teasing, hnghh…” Daimi chokes out. Haru’s eyes glance up at her to see her fucked out expression. Deeming that Daimi has suffered long enough, she finally has her tongue swirling around her sensitive clit and mercilessly plunges two fingers into her cunt. Daimi absolutely loses it and screams, a hand coming up to grip the desk divider behind her tightly. “Haru, Haru, more…”


Haru chuckles, the small sound vibrating through Daimi’s body. Instead of slowly pumping her fingers, Haru chooses to curl up her knuckles and press deep into Daimi’s core. Her long fingers reach depths that Daimi can never reach on her own, causing another appreciative moan to tumble out of her mouth. The penholder on Haru’s desk tumbles to the floor again from Daimi’s intense rocking. 


Haru’s fingertips rake her inner walls, while her other hand spreads her legs apart. She lifts her head and eventually pulls them out, lifting her digits to Daimi’s view and spreading them apart. The pale slick coating Haru’s fingers drip down her palms and she makes a show out of licking them clean. The back of Daimi’s head bangs against the desk divider at Haru’s lewd display, but nonetheless very aroused. “You like that?” Before Daimi can respond, Haru answers for her anyway, “You’re leaking all over the floor…” 


She lowers her head to suck on Daimi’s clit again and shoves three fingers into her cunt. Daimi’s hole accommodates the intrusion generously, swallowing Haru’s digits greedily. She strokes the walls just like how Daimi likes it. Her wails grow increasingly louder the longer she fingers a particular spot. Bingo.


Haru eagerly presses more insistently, determined to make Daimi tumble over the precipice of pleasure. Her hole clenches on her fingers in a vice-like grip as a warning but Haru ignores it to soldier on. “Haru… I’m gonna cum... Hnghhh… Haru!!


Despite Haru’s strong grip on Daimi’s thighs, her legs shut tightly around Haru’s head and keep her there while she orgasms. Haru laps up the excess slick from her cunt that oozes out as Daimi comes down from her high. A few moments pass for Daimi to calm down and Haru pats her ass to let her go. Immediately, her thighs relax and Haru leans back to finally breathe. 


Daimi’s legs tremble before giving out completely, heels slipping from the edge to dangle off the desk once again. She slumps against the desk divider and pants heavily. She weakly looks at Haru through lowered lashes. “Did you have fun, princess?” she asks, then sucks her glistening fingers completely clean. 


Daimi, throat completely gone, merely nods but grimaces when she realizes how much she dripped onto the floor, true to Haru’s words. Haru opens her desk drawer to pull out a pack of wet wipes and carefully wipes Daimi’s folds. She winces from overstimulation when Haru nudges her clit to which Haru whispers an apology. 


Haru extends a hand out to her like she’s royalty and she graciously accepts. She slides off the edge with shaky legs, Haru holding her gently by the waist to steady her. Daimi stands bare, save for her bra, while Haru digs through a large canvas tote bag from beneath her desk. 


She takes out Daimi’s favorite coral pink hoodie with the large star in the center and pulls it over Daimi’s head. She snuggles into the warmth tiredly while Haru fastens a wrap-around skirt around her waist. “Dai, why don’t you sit by the couch while I clean this up.”


She obeys Haru but tilts her head up and puckers her lips. Haru laughs and swoops down to press a chaste kiss. “Let’s go sit down, princess. Can you walk?” Daimi kicks off her heels and practically leaps into the plush of the office couch. Haru finishes up quickly, throwing the vibrator and soiled panties in a small bag while folding her clothes and tie neatly in another, dress pants on top. 


After disinfecting her desk and floor, she walks towards her girlfriend to see a napping Daimi. Her gelled back bangs have long been unstuck from the top of her head and barely covers her fluttering lashes. Smiling, Haru picks up the petite woman, bridal style, and walks to their parked car. 


Along the way, Daimi has awakened just slightly to sling an arm for better balance and kisses Haru on her cheek. “This was fun.”


“Oh yeah?” Haru looks down at the cute woman she’s holding in her arms. 


“Glad I lost the bet even,” Daimi yawns. 


“I think Kamei’s going to figure us out if we try it again though,” Haru sniggers, unlocking the door and clicking Daimi’s seat belt into place. She jogs around the car to the driver’s seat and starts to back out of the parking space. 


“He already did,” Daimi responds bluntly. Haru nearly swerves into a pole at her words. 


“He what ?!” Haru steps on the brakes to whip her head to face her girlfriend only to find her fast asleep. She groans into her palm and massages the bridge of her nose, but nonetheless looks fondly back at her. “What am I going to do with you, Kambe Daimi?”