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Maybe It Wasn't That Bad Being an Omega.

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Tsukishima Kei, the youngest son of Tsukishima family, an 15 year old boy who posed one of the most angelic face that arouses everyone's wild instinct. Those pair of molten gold eyes, a soft and attractive pink lips, a pretty little nose, his solf and shinny golden hair that could melt into your hands if you touch them, and yes, his long pale and slender frame was the work of art, you’d think the guy had descended from heaven itself. Not to mention that he was a straight-A student who aced every subject and also good at sport.

Beauty and brains, who said you can't have it all?

Tsukishima Kei, an epitome of alpha, was a living proof of it.

Everything seemed to go well, what could be wrong?

On his 15th birthday, the blond presented as an omega.... If you asked everyone's opinion, this could be very wrong.

The Tsukishima family was well-known for their pure and prestige alpha bloodline. What was the definition of pure? It was not mixed with anything else, right? Every members of his family were alphas.
His father and mother were from pure alpha familes, his older brother was also an alpha.

Why he was an omega? There might be something wrong with the result.

When his father, Tsukishima Ichirou, found out that he wasn't an alpha, he told Kei that the blond's mother, Tsukishima Kaori, wasn't from pure alpha family. Kaori's mother was a male omega but broke up with his father because the alpha's family wanted to create a pure alpha bloodline. But at the end of story, they stole Kaori from her mother and raised her as an successor of the family. That was why Kaori had omega's blood in her and as the result, Kei inherited her omega bloodline.

Everybody except Ichirou and Kaori were shocked, especially Kei.

He was living as an Alpha from day one and now he was........ an omega.

There was an uproar in his family. His grandparents gave him cold shoulders. They hated omegas, in their eyes, they were the weakest and lowest creature in human rank.

"I can't believe I have been sharing the same breath in this house with the lowly omega." said his grandfather.

"Father, I humbly ask you to respect my child's secondary gender. Yes, He's and omega, but he's a strong, intelligent son me and Kaori." said Ichirou as he suddenly released his bitter pheromone which responded by low growl of other alphas.

"He's not your son anymore, kick that rat out of this house or I'll kick you out instead of him!"

"All of my life, I was living as you told. I did many things to please you. I had never been happy as your child. But one day I met Kaori, I fell in love although it was an arrange marriage. Who doesn't love her? She is lovely. Then heaven sent Akiteru and Kei to me, I promised myself I'll be the best father I can and I'm doing it. I don't want my children to face the same situation as me when I was a child where I had everything but love!!"

"Go pack your goddamn stuffs and leave this house!!! I don't have a son like you!!!"

"Don't worry, I don't remember having a father since I was young." Ichirou softly laughed to himself.

Then he looked at his wife and sons. "Let's go and pack your goddamn stuffs and leave this goddamn house, are you ok with that?"

"Honey, I've never liked your family from the start." Kaori scoffed as she rolls her eyes.

"Now I know where Kei gets that attitude from!" Akiteru said with his loud voice.

"No, Akiteru can't leave! He's the only heir of family!"

"Oops! Watch me. And oh, remeber when I said I will miss my family when I have to move to England for studying? I wasn't refer to any of you. I was talking about dad, mom, and Kei." Said Akiteru as he walked away holding his brother hand.

"If you leave I'll take your father's name out of the board of directors!"

"Sue me bitch, I didn't go to law school for nothing." As soon as the sentence was said, Kei found his lips trembled, his vision was blurry by tears. Despite being hated by his grandparents, he felt loved.

His father, mother, and brother loved him. They would do everything in their power to protect him. That's all, he needed nothing else.

Fortunate for Kei that he was extremely intelligent. He took an A-level test and got accepted at Oxford University at age 15, almost 16 in a few months . He choosed medicine as his majors.
During his university life, He met a roommate whose name was Akaashi Keiji.

That damn Akaashi Keiji.