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The Tale of Two Sisters and a Hound

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 Sandor & Arya


“Stop fidgeting.”

“I can’t see anything! Can you? You are much taller than I am so you should.”

“Mayhap I would if I looked. But I am not going to. They come when they come, and no amount of gawking is going to make it happen any faster.”


“Stop fidgeting I said!”

“This stupid dress is itchy! It is bad enough that I now have to wear dress on most days and always for the dinner, but this gown that mother had made for me is impossible! I can’t even move my arms properly, look.”

“Stop spinning your arms like a bloody windmill. You are not supposed to be doing it in that dress, just curtseying and bowing and lifting a plate and goblet in the feast. It is not meant for arms practicing.”

“Can you even like, turn your head a bit? I think I hear something, maybe they are finally coming.”

“They’ll be here when they’ll be here, I already told you so. This thing has been coming along for three bloody months so we can wait a few moments longer.”

“It is them! I don’t care, I am going to have a look.”


“She is beautiful!”

“Your sister is always beautiful. Why would this day of all days be any different?”

“Well, for the fuss she has made since the morning you would expect her to be prettier today. She had not one but two maids to help her with her hair – and in the end mother dismissed them both and made it herself anyway.”


“There they come; Robb first with Sansa, then Bran and Rickon right next to them, Bran in his wheeled chair.”

“Is she kicking and screaming, do they have to drag her behind them?”

“Har har, not funny. If anything, she is dragging them behind her. Heavens know she has waited for this day long enough. Don’t really see why.”

“You know that well enough. She deserves her big day, not just a bloody forest wedding in the middle of fucking nowhere. And in the proper Godswood as well, back in her home.”

“I don’t mind this wedding itself, just all the fuss around it. Mother and Sansa have not talked about anything else for weeks.”

“Just pipe down and let the little bird enjoy this, she deserves it well.”

“I don’t mind the food either, Mycah – sorry, Mykkel told me about all the fancy food we are going to have. I can hardly wait!”

“And still wait you must.”

“I like it how not only Robb but also Bran and Rickon are giving Sansa away. I think it fitting.”

“You know that your mother suggested you to be with them as well.”

“I know – but I rather be here with you. You have no kin – so I’ll be your family.”

“So you are, little wolf, so you are.”

“Talking about family, when are you two going to going to give me a niece or a nephew? I can’t wait all my life for that, you know. I’d like to have a little girl first – I could show her all the things Sansa is not going to; how to play rough and do all the fun things.”

“You? Look after a babe?!”

“And the next one could be a boy. I would show him things as well. Or another girl. Or twins, more the merrier.”

“Slow down girl. You don’t get to tell us what to do. Even I don’t get to do that to Sansa, bloody hells!”

“Well, I think you owe me some. If it wasn’t for me you would have sulked all the way from King’s Landing to Riverrun, and probably by now would be serving in some ghastly sellsword company across the sea.”

“Mayhap so.”

“It is so.”


“Stop fidgeting!”



  Sandor & Arya


“Still here? What was so bloody important I had to come all the way up here?”

“I wanted you to walk me downstairs, that’s all.”

“Well, let’s move on, everybody is waiting.”

“They can wait a bit longer. It’s not like they are going to go ahead without me, are they?”

“Mayhap not, but I wouldn’t count out the possibility of that bull of yours coming to get you if you dilly-dally much longer. I have never seen a boy so besotted in my life.”

“Hah, so you haven’t looked into a looking-glass lately, have you? After all these years you still worship the ground Sansa walks on, even now when she is once again carrying a babe.”

“Why in the seven hells would I care about the ground when the little bird is there right on front of me, plump and big like an auroch? And just so you know, with a babe in her belly she is even more beautiful to me. Besides, it is not the same. I am not moon-eyeing over her like some sick calf, like that soon-to-be-husband or yours.”

“Pfffft! But I swear I never thought I would be doing this. Getting married, I mean.”

“You are not the only one. Until that boy showed up I could have sworn even your kin’s best efforts were going to end up naught.”

“He is not a boy, he’s a man grown!”

“I’ll admit that much - he has some pluck to be taking on a wolf bitch like you.”

“And…we do owe it to you, and Sansa. I know it, I am not stupid. Without his true name I suspect Robb and Mother would not have allowed this to pass. I would have had to elope with him like you did.”

“Hells, I had been around fat King Robert enough to see a resemblance when it stared me in the eye. That’s all I did. How Sansa got the dragon queen to give him the Baratheon name I’ll never know, but your sister seems to have an understanding with the Targaryen girl. Too bad he didn’t get the Storm’s End too.”

“I don’t mind it, I rather stay here. Besides, Shireen is a nice girl and will make a wonderful Lady of Storm’s End.”

“In truth, I don’t mind either. This way I can better keep an eye on him. Listen to me, if he ever as much as upsets you, you tell me about it and I put him in his place. You hear it?”

“He will never upset me. Or harm me in any way. He may be stubborn and bull-headed, but he’ll never hurt me.”

“Well, tonight he might – just so that you know. But that can’t be helped.”

“Oh you sweet summer child! I have nothing to worry about tonight. Did you think I would be as prim and proper as Sansa was? How would I know that he is the right one before trying out first?”

“Fucking hells! And now you’re telling me! I swear, wedding day or not I’m going to bust his head and cut his balls…”

“Shush, you are going to do no such thing! I need them. Both.”


“Well, shall we go now? Robb, Bran and Rickon must be ready to give me away.”

“I still think it should be only three of them, not me too.”

“Nonsense. You are my family as much as they are. Take my hand, good ser, and escort me to the Godswood.”

“Fuck your sers. But I have to admit that if I squint my eyes just like this, you almost pass as a lady. I have seen uglier.”

“Ha-ha, not funny. Everybody says that I am beautiful and I better be, after sitting here the whole morning being cosseted and plucked and preened like a price hen going to the market.”

“Aye, they might not be wrong.”



Sandor & Arya


“What’s with the tears, woman? I see enough of those in my own chambers with your sister weeping and lamenting like a madwoman.”

“Well then you should know! It is not easy to see your firstborn leaving to go across the country. So what if I shed a tear or two?!”

“Hold on, don’t get your smallclothes into a twist. I didn’t say it wasn’t understandable. Bloody hells, do you think me jumping of joy of seeing our boy off? But that’s the way it is, they both are big enough to spend some time with their kin and do some squiring.”

“I know, I know, it does make sense, but still…”

“Hells, it is only going to be for a few years and then he’ll be back, just like our eldest. And you’ll still have the girls. Although from the way you have raised them, I wouldn’t be surprised if you planned to send them too to squire for some unsuspecting kin in the South.”

“Nah, they have been spoiled by Sansa with her stories of knights and princesses, the same ones she tells to your girls. But that’s fine. I don’t mind, as long as they get to do what they want, not what we want.”

“Spoiling the youngsters, the lot of you. Gendry is as bad as you and Sansa.”

“And you think we don’t know how you cosset yours? You can act as tough as you want on the outside, but everyone in the keep knows that your girls have you firmly twirled around their little fingers!”

“Seven hells!”

“And your sons – the way you have trained them all is a testament of its own. They sure are some of the best swordsmen in the North already.”

“Bloody hells, don’t remind me. I am still sore of the practice from a few days ago.”

“That’s because you are getting a bit long in the tooth yourself. Look at that beard and hair of yours – there’s more grey than black in both of them, has been for a while.”

“I can still knock you on your ass. You want to test that in the training yards after we see the boys off?”

“Maybe tomorrow. Let me mope about my loss for a little while at least.”

“Sansa tells me it helps her when I’m there with her. Mayhap I need to have a word with Gendry.”

“He was here already and he’ll be back - he’ll do right by me so don’t you worry about that. He is just sorting out some last minute arrangements.”

“More stuff? I swear those horses are going to keel over long before they reach Riverrun or Storm’s End, with all the gifts and supplies your sister and your mother are bestowing on them.”

“We all want to send them off with the best we can provide. My little boy, going so far…”


“I thought you were done with the tears.”


“Come here, girl.”


“Feeling better?”

“Hold me just a bit longer.”

“As long as you want, little wolf.”