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Wish Magics

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Severus was heading to St. Mungos. He had scheduled an appointment to speak to Andromeda Tonks regarding Harry AKA Morpheus. He wasn't going to share with her the true reason why he needed to meet with her but he was hoping she might have some idea on what to do or what direction he should take regarding getting Harry back to being a human.

Severus felt it was the correct time to get Morpheus back to being human with Dumbledore, Lupin, and Black having their legal issues they wouldn't be focused on finding Harry. While Lupin wasn't facing criminal charges, he was dealing with the fines and was now registered as a werewolf. Dumbledore and Black were still in the holding cells at the Ministry.

Minerva and the staff were back to work. The students were happier now that Lupin and Black were gone. Minerva was working with the Board to get classes, assistants, and anything else possible returned to Hogwarts while Dumbledore was gone. Mrs. Pince had gladly supplied a long list of books. The staff, including him, supplied a list of updated books that they would rather use.

Three days the Aurors and Madam Bones were at Hogwarts. Madam Bones and Poppy spent a lot of time reviewing the old records of students and Poppy provided a detailed list of those who were abused and Dumbledore's lack of response. Madam Bones assigned several Aurors to speak to the former students while she spoke to the current students.

Severus was sure it would only be a matter of time before Minerva would receive permission to involve some mind healers from St. Mungos and he wanted to speak to Andromeda before she got too busy with Hogwarts. Severus avoided St. Mungos as much as possible since healers and mind healers would often stop him and ask him about potions, make suggestions regarding improvising a new potion, or a helpful suggestion to improve a potion especially to get children to take their potions willingly. Severus was able to prevent it this time because he would just nod and say I have an appointment I don't want to be late for. Many of the healers and mind healers accepted it as he through St. Mungos. He was almost to Andromeda's office when the head of St. Mungos potion-making stepped in front of him, blocking him from reaching his destination. "Tiberius, I have an appointment with Andromeda. I can't be late."

"It won't take but a minute, Severus. I am having an issue with the new potion you crafted for burns. I can't seem to get it to the finer texture that you demonstrated. I can get it to work and it has but it's a bit thicker than what you produced." Tiberius was an older man who was a bit timid. He was average height, a bit of a paunch, a rescinding hairline, and always looked flush. It didn't help that the man always wore tan.

"Did you stir counter before adding the fig leaf?" Severus inwardly sighed. Tiberius was a nice man, a bit too nice if Severus was honest with himself. The man never spoke loud, never seemed to be phased by anything, and was always agreeable. There just had to be something wrong with him.

"Yes, and I added the mint after counting to fifteen." Tiberius chewed his lip a bit as he thought. "Perhaps I am counting too fast or slow?"

Severus arched a brow. "I did say to use the word thousand to keep the timing even. The thinness of the potion is a constant even timing."

"Yes, yes, I will see if that helps. If it doesn't, perhaps I could watch you brew it again?"

Severus wondered why he was plagued with morons. "Yes. Next time I need some, I will come here and brew it." Thankfully, Severus rarely needed to make the potion. The only time he needed to brew it was when St. Mungos had emergencies and needed more. It was a potion most of the idiotic Gryffindors could do. Granted, they were just acceptable but the potion would work.

"Oh, Tiberius, leave the man alone. He has an appointment with me." Andromeda had heard Severus' voice and stepped out of her office to find out what was delaying the man. "Severus, I have tea ready."

"Tiberius." Severus nodded quickly at the man before stepping around him and heading for Andromeda's office. "Thank you." He entered Andromeda's office. It was soothing. The room had slightly off-white walls, a deep forest green couch with two matching chairs, the carpet was basic beige, her desk and office chair were blond oak, and the curtains were blue. There was a full bookcase behind her office chair. There were several ferns and spider plants on the window sill. There was a silver tea set on the table between the couch and chairs.

Andromeda smiled before following Severus into her office. "Have a seat."

Severus sat down in the chair closest to the windows. Andromeda sat in the opposite chair. She began to serve tea. "I am aware this isn't a social call, Severus, as I know if it was you would have just floo called or written a letter."

"It isn't. I do appreciate your agreeing to meet with me. I have some questions I am hoping you might be able to provide a greater understanding and comprehension on my part." Severus hadn't quite figured out how to broach the Harry/Morpheus issue but he was hoping he wouldn't have to reveal too much information.

"I will gladly assist in this endeavor. Potion?" Andromeda handed him a cup of tea. "Two sugars.'

"Thank you." Severus wasn't surprised she would remember, they had several teas together over the years when he needed assistance on researching a potion. "I am interested in your thoughts or ideas regarding an area I have never ventured into before."

"Oh, this sounds interesting." Andromeda leaned a bit back in her chair to get comfortable.

"I am not sure if interesting is the correct word but I have some questions regarding the acceptance of reality if someone isn't even aware of a reality different from the one they are in." Severus thought that sounded a bit confusing but he was hoping Andromeda could understand it somewhat.

Andromeda looked a bit confused. "Let me ask a few questions to see if I understand what you are asking. Does this person know of this reality you want them to accept?"

Severus wasn't surprised by the question. "They are aware of it but not in the form they should be in." Severus held up his hand. "Let me give you an example. If someone was in a prison all their life, they were aware of others coming and going of others but they never left, their world revolved around the prison but suddenly they needed to be outside of the prison and accepted it as well as being aware of each side of the prison."

"Complex. There are a lot of different problems I could see. However, it would also depend on the person. As you are aware, everyone handles stress, change, and even normal events differently. If you are talking about creating a safe way to reveal the outside of the prison to a person, you are talking about forcing a major adjustment in their reality. Using your example, the prison is a safe place, their reality would be a safe place to them as well. Removing the safety, especially if it is the only safety they have ever known could be a bit dangerous as well as complex if you do not establish a safe place for them to venture into or even retreat into if they need one."

Severus had been a bit fearful of that aspect. Morpheus only knew Hogwarts and his quarters as being safe. Petunia never provided one and Severus wondered if Morpheus even remembered being human. "It would be more so if the person was thrust into the spotlight, forced into being something he or she wasn't?"

Andromeda looked at Severus. "Albus was asking some interesting questions regarding Harry Potter and how to determine if the boy would be evil, dark, or light. He was concerned since he had no idea where the boy had been since he disappeared from his relatives what influences the muggles might have had on him and how he might view the magical world."

"He came to you?" Severus wasn't surprised by the idea of Dumbledore believing someone might be evil or dark if Dumbledore didn't influence them. He had wondered if that was why he had kept Harry away from the magical world. He believed Dumbledore was hoping to be viewed as a savior and mentor to the returning Harry Potter once the boy entered Hogwarts. A boy who would be grateful for position attention.

"No, he wrote me a few letters. His concern was based on the lack of being able to locate Harry and wondered if perhaps a dark faction member might have obtained control over Harry and how to counter the issue. He was asking about potions." Andromeda arched a brow.

"Indeed." Severus was going to kill the old fart. No one was going to drug up Morpheus or Harry Potter. "I am sure he will discover the truth about whatever happened to Harry Potter eventually." Severus ignored the part of his brain saying he needed to kill the old fart. "How would you handle introducing a different reality to someone who viewed the new reality but in a different light?"

"Again, it would be hard to determine the correct way without meeting the person and having a few discussions with the person. However, I do have several books that could provide some insight. The best solution I have is to go slow, no rushing, no potions, and certainly, no spells. No shortcuts as Albus loves to do. Time, patience, listening and watching. I would also suggest discussing changes you wish them to explore but bring it up casually."

Severus frowned. "It wouldn't work on this aspect. The person in question doesn't even believe they are human, currently. I am not even sure if they remember ever being classified as human." Severus was hoping she might think a creature of some sort, a non-werewolf would be perfect.

"Ah, yes, we have had several of those cases. Some of the werewolves have wanted children but didn't want to turn the children until they were old to accept their wolves. The children believed they were werewolves." Andromeda got up and went to her bookcase. "In those types of cases, again, no rushing, no potions, no spells, or even compulsions. While they work in the short term, they do more damage in the long term. Something I have been trying to get Albus to see when he tries to claim child abuse isn't real because families love each other and the parents might need some help."

"I am aware of his lack of understanding about abuse. Love is the cure-all if you listen to him." Severus resisted the urge to gag at the idea.

Andromeda smiled. She pulled down some books. She set them on her desk and started to write a list of titles for Severus to read. "Here are some book titles I would recommend. I would still suggest watching, listening, time, and patience. It will be a long road for any child and expect setbacks. Accepting any new truth is hard but when someone learns their life has been a lie, it can be very hard to get them to grasp the truth."

Severus thought it was a bit of an understatement. He was also going to have to be careful because of Dumbledore and his plans. Harry Potter was famous and while Morpheus was a brave cat in his eyes, Morpheus was not one for being the center of attention. Morpheus' best friend was Mrs. Norris and he wasn't sure how Harry Potter would relate to other children. The cats disappeared when the students were present. Morpheus followed him around but he wasn't known for sitting around children. "May I write or call you if I have any questions or concerns?"

"Certainly." Andromeda handed the list to Severus. "Severus, I am aware that Albus is in trouble and Harry's name has been mentioned in the newspaper. Were Albus' questions because he discovered Harry and was hoping for a quick fix?"

"No, Albus has no idea where the boy is. It is why he had Lupin and Black at Hogwarts." Severus was relieved the pair were gone.

"Those two, pfft." Andromeda shook her head. "Albus let those four get away with too much. Sirius is my cousin but he was an immature bully and I am sure Azkaban didn't improve him."

"It didn't." Severus looked down at the list. He hadn't seen some of the titles in the bookstore. "Muggle titles?"

"Yes, muggles have made a lot of advancement in the mental health field. In a lot of ways, they are more advanced than us in medicine and mind healing."

"I have used several of their methods in medicine to craft better potions." Severus stood up. "Andy, I do appreciate this time."

"Anytime, Sev, anytime. I am always willing to help a fellow snake." Andromeda escorted Severus to the door. "I will even provide a session or two if you need me, for free, to help."

Severus smiled. "Thank you. I will keep you informed of the situation."

"You're welcome and I look forward to hearing from you."

Severus headed back to his reality. Hogwarts and Morpheus were waiting for him. He had a lot of reading to do if he was to help Harry Potter without alerting anyone to the location of Harry Potter.