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Golden morning

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         Golden light filters into the room painting the furniture, the walls and the floor in lazy colors, the exquisite silks that hang off the bed canopy flash their crimson hues against the floor and walls parallel to the bed which paints the room in a beautiful myriad of gold and crimson. Xie Lian opens his eyes although his sight is a bit obscured by both the blankets and his husband’s chest.

For once, he’s the first to wake up.

He takes in deep breaths, the familiar scent of their shared bedroom, of their sheets and of his beloved husband filling Xie Lian’s bones with an overwhelming feeling of fondness that makes him bury himself deeper in the warmth of their bed. It’s one of those days that he doesn’t feel like leaving this safe haven.

Golden brown eyes flicker upwards and linger on the beautiful face of the ghost king -his beloved husband. (His husband!)

It’s been months since their wedding and yet Xie Lian still feels very giddy about it all. He loves Hua Cheng so much, his beloved San Lang, the other half he never thought he was missing until he found him. Really, his heart harbors so much love and affection for this man that it’s overwhelming.

He stares at Hua Cheng with a smile that seems permanently painted across his lips. His San Lang is still peacefully asleep (neither of them actually needs sleep but they like to indulge in it) his inky black hair pooling behind him and across the pillow, his alabaster skin is dyed in golden and red hues making him look ethereal and breath-taking. Xie Lian very gently raises one hand away from the warmth of the blankets to brush Hua Cheng’s hair away from his face, he can’t resist running the back of his fingers over his husband’s cheek with a feather light touch -just because he can.

Xie Lian never thought he would have this.

Sure, his mother spoke of marriage and maybe Xie Lian entertained the idea once or twice, but he never truly believed that he would have this.

Xie Lian drinks in every detail of Hua Cheng’s features until his heart beats with nothing but affection for him. Every fibre of his being sings with adoration for him. The hand that had been caressing his husband’s face travels downwards to where his heart would beat if he was alive. He wants to breathe his love and affection into Hua Cheng until his heart beats anew, until his cold bones warm up and he breathes again. Hasn’t Hua Cheng been doing the same? Worshiping Xie Lian at any chance he could, loving him any hour of the day or night? It’s only fair that he returns the gesture.

After all, the Scrap Immortal and the Ghost King are to be worshipped together.

He nestles a bit closer but stills the moment Hua Cheng’s tightens his arm around his waist before he relaxes once more. Xie Lian waits for a moment more before he places a very light kiss on the tip of his nose, when the ghost king remains asleep, he presses a light kiss on the edge of his jawline. He keeps doing this to every patch of skin he can reach.

Xie Lian, sometimes, wonders if his husband can feel the sheer love that he feels for him. Can Hua Cheng feel it when they kiss? When they embrace each other? Can he hear it in Xie Lian’s voice when he calls for him? He hopes so.

800 years is a much too long of a time to be by himself and Xie Lian has seen how Hua Cheng’s devotion and love never faltered, it’s what kept him going, and he has given Xie Lian so much so why shouldn’t he return it? Not because he has to but because he wants to. And he really wants to shower his husband with so much love that it leaves Hua Cheng dizzy with it.

This man has given him so, so much: he’s been a follower and a believer, a helper, a friend and a lover and now a loving husband. A husband of which he adores with all of his heart and soul and more.

Xie Lian keeps littering soft and light kisses across his husband’s face but the moment their lips brush, the god feels the pressure behind the gesture, when his eyes snap open he finds himself staring at a single dark eye that glimmers with amusement and adoration.

“Gege” Hua Cheng’s voice is airy and raspy “Is gege having fun?”

Xie Lian blushes a rosy pink but that doesn’t make his smile falter.

“Good morning, San Lang” He chirps “I was!”

The ghost king stares at him, jaw slightly slack, dark eye a bit wide in bewilderment before he groans and buries his face against Xie Lian’s neck. He didn’t expect the sudden honesty and it’s so cute the god finds himself preening.

“Gege is teasing.”

“Hm? Doesn’t San Lang do this all the time?” He asks while carding gentle fingers through inky black hair “I have the right to spoil my husband too.”

Hua Cheng huffs a laugh.

Xie Lian sneaks a kiss to Hua Cheng’s shoulder and then another to the side of his jaw. This goes on for a while until Hua Cheng is shivering and laughing and trying to get away from the sudden shower of affection.


“San Lang!”

They stare at each other for a moment before they burst out laughing at the silliness of it all. But these moments are what Xie Lian loves the most, the ones he cherishes the most, it’s the pure demonstration of love, it’s the silly playing around with each other.

Kisses and affection won’t heal wounds, especially those deep ones, but Xie Lian can still pour all of his love and hold Hua Cheng as he heals himself -his husband has been doing the same.

“San Lang” He chirps and presses a kiss to his cheek “I like you so much” A kiss is pressed to his forehead “I adore you so much” A kiss is pressed to the slightly sunken right eyelid “I love you so much, my San Lang.”

He kisses his husband sweetly and melts when Hua Cheng returns the kiss with just as much love.

“I love you too, gege” He murmurs softly against his lips “My life, my heart, my god…”

Xie Lian laughs, unrestrained and happy when Hua Cheng tugs him into a tight hug.

“Your Highness will truly be the death of me.”

“No more of that!” He pats his back with gentle hands “We’ve had enough of that…”

“We have.” Hua Cheng agrees with a soft purr “I guess I’ll just melt in gege’s arms and never leave.”

“Oh,” Xie Lian puts up the act of pondering those words “I think that’s fine. Hm, I like that idea!”

What is Heaven with its golden palaces and luxuries? It doesn’t hold a candle against this. This is heaven for sure. Laying beneath warm sheets, wrapped in his husband’s embrace, legs tangled and holding hands while sharing kisses and laughter. Heaven is their shared bedroom and luxury is to lay in each other’s embrace without a care in the world.

Heaven can survive a day without him and surely Ghost City will do just fine without its master for a day as well.

Right now, in this moment, they aren’t a god or a ghost king. They are lovers finally reunited, they are two souls that found each other after so long, they are husband and husband happily in love and more than happy to bask in each other’s presence.