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Something Just Like This

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The lab is cool and silent. The only noise is the whir of machines running algorithms filling the large room. It's late, the sun has long since set over National City, the city lights blink high above. A raven haired woman is hunched over a lab table. The dark solitary air of the night gives her the peace to work unencumbered and undetected in her search to make wrongs right.

At one time, Lena Luthor would have enjoyed the peace, the silence and the stark neutrality that being in a lab gave her. But now, it held no comfort. Every faint mechanical hum or new announcements from the computer communicating to her that there was no activity to be found, riling her further. Driving her closer to her anger in her search for Lex who had vanished right after she had pulled Kara from the VR. They had found Brainy bleeding on the floor of the DEO, a pained explanation that Lex had escaped Leviathan. It had been a month since Lex had disappeared and taken Leviathan with him.

Now, she was scrambling searching for any sign, any clue, that could lead her to him. To stop him before he did any more damage or caused any further harm to innocent people. Lena had lost count of how long she had been writing algorithms for different cyphers that they had used as children, she had racked through every memory she had to find something, any small detail that could illuminate a trail. She was determined to prove her worth. She had broken down all her walls to regain Kara's tentative trust and now she was desperate to rebuild their relationship. Desperate to go back to the relationship like it had been of daily lunches or even a late night text checking in making sure they were both okay. It had been months but she was determined to have any relationship with Kara she could and to get back to the easy trusting way they used to be.

Hence why she was in her lab well past midnight running protocols and algorithms, something Kara had told her was highly unnecessary, because they could do it from the DEO. Only for Lena to remind her that Lex owned the DEO and that her lab was the safest place for it.

They had rebuilt the DEO a few weeks after Lex had left using it as a guise to the public that everything was fine. That it had been a freak gas explosion rather than a terraforming god.

After stabilising Brainy, Lena had taken her place in charge of LuthorCorp and the DEO, after all Lex was nowhere to be found so it fell to her as an equal partner. With her control in place, she renamed LuthorCorp and reinstated Alex as the DEO's Director. Desperate for them to gain the control over Lex they could under the pretence that everything was normal. And only using the Tower when necessary.

Lena had been deeply engrossed in a coded algorithm when it happened. The faint hum of processors is broken by a noise similar to water being sucked down a drain. Wind fills the lab as paper is blown violently across the room. Her hair whipping around her face. Lena turns wide eyed to find the long dormant portal that had lain in her lab for four years now activated. The same portal she created following the schematics Rhea had shown her prior to the Daxamite invasion. Kara had destroyed the main portal she had built with Rhea but the small prototype she had constructed herself had remained dormant ever since the dispersal of Lead into the atmosphere. Lena had asked Supergirl to destroy the prototype, just in case. it wasn't meant to be used, it was meant to be broken. Now it served as a reminder of her mistake.

Lena staggers back as she tries to process the whirring portal. It's unstable, she realises as the light flashes sharply, almost spluttering. The blue haze flickering in and out as it gains momentum.

She reacts quickly, desperate to shut it down before anything comes through. Racing to the panel frantically keying in countermeasures but the user on the other side, whoever they are, is faster. Outpacing her before she can even put up a firewall. Lena curses under her breath as the portal stabilizes for a moment, catching sight of the shadow of a figure on the other side. She changes strategy rapidly imputing the familiar kill code. She's on the verge of sending it when the portal shuts down. Her heavy breathing and racing heart filling her ears as relief washes through her.

It takes several moments before she registers the small sniffles that make her look around.

"M-Mommy?" A child's voice warbles, searching. "J-Jeju?" The voice cries out, and Lena stares wide eyed at the small child now standing in front of the portal behind the benches in the centre of the lab staring pleadingly at the portal, wishing it to reopen.

Someone had sent their child alone through the portal. A small blonde haired child bundled in a thick jacket was now standing in Lena Luthor's lab. Lena takes a hesitant step closer and the child turns to flinch back in surprise.

"Hi there," Lena greeted softly, stepping closer to the toddler and kneeling down to her height. Questions burn through Lena's mind: Who was she? Where had she come from? Who were her parents? How was she going to get back to where she had come from? The child turns, her lower lip trembling at the sight. Tears streaking her soft face.

"Mommy!" The girl cries as she runs across the floor, her small arms wrapping around Lena's neck before Lena can react causing her to rock back onto her heels at the force of the small body that burrows against her neck, ignoring as Lena stiffens in response. Lena pulls away, a frown etching over her features as she takes in watery green eyes.

"N-no," Lena stumbles with a shake of her head. "I'm not-"

The child suddenly, instinctually tightens her grip, pushing her little feet against the ground in a clear and silent demand for movement. Lena nods and without thinking, stands lifting the child into her arms. Propping the child on her hip like the women she's seen on those shows that Kara made her watch do. Lena stands trying the console again before she realises she needs both hands.

"Just give me a second," Lena pleads, setting her down, and the toddler stays close. "I'm going to try and get you back to your mommy, I promise," Lena tries to console. The little girl sniffles again staring wide green eyes up at Lena. The trembling lip and tears stained cheek are etched with a familiar frown.

"You are my Mommy." She says as though there was no mistake in this fact. Lena's heart quickens at the certainty of that statement. She is unnerved by the trusting eyes that stare up expectantly at her. Expectant of what Lena has no idea.

"N-No, sweetie, I'm not your Mommy but I'm going to get you back to her," Lena tries to reason. "Why don't we get that jacket off, huh?" Lena suggests gently and the little girl's hand is already reaching for her zipper. Lena watches as she fights with the zipper before she rubs frustratedly at her face, smearing blood across her cheek. Lena's jaw drops as she notices the blood staining the front of the child's thick jacket.

Lena curses under her breath and moves in closer as the little girl stares wide eyed up at her. Lena helps the best she can before it's off the small girl and Lena quickly deposits it on the surface as she checks her for injuries, she can do that Lena thinks, she can tell if a human even a small one has sustained any injuries. Lena's heart is hammering, she doesn't know how to look after a child, Let alone a toddler who appeared through a presumably broken portal calling her mommy. The little girl happily stands for her inspection and Lena marginally relaxes as she sees she's free of injuries.

"I'm fine," Lena reassures herself. She can do this, she can get this child back to her home.

"Mommy, you ok, you ok, Mommy," The toddler says, her voice high pitched at the end like a question, stepping close and Lena nods.

"I'm, ugh, I'm fine." Lena says, trying to keep her voice from shaking.

"No hurt, Mommy?"

"N-no, I- I'm fine, just…" Lena takes a step back and tries to school her features as green eyes stare intently up at her. "Why don't you just wait here ok? I'm going to try and get you back," Lena explains, but the child moves in close and takes Lena's hand.

"I stay with you, Mommy. I help you, Mommy," the girl offers, waiting for Lena to move. Taking a steadying breath Lena moves across to the control panel and tries not to flinch as the child presses her body close, a small fist gripping her jeans, unwilling to stray too far from her, and quietly peers up on her toes trying to see what she's doing.

"What are you doing?" The small voice asks from beside her.

"I'm trying to reconfigure the portal's interface so I can find out exactly where it opened up from," She explains offhandedly. Lena barely feels the grip on her jeans loosen as she taps furiously on the control panel to find the input coordinates but there is no evidence of anything being input into the machine. In fact, there's barely evidence left that the portal had even opened. Whoever sent their child through had also scrubbed them from the system. As if it never happened.

"What does this do Mommy?" the small voice asks and Lena turns to see the little girl pointing to her lab table where her protocols on the tablet have been led.

"It's looking for someone," Lena says purposefully ignoring the fact she was being repeatedly referred to as 'Mommy'. The child must be disoriented from the portal, Lena justifies. Lena spends nearly ten minutes trying to find any evidence of where the little girl came from. Eventually, she sighs, abandoning her search Lena turns back to the girl who is looking around the lab with toddler-like curiosity.

Crouching down to the small girl's height, she asks. "Can you tell me your name?"

The little girl giggles at the question, rocking back on her heels, "You know my name, Mommy."

Lena feels her heart miss a beat at the green eyes staring back at her, "Sweetie I'm not-" The tightening of her chest makes her think about the delusion this child must have to think she could ever be a mother. Be anything more than the CEO of L-Corp or a Luthor but she can't bring herself to correct the child and decides the easiest way to get information would be to just play along.

"Well I've forgotten," Lena teases, scrunching her nose.

"Mommy, stop being silly," She giggles and Lena plasters a grin over her face.

"Nope, I've completely forgotten," Lena's heart is now racing. "Who is this human?" Lena asks and tries to ignore the nausea rising in her stomach. Thinking This girl thinks I really am her mother.

"Mommy, it's me, it's Ellie," The little girl giggles holding Lena tightly.

"Oh, of course, it is," Lena lies and she stands. She has to do something. She watches as Ellie yawns widely.

"I want to go home, Mommy." She whines, rubbing tired eyes.

"I, um, I don't know," Lena stammers, she can't take this girl home. Lena turns back to the portal hammering the keyboard trying to troubleshoot the problem and return Ellie to where she belongs. Lena sighs heavily, her hopes destroyed, turning to look down at the little girl with tired green eyes that look back up at her with unconditional trust. Trust similar to that of which she was working to regain from Kara and the rest of the Superfriends. Picking up her phone she dials the only number she knows that can help.

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Lena hates that Alex Danvers picks up on the third ring, some part of her hoping she could leave a message and go back to the impending dread filling her as the little girl watches videos on youtube. Lena wants to ask how she found her way out of the working protocols and into the internet so quickly but a voice on the phone pulls her attention.

"Danvers," A sleep laced voice answers.

"It's Lena," The CEO stammers uncertainty filling her. Alex might not even help her after everything that's happened. After all, the last time Alex asked for her help the world ended.

"What is it?" Alex asks, her tone clipped with barely concealed irritation. Lena's gut twists uncomfortably but she glances at Ellie, her resolve hardening.

"I, um, I have a situation of the extra normal in my lab and I didn't know who else to call," Lena admits shakily.

"I'll be there in twenty." The phone clicks off.

It's the longest twenty minutes of Lena's life as she cleans Ellie up, quickly wiping down the blood from her face and clothes the best she can, even if there still are remnants of it on her clothes and Lena's. She keeps Ellie occupied with her tablet watching an annoying video that the child sings quietly too. Going back to her task of trying to find any evidence of where the toddler came from. Sparing occasional glances at Ellie and wonders why her parents would send her through at all.

"This better be an emergency," Alex demands, as she walks into the lab, glowering at Lena.

"Awex!" Ellie shouts happily upon seeing Alex, as she runs, to embrace Alex tightly.

Lena looks on amused to find Alex standing stalk still, wide eyed in shock looking down at Ellie who is grinning up at her. She watches the older Danvers sister process the sight before her with a nod and a working jaw but no sound comes out and Lena can't help but be slightly humoured by the reaction.

"Ellie, why, ugh why don't you watch your video? Just while we talk," Lena suggests gently guiding the child back to the tablet. Alex looks from the child back to Lena, a frown etching over her features.

"You're covered in blood." Alex states gesturing to her shirt moving closer to inspect.

"It's not mine, it was on Ellie, she's fine, but well, she's the reason I called you," Lena explains as they both look back at Ellie.

Lena turns back to Alex who is still staring at Ellie, her mouth working before frowning at Lena and asking. "You called me about a kid?"

"Yes," Lena explains, trying to keep calm. "A child who came through a barely operational portal," Lena turns indicating to the large structure in the middle of her lab. "From an unknown location."

Lena's eyes watch as Alex's eyes widen. Lena nods as she types in search diagnostics and glances as Alex who is looking quizzically between Lena and Ellie. "I've been trying to send her back through but I can't get it to work."

Alex seems to pause for a moment before holding her hand up, "Hold on," She says with a deep frown. "She's a kid covered in blood," Alex says and Lena huffs.

"Yes, that's what I've been telling you-"

"No Lena, we shouldn't be sending her back to the place where she came through covered in blood," Alex argues quietly and it makes Lena pause. Lena watches as Alex thinks before shaking her head, running a hand through red locks.

"Why don't we head to the DEO, I can run the blood on the jacket, we can double check she's ok and maybe see who she is."

"Mommy, I'm sleepy," Ellie interrupts, rubbing her eyes as she makes her way over to both women looking up expectantly.

"She called you Mommy," Alex states dumbly and Lena nods looking a bit pinched and strained. She wasn't expecting the Director of the DEO to be this dense, even at 2am.

"She thinks I'm her mother and I might be freaking out a bit," Lena whispers shakily. Lena was more than freaking out a bit. She was freaking out on astronomical levels, she couldn't look after a child. She might break it, or at least mentally damage it. Ellie looks up at her with such trust that it makes Lena's stomach twist as she recalls looking up at Lillian the same way-

"Mommy up," The small girl orders, interrupting Lena's thoughts and raises her arms expectantly with a little jump. Slowly Lena picks Ellie up, who tucks herself into the crook of Lena's neck with a low sigh of contentment.

Alex packs everything for her and bags Ellie's jacket.

"Shall we?" Alex suggests and Lena nods.

Together they head out of the lab and make their way to the DEO in the back of Lena's town car. The driver barely blinks at the sight of Alex. He does a double take, however, at the child in his boss' arms.

The drive is mostly silent until Alex glances down, a small smile playing on the director's lips.

"She feels safe with you," Alex voices, making Lena look down to find Ellie fast asleep in her arms. Her small fist clutching Lena's shirt. Lena shifts uncomfortably as she realises that Alex is right, that she is comfortable, so comfortable that she's asleep in Lena's arms and unlike Lena's own childhood that's she filed away in a box, she looks happy, even after everything that's happened to her, Lena's memories begin to flood her mind. A pink backpack, a large bear that her father had given her to placate her tears. Ellie doesn't have any of that and yet she looks happy. Before Lena can lose herself to her thoughts she files it into another box.

At the DEO, they ride the elevator straight to the medbay where Alex immediately begins swabbing the blood stained jacket before preparing it for the mass spectrometer.

"I can help-" Lena begins as she moves to set Ellie down, who tightens her hold, and whimpers her objections at being let go.

"No Mommy," Ellie cries and Lena stiffens.

"You just sit there, I'll sort this," Alex offers, gesturing to the lab chair. Lena sighs, resigning herself to waiting.

"So the portal just opened up and she stepped through?" Alex asks after a moment of silence.

Lena nods in confirmation.

"What were you doing at the time?" Alex asks with belated scrutiny, her eyes going back to the sample in front of her.

"Looking for Lex," Lena says as she produces the tablet from her purse. "It's running a search for our childhood cyphers to unlock his location but I haven't found anything yet," Lena sighs. Ellie holds her hand out and Lena hands it over if it means she doesn't have to occupy the child.

"Mommy, play the fishes," Ellie requests, pointing to the screen in her lap and Lena fumbles.

"I'm sorry, Ellie I don't know-" Lena tries to dissuade but soft sniffles begin causing her pause. Wide green eyes and a pout that she's sure even Lillian Luthor would cave to are added and Lena sighs and manages to find a video of tropical fish on Youtube. With Ellie settled she turns to Alex, who is staring at Ellie with an unreadable gaze.

"You have to help me," Lena pleads quietly, staring desperately at Alex who jumps, pulling her attention from the tot.

"Help?" Alex squeaks.

"You want a child," Lena points out, wide eyed, gesturing up and down at the redhead.

"Yeah, my child, of my blood, from me, preferably," Alex huffs. "Besides she thinks you're her mom," Alex stated the obvious.

"I don't know anything about children."

"You're doing pretty good so far at it just now," Alex reassures, softly.

"It's been an hour," Lena deadpans. "There's still time."

Lena watches as Alex smiles softly at her, looking as though she is letting Lena figure it out. Sighing, she spares a glance down at the tot in her arms, who is surprisingly heavy, to find her eyes droopy, thumb in her mouth and a small hand clenching a lock of her raven hair. She looks cute, Lena can't deny it but that does not mean she can look after her, she didn't know the first thing about children. As she watches the little girl, engrossed in the swimming fishes, her mind drifts to her childhood before the Luthor's, how her mother managed to raise her alone. If she could do it alone then perhaps there is hope?

"I'm sure I can improve," Lena concedes quietly.

"We're going to get her back where she belongs, Lena, we just have to work out where she came from? And, If it's safe for her," Alex gives a small reassuring smile. Alex begins the mass spec and sighs, "Look, this is gonna take at least four hours to run, why don't we reconvene in the morning?"

Lena nods, "What should I do until then?" She asks and she knows its a stupid question.

"Well, it's nearly three am. I think you should get this kid to bed," Alex says, shoving her hand in her jacket pockets.

"I don't have anything for a child, Alex," Lena hisses.

"Relax." The older Danvers chuckles. "Look, she thinks you're her mom which means yours is the best place to take her. Take her back to your apartment for tonight. We can reconvene here tomorrow and make a plan to get her home." Alex suggests smiling at the half asleep tot in Lena's arms. "It's one night," Alex says, sympathetically, and Lena begrudgingly nods.

"One night," Lena emphasizes the point.

Joe, her driver, gives her an odd look as she appears with Ellie but doesn't question it. Something, he's learned after all these years working for her. She reminds herself to give him a raise as she walks into her apartment twenty minutes later. Ellie, who had been asleep for the entire duration of the drive, stirs as she opens the door to her apartment.

"Where are we, Mommy?" a sleep laced voice asks.

"We're at my home," Lena explains cautiously.

"This is not our house," Ellie mumbles into her shoulder.

"No, it's mine, it's, um, temporary," Lena says and Ellie seems to let it go and she sets the tot down.

Lena deposits her bag on the floor and watches as Ellie looks around the white apartment, and takes in the tot's appearance properly for the first time. Ellie has long blonde hair that falls down her back and is wearing a floral patterned top with red trousers and small Nike trainers. Watching as Ellie looks uncertainly about the apartment, and seeing the familiar way nervous fingers dance together causing an uncomfortable twist to her stomach. The tot walks around, testing the softness of the throw on the couch, the plushness of the rug. Lena slips from her heels and immediately turns to the kettle. As she makes some earl grey, that isn't nearly strong enough in comparison to what she actually wants, as she continues watching Ellie explore her living room from the corner of her eye. The inquisitive child stops at the bookcase and a small crinkle forms between her brows.

"Mommy, where are my books for bedtime?" Ellie asks, accusingly and Lena stops in confusion from her task. Trying to think of an excuse.

"They are at the other house. We can get more tomorrow." Lena suggests pathetically, truly hoping that it will become a needless promise. Ellie, however, seems to accept it and returns to the kitchen, a small hop in her step. Lena pours her tea and meets Ellie eyes who are staring expectantly up at her.

"I think it's time for bed," Lena admits to herself and Ellie gives a shake of her head.

"I'm not tired," Ellie protests with a yawn.

"I'm afraid it's even beyond my bedtime," Lena admits as she sets the mug down.

Ellie raises her arms and Lena begrudgingly lifts her. She hates how it makes the butterflies in her chest flutter, to feel this wanted by someone so small and vulnerable. Lena carries her to the guest bedroom across from her own and sets her down on the plush bed. Pyjamas Lena thinks to herself and how terribly unprepared she is for this entire ordeal. She grabs an old MIT t-shirt she has stashed in a drawer and returns to find Ellie struggling out of her t-shirt.

"Mommy! Help!" She squeals and Lena can't help the soft laugh that tumbles from her lips.

"Alright, alright just wait," Lena instructs and pulls the shirt back down to figure how to get the little girl out. With a small sound of discovery undoes the tiny button at the base of her neck before removing the offending item.

"Here, put this on," Lena offers, helping Ellie dress, eventually Ellie's stands drowning in Lena's t-shirt. Lena nods to herself in success.

"Is this ok?" Lena asks and Ellie giggles with a nod as she waves the long arms.

"Where is the night light, Mommy?" Ellie asks as Lena helps her into the large bed.

"Oh I don't have one," Lena begins but stops at the small crinkle forming between blonde brows. "But I can leave the light on in the hall and the door slightly open, and if you need me I'll be across the hall," Lena says, pointing to her own room, running a soothing hand over her hair waiting for the little girl's approval. Once she has it she moves to turn the main light out. Pulling her own bedroom door ajar, Lena begins to feel the panic begin to crawl over her skin.

She has a three year old across the hall that thinks she is her mother. Lena wasn't mother material, she couldn't keep a child alive, after all, she didn't have the best example to compare herself to. She had been so focused on bringing Lex to justice that she could barely keep herself alive let alone a child. Which was the prime objective of being a mother. Lena sighs to herself as she wipes the day's makeup from her face. She was busy trying to help save the world and not be a villain, she was alone with no help, she didn't need help to save the day but she might need help to deal with this unknown child. She was in no position to ask Kara and her friends for help but she had no other choice. She was singular, and she's not equipped to handle a child who calls her mommy from some unknown location. She didn't even know the first thing about her anyway, Lena ponders as she changes into pyjamas. Other than her name, was she even three? What did she like? Did she have allergies?

Lena was definitely going to kill Ellie. She needed help.

Lena gets halfway through her nightly routine before a small creak and sniffles pull her from her thoughts.

"Mommy?" Ellie calls, voice sad and warbling. "I had a bad dream," The tot whimpers from her place in the doorway of Lena's closet and feels her resolve cave at the sight.

"It's ok," Lena soothes, kneeling in front of her with a soft smile. "It's just a dream."

Memories of her early nights in the Luthor Manor filling her mind. How alone she felt and how scared she was.

"Sleep with you?" Ellie asks her eyes heavy and Lena's fairly sure she'll be asleep before she hits the bed. Lena nods as she scoops the tot into her arms, she's not heartless after all and feels the small body curl into her.

"In you go," she murmurs, an old phrase her mother used to use when tucking Lena into bed. For a moment she listens to the soft gentle snore and feels a flutter of something take root. Turning off the light she feels Ellie snuggling in closer, a small fist snaking up to her hair and slowly, her gut twisting at the familiarity and after only a few hours she feels herself becoming attached to the small human.

Lena always woke in the same position. Curled on her side facing away from the world and its troubles. This morning, however, Lena finds herself curled in close, a small body tucked under her chin, her arm draped protectively over a small back, as a lock of her hair is clenched in a tiny fist and her other arm numbed by the deadweight of the small body using it as a pillow. The previous evening comes flooding back to her as she nuzzles her chin against baby soft hair.

Glancing at the clock she's had four hours of fitful sleep. Sitting up she gently pries her hair from the small fist and glances at her phone, seeing the usual number of work emails that demand her attention.

Rising, looking down smiling softly at Ellie, before moving to get ready for her day. She showers and dresses as quickly as possible, making herself presentable in jeans and a shirt, and pulls her hair into a messy ponytail. She tries to ignore what the day might bring and the nerves that constrict in her stomach. She shakes it away moving back to the bed and chews her lip. Sitting on the edge she watches Ellie's sleeping form and sighs at the thoughts of where she came from flood her mind. Endless possibilities flash through her mind but before Lena lets her imagination run away with itself she has to deal with the small child in her bed.

"We have to get ready," Lena quietly instructs, running a soothing hand up Ellie's back and listens as she grumbles unhappily into the pillow. Ellie sits up, rubbing sleep from her eyes as she raises her hands to Lena, yawning big and wide

"Let's get you dressed," Lena says, lifting Ellie up who nods tiredly into her neck. They move back to the dresser where she set Ellie's clothes the night before. Putting Ellie down, Lena helps her to dress.

"These clothes are dirty, Mommy," Ellie fusses softly, looking down at her clothes, speckled here and there with blood.

"I know, but I don't have any extra clothes here. We can get new clothes later," Lena promises, lifting Ellie up to take her to the kitchen as she complains about her dirty clothes.

After some peanut butter toast and coffee, they make their way to the DEO.

"Mommy, I need my seat," Ellie informs her irritably when she sets her down again in the backseat.

"I know but I don't have one at the moment," Lena states as calmly and controlled as she can operating on 4 hours of sleep. "It's just a short ride like yesterday," Lena adds with a weary smile, leaving a pouting child in the backseat.

Lena drives them to the DEO thankful she wasn't pulled over. As soon as her engine is off, Ellie unbuckles herself and Lena becomes frantic as she fumbles with her own seat belt, her heart beating fifty miles an hour as she bursts out of the driver's seat, a mad rush to snatch Ellie's hand before she makes her way across the car park. She breathes a sigh of relief as her hand wraps securely around the toddler's fist, dragging her back to the car. Her body feeling lethargic after the sudden terrifying adrenaline rush.

"Don't ever do that again." Lena says far more stern than she means. Nerves just barely kept from fraying. "I'm sorry," Lena apologises quickly, pulling Ellie in close as the child sniffles. "You scared me and that's not okay."

"I'm sorry Mommy," the little girl replies in a tiny remorseful voice.

"Thank you," Lena says without thinking. Taking a moment to pat Ellie down and compose herself, she holds out her hand that Ellie, with a watery smile, takes. In a moment the harsh words are forgotten and Lena finds herself being dragged across the parking lot, Ellie clearly knows where she is. Lena doesn't let this new information settle in before she stuffs it away.

Stepping into the lobby, they are met by Alex who is standing with her civilian clothes of black jeans and a leather jacket. A small smile tugs at her lips at the sight of them

"You doing okay?" Alex asks as soon as she sees Lena.

"Just… I- It's fine. Everything's fine," Lena says, as her heart finally settles down. Still coming to grips with everything going on and how she is slowly becoming okay with being called mommy from a child that was far too attached to her for her own sanity. "Has there been any news?"

"Nothing I'm afraid, I just got here but we'll sort this, I promise," Alex tries to reassure her. Alex leads them through the DEO and into the Medbay with a silent acknowledgement to working agents. Brainy turns at the sight of them, a look of confusion passing over his face before Alex shuts the lab door.

"Ok," Alex breathes as Lena sets Ellie on the med-bed. "I'm going to run some tests, see if I can find a DNA match in the database," Alex explains and Lena nods as she sits beside the tot who is happily looking around.

"Hi Ellie," Alex greets pulling her stool close to the bed and Ellie giggles at her. Alex sends a questioning glance to Lena before asking, "What?"

"Your clothes are funny, Auntie Alex," Ellie giggles pointing to the leather jacket Alex wears and Lena feels a punch in her gut. Auntie?

"You called me Auntie," Alex states dumbly and Ellie giggles at the apparent ridiculousness of the question.

"Alex," Lena chides quietly, they didn't have time for Alex to get off track.

"Right, course," Alex jumps, returning to her thought process. "Ellie, I need to run some tests ok?" Alex explains carefully waiting for Ellie to nod.

Alex begins by producing a cheek swab and smiling at Ellie. "I need to swab the inside of your cheek ok?" Alex explains. "Just here," Alex indicates pointing to the area in her own mouth. "So I need you to open, super wide like this," Alex says, making her mouth comically wide and Ellie's laughing at the sight. Lena watches barely able to contain her own disproportionate slightly hysterical laughter that wants to bubble up from within because of the situation she's in. Ellie eventually lets Alex through small giggles and Alex sets the swab up for a DNA test. She then takes Ellie's blood pressure, tests her eyes and Lena has to laugh at how easy Alex makes it seem. How easily she can get Ellie to corporate. That is until she produces a syringe for blood work.

"No, no needles," Ellie protests, loudly.

"Alex just needs to run some blood," Lena tries to reason.

"No, Mommy, no," Ellie screams and Lena feels her heartbreak, she didn't like needles either as a child. Lena knows it's the irrational part of growing up, something you were meant to grow out of, however, it was something she had long hated the very prospect of.

"What if Mommy goes first?" Alex offers and that makes the tot go still, looking at Alex like she is being tricked. Lena frowns as well, she didn't agree to play pin cushion. When Alex sends her a pleading look, she grits her teeth and nods rolling her sleeve up.

"Right, of course, I'll go it first," Lena agrees brightly while she glares daggers at Alex as she gently pricks Lena's skin who looks pointedly away from the needle and smiles softly at Ellie. Small green eyes narrow at Alex, not completely convinced this wasn't still a setup.

"There," Alex intones jovially, trying to get Ellie to join along. "Mommy's all done," Alex announces, turning to Ellie and pressing cotton wool to Lena's joint before placing a bandaid on the small wound.

"Mommy, did it hurt?" Ellie asks, poking at the bandaid on Lena's arm.

"Only a little," Lena reassures. Ellie pauses, resting her hand on Lena's arm and looking up at her critically, as Lena plasters a soft controlled smile on her face, making sure to soften her eyes. "It's fine, I promise," Lena murmurs.

Ellie gives a small nod before giving Alex her arm. Alex sends a reassuring smile to Lena before she attempts to take the blood. Before Alex begins, their attention is pulled with the familiar whoosh as the door slides open.

"Hey Alex, I need you to run a sample on this-"


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Chapter Text


"Jeju! You're back!" Ellie screams and Kara visibly freezes. Blue eyes are thrown wide as Kara watches as the little girl scrambles from the bed and throws herself into Kara's arms. Her own outstretched without an ounce of hesitation. Kara's natural reflexes kick in, catching Ellie, there's a faint crunch of glass before Kara's bringing the child close, only to quickly angle the small giggling body away from her, neck straining to look at Alex and Lena, an expression of confused desperation on her face.

"Who- are… Um… What's going-" Kara stutters, starting to look slightly pale.

Lena's brow furrows at the sight of Kara's reticence. She's Supergirl after all, and Supergirl loves all, but she's looking like Ellie's the biggest oddity she's ever seen. Lena glances at Alex whose eyes have widened comically, the redhead's jaw has dropped practically to the floor. And Lena's brain is rapidly trying to process what the title may mean.

"We fly, Jeju," Ellie states with an excited grin holding her arms out to the side.

"What?" Kara squeaks. Looking around like she is being watched or this was a joke.

"Make Mommy laugh, Jeju," Ellie orders, looking confused, leaning back and looking at Lena for reassurance.

"Wh-" Kara stammers, whipping her head towards Lena. "N-No," Kara says distraught, setting Ellie down before looking at Lena. "You're her...?" Kara pants quickly, pointing to Lena.

"Mommy," Ellie says, her voice warbly, turning to run to Lena clutching at her legs. "Why isn't Jeju, flying with me?" The little girl asks burying her face against Lena's thigh, sniffling.

Lena watches the dust from the sample that had been in Kara's hand fall to the floor. Blue eyes blinking trying to process the reactions from both Lena and Alex as the Kryptonian stumbles back. Kara's shoulders begin to tighten against her neck watching as her back hits the glass wall with a dull thud.

"Ellie," Lena begins but then Kara is sliding down the wall, her eyes rolling back into her head.

"Kara!" Both Lena and Alex shout as Alex rushes to Kara's side to check on Kara, while Lena stands holding Ellie's shoulder reassuringly. Alex checks Kara's vitals before expelling a dry chuckle.

"She's fainted," Alex explains before signalling two med officers to come and help her get Kara onto a bed. Lena rolls her eyes at Kara's reaction.

"Hey, it's ok," Lena intones soothingly, kneeling down to Ellie's height. Her arms suddenly full of a toddler, small arms wrapping around her neck, and crying fully into her shoulder.

"Why Jeju act like that?" Ellie asks.

"Oh, it's just… Um," Lena sighs, picking Ellie up and moving them to a chair, settling the little girl on her hips. "She's just playing," Lena whispers as she feels Ellie burrow into her chest. Rubbing a soothing hand up and down Ellie back and glares at Alex over the tots head.

"What the hell does Jeju mean?" Lena hisses at Alex, who looks her over for a long moment, her eyes lingering on Ellie before shaking her head.

"I think it's better coming from Kara," Alex admits with an apologetic smile.

"Alex," Lena protests but Alex cuts her off.

"Lena, we should wait for Kara," Her voice leaving no room for argument. Lena scowls her set jaw before refocusing on Ellie by producing a tablet from her purse and sets it up for Ellie, who's now curled in her lap, head resting on her chest, tucked under Lena's chin. Lena unconsciously runs her fingers through the ends of the little girl's hair, lost in her thoughts. Slowly she feels Ellies relax, becoming heavier in her arms. Looking down she finds Ellie's asleep in her lap.

She catches Alex watching her a couple of times. "If you take a photo, it'll last longer," Lena says with an arched brow.

"Sorry," Alex quickly apologises. "She just… She looks a lot like you. Except you know… the hair."

Lena feels her eyes soften at the thought of being part of a family niggle at the back of her brain. Looking down at Ellie, slowly accepting the resemblance of the curl of the little girl's nose. So similar to her own in photographs of herself as a child. Thinking now of dimples when Ellie laughs and her startling green eyes. The same shade of green that stares back at her from her mirror every morning. But she can't get attached Lena reminds herself bitterly.

"Did you find anything from the blood yesterday?" Lena asks, distracting herself from the small child in her arms.

Alex shakes her head, "It's still running, unfortunately."

Lena nods, returning her attention to her work. A groan from the bed makes them lookup.

"Easy," Alex orders as Kara sits up rubbing her head as she blinks slowly.

"What happened?" Kara asks quietly.

"You fainted," Alex deadpans and Kara glares before turning to Lena. Lena watches blue eyes lock onto the sleeping child in her lap. Her eyes searching for something Lena can't quite place.

It's several moments before Kara asks, "Where did she come from?" Lena's surprised at how cold and emotionless Kara's tone is, her face blank.

"She came through the prototype portal in Lena's lab last night. The one she built with Rhea before..." Alex trails off.

"So, she's a Daxamite?" Kara asks with a small frown but Alex sends her a silent look of disapproval.

"My memory of Daxam and Kryptonian language is hazy but I'm 90% sure Jeju isn't in the Daxamite vocabulary," Alex says, sending a narrow eyed look to Kara. Kara looks pointedly away from her sister as blue eyes land on Lena's own.

"So she turned up and then…" Kara waves her hand asking silently for someone to fill in the gaps.

"She thinks Lena is her mom," Alex explains uncomfortably, when Lena doesn't look to be ready to talk, and Kara frowns deeply between the two.

"And I'm her Jeju?" Kara scoffs in disbelief, shaking her head as she starts to pace, small cracks forming on the floor where she spins.

"Maybe you are," Alex says carefully, shrugging at Kara's narrowed look of disbelief.

"Don't be ridiculous." Kara snaps and Lena feels her frustration growing as they talk about things she isn't being included in.

"Can someone tell me what is going on?" Lena blurts suddenly, jostling Ellie who whimpers as she wakes.

"Mommy don't shout," Ellie whines as she sits up rubbing tired eyes.

"Sorry," Lena apologises softly and Kara looks away apologetically.

"I'm going to leave you guys to talk," Alex offers considerately, but both Kara and Lena can see the mighty Director of the DEO is trying to escape the uncomfortable conversation. "Hey, Ellie, why don't we see if we can find you a snack huh?" Alex asks, holding her hand out to Ellie who happily jumps from Lena's lap and runs from the room, trailing a startled Alex behind her.

As soon as the medical doors are shut Lena stands walking close to Kara whose hands start fidgeting as her eyes shift quickly as she thinks.

"Well, Ellie seems to know her way around," Lena jokes quietly. Kara looks up at her, lips pursed and face unreadable before she gives a small shake of her head. Kara crosses her arms standing tall with a heavy sigh.

"What do we need to talk about, Kara?" Lena prompts softly sitting on the bed.

"It's… It's complicated," Kara begins, rubbing the back of her neck.

"Kara, can we make a promise to one another?" Lena asks quietly watching as Kara paces. "Can we agree not to lie to each other, after everything that we've gone through as friends I think we should just be honest and transparent from now on, maybe save ourselves more pain and potentially try to rebuild the trust we... " Lena trails off looking hopefully at her.

Kara's jaw works in the same way it does when she's faced with a large moral dilemma. Eventually, she nods standing taller.

"Jeju is a term on Krypton that was used for mother," Kara explains, rigidly. Lena's stomach drops as the air escapes from her lungs. Ellie thought Kara was her mother. She thought Lena was her mother. Lena didn't think of the science, as her mind fill's with the suppressed happy images of herself and Kara on a lazy Sunday making pancakes or lovingly curled up together watching television. A desire her heart has longed to be a reality. But why would Kara ever want that with her? So, she tucks it away into its box.

"H-How?" Lena asks, "How is this possible?"

"I don't know," Kara says, slowly looking down shaking her head. "We don't have proof of who she even is or if she is ours. For all, we know this could be Lex. "

"From my time with Lex, and from what I was able to learn, I don't think Lex has access to the tech to do this. Besides, this doesn't exactly seem like his MO. After all, isn't he more genocide than propagation? And, Lex wouldn't miss a chance to rub this in my face if it was him," Lena explains and Kara nods.

"We'll find out who she is Lena, we just have to get some answers and if that means we have to make her comfortable to tell us then that's what we'll have to do," Kara says, sounding far more sure than she currently looked.

Lena nods with a small smile, "All right, what do we do?"

"Let's talk to Alex and see if any of the tests she ran have come back," Kara suggests simply. Her eyes shift and focus in on something behind Lena. She turns and softens at the sight of Ellie in Alex's arms. A grin forming over her small face, arms outstretched holding the small plane in triumph. Lena walks from the med bay looking out onto the grinning face of the incoming three year old.

"Mommy look!" Ellie squeals wriggling from Alex's grasp and running to Lena's legs.

"Auntie Alex found me a toy and then we flys around like Jeju," Ellie grins and Lena nods.

"That's excellent." Lena breathes her heart hammering in her chest at the possibility that Ellie could fly at all. "It looked fun flying?" Lena smiles as she lifts Ellie up and carries her to the medical bed. The toddler nods excitedly as she shows Lena the plane.

"Ok, Ellie, we're going to play a game ok?" Alex prompts once everyone is seated. Lena and Alex sit on the respective stools as Kara stands protectively near the doorway. Ellie nods, spinning the propeller of the plane. "It's a matching game, do you like matching games?"

"Yes!" the little girl squeals, putting the plane on the bed, focusing on Alex.

"Okay. You know my name is Alex," Ellie nods. "But it's short for Alexandra. So Alex is short for Alexandra… What is Ellie short for?"

Ellie sits, frowning and placing her hands on her hips looking down. "Eliza," she finally says, looking back up a big smile of triumph on her face.

"Very good," Alex says in an odd mix of pride and anxiety. Lena looks back at Kara, who has paled slightly.

"Okay, good," Alex continues. "Now, My full name is Alexandra Mabel Danvers. Do you have a full name?"

Lena turns to Kara mouthing, 'Mabel?' but the Kryptonian merely shakes her head, an explanation for another time.

Again the little girl pauses, closing her eyes and scrunching her entire body. "Eliza Keilan Danvers-Luthor," she says, slowly pacing each word out as it comes to her.

"Keilan?" Lena says, clenching her jaw, making the muscles pop. "Do you mean Keiran?"

"Yeah!" Ellie perks up. "Eliza Keilan Danvers-Luthor."

"Wow, Ellie, you are doing amazing kiddo," Alex exclaims, causing the little girl's smile to widen further. "Now Ellie," Alex begins, turning towards Lena. "Do you know Mommy's full name?"

"Mommy's full name?" Ellie says softly, hands on her hips again. "Lena Lootor," Ellie responds, reaching out to Lena for her to hold her and whimpering slightly when Lena looks at her without moving. "Mommy?" Ellie pleads and Lena reaches out to pick up the little girl, who starts playing with her hair.

"You're doing so well, Ellie! Now, what about Jeju's full name?" Alex asks quietly and she can feel both Kara and Lena watching her carefully.

Ellie giggles before asking, "Her secret name or real name?"

"Jeju, has two names?" Alex says looking surprised at Kara whose face looks somewhat pinched. Thankfully Ellie is more focused on her and doesn't notice.

"Uh-huh," Ellies intone looking adorably solemn and leaning in close as though to convey a secret. But comes out as a loud whisper that everyone can hear. "Superwomans, is Jeju's secret name. But I'm only allowed to say that here."

"That's so good Ellie," Alex praises trying to get her heart to not beat out of her chest as Lena glances over her shoulder at Kara who is frowning deeply with her hands on her hips.

"Hey, Ellie," Kara begins softly, coming quickly forward, brows furrowed as she crouches down to Ellie's height. "What were you doing before you ended up in the lab last night?"

Ellie looks away, wiggling in close playing with the tail rudder. "Running," she mutters.

"Running? Running from who?" Kara asks her voice sharp with urgency.

Ellie's pout deepens, crinkling her brow further. And Lena can feel the child start to stiffen in her arms.

"The bad peoples." Ellie whispers as she clutches the plane.

"What bad people?" Kara asks in quick succession while Ellie shifts, refusing to meet Kara's eyes.

"Kara," Alex warns, her voice low as she reaches for her sister.

With some effort, Kara works to calm down. Breathing in slowly. Trying to offer a reassuring smile to Ellie. Who smiles sad and small in return.

"The bad people, they were chasing us," Ellie looks back to Lena, green eyes brimming with unshed tears.

"It's ok, Ellie," Lena soothes, squeezing Ellie softly and offering a small smile. Ellie's breathing picks up as she looks back to Kara.

"What happened with the bad people Ellie?" Alex asks softly before Kara can continue, whose face is still unconsciously furrowed and pinched.

"I don't know, Mommy and me were running," Ellie explains, her hands fidgeting, glancing at Kara's frown.

"Running from the bad people?" Alex prompts and Ellie nods grasping Lena's blouse.

"What did Mommy say before you came to the lab? Did she say who they were?" Kara asks, trying to force her strained voice to sound calm, but not succeeding.

"She said I had to be brave, like you always say," Ellie blurts, her small chest heaving, batting Lena's hand away that had been rubbing a soothing hand up her back. "And-And then M-Mommy said- the shiny light, that, that, had to go, she would be-" Ellie stutters in a rush.

"Hey, hey it's ok," Alex says, softening her voice to speak in calming tones smiling kindly. "You did so well."

"You've done so well," Lena seconds, gently caressing Ellie's cheek swiping at tears before Ellie curls into Lena's chest, as sobs erupt from her.

"I think that's our cue to take a break," Alex says, sitting back, sighing with a pained smile as she watches the little girl cry in Lena's arms. "I'll go see if the test results are back," Alex says, retreating from the room.

"Hey Ellie," Kara says, trying to pull the tots' attention back to her. Ellie sniffles barely looking at Kara. "I'm sorry for shouting," Kara mutters, her own hands fidgeting. "I got carried away. I just wanted to make sure I understood everything," Kara says quietly.

"Why?" Ellie asks, sniffling, quietly.

Kara sighs, "Well," Kara begins, chewing her lower lip. "The thought that someone might want to hurt you or your Mommy makes me scared," Kara explains softly.

"I'm sad, I don't like that?"

"I know," Kara says, her eyes getting watering. "I'm sorry, I'll try not to do that again."

"Pwomise?" Ellie says, holding out her pinky finger.

Kara looks at it, a part of her still unwilling to accept what is going on, but as those green eyes look up at her pleading, she knows she isn't being fair to Ellie, and so slowly, thoughtfully she locks her pinky with the little girls and says. "I promise."

Ellie sniffles, lifting her arms expectantly. Kara chews her lip and glances at Lena who raises a single challenging brow. "Come on,"' Kara says, lifting Ellie gently and letting the girl squeeze her tightly burrowing into her neck. Kara releases the breath she doesn't know she's holding as she wraps her arms loosely around her. Kara glances up at Lena who gives an encouraging smile before Kara sits pulling Ellie into her lap.

"I really am sorry El," Kara whispers quietly and Ellie nods. "You know it's ok to get scared?" Kara asks quietly and Ellie nods.

"Mommy, says she gets scared sometimes and it's ok, as long as you're not mean to peoples," Ellie repeats and Kara nods, rubbing her back softly.

"You know, when I-um- Jeju used to get scared I would go into the woods and run really fast because I just needed to move. Dirt would fly everywhere as I moved," Kara explains, gesturing out making hand movements that burst out randomly. "I have a game on my phone, do you want to play it with me?"

"Okay," Ellie says looking hopefully in Kara's eyes.

Kara nods, producing her phone and pulling up a game she recently downloaded. "You know, this game is pretty cool?" Kara explains, soon showing Ellie how to hit the hamsters on the head. Ellie squeals after hitting the first hamster becoming fully engrossed in the game. Kara watches the familiar crinkle form on Ellie's face as the little girl focuses on the game. Kara's heart beats faster at the way Ellie's tongue sticks out slightly in concentration. Kara glances up after a short while to find Lena looking at her curiously. A teasing smile tugging at the corner of her lips.

"You know, none of this proves she's ours," Kara states quietly so only Lena can hear.

"The evidence is mounting against that argument," Lena mutters as she flicks the propeller of the plane now in her hand. "What are we going to do with her?" Lena asks softly.

"We should try and get her home to her parents," Kara says, stating the obvious and Lena wants to roll her eyes at the redundancy of the heroic outburst.

"That's on the list," Lena says. "But not the priority, she came through the portal covered in blood. We don't know if it is safe for her to return."

"It just doesn't feel right," Kara says quietly leaning back on her hands on the floor "A kid covered in blood, that looks sort of like us..."

"I get that, Kara, but what could this be?" Lena asks quietly. "Alternate reality?"

"Maybe, but it's a quantum field generator, it's not designed to create a breach like that," Kara murmurs thoughtfully.

"What other options are there?" Lena asks and Kara deflates.

"Without knowing more, so many. Fifth Dimension beings, clones, this could be a ploy by any of the bad guys," Kara rattles off glancing down at Ellie who is leaning heavily into her.

"Hey Ellie," Kara begins softly, gaining the toddler's attention. "Was um, was someone hurt last night?" Kara asks gently.

Ellie looks away from Kara to Lena, frowning in confusion.

"It's ok, Ellie," Lena says encouragingly, and Ellie looks back to Kara before looking down at her hands, the crinkle forming deeper between her brows, lips pursed. "Mommy," She mutters reluctantly.

"Mommy was hurt?" Kara confirms and Ellie gives a small nod her lower lip beginning to tremble. "Do you know who hurt Mommy?" Kara asks and Ellie's moves suddenly clamouring close to Lena.

"It's ok," Lena soothes, her voice wavering as Ellie lifts her blouse, inadvertently exposing pale skin. Lena tries to hide her blush as she glances up at Kara whose eyes are wide and as soon and their eyes meet blue eyes dart away. Lena ignores it and focusses back on Ellie, as the little girl places a hand on her exposed skin, Lena flinches before quickly recovering, by placing her hand over Ellie's. "See I'm ok?"

Ellie nods looking a moment longer before smiling happily up at her. "Come on," Lena says lifting Ellie up and laying with her on the bed, something her mother used to do with her, as the little girl yawns rubbing her eyes.

She can feel blue eyes watching her as she rubs Ellie's back, slowly green eyes flutter shut as the toddler is lulled to sleep. Lena glances over her shoulder meeting Kara's eyes. Gone is the stoic face and in its place is a soft smile tugging at the corner of the Kryptonians lips. Kara opens her mouth to say something only to be cut off as the door slides open.

Walking back into the room, "So Brainy and I have the results," Alex announces, loudly before Kara stands shushing her pointing to the sleeping child. "Sorry," she breathes, apologetically. "Let's take this outside," Alex says pointing to the corridor where Brainy waits.

Lena shifts carefully away from Ellie, fixing her blouse as she stands to follow. Alex leads them from the room and Kara and Lena share a preemptive look before the door shuts behind them.

"I have the genetic results of the small human you asked for," Brainy steps up beside them, hands clasped behind his back.

"And what did the result show?" Lena asks cautiously.

"The child possesses exactly 23 chromosomic pairs that are standard in most humans, as well as the standard XX genome characterising her as a female in the human species. Interestingly enough her chromosome pairs do differ from the average human," Brainy explains with a tight smile.

"Meaning?" Kara prompts.

"The child is a genetically crossed hybrid," Brainy begins. "An exact 50% split of human and alien DNA."

"What alien?" Lena asks with a small frown.

"Kryptonian," Brainy confirms, looking between them. "I'm sorry, I thought that was implied."

"How certain are those statistics?" Kara asks. Her voice is hard and void of emotion.

"100%," Brainy recites with a nod.

"But it was a swab, there's a 70% chance of accuracy rate unless backed up by blood and Alex couldn't get any," Lena argues.

"That is true but with my high intellect, I have calibrated the mass spectrometer to operate at a higher than average functionality, therefore, giving an accuracy of 100%," Brainy explains.

"So what are you trying to say?" Kara asks, a scowl forming over her features.

"Forgive me, for being vague," Brainy apologises. "She is the biological offspring of Kara Zor-El and Lena Luthor."

*Peers trepidly around the corner*

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Chapter Text

"So what are you trying to say?" Kara asks, a scowl forming over her features. 


"Forgive me, for being vague," Brainy apologises. "She is the biological offspring of Kara Zor-El and Lena Luthor."


The confirmation causes both Kara and Lena to go still. Then Kara begins to pace, as black dots begin to dance before Lena’s field of vision as she tries to calm her now frantically beating heart. 


Ellie is her biological child that she’s never had. That she never imagined she would have. She’s a mother. She’s Ellie’s mother. A daughter she shares with her best friend who looks ready to laser vision Brainy to the floor. Her mind goes to Lex, how he had tried to do something like this before, with Superman. Was this another ploy? But Ellie has memories, memories that are confirmed by blood. 


"Is that 100% accurate?" Alex asks in disbelief, a tremor in her voice. 


Lena stares up at the ceiling as she tries to regulate her ragged breathing. 


"Oh no," Brainy says, suddenly, his brow knitting tightly, his hand flicking out resting on his head. It makes Kara stop her pacing, looking at the Coluan with equally tight knit brows as  Lena looks over at him. "Oh no, no," Brainy says, hysterically his eyes wide and wild looking around as though he’d lost something. 


"Brainy, what is it?" Kara asks, rushing to the Coluan’s side. 


"The um," He rolls his neck in irritations, shifting his shoulder as though trying to find a comfortable position and frowning deeply. "The future has changed," he states, looking up at them in shock. 


"How has it changed?" Alex asks, concern lacing her voice. 


"My memories aren't, no they're disappearing," Brainy explains. "I have to contact the Legion," Brainy announces. “Something is very… wrong.” He turns and retreats away from the main atrium of the DEO. 


"Brainy?!" Alex calls after him. 


"I'll be back," He shouts as he disappears around the corner. 


“Mommy?” A small voice calls. Lena and Kara turn to see Ellie standing in the doorway, rubbing sleep from her eyes. “You left me?”


“Sorry, Ellie, Alex just had something she wanted us to know and we didn’t want to wake you,” Lena explains as she leads the toddler back into the room.


Lena watches Kara hesitantly from the glass room as Kara paces along the corridor. Alex attempting to reason with her. Lena watches the Kryptonian move across the room as she tries to rationalise her own mind. Kara’s Ellie's mother. Kara who had lied to her for years. Their friendship pushed to its breaking point after Lena’s own downward spiral. Kara who thought she was a villain not nine months ago, who had reluctantly let Lena back into her life, only to be burdened with this new development between them.


Lena jumps at the feeling of a small hand in her own. She looks down to Ellie who watches her with wide trusting eyes. The trusting eyes that stare up at her and Lena feels her heart skip as she realises how alone this little girl is. Alone in a world that isn’t the one she left. Lena gives Ellie a small smile as she sees the parallel in her mind. How alone she was when she came to the Luthors, how foreign it had all been to her. She squeezes Ellie’s hand as she decides that if Ellie is going to need anyone, it would be her. Lena’s her mother biologically at least, and Lena knows she can’t leave a child alone in an unknown world.  

Kara's strides are long as she paces causing the soles of her boots to fall heavily upon the concrete floor. She can feel Alex watching as she spirals at the realizations settling in her belly, her breathing rapid as she tries to control the panic that is brewing.


“You’re not alone, Kara,” Alex reminds her sister kindly, lightly gripping Kara’s forearm.


“I have a child, Alex,” Kara huffs without looking up. 




“A child with… With Lena.” 


“Yeah. Kara listen,” Alex starts coming around to face Kara properly so that her sister will look at her. “Your relationship with Lena has always been complicated, so many things have been between you, secrets and walls. But now you have this little girl who needs both of you to be there for her . So you don’t have to do this alone. You have me and if you talk to her, you can be there with Lena.” 


“Where do I start?” Kara asks, watery eyes pleading with her big sister. 


“Well, we’re going to help Ellie get back to wherever it is she came from,” Alex says, with a sense of sureness that comforts Kara. “But first, you're going to help Lena cope and not leave her to freak out by herself,” Alex states and Kara nods shakily. “ Ellie , believes you are both her parents, so do what you need to for Ellie.” 


“But I’m freaking out, Alex,” Kara states the obvious and Alex rests her head against Kara’s. “I have a kid.” 


“It’s okay to feel this way, most new parents do, but while freaking out you also need to put on your big girl bra and do what you have to do. This is only temporary, the future isn’t fixed,” Alex explains and Kara chuckles softly before taking a shaky breath. “Be who Ellie needs, at least until we can get her to the right place with the right family.” 


“Right, I can do that,” Kara says more to herself than her sister. “But Alex I don’t know how to be a mom.” 


“And you think Lena Luthor does?” Alex asks, sarcastically. “Come on Kara, you helped re-birth the universe, you’re Supergirl, looking after a little kid is going to be fine,” Alex says, smiling playfully at her sister. 


“Director Danvers,” An agent interrupts. “The test results you ran last night have finished, we’ve also gathered the evidence for you to examine.”


“Come on, Jeju,” Alex jokes, leading Kara into the med bay with an eye roll from the Kryptonian.


Ellie is sitting on Lena’s lap as she plays with a leaping guinea pig game, Lena must have downloaded, on the tablet in front of her while Lena is on the phone. 


“Yes, no that’s fine. I need you to cancel the remainder of my meetings for the day. I have some personal matters to take care of,” Lena instructs over the phone. Lena ends the call as Ellie turns with a wide grin on her face. 


“Look, Mommy, I got a high score.,” Ellie announced triumphantly. 


“That looks great,” Lena grins back and Kara’s heart twists at how at ease with each other they look. Where Ellie is contentedly attached to Lena, she's wary of Kara. She strives to show Lena her accomplishments and it makes Kara’s gut wrench as she realises it's because of her own actions, her own drive to get answers from her that has resulted in the distance between them.  


“Ok, so here’s the inventory of the evidence from last night,” Alex says, handing them to Lena to look at while she moves on to the evidence bag. Pulling the jacket out to begin examining it. “One jacket,” Alex says, softly more for herself than for anyone. Reaching into the left side pocket bringing forth a folded blood stained paper and a golden chain. 


“Kara,” Alex calls tentatively, pulling her sister’s attention from Lena and Ellie. The Kryptonian turns freezing at the sight of the golden necklace. 


“Where was that?” Kara asks firmly and a bit too loud. 


“In her pocket.” 


“What is it?’,” Lena asks, setting Ellie down to play with her game.


“It's, um, my necklace, the one my mother gave me,” Kara explains, taking it from Alex.


“Where is yours now?” Alex asks quickly and Kara frowns.


“Here,” Kara says as she produces the necklace from under her supersuit, her lips drawn in a thin line. 


“What is this?” Lena wonders aloud, distracting them from Kara’s brooding to look at the paper. Her brow furrows in confusion as she unfolds the paper, revealing a message and a small photograph. “It’s some random date,” Lena says, handing it to Kara. “Ten years from now.” Frowning, she makes a mental note for another question that needs answering. 

She looks down at the small photo, the kind that is part of a set from a photobooth strip. The edges are weathered along the top and bottom. It is Ellie grinning a toothy grin at the camera as Lena and Kara sit on either side of her. Lena and Kara are both kissing her cheek, Lena’s arms draped over Kara’s shoulders mushing Ellie between them. Lena feels the sting of impending tears at how happy she looks. A tight feeling in her chest at the thought of her ever being this happy. She turns it in her hand. A small note in Kara’s handwriting makes her stomach drop. ‘Mommy, Jeju and Ellie.’ Lena swallows thickly, taking a deep breath before she hands the photo to Kara whose face turns stoic, her expression unreadable. 


“It’s Lena’s blood,” Alex says, pulling them from the photo strip. 


“What?” Lena asks. 


“That blood I took earlier,” Alex explains. “It’s a 100% match to the blood on her jacket.” 


“What happened?” Kara ponders aloud. Lena looks back to Ellie who is focussed on the game and her heart clenches at what she must have gone through. 


“This is a lot of blood, Kara,” Alex whispers glancing to Ellie and back. “Whoever did wanted to kill Lena.” 


“Why though?” Kara asks with a deep frown looking to Alex who shrugs. 


“Quarterly assassination attempt?” Lena offers, with mild irritation, waving her hand casually as she looks down at the small photograph of the three of them. 


There’s a pause between the three women before Alex says quietly, “Wherever she’s from, Multiverse, future, whatever, Lena would be dead if she’d lost this much blood.” 


“But why wouldn’t you press your watch?” Kara asks, looking bewildered at Lena. 


“I don’t know, Kara, maybe you couldn’t be there,” Lena suggests thoughtfully. She folds her arms looking down at the items before huffing in frustration trying to think of what could have happened.


“If Ellie is from the future,” Alex voices, making Kara frown. “Which is proving more likely,” Alex gestures to the photo and paper in front of them. “And Lena is… Gone, and Kara is indisposed. What was going on?” Alex asks, picking up the paper looking at the date. 


“Why wasn’t I there?” Kara asks, her tone indignant. “I would be there, faster than a bullet, if those I care about were in danger,” Kara states, carefully side-eyeing Ellie. 


“I know, I’m just trying to put the pieces together, Kara,” Alex reassures. “Lena sent her kid back in time rather than wait for you to come and save her. Why was that the faster better option?” 


Lena shakes her head. “If I know myself it would probably be the last resort,” she explains absentmindedly. 


“I know but really, Lena? How long would it have taken to reconfigure the portal into a time machine?” Alex argues. 


“I don’t know,” Lena mutters defeatedly. “It’s not something I am currently able to do,” Lena says as both pairs of expectant eyes fall on her. 


“Exactly, so whatever was going on, it would have to have been something Lena now knew and could therefore be an option instead of waiting on Kara,” Alex explains with a sigh. “She was sent here for a reason, probably for her own protection..” Alex says pausing, she softens as she looks back at Ellie. “Until then our first priority is to make her comfortable, and make her feel safe.” 


“How do we do that?” Kara scoffs.


“We’re going to work it out I promise,” Alex reassures as the door to the medbay slide opens. 


“Brainy is everything ok?” Kara asks standing tall. 


“Y-Yeah, no,” Brainy stammers. “No.” Brainy says more resolutely. “I..”Brainy pauses thinking hard. “I apologise, I feel there was something important I had to tell you.” 


“Maybe you should sit, we can have a look?” Alex suggests delicately. 


“There is something terribly wrong,” Brainy says to himself stepping away from the three women. “I seem to be having some form of technical issue.” 


“Technical issue?” Lena asks, concerned. 


“Yes,” He says, his teeth clenched as he does. “My- memories are changing.” 


“Changing? Changing how?” Kara asks, quickly stepping closer. 


“No,” Brainy snaps, jumping away. “My memories of the future are changing. I can remember things that didn’t happen.” 


“Do you think this has something to do with Ellie?” Alex asks gently. 


“I can’t say... Much- More without… messing up the...” Brainy suddenly stops his facial features stuttering. “I must contact the Legion at once!” he proclaims, turning from the room and leaving at a slight run. 


“Brainy?!” Alex calls before huffing. 


“Alex, what are we going to do? If she’s from the future we could be destroying the timeline as we speak,” Kara asks. 


“There isn’t much we can do,” Lena cuts in with a shrug and Alex nods. 


“Lena’s right, she showed up covered in blood, Kara we can’t just send her back knowing what we know. We could be actively sending her to her death, besides Lena doesn’t have the knowledge yet to get the portal to work.” Alex reminds them. 


“But Lena can figure it out, Lena can do anything,” Kara protests. “Right?” Kara asks Lena blue eyes pinning the CEO. Lena hates how as she shakes her head Kara’s face falls slightly. 


“I’m sorry Kara, I’ll need time to understand it and then experiment.” Lena sighs dejectedly. “I don’t even know where to start, as you say it wasn’t designed for what Alex thinks it’s been used for.” 


Kara opens her mouth to argue, when a small voice breaks through, “Mommy, Jeju, I wanna go home,” Ellie whines and Lena feels herself sigh.


“Five minutes,” Lena says, going over to Ellie to pick the small tired child up, and trying to hide the exasperation in her voice. She had so many questions that still need answers with so little answers presenting themselves. But right now she needed to be there for Ellie in a way the Luthors hadn’t been for her.


“Look it’s just before noon, and almost lunch,” Alex explains checking her watch. “Take Ellie home. I’ll drop by your apartment tonight. I'll bring some food and we can brainstorm more about what to do about this situation.” Alex reassures. 


“Right,” Lena agrees with a sigh. She could look after a three year old, she could do this, Lena says to herself. She’s been able to keep her alive for ten hours so far another couple of days should be fine. 


“I can bring her to my place if you’d like,” Kara offers, wringing her hands, and Lena sighs. 


“No it’s fine, she’s already been to my place, no reason to disrupt her life more,” Lena says, readjusting the now sleeping child in her arms. “Why don’t you come over for dinner with Alex?” Lena suggests trying to raise the Kryptonians' spirits and Kara smiles in agreement. “It’ll maybe give her some normality.”


“What should Ellie’s cover story be?” Kara asks, “You can’t just turn up with a child at your office.” 


“Um, distant cousin?” Alex tries. 


“From Ireland?” Kara asks and Lena visibly rolls her eyes. 


“Temporary fostering?” Alex counters. Lena shakes her head, 


“I’ll think of something,” Lena reassures them as she turns, moving to pack up her things. 


Kara moves in to silently help her and then carries Lena’s bag as she walks them to the parking lot. 


“Do you think we’ll have to get stuff for her?” Kara asks, breaking the silence. 


“Since it seems like she’ll be here for some time, it’s probably best. I can’t keep hoping the police won’t pull me over for lack of a car seat. That will definitely be hard to explain,” Lena says as they walk through the parking lot. “Plus she needs new clothes.” 


“You’re taking this much better than I thought you would,” Kara mutters, placing Lena’s things in the back passenger's side of the car, as Lena straps Ellies carefully in behind the driver. 


“I can’t exactly freak out Kara, she’s alone, I don’t want her to feel how I did with the Luthors,” Lena explains softly and Kara looks away shame creeping over her features. 


"I'm glad you're not freaking out," Kara admits, "I am." 


"I know," Lena smiles thoughtfully. "No ones expecting you to jump in and be her mother Kara," Lena reassures Kara.


Kara nods, her jaw tight as she looks over at  Ellie, “I’ll um, let you get going,” Kara says, her hands on her hips and Lena gives a small nod. She turns back to the car before calling. 


"You'll call me if you need anything?" Kara asks and Lena nods. “And the watch?”


"Go,” Lena orders. “See what information you can get from Brainy," Lena suggests and Kara nods turning. 


Lena's first thought is to drive to L-Corp to work but glancing in the rearview mirror at the sleeping child in her blood speckled clothes and given the unknown length of time, Ellie will now be staying with her. She'd rather not relive the guilt of having to put on the same dirty clothes again. “I guess we should go shopping,” Lena breathes out, resigned to what a public shopping trip will entail.


"We go shopping, Mommy?" Ellie asks suddenly from the back seat, having been woken up apparently at the word shopping, nearly causing Lena a mild heart attack.


"It would seem so," Lena says, as she tries to calm her shocked heart, cueing in high end children’s boutiques nearby. 


Twenty minutes later she is pulling into the parking lot for a boutique with the highest yelp rating, she is still a Luthor after all. In an attempt to hide her identity she dons a pair of oversized sunglasses and a baseball cap low on her head. She isn't ready to be interrogated by the press. She certainly can’t explain Ellie’s presence at least not yet. Ellie doesn't seem to blink at the disguise as Lena helps her from the car keeping her hand locked with Lena’s. Taking a mental moment to absorb how pleasant the toddler's hand is in her own, as Ellie skips happily beside her. As soon as they enter Lena is overwhelmed by the selection before her. Baby clothes and strollers and every other child accessory imaginable is displayed for her and Ellie to see. 


With a squeal of delight, Ellie drags Lena with her as she heads directly to the toy section. Surprising Lena who is suddenly following awkwardly behind her.  Once they arrive Ellie frees herself for Lena’s grip and begins touching everything within her 3 year old reach. 


"Can I have this, Mommy?" Ellie asks, holding up a small tea set, with elephants on it, while bouncing on the balls of her feet. 


“First let get you some clothes,” Lena offers. “Then we can come back to toys.” 


After not falling victim to a pout that could rival Kara’s on a good day, they make their way over to the toddler’s department, to the section marker ‘3-4 year olds’.


“Can I choose, Mommy?” Ellis asks excitedly and without considering the ramifications Lena nods that she can. 


Ellie, to her surprise, looks over the clothes with a toddler like scrutiny, making faces as she touches the various clothes she can reach. Only picking the one she decides is soft enough to rub her face on. Fascinated by the show, Lena follows dutifully, picking up the various clothes that made the cut, and handing them to a sales clerk who materialized to offer up a second pair of hands, while another whisks by to take them and sets them on the side. 


Lena eyes this critically, aware that she is probably about to pay a small fortune in children’s clothes and their shopping is far from complete.  


"Please, please please," Ellie chants pointing to a large sleeping kitty shaped plastic toy. “It’s my night light.”


“Oh, um, of course.”


After handing it to the clerk, they head towards the strollers and car seat section.


"Which ones yours, Ellie?" Lena asks quietly. Ellie looks over the choices before shaking her head. 


"It's not here," Ellie informs her as though the world was ending. Lena sighs looking over the technical sheets rubbing the back of her neck. There’s a variety of colours, each with a product specification sheet displaying the safety features in list form. Lena isn’t sure if Isofix is important or if it should be compatible with standard seats. How is she supposed to look after this child if she can’t even make a simple car seat purchase? They can’t be that technically advanced surely she thinks as her fingers dance unconsciously over the watch on her wrist. She purposefully moves her hand away, thinking, she should have gotten her assistant to do this, when the clerk speaks up. 


"Can I help ma'am?" She asks brightly. 


"We're um…" Lena can feel her heart rate quicken in panic. 


"We’re looking for a car seat," a voice cuts in, just as Ellie informs the clerk.


“I needs my seat.”  Lena spins as Kara steps up beside them. She's dressed in her usual clothes of slacks and a shirt, glasses firmly in place. 


"I see," the woman grins down at the child, instead of the woman Lena is now looking wide eyed at. “Well let’s see what we can find?”


"What are you doing here?" Lena asks Kara quietly. 


"I could hear your heart race across the city," Kara whispers, smiling as Ellie experimentally touches one of the car seats. “And I wanted to come and help. Should I…. should I leave?” Kara asks uneasily but Lena shakes her head. 


"Thank you for coming," Lena whispers and Kara gives her a small smile. 


Lena relaxes with Kara by her side as Ellie hooks her fingers into Lena’s pocket while the woman rattles off specifications for each seat in Ellie’s appropriate size.


"Whichever is safest," Lena states now eager to get out of the store. The woman nods pointing to one that is apparently a five star safety rating with a variety of high tech safety features, Lena is nodding before she thinks. 


"Lena, that seats over $600," Kara mutters as they walk to the cashier. 


"I bought you a media empire for over 750 million dollars. I can handle a $600 car seat," Lena teases, making Kara blush furiously. 


"Jeju, come?" Ellie requests, grabbing Kara’s hand and leading the taller blonde away. Lena’s stomach flips at how sweet the two look together. Together they wander about the store, Ellie pointing out things here and there as Kara listens closely. She looks back to the cashier to see the mountain of goods she’s just agreed to buy when Kara reappears with a handful of colouring books and crayons. Lena raises a questioning eyebrow. 


"They’re on sale,” Kara defends as she places it on the counter to add to the purchase.  They get distracted by something loud and flashing and Lena can suddenly see the similarities. The same chin, the same faint crinkle and the same shade of blonde hair but where Karas is wavy Ellie’s is straight. 


"You have a beautiful family," the clerk compliments while processing their purchase, causing Lena to stumble from her thoughts, but quickly recovers and smiles gently in thanks. 


“Would you like some help, installing the car seat?” the cashier asks as they hand over the receipt.


“No, thank you, I think we’ll be fine.” 


After paying, and pulling Kara from the self backflipping dogs, they leave. 


As Lena places the purchases in the truck, Kara begins to open the car seat box as Ellie watches.


"Kara, it's fine I can do it, you should be at work," Lena insists, when Kara starts the task of setting up the car seat.


"No, it's fine. I told Andrea I was doing research," Kara waves off. Lena drops it as Kara attempts to secure the car seat and after packing everything in the trunk she returns to Ellie, both watching Kara struggle. 


"Jeju is gonna break it," Ellie observes simply and Lena nods. 


"I'm not going to break it,” Kara scoffs, frustrated by her audience's lack of faith. “The instructions say that belt A gets attached here and here and where is that piece?" mumbles to herself, looking over the instruction manual.


Lena glances around the parking lot as Kara huffs in frustration. After fifteen minutes however even Lena's patience is gone. 


"Alright Kara, move," Lena orders and Kara sighs in defeat. 


Stepping from the car she kneels beside Ellie on the asphalt. 


"It's hard," Kara tells Ellie who grins up at her sympathetically. 


Another twenty minutes and Lena owes a three year twenty dollars for a supposed swear jar she’s never heard of. 


"I have three PhDs, one in advanced mechanical engineering and this stupid fu-" 


"Lena," Kara warns, making the CEO turn to see Kara with her hands over Ellie’s ears. Kara however is trying to hold back her laugh at Lena’s frustration. It’s similar to her trying to set up the game mousetrap, although Lena wasn’t half bent over in a car with her shirt riding up and revealing the pale skin and dimples at the base of her back that Kara’s having a hard time ignoring. 


"Sorry," Lena sighs as she steps out. Rolling her shoulders she tosses the instructions before making it up on her own.


"It looks like you could use some help," A soft spoken clerk says as he walks over, the logo of the store and the word installer over his left breast. 


"Um, please," Kara nods as both of them blush at needing help after all. 


He chuckles, kindly, and steps closer and undoing whatever Lena has attempted. In a practised way, he runs the belt with the odd clip attachments that Kara had been holding through the base of the car seat. Attaching each clip to the metal bars inset on either side of the seat and tightening the strap. Next, pulling up another strap attached to the back of the car seat, hitting the backseat release leading to the trunk and runs it through the gap in the headrest, hooking it onto another metal bar, relatching the backseat before tightening the strap.


“Voila, you now have a safe and correctly installed car seat,” the man says with pride- of-work flourish. 


“Thanks,” Kara grins, as Ellie giggles as Lena curses under breath, looking murderous. 


"Come on," Lena sighs as Ellie climbs into the new seat. She gives an experimental wiggle before she clips herself in. After doing a quick check, Lena shuts the door to find Kara standing with a knowing smirk. "Don't," Lena warns, earning a chuckle from Kara. 


"I didn't say a word," Kara says, palms raised with a laugh. 


"You didn’t have to, I don’t need help with menial tasks,” Lena huffs, opening the driver side door. 


“Hey, Lena,” Kara asks, shuffling from foot to foot. Lena looks up in question. “Would you mind if I… If I came back with you guys? You know, for Ellie?” 


It takes Lena by surprise for a moment before she nods, “Sure.” 


“Really?” Kara asks in surprise as Lena slides behind the wheel. Ellie falls asleep minutes into the drive and Lena catches Kara watching her multiple times. Pulling into the parking garage, Lena gets out and watches Kara bounce on her toes, her hands fidgeting as Lena picks up the bags. 


“Can you get her?” Lena asks, causing Kara to look up at her with comically wide eyes. 


“What?” Kara squeaks. 


"We can't leave her in the car, Kara," Lena teases, popping the trunk. 


"I don't want to hurt her," Kara whispers and Lena raises an unimpressed eyebrow. 


"Did you miss Brainy telling you she's half Kryptonian?" Lena teases playfully 


Kara blushes as she shifts her bag higher on her shoulder, bracing herself. She manages to unclip and ease Ellie out of the car and Lena watches with a silent laugh. Kara’s so focussed on not injuring or waking Ellie, her face has scrunched tight in concentration. Lena collects the shopping bags before leading Kara into her apartment. She sets everything down quietly and turns to see Kara setting her bag down with Ellie still fast asleep on her shoulder. 


"Where do I put her?" Kara asks and Lena gestures for Kara to follow her into the guest room. 


"This is so much harder than I thought, there are so many dangers," Kara says, as they leave Ellie to sleep. "like everywhere." Lena can only send her an amused look as she leads them into the kitchen.  


"Will you tell me what happened last night?" Kara asks quietly after a period of silence forcing Lena to look up from the counter. Blue eyes meet her own, desperate to understand how they have ended up with a small human that's half of each of them. Lena nods, recounting everything, more than she had that morning. Down to the words spoken and the detail of every encounter.  


"I want to help until we can get her home," Kara says with a nod to herself. Her arms braced on the counter as she builds the sandwich in front of her. "Wherever her home is." 


“I think it’ll help her,” Lena whispers, nodding as her eyes fall down to the food on her plate.


They fall into silence as they work into the afternoon. Lena looks up when Kara stands in one smooth movement, moving suddenly through the apartment. 


"Kara?" Lena barely has a chance to ask, following behind as quickly as she can.  Racing into the guest bedroom she finds Kara kneeling by the bed trying to comfort a crying Ellie, as large tears roll down her cheeks. A whimpered, "Mommy," falls from her and Lena feels her heart cave. She's on the bed before she can think of how she shouldn't be getting attached. Pulling Ellie into her lap, and trying to console the whimpering child.


"It's ok," Lena soothes softly and Ellie burrows her face in her chest. Lena leans down holding her protectively close in a way she can vaguely recall her mother doing for her. Running a soothing hand over the tots back she whispers any form of comforting words she knows. Kara shifts from her place on the floor, moving to sit on the edge of the bed, the familiar crinkle forming between her brow. Ellie slowly calms and Lena can feel the wet patch forming on her shirt. 


"It's just a bad dream," Kara murmurs quietly and Ellie sniffles. "You wanna tell us about it?" Kara asks carefully and Lena can't help how wounded Kara looks when Ellie shakes her head vehemently. 


"You know, even Supergirl gets bad dreams," Lena says softly, still rubbing her back. Ellie glances up at her then back to Kara. Kara nods quickly. 


"She sure does," Kara adds. Ellie sniffles, green eyes watching as Kara crosses her legs on the bed, holding out her hand for Ellie to take. Smiling sadly when Ellis tentatively grabs her finger. "When Jeju was little," Kara pauses as if considering something, "she got stuck somewhere really cold and she couldn't get out. I was stuck there for a really long time." Kara admits and Lena feels her heartbreak. Kara hasn't told her this before she knows the story from articles but not from Kara. "Sometimes I still wake up thinking I'm going to be stuck there." 


"Thats a bad dweam," Ellie mumbles and Kara nods. 


"We all get bad dreams but that's all they are," Kara reassures her and Lena watches the silent exchange. They sit for a long time as  Lena gently rocks Ellie and Kara looks on.


"Why don't we put cartoons or something on the tv?" Kara offers after a period of silence and Ellie perks immediately. 


"Can we Mommy?" Ellie asks, her head almost colliding with Lena's chin. The CEO nods and both adults are scrambling off the bed after the child who is now running through the hall. Kara subsequently gets no work done after. Both reporter and toddler sit together on the floor watching Scooby Doo for the better part of an hour before they're colouring with a warning from Lena about stains on her carpet. Lena manages to work albeit at a slow pace every giggle from the pair pulling her from her work, and catches herself watching the moment between Kara and Ellie closely. Ellie is colouring carefully between the lines, her tongue sticking out in a way that reminds her of Kara. Kara is quietly praising her on colours talking about shading as Kara is assigned to colour the background. It fills Lena with a sense of want, an attachment she didn’t have before. 


A knock on the door makes all three jumps and Kara sits up protectively over Ellie as Lena stands. She sends a glance to Kara before opening the door.


"I brought pizza," Alex announces. 


"Aunt Alex," Ellie squeals in a way that Lena knows makes Kara jealous. Ellie runs hugging Alex's legs tightly, 


"Hey kiddo, if you unleash me I can show you what else I got you," Alex teases and Ellie immediately releases the older Danvers sister. Ellie looks inquisitively at the bag Alex hands her, Ellie moves to the floor in the centre of the room depositing a  variety of toy cars, plush animals and dolls on to the floor. Lena doesn’t miss the ‘Parenting for Dummies’ tumble out alongside it. 


"You got her a doll?" Lena asks. 


"I got a variety, I didn't know what she liked," Alex says, defensively. 


"Be lucky she never got her a gun," Kara scoffs earning a punch from Alex, "Ow." 


"How has she been?" Alex asks and Kara and Lena shrug. 


"She hasn't said anything new," Lena admits. 


"Maybe we can try something over dinner?" Kara offers and both nod. 


"I'm going to get drinks," Lena says, excusing herself.


As she slips away Alex asks, "How're you doing?" 


"Better, she had a nightmare earlier but it was ok. But she is still being cautious around me, Alex." Kara whispers.


"You did faint when you saw her Kar," Alex reasons with a shrug. 


"But I'm her mom," Kara argues quietly. 


"You don't know what is in her head, or the memories she has of you," Alex says, offering a reminder to Kara. "I know it's hard but just be patient, she'll come round." 


"Did Brainy say anything after I left?" Kara asks softly, but Alex shakes her head. 


"No, but the fact his memories are changing is making him really on edge." 


"Do you- You don't think-" Kara stumbles and Alex simply raises an eyebrow. "You don't think she could actually be from the future do you?" 


"If she is, and that's a big if," Alex adds, "Then the whole timeline must have gone wrong somewhere," Alex explains. "But that doesn't explain sending her back to now." Kara chews her lip as she thinks while Lena hands them both drinks and places the pizzas at the centre of the dining table.


"Maybe this was the time they thought was safe enough to send her back," Kara ponders before leading Alex to the food. "So, the doll huh?" 


"Shut up, I'm trying to keep her occupied, I remember how destructive you were when you were bored," Alex teases. 


"That happened one time!" Kara hisses, petulantly. 


"Says the scorch marks on mom's ceiling," Alex sings sitting beside Ellie who is pulling a large slice of pizza towards her with wide eyes. As they eat, Alex prompts information from Ellie in a way that Lena is sure the DEO has not trained her for. 


"Is pizza your favourite?" Alex asks and Ellie frowns, shaking her head. "No? Huh, what is then?" 


"Ice cream!" Ellie exclaims with bright hopeful eyes. 


"You know that's Jeju's favourite too," Alex states, nodding in Kara’s direction. Ellie looks to Kara who smiles nodding in agreement. Lena shakes her head at the agent who is slowly pulling information as the night goes on, they learn Ellie is three and a half when Alex deliberately refers to her as two earning an indignant correction from the tot. They learn she's already had her birthday for the year meaning the date on the note left in her jacket is something else, something just as important. Alex sighs as she runs out of topics and they still haven't learned much else as to why she was sent back.

As it hits seven and Alex turns to Kara and Lena.


"You should give her a bath and get her to bed, she looks beat," Alex instructs. Lena and Kara look immediately to one another before Kara smirks. 


"Hey Ellie," Kara asks, "Do you think Mommy should do bath time?" 


Ellie looks at Kara with a look that would render most men immobile and if there was ever a doubt that Ellie was Lena's child it was gone. 


"Mommy does storytime," Ellie informs her and Kara swallows with a nod ignoring Alex's cackles. Lena slips from the room running a bath with small instructions from Ellie on temperature. 


"You're going to be fine ok. Call me later?" Alex reassures as she pats Kara on the back. She follows the sounds of giggling and peers round to see Lena and Ellie sitting on the bathroom floor, Lena's fingers tickling Ellie’s side as the tot squeals with laughter. 


"Bath Time?" Kara asks and Ellie jumps to her feet. 


"Toys?" Ellie asks and both Kara and Lena's face fall. 


"We can go shopping again tomorrow" Lena suggests realising she could be setting a bad precedence. Ellie grins as she struggles to pull the top from her body eager to get the washing process over with. Lena helps and notes how Kara watches her carefully taking in the process. Lena stands as Ellie splashes around. 


"She's all yours Supergirl," Lena teases as she slips from the room and Kara finally notices how soft and natural she looks in her simple off the shoulder jumper and jeans she's been wearing all day or the way her straight hair falls around her shoulders. 


"Jeju," Ellie calls pulling Kara from her thoughts. 


Bath time is not what Kara expects, from the second she even attempts to stay dry she knows it’s futile. Ellie apparently loves bath time, she gives Kara a bubble beard to match her own and Kara pulls her hair into a mohawk resulting in fits of laughter. Lena is in the guest room when Kara walks in, Ellie screaming and giggling like a banshee as Kara tickles her sides mercilessly. Kara can’t help the butterflies at Lena’s face splitting grin as she takes in the sight of a soaked Kara and flailing three year old. Kara deposits Ellie on the bed with a bounce making Ellie giggle scrambling away from Kara.


“Jeju do the spin,” Ellie calls. It makes Kara and Lena pause for a moment before Lena cuts in to save the blonde. 


“Maybe tomorrow, now pyjamas,” Lena orders softly, a lower lip trembles in response before Kara cuts in. 


“What about Lilo and Stitch?” Kara asks, making Lena look up at her with a frown. “We can watch Stitch before bed, right mommy?” Kara asks with a firm nod to the living room. 


“Peease?” Ellie asks and Lena nods with a sharp intake of breath at a blinding grin up at her. 


 It’s a bit of a tangled mess of limbs but between Kara and Lena they make it through. Ellie accepts Lena brushing her hair, Kara too terrified she would hurt Ellie and Lena gets the feeling this was a thing whenever future them had had Ellie, however that had happened. Lena makes a note not to think about it. Kara manages to persuade Ellie to brush her teeth and talks her through it.  


Kara carries a subdued Ellie back to the couch where she curls against Lena’s side as the CEO settles on an unknown Disney film. Kara works while they watch it or she attempts to work. She picks up on unconscious habits Lena’s doing, like running her thumb over Ellie’s back as the tot leans against her, thumb in mouth, or the way as Ellie’s eyes begin to droop she pulls the comforter over the two of them and Kara realises how attached Lena is after twenty-four hours with the kid. Kara chews on her lip as she thinks about when Ellie will leave to go back to her own time. The small void she'd leave. Kara shakes the feeling of letting Lena revel in the odd domesticity of their night.


Kara’s quickly immersed in work and before she realises it's long past 11 pm and closing the computer down she looks over to Lena who is propped up on an elbow, eyes fast asleep with Ellie curled against her. Kara moves from the couch quietly, kneeling; she gently shakes Lena’s shoulder and her eyes flutter open.


“Kara?” Lena’s voice is rough from sleep and Kara ignores the way it makes her stomach flip. 


“Hey, it's nearly 12,” Kara states and Lena glances down registering that her legs have likely gone to sleep. “I’ll take her,” Kara offers, holding out her arms, and scooping Ellie up as gently as she can. She sets Ellie in the large guest bed, the tot barely waking. She’s almost about to shut the door when Lena’s voice graces her ears.


“Night light,” Lena informs, making her way back into the living room and returning with the light they had bought. After setting it up they close the door. As they pad back into the living room. Kara can see the faint lines of exhaustion forming under Lena’s eyes. 


“Thank you for today,” Lena says softly and Kara nods with a small smile. 


“Any time,” Kara shrugs. 


“I mean it, Kara, I know we’ve not been on great terms and then Ellie,” Lena tries. “Thank you for giving me a chance and for saving me today.” 


Kara smiles and shrugs as she shoulders her bag, “I’ll always save you, Lena.” 

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Chapter Text

Lena's had dreams like this before, the sun warming her skin as deep blue eyes stare down at her with longing. Twinkling eyes flutter shut as she runs her fingers through sunkissed blonde locks while strong arms hold her tenderly. The faint crinkle of lines at the corner of loving eyes causing Lena’s heart to flutter lightly. Blue eyes dart down to her lips as a thumb softly strokes away tears of joy, so close their lips are a breath apart. 




Lena sits upright, her heart racing. Her body is moving before her mind has a chance to fully catch up, grabbing her robe from the chair and the heeled weapon from under it. Walking into the kitchen, she feels relief wash over her at the sight of Ellie, stretched out trying to reach a cereal box on the counter. Right, Lena thinks to herself. Ellie's still here, it wasn't some dream. Her biological child with Kara is still here, all blonde hair and green eyes with a determined frown and small tongue poking out to boot. The similarities between them make the wave of unease fill her before she shakes it away. 


"What are you doing?" Lena asks tentatively, as she sets her weapon down and begins picking up the remains of the shattered teacup. As she does she takes stock of her previously spotless kitchen, every cupboard door has been pulled open. There’s a canister of sugar halfway across the counter from its original home. There are pots that have been pulled from under the island. There’s a trail of spilt rice leading from the cupboard to the door. 


"Make breakfast," Ellie says with a grin before the focus is back on her face and she's stretching high to reach the one box of sugared cereal Lena keeps in there for terrible days and Kara. Lena stands watching the tot for a long moment until she tries to climb the counter. Lena pointedly clears her throat with a raised brow, earning a bashful grin from Ellie. 


"Help," Ellie pouts as Lena places the china in the trash. She raises a brow at Ellie, something she recalls her mother doing and Ellie huffs, jutting her lower lip out. "Please help me, mommy?" 


"Thank you," Lena mutters before lifting Ellie high. 


They make breakfast and as Lena watches Ellie scoop the cereal in her mouth she realises she has to go to work, and Kara has to go to work. She’ll have to take Ellie with her. To L-Corp. Immediately she feels herself wanting to call Kara, her hand paused over her phone before shaking her head. No, she thinks, she has to prove to them she can be trusted and if that means looking after Ellie for a day she will do it. 


An hour later, after coaxing Ellie into socially appropriate clothes, battling with blonde hair, and fielding questions during the car ride about not going to school, they are stood in the elevator at L-corp. Lena sighs heavily at the prospect of her day as Ellie hums an unknown song while she watches the numbers go up happily. The ding is like a hangman's call. Walking out, she smiles at passers by who take a double look at Ellie who's skipping along beside her. 


"Ms Luthor, I've managed to reschedule most-” 


“Who’s that?” Ellie asks. 


“Oh um this is Emily,” Lena explains softly. 


“Where’s Mark?” Ellie asks, moving behind Lena and clutching at her legs.


Lena glances between her bewildered assistant and Ellie for a moment before smiling reassuringly at the child. 


“Don’t worry about it, I’ll explain later.” Lena dismisses softly. Ellie nods with a wary glance at the stranger. “Thank you, Ms Dunn.” Lena says, quickly taking the files from her waiting assistant’s hands. She ushers Ellie into the office before turning back to the assistant with a raised brow. 


"Was there anything else?" Lena asks curtly as the assistant stands looking akin to deer in headlights while Ellie peeks out from behind the door.


"Ehm no, Ms Luthor, if you need anything just let me know," Emily stutters glancing between Lena and down to Ellie. 


She takes Ellie’s hand ushering her into the office and shutting the door behind her with a firm click. 


“You know, Emily is a very nice assistant,” Lena begins. “She’ll be nice to you but it’s ok if you don’t want to talk to her.”  


Ellie looks up at Lena with an uncertain shift of her eyes, before looking around the room, a deep frown replacing the uncertainty. 


“Mommy, my toys aren’t here!” Ellie exclaims as she rushes over to the corner of the office, stomping her foot, with a pout.  Gritting her teeth she smiles tightly, Lena tries to refrain from giving in to the scotch that’s calling her name at 9am.  


“Why don’t we pick out new ones?” Lena suggests pointing to her laptop as she sits behind her desk. Ellie nods excitedly running to Lena as Lena pulls her into her lap. They sit and Lena orders far more than she can justify to herself but if it keeps the three year old that she’s stuck with occupied she doesn’t care. “Will we get Emily to pick them up?” Lena asks lightly and Ellie nods excitedly as she places the order and IM’s the poor assistant on the other side of the door. 


“We get them today?” Ellie asks, leaning back into Lena’s chest and Lena nods with a strained smile. 


“I hope so,” Lena mutters under her breath. Ellie slips from her lap before walking in front of the large windows looking out on the skyline and it makes Lena think of Ellie’s normal day, wherever she is from. 


“I'm sorry you had to come with me today, Ellie," Lena says, looking over at Ellie. "I know school would have been better." 


Ellie shrugs, “It’s ok, your work is better than school anyway, and Jeju comes for lunch.” 


"What’s your favourite thing about being with me at work?" Lena asks, feeling the need to be bright and airy while trying to hide how lost she feels.


“Speriments,” Ellie says. 


“What experiments do you like to do?” Lena asks, leaning back in her chair. 


Ellie looks up excitedly, “We do the soda speriment, we get Jeju’s soda and then we blows it ups with the yucky candy!”  


Lena stares wide eyed as Ellie jumps excitedly. "We do expediments today?" She asks quickly and Lena smiles.


"We can do it later, but for now I have to do some work at least until the big hand gets to the twelve," Lena says lightly, pointing to the clock on the wall.


“Can you put it on the phone?” Lena does as requested handing the device to the child who moves kneeling in front of the glass table. 


Lena helps Ellie set up her colouring book before moving back to her desk. Slowly becoming engrossed in the tech proposals that have flooded her inbox over the past twenty four hours. 


"Mommy, my snacks are gone!" Ellie exclaims with a huff, making Lena look up to the toddler standing in front of the bar. Lena restrains the sigh that is threatening to leave her lips as she’s informed of another thing yet missing from the child's life. 


"I'm sure I can get you snacks, Ellie," Lena reassures with a wave of her hand. She turns standing and crouching beside the girl. “What snacks would you like?” Lena asks, and isn’t surprised when Ellie begins rattling off snacks that are also Kara’s favourites. 


“Cheese puffs, and milky bar, and grapes, and kool aid,” Ellie says, bouncing on the balls of her feet looking eagerly up at Lena. “Oh the blue one, mommy, not the red one.” 


Lena nods standing from her position before calling the assistant. Ellie continues to rattle off items before Lena stops her at Crunchy Cheetos. “I think that’ll do, don't you?” Lena says with a laugh earning a giggle from Ellie. 


“Mommy, where’s Mark?” Ellie asks, crawling into Lena’s lap in front of her screen. 


“Mark?” Lena asks and Ellie nods. 

“D’assistant man,” Ellie says as if it’s obvious. Lena’s heart picks up as she thinks of an excuse for Emily’s presence in Ellie’s new world. 


“He’s um, on holiday, so Emily is looking after his work while he’s away,” Lena explains. It seems to placate Ellie who seems content to move on, and Lena’s thankful for the faint knock on her door as Emily steps in. 


"I got everything you asked for Miss Luthor and the toy order was ready," Emily says as she deposits the bags by the coffee table. 


"Thank you," Lena smiled appreciatively, making a note to add something to her Christmas bonus. 


Ellie sits beside the delivery turning the bag upside down and opening the boxes in a rush. She analyses every toy and snack with peaked curiosity. Eventually, the tot settles on a bag of chips and Lena leaves her to her snacks and colouring but again, an hour later Ellie's impending curiosity gets the better of her. A blonde head peeking over her desk at the blueprints. It takes occasional glances before Lena sighs. 


"Ellie, will you help mommy with these blueprints?" Lena asks softly. Ellie nods up at her and Lena hands her a discarded draft. Ellie takes it looking seriously and pinning it on the floor, drawing over it making toddler-like edits but looking up over her desk Lena can see specific things circled that she's circled on other drafts, Lena watches her for a long moment as memories of her and Lex doing experiments as children come back to her.


"Hey Ellie," Lena prompts, making green eyes look up at her. "How about we head home and do those experiments?" Lena says as she realises trying to work was futile. She decides to pick up the soda and mentos on her drive back to the apartment. 


As she sets up the experiment Lena asks, “Do you go to Jeju’s work?” and Ellie nods pulling Lena’s sweater over her head. 


"Yep, Jeju lets me pick the pictures,” Ellie informs her and Lena nods. 


"What do you and Jeju do besides picking out pictures?" Lena asks as she hands Ellie the safety glasses and Ellie shakes her head. 


"We have potstickers and Nia brings Nathan in to play sometimes," Ellie informs her as she unwraps the sweets. 


"Nathan?" Lena asks with piqued curiosity and Ellie nods, her focus more on the soda bottle in front of her. Lena lets the topic drop moving on to the experiment. 


Kara was not expecting to hear a small explosion from Lena's apartment as she circles the perimeter of the city after a hostage situation on Main Street. Landing on Lena's balcony she opens the door frantically and is not expecting the sight that greets her. Lena is standing in an old worn t-shirt and jeans. On her face is a set of glasses Kara's never seen and it makes the butterflies in her belly flutter unexpectedly. Her eyes widen as Ellie squeals happily in Lena’s arms, Kara’s heart melting at the sight of Ellie in thick protective goggles and a widespread grin on her face and an old MIT hoodie from Lena’s college days. Lena has Ellie perched on her hip as they giggle at the sight Lena's pristine white kitchen is dripping in what Kara can only guess is Cola. 


"Jeju!" Ellie squeals, alerting Lena to her presence as Ellie runs into Kara's legs, hugging her tightly. Kara grins down as she returns the tight hug, her chest tightening at the greeting. They were improving, Kara thinks happily. 


"I heard an explosion. I thought something was wrong," Kara says, stepping closer to the mess. 


"We were just discussing the chemical reaction of sweets to soda," Lena explains holding up a roll of mint mentos and pointing to the blown up bottle of Coke while stepping away from the mess.


"What about work?" Kara asks as she lifts Ellie high in the air pulling a cry of happiness from the tot. 


"Work can wait," Lena shrugs, starting to clean up the mess of her kitchen. "Besides, L-Corp isn't that exciting to a three year old." 


"Shoot," Kara mutters, "Sorry I should have offered to take her." But Lena is already shaking her head. 


"It’s fine, you could’ve had an emergency. Besides, with our new addition, I'll sort something, maybe, I can try and work from home,," Lena says, waving her hand dismissively. 


Kara pauses as she thinks of Lena’s willingness to change her life around. It isn’t fair Kara thinks to herself. 


“You know what, I'll take her to the DEO with me tomorrow while we look into all of this,” Kara announces.


Lena’s eyebrows hit her hairline in surprise, at Kara’s offer. She stamps down the rising feeling of being part of something as she thinks of all the work she’s missed out on these past two days. 


Kara Danvers was Supergirl, she was the girl of steel and she was a nervous wreck as she makes her way into Lena’s apartment building the following morning. In all her life she had always thought she would be the fun parent and now she has a chance to prove herself. She was going to take Ellie to work and they were going to have fun. They would have ice cream and they would go to the park, and she would make Ellie feel safe.


Kara shuts the door behind her with a resounding click as a squealing three year old with thundering footfalls comes barrelling out of the spare bedroom. A wide grin stretching over her face as she pushes her long blonde hair out of her way wearing only a sock and no pants or shirt. 


"Ellie, come back here!" Lena calls from the bedroom. 


Kara grins back at Ellie who turns at the sound of Lena’s ominous huff, spurring the little girl to run faster. She gestures for Ellie to follow as she superspeeds to the window and lifts the curtain. Ellie’s eyes wide before she darts behind it, hiding her small figure as Kara drops the drape just as Lena appears from the hall. Kara shields her with her body, her hands tucking behind her suspiciously.


Lena rounds the corner in a fitted pencil skirt, silk blue blouse and patent heels that have always made Kara's jaw drop. 


"Where is she?" Lena smirks in her best boardroom voice, her green eyes glittering with amusement.  Kara stutters as  Lena walks close to her the smell of her perfume fills Kara’s nose as green eyes playfully level with her own. The noise of her breathing fills her ears as Kara’s own eyes flicker down to plush red lips. A small giggle interrupts making Lena grin and Kara can't help but match it. 


Lena kneels her eyes still watching Kara who feels a treacherous flush overtake her body. As she lifts the curtain Lena smirks to reveal a giggling Ellie. Lena laughs when Ellie tries to run, lifting her in the air causing the child’s laughter to intensify. Kara is soon joining in, as a feeling of joy washes through her at the sight of a bright face Lena, in perfect business wear, and at that moment she finds herself wanting something just like this. 


“Where’s the doughnuts, Jeju?” Ellie asks looking up at the box in Kara’s hand excitedly. 


“Um, pastry’s,” Kara corrects as she sets the box down on the coffee table with a lopsided smile. As Ellie rummages through finding a cinnamon roll and shoving it in her mouth. 


"We do Speriments again today, Mommy?" Ellie asks, pastry crumbs flying from her mouth. 


“Don’t talk with your mouth full,” Lena grimaces and Ellie swallows before repeating the question. 


"Not today," Lena says, and Kara swears she sees a look of disappointment flash across her face. "You're going with K- Jeju." 


Kara hates how hearing the Kryptonian word on Lena's lips lights her already flush body. Ellie smiles widely up at her in anticipation of getting to spend the day with Kara. 


"We fly?" Ellie asks excitedly and Kara's about to agree when she sees Lena's disapproving glare. 


"Not today but maybe soon," Kara amends. "Why don't we finish getting you dressed while Mommy gets ready?" 


Kara lets Ellie lead her back to the guest room and Kara watches as Ellie rushes picking out a pink button down and black slacks similar to Kara’s own outfit of the day. 


“Like you, Jeju,” Ellie says with a jump and Kara nods, a flutter of emotions passing over her face. 


"Make my hair like yours?" Ellie requests and Kara sucks her teeth. Slowly, without hurting her, Kara manages to put Ellie’s hair up similar to her own. Kara didn't realise quite how long it takes until she hears Lena clear her throat, jumping she turns to see Lena watching them, a small smile playing on her lips. 


"Look Mommy," Ellie grins showing Lena excitedly. “I look like Jeju!”


"Y-you look great," Lena stutters at the sight of a small green eyed Kara staring up at her. “Let me finish my coffee then we can go.” 


Ellie leads Lena from the room while informing her of the latest cartoon she likes, Kara trails behind watching the scene ahead of her. Lena listens intently to Ellie’s story while clutching her coffee. 


"Do you want me to call you a car to take you to the DEO?" Lena looks up at Kara once Ellie has finished her story. 


"It's ok, we can take the bus," Kara waves off with a smile. 


“We go on the bus?” Ellie asks excitedly, bouncing up at Kara who matches the toddler's smile. 


“It’ll be an adventure,” Kara says with faux excitement as Lena looks unsure, and fifteen minutes later Lena's watching them nervously as she slips into the car. 


"We'll be fine, right Ellie?" Kara says, feigning excitement and Ellie smiles in agreement up at her. 


"Bye Mommy." Ellie waves to Lena who gives a small wave and Kara can't help the odd feeling of nostalgia as Lena glances back at Kara one last time before driving away. 


"Alright we can do this," Kara mutters, assuming a one handed supergirl pose. Ellie gives a full body nod as she matches Kara’s Supergirl pose. 

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Chapter Text



Kara could absolutely not do this.


As soon as Lena's car turned the corner, Ellie was a disaster. Or maybe Kara was the disaster. After almost leaving Ellie on the sidewalk and having a mild heart attack about it. Then walking to the DEO, Ellie had to stop to pet every single dog on the way, which would be great and in Kara’s mind an excellent day if Kara didn't have Alex ranting in her ear about how late she was. Stepping into the DEO, Ellie immediately waves to Jeff whose face pinches in confusion and shoots a curious look at Kara who shrugs with equal confusion.


"Hey Ellie," Alex greets the toddler with surprise in her tone while Kara follows dejectedly behind the happy toddler. "I didn't know you would be coming today," Alex says to Kara. 


“I helps Jeju!” Ellie announces and Alex nods with a questioning gaze to Kara. 


"I thought I could bring Elie along with me so Lena could get on top of her work," Kara explains, lifting her glasses to rub her eyes, already beginning to feel exhausted after a morning with Ellie. 


"How is Lena?"


"Taking all of this far better than I am," Kara shrugs. 


"It'll be ok," Alex says, reassuringly. "Why don't you go punch the bad guys and I'll watch Ellie?" Alex suggests as news of the robbery downtown breaks over the comms. Kara nods, looking down at Ellie who is watching the screens intently. 


"Ellie, you're going to stay with Alex for a bit. Just while I go get the bad guys, ok?" Kara explains and Ellie's brow furrows. 


"No, Jeju," Ellie protests quietly. Kara looks down as watery green eyes stare up at her.  


"Hey it's ok, I'll be right back," Kara says with a lopsided smile. Ellie pouts her lips working as she stands closer to Kara who crouches down. 


"Jeju, no," Ellie says, looking down at her feet. 


"I pinky promise, I'll be right back," Kara tries as Ellie sniffles. The toddler swipes at her cheeks before taking Kara’s offered finger.


"How long?" 


"Faster than the Flash," Kara says with a teasing grin. Ellie nods taking a tentative step back as Alex crouches beside her. 


"Don't worry, Kiddo, we'll have fun just the two of us," Alex says with a tight squeeze.  Content that Ellie won't freak Kara turns and flies off in the direction of the perpetrators. She hears Ellie call after her as she does but commits to the promise she gave the three year old. 


Kara gets five miles from the DEO when she can hear Ellie on her coms. 


“Want Jeju back,” Ellie says indignantly to Alex. 


“She’ll be back soon,” Alex tries to dissuade. 


The comms go silent for a long moment, and Kara’s heart begins to race as she thinks of all the problems that could be going on. "Alex, is everything ok?" Kara asks the second short moment the comms re-engages. 


"Yeah," Alex calls distractedly. "Yupp we're all- Hey Ellie listen, it's Jeju, she's-" 


"No! Jeju has to come back!" Ellie shouts. 


"Alex? Alex is everything ok?" Kara calls and can only hear crackling and the distant shouting of her sister. "Alex! I'm coming back." 


"Supergirl, Director Danvers has everything under control, she has informed me you are to carry on with the task at hand," Brainy's voice comes through. Kara pauses hovering in the sky above the city. 


"Are you sure? I can come back, it's no trouble." 


"Director Danvers has informed me that that will not be necessary and you are to progress with the mission." 


"Alright, where am I headed?" Kara asks lifting herself higher in the sky, 


"The corner of 42nd and Madison. There should be three assailants, NCPD are also en route." 


"Hey Brainy, is Ellie ok? What's wrong with her?" Kara asks as she flies. 


"It appears the small human is having some form of emotional distress at your departure. It's leaking... Heavily." 


“What? Is she crying? Is she ok?” Kara frowns as she lowers herself from the skyline. 


"Yes, but there is a copious amount of liquid also coming from her nose, is that normal in small humans? Is there other orifices she leaks from that I should inform Alex of?" Brainy asks unhelpfully. 


"What?" Kara asks. "Ew no," Kara scoffs slightly grossed out at the thought as she lowers in front of the bank. It takes minutes to defeat the robbers before she's flying back to the DEO. 


"Jeju!" Ellie shouts as Kara approaches, holding her hands out and stretching away from Alex. Kara looks to Alex with a troubled expression as she takes Ellie in her arms. 


"What happened?" Kara asks holding Ellie close to her. 


"You left," Ellie sobs into her shoulder. “And- And you took forever. Th-then,” Ellie continues, stuttering and becoming more incoherent as snot continues coming from her nose that she rubs into the shoulder of Kara’s supersuit.   


"I’m sorry," Kara says, rubbing a soothing hand over Ellies back as the toddler squeezes tightly around her neck. “I moved as fast as I could,” Kara says, as she gently cradles the small body. 


“I don’t like it,” Ellie huffs into her shoulder. 


"I know," Kara says, encouragingly. "I pinky promised I’d be back, and pinky promises are the most important promises there are.” 


Ellie sniffles nuzzling into Kara's shoulder. 


"This is hard,” Kara whispers and the sisters share a meaningful look. Kara silently questions how bad Ellie’s future is to warrant such a reaction. Does she not come back? Kara wonders. But she's pulled from her mulling by the buzzing of her phone and Kara sighs as she stares at the screen. 


"I have to go to Catco, something about an interview or something. Can you keep an eye on Ellie?" Kara asks with pleading eyes and Alex shakes her head, mouthing ‘No,’ as her hands move decisively. “Can I even take her to Catco?” Kara muses thoughtfully as she side glances Alex meaningful who raises an unimpressed brow.


“Kara, think worst case scenario,” Alex begins, starting to list things out. “She's from the future. The future is probably already messed up because of how long she’s been here. Besides Lena took her L-Corp yesterday, she's come into contact with people who she may know or not know in her own future. The future is already altered, so, taking her to Catco isn't going to make that big of a difference," Alex argues rationally. 


“That doesn’t give us an excuse to keep messing with it,” Kara protests. 


Alex rubs her forehead with an exasperated sigh before shouting, “Brainy!” 


The Coulan appears looking warily over at Ellie who sticks her tongue out at him.


“Director,” Brainy greets with a nod before curling back at the sight of Ellie’s greeting, “Small human”. 


“Can Kara take Ellie to Catco without messing up the timeline?” Alex asks. 


“I mean fundamentally the presence of the child would have already altered the shift in the space time continuum by approximately 23.4% thus rendering-” 


“Brainy,” Alex cuts off, sighing exasperatedly at the Coluan. “Yes or no?” 


Brainy opens his mouth as he contemplates the answer with the roll of his head, “Y-Yes, I suppose so.” 


“Great,” Alex smiles turning back to her sister. “Now, go to Catco, take Ellie with you, I’ll call you later if anything comes up,” Alex promises. Kara nods, taking a calming breath before looking down at Ellie. 


“Guess it’s just us huh?” 


"Fy Jeju?" 


"I sure hope not," Kara mutters, taking the toddler's hand. 

Arriving at Catco should have been a relief for Kara, even with Ellie walking sulkily beside her. She manages to avoid the odd looks people are sending her as she walks to her desk where Nia looks up with a smile that falters at the sight of Ellie. 


“Nia!” Ellie waves, running up to Nia who looks down in surprise before her eyes dart up to Kara for an explanation.


"Ugh, yeah DEO thing," Kara whispers with a grimace. Nia frowns but nods as Kara grits her teeth while looking for her interview notes for Andrea. 


"Kara, I don't know if you know this but she looks like you," Nia says staring at Ellie. "Like scarily like you," Nia whispers and Kara nods. 


"Yeah she's ugh, she's my cousin," Kara lies and Nia's eyes widen. 


"Like an Argo cousin or a Midvale cousin?" Nia asks, suspiciously. 


"A cousin," Kara says distractedly as she moves to sit at her desk and pulls Ellie into her lap.


"I have to go do an interview," Kara mutters to herself glancing down meaningfully at Ellie. Nia shifts, drawing Kara's attention. "Could you possibly watch Ellie for five minutes?" Kara asks, a pleading look evident on her face. 


"Oh, I dunno, Kara-" Nia says, frowning and looking very unsure. 


"No Jeju, no go again!” Ellie protests. Nia looks perplexed between the two. Kara rubs the back of her neck, wearily. 




"No, please," Ellie pleads with a small stomp of her foot. "Y-You says we could go to the parks and get ice cream and- and-" 


"Ok, ok," Kara gives in, crouching to the toddler's height, her cheeks flushed as she feels eyes on her at the beginning of Ellie’s outburst. She runs her hands over the toddler's shoulders soothing the sniffles. Kara looks up at Nia with a small pleading smile, "Could you do this interview for me, please?" 


"Kara, I can't write the article," Nia squeaks, her hands splaying as she bounces on the balls of her feet.  


"W-Well, how about you do the interview, and then drop the notes and the recording of tonight at my place so I can write the article? Please, I just," Kara gestures to Ellie, a pout adorning her face as she looks pleadingly up at Nia. "I could really do with the help." 


Nia chews her lip for a second before agreeing, "fine but you owe me potstickers and sushi."


Kara lets out a relieved breath as Nia walks quickly off before she lifts Ellie into her arms. Kara silently groans shouldering her bag as William appears. 


"Hey, Kara. I hope I’m not interrupting," William greets as he looks cautiously at Ellie. 


"My cousin," Kara says. unnecessarily with a forced smile and Ellie frowns equally at William, curling into Kara more. “What do you need?” 


"Right, so those sources?" William asks curiously, eyeing Ellie at Kara’s odd explanation.


“Right, here,” Kara lifts a file from a stack and hands it over. “I need to go,” Kara says, moving around him, while she shifts her glasses. “If there’s anything else, I’m sure Nia can help,” Kara says over her shoulder as she steps out of the office carrying Ellie effortlessly. 


"So, how about that park trip we agreed to huh?" Kara asks with an excited bounce earning a giggle from Ellie.


Kara relaxes as she walks into her loft, Ellie lulled on her shoulder. The park was the most uneventful part of Kara's day so far, although it was the best. They had gone to the park near the best ice cream shop in National City. Ellie had had the time of her life Kara was sure because she hadn’t stopped giving her a detailed explanation of the double chocolate caramel ice cream scoop since, or how the slide was at the best angle for the quickest ride. Setting Ellie on the floor of her loft the toddler tentatively looks around.  


"Where's are we, Jeju?" Ellie asks curiously. 


"Um, my loft, just until Mommy's finishes work," Kara says as Ellie runs wide-eyed over to the easel. 


"We paint, Jeju? Can we? Can we please?" Ellie asks, bouncing up and down. Kara nods feeling her body sag from the weight of the day. Half an hour later and they’re set up around the apartment, Ellie is wearing her old shirt, protecting the clothes Lena had bought her. As Kara watches Ellie work, she starts to see the resemblance between them. How Ellie pokes her tongue out like Kara, as she focuses on drawing a straight line, the familiar crinkle that forms between her brows.


"So I brought you the recorder and the interview notes," Nia says, handing them over as soon as Kara opens the door to let her in. 


"Nia!" Ellie grins waving happily toward Nia, who looks to Kara who nods encouragingly. 


"Hey, Ellie?" Nia greets. "What're you doing?" 


"Jeju and I are painting," Ellie informs. 


"That sounds cool," Nia says, brightly as she looks back at Kara with a confused look. "What's uh, going on?" 


"Hey, Ellie, why don't you keep painting, while chatting quickly with Nia over there?" Kara suggests pointing to the corner well within Ellie’s line of sight. After looking thoughtfully at where Kara is pointing, Ellie nods, running back to the easel as Kara pulls Nia to the side and out of earshot. 


"Ok, so fun fact, Ellie's from somewhere," Kara waves her hand judiciously, "where Lena and I have a kid." 


"You're Ellie's mom?!" Nia shouts.


"Shhh," Kara hisses and Nia chews her lip mouthing 'sorry'. 


"But seriously?" Nia squeaks and Kara nods. 


"So you have to play along at least until we can work out where she's from and maybe get her home," Kara requests quietly and Nia nods before letting out a low whistle. 


"So... Future?" Nia asks. 


"Maybe different universe but we don't know," Kara shrugs, "It's all a little new." 


"Look, Nia look," Ellie says running back in holding out her latest colouring in from the night before. 


"Wow, that looks so good," Nia enthuses glancing back at Kara who nods along. "Did you do this with Je- je- Kara?" pointing to her friend.


Ellie nods quickly, "Mommy can only draw booprints. Can you make these into the blue shapes?" Ellie asks, holding up her book. 


Nia looks up wide eyed before nodding when Kara gestures for her to play along, "uh, yeah sure." 


Lena’s apartment is dark and quiet when she returns. Frowning she looks around wondering where Kara and Ellie were. They had agreed to reunite at her home. She had put Kara's signature in her biometric lock, or rather put it back on after a year of being distant. She looks over to the counter finding her mug from the morning sitting there, solitary and alone. She can feel the irrational and impending panic grips her as she thinks of all the scenarios and reasons as to why they weren’t there. 


Had Kara found something out about her? Did she not trust Ellie with her? Had she found a way to send Ellie back without informing her? Lena produces her phone as she tries to calm her racing heart.


"Hey, Lena," Kara answers on the fifth ring and Lena feels sick. 


"Kara is… Is everything ok?" Lena asks and she hates how her voice shakes. 


"Ugh yeah," Kara says distractedly. "Shoot, sorry, I didn’t even realise the time," Kara admits and Lena releases the breath she doesn't realise she's been holding. "We're in the loft, you should come over." 


And then Lena’s walking into Karas loft to be greeted with the sight of Ellie squinting at a painting Karas made. It's a landscape of a place Lena doesn't recognise but it's filled with bright oranges and reds. Lena can see Ellie is dressed in a familiar old Midvale High shirt of Kara's.  


"You needs to sign it Jeju," Ellie orders and Lena can't help but smile at the sight of Kara kneeling beside Ellie with a paintbrush in hand. 


Kara does as requested, "Well, you helped so you have to sign it too." Kara says handing the marker to Ellie, who fumbles slightly before positioning her hand. With a face scrunched up in focus, she manages most of her name, a single backwards ‘e’ and smiles proudly up at Kara who grins triumphantly back and Lena can't help the small laugh that escapes her lips as she sets her bag down. 


"Mommy!" Ellie calls running full force into Lena's legs making her laugh. She lifts Ellie up at the tot's silent request and smiles as Ellie tells the story Kara told her about the painting. "It's Kipton, Mommy." Lena grins at the mispronunciation. "Jeju said it's Wao. The sun god." 


"Rao," Lena corrects softly and Ellie nods. "And where is yours?" Lena asks, setting the wriggling child down. Ellie leads her to makeshift easel Kara's erected out of old books and a dining room chair.  She explains the scene in front of them and Lena’s eyes crinkle as she smiles at the scene. Lena removes the paint splattered shirt from the three year old as Kara sets the canvases away, she watches as Ellie sits watching Kara's small television. 


"How do you know about Rao?" Kara asks quietly.


 "I read about it, in Lex's journals," Lena admits bashfully. "It was limited but it was enough for me to understand the basics." Lena turns to Kara, her lips quirking at the corner, "It must be nice to have something to believe in." 


"It is," Kara muses, lips drawn in a thin line. "How was L-Corp?"


"It's like I'm reliving three years ago after Lex was in prison except this time he's still out there.” Lena chews her lip, before taking a deep breath and changing the subject, “How did you two get on today?" Lena asks instead. 


Kara's face tells her everything she needs to know as Kara's fluffy socks become interesting. 


"Well…” Kara begins, fidgeting with her glasses. “Ellie and I went to the park,” Kara says with a grin causing Lena to quirk a brow in question. It forces Kara to deflate, “I couldn’t get any work done at Catco so I got Nia to do my interview instead. I can catch up later,” Kara dismisses with a wave of her hand. 


"Maybe we need some help?" Lena suggests and Kara shamefully agrees.


“I don’t know the first thing about raising kids, it’s different here from Krypton. Back home we were in school from the age of 18 months,” Kara explains and Lena frowns. 


“I can’t remember anything really before I was four,” Lena admits.  


"I could call Eliza," Kara suggests. "Or J'onn, maybe? He can help, he’s had kids." 


"They died, Kara," Lena protests, “Besides, I don’t think that’s a good idea.” 


"But, he might be able to read Ellie's mind, help us understand?" 




“What, it'd make all of this easier if we knew what was going on." 


"It’s not ethical that’s why," Lena says, leaving no room for argument. "We need a plan, Kara, a long term plan." 


"Mommy, look," Ellie points to the television where the Disney channel blares the latest cartoon which Ellie seems enthralled in. Lena nods encouragingly having no idea what the cartoon is about. "It's really old," Ellie giggles before getting up and walking over to them. Kara lifts her as soon as her arms are raised. and Ellie’s head lulls onto the Kryptonians shoulder. 


"We go home now?" Ellie asks with a yawn leaning her head on Kara’s shoulder.  


"Yeah, I think we need some help," Kara says as both women share a knowing look. 


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Chapter Text

Lena had never been comfortable in the Department of Extranormal Operations. In fact, she positively detested it. Every experience she has had here has resulted in violence or her threatened arrest. Looking down from the conference room she can see heavy booted agents moving purposefully from one task to the next as normal operations resume. Except for this time her name was on the seal at the entrance. She can see tablets being passed from one agent to the next as others point at the large screens where searches are being run looking for Lex and Leviathan. It had been over a month since she had rebuilt the DEO, as a ruse to draw Lex out. It had yet to work. But she silently remained hopeful, hopeful that she could put a stop to her brother's next homicidal plan. She had never been in charge of the DEO after the Crisis, in fact, she kept as far away from it and from Supergirl as she could. Only now does she regret it, silently disappointed she hadn't taken one look into how it ran, it's financing or even its budgets. 


"Mommy, I'm bored," Ellie whines from the chair beside Lena. 


"We won't be long," Lena promises, looking back with a sympathetic smile. 


It was the fourth day of having Ellie in their world and they were no closer to finding out where she was from or why she was here. As much as Alex had tried her hardest to look into the evidence they had found, it was yielding no results. The board in the far corner of the room showed as much. There were names written on the board, her own with a question mark and alive beside it. Nathan, a name Ellie had spoken twice now. There was the question of how her other self had adapted the quantum field generator and turned it into a time machine. Then there was the larger question, alternate universe or future. The one Lena was more eager to find out if Ellie was from the future did that mean there was hope for her and Kara. To get to a familiar place or close? 


The conference door opens making Lena turn as Kara, Brainy and Alex step inside. Ellie rushes to Kara's side who squeezes her tightly before moving to the side for Alex to ruffle the wild blonde hair on the toddler's head. 


"Thanks for coming in," Alex says, as she watches Lena shift uncomfortably. 


"Hey Vasquez," Alex calls to a passing agent who pauses looking into the room curiously.


“Susan!” Ellie greets excitedly scrambling to hop up and down in front of the short hair confused woman. All four women share a confused look as Ellie asks, “We get ice cream?” 


Alex’s jaw works momentarily before nodding, “Sure, I think that’s a great idea.” 


Vasquez looks between all three women a deep frown knit in question. 


“I’ll explain later" Alex whispers to the agent as Ellie walks over before looking back at Lena and Kara eagerly. 


"We'll be right here," Lena reassures by tapping the chair in front of her and Ellie is off without a look back.  


"Ok so," Alex begins standing in front of the board with a number of questions on it. "We have two theories, alternate universe or she's from the future," Alex says with a glance to Kara who is leaning against the far wall. 


"I have managed to get a message through to the Legion but have yet to have any response," Brainy says, propping himself up on his elbows on the top of the chair. His left eye twitching slightly. "What about the Legends?" He asks and Alex shakes her head. 


"The time agency doesn't want to acknowledge it," Alex explains before looking between Kara and Lena. “Something to do with protocols.”


Kara and Lena glance across the room at one another. “If it’s the multiverse I can make a transmatter portal in a couple of hours,” Lena suggests. 


“I don’t think it’s the multiverse,” Kara says. “This is the only earth, the rest are gone.” 


"Brainy what do you think?" Alex asks, looking to the Coluan. "Where should we be looking? Alternate Universe or future?" 


Brainy stands with a sigh, "Well, from what we understand about the multiverse and the crisis, I don't think she is from an alternate universe." He pauses his lips drawing into a thin line. "With the evidence presented I can say with 73.5% probability that she’s from the future."


"So what about the other 26.5%?" Lena asks, moving to the board as she looks over the evidence. "What other theories do we have? Could it be Lex? Could he have sent her here?" 


"Or something like an android or alternate reality?" Kara theorises. 


"Fifth Dimensional being perhaps?" Alex chimes in and Lena doesn't miss the smirk on the older Danvers face. It earns her a pointed glare from Kara and Alex holds her hands up in surrender. "What? It’s not like you and Mxy haven't been getting along?" 


"Who's Mxy?" Lena asks Alex. 


“Brainy what do you think?” Kara interrupts, sending Alex a look of warning who has the sense to look away.


“Given the evidence,” Brainy begins. “With my memories changing, Lena’s blood and Ellie's responses, I’m confident in the odds of time travel.”


"So, wait, Ellie was always supposed to happen in the future?" Kara finds herself asking. 


Brainy shakes his head moving to the whiteboard and drawing the lines out. “Not necessarily, the future is a fluid ever changing thing, but there are always fixed historical points. The extinction of earth’s dinosaurs for example.” 


“So, if Ellie isn’t a fixed point she could be erased from the future timeline?” Kara asks as Lena moves closer to the board while Brainy draws more lines labelled with their names.


“No, it cements her there,” Lena mutters to herself, taking the pen from Brainy as she begins drawing dotted lines through their respective named lines. “So at this moment in time, is a fixed point in history with multiple future possibilities. Every second we live and make choices creates another fixed moment in time. So by sending Ellie back to the present, it cements her in the future, as a fixed point.” 


“Exactly,” Brainy nods to Lena. With his eye twitching, he continues. “The results of the snufflegruffle would cause a fracture in space and time and then the universe would implode.” 


Lena glares as Kara’s jaw drops. 


“You ok?” Alex asks with a look of worry on her face. 


“A mild technical issue,” Brainy says, rolling his shoulders in discomfort looking at Lena to continue. 


“No, ignore whatever that was,” Lena waves in Brainy’s direction as he looks away shamefully. She sets the pen down as she tries to explain it in the best way for them all to understand. “Look, Ellie is obviously a catalyst,” Lena says slowly. “A catalyst that causes something to happen,” Lena gestures between herself and Kara, making the blonde frown at her sister. 


“I’ll explain later,” Alex mutters to Kara while stifling a laugh. 


“That then causes some form of chain reaction to make whatever happens in the future so bad that it sends Ellie back here,” Lena continues to explain. 


“So, why won’t that chain reaction happen here?” Alex asks, stepping closer to the board. 


“Because the variables are different,” They turn to look at Kara. Her lips are drawn in a tight pinch as her eyes look over the board and their respective faces. “All the variables in the future, whatever they are are different from now, so that neutralises Ellie as a catalyst in the future.” 


There’s a pregnant pause between all of them. Kara and Lena share a long look across the room before Brainy pointedly clears his throat asking, “So what are we going to do with your offspring?” 


Lena takes a sharp breath staring up at the ceiling before turning to the Coluan, “She stays here while I begin looking into time travel.” 


"What if we can't get her home?" Kara asks, watching Lena closely. Lena looks thoughtfully away as Brainy and Alex share a knowing look. 


The silence between them is deafening.

It’s late when Lena returns to the apartment. After leaving the DEO that morning she had gone to L-Corp with Ellie, Kara dealing with Catco and her latest Supergirl emergency. She had lost track of time. The dim light of the city is the only thing illuminating the large room. Her arms wrapped tightly around Ellie, her blonde head resting on Lena’s shoulder, her eyes peacefully shut. Soft sighs falling from pouting lips. Lena manages to kick off her heels, with expert practice even with the unusual addition. Lena walks into the guest bedroom that she's slowly associated to be Ellie’s room. Its pale colours are still the same but the small clothes she’s folded on the dresser and the light up sneakers in the corner are all a small blonde haired green eyed little girls she wasn’t expecting to barrel into her life. She gently places Ellie in the bed, removing small shoes and changing her into the terrible tiger onesie, but it's the easiest pyjamas to get her into. Pulling the cover over her, Ellie’s quiet voice breaks the silence. 


"When we go home, Mommy?" 


"What do you mean?"


Green eyes blink back at Lena’s own. "When we go back to our house?" 


"This is going to be our house for a little while now, Ellie," Lena whispers as she tucks her in. 


“Why?” Ellie asks rubbing tired eyes. Green eyes struggling to stay open as Lena sits at her feet.


“It’s just easier to stay here for a little while,” Lena says, her lips tugging at the corner as green eyes threaten to shut.


“Jeju, be here too?” Ellie mutters, as her eyes begin to shut. 


Lena feels her chest aching at how comfortable she’s becoming with Ellie, how hard it will be to say goodbye to the little girl when the time comes. She gently pushes the blond hair from Ellie’s face before turning the night light on and shutting the door behind her. 


As she prepares herself for bed, she’s accepting the reality that Ellie is going to be with her for an undisclosed amount of time. Lena wants to make her space as comfortable for her as possible by making this new home her own. So as Lena’s eyes shut in her own bed she makes plans for the following day. 

The following morning is filled with hope and planning as Lena wakes at her normal hour of six am. She dresses for L-Corp, the aroma of fresh brewed coffee greets her as she enters the kitchen. Pouring herself a mug she moves preparing breakfast. She runs her fingers through her hair carefully styled behind one ear with the other half poker straight. Lena's halfway through her morning coffee when Ellie appears rubbing her tired eyes, blonde hair dishevelled from sleep. 


"Mommy?" Ellie calls and Lena can't help but chuckle. Her hair is falling into her face, and one sleeve of her onesie is halfway up her arm. Her pant leg is nearly at her knee as she stumbles into the kitchen. 


"Morning," Lena intones brightly as Ellie glowers up at the CEO and Lena wonders if she's the only one that needs coffee. 


"M'ning," Ellie mutters as Lena automatically lifts her and sets her on the counter in front of her. 


“You sleep ok?” Lena finds herself asking. The toddler nods blonde hair cascading around her. 


“Where Jeju?” Ellie wonders, her tired eyes looking around. 


As Lena opens her mouth to respond, she looks up at the sound of the familiar whoosh. 


“Right here,” Kara calls as she steps through the balcony door as Lena realises she was supposed to call her before she had gone to bed. 


"Jeju!" The toddler squeals wriggling from her position. Lena helps her down as best she can and watches as Ellie runs to Kara. She can't help but smile as Kara scoops Ellie effortlessly into her arms. The two share a quiet happy moment just for the two of them, before Kara sets Ellie down, the toddler grinning up at both of them. 


"Hey, Ellie, why don't you go watch cartoons while I talk to Ka- Jeju?" Lena asks. Ellie nods turning and moving to the television.


“I heard Ellie ask for me last night, I figured I could help and stuff,” Kara says as soon as the images flash across the screen with a wave of her hand.  


“We should make a plan,” Lena says, folding her arms across her chest. 


Kara agrees, shuffling slightly, "Lena, I know we've been through a lot this last year but I want you to know that I meant what I said, about being here for Ellie and, and you." 


"I... Thank you,” Lena says, looking away as she feels her cheeks heat. “I know it's not easy to trust me after everything," Lena admits with a strained smile. 


"I wasn't exactly innocent in it all either," Kara gives a lopsided shrug. "I should never have called you a villain." 


"I shouldn't have used Kryptonite on you," Lena counters, chewing her lip. 


It makes Kara look bashfully away muttering, “Touche.” 


“I was actually going to change the guest room,” Lena says, changing the topic. Kara frowns in question. “I wanted her to have something that was familiar to her, like her own room.” 


“Like new bedding and toys?” Kara asks curiously and Lena pulls her lip between her teeth, as her face shows Kara exactly how big she was planning to change. “More?” Kara asks. 


“Well… It would be nice to have the room that's hers that looks like her room.” 


Kara watches her for a moment, having flashbacks to when Lena bought Catco, “Well, maybe, instead of all out complete redecoration, what about a bed, or something?” Kara suggests. “It’s just not as permanent.” 


Lena ponders the idea for a moment, her stomach twisting as she looks at Ellie. Whose presence here long term was still unknown. She looks back up to Kara before nodding. “You’re right, let’s do that.” 


“What we do today, Jeju?” Ellie asks, bouncing over and Lena grins walking to the hallway. 


“Well, I thought you could help me with something?” Lena offers looking at her guest bedroom, not at all suited for a three year old. 


"What?" Ellie’s curious face matches one Lena’s seen on Kara’s many times. 


"Since we’re going to stay here for a while, we think you should have a room that you like?"


“Whatever I want?" Ellie grins up at her with eager excitement. 


“Well…” Kara says, rubbing the back of her neck, to avoid Ellie’s bright green eyes staring up at her.  


“A new bed maybe?” Lena suggests a playful glint in her eyes as Ellie matches her grin and bounces excitedly.


Driving to the store is easier than Lena had anticipated, as soon as they’re in the car Ellie starts rattling off potential ideas as Kara fuels her ideas with suggestions, and occasionally glance at Lena as she listens to the pair. She shifts awkwardly at the thought of spending the morning with Kara, it's domestic on a level Lena had only dreamed of. But, she had always imagined date nights first rather than picking out bedroom furniture for their three year old child from the future.  


As Lena parks the car she turns to find Ellie bouncing in her chair excitedly. “Come on Mommy!” Ellie says freeing herself from the restraints. 


“Ellie wait,” Lena calls as Ellie pushes at the door. Lena breathes a sigh of relief as Kara is out the car in a blur, hand on the door that Ellie is pushing insistently at. 


“Hold on, Ellie,” Kara chuckles as Lena follows her from the car. Unleashing Ellie from the car Kara takes her hand letting herself be led into the store. 


"Hello Ms. Luthor, welcome back, how can we help you today." The clerk greets upon seeing Lena. 


"We need some furniture," Lena says, looking to Ellie who takes a step back behind Lena’s legs. 


The clerk smiles down at Ellie and directs their next questions to her, glancing up from time to time at Lena. Ellie’s looks away as the attention is placed on her, her arms quickly outstretching for Kara who lifts her automatically. Kara glances at Lena who interjects listing the furniture they require.  


"Lena," Kara begins to protest and Lena turns cutting off the sales clerk who was telling her about the oak wood bedside table. 


"Kara, she deserves nice things, we might as well treat her," Lena says, her eyes softening at the sight of Kara holding Ellie close, her blonde head propped on Kara's trench coat, thumb in her mouth. 


"It's just a lot of money," Kara protests but Lena opens her mouth to argue and Kara chuckles. "I know," Kara waves off with her free hand. “Catco." 


Lena smirks as Kara looks down at Ellie, “Why don’t we pick some stuff out?”


Ellie gives a tentative look at the clerk and back to Kara who nods enthusiastically. Lena points to a number of items that she knows they need looking back at Ellie for a final decision. When the toddler nods the clerk is quickly jotting down the item numbers  until eventually, Ellie is wriggling to be freed. Setting the toddler down, they’re led around the shop Ellie picking up bedding and toys she likes eventually she stops at a brushed cotton bedspread with large bright dinosaurs on them. 


"Ellie, I think we have enough," Kara says rubbing the back of her neck. The toddler frowns up at the Kryptonian, a look rivalling even Lena’s best board room glower. 


"Mommy said, 'Whatevers I want,' Ellie argues, her lower lip jutting out in a familiar Danvers pout. 


Kara sends Lena an agonised look before sighing, "I know but you don't need four sets of dinosaur bedding." 


"But this one has Twicerotops on it, none of the others does," Ellie says matter of factly. Lena's almost sure she saw an eye roll at Kara's failing argument. 


"Ellie-" Kara begins but a small foot is stomped. 


"You promised whatever I want," Ellie says, her lower lips quivering. 


"Alright but this is the last one," Kara argues firmly and it makes Lena smirk at the commanding tone. The sheer thought of Kara having to use her Supergirl voice on her own three year old is enough to make laughter bubble inside her. 


"Ellie I think there are some toys over there why don't you pick two," Lena suggests, her eyes crinkling as blonde hair runs off. 


"It's not that funny," Kara says as soon as Ellie out of earshot. 


"It's quite funny," Lena chuckles as they move around the store. 


 "Can I ask you something?" Kara says as Ellie points at a fluffy rabbit across the store. 


Lena nods as Ellie takes it to the cart at the front of the store "Would it be ok if, maybe, I called Eliza?" Kara asks quietly and it makes Lena stop, a frown on her face. 


"We're not parents Lena, we don't know what to do, what Ellie needs, besides you can't keep taking her to L-Corp it'll raise too many questions, not to mention the impact it will have on your work" Kara explains as she looks over sippy cups. “Not that I don’t think you can do both, I’m sure you can, but we can’t do this alone,” Kara amends with a lopsided smile. 


Lena nods with a sigh as she watches Ellie look over "I suppose it's the best thing to do, she has experience with children and well," Lena gestures to Kara. "The non human element." 


Kara nods, "I want to find out what happened and the longer she's here..." 


"The longer it messes with the timeline, I know Kara," Lena sighs, stopping as Ellie inspects a large toy bear. "I'm getting attached and I know I shouldn't," Lena whispers hugging herself tightly. 


"It's difficult not to," Kara agrees with her lips tugging at the corner as she squeezes Lena’s arm reassuringly. 


“Even when she’s being a demanding little-” Lena says, a twinkle in her eye. 


“Yeah even then.” 

It’s late in the afternoon when Alex appears, a look of chagrin on her face as she listens to Kara's idea of calling Eliza. 


"So, let me get this straight before you give our mother a heart attack," Alex waves silencing her sister. "You want to phone Mom, tell her that you and Lena have a kid, but you're not sure how to explain how she came into this world or how she's three?" Alex asks watching as Kara nods. She turns to Lena who is making coffee in the kitchen. "I'm assuming she didn't consult you on this grand plan?" 


"I’m appreciative of Eliza’s help but this plan is all Kara’s," Lena dismisses with a wave of her hand. Alex sighs looking back at Kara with her hands on her hips. 


"Why don't you just tell her the truth?" Alex asks her sister. 


"Kara lacks that ability," Lena mutters but both women hear. Alex rolls her eyes while Kara looks pointedly away from the reminder.


"What if it has more of an effect on the timeline?" Kara argues ignoring Lena's jab. 


"Kara, you, future you,” Alex reiterates, irritably pointing to Kara. “Sent your kid back here, we’ve already established the timelines fu-" 


Kara clears her throat loudly, cutting her sister off with a pointed look at Ellie.   


"Look, stop being a chicken and just tell mom,” Alex calls Kara out who sighs dejectedly walking out onto Lena's balcony. Alex spares a glance at Lena as the CEO hands a cup of coffee to the redhead. 


"I can make it Irish if needed," Lena teases leaning against the counter. Alex shakes her head as she sips the coffee watching Ellie play. 


"She is a cute kid," Alex comments and Lena brow furrows in a pained expression. "What?" 


"You sound surprised," Lena scoffs.


Alex shakes her head as she walks to sit opposite Ellie who grins up at Alex. Lena’s eyes crinkle at the corners at the sight of them playing, and she feels her chest tighten with want. The  yearning that Ellie invokes who looks at her like she's the most interesting person in the world. Or the easy way Kara walks back into the apartment like she belongs here or the familiar way Alex could just show up as normal families do. The realisation that she could have something just like this. 


Alex leaves not long after Kara confirms Eliza's arrival the following day and Kara lingers as Lena prepares dinner. 


"Do you want to stay?" Lena asks at the sight of Kara lingering in the doorway. 


"I don't want to be a nuisance, I can go," Kara says, pointing to the door and Lena looks up with a small smile. 


"Stay Kara, Ellie will want you to," Lena says earnestly. "I don't even know if she'll eat this?" Lena admits, pulling her lip between her teeth. 


"It's your fancy pasta," Kara says wide eyed in disbelief. "It's amazing," Kara reassures before turning to Ellie who is watching them curiously. "Hey Ellie, are you ready for dinner?" Kara asks as she walks over scooping Ellie up quickly who shrieks and giggles causing Lena to look on tenderly at the pair. 


"Alright, settle down you two," Lena says as she plates food. She doesn't miss Kara descend to the floor with a slight blush. Lena sets both plates on the small table she's never used and smiles at the feeling of soft comfort that passes through her. Kara sets Ellie on the booster seat between her and Lena. 


"We build my room after Jeju?" Ellie asks excitedly and Kara falters glancing at Lena who gives an encouraging nod. 


"Sure let’s do it together?" Kara asks and Ellie squeals in delight. 


Lena and Kara share passing glances as Ellie recounts her latest adventures with Hopper the Rabbit, who was only purchased that morning. They both quietly try to contain their laughter at the ridiculousness of the story. And as dinner finishes Lena watches as Kara habitually stands to clear things away. Ellie runs excitedly to the spare room, and Lena quirks a brow following curiously. As she turns into the room she finds Ellie on her back desperately trying to push the heavy double bed with her feet.


"I get it ready for Jeju," Ellie informs her when she sees Lena leaning in the doorway. 


"Unless you've suddenly developed super strength I think it'd be easier if Jeju did it," Lena suggests playfully, gesturing for Ellie to move out of Kara's way. 


Once Kara has emptied the room of the furniture she stands waiting to be told the layout by the two. Lena tries to contain her laughter as Ellie stands in front of her with her hands on her hips. 


"No Jeju, by the window," Ellie orders vehemently pointing as Kara lifts the bedframe and moves it. 


"No, don't have it beside the window, you'll get cold," Lena says pointing away, making Kara turn on her heel. 


"Mommy, if the bed goes there then my desk can't fit there and then Hopper has to go there, and then... Then the configordation is all wrong." Ellie explains her hands on her hips and Lena raises an impeccable eyebrow before looking up at Kara. 


"I'm just the mover," Kara jokes with a shrug. 


"How about, as a compromise, we put the bed here?" Lena indicates to the far wall and Ellie stands her finger tapping her nose in focussed concentration. 


"This is tenser than your board meetings," Kara whispers and Lena chuckles as Ellie spins back to them. 


"Only if the desk can go here?" Ellie says and Lena nods holding her hand out to shake, 


"Excellent decision," Lena grins as Ellie giggles shaking her hand. The mock business deal is complete. 


An hour later, after Lena and Ellie's expert instruction a cabin bed sits in front of the floor to ceiling windows with a dresser and small desk filling the large space. Bedtime is as arduous as ever with Kara drenched from bathtime, and Lena desperately trying not to fall asleep as she reads Ellie her story. Eventually. as nine pm rolls around both Lena and Kara sit exhausted on the large couch while Ellie is passed out in her new bed. 


"You know, I really hope Eliza has some magical way to make bedtime less exhausting," Kara sighs as she rubs her face. 


Lena chuckles as she curls up opposite Kara on the couch, her own exhaustion setting in. "I still need to look at the proposals I had to sign off on today," Lena says to herself with a sigh. 


"Thank you for today," Kara says absentmindedly and Lena smiles. 


"You don't have to keep thanking me Kara, I'm not going to stop you from seeing her, she's your child after all," Lena says nonchalantly while internally her nerves are erratic. 


"It's hard to believe," Kara mutters staring up at the ceiling. "You know out of all the possibilities I never thought this would happen." 


Lena rests her chin on her hand as she watches Kara think, "That we would have a child from the future?" 


Kara nods as she removes her glasses rubbing her eyes. "I should uh, go, let you finish work, I'll see you tomorrow with Eliza," Kara says firmly, standing and Lena turns as she steps out. 


"Kara," Lena calls, making the Kryptonian turn, "Thank you." 

Lena arrives at the DEO with Ellie at exactly 7.56am. Ellie is still half asleep on her shoulder, thumb firmly in place in her mouth as she carries the tot in. Her stomach churning as she thinks of all the things Eliza Danvers could criticise her for. How Ellie’s hair wasn’t brushed the best or the fact she had her pyjamas on under her jacket.


"Mommy, why we back?" Ellie asks quietly, breaking Lena’s panic. 


"We just need to check something for Jeju," Lena explains softly as she carries Ellie into the conference room. Alex is hugging a cup of coffee that Lena's slightly jealous of until she sees one waiting for her. 


"I figured you'd need it just as much as me," Alex comments as soon as she sees Lena. "Hey, kiddo, how's it going?" Alex asks as Lena moves to set Ellie down only to be met with a noise of protest and instead adjust Ellie in her grip.. Alex lets out a low whistle, "I'm guessing she gets that from you." 


Lena glares pointedly as Alex continues, "Cause she doesn't get it from the ray of sunshine that's about to burst in." 


As if on queue Kara appears with a bright, "Morning." 


"Morning," Alex chuckles and Ellie who was half asleep in Lena's arms is now wriggling frantically. 




"Hey, El," Kara chuckles, walking close and lifting her from Lena's arms. Lena sighs as she rubs her abdomen from Ellie's incessant kicking.  


"You no there, when I wokes up this morning, Jeju? Where you go?" Ellie asks, gripping Kara’s jacket tightly. “You missed breakfast.” 


"Well, I um, I had to go and take care of some things," Kara stutters through with a pointed nod to the DEO. Ellie nods as if completely understanding and both Kara and Lena share a silent look over her head. It’s clearly a familiar excuse and Lena mentally files it away with the other information. 


"Well, this is a bit more of a shock than I expected," A new voice says from the doorway making them turn. Eliza is stood with a surprised smile at the sight of the three of them as Alex finishes downing her coffee. 


"You're telling me," Alex chuckles. 


"Nanny!" Ellie grins running from Kara to Eliza's legs. Small arms wrap securely around her legs and Eliza chuckles, setting her purse down to kneel at the child height. They embrace like close grandmother and granddaughter. Alex looks to Kara in silent question at Eliza’s nonchalant response. Kara raises her palms in defence as Alex rolls her eyes. As Ellie and Eliza break apart Ellie steps back into Kara’s legs her hand taking 


“Your hair not grey, Nanny,” Ellie comments with a deep frown between her eyes. 


“She gets it dyed to hide it now,” Alex jokes, earning a disapproving look from her mother. 


"We certainly have a lot to talk about," Eliza nods as she takes in Ellie's blonde hair, green eyes. 


They distract Ellie with toys while they sit around the table. Ellie sat watching Lena’s phone in the corner 


"The appearance to you both is uncanny," Eliza comments with a smile. "Have you run blood work?" She asks Alex who nods. 


"100% theirs," Alex comments as she leans against the conference table. 


"And you think she's from the future?" 


"She arrived with a photo of the three of us and a date for the future," Lena supplies as she sips the coffee Alex had placed in front of her. 


"And my mothers necklace," Kara adds stoically. 


"How interesting," Eliza muses. 


"You don't think she'll have powers like Kara do you?" Alex asks curiously. 


Eliza ponders it for a moment before shaking her head, "I don't believe so, Clark's powers didn't begin to show until he hit puberty, and from what I understand neither did Jonathans and Lois reckons Jordans could begin any day now." 


Kara nods and Lena frowns, "Since when did Clark Kent have two sons?" 


"Oh another multiverse convergence shakeup," Kara says with a roll of her eyes and Lena nods. 


"So no powers for young miss Ellie," Alex chirps and Ellie frowns. 


"Fly Jeju?" Ellie requests and Kara shakes her head. 


"Maybe later," Kara counters, earning a look from Lena that clearly read over my dead body


"I'm going to go find Brainy to see if he has any further information," Alex says standing. "Hey, Ellie wanna go see all the cool stuff?" Alex asks quickly. 


The toddler frowns up at her, a small and obvious, “No”. 


Kara and Lena look away as trying to contain their laughter. “Hey Ellie, Nanny left her bag downstairs, could you help Aunt Alex bring it up?” Eliza asks and the toddler nods reluctantly leaving the room with Alex. "How have you two been holding up?" Eliza asks as soon as Ellie is from the room. 


"Well I wasn't exactly expecting to have to look after a three year old who is supposedly my future daughter four days ago," Lena sighs pinching the bridge of her nose. 


"It's not exactly a walk in the park," Kara admits with a shrug. 


"Well, I'm here to help both of you," Eliza reassures. "I'll stay with Kara, while you try to find a way to get her back to her time or at least get your footing in this parenting game." 


"We know so little," Kara sighs, dejectedly. 


"And not just where she's from," Lena adds. "Things she likes, doesn't like, favourite shows, if she has friends." 


"Try not to worry," Eliza reassures. "You'll both get there and trust me, no one gets it perfect the first time. Neither of you had prepared for this." 


Lena and Kara share a long look that tells them it’s either going to go very well or very end up in disaster.  

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Chapter Text

After leaving the DEO they take Ellie to a park a couple of blocks from Lena's apartment. It makes Lena smile at the sight of Ellie bouncing happily on Kara's shoulders, giggles spilling from the little girl, wide matching grins spread over their faces. As soon as Ellie’s feet hit the ground she’s gone, sprinting off in the direction of the tall slide. 


"Ellie," Lena stumbles trying not to have an aneurysm as her nerves skyrocket.  


"She'll be fine, Lena,” Kara chuckles. “She's being a kid." 


"Say's you who was freaking out about hurting her the other day," Lena points out with an arched brow. 


"That's different. I can crush her or- or break her beyond repair," Kara splutters waving her hands. 


Lena looks disparagingly at Kara as she turns and watches Ellie climb up the ladder for the slide. She waits patiently for another child to go down before following and Lena doesn't miss Kara's grin. 


"You seem better about the idea of her now," Lena mutters hopefully, watching Kara carefully. 


"I don't want her to feel lost like I did," Kara says as she scuffs her shoe into the dirt. 


"Like we did," Lena murmurs tentatively squeezing Kara’s arm. 


"Yeah, like we did," Kara agrees, ducking her head with pursed lips. It's the face Kara used to pull right before a Supergirl emergency would take her away from a lunch or evening with Lena in the past, the same face that would shut her Kara from the world and Supergirl would take hold. 


"Mommy! Jeju!" Ellie calls waving at both of them from the monkey bars. Kara and Lena both wave halfheartedly. 


"It’s a relief now that Eliza’s here."


Lena makes a non-committal noise as she looks towards Ellie.  


“Lena, I-” Kara begins, reaching for Lena.


"Mommy," Ellie calls running over, intercepting  Kara’s hand before it touches Lena’s, by tugging on Lena’s jacket. "Mommy, Mommy, come on," Ellie says, pulling insistently. 


"Wh-" Lena begins to follow looking helplessly back at Kara who lets out a burst of laughter at Ellie’s excitement, blue eyes filled with equal confusion. "Where are we going?" 


"You have to push me on the swings." 


"Oh- ok," Lena says, her eyes flickering up to the swing set before stopping near a seat with a frustrated groan. The swing set is not a simple rubber plank as she remembers but some odd bucket contraption. Ellie stands in front, her arms raised expectantly and Lena lifts Ellie and it doesn’t help when Ellie kicks trying to hook her feet in. As Ellie unhelpfully squirms Lena huffs until Ellie settles into the seat with a small contented wiggle. After five pushes Kara has migrated over a small smile tugging on her lips as she tries to contain her laughter at the debacle she’s just witnessed. Ellie squeals happily from her position swinging her legs desperate to go higher. 


"I don't know about you, but I could really go for food," Kara mutters and Lena nods. "I bet you haven't eaten?"


"I'll have you know, we had toast for breakfast," Lena protests, her brow furrowed in irritation. 


"Oh toast," Kara chuckles with a dramatic eye roll. "Oh yes, it’s the top tier of breakfasts." 


"And let me guess you had a stack of forty pancakes or something," Lena scoffs with a shake of her head. 


"You know I'm not some bottomless pit like everyone believes," Kara corrects playfully. 


"Do I need to remind you how many big belly burgers we ate in my office last year?" Lena asks and realisation falls over them. Lena's smile falters as she's reminded of Kara's lie about a family emergency or a Catco source when she had to leave for the Supergirl emergency. 


Kara's body tenses, her smile faltering. 


"Maybe, we could go back to the apartment, find Eliza, see if she has any tips while I try to get some work done from home?" Lena tries to deflect and Kara nods with a tight smile.


As they prize Ellie from the climbing frame, the walk back to the apartment is taken with a sullen Ellie. 


"We always stay for hours," Ellie protests dramatically flopping her blonde head against her own arm. 


"Well, Jeju and I have to get back to work, besides Eliza's came to see you," Lena says with an arched brow as she pointedly avoids referring to Eliza as grandma. She’s not ready to deal with that reference quite yet. 


Ellie looks up at her with a furrowed brow, before asking with hopeful eyes, "Does that mean I don’t have to go to my new school?"  


“New school?” Lena asks. “Why are you going to a new school?”


Ellie shrugs her small shoulders, her fingers fidget as she looks away from both of them as she shuffles slightly closer to Lena’s legs, leaning into the raven haired woman. Both Kara and Lena look to one another before Kara crouches in front of her. Lena matches her stance, loosely wrapping her arms around Ellie. 


“Talk to us, sweetie?” Lena prompts quietly. Ellie looks between them both and Kara’s brow furrows at the slight uptick in the toddler’s heartbeat. 


“Ellie, did you not like your old school?” Kara asks, shuffling closer to Ellie, running her hand over her arm. 


Ellie gives a halfhearted shrug, her lower lip jutting out as she grips Lena’s jacket. She gives a small nod, turning into Lena’s shoulder. As Lena wraps her arms around Ellie holding her close she looks into Kara’s concerned eyes.   


“Was someone mean to you?” Lena asks, holding Kara’s gaze as she feels a nod against her shoulder.

“Other kids.” 


“Were they mean to you because you were different?” Kara asks, a small sniffle answers her question. 


"It’s not ok that the other kids weren’t nice to you because you're different. It’s ok to be different," Lena explains pulling away with a small quirk to her lips. She pushes blonde hair from Ellie’s face before teasing in a light whisper, "Mommy can be a little different too sometimes." 


It pulls a small giggle from Ellie and Kara scoops her up earning an excited cry from the toddler, "And Jeju, well she’s a whole other level of different," Kara grins at her, eyes bright with determination. Tickling Ellie lightly Kara effortlessly lifts her onto her shoulders and looks to Lena whose eyes crinkle with a smile. 


“Jeju, can we get ice cream?” Ellie asks from her high point, bouncing back easier than Lena could have hoped. 


“I don’t see why not?” Kara brightens with a smile at Lena who rolls her eyes endearingly before nodding.


Ice cream is a mess. Lena had thought that by having a cup it would be contained, but instead, the toddler has it everywhere, her face, her hands, even her hair and quickly discovers it’s futile trying to clean anything As they return to Lena's apartment she promptly suggests Kara give her a bath. 


"Why me?" Kara protests. 


"You said yes first," Lena points out with a withering glare and Kara huffs but concedes as they walk to the guest bath. Half an hour later, Ellie emerges looking victorious in her tiger onesie as Kara trails behind looking like a woman who had the misfortune of bathing an excitable toddler. Lena takes Kara in, unconsciously chewing her lip at the sight before her, Kara's hair is damp, the long sleeves of her white pristine shirt is rolled up to the crook of her elbows as the water glistens upon exposed strong forearms. Glasses fisted in her hand as Kara rubs a fist into her eyes, Lena feels a flutter in her belly as muscles cord with every turn. To make the situation entirely much worse, Kara’s shirt is near see through prominently displaying well defined Kryptonian abs. Lena suppresses a shudder that threatens to overtake her. 


"You know you didn't have to have a bath too?" Lena chuckles awkwardly trying to quell the feelings she is not ready to fully acknowledge. 


Kara rolls her eyes with a huff before gesturing to herself, "Do you have a shirt or something?" 


Lena nods, leading Kara down the hall. Kara follows dutifully into her closet as Lena produces an oversized jumper.


"This should fit," Lena says, holding it up to Kara’s body trying to hide the soaked physique and looks sharply away as Kara peels the shirt from her skin, stripping down to her bra. It's not the first time she's seen Kara's abs. A fond memory of spin class resurfaces and she tries to hide the blush and increasing heart rate from the woman in front of her. 


"Are you ok?" Kara asks as she pulls the jumper over her head. Suddenly the air in the closet is stifling to the point where she can barely breathe. 


"Yeah," Lena squeaks sheepishly at concerned blue eyes. "I uh, better go, and ugh, check on Ellie," Lena excuses herself brushing past Kara and walking quickly back into the living room. Ellie turns to her as Lena walks into the room with a smile before gesturing her over. "Are you ok?" Lena asks softly, kneeling beside her and Ellie nods crawling into her lap. Small arms wrapping around Lena's neck. 


"Can we have ice cream tomorrow?" Ellie asks, bouncing on Lena's knees. 


"We'll have to see," Lena says thoughtfully with a twinkle in her eye. A light knock pulls Lena's attention and Kara walks past her glasses removed and it dawns on Lena how little Kara’s been wearing her glasses around her. 


"It's just Alex, Kelly and Eliza," Kara informs opening the door. Ellie runs to both women who laugh as Kara invites them in and Lena watches, her stomach twisting with conflicting emotions as Kara moves her family into Lena’s home. The easy unrestrained way they talk to one another, the passing glances between them as Ellie fits in like she was made to. And Lena’s reminded of how much she wants to be part of the group, to be the one sitting theorising with Alex about microbiology or sipping wine with Kelly.    


"I hope you guys don't mind but I brought Kelly,” Alex says shutting the door behind her girlfriend. “I figured she might have some ideas." 


Lena gives a small wave as she stands while Alex turns to Kara and Eliza.


"How're you doing?" Kelly asks softly as she moves over to Lena. 


"I'm coping," Lena grimaces as her fingers dance together in a nervous tick. 


"You know, if you need to talk about any of this, I'm here to listen," Kelly says with a warm smile. “Confidential and all.” 


"I'll be fine," Lena says to assure herself more than Kelly. 


“So Jeju told me someone got a new room,” Alex says brightly, crouching down at Ellie who is bouncing excitedly on the balls of her feet. 


“Yes!" Ellie shouts excitedly tugging Alex’s arm in the direction of the hall. When Alex glances back to Lena, she waves her hand for Alex to continue. “Come on, Aunt Alex!"


"How much did Alex tell you?" Lena asks, turning to Kelly, who is watching the sight with a knowing smile. 


"Enough to know that you need to do more than just talk to Ellie to get the full story," Kelly says as Eliza and Kara walk over. 


"What do you suggest?" Kara asks, a concerned crinkle knitting her brow.


"Drawing, mainly," Kelly suggests. "It's a good way of getting the story out of young children who may have compartmentalized their trauma and is beneficial to children Ellie’s age who are still visual, that's how they learn so that's how they communicate."


"She's been drawing tons," Lena says pointing to the paper littering the floor.


"She's been drawing what's current," Kelly says looking over a drawing of the playground. "To get her to tell us more, it'd be best to get her drawing while I ask her questions. Easy ones at first, then move on and hopefully, she'll tell us more." 


"Wouldn't it be better if Lena or I did it? She knows us," Kara asks her brows furrowing as Kelly shakes her head. 


"We don't want to trigger anything, if what Alex says is true and Lena was harmed on her way through then it's best if someone external to her current situation asked and prompted her." 


Lena glances up at Kara who nods in understanding. 


"I know it's hard," Eliza adds. "But we need to get the whole picture, otherwise we don't know if we can send her back." 


Lena nods as well before turning back to the kitchen. "Drinks?" Lena asks, desperate to keep her mind from worry. She makes coffee silently until Ellie bounces back into the living room telling Alex all about Hopper the Rabbit. 


"And then we went and got ice cream and Jeju got chocolate and Mommy got strawberry," Ellie and Alex simultaneously crinkle their nose. 


"Strawberry?" Alex teases and Lena glares mockingly. 


“Some of us didn’t have an upbringing with sparkles and mint choc chip, Alex,” Lena teases. 


"Just because we can't all eat a pint of cookie dough ice cream Alexandra doesn't mean we judge them for it," Eliza scolds lightly earning an eye roll from Alex. Lena moves away from the conversation of ice cream, she makes coffee desperately wanting something stronger. Watching the four of them fills her with the familiar feeling she’s been trying to ignore for most of the day. The familiar bond between the four of them irks her and equally sets her nerves on edge. Beginning to brew the coffee she takes a deep breath over the machine trying to calm her racing heart. She turns to find Kara watching her from across the island. 


"Hey, you ok?" 


"Yeah course." Lena nods as she pulls mugs from the cupboards to hide the building anxiety. 


“You sure?” Kara asks with a knowing look, moving around the counter. 


“I’ll be ok,” Lena tries to reassure as she feels her emotions rise under Kara’s gaze. 


“They’re here to help,” Kara’s lips quirk watching Lena closely. 


“I hope so,” Lena mutters, her lips pursed, setting mugs on the island. "Afterall, There’s only so many times I can use DEO Emergencies to keep from going into the office.”  


"You're the CEO," Kara protests, her arms folding across her chest. 


"Barely, remember Kara, this isn't Earth-38, I'm having to start from scratch all over again and you remember that first year, it was hell trying to battle the press, the public, not to mention my board of directors." 


"It's not fair that you're back starting at the bottom again," Kara grumbles. "He shouldn't have been able to do this, to come back, it was too easy."


"There's nothing we can do about it," Lena shrugs with a resigned sigh, she's long since accepted the new reality she has woken up in. Her mistakes, however, plague her dreams at night over and over like a broken record. 


"It makes me angry," Kara mutters under her breath and Lena reaches without thinking, squeezing her shoulder. Lena retracts her hand instantly when Kara flinches, scolding herself that they weren’t there yet. 


"Sorry," The raven haired woman whispers but Kara shakes her head. 


"It's me, not you," Kara says tightly, moving to take her hand in a familiar gesture when they were best friends. 


“If you’re sure,” Lena says, looking carefully at their hands and Kara reaches out squeezing her shoulder. 


“It’s me,” The Kryptonian repeats. Lena matches Kara’s smile who nods as Ellie calls the blonde over. “I’ll be back,” Kara says, moving to see what Ellie needs and Lena sighs as Eliza walks over. 


"Are you managing ok?" Eliza asks with an understanding tilt of her head as Lena hands her a mug. Lena doesn't say anything, only gives a smile. “It's a big change.”


"I wish people would stop asking me that." Lena frowns, trying to control her rising frustration. "I'm not some damsel in distress." 


"No you’re not, but sometimes we all need help and that’s ok,” Eliza’s voice is soft as her eyes crinkle kindly. “I know it was hard for me. I remember when I found out I was pregnant. I was so unprepared, Jeremiah was on deployment, and I was alone and not nearly emotionally prepared for a baby.” 


"At least you had nine months to get ready,” Lena jokes, desperate to lighten the mood between them.


"True,” Eliza smiles fondly. “Thank you for calling me, it means a lot to be included." As Eliza gently pats Lena’s hand she feels it stiffen beneath hers as she squeezes it gently. “And thank you for trusting me with this. I know you don’t have a great relationship with your own mother.”


Lena looks down at their clasped hands before looking at Kara and Kelly, while Ellie tries to scale Kara’s long legs. Clearing her throat she pulls her hand from beneath Eliza’s, clasping them in front of her as she feels the tension rise within her at the consideration that Eliza is showing her. 


She glances sheepishly away before murmuring, “We should make a plan.”


Eliza nods with a warm smile, following as Lena shifts away towards Kara and Kelly. 


"So, we should make a plan," Lena announces to the others as Kara spares her a glance while helping a giggling Ellie to climb all over her. 


"Of course," Kelly agrees brightly as Alex nods in agreement. As they settle in the living room Kelly gestures between herself and Eliza, “We’ve had an idea, that maybe I could help Eliza with watching Ellie.”  


"What do you mean?" Kara asks, pulling a giggling Ellie over her shoulder. 


"I-We can't ask either of you to do that," Lena says quickly, her brow crinkling as she looks between Kelly and Eliza.


Alex cuts in with a wave of her hand, “They’ve already decided, they cooked up this magical plan in the car.”  


"Yes but-" Lena tries to protest. 


“And since Obsidian’s PTSD program has been shut down,” Kelly inserts quickly barrelling on. I’m currently unemployed and have the time to help until I decide what to do next. I’m here to help any way I can while you try to juggle work and this situation.” 


“Besides I think I have enough things to catch up on with this little one,” Eliza chuckles, tickling Ellie’s side causing the toddler to squeal. Lena stiffens at the noise, her mind racing to catch up with the fast conversation blurring around her. 


“Mom and Kelly thought that Mom could look after Ellie when you can’t work from home,” Alex explains gesturing between Eliza and her girlfriend, unaware of Lena’s growing anxiety. 


“I can come here and work with Ellie,” Kelly says with an overly bright smile as she looks beseechingly between Lena and Kara. “Eliza thought I could come on Tuesdays and Thursdays.” 


“So, I can take her Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays,” Eliza continues eagerly as Lena’s heart rate rises sharply at the decisions being made around her without so much as a glance in her direction. Was this how it was when Kara kept her secret? Was this what happened when they went to game nights or was it an unspoken rule? Lena looks away dragging her fingers through her hair as she feels eyes land on her. 


"Lena?" Kelly's voice breaks her. And suddenly it’s overwhelming, the friendly discussions, the motherly touches. 


She stands, she has to get out and distance herself from the situation, away from the plans that are being made without her. She moves unconsciously onto the balcony, barely acknowledging Kara calling after her, or the quick, ‘We’ll be right back,’ Kara says as she follows her. Bracing herself against the balcony railing Lena releases a slow breath trying to calm herself. Trying to get her emotions back under control. 


“Hey,” Kara says, shutting the balcony door behind her. Spoken so softly that Lena forgets the barriers between them as her panic flows from her unencumbered, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't be freaking out but it's just-" 


"A lot?" Kara supplies, understanding what Lena is feeling, and Lena nods as blue eyes watch her carefully. "They just want to help," Kara reminds her kindly. “I know it’s overwhelming when you can barely get a word in.”  


"I just wasn't expecting-" 


"Jeju!” Ellie shouts impatiently from the other side of the glass. Kara lifts her hand as she tries to get Ellie to pause. 


“I know,” Kara continues moving closer and matching Lena’s stance against the railing, their shoulders brushing against one another.   


"I'm sorry, I'm being silly," Lena whispers and Kara shakes her head.


“I think you have every right to be overwhelmed, Lena,” Kara’s voice is soft as she gently takes Lena’s hand. "We’ll do what you're comfortable with," Kara promises, eyes softening with understanding. “Together right?”  


"Thank you," Lena mutters leaning into Kara unconsciously. 


Lena has never needed a drink more than as the three women wave goodbye. She slumps against the counter as she tries to comprehend how her life has become about looking after a child that is hers who might be from the future, and shifting her life around this child and now Kara- who is standing rubbing her head and looks as weary as Lena feels. 


Lena pinches the bridge of her nose desperate to relieve the rapidly growing headache she can feel building behind her eyes. After informing her assistant Emily she will be working from home for the next few days, she turns back to Kara who is watching her closely and Lena tries to give a small smile. But Kara can see through it, stepping close with her usual crinkle. 


"I know it’s difficult but with Eliza’s and Kelly’s help it could give us a sense of normalcy," Kara says, as her lips tug at the corners and Lena's head dips as she feels the weight of the words. Normalcy. It's such a simple word, a word that defines the desire for something to be normal, but what is normal about Kara Danvers, Kara Zor El, Supergirl? 


“Because us raising a child together-” Mouthing ‘from the future’ “ -is normal.” Lena scoffs, turning to Kara with a withering look. “Yes, this situation is completely normal, Kara ,” Lena says with heavy disdain.  


Kara sighs heavily as she sits, lying back into the couch, “I just thought things could be slightly, I don’t know, ordinary.” 


Lena can’t help the laugh as it bubbles up in her throat, her features displaying the unease she feels within. “When have we ever been ‘ordinary’?” She asks, curling opposite Kara. 


“Never,” Kara says, fidgeting as she sheepishly matches Lena’s smile. 


But it's oddly mundane the way that Kara sits in front of Lena. Discussing the grand plan to look after the toddler that had stumbled into their life. Lena thinks about how the small human had made an Ellie sized gap in her walls she had erected around herself the same way Kara had the first time and was still breaking down Lena’s walls. Lena looks as Ellie sits watching cartoons, her head lulled against Lena's knee as she sits on the floor, her small knees tucked to her chest. Lena runs her fingers through soft blonde hair as she thinks about the pain her other self must have gone through to send her back here, knowing she wouldn’t see her daughter again. Her chest aches at the thought of having to do it, if eventually, they have to send Ellie back to where she is from, to say goodbye. 


It's Kara's phone that pulls her from her thoughts, the beeping and flashes even make Ellie turn with a glare for interrupting Scooby Doo. 


“Sorry, it’s Catco,” Kara mutters standing, rubbing the back of her neck with a huff as she looks at her phone. 


“Go, deal with Andrea,” Lena says warmly. “We’ll see you later.” 


Kara grins with a lopsided smile as she flies from the balcony and Lena sighs, slumping on the couch exhausted from the day that has been weighing on her since it began. 


Ellie looks up Lena with a furrowed brow in concern, asking, "What's wrong Mommy?" 


Lena looks down into green eyes so similar to her own making her wonder how she was supposed to be so patient for this perfect life? How was she supposed to wait for Kara or Ellie or her happy ending? Was her future life perfect? Was Kara the doting wife her mind portrayed her to be? Was everything easier than it is now? Was this supposed to be her happy ending? No, Lena thinks, villains don’t get happy endings, even the villains who have been redeemed. 


"Nothing," Lena lies, smiling as she pulls Ellie into her lap, redirecting Ellie back to the show. Her insecurities were not the concern of a three year old, as Ellie’s stares at her, and for a moment the little one seems more mature, more aware and it unnerves Lena. “Look they’re about to catch the bad guys,” Lena points out, avoiding the same look Kara gives her when she is suspicious of something. How it worms her way into Lena’s heart, but thankfully the attention span of a three year old is short and easily distractable. She relaxes into the way Ellie leans into her, pointing out features of the show. Grinning at Lena when her guess of the bad guy is correct.  


A small knock on her door makes her look away. Ellie shrinks into her side slightly and Lena smiles reassuringly before moving over to the door.


"Brainy?" Lena greets in surprise at the sudden appearance as he steps into her home. "What, um, what are you doing here?"  


"Hi," Ellie greets from the couch, her voice small and timid that creates an unfamiliar unease in Lena’s gut. She looks back as Ellie watches Brainy, her small brow furrowed as her eyes look around. 


"Hello, small human," Brainy gives a reluctant wave before turning back to Lena. Lena looks back to see his left eye twitch, her own brow furrowing before she neutralises her face. "I came to check your emotional response to the trauma of being thrust into parenthood?" Brainy says blank faced. 


Lena feels the odd reassurance and smiles politely. "I'm... Managing," Lena says before clenching her teeth tightly. 


"Excellent, I was curious about whether those little boxes you had advised me on were still intact and still offering you assistance in dealing with this emotionally traumatic experience. Sharing and offspring with Kara Danvers who you still harbour emotionally opposing feelings for." 


Lena doesn't like the small kick in her gut at the concrete way Brainy says it as if it's a fixed thing. Even as Ellie watches Brainy cautiously and the Coluan glances back at the three year old warily. 


"I can cope, Brainy, thank you for your concern," Lena stands taller as she schools her features. 


"I brought you th-these," Brainy says, producing a grocery bag and Lena frowns. 


"Thank you," Lena says as she opens the bag to find four books. She raises an unimpressed eyebrow at the books. "Parenting books Brainy?" 


"Well, it would seem that both yourself and Kara are vastly unprepared for the trials of parenting and while I am not a parent myself, I feel you must be informed as appropriate." 


"Why did you give these to me and not Kara?" Lena asks curiously. 


"Well, Kara has Alex and Dr Danvers, a strong family network and levels of experience. As per my calculations, I predicted a 75% probability of you purchasing parenting books at some point in the near future," Brainy says with a smile. Lena nods slowly as she takes them in, "Unless of course you have already preceded my calculation and done this already?" 


She hates how he knows her, she had considered it the first day with Ellie but now, now it seems she may need to consult the books more. "No," Lena admits. "I hadn't bought anything yet." 


"Oh, excellent," Brainy grins. "I must admit I did come here for an alternate purpose," he admits as he moves deeper into the apartment, Ellie cautiously watching him from the couch, her toys long forgotten. 


"Of course," Lena says, gesturing for him to continue as she moves to stand beside Ellie. The toddler reaches up, gripping her pants tightly and Lena's wants to question the apprehensive look on the toddler’s face. She looks to Brainy who is suddenly pacing heavily, muttering and gesturing frantically as he does. 


"Brainy?" Lena asks cautiously and he stops, his lips quirking into a sneer before he shakes his head. After he had been shot by Lex she had helped fix him the best she could, but now, she wasn't sure, she knew something had been wrong since she had noticed his stammering at the DEO but she had pushed it off as a Brainy quirk. But now, now she wasn't so sure her biochemical engineering had succeeded. "Brainy, what's wrong?" Lena asks, her voice shaking as she places a hand on Ellie's back. 


"I haven't told Supergirl and Director Danvers because I'm not sure how they would react. But part of my memories have changed. As you know," Brainy sights running a hand through dark hair. "I'm not sure how to say this," Brainy begins pacing. "Lena... I'm so sorry," Brainy says shakily and Lena frowns. Stepping back a hand pushing Ellie lightly so she's behind Lena and Lena can feel her small body shake. "I think… I think before young Eliza came through the portal I..." 


"You what, Brainy?" Lena prompts her voice trembling. 


Brainy swallows thickly, brown eyes looking into her own. "I think I shot you."

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Chapter Text

Now, before you all kill me for that cliffy, have this lovely chapter instead :D


A feeling of contented warmth settles in Kara’s chest, as she looks upon the National city’s bustling street. As people move to and fro getting from one destination to the next. She feels her mind drift aimlessly circling listening to the rhythm pump of Lena’s heart, a soft nostalgic smile gracing her lips as she remembers the moments in the park, watching Lena and Ellie play. Her heart swelling at the thought of something so close she could touch, something with someone she has… Kara’s brow furrows at the sudden uptick in Lena’s heart, her hearing sharpens just as a high pitched tone fills her senses and she alters course, listening in on Lena’s apartment. 


"You what, Brainy?" Lena prompts her voice trembling. 


Brainy swallows thickly, brown eyes looking into her own. "I think I shot you."


“Supergirl what's going on?” Alex sounds in her ear, just as Kara begins to skirt the sound barrier, moving like an arrow to Lena’s apartment. 


“I’m not sure, going to find out,” she replies just as she cushions her descent onto Lena’s balcony. 


Brainy stood in the centre of the room looking pleadingly at Lena whose body is recoiling away from him shielding Ellie who cowers behind her. Her small hand in a white knuckled grip within Lena’s. 


“Kara?” Lena says, in surprise at the superhero's sudden appearance, who is also suddenly very close. 


“Are you okay? What’s happened?” Kara’s questions as her eyes scan for any sign of harm. Her shoulders slump in relief finding no injuries as Ellie tries to wiggle in between them and on instinct Kara reaches down to pick her up and hug Ellie close. 


Kara shakes her head at herself, “Brainy? Why would you do something like that?” Kara trails off as she turns to look over at her friend, her brows knitting at the oddity of the situation.


"Supergirl," Brainy inclines his head in greeting, looking apprehensive. 


"Kara? What... What is it?" Lena cuts in.  


"Brainy said he shot you, then you called me with your watch," Kara says, reaching down to grab Lena’s hand, that slightly stiffens at her touch coupled with a light pinking of Lena’s cheeks. Carefully raising Lena’s hand to reveal the open watch face with her family’s sigil. Confusion knits her brow, at Lena’s odd reaction but it’s gone when Lena shakes her head before the two look at Ellie, the toddler curling into Kara’s shoulder. 


“Mommy hurt,” Ellie whispers. 


“I’m ok,” Lena whispers, stroking the toddler's hair. Her eyes catch Brainy shifting making her look up. 


“You’re ok El,” Kara whispers, placing a steady hand upon the toddlers back helping to ease the tension in the small shoulders, and meeting Lena eyes as she does. “I’ll always keep you safe,” Kara promises, squeezing Ellie, “I’m going to hand you to Mommy’s while I talk to Querl ok?” 


Ellie nods, reaching for Lena as Kara’s jaw clenches at the thought of someone hurting Ellie or Lena. Once she knows Ellie is okay, she turns to Brainy needing to understand what is going on. 


"What happened?" Kara asks, her voice hard as she works to school her features at the fear and anxiety that just rocketed through her at the thought of someone hurting her new family. 


Brainy’s head dips as his jaw clenches, "Supergirl I can explain." 


"I think you better Brainy," Kara says through gritted teeth. “And quickly.” 


"Perhaps," Brainy begins glancing at Lena before dipping his head again. "Perhaps we should talk about this at the DEO?" 


"No, you need to explain it now, because I need to know they are safe with you, or I will be taking you into my custody. Now, what happened?" Kara asks, her voice low and controlled. . Ellie let's out a small whimper, helping to keep Kara in check while Lena whispers soft words of comfort. 


"My memories have changed," Brainy says through a clenched jaw. "I shoot Lena," Brainy explains. "I think I'm the reason Ellie came through covered in blood," Brainy says, his own voice shaking.  


Kara’s brow furrows as she runs a hand through her hair, wondering why Brainy would be the reason Lena was shot at all, they were friends. "How... Why? Why would you?" 


"I don't know, I... it's all muddled and I can't pick apart what's real, and what is altering memories of the future," Brainy explains. "It's why I came here, I... I was hoping Lena might be able to do something," Brainy emphasises pointing at Lena who watches him cautiously. 


"I'm... I'm sorry Brainy but without a proper way or even understanding of your nerve responders and circuit connections within your brain, I could kill you," Lena admits and Kara can see the mental calculations going through her brilliant mind. 


"I've contacted Mon-El yet again but I have yet to receive a response," Brainy says in exasperation, Kara bites the inside of her cheek as she’s reminded of Mon-El, but she sighs knowing he’s their only option. It resurfaces all the feelings of him leaving, twice. Even if she knows he was where he had to go it still doesn’t stop the pain. 


"Go to the Tower, Brainy," Kara orders firmly, her hands on her hips as she looks over at Ellie curled into Lena. Brainy frowns at her in a silent question. "Go to the Tower, phone Alex, tell her what you told me, she might have an idea." 


"What about the DEO?" Lena asks but Kara shakes her head. 


"I don't want Lex knowing about this," Kara says firmly, her voice leaving no room for discussion. Brainy nods cooperatively before looking at Lena. 


"I'm sorry," He whispers before moving and Lena gives a short nod before Kara's making her way across the room. Placing a comforting hand on Ellie back while hyper aware of how close she was to Lena, too.


Small sniffles come from Ellie and Lena finds herself holding her tighter, her face moving to soft blonde hair catching a soft familiar yet unfamiliar scent as she places a soft kiss on Ellie's temple. "It's ok, everything's fine," Lena soothes, as she moves to sit on the couch firmly securing Ellie in her lap smiling tenderly as Ellie tucks her head beneath her chin.


"Everything's ok, El," Kara says, following and sitting beside Lena, who looks fondly at her. The Kryptonians arms looped behind her shoulders the other running a soothing hand up the toddlers back. It's the warmth and security Kara seems to give that makes her relax, dipping her head and holding Ellie close, desperate to protect her from the world. 


"I didn't press the watch, Kara," Lena whispers and Kara nods stoically her eyes watching Ellie. 


"I don't think you did either," Kara agrees, pulling away and looking up into Lena’s eyes with a weighted look. A look that confirms Lena’s suspicions, that Kara has the same thoughts. That their lives must have been so dangerous that they had taught Ellie to never forget about the watch, to always push her mommy’s watch when she was in trouble. "Hey, Ellie?" Kara asks sitting back and Lena pulls back to see watery green eyes look up at Kara. "Did you push Mommy's watch?" 


A small blonde head nods and Ellie sniffles, "Don't want Mommy to get hurt," Ellie whispers and Lena's chest aches at the admission. 


"I know and it's so good you told me, El. You’re very brave for keeping you and mommy safe," Kara praises with a blinding smile. Ellie’s eyes brighten a bit as she gives a small smile before nuzzling back into Lena. 


"We're proud of you, Ellie," Lena reassures, as her chest swells with pride. Kara's head tilts slightly and Lena feels the small body in her arms tense up. "You have to go?" Lena asks, her voice softer than she intended. 


Kara watches her for a moment. "I- I should," Kara says, unsure, as she stands.


But Ellies shifts forward in her arms, pushing painfully off her chest. "No-No go Jeju," Ellie cries and it makes both Kara and Lena jump at the intensity of the toddler’s protest. 


"Ellie, it's ok," Lena says, trying to soothe the agitated child in her arms. 


"No! No leave Jeju, no go," Ellie shouts, lunging forward into Kara’s legs forcing her to sit back down. Small arms wrapped around Kara's neck and blue eyes look at Lena in confusion.


"It's ok," Kara softens her arms wrapping around Ellie. "It's ok, I'm not going anywhere," Kara promises. 


"Kara there's an-" 


"Alex can handle it," Kara says after pressing her comms, cutting her off as she curls around the little girl clinging to her chest. 


Lena realises how disarming it is, and how curiously endearing watching Supergirl, comfort a small miniature of herself on Lena’s white couch. Ellie tucked under Kara's chin, her cheek pressed against the crest on Kara's chest. Kara scratching lightly against the small back, her fingers running through the ends of straight locks, Kara's muttering something Lena can't understand under her breath. Whatever it is, is slowly calming Ellie, her eyes drooping as she does. It fills Lena with a yearning she has to shake away, to deny herself. After all, this isn’t real. 


"What does that mean?" Lena asks quietly, distracting herself as Kara finishes. 


"It's a sort of nursery rhyme, I guess," Kara admits. "My mother used to tell me when I was a child. It's about Rao and Krypton's creation."  


"It clearly worked," Lena muses, watching Ellie as she sleeps. "Thank you for staying," Lena says her eyes shining with a soft upturn of her lips. 


"Somethings are more important," Kara mutters. 


Lena tilts her head in agreement and moves towards the kitchen island where her phone is laying face up. Looking over her work emails while watching as Kara sits on her couch, gently rocking Ellie her face softening at the view. Until Lena looks up a short while later to find Kara float rocking Ellie a couple of feet off the couch. Lena clears her throat loudly making Kara look over her shoulder. Lena points with an arched brow as she points at the couch with an unimpressed glare. Kara's about a foot off the couch curled around Ellie supportively. Kara blushes looking away sheepishly before lowering herself standing before moving to lie Ellie on the couch. 


"No," Ellie states petulantly and Kara sighs, bundling Ellie into her arms. Kara and Lena share a soft look as Kara walks over. 


"Jeju, no go," Ellie mutters as she rubs her tired eyes and tightens her grip. 


Kara glances down sympathetically trying to dislodge Ellie from around her neck  "Sorry, El," Kara says softly. "We play tomorrow, maybe?" Kara suggests, squeezing to get Ellie to let go.


"No, don't go," Ellie squeals louder, causing Kara to wince at the loud sound, so close to her very sensitive ears. Kara sighs, running a hand through her hair looking at Lena who gives a strained smile. 


"Ellie, Jeju has to go back to her house," Lena tries, exhaustion beginning to etch over her as the sun sets over the city beyond them. Between the Danvers family turning up to make plans, trying to work and looking after Ellie the day had been long and far too drawn out for Lena to cope with. 


"Why though?" Ellie asks, wide green eyes staring up at Lena. "Why does Jeju not stay with us no more?" 


"It's complicated, Ellie," Lena breathes out heavily and a lower lip juts out further. 


“No, Mommy, Jeju, no go,” Ellie protests and Kara and Lena exchange a long look. 


“I-I mean, you- you could,” Lena suggests as she rubs her eyebrow looking away from Kara. 


“Are you sure?” Kara asks quickly before her cheeks flush. “It’s just…” Kara’s face flashes with a grimace, her eyes darting down to Ellie who tugs irritably on the neck of her suit. 


“We don’t really have much of a choice,” Lena sighs, pinching her nose. “Ok, Ellie, Jeju’s going to stay but we need to help her get some clothes. 


Ellie perks up as soon as they're in the car, Kara borrowing sweats and a jumper from Lena as they drive to Kara’s and then for food. As they drive Lena can see Ellie fast asleep in her seat. Head lulled to the side, thumb firmly in her mouth. 


"I could sleep on the couch," Kara offers, thoughtfully after a few moments of silence. "It's not like I can get a bad back." 


"Kara, that's too much to ask of you," Lena says, reasonably aware of what Kara can or can’t do, hating to admit her life would be easier than Kara dropping by unexpectedly. 


"You're not asking me, I'm offering," Kara says with a wide smile and before Lena can talk herself out of it, she's nodding. 


"I... I- Alright," Lena agrees. "But you're not sleeping on the couch, my bed’s big enough for both of us." 


Kara looks away with a faint blush before nodding, "If you're comfortable with that."


An hour later after stopping by Kara’s to get clothes and then Chinese food which she was ganged up on by two annoying yet adorable pouts. Pulling into the parking lot and carrying Ellie up the stairs with Kara carrying everything else Ellie slowly wakes. 


“Come on sleeping beauty, you’re going to miss the potstickers,” Kara teases as Lena sets the toddler down as soon as their in the apartment


Ellie saves her when she turns to Kara with wide happy eyes. "Jeju stay!”


"If that's ok with you?" Kara chuckles crouching to Ellie's height. Ellie grins up at her before running off back to the living room, Hopper tucked safely under her arm. 


"I dread to ask how many potstickers you bought," Lena says, teasingly eyeing the bulging plastic bag, Kara is carrying to the table.


"Enough for me and maybe some for Ellie," Kara teases, setting the bags on the counter with a grin. “If she behaves?” Kara teases, earning a glare from Ellie.  


"Share, Jeju," Ellie orders and Kara purses her lips playfully in agreeance. Enjoying the toddler’s eagerness as she stands at Kara's side. 


"Sure," Kara grins before ducking down to Ellie’s height. "As long as Mommy doesn't make us eat the vegetables," Kara says, in a low teasing hiss.


Ellie looks positively horrified by the suggestion to the point she runs to the couch and declares as she strikes a Supergirl pose. "No, no to vegetables. You can't make us Mommy." 


Lena holds her hands up in surrender with an airy laugh, "I didn't suggest anything." 


"But you were going to," Kara accuses, making Lena laugh. 


"No, I think we deserve a night of no vegetables after today," Lena admits and Kara gives a small smile before running to the couch and standing on it behind Ellie, she scoops the child onto her shoulder and points at Lena. 


"Who are you and what have you done with Lena Luthor?!" 


Lena laughs as Ellie shrieks and giggles from Kara's shoulder while she plates the ridiculous amount of potstickers and noodles Kara has purchased. She's sure nearly all the Chinese takeout restaurants are personally kept in business just by her. 


"Come on you two, eat," Lena encourages as she sets the plates on the table. 


They laugh and Lena begins to wonder how easy it would to have this small little family, and have Kara could fit back into her life so effortlessly, or the way Ellie has slotted into their life as though it is simply her right for being., There is a warmth building in Lena’s chest as both blondes grin at each other like they have their own secret language, and her heartaches as memories of her own mother and their bond rush back. Her heart swelling as Kara helps Ellie into her chair while Lena pours wine for them both. 


Lena takes a sip, hiding a secret smile, at the affronted way Kara looks at the cheeky smile Ellie has as she steals the potstickers from her plate or the way Kara laughs into her wine glass at Ellie's small dance as she eats the prize Or the way Kara screws her face up at Lena's Szechuan tofu and Lena’s responding eye roll. Together, Ellie and Kara clear the table, Kara keeping a watchful eye as Ellie carefully carries her glass to the kitchen. 


"Thanks,” Kara grins as Lena takes the glasses and places them on the counter. 


"Jeju come play," Ellie calls as Lena and Kara move unconsciously around one another. 


"I’ll be there in a second," Kara replies, distractedly as she helps Lena, brushing faintly against her back sending a shiver up her spine that Lena ignores, as Ellie tugs on Kara’s shirt impatiently.  


Lena feels her stomach flip flop weirdly at the prospect of sharing a bed with Kara, again. A small voice in the back of her mind reminding her it’s to make Ellie's life comfortable, and Lena realizes she would do anything in her power for the child. 


"Why don't we watch that Disney film you liked? Before bath time?" Lena suggests, trying to calm the toddler down before attempting to put her to bed. Ellie nods excitedly as Lena sets up the television. Ellie shifts excitedly to the sofa’s edge as Kara prepares popcorn. 


"You're going to eat me out of food before tomorrow at this rate?" Lena jokes.


"You never complained about my appetite before you know?" Kara scoffs and Lena rolls her eyes, ignoring the casually painful reminder. 


"Well there weren't two of you then," Lena says pointing to Ellie before stealing a handful of popcorn. 


"Hey," Kara protests lightly as Lena curls on the corner of the couch while Kara sits on the opposite side of Ellie. They sit and half an hour in Lena glances over to see, Kara's curled in the deep pocket of the corner couch with Ellie smushed against the Kryptonians' side. It makes a small smile tug at the corner of her lips remembering how comfortable Kara used to be in Lena’s place before… Now it warms  her the way Kara's taken to Ellie as the toddler unconsciously plays with the corner of Kara's shirt. Blue eyes meet hers as matching  smiles spread over their faces. They let Ellie watch the rest of the film in easy silence often broken by soft giggles from Ellie. As the credits roll Kara lifts Ellie, chuckling softly at the toddler’s quiet, tired grumbles as Kara takes her to the bedroom, Lena following behind them.  


"Pj's?" Kara asks and Lena points to a drawer as she helps Ellie remove her shirt. 


"Story mommy?" Ellie asks as she pulls a top over her head. Lena nods with a smile. It's become part of the routine that they've fallen into. Kara does bath time and Lena does storytime. She never thought she would be the playful parent if she had ever had children yet here she was. Once Ellie's dressed the toddler climbs into her new bed, her eyes are heavy as she mutters for her familiar story.  


Lena tries to contain her smile, it's a habit she realises, Ellie's go-to story appears to be a book Kara had found when they were trying to get furniture. It's a silly story about a ladybug who doesn't have many friends and she ends up befriending a spider. Lena has yet to find out how it ends however since Ellie is often asleep by the tenth page. Lena glances at Kara who leans in the doorway curiously. So far, the Kryptonian hasn't been there for many but Lena realises it's about to change. That it's not her and Ellie against the world, that Kara's taken it on herself to be a solid part of the toddler's life. Lena perches beside her barely fitting beside Ellie who stares sleepily up at her. 


Lena begins reading the now familiar story softly and she shifts as she tells the story feeling Kara watching her with such intensity she isn’t sure if her heat vision will activate or not. She continues until she glances up to see Ellie's eyes have drift shut, soft puffs of breath coming from her and Lena smiles shutting the book and moving carefully, turning the nightlight off. She looks up to find Kara still there, her arms crossed over her arms, a thoughtful look on her face. Lena pulls the door over as Kara turns back to the living room. 


"What's wrong?" Lena asks quietly, feeling on edge at the prospect of Kara judging her silently. 


"It's nothing,” Kara shrugs. “I just... I never thought I'd get this and now- now it's almost too good to be true," Kara explains and Lena nods. 


"I know," Lena admits, her hands fidgeting self consciously. "I know it's hard, especially after everything that's happened." 


She looks up to find Kara watching her, "We couldn't have done this without one another, Lena." 


Lena scoffs, "I'm sure doing this with anyone but me would have been easier." 


"Don't sell yourself so short," Kara argues softly. "You've done everything you could for Ellie, welcomed her into your life, even though it isn’t easy.." Kara sits as she watches Lena and a smile tugs at the corner of the Kryptonians lips. “We’re a team again, we look out for each other.” 


Lena gives a small smile as Kara moves away to sit in front of her laptop while Lena looks over her work emails, draining the rest of her wine to avoid Kara’s kind words. They work in silence at opposite ends of the apartment until Lena feels her eyes growing heavy and she begins to turn everything off. 


It makes Kara look up from her work asking, "Are you heading to bed?" 


Lena nods, wringing her hand looking a bit nervous, "You can stay up if you’re not ready-" 


"No, no, I'm coming," Kara says quickly shutting the laptop with a crunch and both women flinch at the sound. Lena gives a curt half smile before turning down the hall, her mind racing at the thought of Kara in her bed. It's fine, she reminds herself, Kara's been in her bed plenty of times before just as she had been in Kara's. 


She doesn't wait for Kara, but she hears the soft pad of feet behind her. As soon as Lena's through her bedroom door she's moving into her bathroom beginning her nightly routine, the sooner she goes to sleep the sooner she can wake up and move on from this uncomfortable situation. Kara was in her room and going to be in her bed, it shouldn't bother her, after all, they had shared each other's beds before. With little or no thought, waking up wrapped in each other because that was what they did, even if they didn’t question it. Or at least, Lena hadn't had the heart to ask anyone. Her only other experiences had come with the accompaniment of sex. Her only other friend was Andrea and she refused to give her this level of ammunition. 


Lena finishes wiping her makeup and brushes her teeth before moving into the closet, as she passes back into the bedroom Kara's not there, probably using the guest bath Lena reasons. Standing in her closet staring into the drawer that houses her nightwear. Nightwear she would normally wear in a relationship. She lifts the lace with a sigh before shoving it back into the drawer. She can't wear that in front of good and pure Kara, Lena was certain the Kryptonian would have a heart attack. 


It takes some digging before she finds a pair of silk shorts and matching top she had bought on a whim, she stares at the cotton Midvale tee that lies folded at the bottom of the drawer and promptly slides the drawer shut much like the box of emotions that's threatening to burst forth reminding her off all the late nights in Kara's apartment, sitting curled together on Kara's uncomfortable couch, the blonde running a soothing hand over her ankle sending shivers up her leg. Soft words of comfort that used to fall from Kara's lips that would make Lena want to cry. But now that box has been shut for months now, nearly a year. 


A year since the reveal and now she was going to share her bed with Kara, share her life with her for the sanity of a three year old child that was theirs. That was sleeping soundly in the comfort of a new bed. Lena changes, slipping on her robe with a sigh before stepping out of the closet to find Kara perched on the end of her bed, flannel pyjamas with her hair tied back up, her face void of glasses that makes Lena's chest clench uncomfortably. 


"I, uh, I wasn't sure which side you wanted," Kara says awkwardly. Lena stutters before shrugging and moving around the bed. 


"I-I’m good with either," Lena says, uneasily as Kara watches her closely. 


"I can still sleep on the couch," Kara offers. 


"No," Lena responds far too quickly. "No," She repeats slower. "It's fine, I'll take the left," Lena mutters as she moves to sit on the edge of the bed pushing her hair from her face as she takes a breath. This is ridiculous, she thinks, she shouldn't be this nervous. It's just Kara. Kara who lied to you and called you a villain, a sneering voice reminds her but she shakes it away, they were past that, weren't they? Even as the charming dimples make her heart flutter and despite the smouldering resentment she feels as she shrugs out of her robe. 


"You're wearing that to bed?" Kara squeaks. Lena turns slowly, her eyes rolling shifting to a raised unimpressed brow as Kara swallows thickly. 


"I don't normally wear anything to bed, Kara, so this is the best option for us both, don't you think?" Lena quips as she slides into bed. Kara gives a rigid nod before lying flat on her back. Lena plunges the room into darkness, illuminated only by the city lights beyond the window. She can feel Kara's rigid body beside her and it reminds her how they aren't friends anymore, she was a villain and that was how Kara saw her. A Luthor, destined to betray her again. 


"This shouldn't be this hard," Kara voices into the dark and Lena can see her hands fidgeting. 


"It's fine, Kara, I'd be apprehensive too after everything," Lena admits and it makes Kara sit up quickly. Lena looks up into fiery blue eyes and her heart does that horrible flutter again. 




"I said I understand why you would be apprehensive-" 


"I'm not apprehensive, Lena, I... I feel awkward like this is foreign to us," Kara protests. 




"No, we've shared a bed for most of our friendship, one bump in the road shouldn't change that," she argues. 


"It's a pretty big bump," Lena whispers defeatedly, staring out onto the city. 


"It happened, Lena, I forgave you, just as you forgave me," Kara says softly and Lena looks up into those sincere blue eyes. Blue eyes that are so set in their opinion Lena relents even if she in herself doesn’t believe that Kara could forgive her so easily. 


“I wish I had never made such a stupid choice,” Lena whispers into the darkness. 


“We all make mistakes,” Kara mutters. “I should know, I shouldn’t have kept my secret for so long, I certainly shouldn’t have called you a villain.” 


“It’s what I was.” 


“No, you were upset and rightly so. I should have talked to you instead of hiding like the coward I was,” Kara whispers looking down and Lena reaches up unconsciously, squeezing Kara’s shoulder. 


“You weren’t a coward,” Lena insists. “You were scared of my reaction, and it was justified.”  


Kara’s jaw clenches and unclenches multiple times before her eyes meet Lena’s once more, “We’re ok, now right?” 


"We are," Lena whispers and it makes Kara lie down beside her, a small smile tugging on the corner of her lips. She can feel the heat radiating from the Kryptonian beside her and it makes Lena roll onto her side, the familiarity of Kara lying across the bed lulling her into relaxation, the way Kara's presence fills her with the familiar sense of safety she had missed after the reveal. Her eyes flutter shut at the thought of Kara, being here as just Kara, not the superhero with superhuman gifts, or the alien from another planet, just her soft warm and safe Kara that holds her when she's upset and looks at her like she's the most brilliant person in the world. And as the repeating lulling of Kara breathes her into a state of relaxation she hasn’t had in a long time and her only thought as she falls asleep is how she might want something just like this. 

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Chapter Text

It's soft and warm, and everything feels perfect. The sun dances across her face as she enjoys the strong arms wrapped around her. Holding her safe and secure, warm puffs of breath tickling her neck as lips ghost under her ear travelling down. "You're so perfect," is whispered against the nape of her neck, her head tilted to the side, revelling in the warmth and love radiating off the woman behind her. 


"I missed you," pale lips whisper, void of their usual bright red lipstick. 


"I'll always be here, Lena," Kara's voice fills her to her core as strong and sure hands dance over her hip bone. 


"We don't have time," Lena groans softly, as teeth are dragged over her skin. 


"We have all the time in the world," Kara breathes against her, fingers and lips insistent. 


"Ellie will be awake soon, we don't have time." Lena giggles prying Kara's hand from her stomach.  


Green eyes fly wide as Kara whispers, "Whose Ellie?" 

Lena wakes with a start to an unfamiliar weight and warmth radiating against her back, her heart racing as she tries to make sense of what is going on.  Her eyes blinking as she adjusts to the morning sun streaming through the window as she takes in her bedroom. The dream plays in her mind as she looks down seeing her shirt hitched up and a familiar tan arm draped over her waist, ghosting over exposed skin. There's a light puff of air against the exposed skin of her shoulder sending shivers down her spine. They must have gravitated towards each other in their sleep, Lena thinks as she tries to ignore the shocks running through her from the point where Kara’s thumb grazes over her skin, stirring feelings, she isn’t in the right place to think more deeply about, awake. She tries to steady her heart knowing if it becomes too rapid it'll wake Kara and part of her isn't ready to lose the warmth and comfort of having Kara so close to her again. 


Lena forces herself to relax and enjoy having Kara casually holding her and it relaxes her back to sleep as she listens to the rhythm of Kara's even breathing, her eyes fluttering shut. Lena hears the dull thumping of excited footfalls and the light push of breath upon her shoulder as Kara groans behind her, her arm slowly retreating. Lena's about to turn about to look into sleepy blue eyes when the bedroom door flies open with a slam. 


"Mommy, Jeju!" Ellie cries as she lands on the bed and Lena breathes a sigh of relief at the sight of wild blonde locks as her dream plays in her mind. “We fy, Jeju,” Ellie cries as she launches into Kara’s arms. 


Scrambling slightly to sit up, Kara catches Ellie with a faint ‘oof’ as they both fall back into the pillows beneath them, earning a fit of giggles from the toddler. 


"Morning to you too," Lena chuckles as Kara holds Ellie against her. 


"Jeju, I had a dream about Kypto and we flys all over with Uncle Kal and Jonifan," Ellie explains, waving her arms excitedly as she explains the dream and Lena watches Kara trying to decipher the muddled words. 


"That sounds like a pretty cool dream," Lena grins, making Elle turn to her with an excitable head nod and grin. 


"Mommy, we have pancakes for b'fest?" Ellie asks hopefully and Lena shakes her head. 


"Why not toast or cereal or something with comparatively less sugar," Lena suggests and Ellie sighs dramatically, jumping off the bed while Lena climbs out slipping her robe on and following Ellie through the apartment. 


Kara watches as they leave the room, enjoying how soft Lena looks with her mused hair and her face free of makeup. She climbs from the bed following behind listening to the sound of Ellie’s excited voice and Lena’s matching bright tone. Kara stops at the entrance to the main portion of Lena's apartment, taking in how relaxed Lena seems with Kara’s presence in her apartment, and more surprisingly in her bed. 


Kara smiles widely at the sight of Lena, lifting Ellie to reach the cereal, who laughs at something Lena's said, Kara purposefully not catching it, letting this moment be just between them. Desire bubbles within her at how easy it could be, to have this, with Lena. It was a thought she was forced to keep tucked away in the back of her mind, never to have it come to the surface. A family was something she had resigned herself to never have as Supergirl. It was too dangerous, with little chance of success. But here was Ellie, Kara realises, half hers, alive and happy, looking at Lena like she's the most brilliant person in the world. And Lena is, Kara thinks, the most brilliant person. Strong and with no skills at taking care of a child pouring Cheerios into a china bowl, looking after a three year old and running a multibillion dollar company and succeeding in all of it while Kara has floundered at every turn when it came to their new family. 


"We go to the park today, mommy?" Ellie asks as Lena helps her onto the bar stool. It pulls Kara from her thoughts and she moves into the kitchen while Lena begins making coffee. Kara nods appreciatively when Lena silently offers her a cup. Taking a seat next to Ellie, Kara chuckles as the toddler looks over at her mouth bulging with cereal. Murmuring her thanks when Lena hands her the mug and Kara can smell it’s the exact way she likes it. 


"You have Cheerios Jeju?" Ellie asks excitedly. 


"Uh, no, not for me," Kara says, smiling into the coffee. Ellie frowns mid-chew at the news. 


"Granola?" Lena asks and Kara nods. 


"Can I have granola?" Ellie asks and both Kara and Lena frown. 


"You have your cereal," Lena says. 


"I don't want Cheerios anymore," Ellie mutters pushing the bowl away and crossing her arms over her chest. Kara looks curiously at Lena before the CEO shakes her head equally unsure. 


"Do you want fruit in it?" Lena asks both blondes and she watches as Ellie waits for Kara to nod before she nods too. Lena refrains from the eye-roll as she places the sliced fruit in both bowls. She watches from her place leaning against the counter as Ellie picks at the granola but slowly eats as Kara does. 


"So, what are your plans today?" Kara asks obliviously to the pint-sized copy cat to her left. 


"Well, I think with both of you here some grocery shopping needs to get done?" Lena says, opening her sparsely stocked fridge. 


"I can do that," Kara's quick to agree and Lena raises an impeccable brow. 


"Not just junk food, Kara," Lena warns and Kara scoffs. 


"I do eat vegetables you know, I'm eating fruit right now," she argues. 


"Fruit doesn't count and you know it," Lena says with a mock glare. "It's still just sugar." 


"Then why is it healthy?" Kara asks, pointing her spoon to make a point. Lena rolls her eyes, turning to Ellie who is pushing a berry around the bowl. 


"Are you finished?" Lena asks with an arched brow and Ellie nods. 


“Are you working from home today?” Kara asks while helping Lena clear up. 


Lena gives a sharp nod, hiding her irritation at the fact she’s being forced to work from home despite the twenty different people demanding her attention. 


“If it’s ok, I think Kelly is going to come over today. Mom said she had some stuff at the DEO to take care of with Alex.” 


“Sure,” Lena agrees, chewing the inside of her cheek at the prospect of Kara’s friend group coming into her home and invading her life the way they had before. There's a large part of her that longs to be at that point once again, laughing and being included like she used to be.


 Kara doesn’t question Lena’s hesitance; she knows Lena isn’t comfortable, that it’s still an uphill climb for both of them. Kara quickly suggests Lena go and get dressed, trying to distract herself first from the pale cleavage and now the soft humming coming from the bathroom where Lena is taking a shower. It was nothing new, Kara has heard it a handful of times before, when she was out doing early morning flights or later at night. There may have been a few times when Kara had flown out of sight of the balcony and watched Lena move around effortlessly as she went about her nightly routine, stripping away the layers of the day. 


"Jeju, come see!" Ellie calls pulling Kara from her thoughts. A burst of laughter falls from at the sight of Ellie standing in her bedroom, atop her bed, a pair of red tights with red underwear over them. Wearing a blue t-shirt with a red cape adorning her shoulders.  


"Are you ready to save the world Supergirl?" Kara asks in faux seriousness her own hands on her hips. 


"Up ups and away," Ellie announces as she jumps high from the bed. Kara laughs moving with superspeed to catch the 'flying' toddler. Ellie lands in her arms and they both dissolve into a fit of giggles. 


"What're you two doing?" They turn at Lena who's standing in the doorway, whose jeans look painted onto toned legs and a soft jumper. Her damp hair falling in waves. 


"We fly's, Mommy," Ellie cries in delight and Kara's lips tug at their corners as a bubble of laughter comes from Lena. 


"I can see," Lena says. "Now I believe there are civilians coming so you might want to put your disguise on," Lena suggests and Ellie gives a firm nod squirming to be released from Kara's arms. 


As Kara moves from the room she glances over her shoulder at Ellie rushing to shred her clothes. 


"You can get ready while I sort Supergirl here," Lena chuckles and Kara nods, looking back at Ellie who is half tangled in her underwear leggings combo. 


Kara should superspeed through getting ready so that she can offer Lena some help but she can't stop the image of Lena in a silk camisole. Her pale skin on display in a way that Kara can't help how flushed it makes her feel, how the heat has risen in her abdomen at the sight. She stands under the shower letting her mind wander, the effortless way Lena had turned to her laughing a bright expression on her face. Like every challenge they had faced in the past year had disappeared. The way Lena's eyes crinkled with humour as Kara and Ellie interacted, or the way she watched Ellie with a mix of fascination and adoration, a smile dancing on the corner of her lips. All oblivious to Kara's watchful gaze over the strange predicament they had found themselves in. 


She has slowly been letting Ellie in, talking about Krypton and listening to the stories Ellie had been told by her future self. It made Kara wonder how much she had reignited her beliefs in Ellie, the toddler knew a basic amount of her own faith and it made that fluttering return at the idea of her future self raising a child, in Rao's light. How much else had she told Ellie, that her planet was dead? That is was a half lost faith they were believing in? It makes Kara wonder how hard it was going to be when things become clear on what may be best for Ellie. Whatever that may happen to be. Kara shakes the bitter thoughts away as she turns to lather herself with Lena's expensive body soap. 


The familiar scent fills her nose as memories of that morning flash through her mind, mixing with Lena's natural smell, the warmth beside her, the soft skin under the roughness of her hands. It makes her abdomen flip at the idea of waking up with Lena again but as she turns off the shower she lets the ideas disappear down the drain with the remaining water. It's not the time to think about it. There's a familiar giggle resounding through the apartment and Kara super speeds through her remaining routine, ending as she walks along the hall at a human pace to find Ellie, more socially acceptable in dungarees as she runs to the front door as Lena opens it, allowing Kelly within. 


"We gonna draw?" Ellie asks immediately and Kara's eyes crinkle at Lena's look of irritation at the lack of manners. Lena pointedly clears her throat and arches her brow at Ellie who huffs before looking back at Kelly. "Hi Aunt Kelly," Ellie greets. "Can we please go draws?" 


Kelly chuckles with a passing smile at Lena as she's promptly led into the apartment. "Why don't we set up on the couch so your mommy can work?" Kelly asks Ellie while Kara turns to Lena who is watching the pair closely. She is about to ask Lena about her night, trying to make normal functioning conversation to distract the thoughts in her head, just as Alex’s terse voice blares like a foghorn in her ear. 


"Kara, come in? We have a situation on Washington and 1st." 


"Great," Kara mutters before turning to Lena who's already nodding with an understanding smile. 


"Go, we'll be fine," Lena says, placing a reassuring hand on Kara's arm. "But use the pedestrian entrance, I don't want people catching wind of you flying off my balcony every day," Lena teases, making Kara blush at the implication. 


As Kara moves to leave Ellie's blonde head shoots up from her chore of organising crayons. 


"Where you going Jeju?"


"I have to go help Aunt Alex," Kara explains, shouldering her bag. "I'll be back soon." 


"No, Jeju, I come," Ellie protests loudly. Kara sighs internally at the thought of having to go through this yet again. 


"You gotta stay, El, it's not for little heroes," Kara says crouching to Ellie's height who is now standing expectantly in front of her. 


"But I help," Ellie says with hands on her hips and it makes Kara give a humourless laugh.


"You can help by making sure Mommy doesn't blow anything up huh?" Kara asks, earning a mocking glare from the CEO watching them closely. 


"Jeju," Ellie whimpers quietly, her fingers drumming together familiarly. Kara takes the small hands in her own. 


"Pinky Promise remember?" Kara asks and Ellie scrunches her face thoughtfully in contemplation before taking Kara's offered finger. "I'll be back soon," Kara says more to Lena than Ellie but she sends Ellie a bright smile that the toddler reluctantly returns. 


As soon as the door shuts behind Kara, Lena looks to Kelly who is watching the situation impassively and it reminds Lena exactly why she's never gone to a psychologist, she couldn't read them, couldn't imagine what they were thinking or what judgement of her they were making. Lena likes Kelly, genuinely, she always has, she just has never seen this side of Kelly. The working psycho-analytical side. Lena moves without thinking to Ellie's side and crouches down beside her. Pushing blonde hair from her displeased face. 


"She'll be right back," Lena says placatingly and Ellie gives a lifeless nod, her finger fidgeting as her mind works silently. 


"Hey, Ellie, why don't we draw some before Jeju gets back?" Kelly suggests making the toddler turn and lookup. Subdued, Ellie does as requested. Lena tries to work, tries to get through the latest R&D proposals and budget requests from Sam but she finds herself growing distracted at Ellie’s troubled features, the passing glances at the door and the clock as Kelly tries to engage her. She wants to kick herself when her assistant phones requesting her to come into the office. 


“Look, this isn't a great time," Lena sighs, pinching the bridge of her nose trying to relieve the tension headache that's rapidly forming as she stares at the emails piling in. 


"I'm sorry Miss Luthor but they said it's an urgent shareholders meeting. It's something to do with the stocks held by your brother," The assistant practically whines. 


"I really can't leave," Lena sighs as she glances over at Ellie who is watching her closely. "Can you call Sam, she'll be able-" 


"Ms Luthor he's really insisting," her assistant whispers and Lena's heart sinks as she realises she's going to have to go in. 


"Hold him off as long as you can," Lena hangs up, squeezing her eyes as she tries to think of some way to get around the shareholders. If the shareholders are involved then the board will be involved, which means she's going to have to deal with a bunch of old white men telling her to sit down and let the adults talk. 


"Hey, is everything ok?" Kelly's low voice pulls her from her thoughts and Lena forces a smile on her face at the taller woman who had moved to stand beside Lena. 


"It's..." Lena waves her phone with a defeated sigh. "I'm sorry, I have an emergency at L-Corp and I might need to take Ellie with me," Lena rubs the back of her neck trying to work out how to occupy the three year old while she has a meeting. 


"Why? I can watch her," Kelly offers with a warm smile. "I'm not busy and we can draw and catch up." 


Lena's jaw works as her brows furrow, "I can't ask that of you, Kelly." 


"You're not, I'm offering," Kelly says as her lips pull into an understanding smile. "Now go, we'll be here when you get back." 


Lena nods packing away her laptop and phone before walking around the couch to where Ellie is scowling at her. 


"No," She says as soon as Lena crouches down. 


"I will be, at most, an hour," Lena promises, pushing Ellie's hair from her face. 


"But... But..." Ellie looks from Lena to Kelly, who smiles warmly at Ellie. 


"I promise, Jeju and I will be back as quickly as we can, it's an emergency El or I wouldn't go, you know that, right?" Lena asks, looking down so green eyes reluctantly meet hers. 


"Don't want you to," Ellie whines, her pout and crinkle firmly in place. 


"I know," Lena soothes sitting opposite the toddler who shuffles into her lap. Lena holds her tightly, glancing back uncomfortably at Kelly's eyes on them. Only Kara and Alex had seen them like this. "I don't want to go either, but I have to go fix the grumpy men's problems," Lena whispers into blonde hair. 


"Grumpy old white men," Ellie mutters irritably, looking away. 


"That's the one," Lena chuckles squeezing her tight. "You'll be ok with Kelly," Lena reassures as Ellie nods standing. 


Lena collects her things as Kelly offers up a reassuring smile. "She has all her snacks in the top shelf of the pantry," Lena explains, moving around the apartment. "And she likes to have grape juice in the afternoon-" 


"Lena, we'll be fine, go to work. We'll be here drawing, right Ellie?" Kelly asks, earning a pout filled nod from Ellie. 


"You'll call if you need anything?" Lena tentatively asks as Kelly ushers her from the apartment. 


"Absolutely, now go," Kelly laughs as Lena nods with a final wave to Ellie. 


Kelly Olsen had survived a war, she had survived mind control, she could survive a three year old potentially from the future. She looks down at the toddler who stares expectantly back up at her. 


"How about we keep drawing, to pass the time?" Kelly suggests moving into the apartment and kneeling at the coffee table. Ellie shuffles over lifting the crayon silently. She sits barely pushing the crayon around the paper when Kelly asks softly, "Ellie, do you not want to draw?" 


"Want Mommy and Jeju to come back," Ellie pouts looking away from Kelly with a deep crinkle. 


"Why?” Kelly asks. “Mommy has a company to run and Jeju has to work, and part of that work is being with Aunt Alex." 


"She's always a way," Ellie huffs, pushing the crayon harder, a deep crinkle forming between her brows. 


"Jeju?" Kelly asks and Ellie nods affirmingly. 


"She is, do you know where she goes?" 


Ellie shrugs, pout and crinkle scrunching her face, "Mommy said she had to go away for a while, that it would be hard but it wasn't that long," Ellie admits looking up at Kelly with curious green eyes. 


"Did Mommy say where she went?" Kelly asks and Ellie shakes her head, a small “no” on her lips as she looks down more intent on the drawing. Kelly gives her a moment as she prepares the questions in her mind. Before she does Ellie has questions of her own. 


"Aunt Kelly, Where Vi?" She asks and it makes Kelly stumble. She hadn't heard the name but Alex had prepared her for unfamiliar names or situations that Ellie would bring up. 


"Uh... Well..." Kelly stutters, her eyes blinking desperately trying to deduce who Ellie is asking about. "She had to go to school," Kelly says as she settles. It must be a child Ellie knows but Ellie's frown deepens and panic rising within Kelly. 


“Why is Vi in school if Nanny is visiting?” Ellie asks with a curious tilt of her head.


"Well, because Nanny came to visit you," Kelly explains, slowly rubbing the toddlers back in a soothing way, mind racing at the implications of that Ellie’s question.


“Not Vi?” Ellie looks all too pleased with the information. 


"She wanted to spend time with you," Kelly says with a reassuring smile. "Say, Ellie, did you go to school a lot before Mommy sent you through the portal?" Kelly asks and Ellie nods. 


"Every days, Mommy would take Vi, Nathan and I to school, sometimes Jeju would but then the bad men came so we couldn't go no more," Ellie says, her face falling as she explains. “What happened to them? The bad men?” 


Kelly stammers for a moment before looking back at the picture in front of her asking, "You couldn't go to school?" 


Ellie shakes her head. "Mommy said it wasn't safe," Ellie says as she slowly begins to draw. 


"I'm going to draw a picture of my friend who was super important to me," Kelly explains and Ellie watches as Kelly makes rough sketches on the paper. 


"What happened?" Ellie asks with wide curious eyes. 


"Well, she had to go away," Kelly says, watching as Ellie starts her own drawing.


"Where did she go?" Ellie asks, pausing to look back at Kelly’s picture. 


"Well, she had to leave for a long time, I never got to see her again," Kelly explains with a sad crinkle of her eyes. 


"Like Jeju?" Ellie asks, suddenly sullen and quiet, so quiet Kelly strains to hear. 


"What do you mean?" Kelly asks just as quietly. 


"Mommy said Jeju had to go away for a long time, that I might not see her again," Ellie explains, her lips pulled in a small confused pout. “But she’s here now and I get to see her every day.” 


Kelly freezes as her mind works putting the pieces together and a pin could drop like a canon. Kelly looks down at Ellie’s drawing, her brow furrowing as she asks carefully,  “Ellie, What do you mean?” 


"She said Jeju went away, that the bad people took her from us, that we wouldn't see her again, that she'd be gone for a long time. Mommy was really sad," Ellie explains quietly, brow knit in confusion. “But Jeju is okay.” Kelly’s mind races with questions. Had Kara been kidnapped? Was it permanent? More pressingly and worryingly, was Kara dead? 


"Your picture is very pretty," Kelly says, distracting herself and Ellie by discussing what colour is best for their respective pictures. 

Across town, Lena slumps dejectedly into her chair there is no way she can get everything done in the hour she had promised Ellie and she sends Kelly a text informing her. As she works silently and desperately she is distracted, by the faint reminder of the lingering arm around her hip that morning and the warmth of Kara around her filling her mind. Thoughts of toned arms of the night before filling her mind and every small detail of her dream filling her thoughts. It’s deviously distracting as she turns to look out over National City's afternoon sky. 


“Well, I wasn’t sure I’d find you still chained to your desk after I heard the news.” 


Lena turns. Raising a perfectly sculpted brow at the figure. “News?” Lena asks. 


“Well, as much as our family is not one for social norms. I’d like to think I had instilled you with enough manners that you would inform me that I had become a grandmother in a matter of days,” Lillian Luthor sneers. 

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Chapter Text

“Well, as much as our family is not one for social norms. I’d like to think I had instilled you with enough manners that you would inform me that I had become a grandmother in a matter of days,” Lillian Luthor sneers. 


Lena's breath hitches as blue eyes bore into her own. The small quirk of the senior Luthor's lips sends ice through her veins. 


"I don't know what you’re talking about," Lena says, her smirk borders on a sneer. An arched brow daring her step-mother to call her bluff. 


Lillian’s eyes narrow marginally. She moves further into the office depositing her large purse onto the couch and perching on the edge. A calculated gaze dances over the office, "You've redecorated already," the matriarch comments. 


Lena watches expectantly, folding her arms over her chest as she stands behind her desk, "Victorian hardwood isn't my style." 


"No, keeping up traditions never was your forte," Lillian sighs, narrowed eyes looking at Lena. "Now, are you going to tell me what happened with the child or are we going to keep pretending you have a good poker face?" 


Lena releases a thoughtful sigh as she eases back into her chair, arching a brow refusing to take the bait. "You seem to know plenty already, Mother, what more do you think I could tell you?


Lillian raises her own brow, "Are you really that naive to believe I don't have eyes and ears inside the DEO?" 


Lena’s eyes barely narrow at the news, feigning unconcern. But within she falters, having only anticipated Lex keeping tabs on everything in her life, not her mother, who is respected

on this earth rather than feared. Lena thought she had left that mother behind on Earth 38. 


"And what have those ears been telling you?" Lena asks in a relaxed unconcerned tone, moving forward as she clasps her hand near the watch on her wrist. 


"Always the stubborn sort,” Lillian sighs as though she is entertaining an unruly child, flicking her eyes to Lena who is silent in her wait for an answer. “That you and Agent Danvers brought a child through the DEO and ran a series of very interesting tests, " Lillian smirks, sharp eyes looking for cracks in Lena’s expression.  


Lena chews the inside of her cheek as she realises that Lillian knows far more she would like. And her mother knows it. "Well, you seem to have all the information," Lena sighs, moving towards the shiny coffee machine she has tucked away to pour herself a mug, not bothering to offer one to Lillian. 


"I know the child is half Kryptonian," Lillian says and Lena can hear the smug tone. 


Lena walks slowly back to her desk, her hand itching to pull the stun guns from her lower drawer and shoot the old bat. 


"My next logical reasoning would suggest that is also why you’re keeping her close because there is something specific about the other half of her lineage." 


Lena scoffs, shaking her head as her mothers accusations land too close for comfort. Lillian had always been a formidable enemy, and Lena was always secretly in awe at how well she played head games with her. Her mother was truly in a league of her own.  "I have my reasons for keeping her close, none of which might I remind you, I owe you.” Lena simply states. "Do you know where he is?" Lena asks, deflecting the conversation from Ellie. 


Lillian scoffs at the obvious deflection., "Do you honestly think he'd tell me what he was up to?” She asks, playing along. “He's obsessed with the Kryptonians and those aliens who go by that ridiculous name Leviathan. No, I don't know any more than you do." 


Lena regards her as she stands dusting her trousers as she does, "Not that you would tell me, even if you did know," Lena sneers and Lillian smirks. 


"It would appear we are at an impasse, Lillian says, with a barely contained sneer. “Well since this is going nowhere I will see myself out,” Lillian stands with a flippant wave. “As always, my dear… Goodbye.” Lillian waves off as she turns from the office. 


As soon as the older woman turns to stride from the room Lena’s hand presses the familiar triangular crest shaped button under the watch face. 


Kara lands on her balcony two minutes and 37 seconds later, eyes wide with panic, searching the office quickly. Her hands resting on Lena's arms as she checks her quickly. "Are you ok? What happened?" Kara rattles off squeezing Lena’s arms before she is waved off. 


"Lillian was here," Lena explains, her heart racing as she recalls the conversation to Kara.  Kara's familiar crinkle forms as she begins pacing. 


"Did she ask about where she was? Who she was with?" Kara asks and Lena shakes her head. "What about the DEO? Who told her at the DEO, if there's a leak  Alex will need to know." 


"There is no leak, Kara, she's on the board of directors she has access to all the files she wants." Lena reminds her, making Kara huff. Kara pulls her lip between her teeth, hands on her hips as her fingers drum in agitation. 


"We can't let her know about Ellie, if she's anything like old Lillian," Kara trails off with a shudder and Lena feels the bile rise in her throat. 


"Kara, we can't wrap Ellie in bubble wrap and hope no one knows about her but at the same time if she is from the future, how do we stop it from happening now?" Lena asks, no longer hiding the tremble in her voice. 


"I'm not sure," Kara whispers as she sighs in exasperation, carding a hand through her hair. Lena doesn't miss the crease form between her brows as Kara pulls her phone from a hidden pocket of her supersuit. "It's a text from Kelly," Kara explains. "She needs to talk to us. Now." 


Lena realises at that moment she would move heaven and earth to protect and keep Ellie safe from everything she could possibly shield her from and that Kara would do the same. 


Not wasting time, they move out to the balcony, Kara's wrapping her arm tightly around Lena’s waist as Lena curls her arms around Kara's neck. She starts a moment at the odd sensation of her feet leaving behind the solidness of concrete. Kara’s grip tightens slightly when she takes to the sky. 


Lena can feel every firm curve of Kara’s body meld with hers. Her mind desperately tries to think of anything but the chest that pushes against her own as Kara’s breath ghost over her cheek sending internal shivers down her spine, as they fly to her apartment. Lena’s forearms are braced upon muscled shoulders. Lena shallows her breathing trying to lessen the feel of Kara’s stomach against her own, stoking a low fire in her core. Lena squeezes her eyes shut working to focus on the impending dread of what Kelly needs to talk about. Just as she close to losing the fight her feet land on concrete and she looks up to see Kara’s blue eyes, filled with a mix of concern and something else Lena can’t quite place. Without reason, Lena feels a desire to reach up on her tiptoes and close the gap between them-


"Oh good, you're both here," Kelly's voice breaks the fantasy bubble Lena's mind has created. Turning she gives Kelly a tight smile before moving into the apartment, to hide the flush forming on her cheeks, missing Kelly's knowing quirk of her brows aware of what Kara's blushing face reveals. 


"Mommy!" Ellie runs to her excitedly and Lena braces for a small body to vault into her arms, a shared grin on both her and Kara's lips. 


"Hi," Lena says, her eyes crinkling as she pulls Ellie close. "Did you have fun?" 


Ellie nods into her shoulder, pulling away, holding on to Lena’s shirt. Her eyes bright and happy as she tells about her day. "We draws lots of pictures, of cows and pigs and Aunt Kelly, showed me how to do shadows on their bellies, too" 


"That sounds very technical," Lena chuckles, turning as Kelly and Kara step into the room. Ellie waving at Kara, her expression filled with joy. 


The blonde’s face lights up, and Lena can see the relief fall from her as she steps close to Lena listening as Ellie recites her afternoon. And the worry that had been resting deep within her at what her mother could have done becomes a low presence in the back of her mind. The thought of Lillian getting near Ellie sends shivers down Lena’s back but the bright smiles of Ellie help wash it away. 


"That sounds like a lot of fun," Kara chuckles, glancing over her shoulder before asking, “Hey, why don’t we get you set up in your bedroom. Do you think you can draw me some sea creatures?” 


Ellie nods, explaining very loudly about all the sea creatures she knows how to draw. Kara looks sufficiently impressed by this information.


Lena and Kelly make small talk about Lena’s day while they wait for Kara to return. The moment Kara does Kelly gestures for them to sit. Lena had only ever been called into the principal’s office once in her life. Namely, when she blew up the science block in 6th grade, but oddly with the way Kelly is sitting opposite them, she feels like they're in some kind of trouble. 


"What happened?" Kara asks as she sits, her eyes darting around looking for a threat. 


"So Ellie and I had a great day drawing and colouring but I noticed her dropping some hints and I thought I could seize the opportunity by asking some questions, maybe find out some answers,” Kelly explains as she produces the drawings. “And well she drew these,” Kelly says, handing them over. 


They begin nice and sweet, many featuring heavily of Lena and Ellie. But soon, a bright purple star begins to appear and Lena can feel ice forming in veins. From her periphery she sees Kara look up at Kelly in question. 


“What does this mean?” She hears Kara ask, pointing to the star. But Lena’s mind is already deep in her past in a place she had long since shut off. 


Kelly visibly hesitates, and Lena can feel her glance between them, as Lena keeps her eyes trained on the picture. "I thought it was interesting too, and when I asked about it, Ellie told me that her Jeju had gone to the sky, that she might be gone for a while." 


"So what? I went off world?" Kara asks and Lena can feel Kara shift uncomfortably beside her. 


"You died Kara," Lena whispers, her heart thundering in her ears as she thinks of all the ways that could have happened. The situations Kara had been in that had her in that very risk and Lena blinks back tears at the thought of Ellie being subjected to this kind of pain. 


"What? That isn't what that means," Kara scoffs but Lena can hear the uptick in her voice. 


“It does, mean that,” Lena says, her voice unsteady as she tries to swallow the unreasonable sadness. 


“What do you mean?” Kara and Kelly ask together.


“It was an old tale my biological mother told me when I was young about how the dead become the stars. I was young at the time, that’s probably how other me explained it to Ellie,” Lena says, unwilling to look at either of them.


"That explains this picture then," Kelly begins tentatively offering them a new photo.


Kara accepts the drawing and Lena looks up to see the scene Ellie's tried to draw. She has outlined the screen in black, There's a figure in red and blue, that Lena can deduce as Kara, only Kara's horizontal with ribbons of red on her. Lena can't suppress the choked gasp of a three year old drawing something as graphic as Supergirl bloody and dead on the ground. But she realises Kara would have died on TV, that every Supergirl battle is broadcast and that Lena always watches. Did she watch Kara die with Ellie? Were they together? Lena questions. How did Kara die? Who was responsible? Lena takes a shuddering breath as she thinks of all the situations Ellie could have seen this. She had blocked all news streams that could cause Ellie any type of stress or confusion, is that something her other self would have done too? Would more have been done to keep Ellie from seeing this in her world? She looks to Kara who is staring at the paper like if it moved in a breeze she would fry it with laser vision. 


"I know it's hard," Kelly begins but Kara is on her feet, silencing her. 


"Why would she see this?" Kara asks hotly, dropping the paper on the table. "She shouldn't have been able to see this!" 


"Kara, we both know this would have been on every news outlet," Kelly says sympathetically but Kara looks livid. 


"She's three," Kara hisses. "She shouldn't be subjected to-" Kara is shaking her head, her hands clenching and unclenching as she paces. 


“Kara, She-” Kelly tries to get Kara to calm down.


"She shouldn't have to go through this,” Kara continues lost in her own memories from the past. “She shouldn't have to suffer like-" Kara's voice stops as she looks away and Lena can hear the emotion threatening to overtake her. Standing, she walks to Kara's side, reaching for Kara’s hand squeezing it as hard as she can to offer comfort and Kara to focus on her.


"Kara," Lena murmurs.


"No, she- she shouldn't have to feel this... To feel alone," Kara says, lifting her shoulder as she looks around and Lena can see the emotions, the pain and hurt. The memories. "She's three, Lena." 


"She's not alone Kara," Kelly interrupts, stepping close, but not close enough to intrude on this small moment. “Ellie doesn’t understand that the Jeju she saw on the T.V isn’t the one in front of her.” 


“Kelly’s right, Kara,” Lena begins,  her hands resting on the tops of Kara's arms, gripping her tightly in the way she knows has centred Kara in the past, the way Kara has centred her.  


Kara drums her fingers against her arm as she shakes her head. It takes Lena dipping her head to catch Kara’s eye. Shared memories pass between them, old hurts simmering beneath the surface, the loss of family they both went through at a young age. 


"She has us,” Lena prompts, her voice soft and warm. “We are her family" 


"We're not who she needs.," Kara whispers bitterly, her head dropping. "We're not the same people" 


Lena pushes Kara's hair from her face, looking into conflicted blue eyes, "We know what it's like Kara, We know how terrible it feels like that but she's not alone." 


"We're dead, Lena. Her parents, her us, are gone, no matter where she's from, they aren't coming back," Kara insists and Lena dips her own head. 


"I know, but she has us, right?" Lena asks, looking back up into blue eyes that soften at her question. 


“We can’t be what she needs.”Kara's begins to shift her hands restless as she turns her head avoiding Lena’s gaze. 


It makes Lena's blood run cold as her voice turns regrettably hard, "Does she have us, Kara?" 




“Don’t Lena me.” A single digit is held up, as green eyes narrow, taking in the woman of steel. Kara doesn’t get a chance to respond. 


"Fine,” Lena spits bitterly at the implication that Kara doesn’t want Ellie, doesn’t want her.“She has me," Lena says firmly. "I'll be here for her Kara, in whatever capacity she needs if you don't want to be apart of that, then-" Lena takes a deep breath before looking up into steely blue eyes. "Then leave." 


"Ok, let's all just take a calming breath here," Kelly says, her hands outstretched in a placating manner. “It’s okay to be scared and angry, but Ellie’s doesn’t feel how you do. The only way she will feel that is if you abandon her now.” 


Kara's jaw flexes at that, “But I’m not her Jeju and Lena isn’t her Mother…” 


Lena turns away, to lock eyes with watery green eyes, and trembling miniature pink lips. Lena quickly wipes her tears away when Ellie ask in a small voice  


"Mommy, Jeju? What you mean you not my Jeju and Mommy?" 


Lena moves crouching in front of Ellie squeezing her arm. “Oh, sweetie,” Lena murmurs. l." 


"I  think, maybe,  I should go, let you all talk," Kelly suggests, looking between them as Ellie sobs into Lena’s neck, before gesturing for Kara to walk her out. “I know this is hard Kara,” Kelly whispers when they are out of Lena’s earshot.”If you’re going to talk to her about all this take it slow, and remember her understanding of what is permanent, such as death, and what is not, is not as solid as yours or Lena’s is,” Kara nods doing her best to absorb Kelly’s words. “I’m here if you need anything,” Kelly says with a final look of concern at Lena and Ellie before leaving.


Kara shuts the door taking a moment for a slow calming breath, reminding herself of Kelly’s words as her ears are filled with Ellie’s anguished cries. Turning she finds Lena has moved to the couch, rocking Ellie holding her close as the toddler asks broken disjointed questions between pointed angry sobs. It tugs at Kara’s heart, the pain, from not understanding what is happening. Kneeling down near Lena’s getting as close as she can, she watches the way Lena curls around Ellie, trying to explain what the little girl overheard. 


“It’s alright,” Lena whispers softly as fiery green eyes bore into Kara seeing the familiar vein popping in Lena’s forehead portraying exactly how angry she is at Kara for causing this pain.


"Jeju," Ellie's voice breaks through with a sniffle "What do you mean you're not my Jeju?" 


“W-Well,” Kara begins looking at Lena who sighs, straining round so they can both see Ellie’s face. “You remember how you came through the portal in Mommy’s lab?” 


Ellie nods looking between them as Lena adds, “The mommy you left had blood on her belly right?” Ellie nods again at Lena’s question. “But I didn’t.”


“Because you healed fast like Jeju,” Ellie guesses, her voice sounding a little desperate to Kara's sensitive ears. 


“No, sweetie,” Lena says, drawing the word out cautiously. “I’m a different mommy. Not your mommy, but a mommy from your mommy’s... Past.”


“What?” Ellie asks, her eyebrow quirked in a way similar to Lena’s when Kara is being fishy. Her small head begins to shake as she thinks, her mind processing the words Lena’s telling her. 


“No!” Ellie shoves against Lena’s arms. “Mommy no- You’re- You!” Ellie thrashes and kicks, but Lena can only hold her tighter.  “You’re Mommy!” Ellie wails and eventually sniffles. She flails around more, eventually settling slightly as she looks up into Lena’s eyes.  "And-And you look like Mommy and- and you smell like her.


“I know and I am,” Lena tries to soothe, to justify her reasoning with the toddler. “I just-” 


“Hey Ellie,” Kara is quick to insert herself, placing her hands on small legs. “Ellie, Ellie please look at me,” Kara instructs, earning red rimmed green eyes to look up at her. “You remember the old movie Meet the Robinsons?” Kara asks, smiling reassuringly at Lena when she sees the furrow of brows from the woman.


“Round Hat dinosaur” Ellie nods with a sniffle. “He’s my favourite.”


“Mine too,” Kara smiles sweetly. “Do you know who Lewis was to Wilbur?”


“Yeah,” Ellie says, her voice small and timid. “He was his dad but younger….” 


“Right,” Kara exhales out slowly. “So we think- We think you might be like Wilbur for Mommy and me.” 


They both watch as the understanding of what Kara’s words mean click into place. Large tears form as Ellie’s lip begins to tremble until she jerks suddenly and slips from Lena’s grasp. “No,” She cries running. “Not Jeju, not mommy.” 


Red rimmed green eyes look up into her own blue ones and Kara can see the emotion on Lena's face, the pain they both feel at the situation. Conversing silently over a similar heartache. Therefore they would be there for Ellie no matter what, no matter how much pain it might cause them.


Standing, they find Ellie curled in her closet, the noise of Ellie’s pained sobs rattling through both of them. Her small legs folded against her chest, her forehead resting against her knees and her breaths hitching as tears fall from her eyes. 


"Mommy and Jeju don’t know Ellie, don’t love Ellie…” Ellie sobs. Kara and Lena crouch sitting beside the closet where Ellie is burrowed. 


"Ellie, Ellie look at us sweetie," Lena whispers, shuffling close before cautiously resting her hand on Ellie’s arm making the toddler look up at them with her wide red rimmed green eyes, her lower lip jutting out, trembling that further pains Kara's already shattered heart. “We love you, no matter which mommy and Jeju we are ok?” Lena says softly, opening her arms wide for Ellie to crawl into the space. Ellie looks critically between them before crawling into Lena’s arms. “We love you, Ellie,” Lena says with her eyes pleading with Kara to help as Ellie sobs into her chest.


Watching the scene between the two, feels like a sledgehammer in Kara’s chest, as she realises the weight of her words. How she had projected her pain and hurt onto Ellie, who didn’t understand that the people sitting in front of her weren’t the parents she had left behind.


“Ellie,” Kara whispers softly in Kryptonian. “We are your family, we...”


"EL Mayarah," Ellie whispers back in the disjointed language, her large green eyes shifting to look hopefully up to the woman who makes up part of her world. 


"That's right,” Kara whispers in earnest. “El Mayarah, stronger together." 


"We may not be the right Jeju and Mommy, but we can try to learn Ellie, I promise, it's just going to take us a little while," Lena whispers running her hand up and down Ellie's back. Ellie burrows again into Lena’s chest as Kara slides closer, her arms wrapped around Lena and the toddler as Ellie cries and her mind works to understand the words she’s been told. She feels Lean’s head dip as she holds Ellie tightly and Kara can’t stop as she rests her own head against Lena’s, the faint brushing of her lips over the raven woman's hair in silent appreciation. Appreciation for everything Lena had ever done 


They sit like that for a long time, until Ellie is sound asleep in Lena's arms. 


“That could have gone a lot worse,” Kara whispers and Lena nods with a sad smile as she holds the toddler tightly before whispering, 


"I don't want to move her." 


"Then don't," Kara murmurs, lifting them silently and she feels Lena's grip tighten. Kara’s careful not to rock or jostle Ellie as she slowly lifts them from the closet floating until they land on Lena’s large bed. Her face smushed into Lena's chest but Kara can feel the tight grip on her shirt, holding both of them close. 


"I never thought I'd have something like this," Kara whispers as she watches Ellie sleep. Laying on Lena’s large bed with Lena leaning into her side and Ellie curled between them is something of a reality that often felt like a distant dream.


"I feel like I’m part of a myth," Lena whispers and Kara chuckles looking down into questioning green eyes. 


"I'd love to hear what myth has a child from the future in it," Kara teases and Lena rolls her eyes with a soft shake of her head. Looking down at Ellie, her eyes crinkle before saying quietly, "She is like some kind of fairy tale though." 


"Did you ever imagine it?" Kara asks absentmindedly watching the way Lena runs a hand over Ellie's back, her head propped on her arm while watching the toddler sleep. 


"Having a child with you in the future?" Lena asks with a quirk of her brow and Kara gives a withering look at the teasing and hates how her stomach flips at the faint flash of white teeth. "No, I-I always worried I'd be like Lillian. Cold and heartless-" 


"You could never be like her."


Lena gives a small shrug, "I realise that now. But I also realised I couldn't do this without someone. But I had always disregarded it, after all, who could love a Luthor?" Lena asks with a humourless laugh. "Who could love me?" 


It slips from Kara without a thought, “I do.”


Lena gives a heavy eye roll, "No you don’t, Kara." Lena sighs with a faint shake of her head. "You’re my best friend,” Lena says with a dismissive wave of her hand before huffing flippantly, “it’s not the same."


"Maybe I do, Why not?" Kara asks, puffing her chest out proudly. "I-I mean we didn't have things like this on Krypton. It wasn't a 'thing'. Everyone was accepted as long as they contributed to society." Lena raises a sceptical brow as Kara continues, "It's not- I mean I'm not saying I wouldn't... I just it's," Kara's head dips as she looks awkwardly away, "It doesn’t matter to me." 


Lena isn’t sure what to say to that, as her heart hammers violently in her chest at Kara's admission. A large part of Lena tells her it's for the show, that Kara is simply making a point of telling her that Krypton's opinions of sexual orientation weren't a problem but a small, tiny irritating minuscule part of her brain, that often makes her hopeful, asks her, what if it is true? What if Kara is ok with the idea of dating women? She shakes it away as Ellie grumbles against her arm and she runs her fingers through blonde hair, soothing the toddler in their arms. 


"She really is a perfect mix," Kara voices quietly, her face soft and open as she looks lovingly down at Ellie and she's so close that Lena can smell the atmosphere on Kara's hair. 


"She looks like you," Lena whispers but she can see Kara already shaking her head in her peripheral vision. 


"No, look," Kara says, pointing down at Ellie. "She has the same dip of her chin and her dimples-" 


"You have dimples too, Kara," Lena teases, and Kara chuckles. And god how Lena has missed this, this ease and relaxation between them how easy it had been. 


"And then there are her little freckles on her shoulder and her arm like yours," Kara points out, running her fingers over Lena's arm sending shivers up her spine. "And your eyes," Kara whispers looking up in Lena's eyes and she can feel herself getting lost in the deep ocean blue of Kara's eyes. Suddenly she's acutely aware of how close they are that she can feel the faint brush of Kara's breath against her lips. Lena dares to glance over at Kara's light pink lips as her tongue darts out to wet them. And it would only take a slight dip of her to close the gap and lean in-


"Don't be gross," Ellie groans, tugging at Kara's shirt. It causes Lena to jump a foot to find Ellie looking up at them, bleary eyed. Lena feels a hand tighten in her blouse, startling her, looking down she sees Ellie watching her, eyes knit with a small frown. 


They both let out an awkward laugh as they look at anything but each other. Lena can feel the scalding of her cheeks as she takes a deep breath. "How're you feeling?" she asks, attempting to divert the attention from her and Kara. 


“Who are you?” Ellies asks, in a low voice trembly and uncertain.


The question causes Lena to pause, and Kara to visibly stiffen. “What do you mean Ellie?”


“Yous not my mommy and Jeju. Who are you?” Ellie states matter of fact. 


“W-well, we might not be the mommy or Jeju you remember but if it’s ok with you, we can still try to do that?” Lena asks, hopefulness building in her chest. 


“But you don’t remember,” Ellie protests looking between them both. 


“No, we don’t remember everything but we can always build new memories just the three of us?” Kara suggests softly. 


Ellie looks between them both, her small brow knit before she snuggles into Lena’s chest. “You look like Mommy, you just no remember,” Ellie says as if repeating the facts. 


“We can be whatever you need us to be El,” Kara whispers, pushing the unruly blonde locks from her face.  


“Can you be my Jeju and Mommy?” Ellie asks after several silent moments her small hands fidgeting as she looks into her lap and Lena is quick to hold her tightly. 


“Always,” Lena whispers into her hair. 


“Now that that is settled…” Lena begins as Ellie’s stomach lets out a mighty growl causing the tension to ease some.


“Are you hungry El?” Kara asks as Lena laughs softly.


Ellie looks pointedly between them both for a moment before sighing, "Yeah,” all while picking at Lena's shirt as her hair falls into her face.


Lena chuckles pushing the hair from her face, "Well I think I can do something about that, come on, why don't you help me?" 


Ellie nods as Lena picks her up off the bed. "We have pizza?" Ellie asks quietly into her shoulder. Her voice is timid as she counts the threads on Lena's shirt. 


"Of course, I'm sure Jeju can get us the ingredients so we can make them from scratch," Lena suggests looking to Kara. 


"Sure can,” Kara says, crouching down to Ellie's height. “I know what I'll have on my pizza, pepperoni and- and chicken and peppers and-" 


"t'matoes," Ellie chips in timidly. 


"And tomatoes," Kara replies, thoughtfully.  


"We do it now, Mommy?" Ellie asks, looking up at Lena who gives a warm smile. 


“Hungry heroes can’t be left waiting,” Lena says seriously. Ellie giggles at it before squirming to be let down. Lena sets her down and is relieved when Ellie is quick to take her hand. “I’m sure Supergirl can make an express delivery?” Lena asks with a quirk of her brow at Kara who nods in mock seriousness. Ellie leans heavily into Lena’s leg, gripping her jeans while looking between the two women and Lena runs a soothing hand over her shoulders as Kara is quick to change into her supersuit.


“Be right back?” Ellie asks quickly and Kara grins. 


“Pinky promise right?” Kara asks, offering it and Ellie is quick to take it. It soothes Lena’s anxiety over Ellie’s stress. 

It takes Kara approximately fifteen minutes as she returns with a grocery bag, stepping into the apartment she begins rattling of her list, "Ok, I got the passata, cheese and-" 


The sight before her stops her in her tracks. Lena’s behind Ellie, her hair wrapped in a loose bun wearing the National City University shirt that Kara gave her. The precise moment forever part of her memories.  But there's something about seeing her standing wearing it, with flour dancing over her cheek, her hands working dough expertly as Ellie stands between her arms sprinkling flour over the dough being kneaded. It rocks her how much she wants this, to have spontaneous baking moments or naps in Lena's bed. 


"Kara?" Lena's voice pulls her from her thoughts and she looks up into curious green eyes. 




"I asked, did you get everything?" 


"Yeah," Kara nods moving over. "Yeah, I did." 


It's horribly easy Kara thinks, as they stand in Lena's large kitchen making pizza and a mess. Ellie by the end has more flour on her than on her pizza and she looks more like the happy little girl who came through the portal. It's almost too easy the way the toddlers bounced back, resilient and far too understanding. But they take it in their stride when Lena cuts tomatoes and Ellie says, "I like quarters, Mommy." Lena nods and does as requested and most of the night is filled with walking on eggshells around Ellie, reminding her she is safe with them and it is okay. 


"What happened to my Mommy?" Ellie asks in between bites as they sit having a picnic on the living room floor. It forces a long look between Kara and Lena. 


"We don't know," Lena admits with a look Kara can only read as mildly ashamed. "But we're trying to find out," She adds a moment later and both are relieved when Ellie nods going back to her food. 


There is a long pause before another question is asked, "Will I have to go back?" “When can I go back?”


It's a stab in Kara’s chest and from the look on Lena’s face, it renders her the same, it’s passing however and quickly the facade is back in place. "We don't know, sweetheart," Lena whispers sadly as Ellie looks up at them both. 


"If I go back, will Jeju be there?" Ellie asks, her eyes wide and Kara gives a strained smile. 


"No, I don't think your Jeju would be," Kara says, her voice struggling to hide the pain that ricochets inside her. It makes Ellie look down into her lap a small pout on her face before she nods accepting Kara's answer. 


Kara and Lena exchange a long look, carefully watching Ellie from the corner of their vision. The toddler continues to eat in silence, her small pout not really changing.. 


"Ellie, you know you’re safe with us, don't you?" Lena asks softly and Ellie looks up into hers before giving a short nod. 


"Good, now, Ellie can I try your tomato and kale pizza?" Lena asks curiously as Kara makes a pinched face. 


"She clearly gets this from you," The Kryptonian grumbles, earning a snigger from both Lena and Ellie. 


"It's good, Jeju, better than pepperonis and ‘ticken," The toddler says around the half slice in her mouth. Kara leans back, hand clutching her chest in faux shock.


"The betrayal!" Kara cries, earning a fistful of giggles from Ellie. It's comforting to them both the happy sound of  Ellie’s giggles, as they clear up dinner. Ellie bouncing happily between them.


They fall into a routine that night for the first time as though they were a loving family. Kara is doing bath time while Lena finishes any last minute emails but is there waiting for Ellie to help her get pyjamas on. When everything is done and settled they sit curled together on the couch watching a rerun of Ice Age that Lena discovers is one of Ellie's favourite films. The little girl sits wide eyed reciting it line for line while Kara contains her laughter. It's quiet and sweet as they sit together and as the final credits roll Kara turns to find Ellie and Lena curled together tightly, Lena's arms wrapped protectively around the toddler with her head resting against Kara's arm and the fluttering in her stomach intensifies at the sight. Gently she manages to lift Lena and Ellie together, earning a small faint grumble from Lena. She carries them to Lena's bed before quickly changing and climbing in after both of them.


Lena wakes to an unfamiliar ache in her back, there's pinching on her scalp as she blinks her eyes open and looks down to find a small body contorted around her. She stifles a pained laugh as she pries her hair from a small clenched fist. Lena manages to extract herself from the bed and as she stands she bites her lip as she looks down at the sight on her bed. Kara is sprawled face down, her mouth half open as she sleeps, one hand protectively on Ellie's leg who is lying face up over Lena's plush pillows facing the bottom of the bed, her foot resting against Kara's head. 


Lena pads to the kitchen, making herself tea as she relaxes. Easing the crook in her neck and the ache in her back while standing leaning on the balcony, she watches the sunrise over National City enjoying the warmth against her face. She turns watching as Kara joins her. 


"I didn't hear you get up," the Kryptonian yawns and Lena chuckles into her cup before looking back at the view. 


"I figured you and superchild in there needed your sleep," Lena muses. 


Kara nods with a chuckle leaning against the balcony beside Lena. "She's something." Kara chuckles in disbelief, "You think she'll be ok?" 


Lena shrugs looking out, "I don't know," Lena admits before whispering, "hopefully." 


"She really freaked out yesterday, Kara," Lena whispers as she recalls the red puffy cheeks and large tears streaking down them. 


"Yeah," Kara sighs, looking at Lena's hand which tightly grips the cup in her hand. Gently she places her hand over Lena's wrist and the other woman looks up at her with wide green eyes. "We can do this Lena, we just need to make a plan on what to do if it happens again." 


"She seemed to calm in my arms," Lena mutters looking into her tea with interest. 


"So we can do that," Kara says hopefully and it makes Lena lookup with an arched brow. 


"What if I can't be there?" 


"You'll be there, Lena," Kara says stepping closer and Lena can smell Kara's soft perfume. "You're always there." 


"Kara," Lena looks away from the penetrating gaze into her soul. "I don't ever want to see her like that again." 


"We won't, we'll take it easy, I promise, help her get used to this world if we have to," Kara says eagerly before pausing and looking away. "I don't want to see her like that ever again." 


"Come on," Lena decides, moving inside to collect her tablet, Kara not far behind. Just like Kaznia the two work quickly and effortlessly making a plan until a full breakdown of scenarios and backups and emergency procedures are laid on the screen in front of them. A timeline of what-if scenarios listed and Lena tries to ignore the painful pang in her chest as she looks over the lines of Ellie going back to where she's from. 


"I don't want her to go back," Lena whispers, looking at the lines and a shiver races up her spine at Kara's soft hand running up her back. 


"We don't know what will happen, at least not yet," Kara mutters and Lena turns to look up into thoughtful blue eyes that look into her own. She's so close, Lena thinks as Kara's hand descends to rest on her hip, so close that she could close the gap.


"I don't want to go back to how things were," Lena realises, no longer wanting to be on the periphery of Kara’s life.  


"No, I don't want that either," Kara mutters, shifting closer, looking down before looking back up and Lena can feel her breath hitch in her throat at Kara's closeness. Her heart thundering in her ears as she shifts unsteadily under Kara's gaze. The feeling of Kara's hand on her hip, the rise and fall of the Kryptonians chest as Lena stutters. "It beats so fast," Kara whispers, placing her hand over Lena's rapidly thundering chest and her skin prickles at the feeling of the warmth spreading from the point where Kara’s hand rests.


"Kara," Lena whispers as Kara cautiously closes the gap between them. 

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Chapter Text

"It beats so fast," Kara whispers, placing her hand over Lena's rapidly thundering chest and her skin prickles at the feeling of the warmth spreading from the point where Kara’s hand rests.


"Kara," Lena whispers as Kara cautiously closes the gap between them.


“Mommy?” Ellie calls and Lena and Kara jump apart as if stung. Kara doesn’t miss the erratic heartbeat from Lena or the wide eyed panic and rising pink in pale cheeks.


"Morning," Kara greets her voice three tones higher than normal, quickly moving around the counter as Ellie toddles in rubbing tired eyes. 


"We swept in our clothes, Jeju," Ellie protests as Kara lifts her, earning a soft grumble.  


"I know, but you were pretty tired," Kara says as she moves back toward Lena. Setting Ellie on the counter Lena pushes unruly blonde hair from her face and it makes her smile at the sight. 


"How're you feeling?" Lena asks softly, running her thumb over Ellie’s soft cheek while broaching the subject of yesterday. 


"Sweepy," Ellie grumbles, earning a laugh from both older women. 


"Other than sleepy," Lena prompts and Ellie looks between them, her fingers dancing uneasily. 


Ellie gives a heavy shoulder shrug. Her lips worry together as her fingers twitch. “I don’t know,” She admits finally looking down into her lap. 


“It’s a lot to take in,” Lena muses and Ellie’s head dips before looking back up to Lena holding her arms out expectantly. Lena reacts instantly pulling Ellie close and holding her tightly holding each other close, and she feels Kara's strong arms wrap tightly around them both, sharing a long knowing look. A look that says a thousand words. They want Ellie, even if she wasn’t truly theirs to have. And the underlying twinge of pain that runs through both of them is shown at the thought of Ellie having to leave.   


The morning is filled with pancakes as Lena grins over her shoulder at Kara and Ellie's serious discussion on blueberry pancakes. 


"It's a Danver's tradition," Kara says to Ellie indignantly who curls her small nose up in disgust. 


"Yucky, Jeju," Ellie says before letting out a squeal as Kara tickles her in protest. Ellie squirms in Kara’s arms before Kara’s releases her and quickly they’re running around the apartment and Lena is quietly surprised at the ease of Ellie clambering over the back of the sofa to get away from Kara's pursuit. Lena can see the slight widening of Kara’s eyes at how easily Ellie tumbles onto the floor with a high pitched squeal. Lena watches with passing glances at the pair, a content smile dancing over her face as she thinks about how easy it is to have the potential for a family with Kara, despite everything. Even when Kara is floating up with Ellie to touch the ceiling and her heart slightly drops at the thought of Ellie climbing over Kara with no fear of falling but as soon as she sees the grin of a small victory on her face and Kara descending down to the floor she's nodding as Ellie squeals, "Did you see, Mommy? See?" 


"I did. Now, are you going to help me with these pancakes or not?" Lena asks seriously, Ellie is quick to nod charging over to scramble onto the chair that Lena has placed beside her. Together they whisk the ingredients, Lena helping Ellie carefully measure the flour and milk and eggs. Lena’s soft praise over how cautiously Ellie cracks an egg. After everything is whisked, and the pan is hot, they ladle some batter onto the surface hearing a low sizzle. Ellie grins excitedly up at her, as Lena tells her to watch for bubbles and then together they try to flip one and it lands on the floor. Kara is there in a flash to scoop it up, earning a look of disgust from Lena as she eats it. “Youfoorsspotless,” Kara says with a nonchalant shrug while Lena and Ellie attempt another flip executing it perfectly.  


There's a small debate over blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes again that makes Lena laugh until she's pointedly asked whose side she's on. Green and blue eyes narrowed waiting for her answer. 


"I mean what human doesn't love chocolate chip pancakes," Lena chuckles as Ellie sticks her tongue out at Kara who lets her jaw drop in indignation. 


Breakfast is quickly a mess, a syrupy, chocolate sauce covered mess filled with laughter and it's odd, because to anyone looking in it would look like a mundane Saturday morning rather than the aftermath of telling a toddler that she's from the future and what they do and don't know. 


"What do you want to do today El?" Kara asks softly as Ellie carefully places her juice down.


Ellie scrunches her face as she thinks before asking, "Can we go to the acktatium?"


“Acktatium?” Lena asks and Ellie’s face scrunches harder as she tries to say the word. 


“Ack-Aq- The fishes, mommy,” Ellie huffs and Lena glances to Kara, her brows pinched, unsure at what Ellie is trying to say. 


“Do you mean the aquarium?” Kara asks, earning a firm head bop from Ellie and the pair chuckle. Glancing at Lena who nods before Kara grins at Ellie, "The aquarium it is!" 


It takes an hour before they’re being tugged out the door by Ellie. Lena is in black jeans, a soft green sweater, her bag looped over her shoulder and the corner of Kara's lips tug at the sight of how casual and at ease Lena looks, how this Lena is the Lena she loves the most.   


The drive from Lena’s apartment to the docks where the aquarium lies is filled with Ellie discussing happily all the things she wants to see as Kara and Lena share passing glances. 

The aquarium entrance is crowded with families chatting happily as they wait in line, weary of the grey spring skies overhead.


Kara purchases tickets, Lean stands with Ellie in her arms admiring the small sea urchins kept in a little tank beside the desk. It’s odd, Kara thinks to herself as she swipes Lena’s hefty metal credit card, how flippantly Lena had handed it to her, without a second thought and it makes Kara feel like she has regained more of Lena’s trust. 


With the tickets purchased Ellie is quick to be set down, however, she holds Lena's hand tightly never drifting too far from the pair. It's not as busy as Kara expects it and she watches as Lena's own eyes dance around taking in the sights. It looks like a normal family, on a mundane Saturday morning Kara thinks as Ellie tugs them from exhibit to exhibit. The small blonde excitedly pointing to the large glass pool in front of them while asking to be lifted to see the things that were out of her reach. 


"Mommy, look!" Ellie calls pulling her from Kara from her wanting to look over the edge of the small glass wall of the rays colourful habitat. Lena smiles as Kara lifts Ellie, holding her securely as she strains over the side. 


"Look," Lena points out at the small glittering in the water. "It's called a mermaid's purse, it's an egg from one of the rays." 


"Like a chicken?" Ellie asks looking up curiously. 


Lena nods, with a slight chuckle at the simplicity of it. "Yeah like a chicken," Lena says, her smile bright and unrestrained as she squirms to be set down, once released she grips both parent's hands tugging them to the next thing. Because apparently Clownfish and Nemo are far more interesting. 


"I didn't know you knew so much about the sea," Kara comments as they stand behind Ellie. 


"I don't, I read about it in a Catco article," Lena teases with a quirked brow and it makes Kara blush looking away. She knew Lena had read many of her articles but she didn't think she would remember one so insignificant. "I've never been to an aquarium before," Lena admits. 


Kara looks up with wide eyes making Lena pause in her movements, "You've never been to one?" . 


"Kara, do you honestly think, Lillian would have taken me to an aquarium as a child?" 


"School field trip?" Kara counters and Lena simply purses her lips. Kara huffs before perking back up. "Well, today, Lena Luthor, you are going to get the education of a lifetime." Kara decrees as she grips Lena's hand before pulling her along behind Ellie. 


They've touched many times before, often in dire or pain filled situations where hugs or embraces are needed but Lena can't deny the way her heart does that faint flip at the feeling of Kara's hand in her own. It's not as soft as she recalls when meeting her all those years ago, it's rough, and it makes Lena ponder how such a thing is possible on a sun-charged regenerative alien. It is comfortable the way Ellie and Kara drag her from one exhibit to the next pointing out all the cool sights. It's entirely too comfortable the way Kara's hand is held in her own, occasionally squeezing gently with excitement at what she's explaining or when Ellie describes an elaborate plot between a couple of seahorses. Blue eyes meet her own and she finds she never wants this day to ever end. To never have to take her hand from Kara's, to never have to have a day that wasn't this filled with laughter, joy and love


It feels normal now, the way Kara carries Ellie into the tunnel for the sharks with Ellie staring wide eyed up in awe, jaw dropped and looking up in wonder all while Lena's hand is securely fastened in Kara's. Or when she steps close to them to let a couple pass she's entirely in Kara's space, her nose bumping against Kara's chin as she looks up into warm blue eyes. 


"Mommy, help," Ellie calls, making Lena turn as the toddler tries to stand on the railing to look up as the sea turtles swim past. It sends shockwaves through her when Kara stands behind her wrapping her arms on either side of the railing that Ellie is perched on. 


“Is this ok?” Kara whispers, her question ghosting against Lena’s ear and it sends a shudder through her body. 


“Mhmm,” Lena intones as her knees feel weak at Kara’s proximity. It's then Kara's simple presence makes her want to melt into a puddle when she starts telling them of all the facts she knows of the Sea Turtles, and there's nothing sexy or attractive about the exhibit in front of them other than the fact that Kara's front in pressed against Lena's back, her arms on either side of her and her voice rumbles past her ear in a way that Lena shouldn't react to, but she is. She can feel her heart hammering in her chest and her breathing is shaky at the faint puffs of breath she can feel Kara graze over her ear. Her legs feel weak at being in this close a space with Kara. 


"Come on, Jeju, they're going this way," Ellie instructs breaking the moment and Kara's laugh vibrates through her in a way it shouldn't with this loving and earnest moment but then she's pulling away and Kara's hand is back in hers as Ellie is set on the ground dragging Kara through the tunnel excitedly with Lean trailing along feeling like she might combust. 


Lena's almost thankful when Ellie drags them into the gift shop, because she's exhausted, between Ellie's excitable yet clingy moments and Kara's closeness she can't keep a handle on her swaying emotions. It's a nightmare, because Kara's as bad as Ellie, it's even worse when a turtle hat is plonked on her head and Ellie giggles. 


"We're not buying the hats, Kara," Lena says in as much of a serious voice she can muster while Kara stands pouting at her in a monkey hat. 


"Oh come, Lena," Kara protests, "it'll be fun."


"You look ridiculous," Lena tries and fails to hide her laugh while Kara is swapping her hat for a warm hat that dangles over her face. 


"You think it's a good, look?" Kara says pointing to the mirror and Lena shakes her head, thinking that both look ridiculous in their terrible hats but what hurts the most is the way her heart soars at the sight of Kara in her silly monkey hat, her grin unrestrained and her joy at the day with them. "What'd you think, El?" Kara asks looking at Ellie who is standing in front of the cuddly toys trying to decide which toy she wants. 


Ellie looks up at them and it's a brow raise that is almost exactly the same one Lena is sporting. "You two are weird," The toddler mutters and  Lena's façade breaks as she scoffs, removing the hat, and handing it to Kara. Scoops Ellie into her arms making the toddler squeal and giggle. Her small arms wrapping around Lena's neck. 


"I bet you secretly want one of Jeju's silly hats though?" Lena asks into the toddler's ear and soon they're walking out with three matching monkey hats and a seal Ellie's names Earl. 


It is a peaceful moment as they pull out of the aquarium parking lot. Ellie fast asleep, her stories of Sir Earl and his Seadom quiet on her lips, tuckered out from the day's excitement. Lena watches her silently letting Kara drive. The drive is quick and Lena watches as the sun fades over the skyline, a small smile at her day fills her with a feeling of warmth, relaxing her that she doesn’t want it to end. 


Kara carries a quietly grumbling Ellie into the apartment and hands her off to Lena, in a practised routine, as soon as they’re inside with Lena gently setting her on the bed and undressing her. She's gotten the toddler into her pyjamas as small green eyes blink sleepily up at her. 


"No tired mommy," Ellie mutters and Lena smiles softly. 


"You need to sleep, you had a busy day," Lena whispers as she turns the nightlight on. "We'll be here when you get up." 


"uve you, mommy," Ellie mutters, her eyes already closed and Lena blinks back the tears as she leans down brushing her lips over Ellie's forehead. 


"I love you too." 


The words are heavy in her mouth as she watches Ellie sleep. The silence comforts her as she thinks of, her desire to have this life, a life she has been thrust into without warning that now she couldn’t live without. 


Turning, she's startled to find Kara leaning in the doorway, a tender look adorning her face, observing the scene in front of her, void of glasses and her hair down framing her face. As her mouth opens to ask Kara what's wrong the Kryptonian offers her hand and Lena takes it silently, without question. Kara leads her to the living room and they sit together in silence, Kara's arms wrapped silently around her, Kara’s back pressing into her front as she holds Lena, her hand still in Lena's. 


"I had a really nice day today with you," Lena whispers and she can feel Kara nod into her shoulder, the light brush of Kara's thumb over the back of her hand sending sparks through her. Lena can feel the shivers dancing over her skin at the way Kara's holding her, touching her and she doesn't want to fight it, doesn't want to do anything else even as she turns in Kara's arms throwing caution to the wind. 


Startling Kara from her thoughts, Lena doesn’t want to deny the want anymore, turning and closing the gap between them, she doesn’t know what to think when Kara doesn’t pull away, doesn’t stop her. Lena's eyes flutter shut at the feeling of Kara's lips brushing softly against her own and it takes everything for Lena to control her racing heart. Pulling at Kara's lower lip, she revels in the feeling of Kara's hand resting on her arm, moving slowly up and leaving a shiver in its wake. Lena suppresses a whine as Kara deepens the kiss, dragging her teeth over Lena's lower lip and Lena's body reacts like a lightning bolt has raced from her lips to between her legs. She reaches forward, cupping Kara's cheek as they kiss slowly parting for air neither of them wants, Lena's lungs burning as she takes a shuddering breath. She doesn't open her eyes, she isn't ready for it to be over but then Kara's kissing her again, in a bruising kiss that has Lena dragging her fingers through the blonde hair and slipping her arms around Kara's neck, feeling Kara shudder at her touch. 


There's something stirring within Lena as she kisses Kara. Melting herself into the strong arms wrapping around her waist, Kara nipping at her lower lip, Lena happily granting her entrance. All the walls she had rebuilt when it came to Kara Danvers, crumbling and letting her guard drop.


It's intoxicating in a way Lena had never experienced with Kara before. She had always been addicted to the attention Kara gave her as a friend, a friendship that she had wanted to be something more, Kara giving her the confidence she had never been instilled with, the love she had never been shown but this was a different intoxication. Every new thing Kara did was addicting to Lena, the light grip around her waist, or the soothing drag of her thumb over her hip that sends shockwaves over her exposed skin, or the way Kara's hair felt tangled in her fingers. But there was one thing Lena knew she would never want to live without and it was the feel of Kara's lips on her own, the pillow-like softness, the faint taste of Kara's lip gloss and the surety of Kara's movements. It was something Lena knew she shouldn't get used to, a privilege that wasn't to be continued but it didn't stop the want, the desire burning through her like a wildfire she had long since quenched. It was something she had dreamed of for so long, a feeling she could never allow herself to imagine how it could feel and god, it feels better than she ever could imagine. 


Lena hates the soft groan that spills from the back of her throat as Kara shifts her back into the plush cushions, kissing her deeper and Lena had never been a greedy person but she is holding onto Kara like a lifeline she just can't give up. And the way Kara's hands tentatively skim over her waist sending shockwaves ricocheting through her is enough to forget everything and forgive everything just to have this one moment. To relish in it. 


But like everything it ends. It ends with Kara stiffening above her, her lips pull away minimally enough for her to rest her forehead against Lena's and Lena can feel the tension of her clenched jaw. The slight tilt of her head telling Lena something was wrong, that they had crossed a line. 


"Kara," Lena begins, making up some excuse of how it was a bad idea that they could still be friends but Kara's eyes eventually flutter open to reveal warmth filled eyes that look that see straight into Lena's. "Kara I-" 


"I know," Kara whispers before pulling away fully leaving a confused Lena in her wake. "It's ok," Kara nods but Lena's brow only furrows deeper. "J'onn said I have to come to the tower, something about Brainy, I wasn't really listening but yeah, I should- I should go do that," Kara standing looking conflicted, her brow pinching together. 


"Kara we need to talk about this," Lena says, her own heart racing as panic grips her. Standing she watches as Kara super speeds into her suit walking back to Lena as she nods. 


"I- I agree, I think we do too, but not with Ellie here." 


Lena's brow knits at Kara’s words but she nods nonetheless. 


"I'll ask Alex or Eliza and we can talk when I get back." 


Lena wraps her arms around herself looking away to maintain control over her emotions as she feels Kara step into her space. "If it's an emergency you should go," Lena whispers, trying and failing to hide her pain. 


She feels Kara wrap her arms around her and quickly she's wrapped in a tight embrace, her eyes fluttering shut at the feeling of Kara around her. "I don't want to go, Lena," Kara whispers and Lena opens her eyes at the gentle tilt of her head upwards and she looks back into Kara's eyes. "I- I want to stay, I want to do this again," Kara says as she captures Lena's lips again and Lena feels herself instantly melt into Kara's embrace, kissing her back like the last minute hadn't transpired until Kara pulls away. "I need to make sure Brainy's ok, I do, I should-" 


And Lena laughs at the stuttering and awkward movements, how the burst of emotion running through her makes her feel like a teenager again. "Go, go check on Brainy, I'll be here when you get back," Lena says as she watches Kara nod and flies from her apartment. Her arms still holding herself as the small smile dances over her face. Kara wanted to stay, to be here with her and as she hears the small patter of Ellie's footsteps she turns with the same smile as she lifts a sleepy Ellie into her arms. 

Kara Zor El is strong, she's courageous she knows right from wrong, she's smart and she's kind, thoughtful, she's Supergirl and Kara Danvers and she is freaking out. 


Lena kissed her, she kissed Lena. She kissed her best friend and she has wanted to kiss her for so long the reality almost seems like a dream. It had reminded Kara of flying, it had made her feel weightless, the way it felt when she was floating high above the city, and it made her stomach do a little flip at the thought of feeling like that again. But then J’onn had to go and ruin it. The weightless feeling had gone as soon as she opened her eyes to find panicked eyes staring back at her. 


She needs to talk to Lena, alone, without the fear of Ellie hearing them. She texts Eliza asking her to look after Ellie for the evening and a simple ‘I'm on my way’ is enough as she descends into the Tower. 


"Were you texting and flying?" Alex accuses, while Brainy glowers up at the ceiling from the hospital bed he’s lying on. 


"I don't understand what the problem is, Director Danvers, I can perform my own polyhemoragic systems analysis," He grumbles. 


"If you could do that you wouldn't have told Lena you shot her," Alex quips tapping her tablet before looking at Kara who is nervously fidgeting and pacing. "Are you ok?" 


"Fine, so is Brainy's memories true?" She asks quickly, changing from her thoughts of kissing her best friend to the task at hand. 


Alex looks sceptically at her for a moment before pointing to the scans, "Everything appears normal, from what I can tell, there's been no major functional brain change or event that would cause stresses on his normal functions." 


"I told you there was nothing a standard systematic change would be able to pick up," Brainy huffs folding his arms across his chest. 


"I also ran some scans," J'onn says leaning against the desk. "Brainy's memories of the future are a mess and anything we thought we could use is now useless. I could barely pick apart what are actual memories or what is the original future and what is now the new future." 


"New future?" Kara asks, with a slight crinkle. 


"With Ellie being sent back here, it's overriding the old timeline, and I can't pick apart many of the pieces of what happened there. It's all muddled like I take one road into memories and it splits into a thousand different pieces," J'onn explains solemnly. 


"So how do we stop Brainy from well..." Alex trails off as she gestures to the Coluan. 


"I can create what is known as a psychic freeze on his memories," J'onn suggests looking down at Brainy. "Which would basically lock in the new memories keeping them from being changed, you would only have access and remember the current memories and what you experienced with the Legion.” 


Brainy looks between them before nodding solemnly. "Do it." 


"Wait," Kara steps in. "Won't that mean that we could make a thousand mistakes thereby putting the future in jeopardy?" 


"Because the future isn't set in a  line it means our actions are constantly overriding the future we know. There are always fixed points, Kara," Brainy says as he lies back. "So no. Besides if it goes really wrong Mon-El will come back to save it." 


“Brainy, are you sure about this?” Kara asks softly, her brow knit in concern. 


He gives a hesitant nod, “It’s what’s safest for everyone.” 


J'onn nods between them before placing his hands over Brainy's temple. The process is slow as Brainy’s eyelids flutter close, his feet twitching and a grimace form’s on J’onn’s face before he grunts in pain.


“J’onn?” Alex asks, stepping forward but Kara’s hand on her arm makes her pause. 


There’s a sharp wince before J’onn slowly removes his hands and a few seconds later Brainy wakes his eyes blinking as he slowly sits up. 


"How do you feel?" Kara asks tentatively. 


 "I feel a little sluggish," Brainy says with disdain. "And my memories have lost their vividity. It’s like it was before." 


They all share a passing look before nodding to one another, "Now that we've got that under control what are we going to do about young Ellie?" J'onn asks, looking at the Danvers sisters. 


"We're managing, she's... She's doing ok," Kara nods chewing her lip. 


"What'd you mean she's doing ok?" Alex asks, her brow furrowing as she turns to her sister. 


"She overheard Lena and I arguing, I said something and we couldn't keep it from her anymore," Kara shrugs with a heavy sigh. Kara doesn’t deny how much it’s eating at her, how much pain she has caused Ellie since arriving, her reluctance, her words. Everything. 


"You told her?" Alex gawks, her eyes hardening as Kara recognises Alex’s anger washing over her. 


"We had to, she was getting confused and she had all these questions we couldn't answer," Kara quickly defends. 


"You did the right thing Kara," J'onn cuts in before Alex can begin her berating. "It's not fair to keep her in the dark, Alex, and if she's beginning to notice then it was the right thing to do," J'onn says pointedly to Alex who sags with a shake of her head. 


Kara quirks a brow at her sister's irritated looks and Alex raises her hands in defence, "I just don't like the idea of Ellie being upset ok?" 


J'onn chuckles while Kara's brows raise as she tries to contain her laughter. 


"What are you going to do now then since Ellie knows?" Alex asks, diverting the subject from the hint of softness. 


Kara shrugs, her mind drifting to the toddler she had left sleeping. "I don't know, I'm not sure we'll get her back." Kara leaves her want for Ellie to remain with them silent. Not ready to voice her desires to the world. 


"Nonetheless, we should try, we don’t know what the situation for her is yet," J'onn says solemnly. "Although I would like to meet her soon." 


"We should have a game night," Alex suggests. "That way she can be with her family and ask questions should she want to."  


"You just want to get drunk with Nia again," Kara sighs, side eyeing her sister who pointedly rolls her eyes. 


"No, not just to get drunk with Nia although that is a good idea. No, come on, it's been ages, Lena can come for the first time, since..." 


Kara watches her sister with a withering look before adding, "Since before I ruined our friendship, yeah Alex I'm sure Lena's idea of a good time is having all the people who lied to her in her apartment trying to play happy families." 


Alex and J'onn spare a look of concern before Alex steps forward and places a hand on Kara's shoulder, "Hey, you ok?" 


"Yes, yeah, I'm fine, I just- I have to sort something. Keep me posted," Kara requests before flying off. 

As Kara flies, she thinks of all the times she and Lena should have talked, should have communicated in a way that was healthy. Her heart races as she approaches the building, she can see Lena sitting curled on the chair under the familiar reading light. Kara can hear the rapid heartbeat and see the faint glint of white teeth tugging over her lower lip obviously nervous. It doesn't help Kara's own nerves that have been eating at her stomach since Alex had spoken in her ear almost an hour ago and causing what was the worst mistake Kara had made since lying to Lena, she shouldn’t have left, she should have stayed rather than taking the cowards way out. Descending onto the balcony Kara inhales a shaky breath just when Lena looks up and concerned green eyes meet her own. Stepping into the apartment Kara fidgets, she's never felt this way with Lena, this unease of the unknown, and it terrifies her. What if it was a mistake, what if Lena hadn't wanted it, what if Lena couldn't do this with Kara. 


"I'm just gonna-" Kara says pointing over her shoulder to Lena's bedroom and the woman nods as Kara quickly superspeeds into her civilian clothes and walks back out to find Lena staring out the balcony doors, her finger tapping rapidly on her book as she thinks. "Where's Ellie?" Kara asks softly. 


Lena's head whips round in a panic at Kara’s superspeed before saying, "Eliza's taken her for the night, it took promising a trip to the aquarium and maybe the zoo next weekend to get her to agree." 


"I'm sorry, I- I shouldn't have left," Kara mutters rubbing the back of her neck as she tries to calm her own racing heart. 


"You had to check on Brainy, how is he?" Lena asks, her tone bordering on the overly professional tone of L-Corp Kara had so often heard. 


"He's good, J'onn managed to put a memory freeze on his mind to stop the glitching," Kara explains, leaning against the back of the couch. "Lena about earlier I-" 


"It's fine, Kara," Lena cuts off quickly standing and moving to the kitchen where Kara knows she's about to pour the scotch that helps her cope. 


"It's not, Lena please, we need to talk about this," Kara says, standing fully following her across the room. It makes the large apartment suddenly feel suffocating when Lena turns her piercing gaze on Kara. 


"Then talk." Lena orders her eyes searching Kara's face. "Let's talk about how we have been dancing around each other for years Kara, before Ellie, before Supergirl, all of it."


Kara can see through the charade, the charade of forcefulness, Lena's always had it, always had these walls she hid behind and they were there again, up, ready and waiting to defend her from the heartbreak Kara knows she's prepared for in her head but Kara is sick of the dance too, the pretending that she can't hear the soft gasps or the faint flutter of Lena’s heart when she sits too close or when their skin brushes against the other. 


"Alright," Kara concedes with a firm nod, her lips pulled into a tight line as she looks up into Lena's fiery emotion filled gaze. "Since Ellie came through the portal and all of this I've realised how blind I was to everything before." Kara pauses as she thinks of all the times she's wanted to hold Lena, to tell her how much she loved her, how special she was to Kara, how Kara couldn't live without her. "How I ignored the signs that I didn't want to accept, I was willing to do so much for you, I wanted you to be a part of my life so badly, Lena, and you were and, I should have known then. I should have known when I told you my secret and I was trying so hard, I should have listened to my heart telling me that you might have felt the same, and might have liked me more than I thought. But instead, I pushed it away, I couldn't bear the thought of any kind of rejection from you. And then Ellie turned up and it gave me this striking glimpse into a possible future I wasn't ready for," Kara says as she chokes back the tears that are leaking into her voice. 


"I have never thought I could have a family, not one of my own, with anyone," Kara admits as she looks anywhere but at Lena. "And Ellie was proof that I could. I didn't want to believe it, I didn't want to give myself that hope for a family, especially one with you when all I wanted was to be with- to be with you." 


"Kara," Lena begins setting the glass she had been clutching like a lifeline down as she steps closer but Kara only shakes her head, looking away. 


"It's ok, and I'm sorry, I- I shouldn't have kissed you earlier, I just. After everything I thought- I thought I might..." Kara trails off with a lopsided shrug, her mind filling with the rejection she feels itching over her. It takes a long moment before Kara looks up at Lena, her heart battering against her ribs as green eyes meet hers with unshed tears. 


"What do you want, Kara?" Lena asks, her voice wavering.


Kara watches a mix of emotion pass over Lena’s face, unschooled and unchecked. She can see the pain, the loss, the panic, the love and devotion that has always been there but most of all Kara sees the searching for answers, answers to the emotions she knows they both feel building between them, emotions that Kara had long since ignored. Kara can see the faint pop of Lena's jaw as she tries to fight against them.  


"I need to know what you want. If I have to go through the pain and torture of not having you in my life then you owe me the decency to tell me." 


It makes Kara's eyes widen comically and her jaw drops as hot tears fall down her cheeks, "I want you, Lena. It's always been you." 


The words are almost foreign as she steps close to Lena, so close there's barely a whisper of air between them and Kara isn't sure if it's her heart or Lena's she can hear thundering through her ears. "I've been in love with you since I walked into your office with Kal nearly five years ago. I've loved you since the first time you trusted me to help you, the first hug, the first warm smile. I've loved you through all of it, Lena. Even when we weren't at our greatest I loved you so much it pained me. I can't live without you Lena, and I certainly don't want to, not now, not ever." 


"You love me?" Lena asks quietly, her voice quivering and Kara watches wide green eyes search her own. 


"I do, and I really hope you feel the same otherwise I'm going to look like a right doofus," Kara jokes, rubbing the back of her neck as heat rises in her cheeks. The prospect of the embarrassment and heartbreak of Lena not feeling the same rises within her as her stomach does those backflips she hates and her heart is pounding against her rib cage almost painfully. 


"You're not a doofus Kara," Lena whispers looking away, her lips forming into a tight line as she tries to control her emotions. And Kara's stomach drops as she contemplates that Lena doesn't love her back, that she couldn't live with herself. She doesn't expect Lena to step forwards, her hands sliding up her arms as she stretches up on her tiptoes, her hand sliding into Kara's hair. 


"Lena," Kara whispers as her hands rest tentatively against Lena's waist, her fingers itching to touch her more than she should allow herself. 


But Lena's moving closer as their lips brush softly against one another and then Kara can't help herself as she dives into the intoxication that is Lena. The pillow like lips and the faint taste of the scotch Lena's been drinking as her lips mould against Lena's. Kara relaxes as she feels Lena kiss her back with renewed fervour, their bodies moving closer and Kara's never felt so at home. How close Lena is, how soft she is, how warm and comforting her embrace is as she stretches to kiss Kara. Kara doesn't want it to end but eventually as they part blue eyes look down into green and she can see Lena's eyes crinkled slightly in amusement. 


"You're my doofus, Kara Danvers. And I wouldn't have you any other way," Lena whispers as Kara's eyes flutter closed as Lena cards her fingers through her hair, sending shivers up her back. "I've always loved you, Kara. I always will." 

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Chapter Text

The birds sing softly above them while the waves lap at the shore. The bright small buds of leaves begin to bloom and Kara’s never felt so alive, her body is practically vibrating as she strolls side by side with her sister. 


"So?" Alex asks as she swallows a bite of her breakfast bagel. 


"So what?" Kara asks around her Danish as they walk through the park, the sun glinting down on them.


"So how is it playing happy families with Lena?" Alex asks with a wave of her hand at the obvious. Kara glances at Alex as she thinks about her family, how Ellie seemed happy with her current situation, any underlying tension between the three had vanished. Kara and Lena were on the same page. 


"Oh that," Kara says before swallowing the Danish that now tastes like lead in her mouth. "Its... It's fine," Kara shrugs. It was anything but fine, it was in fact torture, Kara recalls, waking up wrapped around Lena, inhaling her subtle perfume, feeling the heat of her skin against her own, the way her fingers- 


"Fine?" Alex asks, breaking her thoughts, a disbelieving tone as brown eyes narrow, watching Kara, who nods taking another bite of her Danish. "Oh no," Alex says, making Kara look back with wide eyes. "I know that face, oh God Kara what happened?" 


"Nothing!" Kara exclaims defensively before sighing, looking down at her feet. 


"Kara, I know you better than you know yourself. What happened?" 


"I just, I might have,” Kara splutters before blurting, “sleptwithLena." 

"I've always loved you, Kara. I always will." Lena's voice was soft, barely a whisper as vibrant green eyes watch Kara closely, desperate to read whatever emotion was going through Kara's mind. But Kara's mind... Well, Kara's mind was trying to process the fact that Lena loved her. Like, really loved her, as more than just best friends. She loved her. 


"You... You really?" Kara fumbles over her words, trying to contain her giddy smile by pulling her lip between her teeth even as it makes Kara's stomach do summersaults. "That's... Golly, that's-" 


Kara is silenced by Lena stepping close and gripping the front of her shirt, tugging her close so that their noses bump and Lena's perfume fills her nose and Kara can see the flecks of brown dancing in her irises. 


Kara's mind short circuits when their lips connect. It's soft and gentle until it becomes greedy as Lena stretches on her toes hungry for Kara's kisses. Kara doesn't waste her time stepping close and resting her hands on Lena's hips, her thumbs brushing under the soft fabric of Lena's top and Kara barely suppresses her grin at the shudder that runs through Lena and doesn't miss the soft gasp Lena makes as Kara's hand slips higher. Kara's eyes flutter open when Lena pulls away pushing Kara's hair from her face and she stares into Lena's darkened eyes. Asking a silent question. 


"I want you, Lena," Kara whispers, nipping softly along Lena's jaw and she revels in the soft sigh Lena makes. Lena's hands drag through her hair, making Kara's moan as she silently waits for Lena's response while she kisses and sucks on her pulse point. 


"Kara," Lena gasps, her hips rolling into Kara's as Kara runs her hand higher over Lena's waist. Kara waits patiently until Lena whimpers into the shoulder and she pulls away slightly. 


"Talk to me, Lena," Kara whispers against pale skin and Lena shudders against her when Kara's hands stop. 


"Kara," Lena whines, before she nods into Kara's shoulder. "I want this, I want you." 


Kara doesn't waste her time as Lena pulls her in for another kiss, rushed and heated and Kara wants to get lost in it, forever. She's kissed Lena approximately three times and she already feels addicted to the feelings of Lena's lips on her own. She can feel Lena tugging on her shirt and quickly gets the hint as she slides her hands down over Lena’s rear and to the back of her thighs, stooping slightly and lifting Lena. Lena squeaks a little, wrapping her legs around Kara’s waist. Kara carries her effortlessly, never breaking their kiss walking towards Lena's bedroom. 


Kara stumbles in the hall when Lena rocks against her stomach and Kara has to brace herself against the hall wall and she can feel Lena grin against her lips as she pulls away dragging her teeth over Kara's jawline. 


"Don't break my wall, Supergirl," Lena teases as she slips her hand beneath Kara's shirt. 


Kara gives a broken nod as she sets about her task trying to calm her heart that is rattling in her chest trying to ignore the fire burning in her abdomen as Lena trails kisses along her jaw, all while not dropping Lena on the floor as she makes her way into the bedroom. As soon as Kara's kicked the door closed Lena's pulled her lower lip between her teeth and the moan Kara had been restraining since she first started kissing Lena is released. She is so lost in the way Lena’s lips feel on hers that she doesn’t realise where she is going as her knees hit the foot of Lena's bed and she's tumbling forward but catches herself just before landing on Lena who lets out a high squeal. Kara opens her eyes and is immediately met with Lena laughter and Kara's own laughter bubbles to meet it. Kara's heart flutters when Lena her thumb over Kara’s cheek gently guiding Kara to settle above her.


Kara feels a sense of freedom overtake her, as she stares down into green depths, seeing Lena so unreserved, no walls, just open and free. Kara can't help herself when she leans down, capturing Lena’s lips with her own. It's soft for a second before Kara is reminded of the fire burning in her belly, reigniting the heat in her kisses becoming suddenly hot and impatient. And Lena's tugging at Kara’s shirt and pants like she has a personal vendetta against them. 


"You’re wearing-” Lena gasps out as Kara rolls her hips, “you’re wearing too many clothes,” she finishes with a nip against Kara's lower lip. 


Kara looks between them with what she hopes wasn't an audible gulp. Sitting back on her knees, looking up to meet Lena’s gaze that asks silently for permission.


“Yes,” Kara answers, revelling in the feel of  Lena’s hands skimming the hem of her shirt before lifting it over her head. A shudder passes over Kara when she feels Lena’s fingers ghost over the planes of her stomach. She can hear the rapid drumming of Lena’s heart and her uneasy breaths, as her eyes admire Kara’s body.  


Kara reaches running a hand through inky hair coaxing green eyes to dart up to hers, pupils blown wide as a pink tongue wets her lips causing Kara to close the gap. Grabbing the nape of Kara’s neck in one hand, Lena pulls her close, while the other unhooks her bra and Karas own impatient hands push Lena’s shirt up, breaking their kiss as she sheds Lena of the offending material. 


Quickly they undress, and Kara trails kisses down Lena's neck feeling the rapid pulse under her lips. Lena's soft gasp is matched with Kara's own as she feels how wet Lena is for her when her thigh nudges between Lena's. Propping herself on one hand, Kara drags her other down Lena's side, leaving shivers in her wake and she can feel Lena's hands roaming her own body sending shocks to her core. But Kara doesn't care about her own pleasure, she wants to feel Lena, to hear her, to taste her. She wants to know every dip, groove, and freckle that decorates her skin. Karasucks on the tendon that bounces when Lena arches her neck back into the pillows. A raspy gasp leaves the lips of the woman beneath her and Kara ingrains the noise in her mind. Another light nip along Lena's collarbone sends Lena squirming, grinding up into her thigh and Kara barely suppresses her own moan.


Kara’s breath hitches as she begins to rock her hips into Lena’s. Gripping the bedcovers, Kara's sure her fingers have torn rents into the fabric as she feels Lena's chest heave. Moving her hand up, she touches Lena’s breast for the first time. Lena arches into her palm as Kara teases her nipple into a stiff peak with her thumb.. Carefully aware of her own strength, Lena soft whimpers of approval. Spurs Kara on to take the pebbled flesh into her mouth. 


The reaction Lena takes is immediate, when Kara drags the flat of her tongue over it, Lena’s hand shoots up and fists blonde hair to keep her where she is. When Kara grazes it with her teeth, she feels the hand in her hair tighten what would have been painful if she had been a mere human, and she squeezes Lena’s other breast in response.


"Kara," Lena breaths, her hips rolling into Kara's thigh and Kara looks up to find Lena's head thrown back into the pillows and even in the darkness of the room Kara can see Lena's beauty radiating through. 


"Rao, you are so beautiful, Lena," Kara marvels, moving upwards to kiss Lena once more feeling Lena's wetness against her thigh. and she aches to touch Lena, to learn how Lena wants to be touched. 


Pulling away, she suppresses the grin at the soft whimper that leaves Lena's lips. Making her way along soft skin trailing kisses down Lena's body, her hand in Lena's while Lena's eyes never leave her face, running a thumb over her cheek, pushing her hair from her face. Kara's descent down Lena's body is filled with kisses and soft nips that have Lena's hips jumping. Kara pays extra attention to the freckles that she passes, a kiss on everyone, she discovers Lena's ticklish at the base of her ribs when Kara's lips brush over a cluster of freckles that lie there and the woman stifles a giggle earning a grin from Kara that she notes to come back to. 


Kara, tightens her grip on Lena’s hand, pausing when she reaches Lena's hip, as the other holds her weight. Lena spreads her thighs, inviting Kara to settle between them, answers Kara’s silent request for permission. Settling between them she runs a finger over Lena's pale hip earning a whimper. Kara can see how wet Lena is now, moving her hand up Lena's inner thigh Kara can see the muscles in her legs quiver. 


"Kara," Lena gasps and Kara looks up to see Lena watching her, her eyes hooded and pupils blown wide. Kara places kisses up Lena's inner thigh and she can already taste the wetness there, and as soon Kara meets the apex of Lena's thighs, Lena lets out a low moan. Kara doesn't break eye contact when she runs her tongue experimentally through Lena's folds. 


"Fuck," Lena pants out as Kara watches her writhe against the pillows. Kara contains the grin as she does it again and the hand in her hair tightens. Kara easily finds Lena’s clit already swollen and begging for attention. She follows the insistent tug of her hair, locking eyes as she crawls up Lena’s body, ending in a desperate kiss, Lena moaning at the taste of herself on Kara’s lips.


Never breaking the kiss, Lena reached for Kara’s hand guiding it from her hip to between her thighs. Barely brushing Lena's clit, Kara’s quietly enjoyed the way Lena’s hips jump, a soft curse falling from her lips. There was a fire burning in her that she never felt before as she slowly ran her fingers through Lena's folds. Every touch had made her hair stand up and feel like she was getting shocked straight between her legs. 


"Kara, please," She hears Lena whisper, rocking her hips and Kara takes the hint. 


Kara could feel the increase in moisture as Lena rocks her hips up. Lena is so open and wet for her when she pushed two fingers inside.


Lena’s whole body sighed in relief as Kara filled her, whimpering as Kara pushed her fingers as deep as she could in, and almost all the way out, earning a shuddering gasp from the body beneath her when she did it again. 


Awe turns into urgency when Lena starts to grind her hips in a rhythm that Kara follows with her fingers, increasing in pressure and speed, her pride swelling in the gasps she pulls from Lena’s throat every time her thumb presses against her clit. Kara curls her fingers, pressing into Lena’s g-spot, eliciting a throaty moan into Kara’s mouth, as Lena’s hand in her hair tightens every time Kara hits the spot.


Breaking away from the kiss, Kara tentatively adds a third finger, watching Lena's face carefully for any signs of pain or discomfort but Lena had bitten her lip, moaning at the stretch, and wraps her leg around Kara’s back. Lena tightens around her fingers when Kara curls them inside her, she can feel Lena tightening her muscles as if she wants to hold her there, and Kara increases the pressure on her clit. Lena’s back arches biting her nails into Kara's back giving in to the pleasure Kara gives her.  Lena moans and gasps and fuelling the fire burning under Kara’s skin, her breathing heavy and laboured. Every 'yes' and 'fuck' and 'rightthere' had made Kara throb more and she curled her fingers desperate to hit the spot every time. Lena's moans are like a song in her heart. Lena's writhing body and messy kisses told Kara she was close. Kara wants to draw it out but the fluttering of walls around her stops her. 


Lena comes with a sharp cry and Kara's name on her lips, her body arching with tension, thighs trembling and her body jerking when Kara bumps her clit. Peppering kisses down Lena’s neck, helping her ride out the last of her orgasm, and tasting the salt on Lena's skin. 


When Lena's breathing calms, Kara can feel her hands roaming and green eyes look up into her own. Kara was about to ask if it was ok if it was good enough but she's silenced by a rough kiss and Kara's flipped quickly onto her back. 


"I want you," Lena whispers against Kara’s lips after another messy kiss. Her energy renewed for more and Kara nods because she wants, no, needs Lena to touch her. To do anything. Gratefully, Lena doesn't waste time, quickly kissing down Kara's body, her hands ghosting down between her breasts, to firm abs that left Kara squirming. When Lena settles between her thighs, Kara had gripped the mattress coming up with chunks of memory foam. 




"It's replaceable." Lena chuckled and nicked Kara's hips with her teeth. 


Kara lets out a low groan, knowing she has to remain in control to keep from hurting Lena. But at the first gentle swipe of Lena’s tongue against her folds has her reaching back to grip anything less breakable. Because sex has never made Kara feel like this, never this hot,  like it was going to set her skin on fire or combust if Lena doesn’t touch her. 


"Fuck," Kara bursts when Lena licks a broad strip from her entrance to her clit, circling it with the tip of her tongue before pressing her tongue flat against it. Kara can feel more than hear the moan that spills from Lena as she moves slowly, almost torturously around Kara. Taking her time and finding the places that Kara never knew would make her shake with pleasure. Kara feels like she might explode when she looks down to find Lena watching her, green eyes vibrant and intense, as she alternates between sucking on Kara's clit and dipping her tongue inside. Kara shuts her eyes, and grips the bedframe when Lena slips a single digit with her and curled- 




Kara looks up to find Lena's bedframe crumbled in her hands. But Lena had only laughed into her sending shockwaves from her clit to her heart. Kara squeezes her eyes shut when Lena speeds up, working her closer to the edge, curling and gently thrusting into Kara. Kara hated the noises that Lena pulled from her, the groans that show how close she was. Lost in her pleasure she rocked eagerly into Lena's mouth. Feeling the pressure build rapidly, and she grinds into Lena's mouth until Lena pushes a second long finger inside her. Curling them both and pressing exactly where Kara needs her, a single flick of Lena's tongue over her clit before roughly sucking on it has Kara tumbling over the edge. Lena’s name cried loudly as Lena coaxed her through the aftershocks that left Kara panting. Their eyes met when Lena had gently laid kisses over her thighs and up her body. 


Sitting up, Kara is quickly pulled into a rough kiss and Lena moans into her mouth. 


"I love you, so much," Kara whispered as she swiped the tears on Lena's cheeks. 


"You have no idea," Lena whispered, leaning in and kissed her languidly. 


Kara chews her lip as she recalls the night, and the previous week. How they had been a unit together, a carefree, light energy between them like there was nothing stopping them. Kara fidgets as she recalls the morning coffee, taking Ellie to the museum and holding Lena’s hand as she did, it makes a goofy smile cross her face at the thought of how this was her life now but Alex pulls her from her thoughts with a scoff of disbelief. 


"I'm sorry. I thought I just heard you say you slept with Lena." Kara looks at her sister, her eyes open and honest and Alex's jaw hits the floor "You slept with Lena!"  


"Twice," Kara mutters hoping the ground would swallow her, it was definitely more than twice, it had gone into double digits over the week of their confession. Lena had bought a replacement bed, joking about reinforced steel but Kara hadn't said anything simply kissed her hard enough to take her breath away. Kara would wait until Ellie was in bed, to show Lena exactly how much she loved her. 


"Tw- Jesus Kara," Alex says looking away, her hands on her hips as she tries to think. "I mean I get it, you guys are trying to raise a kid that might be from your future, tensions are bound to run-" 


"I love her Alex," Kara interrupts, in a tone that lets her sister know how serious she is. Alex, however, continues with her thoughts.. 


"Look Kar, I get it she's your friend even after everything it's normal to have those feelings-" 


"No," Kara says stopping in her tracks. "I mean, I'm in love with her. I'm so in love with her it hurts to be close to her," Kara explains and it renders Alex Danvers speechless for a total of fourteen seconds. 


"It's about time," Nia bursts from the other side of her earning a glare from Alex and a look of surprise from Kara. "Well, it is," Nia argues against Alex's look. 


"Nia's right," Kelly chips in, and Kara doesn’t miss the withering glare her sister gives her girlfriend. "I've been watching it for nearly two years, even though I was beginning to think there was something wrong. I'm happy for you, Kara." 


"Thanks," Kara says before turning to her sister. It isn't that she disregards her friend’s opinion but it's not the opinion that matters at that moment. She waits until Alex blows out a breath and keeps walking. "Alex... Alex, wait," Kara protests, chasing after her. "I thought you'd be happy," Kara continues as she matches Alex's pace. 


"I- It just wasn't what I was expecting Kar," Alex admits running a hand through her short hair.


“What were you expecting?” Kara asks with a scowl. “Me to date William?” 


Alex rolls her eyes, “No.” Kara arches a brow and waits until Alex sighs heavily stopping. “I just- You’ve never shown any interest in dating women, much less dating Lena.” 


“Well, neither had you till you met Maggie,” Kara retorts and immediately regrets it from the wounded look on Alex’s face. “I’m sorry,” Kara says quickly looking away. “I just, I’m happy Alex, for the first time. I’m really happy.” 


“That’s amazing, Kara, and I’m happy that you’re happy,” Alex says, her voice softening. “I just worry that you’re jumping into this thing with Lena because of Ellie.” 


Kara visibly stiffens, “This isn’t about Ellie.” 




“No, this is about Lena,” Kara counters. “I know you’ve had your differences Alex but I love her. More than I ever thought I could.” 


“And what happens when Ellie goes back to the future Kara? Will Lena still love you, when you send her kid away?” Alex’s voice rattles through her. 


It's rare for the Danvers sisters to fight like this, but the cold hard truth hits Kara square in the face, like a sledgehammer. Kara grinds her teeth hard enough that they should crumble to dust. 


"There's no evidence that the future’s safe for Ellie to go back to." Kara says, blinking rapidly at being reminded.


Alex looks her up and down before shaking her head. "Don't be naive Kara." 


"I'm not being naive, Alex you can see the evidence. The blood, the stories... Brainy!" Kara argues as she follows her sister up the dock. 


"I know you guys were close before Non nocere but come on Kara," Alex sighs heavily as she stops looking out over the water. 


Kara looks out onto the horizon as she feels her sister's eyes on her. She loves Lena, loves her more than her heart can take. And she had spent too long suppressing those feelings for her to be stopped now. 


"You really love her don't you?" Alex asks after several moments. Kara turns to find her sister watching her, eyes critical and searching. 


"So much it hurts," Kara breathes. "She's the first thing I think about when I wake up, I'd do anything for her Alex." 


"Alright," Alex mutters nodding to herself. "Well if she's what you want and you know what you're doing then, I trust you." 


Kara's watery smile almost splits her face until her sister pulls her into a tight hug. "You can't cry cause if you cry I'll cry and Nia can't know we cry," Alex whispers before they both pull apart laughing as they swipe at their eyes. 


"So," Alex says looking up as Kelly and Nia approach. "How has it been going with Lena? Other than sleeping with her." 


It had in fact gone too well, Kara recalls.


Waking up the morning after their revelation had been surreal. It shouldn't have been Kara had been sharing Lena's bed for almost a week, but waking up, with Lena wrapped in her arms, the soft rise and fall of her chest as she was curled into Kara's arms, made the Kryptonian want to fly, fly as high as she could. It was the rare time Kara could see Lena before she became the CEO, or the Scientist or the mother she had turned into in a few weeks. The soft pout of her lips as she sleeps or the light scrunch of her brows as she dreams. Kara softly pushed mused raven locks from her face as she slept, desperate to see more of this Lena. 


"Shoot," Kara mutters as green eyes blink sleepily up at her. 


"Wha're you doin'?" Lena asks her voice still laced with sleep as she presses her face deeper into the pillow. 


"Nothing, go back to sleep," Kara whispers softly, kicking herself for disturbing her. 


Lena rolls onto her back blinking up watching  Kara, as she runs her hand through her hair. Causing blue eyes to flutter shut.  


"Talk to me." 


"I was just thinking how lucky I am, with everything," Kara admits opening her eyes to find Lena's dimples quirked. 


It's silent as Lena regards her for a moment before reaching up and kissing her softly with a light hum. Pulling away Lena's eyes glint as she whispers, "You are very lucky." 


Kara's about to lean back in and recapture Lena's lips, to continue their night onwards when her stomach lets out an unhappy gurgle. Lena's laughter fills her ears and she watches as Lena sits up, unrestrained, free of her usual armour. "And hungry," She adds with a smirk. "Come on, let’s get something to eat before your stomach consumes itself." 


Kara follows willingly, stumbling to dress in her pyjamas, as Lena slips into nothing but the silk robe that had taunted Kara for days.


"Eliza said she'd drop Ellie back off at mid morning," Lena says over her shoulder with a mischievous quirk and Kara swallows thickly suddenly no longer hungry. 

Lena Luthor was a formidable woman, or so she had heard. A pariah, back-stabber, bitch. She had heard it all but what she hadn't ever been called before was a woman in love. And as she walked into her office on Monday morning, with a pleasant smile on her face she was not expecting to be the front page news on the tabloids saying the same thing. Now she was being called a family woman. The large yellow block titles with detailed photos underneath of herself and Kara. Another was a blurred photo of them standing close in the aquarium and before Lena even realises what she's doing she's scouring every trashy tabloid looking for any evidence for Ellie. Five magazines later the only thing she's found is a brief mention, buried pretty much in the middle of the article. Instantly, she calls Kara. Her panic over Ellie’s safety reaching a new high. 


"Hey," Kara greets happily and it grates against Lena's panic.  


"Look at Catco's website," Lena orders firmly and she can practically see Kara’s frown. 


"What- Ellie put that down!," Kara calls and Lena can hear Ellie cackle in the background, it's almost enough to break through the panic that's gripping her. "Lena, what's going on?" Kara asks but Lena can hear the keys clicking in the background. "Shit." 


Lena has heard Kara curse approximately four times outside of her bedroom. "Kara, if Ellie's in-" 


"I'll call Alex, I'll get her on this, I promise, I can't see her anywhere other than referred to as a relative." 


"Kara," Lena whispers, barely hiding her panic now but Kara's voice helps to soothe her. 


"I know," Kara whispers before her voice turns firm. "I'll sort it, Lena, I promise." 


Lena sets the phone down to find her assistant waiting uneasily in the doorway. And she stands slowly from her kneeling position on the floor surrounded by the tabloids. 


"Get rid of these and get me Andrea Rojas," Lena orders, her lips forming a tight purse. 


"U-Y-yes Ms Luthor," the assistant is stammering as she runs forward with details on her day. 

Across town, Kara stands in the DEO listening as Alex and Brainy look over the screens. "So from what we can tell, they were focussed on you and Lena. Mainly Lena," Alex explains as she swipes the tablet littered with photos of Lena and Kara, the most popular being the one where Kara and Lena hold hands, and Kara doesn't miss her sister's quirked brow.  


"So, everything is fine. I haven't cemented her further in this time?" Kara asks and Brainy turns to her with a sceptical brow. 


"She's here." He says definitively. "Of course she's cemented in this time. Without a mass errosion of memory from J'onn, which is nigh on impossible, she will always be in our memories, unless the Legion or Time Agency intervene." They all look exasperated at Brainy who deflate under the weight of their scrutiny. "There is no evidence of Ellie in the public eye if that is what you are truly worried about." 


"Speaking of which," Alex says, turning to Kara who looks from the large screens to find her sister leaning against the centre console, hand on hip, with an arched brow. Kara practically stutters an excuse out there but fidgets under her sister's piercing gaze. "How is that going?" 


Kara shifts and nods disjointedly, "Yeah, I mean it's going. Without Kelly or Eliza's help, it'd be hard." 


"Hey," Alex says softly, touching Kara's elbow and Kara looks up into her sister's concerned gaze. "I'm sorry for how I reacted this morning, I just wasn't expecting it." 


"I get it," Kara nods and they share a brief tight hug before they pull apart. 


"I did want to talk to you about all of this though," Alex begins leading Kara away from the centre console away from prying ears. "I've been thinking and it's been nearly a month since Ellie came through and there's been nothing," Alex says with a firm shake of her head. "Not from the time agency, the Legion, no one. Not a peep." 


"What are you thinking?" 


"Maybe this was your and Lena's grand plan, to keep Ellie safe here in the present," Alex theorises and Kara's brow furrows. 


"So she should stay here," Kara mutters thoughtfully. 


"I mean if something was going to happen wouldn't it have happened already?" Alex guesses with a shrug of her shoulders. "You can't keep asking Mom to watch her all day and I spoke to J'onn about the memories and it's a mess. If there is something coming then we can get ready for it but until then. And to be honest Kara, I don't think she has anything to go back to." 


"So she can stay?" Kara asks, her voice carefully hopeful. 


"I think she can stay." 

Lena doesn't flinch or move when Kara recalls their conversation later that night, Ellie has long since been in bed and now Lena's staring at Kara as if she has a second head. 


"I thought- I thought you'd be happy about this?" Kara asks as she watches Lena pour herself another glass of wine. 


"I- I am," Lena says without turning to Kara but Kara is already standing and striding across the room. 


"Then why don't you look happy," Kara calls out, crinkle forming between her brows. 


Lena turns chewing her lip as Kara stands before her trying to understand the conflicting emotions passing over Lena's face. 


"I was thinking about what we're going to do, if she is staying, your mother and Kelly can't keep watching her while we work, it's not fair," Lena explains rubbing the back of her neck clearly trying to soothe the tension there. 


"Well, if she's staying what do people normally do?" Kara asks, following as Lena curls on the couch. 


"They go to nursery or pre-school, mix with kids their own age, not be dumped on family." 


"She's not dumped on family, Eliza loves her," Kara argues sitting beside her, her eyes wide at the insinuation. 


"Kara, just last week Eliza told you she had to miss her annual conference so she could look after Ellie. It's not fair, especially if she's going to stay." 


Kara deflates slightly before asking, "I thought you wanted her to stay?" 


"I do," Lena whispers, her lips drawing into a thin line as she looks into her glass. "I want her to, but..." 


"But?" Kara prompts her gaze searching and eager to find out what was going in Lena's head. 


Lena looks up, her face void of emotion as she often would when she was shielding her feelings from Supergirl, "If she stays I want to be her mother, Kara, not anything else." 


Kara isn't sure what Lena means until her past words of not being the Jeju Ellie remembers Kara's own brow furrows as she looks away shamefully. "I didn't mean it like that," Kara mutters dejectedly. "I don't think I'll get another opportunity at having a family," Kara admits looking up at Lena, their eyes searching each others. 


"You know Ellie's proof you can have that, Kara," Lena argues softly. "With anyone." 


Kara grits her teeth before stating firmly, "I don't want it with anyone." Kara softens, her hands fidgeting, "I want it with you. I- I want to have this life with you Lena, I shouldn't have said that about Ellie, I just worry, sometimes, that I'm not enough for her because I'm not who she remembers and- and-" 


"Kara, stop," Lena whispers, moving close and taking Kara's hands in her own. "Stop," Lena whispers and all Kara can take in is Lena, how close she is, the faint smell of the expensive shampoo, the depth to her concerned eyes. "She loves you, I- I love you. If Ellie is going to stay here then we can't keep thinking of ourselves as the other. I- I've done that for long enough and I don't want that to be our life." 


The look Lena gives her is so open, so full and it reminds her of how Lena looked at her when they first became friends, how relaxed and free she was. "I want the future she came from," Kara whispers and Lena's face breaks into an unmatchable smile. The kind that is full of relief and has her teeth sparkling in the light of the apartment. 


"I do too," Lena whispers as Kara gathers in her arms, so close that Kara can feel her heartbeat thrum against the bridge of her nose where she's tucked her face into. 


"I'm sure we can practice," Kara grins up at her earning a heavy eye roll from Lena who is extracting herself from Kara's tight embrace. Lena turns with an arched brow as she lifts her tablet. 


"Don't you have that article to write for Andrea?" Lena asks, a devilish smirk quirking the corner of her lips. 


"I'm sure I can write a Supergirl exclusive in the morning," Kara shrugs standing and slipping her arms around Lena's waist, enjoying the feeling of her against her. 


Lena laughs as she turns in Kara’s arms, "You, Kara Danvers, really are terrible." Lena kisses her fully and Kara's heart swells with how much she wants this life. To come home to the woman she loves and her child. Their family. And Kara can't stop the grin that splits her face as she kisses Lena because this is her life, this is what she wanted. She had the future she had dreamed of, even if it had come in an obscure way. 


Lena tugs her down the hallway and Kara feels like she's having an out of body experience, she can see the cheeky smile Lena tosses over her shoulder as she turns the light off, stopping momentarily to check on Ellie. The toddlers fast asleep, one arm thrown above her head and her mouth half open as she dreams. But then Lena's tugging her into the bedroom and all thoughts of the toddler across the hall are gone as the click of the door silences the outside world. 


No words are passed between them as Kara steps forward lifting Lena into her arms and walking to the bed dropping them onto it. Kara basks in the gasps and moans she pulls from Lena that night, the rocking of their bodies as Kara litters her shoulder with kisses and soft nips, decorating pale skin that has Lena pushing back against Kara's fingers and Kara groans at the fluttering of Lena's walls around her. Kara worships Lena's body that night showering her with every aspect of love that she can until Lena taps out, panting as she straddles Kara, her hair a mess and her lips are swollen as she stares down at Kara with dark eyes, the lights of the city glittering over pale skin. 


"I can't," Lena gasps as Kara nips over her collarbone and Kara hums against her skin. Her thumbs dancing over Lena's hips as she feels Lena drag her fingers over her scalp pulling Kara to look up at her. "We don't all have unlimited stamina," Lena teases as Kara kisses her softly. 


Lena falls asleep wrapped in Kara's tight embrace Kara gently caressing along Lena’s side lulling her into a dreamless sleep. 


It's the soft sniffles that wake Lena, Kara's arm tightening around her waist and blinking she opens her eyes to find Ellie standing in front of her. "El, what is it?" Lena asks, trying to blink awake and Lena quickly clutches the covers to her chest. 


"Had ackident," Ellie whispers and Lena sits up taking the covers with her earning a grumble from Kara who is sitting up behind her. 


"Ellie? What is it?" Kara asks groggily. Lena turns to Kara who’s brow is furrowed in the darkness. But Lena can see the dampness on the front of the toddler’s pyjamas and she elbows Kara’ quickly earning a bruise. 


"Why don't you go to the bathroom, get out of your pj’s, Jeju and I will sort the rest ok?" Lena whispers and Ellie sniffles with a nod. As soon as she's out of the room Lena's pulling her robe on and Kara is stumbling into her flannel pyjamas. 


"She's never had an accident," Kara says with a furrowed brow as she pulls the oversized sweater over her head. 


"She could have just had a nightmare, can you change the sheets?" Lena asks as she walks from the room and is quickly retrieving the dinosaur pj’s from Ellie's drawer. She finds Ellie in the bathroom struggling and sniffling out of her top. 


"Hey, hey," Lena soothes as she helps Ellie out of the top. "It's ok." 


"'m sorry," Ellie whimpers and Lena frowns, soothing Ellie's wild locks. 


"It's an accident, they happen," Lena whispers as she helps her undress. She cleans Ellie up quickly and soon she's stood in soft cotton pj’s, her brow scrunched with matching pursed lips.


"Twicepts," Ellie mutters as she points at her pj’s. 


"Ellie," Lena prompts, making Ellie look up at her and she arches a brow in a silent question. 


"Had bad dweam, Jeju was gone," Ellie mumbles and Lena pulls her into her lap. 


"Jeju isn't going anywhere ever again," Lena whispers into soft hair. "Isn't that right?" She says slightly louder and Kara super speeds into view. 


"Absolutely not," Kara says with a wide smile. She crouches down lifting both Lena and Ellie into her lap earning a squeal from Lena and giggles from Ellie. Curling into Lena's chest, clutching her robe tightly in one fist. 


"Oh no," Kara says and both Lena and Ellie turn with a matching frown at Kara's sudden down trodden look. "I put penguin covers on, not the dinosaur ones. Why didn't you tell me? Super Ellie here has to match!" Kara cries and Ellie giggles, all remnants of her concern vanishing. 


"Jeju silly," Ellie grins sleepily up at them and Lena rolls her eyes heavily before looking up at Kara, a small endearing smile dancing on her face. 


"Yeah she is but I suppose she'll do." 


Lena carries Ellie back to her clean bed, Kara trailing after her and as she tucks Ellie back in. She moves only for Ellie to catch her hand. "Stay, Mommy," Ellie whimpers and Lena gives a smile glancing back to Kara before climbing carefully into the small bed and wrapping her arms around Ellie. 


"Alright, but you can't snore," Lena jokes and Ellie giggles before being slowly lulled back to sleep with Lena's soft backrubs. Kara walks close kneeling beside the bed, her hand in Ellie’s as she watches over them both until Ellie's fast asleep and she helps Lena carefully extract herself from Ellie's grip. 


"We're really going to do this?" Lena asks as they turn in Ellie's doorway, watching the toddler sleep amongst the large toys. Her thumb firmly in her mouth as she dreams. 


Kara takes a deep breath and Lena looks up into those strong blue eyes, "I'm here for her, for you, forever, Lena." 

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Chapter Text

Kara could absolutely, under no circumstances, be late, that was her instruction. Do not be late. From both her three year old daughter and her girlfriend. Girlfriend , Kara thinks with a goofy smile. Well, they hadn't exclusively called each other that but they had told each other they loved each other, that they wanted each other in their lives. That was a relationship, right? Kara places a mental note to ask Alex later. But the small alarm on her watch beeps and she fuels herself to go faster. She can feel herself approaching the sound barrier, the wind parting against her face and Alex's voice blares in her ear. 


"You better not break that!" 


"I'm going to be late," Kara protests as she takes a sharp right on main street. Her destination nowhere near in sight yet 


"I don't care if you’re going to go through a breach, do not break the sound barrier Kara," Alex warns, her voice isn’t that playful teasing that tells her that her sister is deadly serious. 


"I promised!" Kara argues back to the comm in her ear. She had, in fact, pinky promised a far greater promise for a small blonde than trying to avoid breaking the sound barrier. 


"And I promised the President that you wouldn't break another sound barrier for... And I quote, 'personal reasons'," Alex retorts as Kara looks at her watch. She has a minute to get across twenty blocks. 


"It's important," Kara growls down her comms and she can practically hear the eye roll from her sister. 


"Well, if you hadn't been busy trying to pet that cat on fourth you wouldn't be late," Alex states matter of factly and Kara can practically hear the 'I told you so'. 


"It was stuck up a fifteen foot tree, it wouldn't have survived that jump, and you know that Mr Flufles can't be rushed," Kara argues, her sister knows this full well having been on the receiving end of the cat’s claws. 


Alex's eye roll is loud in her ear before her sister asks, "Are we still good for tonight?" 


"Yupp," Kara says, popping the P for emphasis as she nears her destination. 


"You nervous?"


"Pfft no," Kara defends quickly as she spots the target. The small white building rising up out of the suburbs of National City.


"Really cause you sound nervous at having everyone over now that you and Lena are in a relationship," Alex hums and Kara can hear the obnoxious smirk on her sister’s face. 


"I gotta go, I'm here," Kara says as she descends into the back alley. 


"Sure, see you and your girlfriend tonight," Alex teases and Kara curses her sister as she slips her glasses on, her suit disappearing as her shirt and slacks return before stumbling into the main street where Lena and Ellie stand. 


"You're late," Ellie says her small arms crossed over her chest. It’s scary how similar she looks to Lena. Her furrowed brow and her pouting lips hide the cute dimples Kara knows is there. She looks to Lena for any kind of assistance but the CEO is typing quickly on her phone, large sunglasses hiding most of her face, red stained lips in a pout, her brow arched underneath them and Kara isn’t sure if the look is for her or whatever she is looking at on her phone. 


"What?" Kara squawks looking at her watch. "Barely," Kara argues but Ellie looks up to Lena for confirmation. Lena looks between them momentarily before slipping her phone into her purse. 


“I’m sure we can let Jeju be late by a minute and 42 seconds,” Lena offers. 

“I get her potstickers,” Ellie argues, narrowing her eyes at Kara for a moment before scowling.  


Before Kara can protest at the unfair treatment Lena says, “If you are done nearly breaking the sound barrier?" Lena smirks, gesturing to the doors. 


Kara rolls her eyes before opening the door, "Yes, we don't want to be late." 


Lena takes Ellie's hand as they walk into the large white building. 


Kara looks around as they walk along the wide hall. There are pictures on the walls that fill her with a silent hope and she glances down at Ellie. Ellie, who is walking her hand tightly in Lena’s as they walk down the hall, her eyes critical of the pictures on the walls, the small hand paintings decorating the walls with trophies in the corner that makes the toddlers eyes narrow further. 


It had been a joint decision, one they had spoken over for days. It was easy to agree it wasn't fair to ask Eliza to keep watching Ellie. But equally, they couldn't keep sacrificing their workdays, Lena worked ridiculous hours as it was and Kara struggled to juggle Catco and Supergirl duties at the best of times, not including the addition of a three year old in their lives. But they had made the agreement to make the effort, that Ellie would go to school and Kara would drop her off on her way to Catco, supergirl emergencies pending and Lena or Eliza would pick her up when she was done. It meant a small reduction in Lena’s office house but she could take an hour or so away from the business not whole days.  


"Ms Luthor, it's nice to meet you," A warm smiling woman greets them as they stop in front of the reception and offices. "I'm Ms Calloway and you must be Ellie." 


The woman crouches to Ellie's height as Kara scans the building. Ellie, however, seems less than impressed by the woman greeting her as she slinks behind Lena's legs. Her small hands gripping Lena’s skirt tightly.  


"It's nice to meet you," Lena says, offering her hand for the woman to shake. "This is Kara Danvers, my-" 


"Mommy wanna go," Ellie whines loudly and Kara's cheeks heat. Not only at Ellie's loud protest but also at whatever Lena was about to call her, the prospect of Lena labelling their relationship. 


"Hey, don't be rude El," Kara scolds softly. She crouches wrapping an arm around the small body that proceeds to lean heavily into her. “It’s ok,” Kara whispers into blonde hair but Ellie shakes her head into her shoulder and Kara lifts her securely into her arms. She recalled one of the books Brainy had given them, explaining the comfort Ellie would need. She holds Ellie firmly in her arms, rubbing small circles on her side as she turns back to the teacher watching them. 


"It's nice to meet you, Ms Danvers," Ms Calloway greets them both with a light handshake. She looks to Ellie with a warm smile and a light, “And you Eliza, I like your shirt, t-rex is my favourite.” 


“Their twicerotops,” the toddler corrects with a little smile. Mrs Calloway beams a smile to Ellie before looking at Lena and Kara.    


"We can begin the tour outside if you wish since it's such a lovely day." 


Mrs Calloway leads them out to a small playground and Kara glances at Ellie who is scowling heavily at everything. Kara tries to point out the climbing frame and the ball pit in a playroom as they move outside. She manages to catch Lena's concerned gaze over a blonde head and feels her stomach sink slightly when the teacher turns to Ellie. 


"You're welcome to go play with the other children while the adults talk," She suggests but Ellie only tightens her hold on Kara’s shirt. 


"She's, uh, a little shy," Kara explains, glancing at Lena. Her jaw is clenched tightly as she looks around. Red painted lips are thinned as she silently takes in the school. She’s trying not to judge heavily, Lena’s thoughts on the school being voiced as soon as Kara had shown her the website.  


"Of course," Ms Calloway smiles warmly. 


If Kara was honest Ellie had been their biggest obstacle. Her previous school experiences were still firm in her mind and the first mention of it was met with a firm ‘no’. The second and third attempt had been met with tears, crying and worst of all screaming when they had both tried to put their foot down about Ellie going to school. It had been met with a serious discussion about how she had to be around children, children her own age which Ellie had pouted and shook her head violently at. It had taken every ounce of Lena’s negotiation skills as well as Kara’s bribery to get Ellie to sceptically agree to entertain the idea. Lena and Kara had shared a long look and Lena later shared her realisation that she had closed business deals that were easier than getting Ellie to agree to this.


"Now, we have an excellent three year age class..." Kara listens as Ms Calloway takes them through the itinerary for their days, the teacher tries to make it sound fun with slight structure, that each day would be different with reading time, outdoor play with excursions to parks and museums about every 3 weeks or so. 


They're led through the school, with children in classes and Kara can see the small happy faces. She doesn’t miss each room having a different name, Sunshine, Daffodils, Daisy. Trying to convince Ellie to engage is like trying to get Kara to eat kale. It takes Kara handing Ellie to Lena and sitting in one of the small plastic chairs to sit and mould the playdough into an elephant, for Ellie to consider being released from Lena’s arms. Crouching Lena sets Ellie down, the toddler looks over Kara’s sculpting skills with narrowed eyes. Kara helps her for a moment before the toddler takes a tentative step away, a small boy on the other side of the table offers her a tool and she looks back at Kara and Lena with a questioning gaze. 


"We'll be right here," Kara reassures, and she squeezes Lena’s hand hopefully before they turn back to the teacher. 


"Now, as Ellie will be starting near the end of the school year, some of the teachers voiced some reservations over her integration into the classes," Ms Calloway begins but Lena's already standing taller. 


"I notice the music equipment could do with some upgrades and since we have been charged with her care, we and her parents think that music is very important, besides, Kara is very artistic so I think it would be important for Ellie’s development," Lena says with a polite smile. Kara blanches at her because it’s a bold faced lie. Kara hadn’t said anything of the sort to Lena, she had thought it but never said it. 


Mrs Calloway looks away demurely with a slight nod, “I’m sure something can be worked out.” 


 Kara looks at Lena with a deep frown as they move around the classroom, but Lena only shrugs before leaning and whispering quietly, "This is a game, Kara, a game we have to play." 


Kara scowls at the implication but lets it drop as Ellie runs up to them, bouncing about all the art supplies and dragging Kara off to show her and Kara marvels at how excited Ellie is showing her the blocks of clay for moulding and the finger painting kits. It's like a switch has been flipped watching Ellie, suddenly all the reservations and nerves are gone, and she's showing Lena the intricate mould kits that she could use from across the room. 


"Forgive me Ms Luthor, but I have to ask, is Ellie your-" 


"A distant relative," Lena's response is cool and collected and Kara listens with her superhearing while helping Ellie pull a different book from the largely stacked shelf. 


"Of course," Ms Calloway responds tentatively. 


"As you are no doubt aware Ms Calloway that the Luthor name attracts a large amount of attention, I'm looking at your school for Ellie because of the high level of discretion you have as well as the recommendations from close friends," Lena's voice leaves no room for argument and it makes Kara want to puff her chest out in pride. 


"Of course, Ms Luthor, we would love to have Ellie, I just-" 


"Are you saying I have been misinformed about the kind of discretion I can expect from such a prestigious school? If I wasn’t, I'm willing to make a sizable donation to the school plus that musical equipment," Lena says and Kara glances over shoulder to watch as Lena and the thin woman shake hands. Kara's attention is pulled back to Ellie holding up a new book squirming into Kara's lap and soon they are both engrossed in the story of the Worrysaurs which Ellie feels the need to remind Kara repeatedly that wasn't a real dinosaur. A gentle clearing of a throat makes Kara look up to find Lena smiling down at them. 


"We have to go sign some paperwork but I can deal with it if you two would rather stay?" Lena explains but Kara shakes her head, lifting Ellie with her as she stands. Ellie happily sits in Kara's arms as they walk to the offices.


 Her eyes still darting around, as she takes in the pastel colours, "What'd you think El? Is this a good option?" Kara asks as they follow on Lena's heels. Ellie gives a lopsided shrug, her thumb firmly in her mouth. 


They're quick to sign everything, a simple disclosure and details about them both. 


“If you agree to the terms we’ve agreed, when can we expect Ellie to attend?” Lena asks politely and Kara can hear the racing heart of the teacher. 


“It takes a couple of days to get everything in the system, we’ll require birth certificates, a list of approved adults to collect Ellie and then the day after should be fine,” Mrs Callow says with a warm smile. 


“We’ll certainly look into it,” Lena’s face is all business and it makes Kara chew her lip to contain her laugh. “Kara, any questions?” 


It makes Kara look up, any semblance of a smile gone and she quickly shakes her head. 


"Well, I hope we hear from you all soon," Ms Calloway gushes and Lena and Kara share a look of agreement that this is the place for them. 


"Thanks," Kara grins over her shoulder as she follows Lena out. As soon as they're on the sidewalk waiting for Lena's car, Kara looks over at Lena in question, "Well what did you think?" 


"It seems to be acceptable, a fair mix of actual learning and play, I think it'll work for our purposes," Lena says before she smiles warmly pushing an errant strand of Ellie's hair from her face. "What did you think?" Lena asks softly rubbing Ellie’s back making the toddler look up at them both. 


Ellie repeats the same disheartened shrug for Lena before saying, "I like the mouldy things." 


"It's the modelling clay," Kara explains when Lena looks up at her in question. 


"Well, that is exciting, I never got to do that at my preschool," Lena says to Ellie, and the toddler lifts her shoulder not looking remotely interested beyond listening. As soon as they're in the car, heading back to Lena's apartment, Kara looks over to her. 


"So Alex was double checking about tonight," Kara says,  and she can see the muscle twinge in Lena's neck, one of her less familiar tells that Kara has picked up on when she's irritated or nervous. 


"Yeah, that's fine, I have food coming at seven," Lena says trying to sound nonchalant but Kara can hear the higher pitch and slight sharp intake of breath. 


"Hey," Kara says leaning over and placing her hand softly on Lena's thigh. "It'll be fine." 


Lena gives the same small tilt of her head and Kara drops it a sign Lena doesn’t really believe in what she’s saying. So Kara drops it, sitting back in the seat as her hands fidget in her lap. 

As soon as they return to the apartment Lena heads to the island to do any form of work that she can before Game Night begins. She looks over to find Kara and Ellie sitting while Ellie works to ‘fix’ Kara’s broken arm. She tries to hide the grin as Kara asks Ellie, 


“So how did I break my arm? I am Supergirl you know.” 


“Kyptonite,” Ellie says matter of factly and Lena bites her lip before turning back to the emails awaiting her. It’s torture as she listens to the small family that’s landed in her life giggle and have fun while she finishes the latest Tokyo expansion model and she curses from her position as she grows more irritated. There’s a small demand of a swear jar from Ellie and soon there’s an explosion of glitter and glue over her dining table as a jar lies there with the backwards words ‘Mommy’s swear jar’. She gives Kara a withering look and quickly ‘Mommy’ is scribbled out. 


Before Lena realises it, it’s seven pm and she’s still in her red soled heels, and her is back beginning to ache at being hunched over. 


Lena can feel her nerves getting the best of her as she watches Ellie, already bathed and dressed in her PJs, sitting quietly on the couch, eyes growing distant, as she watches a relaxed kids movie about dinosaurs. Ellie wakes instantly at the sound of Kelly and Alex’s voice, jumping up happily to greet them, eager to tell them about their day at the park, and her new plush seal, named Earl. 


Lena manages to hide her nervousness behind the glass of wine she’s been nursing for the past twenty minutes. She’s rocking on her heel as she watches Ellie bounce around excitedly and all hopes of this being a quick night are going out the window. She had hoped it would be a night of just Alex and Kelly that it would be movies and that she could use Ellie as an excuse to get out of it. 


It makes her heart beat hard when J’onn steps in, that knowing look on his face as he smiles at her before kneeling down to Ellie’s height as she takes his hand automatically and presses it to his temple. It makes Lena stand tall as J’onn’s brow furrows and he nods solemnly. A soft word of understanding to Ellie but Lena can’t hear it. She moves to go to Kara but Kelly’s voice stops her.  


“You ok?” Kelly asks, Lena forces a small smile as she turns to face Kelly.


“I’m fine,” Lena lies. She isn’t fine, in fact, she’s bordering on having a panic attack at the thought of all five of them and Eliza, being in her house in her space for the first time properly since the reveal. Eliza, she had gotten over, she had managed to find a rapport in the mother figure she had inadvertently associated with Eliza, Lena wasn’t sure if it was the gentle understanding or the soft smiles but she knew it was the unrelenting support she had given Lena. She could cope with Eliza, Kelly she could deal with on a much more personal level. They had helped her so much with Ellie that she had slowly let down her walls, and found a strange sense of comfort, especially in Kelly, in the light quirk her lips gave showing her silent understanding at Lena’s reservations. Like she was doing now, with that knowing look. 


“It’s the first time I’ve seen them all since…” Lena trails off and Kelly nods in understanding. Her warm eyes following Lena’s panicked around the room. 


“You know they’ve all forgiven you now, right?” Kelly says, her eyes reading Lena with far more familiarity than she would like. 


“I wouldn’t be so sure,” Lena mutters as M’gann and Nia glance over in her direction. 


“Mommy! Mommy,” Ellie shouts as she runs full force into Lena’s legs. “Look at what Megans gots me,” She bounces lifting the odd silver ball in excitement, Lena’s brow furrows as she lifts Ellie and looks over it. 


“It’s a Provitian Puzzle,” M’gann explains as if any of them should know what that means. Lena looks at Kara who looks at J’onn. 


“It’s a puzzle my people used to give our brightest children, only the smartest of which could unlock the prize within,” J’onn explains with a reminiscent smile. 


“What's the prize?” Nia asks and J’onn and M’gann share a conspiratorial smile. 


“That I’m afraid is for those who are smart enough to open it to find out,” M’gann says as she sips the Nuvaet Whisky she’s brought for herself, J’onn and Kara. 


Ellie spends approximately five minutes trying to work it out before she releases a frustrated huff. 


“It’ll still be there in the morning,” Lena whispers into Ellie’s hair, taking it and placing it on the counter as she squirms in Lena’s arms. “You ok?” Lena asks quietly so only Ellie can hear, she watches green eyes move around the room her brow furrowing. 


“Nafan and Vi aren’t here,” Ellie mutters, her fingers picking at Lena’s dress. 


“I know, sweetie, but it's not their time yet," Lena tries to explain softly, looking up to find Kara watching her, with a small smile that says so much spread over Lena’s face, her eyes meet Kara’s and she can’t stop as she bites her lip at Kara watching her, blue eyes turning dark as they rake over Lena. She doesn't miss the soft crinkle of Kara's brow before the Kryptonians moving across the room. 


"They no come? Never?" Ellie asks, her eyes wide and wet with unshed tears. 


"Maybe not never," Kelly's pipes in, making Lena turn. "Vi might be here soon," Kelly says, a knowing smile playing over her face as she looks to Alex who stands spluttering. 


"Soon?" Ellie pipes up hopefully, straining to look at Alex. Her mouth moves with no sound and soon everyone's laughing. It's lost on Ellie who looks to Kara with a pout. 


"Maybe, El, but they're not here right now," Kara explains softly, wrapping her arm around Lena and Ellie who looks to Lena for further explanation. 


"Because you have different memories from us, it might just take a little while for everything to catch up with you," Lena explains softly. 


"Patience is the greatest quality one can have," J'onn says knowingly from across the room and it makes Ellie's chest puff out. 


"Like Jeju." Ellie exclaims proudly making them all snort in disbelief. 


"I'm patient!" Kara protests loudly, hands on hips. Lena tries to contain her laughter as she places her hand on the Kryptonians arm. 


"I'm sorry, my love but you are anything but patient. "


"I mean how many people have the motto, 'punch first, ask questions later?'" Alex teases with a snort. 


"You taught me that!" 


"Yeah and look what happened to that bank robber on Sixth," Alex states with a smirk. 


"Girls," Eliza intervenes, the matriarchs look of no-nonsense silencing her daughters. It makes Ellie giggle into Lena's shoulder and Lena turns running a hand through Ellie's hair placing a soft kiss on her forehead. 


"They'll turn up, I'm sure of it," Nia says and Lena looks up to find the young woman watching her knowingly. Lena turns to Brainy who is stood, hiding in his Valurian rum with a scarlet blush and Lena laughs as Nia lifts a box from the pile of board games. 




Lena regrets agreeing to this night immediately. 


"Ok, Ellie, spin it," Alex instructs from the couch. Ellie looks far eviler than a three year old ever should as she sits proudly spinning it. Eliza and J’onn are both sitting perched eagerly on the couch as Ellie spins it. 


Lena should have learned a long time ago to say no, in fact, she should have learned approximately five years ago to say no to wide baby blue eyes that batted pleadingly up at her, when Kara had come and said Alex wanted to have a game night. That it would be a good, normal thing for Ellie to do, Lena should have said no. Should have said how it was a terrible idea, that it could confuse Ellie more but Kara had pouted. She should have learned to say no to that pout when Kara had asked her to have it at her apartment and she should have worked to gain a thick skin to that pout when Nia had suggested twister and Ellie had looked up at her with wide hopeful eyes. And it all could have avoided her being in this current position while Ellie sat proudly crossed legged on her coffee table with the dial, looking down at her with her little smug face that could do no wrong. Eliza whispers into the toddler's ear explaining the dial as J’onn stands guard for any cheaters. 


Lena watches as Ellie spins the dial that taunts her. Left hand green. It made her blood run cold as she looked around the game. Nia was wrapped around Kelly on the blues and reds both a giggling fit. Kara was to her left, balancing on foot on the blue beside her ankle while her hands were braced on the green and the yellow. The only reachable green dot for her left hand was under Kara, who was sharing her bed every night and now looking at her with darkened eyes. 


"Left hand green, Mommy," Ellie repeats, pulling Lena from her thoughts as she nods before moving into position. At first, she tries to reach under Kara her back to the blonde's face before realising she was of course too short to reach. With a slight huff, she turns so she's in an odd crab crouch, her abdomen protesting at the effort to hold herself up but also away from Kara. Who is making it look far too easy in her sweater that's rolled to her elbows showing off far too much muscle. It’s painful the way Kara looks at her with ease as her muscles protest.  


"You ok?" Kara asks quietly, a small smirk dancing on her lips and Lena wants nothing more than to kiss it off the stupid arrogant Kryptonian’s face because Kara is enjoying this far too much. Lena nods as her muscles scream at her. She finds a position that could be comfortable she thinks as she relaxes. It doesn't work, her hand slips and Lena prepares for the fall, and the teasing from the group at her incompetence. But it never comes, instead, she hears the soft thump of multiple bodies as strong familiar arms wrap around her waist, followed by happy squeals and chuckles of those around them.


"God Kara," Lena hears Alex groans, who has had to watch as her friends, who had been unknowingly supported by Kara's super strength, collapse in a heap when Kara reaches out to catch Lena from falling. 


Lena blinks, her mind blanking, as she stares into Kara's blue eyes, the heat that's always there, filling her senses. Clearing her throat, she removes herself from the tangle of limbs, needing to hide the colouring of her cheeks, both from the group's disappointed teasing and Kara's proximity. 


"Sorry," Kara says, ducking her head at Nia's playful barb about needing to keep Lena safe.


"I'm going to get some wine," Lena mumbles, excusing herself, feeling like the fool that needs constant saving once again. She faces away, her back to her guests. Silently cursing her foolishness. 


Kara watches as Lena leaves and see the way Lena blush moves up to her cheeks from her chest. Listening to the erratic beat of Lena’s heart.  Kara can hear it like a drum pulsing through the room. It makes her want to grin at pulling the reaction from Lena.


"Why don't we play Pictionary?" Eliza suggests keeping the evening light and Kara can see her adoptive mother glancing Lena’s way. 


"I want Papa!" Ellie announces loudly making them all chuckle as she runs to J'onn's side. 


"Well, I would be honoured, Miss Ellie," J'onn grins, lifting Ellie up and settling her comfortably on his hip.  


It almost brings tears to Kara's eyes as she realises that this is Ellie's life, happy family memories of J'onn and Eliza being there. Her eye’s stray around the room wondering how different Ellie's life was in the future. Did she go to the park with Kelly and Vi, or have sleepovers with Nia and Nathan? And what were they like? Did she go to Eliza's for Thanksgiving and Christmas? Did she play video games with Brainy or listen as J'onn told her stories of Mars? Did she play doctors with Alex? Her eyes land on Lena who nurses her glass as she watches the scene also. Is Lena wondering this too? Kara ponders. Has Lena wondered about the pain the possibility of Ellie leaving would cause? The two had a bond that Kara couldn't describe, the way Ellie looked to Lena for everything, every praise, every request, even now with Kara being back in her life for over a month she looks to Lena more. 


"You ok?" Kara turns as Nia steps up beside her. 


"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine," Kara nods and Nia's eyes crinkle as she tries to hold back the smile. 


"It must be hard," Nia says quietly. "Having a kid from the future." 


Kara turns with a frown but Nia taps her temple. "It’s hard to miss a kid suddenly calling Lena Mommy and you Jeju. I asked Brainy what it means." 


Kara scoffs with a shake of her head, "Some excellent secret agent he is." 


"Don't be angry at him," Nia pleads. "He hasn't been himself since Ellie turned up. He’s been distant, withdrawn. I just wished he’d talk to us more about what’s going on inside that big head of his. " 


"He thinks he shot Lena," Kara whispers. "Future Lena." 


Nia chews her lips letting out a slow breath, "Yeah, he keeps stuttering about fault and algorithms. He’s been better since J’onn put the freeze on the memories."


“Good,” Kara mutters, “We’ve all been worried about him. Have you had any premonitions?" Kara asks but Nia is quick to dismiss the idea. 


"I tried. The furthest I could get is two months from now." 


"And?" Kara asks eagerly.


"We have brunch at Noonans," Nia shrugs and Kara deflates. "It's not exactly a fixed science." 


"It's ok, at least you tried," Kara reassures. Nia nods as she glances back at Lena and asks, "How's it been going here?" 


"It's… It’s really great, Nia," Kara whispers, and she’s never felt more elated at the prospect of her future. 


“But?” Nia prompts because there’s always a but. 


“I keep waiting for the other foot to drop, it’s all just too good,” Kara admits quietly. 


Nia gives a warm and understanding smile, “Can you really live like that though?” Nia asks. “Isn’t it worth just enjoying life and family as we have it?” 


“Since when did you become the wise one?” Kara teases and Nia gives a short laugh. “How is it going with Brainy?” 


“We’ve been talking,” Nia admits quietly, chewing her lip with a small hopeful smile and Kara matches her expression.


“That’s good,” Kara enthuses, squeezing her arm gently and Nia gives a bashful grin as they turn back to the room. 


Kara watches as Lena stands talking with Alex and the unrestrained way she laughs at something Alex has said. It makes her stomach do the loving twist she’s learned happens when she sees Lena interacting with her family. How she’s slowly fitting back in, all while Ellie is making an Ellie sized hole in everyone's lives. Like she was meant to belong. And it makes her grin even harder when Ellie shrinks into Lena when Brainy approaches. It’s almost too easy when Lena lifts her, holding her close and whispering soothing words that anyone watching would see this was the life Lena deserved. The one with her family. It’s relieving watching Lena soothe Ellie until she slowly nods in Brainy's direction and the toddler has an understanding with the Coluan. Whiplash is the only term for it when Ellie excitedly announces Pictionary teams and she finds herself in a team with Lena. The knowing look Lena sends her makes Kara’s heart flutter in a way that reminds her this is her life, this is the future she has always wanted. 


“What do you mean Aunt Alex and I can’t be on the same team?” Kara asks overly dramatic as she and Nia move across the room. 


“Because it’s cheating,” Ellie says before turning her small hands on her hips. “And Aunt Nia’s not allowed powers.” 


“Since when did she become a dictator?” Kara asks quietly, earning an elbow in the ribs from Lena who tries desperately to hide her grin. 


“Nanny’s first,” Ellie declares and Kara swears she hears Alex sigh heavily who is also on her mother's team. 


It goes as well as to be expected. They get three points and Alex is nearly on her fourth glass of wine when Kelly decides to hide the bottle. Kelly and Brainy are next and despite Kelly's best efforts, the woman can't make out a single thing that Brainy has from his round. Kara and Lena are next, and all eyes turn to Lena to stand who stares wide eyed. 


"Mommy, your turn," Ellie announces with a wide grin and Lena gives a shaky nod. Lena stands trying to wipe her clammy palms on her jeans as she turns and taking the small slip of paper causing her stomach to fill with dread. She has no idea what the film is about. She mimics with a thumb across her throat and she slaps her palms together with a thud trying to symbolise the hard. Kara makes a handful of guesses and the timmer eventually runs out. 


"Die Hard!" Kara shouts standing her hands running through her hair. "Really Lena? Die Hard! We've watched it like ten times."


"I-I'm sorry, it wasn't the most compelling of movies, Kara," Lena chuckles, moving to sit down. 


"Die Hard is arguably the best Christmas film of all time," Nia argues. 


"It's not a Christmas film" J'onn argues and before any of them realise they're all bickering about the film. Lena has to laugh at the antics, a sense of melancholy washing over her. She looks over to Ellie who stands with a pout on her face. 


"You ok, El?" Lena asks softly and the toddler shuffles closer. She leans on Lena's legs, her fingers fidgeting nervously. 


“Loud,” Ellie mutters as she rubs her eyes. It prompts Lena to glance at her watch as Nia and Brainy get another three points. It makes Lena pale as she pulls Ellie into her lap. Lena hums softly rocking her and it's enough to alter Kara who moves across the room crouching in front of her and they share a look. 


“Looks like it’s bedtime,” Alex chuckles lightly into her beer bottle. 


“No, no bed,” Ellie pouts and Lena rubs her back soothingly. 


“Even superheroes need their sleep,” Kara says softly as the room goes about their conversations. Ellie grumbles but Lena stands with her. 


“I’ll put her to bed,” She says and cuts Kara’s protest off with a smile, and they share a look before Lena takes Ellie to bed. The toddlers' protests and frustrated huffs and groans are met with Lena’s soft assurances. The games stop now that Ellie is out the room, gentle discussion filling it’s place and by the time Lena returns weary and tired only Alex, Kelly, Nia and Brainy there,  jackets in hand, preparing to leave. 


"We didn’t want to go without saying good night," Kelly says, her hand in Alex's. 


"And thank you for having us," Alex says.


Nia looks to Brainy. After a soft elbow, the Coluan grimaces, "Yes, thank you." Brainy gives a tight smile, his expression faltering as he looks to the hallway. "May I speak with you?" Brainy asks Lena softly. Lena gestures to the back of the room. The levels of awkwardness reaching new highs. 


"I would never intentionally hurt you Lena and I am sorry if I was the cause of young Eliza's distress," Brainy's brow furrows as he looks away from his friend, the doubt in his mind has Lena reaching and gently squeezing his wrist. 


"It wasn't you, Brainy," Lena reassures making him look up. "Ellie will understand that with time."


"I hope so," Brainy muses before looking back and Lena watches Nia and him share a look that feels all too familiar. 


"You should talk to her," Lena mutters as Kara laughs loudly at something Alex has said and Brainy hums non committedly. 


"Did that work for you?" He asks with a teasing smirk. 


"So it took a little longer than anyone would have liked," Lena begins to protest but Brainy scoffs. "What?" 


"It took four years too long," Brainy grins before turning back to the group. "Thank you, Lena." 


"I'm still your friend," Lena reassures him as she follows them to the door. They wave their goodbyes and as the door shuts, Lena turns to find Kara watching her. 


Quirking a brow in question Kara chuckles, "That could have gone worse." 


"It wasn't terrible, I'll give you that," Lena muses as she begins slowly tidying the apartment. Kara follows silently. 


Eventually, she breaks the silence, "Nia's trying to talk to Brainy." 


"I told him the same thing," Lena admits as she corks the bottle of wine. She watches for a moment as Kara moves around the room, lost in her own thoughts. 


"I wish it hadn't taken till Ellie got here to realise how I felt," Kara mutters quietly as she moves around the room. It makes Lena stop what she's doing and look up, meeting reminiscent blue eyes. 


"We were both blind for a long time, Kara," Lena whispers as Kara moves closer. Kara's arms slowly encircle her waist as she clenches her jaw and Lena knows Kara's internal battle when she sees it. Reaching up, she places her hand over Kara's heart. She can feel it thrum under her palm and a small smile dances on the corner of her lips. "I don't want us to keep dwelling on the past," Lena whispers, as she thinks of their future. How their life could be? Where would they go? What they would do? 


Kara's head dips resting against her own and Lena can see the light in her eyes, no longer plagued with the latest pains of saving the world. "Then let's move forward. Together." 



Lena could not be late, she could 100% unequivocally not be late. She had made every promise she could, pinky promises, swearing on Earl the Seal and Hopper the Rabbit. Besides Lena Luthor was never late, everyone else was simply early or had misread the meeting invite. But the little white letters on the screen blink tauntingly up at her. She grits her teeth harder and tightens her grip on the steering wheel as the time rolls past the hour. She was late and as the light turns to green, her foot hits the floor of the car. She can hear Kara's overprotective voice in her mind. Slow down, or it's ok to be a few minutes late . Your life isn't worth it. But she had made Ellie a promise, and Lena Luthor keeps her promises. She comes screeching to a halt outside the large white building and not even the parking warden dares question the icy look she gives him as she runs up the steps and into the building. She finds Ms Calloway standing at reception looking far too perky for a Friday evening. 


"Ms Luthor," The woman greets chirpily. 


"I'm so sorry I'm late, I had a business meeting with our Tokyo office and it ran on but I'm here and if Ellie is ready then-" 


"Mr Luthor, please," Ms Calloway says quickly, her brows knitting in concern. "Your assistant picked Ellie up on time." 


Lena's blood runs cold as she takes in the words. "My-My assistant?" 


"Yes, a Ms. Thorul?" Ms Calloway says checking the list. "She's on the approved-" 


But Lena doesn't stop to listen as she runs from the building. Her heart hammers in her throat as a wave of nausea overcomes her. She can do this, she can find her. Standing on the front steps she looks desperately up and down the street. Nothing, no car, no people, no sign of Ellie. A desolate street.


"Kara," Lena breathes as panic clenches in her chest. "KARA!"


She presses the watch and Lena hears the sonic boom from across the city. In a flash of blue Kara stands before her, eyes wide as Lena barely controls her breathing.


"Someone took her," Lena says, barely able to hold her emotions in check. "Someone took Ellie."


Kara's face hardens as she looks around the street, her fists clenched tightly. “Alex.”


Lena doesn’t hear the response, but Kara is already leading her to the car in a rush and Lena can see the anger and rage filling her face, "Kara I-"


“Stay here, I’ll find her.” Kara orders as she steps away from and Lena feels even sicker. She had one job, one thing she had to do. To keep Ellie safe.


“Kara,” Lena tugs the blonde back before she can speed off. "I-"


“I’ll find her, Lena. I promise.” Kara's words are firm and sure and she leaps off with a thunderous clap. Moments later tires screech on the tarmac and Lena turns to find Alex on her motorbike.


"Get on." Lena catches the tossed helmet and yanking it over her head, while quickly striding the seat and placing a firm grip around Alex’s waist. The squeal of rubber sounds and soon they are weaving through the city.


"Kara, anything?" Alex's voice fills her ears through the integrated comms.


"Nothing yet, I'm going to head north, see what I can find. They won't have gotten far," Kara's tone seethes with rage. Lena squeezes her eyes shut as she tries to control her emotions and file Kara's anger and disappointment away until Ellie was home. Alex stops the bike and leads her into the Tower. It doesn't sit well the way Alex walks in, her jaw set and clenching with fury eyes sharp and determined.


"Alex, Lena," J'onn greets them with a knowing head tilt. "Kara's filled me in and I'm doing a psychic scan of the city but I can't find anything regarding Ellie."


"They know, Lex'll know," Lena mutters to herself as she connects dots. "They'll have a psychic block, look for Ellie."


J'onn sighs heavily, "Because of her Kryptonian DNA I won't be able to read her mind," J'onn admits humbly.


"But you can scan for her emotions," Lena corrects.


"I'll try." J'onn's face pinches in concentration as he focuses his search. Lena finds herself sharing a long worried look with Alex. The older woman is still unable to school her features.


"I think I have something," J'onn whispers before giving Kara the coordinates.


"You can't read Ellie's mind," Alex says in confusion but J'onn shakes his head heavily. 


"No, but there's a heightened fear response about twenty miles north of National City." 


Lena spins at the sound of Kara landing on the Tower’s balcony. Her eyes glow red as she walks in, her jaw set tight and her fist is clenched around the shirt of the man she drags in kicking behind her. Lena's heart stops at the sight of the small blonde curled in Kara's arms. Her head tucked tightly under Kara's chin, hiding away from the world. Lena looks up to Kara, her legs moving unconsciously as Kara drops the man on the floor roughly, her eyes still glowing as she tries to contain her anger and rage. Approaching Kara, glowing eyes fall on her and it makes Lena stop. 


"Can you take her?" Kara's voice is rough and vibrating from her anger. Gently Lena lifts Ellie from her arms holding her close. There's a soft sniffle into her shoulder.


"You're ok, we have you," Lena whispers, tightening her embrace and Ellie sniffles loudly as Lena rubs her back slowly before turning back to Kara who is standing over the man lying on the floor groaning. 


"Where is Lex?" Kara growls, her fists practically vibrating with rage. 


"Be careful, Supergirl," Alex warns gently but the Kryptonian firmly shakes her head. 


"He deserves it. The pain she was in." 


"He was likely coerced," J'onn adds softly, trying to calm Kara in some way. 


"Jeju, no," The small voice from Lena's shoulder pipes in and they all turn to Ellie who is rubbing her wet eyes. 


Lena watches as Kara's eyes soften, their bright amber diminishing until the blue stares back at her. Kara looks back to J'onn and her sister and the pair nod as Kara moves slowly across the room taking Lena into her arms. Ellie snuggles closer, her sniffles subsiding. Lena looks up into Kara's eyes that are watching her closely. 


"I'm so sorry, Kara," Lena whispers but Kara is already shaking her head. 


"It wasn't your fault. They hacked the school’s system. That means they know. Lex knows about her. About us," Kara whispers, her jaw tensing and untensing as Lena looks to the fallen figure. 


"He's not going to touch her," Lena hisses under her breath and Kara's head dips. The strong set of her jaw and the fire in her eyes tells Lena no one would touch their new found family. That she would do anything to protect her, just like her future self had done. 


Lena stiffens as a sound that can only be described as that of a jet engine that fills the Tower and Kara turns shielding them from the increasing noise. Alex and J'onn turn wide eyed, as the familiar ship expands within the Tower. 


"Is that?" J'onn begins. 


"It's the Legion ship," Kara mutters in disbelief turning back to Lena. Her expression changing from disbelief to worry as the door slides open. Three shadows appearing in the doorway and as one steps out Lena's gut twists in a familiar sense of dread. 


Alex's voice breaks her gaze as the broad figure steps from the ship, "Mon-El?" 


"We've come to save the future." 

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Chapter Text

We've come to save the future."


It's funny, Lena thinks. The human mind has a distinct way of compartmentalising trauma. Lena isn't a stranger to compartmentalizing, in fact, she considers herself an expert at it. But the sight of Mon-El standing in front of them, hands on his hips, makes her stomach drop and bile rise in her throat. 


"Sorry, for just dropping in on you guys," Winn's voice breaks through and there's a faint sense of relief at the sight of the shorter man. Alex is the first to embrace him and then J'onn before they turn to Kara. Lena follows the line of sight and she can see Kara's jaw working. 


"I know it's taken us a while to make it here, to explain," Mon-El explains, stepping closer to Kara who nods, placing her hands on her hips. 


"Right, of course," Kara says before looking at Lena who's jaw clenches popping her cheek in the process. The soft clearing of a throat makes her look to Imra who is stepping away from both men. 


"This must be Ellie, I've heard quite a lot about you," Imra greets, in a friendly airy tone, stepping closer. Unconsciously, Lena tightens her grip on Ellie and Imra gives a reassuring smile. Her eyes warm and open as she says softly so only Lena can hear, "Nothings going to happen to her, I promise." 


It doesn’t stop the dread filling her as she watches the Legion look between each other. 


"We have a lot to talk about," Mon El's says, his face solemn in a way that rattles her. The last time he looked like this was with Reign, when the end of the world was upon them. 


"Let me take Ellie, so you can all talk privately," Alex offers, holding her hands out causing Lena to unconsciously stiffen when Alex moves closer. 


"We're going to be downstairs, and look at the cool martian books J'onn has, maybe we’ll learn how to read minds" Alex explains, first to Lena, before looking at Ellie. "Sound fun?" 


Ellie looks to Lena her green eyes wide with unspoken questions. Lena strains to smile casually, trying to keep her worry from her features. Ellie’s brow crinkles scrutinizing her face before nodding. 


"I'll be right here," Lena whispers, reluctantly releasing Ellie into Alex's arms. Ellie looks to Kara for confirmation and when the blonde gives a short nod she settles, reluctantly, into Alex's grip. 


Silently they watch as Alex carries Ellie from the room, and J'onn follows to give them privacy. Lena watches as Kara grits her jaw and churns as she thinks, her anger barely subsiding as she stares at the floor, her hands on her hips. As soon as the elevator doors click shut Winn is moving into the centre of the room, his arms swinging trying to ease the awkward silence that fills the room. 


"So, how's it been?" 


"Why did it take so long?" Kara asks, glowering at Mon-El whose own jaw is set. The anger radiating off of her is palpable. 


"It took us a while to pinpoint exactly what had happened, to find out exactly where we were going," Mon-El says his eyes watching Kara closely. 


"Why? Surely, you must have known what had happened?" Kara questions are rushed as she tries to find a flaw in his story. 


"We didn't Kara," Winn interjects, his tone honest as he looks at her, his eyes wide and Lena knows the look too well. She’s seen it before on Kara’s face. "One minute I was at home with my wife and kids and the next I was in a fiery hell."  


"What do you know so far?" Mon-El asks, his dark brown eyes looking between Lena and Kara. Lena watches as Kara paces in long strides around the room before shaking her head and looking back at him, a heavy sigh falling from her lips. 


"That Ellie is from the future, we assume. I'm dead and Lena was badly injured. That someone was after them," Kara explains solemnly. 


“We have a date and Kara’s necklace and that’s it,” Lena adds, sharing a determined look with Kara as blue eyes meet her own before they look back at the Legion. The tower is filled with silence. As the three Legion share a look between themselves adding a heaviness to the already troublesome situation. 


"It's more than that," Imra begins softly, finally breaking the silence "We can only tell you so much. But it was more, so much more. Enough to change an entire timeline in a blink." 


"But how can the future just change?" Kara asks, her brow furrowed deep and Lena can see the pain etching over her face. “And how are none of you affected?” 


"You know it changes constantly, the future isn’t set, Kara, but it has never changed at such an exponential rate. Normally the ship picks up these changes in timeline trajectory so we can adapt and make changes to our lives that we’re used to but this wasn't the case. It was gone in a second," Mon-El says with a weighted look. “We barely caught it, if it wasn’t for our rings, we wouldn’t be here.” Lena can see the silent conversation between the Daxamite and Kryptonian but Kara's already turning to shake her head to walk away. 


"She is from the future, Kara," Mon-El’s brow furrows deeply as he confirms what they have been dreading to hear. "She doesn't belong here." His voice softens as the words puncture Lena's heart. 


"How long?" Lena asks, managing to school her features enough to hide the pain she's suffering from within. "How long into the future does Ellie exist?" 


"Ten years, two months and forty-eight hours," Winn says slowly and every word is a stab in Lena’s chest, creating a wound that’s a reminder that Ellie isn’t theirs. At least not yet. She’d for her and Kara to have another life with. Lena looks up to meet Kara’s mournful gaze and Lena tries to keep the tears from welling in her eyes but then Kara shaking her head moving around the room. 


"It's ten years Mon-El," Kara hisses in fury. "Ten years is nothing, especially if she was meant to exist. If she was always meant to happen." 


"Ten years is a lot, Kara," Mon-el explains, in an almost frantic tone, his face contorting in irritation. "The future is gone, Kara, we barely made it out alive."


"She has to go back to her time," Imra says quietly, her features solemn as she looks at Lena. 


It should make Lena angry, it should make her furious at the notion of Ellie leaving but Kara’s anger is enough for all of them, shaking her head a heavy sigh falling from her as she rubs her chin. 


"You're wrong, I'm going to fix this," Kara says resolutely, spinning on her heels and turning from the room. 


"Kara," Lena calls but the Kryptonian is gone. 


"Winn and I will go find her," Imra says softly, smiling before Lena can protest. As soon as the door is shut Lena sighs, pinching the bridge of her nose. She opens her eyes to find Mon-El watching her closely. 


"She's grown close to Ellie," Lena explains trying to hide the pain she feels, brown eyes watch her closely and it makes her feel anxious to be alone with the Daxamite. But Mon-El smiles warmly as he folds his arms over his chest.  


"I don't think Kara's the only one that has," he says knowingly. it makes Lena stutter before biting her lip. He’s not wrong. And he’s here. The hatred of Ellie leaving would mean she would go back to a time when she didn’t have a family, and potentially didn’t have Kara. 


"It's been a long month," Lena says with a tight smile and dismissive shrug. Mon-El hums in agreement as he steps up beside her. 


"You know she'll listen to you about this," Mon-El says quietly and Lena nods, tears pricking at her eyes. 


"There's no other way?" Lena asks but Mon-El’s furrowed brow and pursed lips tell her everything. 


"Unless that amazing brain of yours can come up with one, no," His whisper is enough for her to look away. It doesn’t stop her mind racing though. How did Ellie come to be? How did she become this future that Lena now desperately wanted?  


"I'll need to know the whole picture, and Kara too," Lena says firmly, Mon-El’s about to protest but she cuts him off. “We deserve to.”


Mon-El grits his teeth before giving a curt nod. “I can do that. Tell me, how has she been?"  


It makes the anger she had managed to subside flare to the top. He doesn’t deserve to know how much Kara’s changed from the dowy eyed woman he met four years ago. How she’s grown into such a strong person without him. “She's had to become a mother to a child she didn't think she could have, from a future she didn't know was possible. She's doing the best she can," Lena explains in a clipped tone, before softening. "We both have."


"She used to talk about it all the time when we were together like it was a possibility but we both knew it wasn't," Mon-El explains. "It's the one thing she hated about this planet the most," he smiles knowingly. “It didn’t stop her hoping though.” 


"This was her chance Mon-El." Lena admits, she’s silent about her own desire. “You’re taking it away from her.” From us. 


"She can still have that future, Lena," Mon-El says, his eyes thoughtful. "You know it's a possibility, and I don't just mean for Kara." 


"You honestly believe Kara would want this with me?" Lena sighs. “After everything, and then I’m just going to let Ellie go back to the future. I’m going to give up her family.” 


"Hasn't this past month proved that she would want this with you?" He counters, daring her silently to disagree. “And you don’t sound like you want to give this up.”  


“Of course I don’t want to give this up,” Lena spits. “I love her, I love everything that’s happened since Ellie walked through that portal. But I am not going to let the world die because of my selfish acts, not again.”


“My mother manipulated you, Lena, you can’t hate yourself for that.”


But Lena shakes her head looking away, she swipes at the tears falling on her cheek and taking a sharp breath. She doesn’t want her life to change. She wants to be there picking Ellie up from school to listen to the toddler's day and help her with her homework. She wants to lounge in Kara’s arms as they sit with and listen to Ellie tell them of the masterminded plot she’s going to solve against Hopper and Earl. She wants Kara. She wants her family. 


“You and Kara are a team, Lena, you don’t have to worry about surviving Ellie leaving. You are meant to be together.” 


“Says who?” Lena asks rounding on the Daxamite. “Who decided I had to go through this godforsaken pain of all of this? I have been duped into believing someone loved me, that I can be a good mother. Now, I’m going to have to give it all up to save the world once again. Not only am I giving up the most important thing that’s come into my life but I’ll have to give up Kara too. I’m going to break her heart all over again, Mon-El.”  


Mon-El regards her for a long moment, his piercing gaze judging. Eventually, he asks, "Do you remember when you called about going to dinner?" 


"What are you talking about?" Lena asks with narrow eyes as she turns away from him. 


"You were uh, going to dinner with Jack Sphere, you called asking Kara to talk you out of it," Mon-El says. "I remember telling Kara and she immediately jumped to save you, even though that wasn't what you were looking for. She dragged me to dinner and I didn't really understand earth customs then but I do now, and I know that she wasn't interested in saving you from dinner, she just didn't want you to go to dinner with him." 


"What're you getting at Mon-El?" 


"And I remember when everyone was against you," Mon-El continues ignoring her confusion, his tone warm and thoughtful causing Lena’s chest to aches, not wanting him to say the truth that she knows is there. "Kara was there for you, always. Kara’s been by your side since you first knew each other, she loves you so much that it consumes her Lena." 


"That isn't fair," Lena says, her voice cracking horribly as she does. "You don't get to make it hurt more.” 


“You know it’s going to hurt no matter what happens,” Mon-El says wisely. 


“I need to know why my future self would do this. Why would I do this to myself?” Lena whispers looking up at Mon-El.


"I'll show your future," Mon-El says, his lips thinning. "But it's going to hurt, it's going to hurt a lot." 


"Do it." 

Kara has never run away from a fight but she wants nothing more than to run away from them now. To hide away from the world. To scream at it all. She barely makes it down the stairs before she screams. Her anger and rage fill her as the heat from her eyes explode onto the wall. 




She crumbles to the stairs beneath her hands in her head. Her chest tightening as the world spins around her. "It's ok," Winn's voice is filling her ears but Kara can't do anything, she can't breathe, she can't centre herself. She's aware of him talking and then Alex is there in front of her. Slowly reciting the constellations like they had when she was a teenager. Soothing her, bringing her back to centre but then the anger returns and she meets her sisters worried eyes. 


"What happened?" Alex asks, her voice laced with concern.


"He's taking Ellie back to the future," Kara says, looking away bitterly. 


"Like hell, he is," Alex growls looking at Winn. 


"To help preserve the time-" 


"Winn, I swear to god-" 


"Alex, it's for the preservation of-" Imra tries to jump in only to be silenced by the Director of the DEO. 


"You. Stop talking." Alex says with a glare holding a single finger up before pointing at Winn. "Start talking. Fast." 


"The future timeline has been altered so heavily that it was unrecognisable, everything we knew was gone," Winn explains quickly. 


"Why?" Kara asks. "What happened that was so cataclysmic that you have to take Ellie back?" 


"And we don't even know if it's safe for her," Alex adds as both Danvers sisters look between Imra and Winn. 


"It's complicated," Imra says as she looks to Winn. 


"So explain it," Alex growls, stepping closer to Winn who shrinks slightly. 


"I-I can't. If we're going to show anyone the future, it can only be Kara and Lena," Winn stutters. 


"Why can't I see it?" Alex scoffs looking at Kara with an 'Are they serious?' expression.


"Because Ellie is directly intertwined with Kara and Lena’s future. You have multiple options still open to you. By showing you the future you would no longer be impartial to take any choice you wish," Imra explains tentatively.


"Show it to me, I want to know what happens," Kara demands placing her hand on her hips.

Lena is thankful when Kara returns, her jaw set but her eyes soften when they meet Lena’s. “I want to see, I want to know what happens,” Kara tells Mon-El, who nods solemnly before looking at Alex. 


“Sorry Alex, you can’t know, if you did it would cause too many disruptions.” 


“I’m going to look after Ellie, leave you all to talk,” Alex mutters with narrowed eyes at Mon-El before tightly embracing Kara. The sisters share a reassuring look and when Alex has gone the Legion turn to Kara and Lena. 


"We only have certain memories because of the data but we can show you most of your relationship. Where would you like to start?" Imra asks softly and Lena looks to Kara whose jaw clenched tightly. 


"At the beginning," Kara demands with a sharp nod. “I want to know how it all began, not just Ellie, Lena and I. All of it.” 


Stepping in closer to Kara, Lena nods as blue eyes look to her silently for agreement. She nods and she finds a firm hand in her own, the comfort radiating from Kara’s tight grip the only comfort to her heart slowly breaking. 


“You remember the crown,” Imra asks, holding up the small device. “It had helped Brainy tap into Kara’s consciousness to pull her out of the coma or when you and Kara travelled into the psychic realm as you did to defeat Reign,” Imra explains softly. “This is what we’ll use to show you the past.” 


“How will it work?” Lena wonders looking the devices over when they’re handed to them. 


“It’ll be much like entering Reign’s physic realm. It’ll feel like you’re falling. Then you’ll be there in the scene but as an outsider looking in,,” Mon-El explains before he clenches his jaw tightly, his eyes dancing over Imra and Winn, his stance is clear to Lena as he folds his arms over his chest. 


“You’ll see yourselves but it’ll be different. You won’t be able to interact and they won’t be able to hear you,” Imra says looking at Mon-El. 


“I can go in with you and explain what’s going on. It can be a bit jarring at first,” Winn offers considerately. 


“Thanks,” Lena answers after she and Kara share a look.“We want to know,” Lena whispers and blue eyes look resolutely at Winn.  


It takes minutes to set it all up and as Kara and Lena sit in the leather chairs. Blue eyes meet green and Lena’s never felt such conflicting emotions. Part of her wants a family, she wants Kara, wants nothing more than for the problems of the future to disappear but she also wants to know, she wants to know every detail about her future, the innate human curiosity. 


“It’ll be fine, I promise,” Kara whispers and Lena finds herself nodding, the feeling of unease rising in her stomach makes her doubtful that after watching this there was no going back. Lying back Winn gives Mon-El the go ahead to initiate and Lena feels like she's falling into a dream. It makes her mind spin and slowly she blinks her eyes open until she's stood in Kara's apartment, Karas beside her with Winn. They both turn with a heavy frown as they look around. It looks exactly as it did now. 


"When is this?" Kara asks looking around with wide eyes. 


"You were meant to defeat Leviathan two weeks after Ellie unexpectedly arrived. This is six months after that," Winn explains and Lena watches as her futurself helps tidy the mess of Kara's apartment as the Kryptonian finishes a potsticker. 


“Did we?” Kara asks as she walks around her otherself sitting on the couch. “Defeat Leviathan?” 


“Oh yeah, you found Brainy and he told you where Lex was, trying to turn the sun red or something again,” Winn waves off. “It doesn’t really matter but that’s what he was up to and you guys stopped him.” 


Their future-selves move and it makes her Kara jump away from her other-self when she almost reaches through her. 


" You don't have to do that ," Kara chides but Lena only waves her off. 


" It's the least I can do ," It jars Lena how soft and tentative her voice is as she speaks and she realises she must still be walking on eggshells. 


" Thank you for coming tonight Lena, I know it can't be easy ," Kara's futureself says and it's a strange experience, Lena thinks. Watching Kara say these things and it makes her look at her Kara who is standing beside her shuffling uncomfortably. 


" Thank you for giving me the chance again, Kara, I know I don't deserve your trust ," Lena's face is dipped away from Kara but Lena can see the emotion her otherself is trying to hide, one she's hidden for a long time. 


" It's the past, we've moved on right ?" Kara says with a lopsided grin and Lena finds herself looking at her Kara as Winn's trying to hide his smirk. 


"Are we that obvious?" Lena asks and Winn chuckles. 


"Oh yeah, it's sickening how into each other you are when you're so oblivious," Winn chuckles and Lena watches as her other-self and Kara dance around one another. It's obvious from the way she looks at Kara and she had always thought she'd had a good poker face, one that she had hidden away but here she was practically tripping over herself as she blushes and stumbles over Kara's kind words. Kara, who is equally blushing and looking away. It makes her look to her Kara who is equally uncomfortable in the scene. 


"It's not always like this," Her Kara tries to protest but Winn scoffs. 


"Oh really?" He asks, “Do you want to tell that to my computer screen that you put your fist through that time-" 


"That was an accident, Cadmus were framing Lena!" Kara says, gesturing indignantly and it cements Winn's point even further. 


It's sickening to Lena as watches their other-selves hug goodnight and have it last just a little too long, only for Lena to play with her phone, trying desperately to prolong the time alone and not to leave. The way she had done so often in the past. 


"Do you need to see more of the mutual pining or-" 


"We're good," Lena cuts him off as she feels her cheeks heating up. Winn chuckles as Lena looks up a Kara who is equally blushing. It’s embarrassing how obvious they are and maybe she had been an idiot for five years, and had thought she’d been hiding it well but the look on her otherselfs face said otherwise. She’s about to ask how they can get the memory to change when the floor rumbles beneath her and she stumbles forward, lurching as Kara grabs her to steady her. 


"What's going on, Winn?" Kara asks as they look at him. 


"It's the memory shifting, don't worry." He tells them but then the apartment has changed. And they're in Lena's apartment, future Kara's standing leaning over the balcony. Lena looks over and she frowns at the date on the tablet. 


"It's six months after the first memory," Winn informs them quietly from his position. As the group moves to stand near the island in the kitchen to get a better view. Carefully watching the scene unfold before them.


" Kara ?" Future Lena's inquires in surprise, finding Kara there.


" I'm sorry, I- I didn't know where else to go ," The Kryptonians voice is low and defeated, lacking the hope that Lena's used to hearing. 


" You know you can always come here ," Lena whispers and they watch as she wraps her arms around the taller woman. 


" I just- I couldn't save them. I tried everything, Lena, and I couldn't do it ." 


" You did what you could. You can't be expected to save everyone in an impossible situation ," Lena's futureself whispers but Kara's shaking her head hunching over the balcony and they can see the railings crumbling in her hands. 


" The city hates me for not saving them. I just, I couldn't get there in time, I always try to do the right thing. With Lex, with Leviathan, with you ," Kara huffs, her head dropping down and they watch as Lena cups the Kryptonians cheek in her hand. 


" Kara, you did do the right thing. For all the reasons. You sacrifice yourself, your life every day for the good of this city. But you aren't a god. You are going to make mistakes. It's what makes. Well, it’s what makes us flawed. Both of us. You are so selfless but you’re not perfect. No one is. I should know ,” Lena laughs humourless at herself as she chews her lip. 


You’re perfect to me ,” Kara’s voice is soft and almost inaudible, but Lena can see her otherself blush at the admission. Feeling the sharp pain rise in her chest as she takes in those words.


Kara- ” 


You are ,” Kara says resolutely. “ You always have been to me. Since the moment I walked into your office with Clark. Humanity is flawed but it was what I loved about you, you made mistakes but you always fixed them, you always came through to help me. You were always there for me when I needed you, even more than Alex sometimes .” 


There’s a pause between them and Lena looks up to find Kara watching her, the same way her future self watched her otherself. With eyes bursting with hope and love. 


Her own voice startles her, “ You made the right decision Kara, you always make the right decision ,” Lena whispers as her thumb brushes Kara’s tears away. “ It’s one of the things I love about you. ” 


Lena's words hit home with herself in a way she didn't realise they would and she looks to her Kara as their futureselves close the distance between them. Lena doesn’t see the first kiss they were meant to share. She only sees Kara, standing with that look she’d always misread. 


"This is how we got together?" Kara asks softly as the memory fades. Her eyes brimming with emotion that Lena feels bubbling within herself. The longing, the want for the natural progression, that they never really had. Their situation was different. It was Ellie that had brought them together. 


Winn's head dips as he nods looking up, "You got married two years after this." He points up and flashes in the darkness appear. Kara takes her to watch the sunrise, a flash of a jewelled ring on her finger and a silver band decorating Kara’s wrist at a game night. They’re friends around them laughing. There's a flash of a wedding and Lena realises it isn’t their own. Kara’s standing in a bridesmaids dress and she’s giving a toast as Alex and Kelly sit close in white. Eliza’s there, her smile wider than Lena’s ever seen it and then J’onn’s carefully wiping his wet eyes from beside them but it’s herself in the scene that freezes her, it’s the way she’s looking at Kara like she’s everything and Kara is her everything. This was the life they were supposed to have had. But then there’s another flash and they’re sharing a secret kiss away from Alex and Kelly. 




 The scene changes again and suddenly the air is escaping from her lungs at the scene that fills the void in front of them. Kara’s standing on a beach in white dress as the sunlight casts over her and Lena’s never seen anything more beautiful but then her other-self joins, Kara intertwining their hands, a bright unfamiliar smile on her face. The tears she had been holding back spill over her cheeks and she swipes them away. It’s the wedding day she’ll never have. Lena watches it change as they stand under an altar, and it makes her heart skip a beat as Aluna reads from scripture in what Lena assumes is Kyrptionian, looking over she watches Kara's eye starts to glisten with tears as she mouths the words that Alura recites, before turning to look at Lena, her eyes soften at the words that hold so much meaning to Kara and she steps close to tightens her hold on Kara’s hand. The scene changes again and she can see Alex swiping at her cheeks, Kelly holding her closely and whispering softly in her ear. It slowly fades as Alura finishes talking and they share their first kiss, the glint of the silver band on Lena’s finger as she kisses Kara makes her chest ache with want, because she wants all of this with Kara. 


"What about Ellie?" Kara asks as the scene fades. “How did she come to be?” 


“We’re getting there,” Winn chuckles as the scene around them begins to form and Lena can feel Kara stiffen under her hands. The blonde’s brow furrows. 


“The DEO?” Kara asks and Winn gestures to the lab. The lab that they had been in months ago with Ellie. It’s cramped as they step inside. Alex is standing looking over lab machines with Lena as Kara leans against the bed and Lena can already feel the sinking feeling in her stomach before Alex starts talking. 


So, let me get this straight before we get into how biologically complex this could get ,” Alex begins earning a huff from Lena. “ You want to genetically engineer Kara’s egg and implant it into you so you can have a kid? ” 


That is the basic fundamentals of it, yes ,” Lena’s future self snarks irritably at her.


Can you do it ?” Kara asks from her position behind Lena. Alex looks at her sister with a pained look and it makes Lena’s stomach drop slightly. 


Science has come a long way that we can do that kind of thing with humans but you’re not human Kar ,” Alex explains softly looking between them. 


Nia- ” 


Nia isn’t Kryptonian, ” Alex cuts her off quickly. “ Naltorian DNA is far closer to humans than yours is. I just- I’m not sure.


So you can’t do it ?” Kara asks slowly, her jaw clenched tightly as other Lena reaches for the Kryptonian. It’s a simple gesture Lena’s seen throughout the memories so far. It’s only taking Kara’s hand but Lena can see the pattern her thumb follows over the back of Kara’s hand, a simple soothing motion she realises she’s done since she began holding Kara’s hand like this. 


I’m saying I can’t promise anything, ” Alex admits quietly. “And I might need Mom’s help.” 


The scene changes into an apartment Lena’s never seen. Decorated in an odd mix of the both of them. It’s soft and homely and she can see photos of herself and Kara decorating the apartment. Kara’s art hanging from the wall. She turns to find her futureself curled on a plush chair looking out onto the large balcony out the windows into nothingness. Lena can see the gesture that she makes now, her chin in the palm of her hand, her eyes glossed over as she thinks. Lena can only guess what her otherself is thinking. It makes Lena think about the changes she had gone through from when the memories had begun until now. How she had changed. After all, this wasn’t a life she had thought possible. She wasn’t supposed to have love or a family or a child she adored unconditionally. She looks to her Kara standing there with a furrowed brow and she realises it’s Kara that’s changed her, even in the space of a month Kara has changed her from a stern, cold CEO to a woman who watched trashy romantic comedies under a blanket while eating a carton of ice cream for dinner. 


Lena, ” Kara’s voice makes her turn to see Kara’s otherself walking towards Lena. It’s soft in the way that someone delivers terrible news. 


I don’t need to know Kara ,” Lena huffs. “ I know it didn’t work .” 


It’s still early, Eliza and Alex they’re still trying, ” Kara’s trying to sound hopeful but she can see the exhaustion etching over the Kryptonians face. She’s seen it before. 


It’s me, Kara, ” Lena says resentfully. Lena feels her Kara’s arms wrap around her waist and she looks over to see Kara watching the scene intently. She can feel the pain other Lena feels. “ I’m the reason it isn’t working. ” 


It’s not just you, they aren’t even sure they have the right DNA matrixes aligned and if the embryo’s- ” 


I know how it works ,” Lena snaps and red rimmed green eyes stare sharply at Kara. “ I’ve been watching my vitals for months, I can see how difficult it was going to be before we took my age and your DNA into account. Your DNA wasn’t designed to mix with mine, the allele’s from humans are weak, ” Lena exclaimed, her eyes bright with anger and pain. “ It’s not working, Kara. ” 


We can try -” 


God, Kara, stop it .” Lena shouts as she stands walking away from the crouched Kryptonian. “ Don’t you get it? This isn’t meant to happen. I’m not meant to have this family. I don’t get the perfect life. This is just another way the universe is telling us this. ” 


This is something we both want, we deserve to fight -” 


I am sick of fighting !” Lena screams and it makes her visiting self jump as Kara’s embrace tightens. “ I’m done. This is finished, we’re not doing it again. ” 


The memory changes and Lena stumbles as it shifts once more. They’re still in the apartment and she can hear the sniffles as her futureself nurses the scotch and wipes at her eyes. 


" You know the alcohol consumption won't help ," Alex's voice fills the apartment as the older Danvers walks to the CEO. 


" Fuck you Alex ," Lena mutters into the glass. 


" No thanks, " Alex chuckles, perching on the coffee tables across from her. 


" I thought you'd be with Kara ?" Lena asks looking down as she fidgets with the crystal glass in her hand. 


" I was, she's gone to take care of the Vermatarian protest or -" 


" She's gone to punch something, " Lena amends with an arched brow at the redhead. 


" Yeah, " Alex deflates instantly. " You know, this hurts her just as much as it does you, right ?" 


" She's not the one that's being a biological failure ," Lena sighs, worrying her jaw and Lena can feel the pain her futureself is feeling. She can see the way the vein in her head pulses as she tries to keep the emotions in check. 


" You know Kara's doesn't think that ," Alex argues but the withering look Lena sends her makes her jaw drop. " Lena, you know if Kara could do this she would ." 


Future Lena's sigh is heavy and drained. " Alex, I really don't want to think about this anymore, can you just leave so I can drink this bottle of scotch and not have to worry about how the one thing I thought I could give my wife I'm failing at.


Alex's lips purse standing, " You know, Kelly and I haven't heard back from the adoption agency ?" 


" What ?" Lena can see the heavy eye roll her future self does and it makes her stomach drop at how horrible she's being and how self absorbed. 


" We might not be getting a baby because of my job ," Alex explains as she lifts a crystal glass from the tray and pours herself a glass. "So how about I join you so  we can wallow about our failures together?


Alex raises her glass and Lena can see the small smile playing on her futureselves face as the glasses clink together. It's an understanding she had hoped they could one day reach. Getting back to the friendly bickering and the concerned glances for Kara's safety. 


"How much longer?" Comes Kara's strained voice from beside her and Lena turns to find Kara looking at Winn and she squeezes Kara reassuringly, reminding her that she still has her. She’s still there for her. 


"We get there," Lena reassures as Winn nods to the changed scene. 


"You were in so much pain," Kara whispers and Lena chews the inside of her lip as they take in the new scene. It's bright and Lena can hear birds chittering. An unfamiliar city looms over them and Lena's brow furrows. 


"Where are we?" 


"Argo," Kara answers as a blond head jerks in the opposite direction and Lena turns to watch as Future Kara walks slowly, a heavy blue cloak around her shoulder. Her lips pursed as she listens, the pain radiating through Lena as she listens to the words she speaks softly, " I don't know what more to do."  


" You must be patient ," Alura's warm voice speaks equally softly as they walk through the gardens. " This is a difficult path for both of you. One many couples face at the best of times but your situation is incredibly strained. You have the fragility of human life, the genetic disposition of inter species and of Earth's technology ."  


" You're talking about the birthing matrix ?" Kara's other self speaks slowly with narrow eyes. 


" It's an option Kara, you have told me that you yourself cannot take the time from Earth to remain here to carry the child. The matrix is the most logical path.


" No ," Kara’s futureself shakes her head heavily. " It's not the path we wish to take. I want Lena to have what she wants ." 


The statement resonates with Lena, a long held desire she's shared with no one. And she can feel her Kara's eyes on her. She's thankful when Alura continues talking, mainly so she doesn't have to explain her thoughts to Kara. 


" I understand, you knew when you began this path it would be difficult ," Alura says as they look up into the glow of the red sun. 


" I wish it didn't have to be this hard ," Kara admits but Alura is already smiling warmly. 


" Rao has a way of challenging even the mightiest of hearts ." 


They watch as Kara's brow furrows before looking up at Alura with wide eyes as every piece has clicked into place. " Thank you, Mother.


"What's happened?" Lena finds herself looking at Kara as the scene changes and she tugs Kara to look down at her but Kara is staring wide eyed at the scene. It's silent, in front of them, Kara's future self explaining something quickly to Lena in her office and she watches as realisation falls over her future self's face, tears welling in her eyes. There's a tight embrace as the scene changes back to Argo and Lena's struggling to keep up until she's stood in a strange lab. 


"What is this?" She asks and Kara smiles down at her. 


"When you input the two elements of DNA into the birthing matrix it creates an embryo similar to the way IVF works on earth," Kara explains as she clears her throat. "They must have taken the embryo before it goes into the birthing matrix and instead-" 


"Implanted into me," Lena whispers as she watches their futureselves talk quietly on the other side of the screen. She can see the tears in her eyes and Lena doesn't like it, how raw she is with emotion as they desperately try to have the family they both want that she and Kara currently have. The scene fades slowly and she blinks when Kara gently wipes the tears that are falling from her face.  


"How much more?" Lena asks softly as scenes begin flashing past. A pregnancy test, then ten, then so many Lena can't count. 


"There's still a fair bit to go," Winn says softly as the scene of an ultrasound flashes in front of them. A flash of Lena trying to still fit into the tight pencil skirts to go to L-Corp and Kara kissing her stomach. Both of them radiate warmth and love at the prospect of a family that would be taken from them. Stripped away because of a world ending foe that takes Kara from them. That forces her future self to say goodbye to the one thing she knows she so desperately wants. It's the flash of herself exhausted on a bed, tears streaking her face as Kara whispers words of comfort in her ear that break her. The love on her face as a baby is handed to her. 


"Stop," Lena says looking away. "I can't- I can't watch anymore." And suddenly the crushing pain in her chest doubles and she can't breathe properly, "Winn, get me out." 


Winn's there tapping her square between her brows and Lena lurches forward, air filling her lungs as she takes in the sight of the legion ship. 


"Lena, what is it? What happened?" Mon-El is by her side helping her and suddenly puzzles pieces that hadn't made sense, do. The resonant feelings she had experienced make her realise what she's been watching the whole time. 


"Don't," Lena sneers as he reaches for her. "Don't touch me." 


"Lena," Kara's there suddenly, pushing Mon-El from her side with a deep frown, concern filling her face. "It's alright just-" 


"It's my memories Kara," Lena hisses as she staggers from the chair, Kara helping her stand as her knees give out. "He's showing us my memories, the memories I could have had." 


Kara rounds on him with fury. Her eyes glowing as she’s barely able to contain the anger. 


"Kara, these are the only surviving thing from the future, you have to understand-" 


"Understand what?" Kara seethes but Lena's already walking from the Tower.

She needs space, she needs to breathe to think and as she steps into the elevator with Kara the Kryptonian is there. Her arms wrap tightly around her as she sobs into the blonde’s shoulder. The waves of fear, pain and nausea overcoming her as she realises Mon-El is right. Ellie doesn't belong here, she belongs with the people in the memories she has just watched. The family she should have built with Kara. With Alex, J'onn, Eliza, all of them. The family she so desperately wanted and the family Ellie deserved to have, not the broken jumbled one she had to put up with now. The pain of it all makes Lena ask the question as she pulls away looking up into pained blue eyes. 


"What are we going to do about Ellie?" 

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Chapter Text


"What are we going to do about Ellie?"  


Kara's brow is furrowed and her lips thin as she looks down at Lena. The fiery blue eyes watching her closely as she chews over a thought. "I don't know," Kara admits quietly as the elevator descends. "I want this so much, Lena," Kara whispers, it's so quiet that Lena almost doesn’t hear her. That if spoken too loud their family would disappear like smoke. 


"I do too," Lena says and feels the pain in the taller woman’s body as she holds Kara tightly. They break apart at the soft ding of the elevator and move into the lower levels of J'onn's building. 


"Mommy," Ellie's relieved call makes the unhappiness in her stomach fall away because Ellie is still here, still in their lives. Lena smiles, trying to contain her tears as Ellie squirms out of Alex's grasp and tears across the room and into Lena's arms. Lena lifts her, holding her close as Ellie tucks herself in beneath Lena’s chin.  Lena looks up into Kara's pained eyes who rests her hand on Ellie's back wrapping them tightly in her arms. Lena knows Kara's pain, it's the same pain she feels at the thought of giving up Ellie, dreading the possibility of having to break up this family unit. 


"What happened?" Alex asks softly as she stands and Lena can see how nervous even the Director of the DEO looks. To a stranger, she would look fine but Lena can see in the faint twitch of her fingers and the running of her hand through her hair show that Alex’s nerves are getting the better of her. "Did you see what went wrong?" 


Kara gives a small shake of her head, "No, not yet at least," Kara mutters, still focussed on Lena and Ellie. "It was hard, Alex," Kara mutters and Lena finds herself reaching for Kara's hand, and gripping it tightly. 


"Look, since I can't witness what's going on, why don't I take Ellie back to my place?" Alex offers, stepping in closer. "We can watch Walking with Dinosaurs like I did when we were younger?"


"I don't think Ellie wants to watch your dorky show, Alex," Kara scoffs at her sister's attempt to lighten the mood.


"Don't diss Walking with Dinosaurs," Lena sputters in playful offence casting a dramatic look between them. Then they're all laughing. Because in the moment of impending heartbreak, and pain they choose to face it ridiculously bickering over a ten year old movie.  


Lena peers down to find Ellie watching them, her head still resting against  Lena's shoulder, scowling at their laughter. "What do you think, El?" Lena asks softly. "Do you think you could go with Aunt Alex?" 


Ellie's eyes flicker up to hers and she shakes her head firmly. Her thumb slipping into her mouth and her other hand grips Lena's shirt tighter as she looks away from the world. 


"We're not going anywhere, El, we promise," Kara adds, rubbing Ellie's back. 


"You pwomised before and you not there," Ellie whispers into Lena's shoulder and Lena feels her heartbreak at the sound of Ellie distrust. 


Gritting her teeth, Lena nods. "You're right," She says lifting Ellie higher on her hip forcing the toddler to look up at her. "And that's why instead we're going to go home and watch Jeju's rubbish tv and eat ice cream." 


Ellie nods into her shoulder and Lena turns to Kara who is watching them with unshed tears in her eyes. 


"Let's go home," Kara says and Lena's eyes crinkle at the words. Realising it's not a building or a room or her apartment filled with soft furnishings, that is her home. It's Kara, Kara's warmth and understanding, Kara's strength that holds her together. It's Ellie's cheeky smile and tight hugs as they sit curled together. 


"I'll tell Mon-El," Alex says softly. "Go have your evening," The older Danvers instructs as she moves past squeezing Kara's arm as she does. 


Lena uses the portal watch to send the home. 


"Only for emergencies," Ellie scolds as they step into the apartment and Kara chuckles as Lena blushes slightly. 


"I know, but I think today warrants it. Don't you think?" Lena asks as she sets Ellie down. 


The evening is slow and subdued, Kara builds a fort out of the furniture, laying down blankets for them to snuggle up on and fairy lights to cast them in a soft golden glow and they curl inside together with potstickers and pizza. Lena in Kara's National City hoodie curled slightly towards Kara as a film flashes across Lena's large television. Ellie lies between them, her head relaxed into Lena's chest as the fireplace casts a soft glow over the apartment. It's the gentle brush of Kara's thumb over the back of her arm that makes her look up into blue eyes. 


"Thank you," Kara whispers and Lena cuddles closer in silently acknowledging it. She doesn't want to reflect, she wants to just enjoy it. "I mean it Lena, thank you for letting me have this with you. I want it, I really do." 


"I do too," Lena says and watches as Kara closes the gap between them. A soft kiss passing between them. 


"Jeju, don't be gross," Ellie groans and Lena can feel Kara’s grin as they continue to press their lips together. Lena laughs loudly, breaking the kiss when Ellie clambers over Kara's shoulders. It's enough to help Lena forget the pain of the day. Kara reaches up to pull Ellie from around her shoulders and down into her lap. Ellie squeals loudly when Kara begins to tickle her.  It makes Lena realise that no one can take the last two months from her, even if Ellie had to leave. It was the most love and joy she’d felt since her own mother had passed. The memories of this time with Ellie and the last two months were enough to keep the impending panic from overwhelming her. As she relaxes in the perfect pillow fort Kara had built for them, surrounded by the love and laughter they had both wanted in their life. 


She falls asleep holding the child she never thought she could have. A child who had been through so much. Sharing the unconditional love she had for them. Held secure in the arm of the woman she’s loved for nearly six years, their emotional journey enough to be an epic for the ages but she wouldn't have had it any other way. The way Kara walked back into the Tower had cemented her feelings even more. She knew that Kara would do anything for her. Anything for their family. 


Kara doesn't sleep that night, the thought of losing Ellie grips her. Alex's words of Lena's heartache crowd her mind. She looks up at the fairy lights glinting around her and it makes her stomach drop at the thought of Lena in pain. Pain that would be inflicted by Kara. She listens to the noise of the city outside the apartment, the sounds of sirens and the thudding of the heartbeats of its residents. But there's a faint distinct whoosh the parting of air and Kara carefully extracts herself from Lena's hold. A faint mumble escapes the CEO as she gently lies her down on the soft pillows. Kara steps onto the balcony. The dark figure stands waiting for her. 


"What're you doing here?" Kara asks, with no interest in being polite. 


"I wanted to talk to you," Mon-El turns to look at her, his face open and just and it makes her anger bubble up inside her. 


"I don't know what we have left to talk about," Kara mutters as she steps to the edge of the balcony looking down at the traffic below. 


"It's complicated, Kara-" 


"Stop," Kara growls. "Why did you come here?" 


"To fix-" 


"No, why did you come here right now, tonight." 


"Because I know you," Mon-El sighs, leaning on the balcony railing. "I know you're preparing yourself for this to be a battle but it's not a battle, Kara." 


Kara glares down at him, she hates how he acts like he knows her and it doesn’t stop the rage bubbling inside her. "Then what is it?" 


"It's the reality," Mon-El shrugs. "The reality that Ellie doesn't belong here, she belongs in the future with the people she left behind." 


"And what if they're dead Mon-El?" Kara asks, crossing her arms as she stares into the far off distance. "I'm dead.  We know that. I don't know how or what happened but I'm dead. Lena is dead. She has no one in the future." 


"I understand, Kara but-" 


"But her having a family ruins your family, right?" Kara guesses and Mon-El recoils like he’s been hit and confirms Kara’s suspicions. "You don't get to play God Mon-El," Kara hisses as she turns away from him. "You're unbelievable. I thought you'd changed that you'd become a force for good." 


"I am a force for good Kara," Mon-El says, defending himself but Kara's already shaking her head in disgust. 


"You came back to take a three year old to a time where she has no family so you can have your life back," Kara says, angry that Mon-el would do that, her brow furrowed as her hands rest on her hips. "That's not good Mon-El, that's being selfish." 


"Well, why should the future suffer because something went wrong in the timeline?" Mon-El demands of Kara.. 


"Mon-el you know why," Kara blurts in frustration. "Time isn't set. You know this, you chose this life. You and Imra and Winn. You choose to live outside of time. And my family should not have to suffer for your selfishness."


Kara's about to leave, to lock him from the apartment when his hand grips her arm. She doesn't turn and only listens as he says, "There's far more to all of this than just Ellie Kara." 


"We'll come to the Tower in the morning." Kara nods before tugging her arm from his grip, she turns, her anger surging at the sight of his pained face. "I suggest you leave now before I make you leave." 


She walks into the apartment shutting the balcony door as he leaps from the balcony. Leaning against the glass Kara takes a sharp breath. She can do this, she thinks, she can keep her family. She can keep the life she’s built in the last months. It's just going to take a lot of fighting, more than she's probably ever done before. 




Kara's eyes snap open to find Ellie standing, bleary-eyed blinking up at her as Kara is lifting her and holding her close. "It's alright," Kara quickly soothes. 


"Who's you talking to?" Ellie asks as her head settles on Kara's shoulder. 


"No one," Kara whispers as she climbs back into the fort with Ellie. "No one important." 

"So how did we get from a happy family to the end of the world with no future?" Kara asks, the following morning as they stand in the Legion ship, glaring at Mon-El from across the room who ignores her by keeping his focus on Winn. 


"It's best to show you," Winn explains and causes Lena to frown as he begins tapping on the centre console. 


"I don't want to feel what I felt yesterday," Lena growls and Winn looks down at the computer, his cheeks flushing with embarrassment. "Speaking of yesterday I want to know how you got those memories? 


Mon-El glances at Kara who simply arches a brow, she had told Lena everything earlier that morning resulting in a furious raven haired woman. 


"It's a long story," Mon-El says, trying to avoid the question. 


"We have time," Lena says, crossing her arms across her chest as she arches a brow. Lena's already arching her own brow and crossing her arms. 


Winn shifts uncomfortably when Lena's gaze lands on him and pales when he meets her eyes, "In the future, there's a technology that allows for the memories of the past to be copied and preserved." 


"Winn," Mon-El's warns, his expression threatening. 


"The ship is able to extract those memories which was made on our way here," Winn explains quickly in an attempt to avoid Kara's gaze. 


"Wait. So you're saying you could have stopped all this?" Kara asks her voice daring him to disagree with her. 


"No," Imra chimes in. "We were too late, everything that had caused our time to change had already happened and we couldn’t counter it in time. Ellie was already here and already erasing that future. Which is why we got the memories, so we could bring them back here." 


"If Ellie being here is already overriding the timeline, who's to say your time hasn't gone back and been fixed?" Lena counters as her mind tries to keep up.


"Because it hasn't," Mon-El says in a clipped tone. "It's still broken and it's bad, very bad. The world is on fire most of the time and free will has been stripped from everyone but those in control." 


Confused, Lena and Kara look at one another,  

"We can show you how it goes wrong, it won't be as emotionally linked to Lena as last time. I've managed to suspend the emotional biological links this time." 


Winn offers a crown to each of them.  


Kara and Lena share a passing glance to one another."Fine," Kara sighs before sitting down in the chair. "If it'll help then fine." 


"Alright," Winn grins as Lena takes the other and joins her. "Imra's going to go in with you so I can track the temporal signatures of how we can fix the events to make the future back to how it was." 


"What about Ellie?" Mon-El asks looking down at Kara. "Where is she?" 


"She's safe," Kara's glare is unrestrained as she lies back before nodding to Winn. 


The feeling of falling over takes them as the memory forms around them. 


"Where are we?" Lena asks looking around. They're in an unknown street in an unknown suburb of National City. In front of them is a large grey panelled home, there's a porch and a driveway. There's a dog barking in the distance as a grey Mercedes pulls into the driveway. This isn’t the life they had seen before as Lena watches her future self get out of the suv. She looks older, the lines on her face slightly more defined. 


"You look different," Kara mutters in awe and Lena nods mutely moving closer. Kara follows her over the manicured lawn and watches as she opens the backdoor of the car to a giggling Ellie. She doesn’t look that much different from now, her face a little rounder, slightly shorter. Perhaps younger and she’s bright and happy and it makes the knife in her gut twist harder. 


" You's never guessed, Mommy, but I bets Vi dids, she's supper smarts you know ," Ellie informs as the future woman hums lifting grocery bags from the boot. 


" I'm sure Violet did guess, did Aunt Alex help you both with this brilliant plan of yours ?" Lena asks as she follows the toddler into the house. Lena doesn’t miss the familiar scoff from the toddler at the thought of needing help.


" Mommy, come on we have to do dinners before Jeju gets back and I have to finish my painting to show her ," Ellie orders bouncing at the main door as Lena fumbles with bags and keys and it’s a life Lena has never imagined for herself. She looks like Sam, the juggling of life, work and a family and she can see the happiness in her face as her futureself smiles down at the toddler. 


" I know, but you know we have plenty of time before Jeju gets back, " Future Lena chuckles opening the door and letting Ellie inside. The toddler race’s off excited as FutureLena follows chuckling. 


"I'm still alive," Kara whispers as they walk in before turning to Imra who trails behind, “When is this?”  


"Look around,” Imra instructs, not answering the question. “It’ll be easier for you to understand the life Ellie could go back to.” 


The words unleash Kara’s glare but Lena does as instructed, the Kryptonian following as Ellie runs around excitedly collecting toys as Lena moves around the home. It's sickeningly domestic Lena thinks to herself. It's odd watching herself move around the home so comfortably, and it makes her stomach twist longingly at the thought of this being her life. 


"Lena, look," Kara says, Lena turns, following the direction that Kara is pointing. There are photo's hanging on the wall in the living room showing the small depictions of their lives together. A picture of them, their family and friends at their wedding, the same as the flashes they’d seen the day before. She and Kara both dressed in white and looking lovingly into each other's eyes. There's a photograph of an unknown day where Alex and Lena are grinning at each other, their hair and clothes both soaked from what looks like a failed lab experiment. Moving on, Lena can see a baby photo of Ellie in Eliza's arms. Another of Ellie and another girl Lena doesn't recognise. 


"She looks like Alex," Kara mutters pointing to the photo. 


Lena nods, guessing it must be Violet. It makes an unease start to take shape at the moments of Ellie’s life. How happy Ellie looks in it, a life Lena doesn’t know if she can give her. Even as she looks at herself, she knows she wants this life, that she could've had a chance at this life.  


"She doesn't look that much different than when she came through the portal," Lena muses as she tries to guess Ellie’s age. 


Kara turns looking around the home. Lena follows when Kara points to a calendar on the wall. It’s one of the photo ones Lena had helped Kara make one year for Eliza’s Christmas.  


"It's March," Kara says, turning to Lena before frowning at Imra behind her. "Why is this significant?" 


Imra nods silently to the door that bangs open as they turn to face it. 


Lena! Lena?! ” Future Kara’s panicked voice causes Future Lena to dart to Kara’s side. Kara’s charging through the house, barely in her civilian clothes, her face void of her glasses and supersuit barely concealed as she looks frantically around. 


Jeju! ” Ellie squeals happily as she runs to Kara.  


Hey izhao ,” Kara grins lifting the toddler high in the sky. 


Lena glances at Her Kara, whose face has softened and  Lena can see Kara’s lips pursing to contain her emotions. 


Kara, what is it? What’s happened? ” Her futureself asks, concern marring over her features. 


It’s Lillian ,” Future Kara says, quickly setting Ellie down. “ She’s gone, Lena .” 


Lena frowns before shaking her head “ She’s in prison, Kara .” 


No, Lena, she’s gone,” Kara says, shaking her head a heavy frown falling between her browns.  


Future Lena takes a sharp breath, green eyes widening as realisation hits and her eyes look at Ellie. 

Ellie, sweetie, can you go get your project for school to show Jeju ?” Lena asks quickly, schooling her features and Ellie disappears up the stairs. “ How ?” Lena asks as soon as their daughter has gone. 


Lex, we’re sure he had her assassinated, he’s up to something Lena, I just know it ,” Kara theories as she paces up and down the kitchen. “ We found a letter and well.. ” 


Kara, he’s in a padded cell with no human contact, he isn’t going anywhere. What does Alex think about this ?” Lena asks with a quirk of her brow but Kara shakes her head, unwilling to listen to Lena’s denial. 




Kara’s jaw clenches before she gives in. “ She said it could have been any of the grieving families looking for revenge after she  was arrested but I’m not convinced, it feels too organised. ” 


Kara, love, you need to breathe, ” Lena says, holding Kara close. It makes Lena shift awkwardly at how close they are, how at ease they are in this life they’ve made together, the three of them. It made Lena’s gut fill with ice at the life she could have with Kara, the thought of it being a reality. 


Lena, please, I want you to get ready, just in case, ” Kara implores gently, blue eyes looking down into her wife’s with determination and something visiting Lena can only guess as fear. 


Kara, ” Lena objects softly with a gentle roll of her head but Kara’s not listening. 


I won’t let anything happen to you or Ellie, but just in case, just in case something does happen, please Lena, for me? ” Kara asks and they watch as Lena nods solemnly into her wife’s eyes. “ Put all the safeguards you can find together please ?” 


I promise ,” Lena’s futureself whispers as Ellie runs back into the room with a large sheet of paper but Lena turns to her Kara with a furrowed brow. 


“You were scared, really scared,” Lena states. “Lex has plotted against Lillian before you  weren’t that worried.” 


Visiting Kara shrugs as they watch future Kara's laugh with Ellie about a story from her day with Violet. “Maybe you had a better relationship with this Lillian and it made me worry?” Kara guesses but Lena turns to look at Imra ready to ask why it was important but Future Kara’s soft voice and words stop her and tugs at the heartstrings in her chest. 


You’ll be brave for me, won’t you izahao ?” Kara asks and Ellie nods, puffing her small chest out before Kara kisses her wife and child goodbye. “ I’ll be back soon.


As soon as the door shuts. The memory fades away and changes to Lena’s Lab, they’re in L-Corp the same lab where Lena met Ellie a month ago. Lena gasps as she watches herself working over a bench, and soldering something to what looks like a motherboard, the portal behind her. There’s a defined furrow to her brow as she works, a determined look Lena knows her face gets when she concentrates. 


“Lena, you did it,” visiting Kara whispers in awe and Lena nods. 


“I must have,” Lena whispers as the lab door opens. “But why was sending Ellie back in time the plan?” 


Lena wonders the same thing but before she can theorise Alex strides in her vigilante outfit. Her voice calling for Lena, “ Lena, you in here ?” 


Have you found anything ?” Lena asks from her position at the table but the redhead simply shakes her head. “ Any leads for him ?”


No, no signs yet ,” Alex says, Lena’s eyes searching the red-head’s face. 


Her voice is laced with panic as she asks, “ Where’s Ellie ?” 


With Kelly and Nia. They’ve taken the kids to a plaything for the day ,” Alex explains and Lena looks relieved as she goes back to soldering. “ Lena, Lena, look at me ,” Alex requests, making Lena look up. “ We think he might be after -” 


I don’t want to know, Alex, ” Lena cuts Alex off with a wave of her hand. 


Lena ,” Alex tries to push but Lena refuses to listen. 


No, I won’t hear it until this is finished and working ,” Lena states vehemently and Lena and Kara recognise the ferocity in the older CEOs eyes. “ I’m not going to send my child back there until we have all the answers. ” 


Alex nods and they fall into silence. 


“It’s September,” Kara whispers, pointing to a date on the tablet as the memory begins to fade. 


“Three months later,” Lena ponders. “It must have something to do with some kind of progress in the Lex situation.” 


“I have to warn you, the memory will change again and it’s not nice,” Imra warns as their legs wobble from the memory shifting. It’s different, they're in Lena’s office and they turn as the CEO watches the television in the corner turned up. As the older raven haired woman does, Lena takes stock of the changes, Ellie’s toys are tidied away in a basket. There is a stock of snacks in a cupboard enough for two Kryptonian appetites. Her 90 year old whisky has been traded for juice boxes and sodas. Just as Ellie had complained about a month ago. 


We go now to Fran, who is on the scene at downtown National City. ” A news anchor says, pulling Lena’s attention.  


Thanks, Ron, the scene’s here is distressing. It seems that Superwoman has been battling the nanobots for hours with little reprieve for our city’s hero. Dreamer and Sentinel are on the scene trying to combat the drone hoards that have appeared on the streets of Downtown National City. 


They watch as Kara, Alex and Nia battle familiar looking droids and nanobots. “It’s Jack’s tech,” Lena whispers to Kara who nods mutely. “How- I disbanded and re-coded it all.” 


“Lena I think-” 


H-Hold on! The new announcer breaks through. It looks like there is...There’s something approaching. 


The television screen shifts to an unstable camera on a helicopter. Kara's there, her laser vision trying to combat the nanobots. Kara turns mid-air as the figure comes into view. Lena's mouth goes dry at the sight of the Lexo Suit. " Where is she Super girl?" Lex's voice booms over the crumbled city. 


" Somewhere you won't get her ," Kara bellows menacingly in response. Her fists raised as Lex grins. He doesn't charge as they expect instead more nanobots swarm around Kara, who struggles and battles against them. Soon, more suits are flying in, fighting with Alex and Nia. They watch as the battle takes place and it's clear how outmatched they are. Alex and Nia are fighting with everything they have and Kara's struggling to keep up with the nanobots and Lex's sentient suits. There are explosions that make Kara wince beside her but Lena doesn't take her eyes off the scene. Seeing the tightness of the muscles in her neck as future Lena watches, a steel grip on the remote in her hand. The firm set of her jaw tells Lena everything she needs to know about this memory. This is it. 


“Superwoman appears to be struggling against the power of Lex Luthor but we have faith in Superwomans ability to win the day, Ron.” 


Lena couldn’t see how Kara could pull through, how she was going to battle her brother and from the rigidity of her futureselves back neither did she. Kara's fighting has turned sloppy and she flies into a building before destroying a droid then there's her laser vision that burns through a park. Then suddenly it all stops. Because then there's an explosion, a flash of heat vision. A resounding boom that isn't like Kara's thunder clap or screams; it's the sound of a Kryptonian quickly descending from the sky. They watch with held breaths when Kara lands with a deafening crash on her back on the pavement below.  Blood runs down the side of her temple, as she struggles against Lex’s foot as it crushes her chest. 


" It's done, Kara. You're finished ," Lex grins victoriously, holding his side. " Now. Where is she ?" 


" You're not going to lay one finger on her ," Kara sneers up at him. It's almost unexpected how quickly it happens. 


Two resounding gunshots fill the air. 


The silence in the office is deafening. The sharp intake of breath from Lena and the remote clattering to the ground, the only sounds. Then they’re being pulled along with the memory, purple fog engulfing them as they step through the portal. They follow as Lena runs up a silent street, observers waiting for Superwoman to stand and continue to fight Lex Luthor and bring him to his knees but he’s already too busy flying to his next point, to make the next move in his plan. Lena follows her futureself but she hears Kara gasp, tracking her gaze. Nia lies face up, her eyes shut behind the blue mask of Dreamer. Rouge lips tainted with the stark dark blood that coats them. She follows Kara’s line of sight seeing J’onn wheezing on the sidewalk, blood pooling at his feet. But it’s Kara’s staggering intake of breath at the sight of her sister that has Lena covering her mouth to contain the cry that wants to burst out at the sight of Alex Danvers lying on her side, hazel eyes unblinking as they look at Kara, reaching for her sister who is lying in a pile of rubble, gasping for breath as Future Lena runs to her falling to her knees at Kara’s side. Kara lies there broken, sunkissed hair tainted with dusky growing stains of red. Her lips barely part showing the red stained white teeth as she tries to remain strong even for the woman she’s loved for nearly twenty years.


Kara, Kara ,” Lena whispers as she crouches at her wife’s side. “ You have to get up, I have to, to get you somewhere to fix this ,” Lena stammers, tears streaking down her pale face and Lena can feel her own tears falling over her cheeks. “ We’ll need to act fast but I can do something,” Lena mutters to herself as a green hue begins to fill the wounds. 


But the Kryptonian shakes her head, “Ellie, he’s after Ellie, Lena. You-You have to do. What we said. I think I got. Him. But you won’t have long.” 


N-No, I can’t, not without you ,” Lena sobs and Kara’s face is solemn as she gently cups Lena’s cheek. “ I can’t do this without you .” 


You have to do it, Lena. Promise me, ” Kara gasps through gritted teeth and Lena sobs with a nod. Kara reaches up and tugs at her necklace. “ Give it to her, tell her I love her, I love her so much. ” Kara sobs and Lena can feel the tears streaming down her face at what she’s witnessing. “ Tell her to be strong, that Rao’s light. ” 


You can’t leave us, Kara, ” Lena cries into the blonde's shoulder and her body is giving violent shudders as she whispers in broken sobs. “ You can’t leave me .” 


I’m not leaving, zhao. We’ll meet again under Rao’s light ,” Kara whispers through gritted teeth as her face pinches in pain. Lena nods, taking Kara’s hands in her own. 


I love you ,” Lena whispers as Kara cracks a strained smile, the light slowly leaving her eyes. 


I love you more, always Lena ,” Kara whispers, cracking a strained smile as the light leaves her eyes before vanishing completely, Lena squeezes her eyes shut as she hears the pained cry from her futureself. Warm strong arms wrap around her and she looks up at her Kara, who is there, holding her tightly and promising to never let her go. Kara steadies them as the scene changes. 


“Where are we?” Lena asks as she swipes at her cheeks. 


“We’re in Midvale,” Kara answers, not moving from her spot. Her own cheeks tear stricken. Lena looks up into blue eyes and Lena’s about to ask what they should do about Lex, “Kara-” 


A voice breaks through from their position on the front lawn. " You have to go, make sure you get to Kelly ," FutureLena's voice says quietly, and they watch as Lena stands at the front door of Eliza's home, Ellie asleep in her arms. She doesn’t look older or different. She looks pale. Paler than Lena thought she could ever get. 


You’ll do what we agreed? ” Eliza inquires as she stands holding a familiar watch. 


I don’t know how I’m going to say goodbye without her here to help me,” Future Lena whispers, looking down at Ellie. Her thumb in her mouth as she sleeps. 


Don’t think of it as a goodbye, Lena, think of it as you’ll see her soon, ” Eliza’s soft familiar tone fills Lena and it’s a sad smile that makes her wince inside. 


I still think she’s going to bounce through the front door,” Lena whispers and Eliza takes her free hand, squeezing Lena’s shoulder tightly. 


I know but it’s still fresh, the wound will close over time. Two weeks isn’t that long in the grand scheme of things Lena,” Eliza reassures. Her eyes dart from side to side as she checks behind them. It makes FutureLena turn with a furrowed brow but the only sound in the night is crickets. " Go, Lena ," Eliza's voice orders as Lena carries Ellie down the steps. “ I’ll be alright, just get to the safe house .”


" Mommy, where Jeju ?" Ellie asks with a sleep laced voice as Lena shushes her quietly. 


Lena's face contorts in pain before giving a small smile. " Jeju's gonna be gone for a little while remember, El, we have to be brave ok? Like Jeju asked, " Lena says hiding the crack in her voice as she places Ellie in the backseat of the car. As the door shuts they watch as Lena places her head on the cool metal, they watch her take a sharp breath trying to calm her emotions. Trying to contain the tears streaking her face. 


" Lena ," A new voice interrupts Lena's thoughts and makes her turn, her brow furrowed deeply at the figure. 


" Brainy? What're you - "


" You have to go ," Brainy says quickly as he walks slowly towards her. " I- I've been compromised, Lena, you must leave at once. Get Ellie as far away as you can.


" What're you talking about?


The sharp sound of a gunshot rings through the air and Lena ducks, flinching as she does. Ripping the door open she pulls Ellie from the car. They watch Lena pause torn between Brainy and running but Brainy seems to be straining against himself. Tears flowing down his cheeks. " You must go !" He shouts and Lena's turns running as she presses her watch, Ellie’s shrill cries filling the night. 


“Lena, Lena it’s tonight,” Kara whispers from her side and Lena’s head is moving as she watches Brainy groan heavily in front of them as the purple portal opens. “Tonight is the night you get shot.” Kara says quietly as another gunshot rings into the night as they’re pulled through the portal with Lena. 


“Lena,” Kara says, looking at Lena who is already taking Kara’s hand. Her face contorting in pain. "This is the night you send her back," Kara says pointing to the familiar jacket and Imra nods slowly. 


" You're going to be ok El ," FutureLena soothes as she places the tot on the table and Ellie sniffles. 


" We wents frew the portals. Jeju said we're not allowed to use portals that it wasn'ts good ," Ellie scolds and her futureself nods.


 Lena can see the hand clutching her side tightly, what little colour in her face was fading. 


"I've been shot," Lena mutters and Kara’s grip on her hand tightens. 


" I know, but it was a bit of an emergency ," Lena says with a strained voice as she taps the tablet on the table quickly. 


" Mommy, you hurt ?" Ellie asks quickly, her small face contorting straining to look at her mother.  


" It's just a scratch. " Lena waves away before taking a deep breath. She steps close, lowering herself to Ellie’s height. " Ellie, look at me, sweetie, " Lena asks urgently, making the toddler look up at her. " You remember Jeju said we had to be brave, ok? " Her futureself asks and Ellie nods quickly. " I need to open a portal and I need you to go through ok? I'll be there waiting for you on the other side but you have to go first. Promise me, no matter what happens to Mommy you’ll keep going through?


Mommy, I- I dont’s understands- ” 


Ellie please ,” FutureLena pleads and Lena can see the bloodstain around her hand getting bigger.


Ellie gives a hesitant nod and Lena watches the tears fall down her face. " Jeju come too? " Ellie asks quietly and FutureLena’s smile is strained. 


" Maybe but Jeju might take a little while ok ?" 


" Jeju go away again? To the stars?


" Not this Jeju ," Lena whispers before swiping at her face. " I'm going to open the portal ok, you promise me, Ellie ?" 


" Pinky promise Mommy, " Ellie agrees as Lena sets her on the floor. She quickly folds the familiar piece of paper and slips the photograph that is currently stored at the DEO. She removes the necklace from her neck before parcelling it all together and placing it in Ellie's pocket. 


" I need you to keep this safe for me ," Lena commands softly and Ellie nods quickly, her small chest puffing out at the responsibility.


Lena types the codes into the control panel and Lena looks at Kara and back. "I don't understand the codes she's putting in," Lena whispers before turning to look at Kara who is crouches beside a fidgeting Ellie. 


"She looks so scared," Kara whispers. "She was like this when she came through?" 


"She was more relieved," Lena reassures. “I can understand now why.” 


The noise of the portal opening is startling and Lena kneels on the floor as she instructs the toddler over. " Ellie, come here ."


A weak smile is filling FutureLena’s face as she whispers, " I'm going to be on the other side ok, I promise.


Green eyes meet green and Lena’s tears fall freely, " I love you so much Ellie, you're going to be brave for me aren't you?


" Brave like Jeju ," Ellie repeats with a puff off her chest and Lena gives out a breathless laugh. 


" That's right," L ena whispers leaning forward and holding Ellie tightly. “ You’re going to be amazing, Ellie. Mommy loves you so much. I promise everything will work out. ” 


A loud bang has them all turning and FutureLena’s pulling away.  " You have to go find me on the other side.


"You and Jeju be there? " Ellie asks again and Lena nods quickly pushing the toddler lightly. 


" I'll be there I promise. But you have to go first ," Lena instructs and Ellie’s lip juts out, her small features betraying her fear before she slowly walks through. As her silhouette fades, Lena let out a pained sob. She scrambles over to the panel, and types in the kill codes Lena recognises from when Ellie arrived. But Lena’s coughing as the gunshot wound begins to be too much for her body.  


" My my Lena, what happened ?" They turn as Lex slowly walks in, a malicious grin filling his face. 


" You're not going to get her Lex ," Lena hisses through clenched teeth as she glowers up at him. 


" Hmm.. ." He ponders mockingly. " You see that's where you're wrong, see my fabulous sister made a time machine, so I can just go back and get her ," Lex chuckles and Lena shakes her head as she presses a button. Green eyes watch the older Luthors with a crude smile. 


" I'll die before you get her, " Lena hisses as the machine shorts and slowly crumbles. It’s satisfying watching the smug look fade from her brothers face.  


" What did you do Lena ?" 


Lena chuckles raising her left hand, “ This wasn't the only ring Kara gave me ," Lena laughs. Blood tainting pale lips as her brother draws the gun from his suit.  


" The legion ring ," He fumes, shoving her to the side. As Lena hits the floor he opens the panel and within lies a crushed ring. 


" It's powers gone, " Lena breathes and Lena hates how weak she sounds. How close her futureself was to death. 


" You shouldn't have done this, Lena, " Lex scowls. " You should have given me the kid, we could have worked together, moulded her into the perfect weapon against the Kryptonians.


" Like you did with Linda ," Lena wheezes.  


" Linda was weak, the halfling would have been human which means she can be shaped to understand human ideals, " Lex chuckles. He softens as he looks down at her, " You're going to die here, Lena. Alone. No loving mother Eliza, your fake sisters are dead and especially without your precious Kara Danvers to save you. Your family is gone, life as you know it is gone.


Lena doesn’t need to see her face to know she’s sneering up at him. 


" Even your precious Brainy is on my side, ask me to help you? I'll save you, Lena, we can get the brat back and be on our merry way ?" 


" I'll die before you get Ellie !"


Lex's face falls before nodding slowly, his jaw working from side to side as he stands fully over her. " Alright have it your way. "


Sitting up Lena’s gasping as the gunshot rings in her ears. She can’t breathe at the image of herself lying on the ground, blood pooling beneath her is still flashing in front of her eyes. But then deep blue fills her vision as Kara’s concerned face is there, gripping her hand. 


"Lena, Lena it's ok, we’re here.”


"Kara," Lena breathes blinking. She's back in the Legion ship, Imra standing in front of them. 


"Give it a minute, it can be quite disorienting," Imra says in understanding and Lena feels Kara's arms tightly around her. 


"We die," Lena breathes into Kara's shoulder before the Kryptonian pulls away helping her stand. 


"We do,” Kara’s voice is as pained as she feels as she pulls away and Lena turns to Mon-El for an explanation.  


"In a matter of months, the world went from prosperous to a mess." 


"Suddenly, the Luthor Dynasty happened." Winn chimes in. "He managed to corrupt every single government’s AI in a matter of seconds. He forced Brainy to help him get Ellie, to carry out his plan." 


"Citizens were microchipped and their free will stripped away, forced to worship and obey Lex Luthor. After Kara died, it was only a matter of days before Kal El fell too. His sons never stood a chance. They were chipped and forced to become his enforcers," Imra explains as they look around the room.


Lena sits reeling from the information. Ellie had nothing, she was alone in the world. She was dead, Kara was dead. Eliza was gone, Alex, Nia, Brainy, they were all gone.


"Kelly?" Lena asks, drawing the group's attention. "What happened to Kelly and- And Violet?"


The Legion shares a knowing and pained look that fills her stomach with dread. "Kelly was shot. Violet and Nathan were tossed in cells to live out their lives."


"That's vile," Kara says in disgust, and their heads dip.


"It's the future, Kara, it's the future because Lex Luthor changes it and sending Ellie back here hasn't changed that fact," Mon-El says, his eyes hard and daring her to challenge him.


"You thought it would work," Imra says softly and Lena looks up to find the dark haired woman watching her intently. "You thought by sending Ellie back, present you would work out what was going on, that she would change it for the better. That Ellie would have a chance here." 


"If we thought she could have a chance here, why do you want to take her back?" Lena asks with a furrowed brow, her heart is hammering in her chest as they look at one another. 


"Tell her Mon-El," Kara spits and it makes Lena turn. 


"Tell me what?”


Kara's jaw is set and Lena can see the anger bubbling within her at the man standing before them. "He wants to take Ellie back to the future so he can have the life he had." 


Lena pauses her brow crinkling as realisation dawns on her. It makes the anger overflow inside her at the thought of the Mon-El’s selfishness once again trying to ruin their lives. 


"You want to take away the only family for the sake of your own future?" Lena bursts out angrily and Mon-El looks away. 


"How- She has no life there, she has no one." Lena demands and Mon-El refuses to meet her eyes. "You want to send her back somewhere that might not even be fixed!"


"If we can neutralise Lex now and send Ellie back-" 


"Ellie isn't going anywhere." Lena scoffs with narrowed eyes. "You're not going to touch her until we know exactly where it all goes wrong and how we can fix it." 


"We know where it goes wrong!" Mon-El shouts looking over at both of them. "We know it goes wrong when Lex finds out about Ellie. He's already done that in a new time, in a time when she was sent back for her own protection. There is no stopping this never ending loop." 


"Yes, there is." Kara's face is set in determination as Lena looks at her and blue eyes meet her own. She hates the way her stomach sinks as she realises the answer. And the knowing look in the Kryptonians eyes cements everything in her heart that Kara will defend her and her family to the last breath.

"We have to kill Lex." 


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Chapter Text

“We have to kill Lex."


Kara should have expected the reaction, she should have expected the pause and look of shock on the Legions face before it descended into shouting. Shouting of words that Kara tries to ignore. 


"We don't kill, Kara!" Mon-El shouts while waving an arm, before pacing the length of the atrium.


"There's another way," Winn mutters, before turning back to the centre console. But it's the searching look in Imra's eyes that makes Kara look away from the group.


"You don't kill, Kara," Imra's soft voice makes Kara look at Lena, and she can see the same question dancing in her eyes.


"I have," Kara mutters, steeling herself as she looks down at her hand, fidgeting as she pictures the faces. 


It’s true. She had killed so many. 


"I killed five people, fighting Astra. I killed so many Daxamite soldiers who were just doing what they were told. I killed Rhea," Kara explains, looking directly at Lena now. "I killed three people while helping you out of that helicopter. The debris from the drones fell to the ground and..." 


Kara turns to the group. "I killed Reign, or was willing to. The same with the Children of Juru. It's because of me that Linda is dead, and Bizzaro. So many people have died inadvertently, by my hand."


"Those were accidents!" Mon-El’s jaw is clenched hard as he disregards her words. "You have never killed anyone."


"Haven't I?" Kara asks. "I was willing to poison an entire city to save Lena. I was willing to turn a blind eye over everything for her, including potentially controlling half the population with Non Noncere." 


There’s silence as Lena looks pointedly away from the scowls of Mon-El and Imra. The way they judge Lena makes Kara’s blood boil. Lena’s been forgiven and it wasn’t their right to judge her.  


Kara finds herself clearing her throat as she realises how oblivious she had been for so long, how she really would have done anything for Lena, and she still would. "My point is, I'm not innocent. I have blood on my hands, and sacrificing one to save the many is something I'm willing to do." 


"But you don't get to play God Kara," Mon-El argues and Kara reacts, her words out her mouth before she can control them.


"And you do?" 


"Alright, let’s just take a breath here ok?" Imra suggests, stepping between the two, her hands raised slightly. 


Kara shakes her head trying to contain the anger at Mon-El’s double standard. Her eyes land on Lena. 


"Mon-El's right, Kara," Lena says, her voice soft as she stares at the floor. "You don't kill but I have, and I will."


"No Lena-" 


"I've killed Lex before, I'm sure I can do it again." 


"It broke you for months," Kara protests, moving to stand fully in front of her. But Lena looks up at her with a sad smile falling over her face.


"It didn't break me, Kara. You did. Not knowing the truth broke me more than Lex dying. If anything, Lex dying just cemented the pain more because he was right and that was the bit I hated the most." 


Kara looks back at the Legion, watching them carefully before turning again toward Lena. "If we kill Lex, Ellie... Ellie could stay. If the timeline remains maybe-" 


"We don't know Kara," Winn interjects, making them turn to the man who had been silent for most of the exchange. "We won't know how far off the timeline we are. If, maybe, if I can alter the frequency of the detection device I might be able to, but right now I'm not sure it'll be enough." 


"What if we were to enhance the frequency?" Lena asks, making Kara turn to see the determined look on her face. It makes her look back hopefully to Winn who clenches his jaw. 


"I mean, I can't guarantee anything, but-" 


"So we try," Kara cuts him off, glaring pointedly at Mon-El. 


"It could take months, Kara, we don't know when Lex will strike," Winn warns, glancing between the Kryptonian and Daxamite nervously. 


"If it takes months, it takes months,” Kara says looking between them. “Let me worry about Lex.” She looks down at Lena as she finishes a small nod from Lena gives way to the cautious hope filling her eyes. 


Mon-El steps forward, his chest puffed out, but Kara's already shaking her head. "My Earth, my time, my rules," she says firmly and he deflates before nodding. 


"You know, she could still have to go back," he says, searching her face and Kara's head dips. 


"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it." Kara says as she turns away. Lena looks up at her and Kara gives a small tentative smile that she hopes is reassuring. 


"What do you want us to do?" Mon-El asks, eventually. 


"Stay low," Lena instructs. "If Lex knows you're here, he'll suspect Ellie. More so than he does already." 


The Legion nods in understanding as Kara continues, "And until we know what Winn and Lena can do with the frequency search machine thing, we can't do much else but wait until they’re done." 


"Kara the longer she's here-" Mon-El begins, but Kara raises her palm to silence him. 


"She's been here for two months Mon-El, she's not going back there until I know she's safe." 

Alex Danvers has had a fair number of regrets in her life. She had denied who she was for so long growing up it had left her emotionally scarred, she regretted inadvertently suppressing her sister's powers over their life for her own self esteem. She also regretted investing so much time and being ignorant of Maggie's opinions. She had regretted all the time’s Kara had been in danger because she didn't want that for her sister. Alex Danvers was full of regrets, but there was nothing... Nothing , she regretted more than letting a young Ellie Danvers watch Frozen.


It had been two hours since her mother had told Alex when to start getting Ellie ready for bed. Instead, the toddler was sitting on the back of her couch wide eyed, eating an ice cream she had scammed Alex into giving her watching Frozen, a classic she had told Alex, the only saving grace from Frozen. Alex wasn't sure where the sarcasm had come from but Alex was sure it wasn't herself. But the worst of it all was the repeating of the same lines coming from the three year old.


"Let it goooo! Let it goooo!" Ellie sings for what Alex was sure was the fiftieth time. Alex glances at Kelly who is stifling a laugh at Alex's withering look.


"Hey! Hey, El," Alex says, trying to redirect the little girl’s attention. . "Why- Why don't we sing something else? What about Moana," Alex suggests, beginning to sing, "I've been staring at the water-"




Alex looks up to find Ellie standing, arms folded above her on the couch and Alex deflates slightly. "There must be something else you want to sing?"


Ellie pauses for a moment, a look of deep concentration falling over her small face. It's been several moments when Alex becomes almost hopeful until a firm, "No," falls from Ellie.


Alex slumps into the chair as Ellie begins to sing (badly) Love is an Open Door. It could be worse Alex reminds herself, rubbing the back of her neck: she could be in A&E and be dealing with an overprotective Lena Luthor and a furious sister. 


Kelly sits beside her with an amused smile and pats her leg.


"We shouldn't have let her have the candy after dinner," Kelly mutters, her normally composed and relaxed demeanour reaching its limit as her own head leans back. 


"Aunt Alex, can we go to the park?" Ellie asks, looking up at her excitedly while shaking her arm, and Alex groans inwardly. 


"It's too late for the park, kiddo, maybe tomorrow," Alex says, trying to palm off the situation onto Kara and Lena when they come to get Ellie.  


"But-But the sky's aren't that darks," Ellie protests, scowling at the city outside. 


"You know you should have been in bed an hour ago right?" Alex says, unable to contain her smile at Ellie's annoyed expression. 


"Mommy lets me stays up at the weekends," Ellie fibs, looking away from the pair. Kelly's sitting up and looking at Ellie with that familiar face that gets even Alex to cave. 


"She does!" 


"There's a big difference fifteen minutes and an hour, Ellie," Kelly's gentle scolding makes the toddler deflate into Alex's side, who chuckles, wrapping the toddler in her arms. 


"Why don't we watch Scooby Doo until you feel sleepy?" Alex suggests already seeing the sugar high come down. Ellie nods begrudgingly into her arm and Alex begins to change the tv. It's Lex Luthors forehead that makes her pause, reading the headline and wondering where he is. She sighs, there's still no sign of him despite Lena's constant trying. A tightened grip on her arm makes her brow crease before looking down at Ellie who cowers into her side. 


"Hey, it's ok," Alex says, soothingly, but Ellie sniffles, looking away from the TV. Kelly snatches the remote from Alex's hand and turns it off. 


"Ellie, it's ok," Kelly tries to console, but the sniffles become louder. "Do you know who that man is?" 


"Bad man!" Ellie shouts with a violet shake of blonde locks.


It makes Alex reel back looking at Kelly who is there, lifting Ellie into her arms and trying to soothe her the best she both can. 


"I'm going to call Kara," Alex says, turning, but a firm tug causes her to look back at Ellie tight grasp on her shirt. Alex curls in close squeezing Ellie tightly. 


"Ellie, do you know why he's a bad man?" Alex asks softly, unable to quash her own curiosity. 


"Mommy said he is bad, to runs if I sees him," Ellie cries into Alex's arm. Alex's breath stutters as she meets Kelly's worried gaze. 


"You should phone Kara." 

Kara doesn't knock on Alex's apartment door. She doesn’t glance back or scan the room as she should. She disregards the new boundaries they had set since Kara had moved into Lena’s but it’s thrown out the window as Kara barges in Alex’s apartment, almost taking the door off its hinges as she does. Lena's hand is in her own, the only thing controlling her panic as she searches for Ellie, finding her curled in Alex and Kelly's arms, asleep. 


"What happened?" Kara asks, her brows furrowed deeply at the sight of Ellie's puffy, tear stained cheeks. Alex sighs, carefully extracting herself from Ellie's vice like grip. 


"I was changing the channel and Lex's photo was on the news, she freaked out at the sight of him. Saying that if she ever saw Lex, she was to run," Alex explains quietly.


Kara feels rage bubbling inside of her. It's Lena gently squeezing her hand that calms her. 


"Who told her this?" Lena asks softly, and Kara looks at her, Lena’s green eyes never leaving their daughters back. 


"You did," Alex admits quietly. The admission has Lena's focus break, taking a shuddering breath as she looks away. It's silent for a long moment, and Kara feels her chest tighten as she listens to Ellie's heartbeat. The memories of what they had witnessed that day flash through her mind, as the sound of gunshots, coarse through her memory. 


"We need to find him, Kara," Lena says and Kara looks into fierce green eyes, seeing the same fire she had witnessed so often before when the CEO is desperate to protect those she loves. 


Kara's jaw clenches tightly as Alex asks, "What did Mon-El say?", making Kara look away, not wanting to think about Mon-El. 


Kara can feel Lena glance at her before explaining, "He showed us the future, or rather future me's memories. What's left of them anyway."


"And?" Alex prods, her brow furrowed as she asks, cautiously glancing at Kara. 


"Lex shoots Lena. After he kills me, he shoots Lena," Kara explains, her anger barely in check and she can feel her eyes heating up. She can also feel Lena's hand on her arm trying to soothe her anger. 




"I'll kill him before he hurts anyone again," Kara growls and suddenly Alex is there, her hazel eyes looking at her sister’s blue ones, and Kara's transported back to being 15 again. the gentle calming breaths Alex takes, Kara matches as her rage dissolves into the familiar simmering anger. 


"We don't kill people, Kara," Alex reminds her quietly and Kara sighs, because what else is there? How else is she supposed to protect her family? Protect the future?  


"What do I do Alex?" 


"We're going to work it out, I promise. It'll be fine, we'll come up with something, we always do. We'll come up with something that stops Lex and keeps Ellie here," Alex's tone is firm and definite. When she looks back into her sister’s eyes again, she's met with a fierce and determined look that Alex always has when there's a problem, and it fills Kara with a small bit of hope. 


Kara nods slowly before looking at Lena who is watching her, her hand still on Kara's arm. The silent devotion to do whatever it takes to keep their family together in Lena's eyes and the small dip of her head is all Kara needs to keep going. 


"Mommy?" Ellie’s small voice breaks their gaze, and they all turn to find Ellie blinking up from Kelly's arms. 


"Hey, sweetie." Lena smiles, moving around and sitting gingerly on the edge of Alex's couch, Kelly smiles warmly at them. 


"Where, you been?" Ellie asks, rubbing at her tired eyes as she moves into Lena's lap. 


"We just had to take care of some work things that's all," Lena lies smoothly as she holds Ellie tightly. 


"Tooks ages," Ellie mutters into Lena's shirt. 


"I'm sorry." 


"Goes homes now?" Ellie says, and Lena glances over her shoulder at Kara who smiles with a slight nod. 


"Yeah El," Kara breathes, "Let's go home." 

Ellie doesn't fight going to bed when they get home, Kara taking her straight to bed. Lena can see Kara fighting her rage at the end of the day. A part of her wonders if she’s ever seen Kara or Supergirl so vengeful. Realising, she hasn’t, not like this, it makes her wonder how often Kara hides this side of her, the anger that must be there from the lies her family told her. She knows from Lex’s research a little about Krypton’s destruction, and she’s curious to know more. But seeing how irritated Kara is, she files it away for a later time, not wanting to add to Kara’s tenuous emotional control. 


Moving into the kitchen, Lena makes the hot cocoa she knows Kara will want, as it pours, she moves rummaging deep in the back of the cupboards until she finds it: the half empty bottle from weeks ago. Setting the hot cocoa down on the counter, she pours in it the alien rum before setting it down, waiting for Kara to return. When she does, her lips are in a tight purse. She stops at the sight of Lena leaning against the counter holding the cocoa out to her. 


“I think I need something stronger than cocoa,” Kara mutters sombrely as she approaches. 


“I can make it Irish?” She taunts, holding the crystal glass and Kara scoffs before shaking her head. 


"You know human alcohol isn't going to help this," Kara mutters as she takes the mug and looks down at the amber liquid in the bottle. 


"It's a good thing it's not human," Lena says, turning and moving to pour her own glass of scotch. She relishes in the burn as she takes the first, desperately needed, sip and stares at the glass in her hand.


"What're we going to do Lena?" Kara asks quietly, staring into her own glass, falling deeper into her thoughts. 


"We're going to find Lex," Lena says before sipping the drink. "We're going to find him, then we're going to find a way to keep Ellie here with us." 


"Even if we fix the future?"


Lena sighs heavily. "I've been thinking about this since we saw the memories, and I don't think we can, Kara."


Lena's leaning over the counter as she takes a deep breath. She's been thinking about it for weeks, ever since Brainy had first explained the timeline to her. 


"Even if we fix the future, with Lex I mean, Ellie has still become a fixed point in our lives here, in this time. We'll always know about her." 


"I don't understand," Kara mutters as she sips her glass, blue eyes glancing at her quickly. 


"Do you remember when Brainy explained the different timelines, how there could be multiple possibilities? What if we've become another one of those possibilities? That we've gone so far from the prescribed route that we've created a whole new one?" Lena watches Kara's brow furrow as she tries to follow Lena's hypothesis. 


"So, that would mean Ellie's effectively jumped realities? Like an alternate universe?" 


"By this point, yes. None of her reality will exist in ten years, even if it all goes to plan. We won't go back to being ourselves because we know Ellie, we want her Kara, and too many people know her story," Lena explains, trying to keep her voice level and devoid of emotion. 


Kara's face stills as she thinks, trying to find holes in Lena's logic. Lena knows there isn't, or at least not with the information they've been given. Kara looks up at her then, her eyes brimming with emotion before she's quickly closing the gap between them and taking Lena's breath away as she kisses her deeply. Her arms wrap around Kara's neck as she chuckles into the kiss.


Kara pulls away then, "We'll- We'll need to double check with Brainy but- But Rao, I love your brain." 


Lena grins before kissing her back and it's easy to get lost in the kiss. It's easy to fall into Kara's arms as she kisses her with such love, and when she pulls away she sees Kara's gaze filled with the hope for their future. 


It's there when Kara carries her to bed, kissing her tenderly, and pouring her feelings into their time together. Even the way Kara undresses them, her lips tracing every small scar, every freckle on Lena's skin, and it's not the first time. Kara does it regularly and Lena's never minded, but this time it feels different. It almost feels like a goodbye, in a way, and Kara doesn't restrain her emotions. 


It's raw, the way they make love that night. The feeling of having no barriers, that this is their life, that Kara is never going to leave, no matter what happens, and that Lena would be there to love Kara till they are old and grey. Lena wants this life, she wants Kara, she wants the life she had seen in other Lena’s memories, a life she knew is no longer impossible, or at least secretly hopes is no longer impossible, as horrible as it had been. She wants to make a new life together . To go grocery shopping and to get married to Kara, to have family nights together. She wants something just like this. 

When Lena wakes up, it's still dark. The city lights blink back at her as she opens her bleary eyes. Turning, she stretches her hand out across the bed searching for the Kara shaped blanket that was often wrapped around her, warm like the sun. She sits up when she finds cold sheets beneath her hand, her brow furrowing at the sight of an absent Kara, but her glasses still on the nightstand. Lena's brow is furrowing further as she slips from the bed, grabbing her robe and pulling it tight around her as she pads from the room. Panic grips her when she sees that Ellie's door is ajar. Moving to peer in, she relaxes, a soft smile on her face at the sight of Ellie fast asleep, wrapped around Hopper with her thumb firmly in mouth, and her blonde hair a dishevelled mess. 


Stepping back, Lena pulls the door closed before turning to the living room, part of her wondering if there had been a Supergirl emergency that Kara had left without her glasses. 


But she needs her glasses, Lena thinks, stepping further into the room. 


She gasps softly at the sight of Kara on the balcony, hunched over, her head dipped as she braces on the railing, a single candle in her hand. Moving, Lena steps outside and she hears Kara sigh. 


"What are you doing out here?" Lena asks quietly, as she hugs the thin robe around herself tighter against the chill of the night. 


"I- nothing," Kara slumps, after blowing out the candle carefully. She moves automatically, but Lena places a hand on the firm stomach in front of her. Lena doesn't want to think about the Kryptonian biology that lets Kara stand in the cold in sleep shorts and a sports bra. 


"Talk to me," Lena requests softly, looking up into worried blue eyes. 


"It's silly," Kara mumbles, looking down at her feet and Lena almost, almost , gives in to the pout. Instead, she arches a brow, probing deeper. They had agreed, no more secrets, and the boundaries between them were to have gone. Kara shuffles before sighing, admitting quietly, "I was meditating." 


"Meditating?" Lena asks in disbelief, she doesn't mean to sound sceptical. "You hate yoga." 


Kara lightly scoffs as she looks away, heat rising up her cheeks. "I hated you in those pants ." 


Lena's blush is full on as she looks away as well, a soft, 'oh,' falling from her mouth as she realises. Clearing her throat she asks, "So, what does Kryptonian meditation entails?" 


"It's supposed to centre yourself back to the important aspects of life, to the reality of light. To move forward in the most logical way. I haven't done this since Reign." 


"Will you show me?" Lena asks gently, and it makes Kara look up in surprise. 




"I want to understand. I've never had faith in anything but science, so I want to understand you, why this is important to you and why it helps," Lena explains, looking at the candle in Kara's hand. 


Kara’s eyes fill with appreciation and she looks away back at the candle. Lena can see Kara try to suppress her smile before using her heat vision to reignite the flame. 


"So um-" Kara stumbles, quickly pushing her hair from her face and Lena smiles supportively before taking her slightly shaking hand. 


"Can we do it inside? Is that ok? I just- It's cold," Lena requests, and Kara quickly nods dragging her inside. They kneel as Kara explains in detail the back story and even at 3am, she would spend every waking minute to understand Kara’s past life. They sit at the balcony doors as Kara recites ancient scriptures to Lena, and Lena watches her because she's mesmerising in the way she explains every sacred detail. A part of Lena wishes it wasn't that early, so Ellie could be there experiencing this part of her heritage too. 


Lena doesn't realise she's fallen asleep until something pokes her face, and she's squinting at the sun streaming into her eyes, as well as the offending finger that poked her cheek. Ellie stands with her head cocked to one side as she scowls down at Lena. 


"El, what- What are you doing up?" Lena asks sitting up. She's warm, comfortably warm, and she looks down at the shoulder she's been fast asleep on. Taking in her surroundings she realises she's on the couch, she must have fallen asleep and Kara had moved them during the early hours of the morning. 


"Beakfast," Ellie states matter of factly, gesturing to the kitchen which makes Lena follow the direction. Her eyes widen at the time, 7am. How did it become 7am?


Lena nods when she looks back and is met with a deeper scowl from the three year old. "Right, right breakfast," Lena says, a little flustered as she extracts herself from Kara's arms. The movement is met with a series of grumbles, but Lena makes out the word 'pancakes'. Rolling her eyes, she moves to the kitchen, fixing her robe that had come loose in her sleep. 


Ellie 'helps' by measuring out the flour, while Lena makes the coffee she desperately needs. As soon as it's poured, she feels arms snaking around her waist. A grumble against her shoulder has her suppressed smile breaking through. 


"I never understood, why do you drink coffee?" Lena murmurs, and she can feel Kara's smirk against her shoulder. "It surely doesn't work." 


"It's the habit," Kara says with a shrug. "The caffeine helps a little, but it's more the calorie content that does it." 


Lena files the information away as she hands Kara a cup and moves to help Ellie add milk to the flour mixture. It's subdued the way the three of them move around the kitchen, making breakfast together. They don't talk about the day before, or the future they had seen, or even the image of Lex on the news. Instead, they get ready as if the weekend never happened. Kara helps Lena zip her dress, pressing a soft kiss just under her ear, sending shivers down Lena’s spine, before moving to check Ellie who appears in a blue dress and her hair in loose ringlets around her shoulders. 


"You look very nice today El," Kara chuckles and Ellie shrugs. 


"Got to look professonal for Mommy's work," Ellie informs her. Obviously . Kara chuckles, glancing back at Lena who can only shake her head good naturedly as she slips her earrings in. They had agreed that Lena would take Ellie to work while Kara speaks to Brainy. But an urgent email from Andrea about Lex's article had derailed that plan before 8am. They share a brief kiss between them and a quick kiss on Ellie's cheek before Kara's flying from the apartment. 

Walking into L-Corp with Ellie again is an odd experience. The toddler is walking beside her happily, her backpack slightly too big for her. After the school abduction attempt, it was decided that Ellie was to be with either herself or Kara at all times, or with Kelly and Alex on the rare occasion. Eliza had gone to Central City for a conference that she had agreed to months ago, and Lena was slightly happy for Ellie’s company for the next day or so. 


Her assistant smiles warmly up at them as they walk in, Ellie waving reluctantly back before pushing into Lena's office as if she owns it. 


It isn't a great day. It's horrible, in fact, and the only thing getting her through it is Ellie scowling, her tongue sticking out when trying to carefully colour in the line of the book Lena had ordered to keep her busy. By midmorning, Lena is wishing a world ending event would happen just to stop the berating she's receiving from a board member on the phone. 


It's not his fault, Lena hasn't exactly been here and Sam, while fantastic, isn't Lena and now she's picking up the pieces.


By the time lunch rolls around, Lena's ready to pack it in. Ellie's sitting down, happily playing with her toys and looking picturesque with the way her brow furrows as she tries to formulate a story while playing. Or the way she grins up catching Lena's eye with unrestrained glee when she catches Lena’s eyes, telling her about whatever heist she's is trying to pull off featuring her toys. 


Lena's stomach plummets at the thought of Ellie leaving. If she's wrong about her theory, it would break her. More than her mother’s death, more than Kara's betrayal, more than any other pain Lena's has ever experienced. It makes her chew her lip and look away, trying to hide the tears forming in her eyes because she can't lose Ellie. 


And if she loses Ellie, could she and Kara survive the pain? Could Kara survive the pain of losing her family for a second time? She can still see the pain in her eyes from the night before, the loss of her home still resonating through her. 


"Why you sad, Mommy?" Ellie's voice makes her look down to find concerned eyes looking up at her, and Lena pulls her into her lap. 


"It's nothing," Lena whispers into blonde hair that cuddles in close. "Nothing for you to worry about." 


Lena wonders, if Ellie goes back, would she notice the difference? Would she remember the time when she visited the past? They would remember her, Lena knows that because she could never forget Ellie. 


She doesn't know how long they sit like that, Ellie tucked in close to Lena's chest, holding her daughter tightly in her lap, knowing she'll never be ready to let her go. 


It's the faint knock on her office door that makes her turn, quickly wiping her eyes as she calls for them to come in. 


"I'm sorry to disturb you Miss Luthor but I have a Mr Schott, here to see you, he says it's urgent," her assistant explains and Lena's brow creases in worry. She nods gesturing for them to let him in, and she feels Ellie shrink into her. Her arm tightens unconsciously around her. 


Winn walks in like it was two years ago, in a shirt that looks slightly too small for him, as he fidgets. He gives a tentative wave as he stops in front of her desk and Lena sighs, standing up and setting Ellie, who watches Winn cautiously, in her chair. 


"What are you doing here, Winn?" 


"I tried to call Kara but she's not answering me or- or Mon-El," Winn explains, glancing down at Ellie. 


"And you're surprised she's ignoring you?" Lena can't hide the disbelief in her tone because of course Kara was ignoring them. She didn't want to face the reality any more than Lena did. 


"No, no I know. I just," Winn stammers out before collecting himself. It used to be endearing to her, now it's annoying. "I've been thinking about what happened on- on the ship."


Lena raises her chin, her brow arching as the pain of the memories rises again. “And?” 


“I think we can enhance the frequency the ship emits to find out, maybe , a way to get what we all want?” Winn says, looking away and Lena’s eyes narrow as she takes in his words. 


“This frequency, what does it tell you?” Lena asks, already suspicious of the answer. 


“It tells us when the timeline is being altered too much, that way we know what’s going to happen so we can stop it,” Winn explains. “Like we did with the world killers.”  


Lena pauses for a moment. She could enhance the frequency outputs to find out what is going on. Put a stop to this future, and maybe, just maybe, keep Ellie here with them. 


“I’ve been thinking about what Briany said when Ellie first came through,” Lena says, explaining her thoughts concerning how it branches away from each new set time, and how far they’ve come away from its future. 


“So, wait, what you’re saying is, if we can manipulate and enhance those frequencies the ship emits, we can find out how to get the future back on course and give you and Kara the life you both want,” Winn reiterates looking hopefully up at her.


Lena stares at him for a long moment, trying to trust the hope in his voice. "You think my theories are possible?" 


"I don’t see why it couldn’t work. Look, Mon-El's heart is in the right place but he's grief stricken, we all are. If I can enhance the ship’s frequency output to look for alterations in the timeline, then I can run scenarios to get us back to where we all need to be," Winn explains with an excited glint in his eyes. “Including keeping Ellie here.” 


Lena takes him in for a moment before nodding. "If we can take the ship to my lab we can work there?" 


“I think it’s best,” Winn says before looking guiltily away, chewing his lip. "The DEO isn't secure and well... As much as J'onn and Alex have tried, the tech in the Towers a bit..." 




"Yeah," Winn agrees, tentatively grinning up at her. 


Lena shakes her head. She must be mad, she decides, because who in their right mind would go and try to fix the present and the future. But, she can do it, she knows she can because she's Lena Luthor. And Lena always fixes the problem, or at least she tries to. 


"I'll call Kara." 


"Great, I'll call Brainy," Winn grins at Ellie who looks at him like he's a mad man, and Lena wonders how much of that thought is true. 


Are they crazy for doing this? Most likely. But if it's their only option for keeping Ellie with them and saving the future, then Lena is going to move Heaven and Earth to do it. 

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Chapter Text

It's late. Too late. 


The darkness clings to the edges of the sterile room. There's a faint beeping in the corner. An algorithm finishes it's search. A soft curse from the exhausted woman hunched over a bench. A man is slumped against another bench as he tries to rewire a specific component and another is trying to reconfigure coding within the same machine. A small body is curled on a cot in the corner beside a heater that had been dragged from a storage cupboard. It's silent, save for their breathing and the whir of machines. 


It's been three days since they had come up with a plan. Three long days of trying to continue life and avoid a mass devastation. Devastation of the future, devastation of life as they knew it. And personal devastation, the devastation of a small blonde haired child going to an unknown future. A future that might not even be part of their timeline. 


The opening of a door makes them all freeze. Two hands reach for concealed weapons and the woman runs to the bed. It's the light scoff of a blonde Kryptonian moving into the room that makes the weapons lower. 


"You know, if I wanted to really get in here, your weapons wouldn't have gotten to me that fast," Kara grins as she steps into the room, automatically moving to the cot where Ellie is fast asleep. 




Kara shakes her head at the gentle question before Lena sighs, moving back to the bench where she had been working. 


"You should stop for the night, it's nearly 11," Kara lightly chastises, but Lena waves her off. 


"Take Ellie back to the apartment, we need to work on this," Lena mutters as her fingers move across the keyboard. Kara's lips quirk in a familiar smirk that makes Lena look up with a faint glower. She doesn't need to see the faint crinkle from Kara to know she looks exhausted. That she hasn't slept properly for days. 


"Guys, we're going to head home, you should too," Kara orders. Brainy's about to protest when she’s practically lifting Lena from the chair, a soft sigh falling from her as Kara pulls her close. Winn and Brainy share a brief look before they bid their goodnights. Lena lifts Ellie from the cot with a faint grumble, the toddler tucking herself into Lena's neck as Kara leads them from the building. The portal watch takes them home, but Lena doesn't put Ellie in her own bed, she tucks her between herself and Kara securely as they lie in bed. Kara keeps a watchful eye as Lena runs her fingers through soft blonde hair, the toddler’s even breathing the only noise between them. 


"I can't get it to work," Lena mutters after several moments of silence. She's tried repeatedly, every algorithm, every frequency she knows, she can't do it. She looks over at Kara who is watching her as if she understood. 


"Sometimes, we want the answer to fit in a box, and it can't, it has to be outside the box," Kara mutters, "Sometimes it's something we haven't looked at yet, even when we think we have." 


Lena shakes her head, "I feel like we're going in circles." 


"You can't operate that big brain of yours on no sleep. Come on, it's not going anywhere and neither are we," Kara whispers softly, before lying down and tucking herself around Ellie and Lena. Lena concedes slowly lying down as well, and letting herself fall into the sleep she had been putting off. 


Her dreams are filled with possibilities, theories, but that’s when a flash of a paper she had forgotten about, goes through her dream and makes her sit up, wide awake. 


The sun’s peeking out over the tops of the skyscrapers of National City as she runs to the kitchen in search of her phone. She had discarded it in the early hours of the morning to find Kara and Ellie sitting eating breakfast in front of her TV. 


"Mommy, we falls asleep at works and I wakes up in your bed," Ellie says, quickly informing her of the change in setting throughout the night. 


"I know, I'm sorry for making you stay at the lab," Lena apologises as she scrolls through her phone before finding the number she's searching for. 


"Mommy, what we do today?" Ellie asks but Kara's standing now, gently shushing her as Lena presses the phone to her ear. 


"Good Morning Lena," Brainy greets on the second ring. 


"I know what the frequency is," Lena says quickly. "Meet me at the DEO." 


The Agents at the DEO have become used to the sight of Lena Luthor. After all, she is the financier of their endeavour now. But some would say it's not normal for agents to see Lena Luthor followed by Kara Danvers, a young child, and three time travelling people they had only met a handful of times.


"I told you, you didn't have to come," Kara mutters under her breath at Mon-El who matches her pace without a glance in her direction. 


"If Lena's worked something out, then I'm here." 


Kara rolls her eyes at the idiotic desire. She had let Ellie drag her in behind Winn and Lena who are running into the lab where Alex and Brainy already stand with the evidence bags from the day Ellie arrived in their time. Following closely, they walk into the lab to find Alex laying evidence bags on the table. 


“Brainy said you needed these?” 


“I need the slip of paper, the one that was with the photos,” Lena explains, her eyes already scanning over the contents. Alex's brow creases in confusion, before handing it to Lena. It's frantic the way the CEO pulls open the evidence bag to look at the slip of paper, her brow furrowing in a deep crevice across her face. 


"Lena?" Kara asks tentatively, but Lena's already grabbing a pen and paper. She's writing the date backwards and Kara's frowning over her shoulder. Formulas are being scribbled on the paper, but then Brainy's gasping and also writing down numbers and formulas. 


"What's going on?" Mon-El asks, breaking the intense focus of the two geniuses. 


"They’ve worked out the formula," Winn grins from his side. 


"Formula?" Kara asks over her shoulder, holding Ellie close to her. 


"The date was backwards," Lena tells them without looking up, and Kara glances at Brainy and Winn in question. 


"It’s not a date, per se, it's a frequency to find out about the alterations to time," Brainy explains before finishing the calculations. Alex, Kara and Mon-El all share a confused look when Winn continues. 


“They require the correct coordinate to calibrate the machine to the right frequency. If they have the coordinate in time where it all went wrong, then they can find the frequency to get it all back on track.” 


"So, this is the answer?" Alex asks, looking between them all. "You can find out how to stop the future from happening?" 


Brainy glances at Lena who dips her head marginally in confirmation, and Kara's trying to stop the grin spreading over her face. 


"We can go over to the L-Corp Lab and confirm-" 


Lena's words are cut off when the DEO's floor shakes and Kara lurches forward, gripping the table to support herself and Ellie as they all stumble. Lena moves, clutching onto Kara as the walls tremble, and soon Kara's tucking her family under her. Alex is there too, the thunderous noise of the walls shaking surrounding them. Ellie's cries into her legs and Kara shields them as best she can. 


"What's going on?" Lena shouts over the tremors. 


Kara can only shake her head as she watches cracks appear in the concrete. The building’s going to collapse and Kara knows it. She knows what, or more like who this is. Gritting her teeth she lifts Ellie into her arms and turns to Mon-El, "Take Alex to the Tower," she orders, her arms tightening around Lena. 


"Hold on," Kara orders as Lena's arms wrap around her neck and Ellie. 


The toddler's cries fill Kara's ears and she looks over to Alex who nods to her. It's the confidence she needs full of the hope that this could all be ok. She's carried people like this before but she's never carried Ellie like this or Lena. She grips Lena tightly, holding her close and rises from the ground. She can feel Lena's grip tighten as she turns and clenches her fist high above her head before she's breaking through the side of the already crumbling building. 


It's the quick glance back at Mon-El following her and the rapid beating of Ellie and Lena's heart in her ears that lets her concentrate on the flight. Brainy and Winn fly after of her while Ellie's screams fill her ears as she flies, but she can't stop until they're at the Tower and Kara flies as carefully as she can. The vice-like grip Lena has on her suit makes her want to fly as fast as she can to the Tower, to make them safe but Ellie’s cries remind her that it isn't good, that Ellie could flail and fall. That she could hurt her.  


Kara holds her breath for most of the flight until they descend into the Tower. Ellie’s screams result in J'onn running to them, his eyes scanning for danger as soon as Kara sets them down. Ellie is clinging tightly to her, as sobs are wracking her small body. Lena's there as well, trying to calm her, but only Kara can hear the rapid beating of her heart from the panic. Kara notices the faint shake of Lena’s hand as she rubs their daughter’s back. 


"What happened?" J'onn asks as he looks over Alex for injuries. 


She shoo's him away when he tries to check the severity of a graze to her cheek, before turning to share a look with Kara. Kara who's holding her daughter so close that she's worried she might be hurting her, but the way Ellie's gripping her suit is enough for the Kryptonian to return it. Lena's trying to calm Ellie's tears, to calm the hiccups, as she tries to catch her breath and as she does, her hand is holding Kara's so tightly that her knuckles are white. 


"Something attacked the DEO," Alex explains, running a hand through her hair, her own gaze never leaving Kara's. 


"Something? Lex?" J'onn guesses, but Kara's shaking her head. She knew it would happen, Lena, herself, Alex, they all knew. It was only a matter of time. 


"Leviathan," Kara says as she runs a hand through Ellie's dishevelled hair, the toddler looking away from the eyes on her. "Leviathan went after the DEO." 


Kara's eyes catch on Lena's and they know, they know it wasn't just Leviathan. That this was part of something bigger. 


"It's starting," Mon-El mutters bitterly, making them look over at him, as Ellie's cries turn to sniffles. "Ellie being here has brought it forward." 


Alex’s lip curls, "You can't blame a three year old for this." 


"I can if all it's done is bring the timeline forward," Mon-El argues, gesturing to Ellie's back, and Kara can feel her eyes heat up at the accusation. 


"Alright, let's calm down. We need to make a plan," J'onn gestures for them to move deeper into the Tower. They follow, Lena and Kara sparing a cautious glance at one another. It's not unknown what Mon-El's feelings are, it's clear, the idea he has planted in his mind that by sending Ellie back it'll fix everything. But that's a fool's hope. 


They don't get to make a plan. 


The Tower building shakes and shudders around them and Kara's quickly handing Ellie to Lena who screams at the handling. "We have to find Leviathan and Lex, and put a stop to them," Kara says, quickly looking around. "Get Nia here, see if she can astral project and find out anything we can use against them." 


"Kara, stop!" Lena orders, making the Kryptonian pause and Lena's brow furrows deeply. "They're in that bottle, Brainy told us as much when we saved him from Leviathan before..." 


"It's not Leviathan," Alex mutters, looking at J'onn. "It's Lex." 


"Lex wouldn't have alien DNA running through his veins, he's not that maniacal. Plus, I'm sure he'd go into anaphylactic shock before he'd get the needle within a ten meter radius," Lena explains with a shake of her head. "It'll be one of his minions, I'm sure of it." 


"We have to stop them either way," Kara says, turning to Mon-El. His face is unreadable as he thinks. 


"Are you with me?" 


He lifts his chin and gives a tight smile, "Always." 


Kara turns to find two pairs of green eyes watching her. She pulls Lena away from the group and her heart breaks as Ellie protests, "No Jeju," while reaching for her and Kara's there, taking her in her arms to hold her tightly. 


"I'll be back I promise," Kara whispers into blonde hair and she looks at Lena over the toddler's shoulder. 


"Promise me, Kara," Lena whispers, and Kara reaches out, pulling Lena close and tears are pricking her eyes as she does. 


"I promise, izhao," Kara says as she places a kiss on Lena's forehead and they stand like that for a long moment. "I'll be back, and we'll have our happily ever after." 


"Like Elsa?" Ellie asks, and it breaks the moment with a soft laugh from both women. 


"Yeah, El, like Elsa," Kara whispers as she kisses Ellie cheek before setting her down. "Take this," Kara whispers, unclasping the necklace from around her neck and handing it to Lena. "It always comes back to me one way or another," Kara tries to joke but Lena glares up at her. 


"This is beginning to feel like a goodbye, Kara," Lena mutters, taking the necklace and Kara shakes her head quickly. 


"No, no goodbyes. I'll never say goodbye to you, Lena, neither of you," Kara whispers before dipping down and pressing her lips to Lena's. 


Kara didn't want to lie to Lena, didn't want to tell her that this could be goodbye, and that she might not be strong enough like her futureself. But she had to try, she had to give them time to fix the future. To try and stop Lex and they couldn't do that with a villain crumbling buildings every five minutes. Pulling away, she looks down into the tear filled green eyes of the woman she loves. "I'll be fine, I promise," Kara whispers, pulling away to hug Ellie tightly against her one last time before handing her back to Lena. 


As she steps away from a protesting Ellie, Alex is there, their arms wrapping tightly around each other, so much so that Kara's sure she hurts her. "Stay with them, please," Kara asks quietly and Alex nods against her shoulder. 


"I promise, just come back to us," Alex says as they pull away. "You have lipstick on you by the way," Alex teases, trying to lighten the sombre mood between them and Kara blushes while swiping at her lips with a faint glance back at Lena. "I'll look after them I promise." 


Kara glances over at J'onn who squeezes her arm, "I've called Nia, when she's here I'll come join you." 


"Thanks J'onn," Kara says before looking back at Lena who nods holding Ellie close. She has to go save the world. Something Kara's done a hundred times before but not like this. Her family has never been in danger like this. Kara turns, leading them to the balcony and taking a slow breath trying to calm her nerves. She could do this, she could do something. Even if it was only buying them time to get the answers they needed. 


"Let's go save the world." 


It doesn't take long to find the source of the problem and it’s not Leviathan. It's as Lena had suspected: Lex was nowhere to be found. Instead, it was the familiar chortle of Otis Graves. His strength was unparalleled and Kara isn't shocked as he throws a car down the centre of the street. 


"What's the plan?" Mon-El asks as he watches the scenes below them. 


"Try and neutralise Otis," Kara instructs before rising slowly from the building, gesturing for Mon-El to follow. Imra and Brainy descend to the streets below, desperately trying to evacuate innocent civilians below. Kara focuses on finding a way to gain Otis's attention as she scans the perimeter of his destruction. She turns to Mon-El who was hovering at her side as she checks for any hidden attackers, it wouldn't be unheard of for Lex. As soon as she's confident that there are no unknown attackers, they swoop low, and Kara sends a burst of heat vision, only for Otis to shrug it off. 


"Oh hey, Supergirl," Otis grins as he punches down hard. It sends a shockwave rippling through the tarmac of the street. Imra and Brainy rush to get civilians away from the impending damage as Mon-El is trying to stabilise buildings as quickly as he can.


"Stop this Otis," Kara calls out when landing in front of him, putting his attention squarely on her. He grins at her in that taunting way she recognises from the first time they had met. 


"You and I both know my boss wouldn't like that," He chuckles before landing a punch square on her jaw. It sends Kara flying backwards into a parked car that moulds around her. Groaning, Kara rubs her jaw because that hurts, it hurts like Reign punching her. Pushing herself up from the crumpled aluminium, she flies at Otis, landing three punches square on his jaw before he throws her away from him. Digging her fingers into the tarmac Kara pulls herself to her feet as Otis makes his way towards her, a menacing grin passing over his features. Kara braces herself before running at the large man, her hand reeling back and landing a series of hard punches to his gut and face. 


His head jars to the side while Kara’s fist throbs as she lands another punch, but she's thrown backward as Otis retaliates with a series of blows. It's then that there's a sharp swoop, and Otis is flying backwards; Mon-El is standing in his place as he helps Kara back to her feet. 


"He's stronger than I thought," Mon-El says. 


Kara dusts off her pants while they watch Otis stumble from the rubble of a building. She looks up at Mon-El who nods, "Together."


Kara nods and they fly at Otis. She lets the suppressed rage bubble up inside her, finally unleashing it all that she's kept in over the past two days. Her strength is no longer calm, it's broken and jarring as her fist slams into the jaw of the man stumbling to the ground. There's a crunch under her fist as she punches him over and over, her eyes burning as she does. She can hear his heart rate slow and it's enough to make her pause and release his shirt that she had been holding on to. 


"Kara, it's done," Mon-El's voice is far and muffled. There's an explosion and Kara spins around to look before taking the blast. She feels a burning pain in her chest as she crashes through the building and blink as she looks up, wincing through the pain. Standing up and, battling Mon-El was a familiar figure that Kara was certain was dead. 


Kara watches in horror as Mon-El is thrown across the street by a green blast and she's stumbling to her feet, gripping the car in front of her and using it as a shield.


"Where's the kid, Supergirl?" Metallo shouts with a gleeful look in his eyes. Kara uses most of her strength to flip the car in his direction, the feeling of needles crawling through her skin in the presence of the Kryptonite. Kara's rage flares at the mention of Ellie, her heat vision no longer controlled behind her eyes. She doesn't see her laser vision hit him, or the uncontrolled Kryptonite in his chest. She screams, her anger uncontrolled and it burns, as she unleashes it. The explosion is enough to knock her backwards, the pain tearing through her. Kara groans as she rolls onto her side, stumbling to get to her feet as Brainy and Imra run to her side. 


"The people?" Kara tries to ask as she waits out the pain. 


"All pushed back, three blocks down," Imra reassures as Brainy helps her to her feet. Mon-El stumbles from a nearby building then, coughing as he tries to orientate himself. 


"Is that it?" Mon-El asks while he approaches, looking around. Kara takes a shaking breath as she feels the boiling of her skin slows to a painful burn. 


"It looks so," Imra says, turning with her brow furrowed.


Kara joins her, her stomach twisting as she feels like it's all been too easy, too simple for Lex Luthor. She squints at a small black dot in the distance.


"There?" Kara says, pointing upwards. 


"It could be a bird?" Mon-El dismisses quickly. He turns looking around at their unconscious and defeated enemies. 


"Or a plane?" Imra follows Kara's line of sight, but the faint orange hue in the cluster of black gets closer and Kara's already shaking her head, lifting herself off the ground.  


"It's the Lexo suits," Kara calls, unleashing her heat vision and trying to target as many as she can, but they're overrun and soon Kara's being thrown into the ground. It's a series of struggles as every punch thrown is anticipated, the suits deflecting them in a way that is familiar to her. Every kick is dodged and Kara finds herself on her knees struggling against one of the suits. It's then that she sees it, watching Brainy's brow furrowed deeply as he tries to counter a suit with it’s quick reflexes. The dots finally connecting. 


"Brainy! Shut your eyes!" Kara orders, and Brainy looks at her like she's mad. "Do it, trust me." 


Brainy glances at Mon-E who is equally becoming overrun and does as Kara requests. It results in him being kicked into the ground but then the suits fighting is sloppy, they're response time no longer that of a predictive 12th level Colouan. Kara's free and soon they’re lying on the ground, destroyed, and Mon-El is helping Brainy to his feet. 


"How did they do that?" Imra asks. 


There's only one being that has had contact with Brainy that can control him, and Kara's stomach drops. 


"We need to get back to the Tower," Kara orders, as she leaps into the air. She doesn't hear their protests or the shouts beyond her as she is breaking the sound barrier. She lands at a run as she goes into the Tower, and her heart stops at the sight. 


Alex is on the floor, face down, a familiar sight Kara had seen before. Nia is unconscious by the monitors, slumped against Winn and all evidence of Ellie and Lena have vanished. 


"Alex?!" Kara's there rolling her sister onto her back but she can hear the heart rate, slow and steady. Kara looks around, checking, Winn is the same, Nia too.


"Kara?" Alex groans in her arms as she tries to sit up. 


"You're ok," Kara reassures her, helping her and supporting her standing. "What happened?" 


"I, ugh, Lena and Winn were working, then- Then they got it to work, I think. Yeah, they got it to work, next thing it, it all went dark, I-" 


Alex stops, her eyes widening up at Kara, "J'onn, Kara, J'onn's eyes they..." 


"They turned green?" Kara guesses and Alex nods, tears pricking her eyes.


"How is that possible?" Mon-El asks as he helps Winn sit up. 


"Lena's Q-Wave technology, he's altered it to J'onn's brain functions," Brainy explains as he holds Nia. "That's how he knew about my predictability with the Lexo Suits." 


"And probably about Ellie," Kara sighs, rubbing the back of her neck. 


"Kara I'm so-" 


"This wasn't your fault, Alex," Kara dismisses quickly. "I should have thought, I should have been smarter than him." 


"We have to find her," Mon-El says as he moves to the balcony, Imra's hand on his arm the only thing stopping him. 


"Don't you think I know that!" Kara bursts, she had been trying since she landed, to try to listen for her family but only the noise of the city had filled her ears. 


"Kara, we have to go, we have to do something." Kara's eyes narrow at his insistence and she can't take it anymore. 


"She's not going with you to the future Mon-El." Kara bursts. "She's staying here, whether it alters it or not. I have to think of the present and all the evidence in the present says it's not safe for her to be there. Which means that she stays with me." 


"No, Kara, you don't understand-" Mon-El's face has drained of all colour now, panic etching in his eyes. 


"I understand that you want the life you have but she has to go back," Mon-El pleads but Kara shakes her head, she doesn't want to hear it. 


"What is she to you?" Kara turns back at Alex's voice. Her sister still looks slightly disoriented but Kara can see her mind working and suddenly she sees it. The desperation. 


"Look, it doesn't matter-" 


"Just tell them, Mon-El," Imra snaps, looking at the floor as she shifts uncomfortably. 


"Tell us what?" Nia's eyes are equally critical as the room looks at the Daxamite. 


"Kara, what you need to understand is that it's in the very distant future-" 


"Tell me, Mon-El," Kara orders, her eyes getting hot as she steps slowly towards him. Mon-El grits his teeth before nodding slowly to himself. 


"When we returned to the future the last time, something had changed. Imra and I had parted ways, I was- I was lonely and-" 


"And what ?" Kara stops in front of him and she can feel her eyes glowing as she tries to hide the rage she already feels. 


"Alexandra," Mon-El whispers and Kara spins to her sister who stands with wide eyes. 




"Her name was Alexandra, my, my wife," Kara's brow furrows deeply as Mon-El shuffles uncomfortably under her gaze. "She was Ellie's, your, descendant I suppose without going into the details." 


Kara stands stunned as she stares wide eyed at him, trying to formulate some kind of response. She doesn't get to, however. 


"So, you couldn't have Kara but now you have her great, great however many great, grandkids?" Alex asks, her voice three octaves higher than it should be. 


“I didn’t know at the time,” Mon-El argues but Kara’s already raising her hand with a shake of her head. 


“That’s why you were so desperate to send her back to the future, no matter what it was like, how horrible it was for her. Just so you could get the life you had?” Kara mutters with a shake of her head. She feels sick, Alex is right, in a way. 


“Look, as weird as all of this is,” Winn says from the table. “The important thing is finding Lena and Ellie.” 


“Do you have any idea where Lex could have taken them?” Kara asks, her head hurts and she feels drained but she wants her family. Needs her family. 


“I mean, he could have taken her anywhere by now,” Winn shrugs but Alex is already looking at Nia. 


“I can try and find them,” Nia says with a determined look in her eyes as she stands. Brainy helps her sit down as Nia focusses. Her eyes flutter shut as she sends out a telepathic wave. Kara stands nearby, chewing her nails as she watches. Then begins the pacing as time passes slowly, and she hates it, but Alex reminds her to be patient, that Nia’s still learning, her eyes dart around glancing up at Mon-El and she looks away, she can’t even look at him.  


She can’t begin to fathom his ideas behind that relationship, and although Kara can’t understand what possessed her to date him in the first place, it reminds her of Jack’s office, of the way Lena had wanted her to come save her and Kara’s chest tightens because she’ll always save Lena. She always has, from the first moment they met, even when they were at odds. 


Kara would save her. Always. 


I hope you all enjoyed it. Thoughts? 

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Chapter Text

Your second to last chapter!! 

Just a small note to say that some readers many find the following scenes distressing. It's nothing explicit or graphic but may be distressing... 


The first thing Lena knows is that her head hurts. It hurts a lot. 


It's the kind of headache that not even the strongest pain killers would shift. Opening her eyes, she squints at the bright lights around her. She can hear crying and heavy footsteps. Blinking as her eyes adjust and taking in the sight of her lab. Lena tries to move and she finds her hands cuffed behind her back. 


"What-" She begins to ask, but she quickly stops as a body huddles into her own. Ellie's tiny body is clutching her own, her cheeks red and puffy from crying. Lena tries to think, to recall what happened. They had been altering the machine, placing the coordinates in the altered machine and- and then it went blank. Dark spots fill her vision as she tries to regain her centre of gravity. 


"Mommy? Mommy?" Ellie whispers, tugging at her jacket. 


"It's ok, El," Lena tries to soothe her daughter. "I'm right here." 


"Bad man," Ellie says, pointing and Lena's eyes narrow in on Lex, tapping furiously at the keyboard. 


"I know, it's ok," Lena says as she looks around, she has to get out of the cuffs. "Ellie, sweetie, I need you to get Mommy's hair pin, ok? Can you do that?" 


Ellie looks at her for a moment, sniffling before nodding and standing. 


"That's it, you're so brave, Ellie," Lena whispers as the toddler pulls at her hair. It hurts, Lena won't deny it, but she's thankful when the toddler manages to place it in her hand. Lena had learned a lot from Andrea Rojas but one of the best tricks she had ever been thankful for was picking the lock of handcuffs. 


As soon as she feels the lock click, Lex looks at her with a grin. "Excellent you're awake," He grins making his way over and Ellie huddles into her side. "I assume you're already out of the handcuffs?" 


Lena grits her teeth as she pulls her arms from behind her back and stands, gently pushing Ellie behind her. "What are we doing here, Lex?" 


"Here I thought your first question would be what do I want with your sickeningly cute child?" 


"I assumed world domination?" Lena retorts, a smirk dancing on her features. Lex rolls his eyes before grinning down at Ellie. 


"Very funny," Lex snarks with an eye roll.


"Now, now, let's set a good example for the real children in the room," Lillian's voice floats through as she steps into the room, setting a bag of Big Belly Burger on the table. 


"What is this?" Lena asks, since this is beginning to seem like the oddest kidnapping she's ever experienced.


Lillian's spine straightens, "Well, I did some research and apparently grandparents are meant to spoil their grandchildren so..." She gestures to the fast food bag and Ellie. 


Lena's silent for a minute before shaking her head. "As much as I cherish the thought, I don't think you kidnapped me for a family reunion." 


Lex grins then, and it makes her stomach drop. "No, of course not," he scoffs. "I came for the child and realised that the kid probably wouldn't co-operate unless you were here, so here we are." 


"And you?" Lena asks her mother who rolls her eyes. "What's your motivation for kidnapping a three year old?" 


"As much as you might like to think I'm some kind of monster, I just feel she would have a safer life with us." Lillian explains haughtily. "A better life." 


"She's half Kryptonian, Lena, we can crush them with her powers. She's young enough to be moulded into the Luthor ways," Lex says eagerly, his eyes filled with greed that Lena recognises all too well. 


"Moulded into the Luthor- Jesus Lex," Lena scoffs, looking away from her brother. The brother she had once admired. 


"You sound like a mad man." 


"I'm not mad!" Lex shouts, silencing her. "I don't need to remind you that you betrayed me. Not once, not twice, but three times. Besides, you never had the backbone to be a Luthor," Lex growls at her, and she can feel the sickening feeling of being a disappointment welling up inside her. 


"Being a Luthor isn't about world domination," Lena bursts, and she feels Ellie huddling closer into her. It's grounding her, as she wraps her arm around the toddler’s shoulders. "It should be about doing what's right."


"That's what we're doing," Lex grins, turning back to the keyboard. "You see, I can alter your portal here to send the Kryptonians wherever I want. And if they ever come back, they will have to face the new and improved Supergirl," Lex explains while he gestures to Ellie. 


Lena wants to run, wants to tell him he's wrong, that this would never happen but she's been here before. Twice in fact. "The portal’s broken, Lex." 


"I'm sure that between our three brilliant minds, we can get it going again," Lex is oddly chipper suddenly, and Lena glances at her mother. 


"No offence, but I think mothers skills lie in illegal biomedicine," Lena says, watching back at Lex who scoffs at her. 


"Oh no, not mother," He agrees before gesturing to the darkened corner of the room. "J'onn J'onzz, however, can provide us with some Martian tech, isn't that right J'onn?" 


Lena watches as J'onn staggers from the corner of the room, his face contorting in pain as he stumbles forward clutching his head. "J'onn, are you-" J'onn cuts her off sliding to the floor. "What did you do to him?" Lena hisses, glowering up at Lex, who looks far too smug. 


"Well, you see, I was thinking of a way to get into that 'Tower' of yours- excellent cloaking device by the way- and it dawned on me that the easiest way to get this little tyke, was to just get the man- Martian, sorry- to give me access." 




"But how, you might ask?" 


Lena definitely wants to punch his smug grin off his face. Or shoot him, again. She'd be willing to do that now. "Well, that's thanks to you, dear sister." 

His eyes shine gleefully as he walks around to J’onn patting his shoulder as if he was the hero of the day. "You see, that brilliant Q-Wave technology you designed to manipulate J'onn's brother, Malefic? Well, I repurposed it for a different Martian." 


Lena grits her teeth, trying not to rise to the bait. He's desperate to try to get her to react. "So, you stole my work?" Lena asks, before adding, "Again." 


"Is it stealing if you abandoned it?" Lex ponders with a mocking tilt of his head and pursed lips. 


"Alright, let's act like adults in front of the actual child now, shall we?" Lillian reprimands nicely, and Lena glances down at Ellie who is staring up at her with wide eyes. 


"It'll be ok, I promise," Lena whispers, trying to soothe her in any way she can. 


"Bad people," Ellie whimpers into her side, and Lena nods, her eyes glancing at Lex and Lillian. 


"Lena, we don't want to do this the hard way," Lillian says all too sweetly, and Lena rolls her jaw, trying to relieve the headache that's pounding there. 

"So, what?" Lena snarks. "You just expect me to hand over this child and come with you to take over the world?" 


"Well, I mean that would be an added bonus," Lex chuckles. "But no, we're going to go raise this little tyke and destroy the Kryptonians. Destroy the floating rock that is Argo, so then all that's left would be to raise the Luthor name back to where it was before Superman." 


Lena glances at Lillian who is rolling her eyes at her son’s determined plan, and Lena can see the benefit she gets from it. Returning the Luthor name back to where it was. Lena shakes her head at the ridiculous plan. 


"So, you kill Kara and Superman. And what next?" Lena asks, hoping to get as much information out of him, wishing Kara would be here soon. "What happens to Ellie after?" 


"She'd have a normal life," Lex waves off before turning back to the computer, and Lena reads it for what it is. 


He would kill her. He wouldn't want another Kryptonian on the earth if he could help it. 


"And me?" Lena asks, watching him tweak the algorithms she had put in place to find him. Now altering their use to align with the broken portal. Then Lex slowly looks up from the computer, his brow furrowed. 


"You're welcome to go back to R&D," He suggests, and Lena tries to calm her rage. "Or attempting to run that media empire thing, I never quite understood that-" 


"Enough of the games, Lex," Lena snaps, making Ellie cuddle closer into her. "Why this? Why now?" 


"Because I have the weapons, Lena." Lex grins while moving closer, his eyes wide with anger. "I have Leviathan, I have the suits programmed to that computer's predictive algorithm. I have Otis and Metallo, I even have your little copycat there if I need her." 


"Ellie doesn't have powers," the words are out of her mouth before she realises it and Lillian chuckles slowly. 


"Oh really?" Lillian asks, handing over a sheet of paper. "She was made on Argo, Lena. Her isotopic cells show it. She has half Kryptonian DNA... She'll have powers. Maybe not right now, but in a few years or after a major traumatic event, like watching her Jeju die. I'm sure they'll kick in." 


"Kara won't let that happen, I won't let that happen," Lena says, she's trying to be strong, trying to fight the dread that's filling every inch of her mind. 


"Kara Zor El is a bit busy at the minute," Lex chuckles. As he presses a button, a screen shows Kara on her knees, struggling against Metallo. Lena's eyes widen and she tries to think of something, anything to get them out of there. Her hand goes to her wrist, finding it bare, and she looks up to see the pitiful look on Lex's face. "Nice try Lena, but you're all out of options. Either join us with little Eliza, or die like your precious Kara will." 


It's almost nostalgic, Lena realises. She had been in this situation before, in the same building, just in another time and in another life. 


She looks down at the wide, puffy, green eyes staring up at her. The same ones she wasn't ready to let go of. But Kara wouldn't forgive her if she gave in, Lena was supposed to be a hero. Hero's don't give in. And she is a mother, a mother to the sweetest little girl that had stumbled into her life. Mother's don't give in, they don't let their children suffer. That was the weak thing to do. And Lena Luthor wasn't weak. 


"No." Lena whispers. She won't let him have her. She won't let anyone have her. "You're not taking her, or me, she isn't a tool to be used Lex. She's an innocent child." 


"I knew you'd gone soft Lena," Lex sighs, moving closer. "I just didn't know you'd fallen in love." 


He stops in front of her and Lena pushes Ellie behind her the best she can. "You're right, Lex, I have fallen in love, but I'm not soft," Lena whispers, pulling her head back and snapping it forward. There's a painful crunch and Lena isn't sure if it's her forehead or her brother's nose, but Lex is stumbling away and Lena frantically looks for a weapon. There, on the table, is a discarded pole and Lena grabs it, ready to strike down Lex. 


The knock of a gun stops her. 


Lillian stands, the gun raised, and pointing at it's target. Not at Lena. No, she was too easy to kill, too willing to be sacrificed. But at Ellie. Lena's heart jams in her chest as Ellie steps back, trembling. 


"Put down the pole dear, we know how good you are at fencing," Lillian taunts with a jerk of the gun. Lena grits her teeth but she won't let anything happen to Ellie. She drops it. A resounding clatter echoes through the lab. "Good girl." 


Lex staggers, his nose pouring blood, and grabs the gun, pointing it at Lena. "I should have killed you the first time you crossed me." 


"Sorry, Lex, but you were too busy assassinating the jury," Lena snaps. She no longer cares as she slowly steps to the side, placing herself back in front of Ellie. 


"Let's all take a deep-" 


"Well, I should have done it when you were in Kaznia, have Kara wail over your dead burning body!"




"But, no,” Lena drawls. “Instead you were too busy gloating in the jail cell you had put yourself in." 


"I saved you from the multiverse collapse and this is the thanks I get." 


"I saved myself," Lena spits as she realises how close she is to the gun. She can't look back at Ellie, she won't traumatise her further. Kara'll protect her, Kara will save their daughter. 


"You're an ungrateful bitch, Lena. I gave you everything! I'd give your kid everything if she just does as I ask! But we both know I'm not above killing you." 


"The feeling’s mutual, Lex," Lena gloats, because then she does something stupid. Probably the stupidest thing she's done in a long time. She grabs the gun, and Lex is almost shocked for a moment before he tugs it back and they’re on the floor. Lena can feel his strength against her own as she tries to pull it from it's grasp. 






Lena's curls in on herself as heat radiates above her. There's a sonic boom and the building starts to shake. Her vision blurs slightly but she can hear Ellie's screams. She has to get to Ellie. She has to make sure she's ok, she has to save her. 


"Lena!" Kara's voice fills her ears and Lena relaxes because Kara will get Ellie. She'll save Ellie. 




Lena's confused. Ellie's here so Kara wouldn't swear. But then she looks up and blue eyes are staring down at her, looking around and flinching. Kara looks panicked before tugging her cape off. Lena isn't sure what’s happening because her vision blurs again, the walls are still shaking and Kara's not there. She's imagining things, Lena rationalises, she needs to center herself because it's just a nightmare, right? 


But then Kara's back, filling her vision, Ellie's there as well, with Kara's glasses on her face and Lena's definitely dreaming. She looks cute , Lena thinks and Kara's there, in her pedestrian clothes, wrapping them in her arms closely. Ellie’s hysterical and Lena's not really sure why, because she can feel the whims of exhaustion start to creep into her mind. 


A distant voice yells, “Kara, you have to go!”


"Lena. Lena, stay awake, stay with me!" 


Kara's voice sounds distant and far away now, like they're underwater, and all Lena really wants is to sleep. To be at home, with her family. 


"Lena, no!" is faint and distant as she closes her eyes, because she’s content in the arms of the woman she loves. With her daughter who she loves more than she ever could have imagined. 



Lena’s dreamed a lot in her life, and mostly nightmares of her mother or of dying. But she’s never had a dream as nice as this. She’s standing on a familiar lawn, a white picket fence behind her, and there is a discarded bike and a soccer ball to her right. The large home stood before her, white trim windows and a blue door makes the white panels look homely and greeting. It resonates with her somewhere that this is a familiar place, but she doesn't know where. Or how. 


"Oh, my sweet girl." 


Lena turns at the sound of a lilted voice, "Mother?" 


She looks the same, exactly how Lena remembered her. Green eyes that crinkle as crows feet dance in the corner from the bright smile, and laughs Lena can only just remember. A strange and distant memory. 


"You've come so far," Her mother whispers, pressing a warm hand to her cheek. "You've been so strong." 


"I-I'm so sorry," Lena breaks, her tears flowing freely as strong arms wrap around her. It's a motherly hug Lena can barely remember. Memories of the warm sugary scent of her mothers kitchen fill her nose, the distant reminder of her perfume. "I should have done something." 


"Shh, it's ok, I never meant to leave," Her mother whispers, and Lena nods as her mother wipes the tears from her cheeks. They’re standing up, holding each other, and Lena lets the emotions she's been bottling for twenty plus years slowly wash away. 


A crash from inside the house makes Lena's brow furrow as she pulls away from her mother. A scream of anger follows after and Lena looks to her mother who has the same warm and inviting look. 


"Are you going to go in?" She asks, and Lena looks between them before curiosity gets the better of her. She walks up the steps of the porch, and glances back at her mother who is smiling warmly at her. "I'll be here with you." 


Lena opens the door to reveal an oddly familiar hallway, lined up with photographs of a family that feels all so distant. 


"Mommy, Mommy! Come see, come see!" And Lena's brow creases deeply as she follows the voice. A flash of blonde hair comes from an open archway, and Lena follows, peering into the large kitchen to find a small blonde haired girl, perched on a stool. 


"Ellie?" Lena asks, more to herself, and the little girl grins brightly at her with black framed glasses around her eyes that Lena doesn't recognise. 


"Mommy, come on, Jeju is baking," Ellie says, pointing to the tall blonde in front of the cooker. Kara's as Lena remembers, all smiles and bright blue eyes. She looks different, slightly older almost. Lena can't put her finger on it but the way Kara looks over her shoulder and gives her that bright smile, she melts on the spot before stepping closer and placing a hand on Ellie's small back. 


As she glances down she realises: Ellie looks older than she recalls, and she's sure Ellie didn't need glasses. A faint glint of something catches her eye, and she frowns at the silver band around her ring finger. She's never had a ring that looked like that, Lena is sure of it. 


"You ok, babe?" Lena looks up at Kara watching her across the counter. A slight quirk of the corner of her lips makes Lena pause, like she knows something Lena doesn't. 


"Baby kick, Mommy?" Ellie asks, placing a hand on her stomach and Lena jumps because she isn't, wasn't pregnant. But the swell of her stomach says otherwise. Her eyes widen at the sight, her heart rate quickening. Kara's there in a beat, the faint gust of her superspeed as her hand places gently on her stomach. 


"Lena? Lena, what is it? What's wrong?" Kara's questions are quick and urgent as blue eyes are searching her own. But she's lulled into a relaxed state, the strong hands on her stomach and the deep concern in Kara's eyes making the panic melt away. 


"Nothing," Lena whispers before shaking her head. "Nothing at all." 


Because there is nothing wrong, Lena realises, it's all so perfect that it feels real. Saving Kara's terrible baking alongside her mother while Ellie and Kara stuff cupcakes in their mouths. Frosting is covering both of them in a way that's too cute for Lena to be angry about the state of her kitchen. A kitchen that looks far homier than the distant one she remembers. 


A distant thought of a bare faced Ellie with an MIT shirt on her small body. 


"Mommy?" Lena looks up at Ellie watching her, "Mommy?" 


Lena frowns at the sudden change in tone, the child looking at her with a sad expression. "What's wrong El?" Lena asks as she feels the smile fading on her face.


But then it's blurred, fuzzy almost, in a way that makes Lena shake her head, squeezing her eyes shut before looking at Kara who is grinning at her, kissing her and covering her in the frosting. They're laughing together as a family, and Lena feels her stomach flip at the love her family is giving her. 


Because this is the life she wanted. She wanted to feel the weight in her stomach of a life growing, and Kara looking at her like she was the sun. She wanted Ellie sticking her tongue out at her mother who only gave the loud laughter that Lena had longed to hear for so long. There's music somewhere distant, and Kara's arms are wrapped around her as flour is thrown and Lena screams with a laugh. 


"Come back to me, Lena." 


She turns in Kara's arms, the serene look on the Kryptonians face is almost distracting as she whispers, "I need you to come back to me." 


"I'm right here, my love," Lena strokes Kara's cheek softly, her eyes watching in concern as Kara's eyes flutter shut. 


"You're my hero, Lena," Kara whispers as the music slowly disappears. 


"You once said I was your hero, but you've always been mine. Through everything. I need you to come back to me, I know you want the life we have now, and we can. We can have that! You, me, Ellie. All of it. I'll, I'll get a- a minivan or something. Please Lena, you have to wake up. Please wake up so we can work out this whole future nonsense together." 


There's a pause as the house slowly disappears around them, until it's just her and Kara standing together. "Ellie says she needs her mommy to explain quantum physics to her. Apparently I do it wrong, although I'm fairly sure there's only one way." Kara scoffs, looking away from her and Lena's confused because this isn't the Kara that she was in the house with. This wasn't her wife, this was... Something else. A dream. She was dreaming. She turns as Kara's voice fades, and everything is black, safe for a small distant light. "Come back to us Lena." 


She’s crashing!


"Come back so we can have something like we had. We can have the big house. And the dog. And- and maybe another kid if you want." 


Push two rounds of Epi!


"All I know is that I want something like that with you Lena Luthor. So please, for everything that I'm worth, come back to me."


I need a crash cart in here! 


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Chapter Text

Tick. Tick. Tick. 


Thump, Thump. Thump, Thump. 


Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick. Tick-


The sound of a passing siren forces green eyes to snap open. The pale pastel walls greet her and she's reminded of the hell she's been subjected to. The slightly balding man sits across from her. His patient smile irks her more than she cares to admit. 


And his v-neck sweater is something she knows should have been left in the 90's. She's told him so. Twice . Especially when he pokes too deeply. 


A coping mechanism he had called it. She had scoffed as she always did and looked away, focusing on her other senses. 


She can smell the slightly rotting lilies by the window, and it makes her nose burn at the putrid scent filling the room. She can smell his cheap cologne that sticks to his skin, and it overwhelms her senses. 


She doesn't say anything. 


Only lifting her hand to cover her nose with a curled fist as she looks out the window. She can see the dust collecting on the sill and she makes a note to inform him later. It's not rude, she justifies to herself. Just helpful . It was one of the few things she did to be helpful to strangers. After all, she didn’t trust them. Didn’t trust anyone. The fingerprints on the glass dance back at her, they're too small to be the man sitting across from her. His child perhaps. He mentioned he had a child when he was wittering on. 


Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick.


Her eyes snap back to the clock and its irritating noise. She hears him pointedly clearing his throat, but she doesn’t look at him. 


“Are you going to answer my question, or continue to glower at my clock?” He asks, and green eyes fall on him. He’s such a weasley looking man, she tries to bite back the bitter retort. Instead, she arches a brow and he sighs, removing his glasses and rubbing his eyes. 


“We’ve been doing this long enough that I know when something’s bothering you.” 


"I'm fine." 


It's a lie that she's come to say repeatedly now. Something said so often it almost feels true. 


"You know what fine stands for, right?" He asks with a slightly teasing grin, and her patience wears thinner. 


"Please don't quote the Italian Job at me." 


He shrugs, sitting back in his chair and readjusting his notepad. "So, you're having nightmares again?" 


"I'm not having nightmares!" She wants to kick herself. She said it too quickly, and now he knows she's definitely lying. He arches a silent brow and she sighs heavily. "I just had a bad dream that's all," she tries to amend. 


"What was it about?" 


She shakes her head, looking away as the snark escapes her before she can really rationalise it, "Your ugly sweater vest." 


He sits back patiently but she's already on her feet, pacing across the room. "I didn't have a nightmare." 


"No?" He looks far too sickly sweet for her to not be angry. 




"Then, why are your sleeves catching fire?" 


She curses, looking down at the scorched sleeves she had been pushing under her glasses, and quickly shuts her eyes. 


"Sorry, I'm so-" Her breathing hitches, and she can feel the crushing weight constricting in her chest. "Sorry, I-" She can't breathe, she can't get the air in her lungs. Flashes of red fill her vision.


"It's alright. Hey, look at me," the doctor requests, and he's closer than he was. 


But flashes of a collapsing ceiling resonate through her. The memory that fills her nightmares begins to take place. 


"N-No, I-" 


"It's alright, Ellie, open your eyes for me." 


She shakes her head because she can't. She can't open her eyes, she can't move from the spot she's rooted to. 


"Ellie, you’re safe, it's alright. Breathe with me." His voice isn't soothing, but it's enough to stop the crushing in her chest and gradually, the sight of her mother in a hospital bed fades  as she begins to feel what should be a semblance of normalcy. She slowly peels her eyes open, and she’s met with the face of her therapist, his warm but concerned eyes staring back at her. 


"There we go," He whispers, helping her sit. "You're safe here, Ellie." 


Ellie shakily nods, because she knows she is. "I-I'm sorry, I could have hurt you." 


"But you didn't," He's quick to reassure. "I'm more resilient than your aunt gives me credit for." 


It cracks a smile as she takes in a shuddering breath. "I see her. In that bed." 


He sits back in the chair, his eyes watching her silently as he listens. "In my nightmares, she's there in that godforsaken hospital bed, and I can't do anything." 


"You were three, Ellie." 


Ellie looks away with a bitter laugh, tears welling in her eyes. His soft gaze watches hers, the reassurance in his voice as he says, "Even Supergirl couldn't do anything at the age of three." 


He's met with silence as green eyes go back to staring out the window. He can see the wheels in her mind working. "Why am I broken, doc?" 


"You're not broken," He's quick to answer. "You experienced multiple traumas in your young years, it's bound to stay with you." 


"The others weren't like me." 


"My understanding is that your cousins weren't time traveling children who ended up here in order to avoid a cataclysmic future." 


Ellie shifts uncomfortably at the reminder. "I meant getting my powers so young." 


He hums as he thinks before lifting a hand in a one armed shrug, 


"Ellie, you experienced a lot of traumas. The way I see it, is that it could be linked to other genetics that stay underlying until one day being activated. You experienced a lot. You were kidnapped twice in the space of three days, then not only had your mother been shot once before you got to the present , but then you saw her being shot again, all while watching your other mother struggling in a battle. If I'm honest, I'd say you've survived it all pretty well." 


"My mom used to say life should be about more than just surviving." 


"Your mother’s a wise woman." 


There's a small light turning on, and the doctor smiles sadly across from her. "I'm afraid my next client is here." 


Ellie nods, standing and collecting her backpack. "Thanks doc." 


Ellie trudges from the building before wincing as she steps onto the busy street, the summer sun making her flinch after the darker office. Shuffling, she tightens her grip on the straps of the backpack before stepping into the waiting car. 


"Are you alright, Miss Ellie?" 


"Fine Joe," Ellie mutters as she relaxes into the back of the car. "Can we go to Taco Bell on the way to school? I'm starving." 


After a small pit stop at a drive through, Joe stops the car in front of the red bricked school. "I'll make my own way home, Joe," Ellie tells him while hoping out. He doesn't get the chance to protest before she shuts the door. She doesn't need his parental concern, she has enough of it from her entire extended family. 


Speaking of extended family, Violet spots her like she spots the best seat at movie night. "So did you blast the therapist into next week?" 


"You know, that wasn't funny the first time you made that joke, right?" 


"Oh come on, El. That was a good one!" 


"No. No and it's still bad," Ellie sighs as she steps into the loud building. "And it was fine, thanks for asking." 


"Did you work out all of your childhood trauma?" 


"You realise my therapy is exactly the same as yours," Ellie points out as they make their way to the lockers.


"No, no it's not," Violet huffs, throwing herself back onto the metal with a dramatic look. "My therapy is with my mother. Yours is at least impartial." 


Ellie snorts, "Oh yes because aunt Kelly's best friend in college is impartial ." 


"More impartial than your mother." Violet grumbles irritably. 


"Morning," A chipper voice greets from beside them. Ellie doesn't look up as Calvin opens the locker to her right. 


"Morning, sports star," Violet greets, happily turning as she bats her eyelashes at the tall black haired boy. 


Ellie rolls her eyes at the display. Violet is her best friend, cousin and the worst influence she has in her life. She's tall like her aunt and, while not directly related, their goofy mannerisms has clearly been inherited. Ellie blocks out the sound the best she can until a tap on her shoulder makes her turn. 


"I need lunch money." 


Ellie scowls down at the slight squeak and she arches a brow. 


"Good for you," Ellie mutters before turning. Liam huffs gripping her arm weakly. "El, you have the money, that's the rule. So can I get it, or what?" 


"You know I only have it cause you keep getting it taken off you by Rory McCann." 


"Can you just!" He's about a second from stomping his foot so she fishes the twenty from her pocket before handing it to him. 


"Here, will you just leave me alone?" 


He grins up at her, and she narrows her eyes as he trots off. She misses when he was cute. When he was born and quiet as little kids were. He was different from her. He didn't have therapy, or trauma as the doc put it, and he also didn't have to wear the same annoying black rimmed glasses she did. 


"So, I have a great idea for something after school," Violet grins at her as Calvin moves off, giving her a small wave that she doesn't acknowledge. 


"I'm not robbing a bank," Ellie states immediately. That was last weeks 'great' plan. They had gone to the movies instead. 


"What? No, that's easy," Violet shrugs, leading them from the lockers. "Besides, if I got caught doing that I really would get murdered by my mom. No, look, there's an old warehouse by the waterfront, it's used by the police to hold all the cars from the different crimes and stuff." 


"So?" Ellie prompts. 


Violet looks about ready to explode with excitement. "We could get in and steal that big drug dealer car! You know the one on trial. Well, he was driving the new Lamborghini, the one with the six cylinders-" 


"Alright, alright stop," Ellie begs, she hates when Violet goes on about cars. She has enough problems with mechanical engineering in her own home. 


"So, can we go?" 


"Only if we're careful." 

Careful, as it turned out, was not in Violet’s vocabulary as she stands excitedly on the steps of the school day. Ellie almost turns around to hide from her cousin. 


"You guys got big plans?" 


There Ellie turns quickly, too quickly, and she's sure the concrete beneath her is smoking from the rubber of her sneakers. Calvin stands behind her, his warm smile looking down at her. "I, uh, she has some hair-brained scheme to try and get into the NCPD holding pen on the waterfront." 


Ellie wants to kick herself as he looks shocked for a minute before laughing. "Wow, you guys really are trouble makers!" 


"I'm just going to make sure she doesn't get shot," Ellie panics. She really needs to stop talking. 


"Hey, I meant to ask, did you get new glasses?" Calvin asks, stepping slightly closer, and Ellie's eyes widen. 


"Uh, yeah, my uh, my mom got them for me," Ellie says, her voice shaking slightly as she fidgets with them. Her mom made them but saying that is lame. So lame. Rao, she's pathetic. 


"She has good taste," He grins. "I mean your old ones were cool too but-" 


"Yeah, I know, I don't think tortoiseshell is my look," Ellie blushes as she says it. Yup she is pathetic she’s thinking, as they share a laugh. 


"Eliza, are you coming or what?" Violet hollers from the curbside and Ellie wishes she could throw her into space. Her family would understand. 


"I best," Ellie points to her cousin as she moves away and Calvin grins. 


"I'll see you tomorrow if you don't get shot," He waves as she waves pathetically back. 


"Are you done flirting?" Violet asks as Ellie climbs into the car after her. 


"Shut up." 


The waterfront is dark when they get there, only large blinking spotlights cast down over specific sections. But Ellie sighed at the wire fence in front of them. She glares at Violet when she sees it. 


"And how do you plan to get over that, genius?" Elie hisses. She had tried for most of their day to talk her out of it, she even thought she had succeeded when they drove into Taco Bell. It had been a ruse, something to pass the time in Violet’s mind. 


Violet sends her a withering look.


"Hey Guys," Ellie spins at the voice that comes from beside as they crouch next to her. 


"Hey Nate," Violet greets. 


"Are you crazy?!" Ellie growls. "Brainy will kill us!"


"It's fine, they don't know I'm here. They think I'm at piano practice," Nathan grins at her, in a failed attempt to reassure her. 


"Vi, I really don't think-" 


"Will you stop worrying?! It'll be fine," Violet dismisses. "Just hop us over the fence." 


Ellie stares wide eyed, her jaw dropping. Just hop over the fence , as if it was like skipping a step on a set of stairs. 


"You know, I can't just hop-" 


"Ugh, fine I'll do it myself," Violet says, rolling her eyes and producing an oddly familiar laser. 


"Please don't tell me that's Bruce Waynes’," Ellie asks. 


"He wasn't using it," Violet shrugs before kicking the fence through. "Come on." 


Ellie begrudgingly follows, she was going to get in so much trouble. She knew it. She just had to get them out of here without getting caught. 


Violet leads them to the clamped yellow sports car, and part of her wants to roll her eyes. Her mother had one in the basement of her old apartment. Ellie was sure they could drive that one if she bats her eyes hard enough. 


"How are we going to get into it, genius?" Ellie asks before being shushed by Violet. 


"Ellie just be the look out, ok?" Violet orders and Ellie turns, slowly removing her glasses as she does, and squinting as she takes in the x-ray vision. 


She hates it. Of all the powers, she hates anything to do with her sight the most. She can block out noise, control her strength, but her eyesight, she hated. 


Ellie can hear them grunting behind her, and she's almost, almost impressed when the boot comes off, even more when Violet gets the door unlocked. But it wasn't impressive, it was stupid and she can feel the I told you so , about to roll off her tongue when the car alarm goes off and the floodlights are illuminated over them as they slowly raise their palms. 


The firm clink of the cell door has her glaring at Violet so hard that she's sure her heat vision might just come through. 


"How did you not know they would find us?" Ellie asks. She's furious, livid and her Moms are going to kill her. 


"I didn't think-" 


"No, you didn't!" Ellie snaps irritably. 


"You could have said no," Violet states back and there's a sinking feeling in Ellie's gut that she's right. She knows her cousin is right. 


"Eliza Danvers, Violet Danvers" Ellie sinks at the tone, she didn't think it could get worse... 


"Hey, Maggie." Ellie tries to grin up at the familiar face, but the arched brow and pursed lips have her wanting the ground to swallow her. 


"I'll go phone, Alex." 


Alex Danvers was not the force Ellie was worried about and as the three of them are climbing into the back of the car, her aunt places a hand there, stopping her and shutting the others within. 


"Ok, I'm not going to read you the riot act, but what is going on?" Ellie shuffles looking down at her worn out converse, her hands balled tightly in her black jeans pockets. "Violet, I get it, her parents were car thieves, that makes some semblance of sense. Nathan is a sixteen year old boy. But you El?" 


Ellie never thought the sidewalk looked so interesting. "I know it’s been hard since everything but-"


"I'm fine, aunt Alex," Ellie cuts off quickly. "I don't want to talk about it." 


Alex grits her teeth because Ellie knows she'll tell everything, it's happened before with the nightmares and now she is in therapy. 


The drive back to the house is silent. The suburban home is quiet in the street and even when Alex pulls into the driveway, Ellie braces herself, even if there's no familiar car there. Of course not, why would there be? They would be at home with their less problematic child. Ellie follows Violet into the house and her Aunt Kelly is there, an unfamiliar stern look on her face. 


"Upstairs." Is all she says to Violet who glances at Ellie before climbing the stairs. Ellie moves to follow but is promptly stopped by her aunt’s hand. "Not you. You, go into the kitchen." 


"Nate, your mom'll be here in five," Alex informs him and Nathan pales considerably. 


"Great," His voice’s five octaves higher than normal. 


Ellie walks to the kitchen, helping herself to the apple in the basket. She isn't hungry but it'll keep the anger from spilling out her mouth. Stop her from letting the words run away with her. A glass of water is placed in front of her and she looks up to be met with warm brown eyes. 


"Jed said you had a bad day today?" Kelly asks, with an understanding look and Ellie sighs looking away. 


"What happened to doctor patient confidentiality," Ellie mutters bitterly, picking at the skin of the apple. 


"It disappears when you almost laser your therapist," Alex's voice makes Ellie’s lips purse and look harder at the apple in her hand. 


"Alex," The light admonishment makes her aunt shrug as they stand expectantly in front of her. "We just want to understand," Kelly begins. 


"This is the third time this month that you two have ended up in a cell, I can't keep pulling favours, Ellie," Alex finishes. 


Ellie nods, the control she places on not crushing the apple in her hand takes more power than she imagined. 


The banging of the door makes her jump as Nia storms in. "Nathan Querl Nal!" 


Ellie flinches and she can hear Nathan cower into the couch. 


"Mom I can-" 


"Explain? Oh, there's going to be more than just explaining!" 


Ellie tries not to hide as Nia storms through, her once black hair is streaked with a slight grey at the roots. 

"Thank you for getting them Alex," She says a little too sweetly and Ellie hides in her shoulders as she feels the disappointed look on her aunts’ faces. "I'm going to take Nathan home. I'll see you on Sunday for Eliza's birthday." 


She knows her aunt’s are nodding, and that Nia’s leading Nathan out without so much as a goodbye. The apple is slowly wilting in her hand, her strength barely controlled. 


"Did you call Jeju?" Ellie asks after several moments of silence. 


"Yeah," Alex mutters softly. "El, this isn't ok. I know that you’re a kid, and you want to act out but this was dangerous. I know you love Violet as a sister, but-" 


"Yeah I know," Ellie mutters. She knows Violet isn't like her. Isn't the Violet she had dreams of. Ellie sets the apple aside, she has to before she makes a mess. A bigger mess than the one she was already in. Ellie doesn't get to think much beyond the rising feelings of disappointment when she hears a car pull up outside. There's a faint screech of tires that reach Ellie's ears, and she can see Alex taking a deep breath as she braces herself. The door doesn't get thrown off the hinges but she's sure the hand’s door handle is mangled. The heavy footfalls stop, and Ellie grits her teeth. 


"Thanks, Alex," Ellie doesn't look up as her aunts move from the room, and she knows there's a silent look passed between the two sisters. There's a weighted sigh before Ellie feels her mother sitting next to her at the breakfast bar. 


"Please don't," Ellie begs and it silences whatever disapproving tone Kara was about to say. "I don't need to hear how irresponsible it was. Aunt Alex, Kelly and Nia already hate me for it." 


"No one hates you, El." Kara whispers and Ellie looks up slightly as she sets her glasses on the counter. It makes her look up to find her mother rubbing her eyes, clearly exhausted from having to put up with her antics. "It was just really irresponsible." 


"I couldn't let them go alone!" Ellie bursts, staring up at her mother and there's that irritable understanding in her eyes. 


"I know." 


"What would you have done?" Ellie asks quietly after a moment. "What would Supergirl have done?" 


Kara lets out a short laugh and Ellie looks up to Kara running a hand through her hair. "Supergirl would have flown them home and told them to not be stupid. Kara? Well, I don't know what I would have done. But, you’re not me. You're Eliza Luthor. The smartest kid in the family. That's why they're reacting like that." 


"They expected me to be smarter?" Ellie whispers and Kara nods. 


"We do. And besides, you’re the oldest. That makes it your responsibility to keep them safe." 


"I'm not-" 


"I know," Kara's arm is wrapping around her shoulders and Ellie's tears, that she had been trying to keep at bay since getting caught, begin to flow. "I know you don't want to be a hero, El. And that's ok. But they’re your family. That makes them your responsibility if me, or Aunt Alex, or Nia can't be there. That's what it means." 


Ellie looks into her lap as Kara holds her, reassuring her. She wipes her eyes with her sleeve before looking up, "Can we go home?" 


The drive home is mostly silent. Not that it's far. Far enough that they have to drive but close enough that they could get to Alex's house easily and vice versa. Ellie watches as they pull into the drive, her stomach filling with dread as she stares up at the lights flickering within. 


"You know you have to go in," Kara says with a light chuckle, and Ellie turns quickly with wide hopeful eyes. 


"Can't you just say that you shouted and grounded me at Aunt Alex's?" 


Kara arches a brow, a smirk tugging at her lips, and Ellie lets out a defeated sigh. 


"Nice try," Kara calls as she leads them into the house.

 Ellie hates it, she hates it especially as she tries to sneak up the stairs only to hear; "Not a chance!" being called from the kitchen. 


Gritting her teeth, she glances at Kara who shrugs moving into the living room where Liam sits playing on the Xbox. Sheepishly, Ellie moves to step into the kitchen. It still makes her wince, the uncomfortable memory of her mother in a hospital bed, attached to tubing, but now she‘s standing up with her lips pursed as she cuts spring onions, a look of murder crossing her face. And Ellie knows she's in for it. Truly done for in fact, the way her eyes narrow and the vein her forehead pops. 


"H-Hey mo-" 


"Don't, hey, Mom, me." 


Ellie swallows when the knife is pointed in her direction. "Do you have any idea how stupid that was? What would have happened if someone had shot at you? What if you had stolen the car?"


"Vi can drive, Mom," The snark is out her lips before she realises it, and Ellie’s lucky the knife isn't thrown at her. 


"A month." Lena growls, practically spitting blood at her. 




"Do you want to make it two?" Lena dares, and Ellie's own nostrils flare. 


But she remains silent. She knows it's best to let her calm down. That they would talk about it when they had taken a few deep breaths. Lena pushes dark hair from her face and Ellie sees it, the faint scar that runs over the top of her shoulder. The memories of a collapsing building flashes through her mind. 


"I'll- I'll be in my room," Ellie mutters, backing away. She climbs the stairs two at a time and shuts herself away. 


She doesn't want the memory of it. She hates, it in fact. Hates herself for what she did. She climbs onto the roof as she thinks. Sitting, watching the stars blink back at her. She wonders how far she’s come. She had come from a loving family. A family that had perished for her. One she never knew, and they would never know her, all because a maniac in an alternate universe wanted her. Wanted her to be his guard dog. 


It makes the bile rise in her throat as she thinks about the photos on her mother’s desk in L-Corp, a photo of her in an MIT hoodie running barefoot through an old apartment or reaching for sharks in an aquarium. That had been before the accident. Before her uncle had heard about her and had tried to take advantage of the powers she resented. She can still remember the clouds of dust, it feels like remembering a dream but she can't, not really. Her mothers had told her what had happened when she had been old enough. That was six months ago now. Six months of tortured nightmares and three roof replacements. Six months of waking up screaming. 


Ellie flinches as the window behind her slides up. 


"Can I join you?" 


Ellie nods and she watches her mother step onto the roof. Balancing carefully and sitting next to her. 


"I'm sorry I was an idiot," Ellie mutters after a period of silence, her knees tucked under her chin and Lena looks down at her. She sighs before shifting closer and wrapping her arm around narrow shoulders. 


"You're not an idiot," Lena whispers as Ellie shifts, tucking her head beneath her mother’s chin, and she squeezes her eyes shut as tears slide down her cheeks. "We all do stupid things, El, but this, this was one to make me prematurely grey." 


"We all know you dye it," Ellie sniffles into the silk blouse. Lena scoffs in the back of her throat. 


"I don't." 


Ellie lets it drop, letting her mother have this. Lena runs a hand up her back, and Ellie lets it soothe her like it always it has, for as long as she can remember. "Other than trying to steal a car, how was your day today? How was therapy?" 


Ellie sighs, pulling away at the mention of her morning. "I-I-" Ellie stutters before gritting her teeth and turning the scorched sleeves of her sweater over. 


"El," Her mother breathes, taking her hand. "Was everything ok? 


"We, um, we were talking about my nightmares. About the accident." 


Her mother stiffens slightly before tightening her hold. "You know, it was an accident don't you?" 


Ellie nods, even if she doesn't believe it. "You almost died," Ellie whispers and she hates that her mother shrugs. 


"I've nearly died a lot of times, El. But you're Jeju, she always saves me. Always saves us." 


"I didn't think I could hurt anyone the way I hurt you." 


"It was an accident," Lena whispers, nudging her shoulder. "You understand why we waited to tell you." 


Ellie nods, the excuse was always that a bad man had hurt her and they still stuck to that story, even six months after telling her they still forgot and used it in passing. but the scar her mother had over her shoulder, the scar in her thigh, Ellie knew it was from that day. The day Lex Luthor tried to kidnap her, kill her mother, both of them. 


"What happened to them all?" Ellie asks quietly, making her mother turn to look down at her. 


"I-I told-" 


"No, not just Grandpa J'onn, but everyone else?" Ellie asks as she tries to think, to remember. But Lena runs a hand over blonde hair before nodding. 


"When Lex shot me, you were so upset, your eyes- they." Her mother grits her teeth dipping her head. "You couldn't turn it off. You were so young. It cut through the walls of the basement, the ceilings. Kara, Jeju, had to break through the exterior walls. It damaged the whole integrity of the building. Kara only managed to get us out, El." 


Her mothers silent for a long moment before explaining. "Lillian died of a heart attack, it turned out. J'onn you know was to do with the psychic link between him and the machine. It created internal brain haemarging that M'gann couldn't fix." 


"What about the others? That Mon-El guy? Lex?" Ellie finds herself asking. Lena's jaw muscles pop before she answers. 


"Mon-El held the building so Kara could get us out but it was too late for him." 


"The people?" Ellie asks but Lena smiles sadly. 


"It was a weekend, there was no one there save for a handful of security guards they all made it out." 


"And Lex?" Ellie finds herself asking and Lena looks away. She can see it’s hard, it's never someone Ellie had heard them talk about. 


"He died. He died from blunt force trauma to the side of his head," Lena explains slowly. 


"I don't-" 


"When Kara flew into the basement the concrete landed on his head. He didn't survive." 


"So, I didn't… ?" 


"You didn't kill him, Ellie. You've never killed or hurt anyone," Lena reinforces and Ellie looks down at their joined hands. 


"I hurt you, mom," Ellie whispers, the scar reminding her but then Lena laughs making Ellie look up. 


"Do you remember when we went to the park, that fourth of July when you were seven?" Lena asks, looking far too amused and Ellie nods because she remembers it very well. 


"And do you remember when I lifted you to reach the monkey bars?" 


Ellie laughs because she remembers the exact moment she's talking about, "You smacked my head off the bars." 


Lena nods slowly, "I smacked your head off the bars. But it was an accident, El, they were all accidents." Lena pauses, looking down at her own hands. It was a reminder of all the damages and pain she had caused while trying to do the right thing. "Ellie, you were scared and you didn't know what was going on." 


Ellie nods before shifting closer into Lena's arms. She sits in the way they often did, curled into one another, Lena's hand running through blonde hair. 


"Is that why you didn't go to Argo? To have Liam?" Ellie asks after a period of silence. Lena's hand freezes and she knows she's given the answer. 




"It's ok, I just- I just want to know."


"We... we couldn't be sure after everything that someone wouldn't try and take both of you. You've always been stronger, we knew you wouldn't just go with the first person that would offer you candy on the street. Liam... We didn't know anything," Lena explains softly. "We couldn't trust that someone wouldn't come after you both." 


Ellie nods, slowly as she takes in the words. It's enough to quell her questions. Her curiosity can last another day. They sit watching the stars until Lena shifts and Ellie looks up at her mother. 


Her mother who had been there for everything. Every school play, science fair, every soccer game, (they had only lasted one game due to her foot going through the ball). Her mother was one of the most brilliant minds on the planet but she still made time for them. "Thanks, mom," Ellie whispers as she feels the kiss pressed to her temple. 


"You know I'm always here, El. Just, please, no more Grand Theft Auto?" 



The sun beats down that Saturday. It warms her skin as she stands on the top deck, the noise of the party filling her ears. It had been a bad week. A bad week for their small family. She doesn't jump when warm arms slip around her waist and she smiles, her eyes shut as she takes in the love that surrounds her. The family that is milling around beneath her. 


"I wondered where you had disappeared too," the soft tone of her wife fills her and she suppresses the shive that goes through her as her lips brush the shell of her ear. "What are you doing up here?" 




"Thinking?" She can hear the quirk in her voice. "I don't think that big brain of yours can think any more, the world might not be able to keep up." 


"Don't be an ass."


She can feel the rumble of a chuckle against her chest and it makes her open her eyes. The summer sun is blinding and with blinking green eyes she takes in the roll of the waves to her left, the trees around them. She can smell the barbeque that is cooking below them. Kelly’s cooking while Alex and Brainy argue over the cooking time. Once upon a time, it would have filled her with dread, having to mingle with the Superfriends, but now it was a welcome relief from her work. She can see the warm smile shared between Nia and Eliza. They all looked older, their faces more creased and hair greying with age. Even Kara who's chin was propped on her shoulder, strong arms holding her as she takes in the sight. 


The sight of their daughter, trying and failing to explain the breakdown of quantum mechanics to Violet who was rolling her eyes from the bench she was draped over. Liam and Nate passing a football between the two of them, and it brings a tear to her eye. The family she never thought she would get was here. 


"Did you ever think we made the wrong decision?" Lena asks, replaying her conversation with Ellie. 




"Everything?" Lena asks, making Kara look down at her with a crinkled brow. "Not this, but with Ellie." 


It makes Lena look down at her hand resting on Kara's still firm stomach, the silver band dancing back at her as she recalls waking up in the hospital. It still makes her stomach turn. The thought of Kara lying by her bedside, half asleep when Lena woke. Her throat dry and sore, her voice non-existent, and she didn't know how long she had been asleep. Kara had woken with a start, her eyes shining with tears. 


"L-Lena? Lena!" Kara's there in her face, blue eyes wide as she searches Lena's face. "You're ok, you're in the hospital." 


Lena had tried to talk but only a scraping croak came from the back of her throat, and Kara's cursing before helping her drink the cool water that's on the bedside. It helped, and Kara perched herself on the edge of her bed as Lena took in the sight. Flowers. There were a lot of flowers. That's all Lena can see. Sunflowers, and roses, and then her eyes catch it on the corner of the table, plumerias. Her eyes land on Kara who's sitting, swiping at her tears as she tries to control her emotions. Lena reaches up, wincing slightly as she does and squeezes Kara's arm so tightly that it should be painful but Kara only leant into the touch. It took hours before Lena felt her voice slowly return. 


"What happened?" She asked reluctantly and Kara looked away,  her jaw clenching slightly. 


"I should have been there," Kara muttered but Lena only gripped her hand tighter. 


"Ellie?" Lena croaked and Kara took a shuddering breath. 


"She was so scared, Lena, she wouldn't stop shaking and crying," Kara whispered, her cheeks streaked with tears. "I- I could barely do anything. I got you out, brought you here. But I couldn't do anything." 


Kara lay with her, her tears barely contained. The following day the doctors told her what happened but Lena could tell from Kara's shifting behind them there was more to the story. 


"You received a gunshot wound to your upper thigh, it nicked the femoral artery. We retrieved the bullet but it wasn't the most substantial of your wounds. Supergirl explained there was a laser explosion in your lab, the laser caught the subclavian artery in your shoulder. Honestly, you should have died, Ms Luthor. But Supergirl got you here in seconds, if she hadn't, well..." 


Lena had felt the weight of the words, but she could remember what had happened to a point. She had been in the lab with Ellie, Lex and Lillian. They had wanted her to give up her daughter. The little girl that had climbed over her walls and taken her heart. As soon as the door to the room had clicked shut green eyes had snapped open and fallen on Kara. 


"It was an accident Lena," Kara had whispered and Lena's brow furrowed. Surely not. 


"Y-you?" She had asked in disbelief but Kara had shaken her head slowly and Lena had let out a strangled gasp. Tears welling in her eyes. 


"She was so scared, I-I couldn't stop it. I had to put my glasses over her eyes and I- I wasn't sure if it would work. I- I had to get you to the hospital," Kara tried to explain but tears befell them both and they held each other closely. When they parted Kara explained the best she could. 


"Eliza and Alex think it was the trauma," Kara whispered. "The- the pain of seeing you like that again." Kara paused, looking down at her hands that are clenched in her lap. "Eliza said it can be seen in children with issues of mental health, it's like the gene was turned on or activated in some way." 


Lena felt like the breath was knocked from her. Ellie was three. She was a child, practically a baby, and she had been through so much it had activated a gene. A gene that would have been dormant had she not done this. Had she not been put in this horrible situation. 


Lena had sat back, letting the information absorb and she hated it. She hated her other self for sending her here without so much as any other thought to what they could do. Hated that they had left her in this situation, with parents vastly unprepared for a three year old. Lena had cried for hours, her eyes so raw she didn't think she could produce another tear. She looked up into Kara's blue eyes and there's something more there. 


"Tell me?" 


"They didn't survive," Kara whispered. Lena's brow furrowed but Kara continued, "Lex, Lillian, Mon-El... J'onn." 


Lena let out a sob that wracked her frame, and Kara was there holding her in her arms and they held each other until she was released. Small snippets of information being dropped by Kara. Mon-El and J'onn had been crushed under the building while Kara had gotten her family out. They had sacrificed themselves for her family. For Ellie. 


A wild laugh makes Lena look down, snapping her from recollection. Ellie's grinning wildly at Alex who is standing with a water gun, a wicked grin on her face. 


"No, I never thought about it," Kara says following her eyes, and even in the summer sun, Kara looks just as beautiful as the day she stumbled into Lena's office. The bubbling perky reporter who had torn down her walls before a secret had torn her heart in two. 


But nothing, nothing had prepared her for their journey after their love growing around a small blonde haired child who had appeared unexpectedly in their lives. But even now, as Kara stands warming in the summer sun, her eyes slightly crinkled from time and the faint streak of grey through blonde hair, she is still looking at Lena like she is her sun. 


"Not ever? You don't question our decision for her to stay here?" Lena asks, her eyes searching blue ones and she can see Kara think. Blue eyes watching their family before them. 


"No," Kara says after a long moment. "I stand by what I said then. I may be Supergirl to the world and I'll always protect my home. But my family... My family will always come first." 


Lena watches Kara strengthen the way her jaw sets as if she's preparing for a fight, but she learned a long time ago it was Kara’s way of strengthening herself. Putting her own faith behind her words. 


"I couldn't let the only family I had go. I've sacrificed a lot, I- we deserved this. Besides, we couldn't send her into the unknown. Back to a place where we had no idea if they were even alive." 


"I know," Lena sighs as her eyes land on Ellie, her nose curled as she sprays the water gun at Violet. "I just wonder sometimes." 


"I know you worry about her. I do too, but she'll be fine Lena. She's so strong, and yeah, it's bad for now but- But we've always come out stronger together," Lena looks up as Kara finishes and tucks herself into strong arms. 


"I never thought I would have this. Have you," Lena whispers. 


"I always wanted something just like this," Kara says into Lena's hair, and Lena's eyes flutter closed. "When I saw Eliza and Jeremiah, how they reminded me of my parents, I knew then that was what I wanted. But we don't need something like this Lena, because we have this ." 


Lena stands there, in the arms of the woman who loves her more than life on earth. Kara, strong and loving, her even heartbeat under Lena's ear as they stand on the balcony overlooking their family. Liam who was tossing a football between Nia and Nathan, Lena can hear the shout of protest at a potential foul and it makes a smile crack on her lips. It's broken by a protest from their daughter, rather indignantly. It flashes her back to their first meeting, in the lab telling Lena she was her mother, and Lena opens her eyes to look down and is met with those green eyes staring back. She was Ellie's mother, even if she wasn't from this world, she would always be hers. 


Kara's lips graze her forehead and Lena relaxes, she feels at peace because Kara is right, she once would have wanted something just like this. A loving family, a backyard, a party for their mother in laws birthday but instead she has it. She has a loving family, a wife that loves her and two amazing children that she adores. So no, Lena thinks, she has something like this and she wouldn't change the journey they had been on for a second. 


"Moms, are you coming back down or what?" Ellie's voice carries from the backyard, and Lena grins down at them. 


"We'll just be a minute," Kara calls back and they look down to see a rather dangerous makeshift go-cart. "I believe your daughter is in need of some serious mechanical engineering skills?" 


"She clearly gets that from you," Lena teases, pulling away and moving to the door. But Kara tugs her back, a soft kiss passing between them. 


"Please," Kara scoffs. "I am an excellent mechanic." 


"I'll challenge you to that, Mrs Luthor!" Lena dares with a wicked glint in her eyes and Kara grins at the challenge. 


But before they can race away and run down to let their childish antics run loose, Lena's gaze softens as a melancholy feeling fills her because this is what she wanted. What she had always dreamt off; something just like this. 

The End. 


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