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To Stoke a Fire

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Once you stepped into the apartment you shared with Toyomitsu the rest of the world quieted its growls and resigned itself to staying guard until you left for a new day. The smells of dinner wafted through air and settled the rest of your anxieties. The constant pressure of deadlines, clients, subordinates and your own bosses shrank away with the sound of sizzling and smacking pans. You kicked your work pumps off to the side, one shoe flipped into Toyomitsu’s larger sneakers as you pulled your blazer off and hung it alongside the large yellow and orange Fatgum hoodies. You walked into the large living room, the table and chairs pushed up along the pastel coloured walls. The couch sat in the middle of the room and a large tarp laid down where the table used to be.

In the kitchen Toyomitsu stood over the stove. His head shy of scraping the ceiling and much of the adjourning counters -along with the most of the room itself- hidden by his frame. That didn’t upset you at all. You loved being able to curl up on his stomach at night with his large arms draped over you warm and protective. He wore only a pair of black and red short shorts with a large pink apron wrapped around his front, voice rumbling through the kitchen as he hummed a small tune He hardly took a step in either direction as he reached out for spices, unaware of you standing in his blind spot. You jumped onto his back and gripped him tight with both arms and legs.

His size made it impossible to get your hands around his middle but that didn’t stop you from cheekily rubbing your front against the back of his thighs and grinning into the fat along his back. His body heat eased your soul. A part of you wondered exactly how you secured yourself such a wonderful man. You ran your hands along his sides, squeezing the rolls there as you nuzzled into his back once again. Toyomitsu laughed and pried your arms off his side. You slid down onto your feet and watched as he pulled out his ear buds. Your face heated up in a way that had nothing to do with the cooking as he pulled your hands up and kissed the knuckles before leaning down to kiss you. Your heart beat strong as the blood rushed to your head. He held your hands close to his chest and whispered, “Welcome back Ma’am. I missed you.”

“I missed you too Marshmallow.” You leaned up onto your toes finally remembering your quirk as you shifted into a taller person. You leaned forward for another kiss twisting your fingers into his apron strings and yanking him closer to you. This time he let you take the lead, lips parted softly. You pulled back to look at the flush along his cheeks, satisfied with your handiwork you continued speaking. “I see you’ve been busy while I was gone. A little excited?”

Toyomitsu blushed, a large hand rubbed at the back of his head. A little lopsided smile on his face that almost fell off the side as he answered. “A little, I haven’t spent time with you in a week, Gummy Bear. I miss you.”

“Oh?” You couldn’t help the smirk that curled up on your face. “Did you miss me or were you finally ready to have this-” You reached under his apron, reaching up to stroke along the hard steel there. “Come off.”

He averted his eyes but his legs shuffled and his cock twitched beneath your touch, helpless in its cage as you pulled away. “Ma’am please, it's not only that.”

It's good that he didn’t lie to you. Almost a full year since you and Toyomitsu started your arrangement and you decided to let him fuck you. Usually your subs don’t last this long. They liked the idea of earning your pussy in theory but rarely lasted long enough to do so; but Toyomitsu… Toyomitsu stubbornly, infuriatingly tried to find ways around the cage and cut corners with his tasks. Bullheaded to a fault, but not as much as you. You tamed other brats but he was the most willing to work on himself with your guidance. Eventually he calmed down, the fight in him went towards pleasing you instead and you finally decided it was time to reward him.

Mischief rolled up the corner of your lips and you took a step forward. Your front flushed full against his. He took a step back, hitting the counter as you continued to push as close as you could. His face burned. You smirked. He stammered out disjointed words until you took pity on him. “If I had to guess, I’d say you were more excited to fuck me aren’t you?”

You gave Toyomitsu space, laughing softly as he took in gulps of air and averted his eyes. He was such a precious boy. You said, “I’m going to get changed, Marshmallow, don’t misbehave while I’m gone.”

You blew him a kiss and made your way out to the bedroom.


You readied yourself by putting on one of your more comfortable pieces, a black lace bra and panty set with a matching set of thigh high stockings and garter belt. You always loved the way the high neck of the lace top curved along your breast and Toyomitsu always appreciated seeing you in it. You caught his eyes glancing down at your cleavage. Your breast hidden behind the lace with just enough visible to tease small glimpses of your nipples. You walked over to the middle of the living room, the tarp covered most of the floor and right beside you sat a box with a big letter ‘T’ on it. This box contained a lot of your favourite toys and for tonight’s game you wanted to use an old favourite.

“Marshmallow,” you called out, patting the floor in front of you. “Come here, I have a treat for you.”

Toyomitsu walked into the room, still in his apron and shorts. His eyes landed one the toy sitting beside the box. It was small, grey with a bluish tint to it and had long extrusions with bumpy curves along their length. You patted the space in front of you, smiling as you coed, “Come now, don’t be shy Marshmallow, I wouldn’t bite unless you ask nicely.”

The answering snort pulled a laugh out of you but Toyomitsu eventually made his way to you and assumed the position; knees, chest and forehead touching the floor. You rubbed your hand along his back. The soft skin underneath shaking slightly as your hand inched its way down to his ass, one finger slipping in to tease his rim.

Toyomitsu gasped, shuddered and arched back up against the press of your finger.

“You trust me don’t you Marshmallow?” You slipped your finger in right up to the knuckle as you opened him up. You add another finger, working Toyomitsu open wide. He grunted and whined as you worked. His back arched back and twisted and you casually avoided his prostate. You slipped a third finger in and once satisfied that he was suitably prepared, pressed the toy in. You angle just right so that the head of the toy hit his prostate.

“I’m guessing this treat is more for you than me.” Toyomitsu said as you guided him to sit beside you. You took a sip of your drink and pulled up the app. The We-Vibe app showed up and you turned the toy to the lowest setting, toes curling at the little gasp Toyomitsu made.

“It's a treat for both of us.” You responded, reaching up to pet his hair. “Since you’ve been behaving so nicely.”

“Don’t I always behave Ma’am?” Toyomitsu bit back, “isn’t that what good boys do?”

Toyomitsu gasped as you upped the vibrations. “Good boys don’t sass their Dommes. Unless they’re trying to get punished.”

You ratcheted up the vibrations, feeling heat pool in your sex as Toyomitsu groaned at the pressure. You reached a hand out to rub his shoulders. You bit your lip. “Seeing as you still have so much bite in you, bring me my dinner. I’m starving after working so hard today.”

“Yes Ma’am.” Toyomitsu said, the words breathy as you changed the vibration settings once more. Your thoughts on how frustrated your sub must be with your gift. Stiff in his cage and ready to blow. It warmed you up nicely and you rubbed your thighs together to take the edge off.

Toyomitsu behaved himself all throughout dinner and even after dessert. Not once did he raise his head or move from his position. Nor did he argue when you reached out to pet his sweat soaked hair. You smiled at that, happy that he finally learned his place. You reach up to stroke the side of his face, heating up as his nuzzled into your hand. "I’m ready for you now, come here Marshmallow.”

You sat up on the couch and gave his hair a quick tug. He shuddered that at the words. You slid down the couch until your hips hovered over the edge, legs spread wide as Toyomitsu moved further down until he was eye level with your sex. You raised one leg up and onto his shoulder as he ran his hands up and down the inside of your thighs. His touch light, barely touching the skin as you leaned back relaxed into the sensation. He started close to the knee, making his way up the midpoint of your thigh and squeezed gently before moving back down to rub along your calves. He repeated the action again, and again, each time getting close to your core but never quite touching until you dug your heel in into his shoulder blade.

"Don't make me change my mind Marshmallow." You said, reaching down to pull at his hair and pushing his face down to your sex. "Get on with it."

"Yes Ma'am," Taishiro said, reaching up with his fingers to slip the lacy black panties aside and with one large finger, rubbed a slow vertical line down the center of your folds, adding pressure as he went. He pushed down along the labia, soft touches at the top with more pressure as he reached over your aching hole. He repeated the action again, this time using two fingers and pulled down on either side of your clit, rubbing gentling into your folds and using the slick to move faster around your rim without once pushing a finger inside.

You groaned and pushed your hips. His tongue flat along the head of your engorged clit, worked it until your back arched up and off the couch. Heat pooled down in your stomach as your cunt spasmed around his finger. You ground down on his face, moaning sweet words of encouragement as you pet his hair.

"Good boy, just like that." You guided his head harder into your sex as he started to suck on your folds, slow and pulsing as one finger worked you open and inched slowly in. Thick enough to be a mini cock on its own and stretched you slowly until the first joint popped in and that curious finger began to curl up and down inside you.

You growled, pulled at Toyomitsu's hair again and forced his mouth back onto your clit, making him suck at the head as your hips picked up the pace. You ground down into the rough feel of his tongue. His finger twisted up and started massaging your g spot a heavy and consistent push. Tongue heavy and flat against your clit. You shuddered as the heat rose up inside you, body weightless under his actions. Your only sense of form where your clit met his tongue and his fingers opened you up quick and wide.

The reaction was instantaneous. You jumped and lost all sense except for the feeling of weightlessness and a bright white light. Your thighs slammed shut over Toyomitsu’s head as you wailed out your orgasm. Through it all, his tongue and finger kept working the final spasms out of you.

Toyomitsu sat back on his thighs with his head bowed as he waited for you to come back down. You kept your legs tossed over his shoulders. Much of the feeling came in only twitches and spasms. Toyomitsu said nothing but gently kissed your legs and rubbed your hips as you came back to yourself.

"You did a good job Tai,” You finally slipped your legs off him, using his shoulders to guide the rest of your body onto your knees. “I think it's time we take you out of your cage."

Once you got your balance you headed off to the fridge where a few chilled towels waited. You grabbed one and went back to where Totomitsu sat kneeling, legs spread and head down. You cooed when you got to him, tipping his head up and placing a kiss on his forehead.

Toyomitsu perked up. His eyes wandered over the ice cold towel. He shifted but didn’t move otherwise as you knelt between his legs. Toyomitsu raged against it every time. You enjoyed every second. You wrapped the towel around his cock, choking back a laugh at the chesty snarl Toyomistu made as his cock deflated in your hands. He jerked, twisted and shuddered in your hands as you made sure every bit of exposed cock met with the cold.

Once his cock softened, you took the key to the device off your neck and unlocked it. Gently, you eased his balls and shaft out, and placed the cage in the 'used' bin you next to your toy bin. His usually impressive cock barely poked out from beneath the bulk of his stomach. You reached down to grab his balls, rolling them gently in one hand as the other grabbed the lube and poured it down into your palm and spread it over the entire shaft.

"Shhhh, it's ok, I'm sorry it's a little cold but you’re doing so well. My good boy, my Marshmallow." You worked the tip, making sure to squeeze right just the way Taishiro liked it, your hand coming in to stroke the shaft and roll the balls until small drops of precum started beading at the tip. “I’m going to make sure by the time you start fucking me you aren’t gonna come right away like a little virgin.”

“Hey! Do you have to say it like -oh god.” You twisted your hands along the glands, using a finger to rub teasing circles just under the head. He thrusted into your hands, each moan and whimper bounced off the living room walls. They got louder until his cock jumped in your hands and you pulled away. A smile graced your face as he bent over, hips still thrusting into nothing.

Toyomitsu kneeled over, panting heavily. "Please! Ma'am, god I'm so close. Can I cum? Please?"

"You will, in due time." You said, reaching under the table to grab a long wooden object held together by clasps with two padded restraints at either end. You watched Toyomitsu’s face pale at the object but remained in his spot. He eyed the object and you stroked it lovingly.

"There's no need for that, is there Gummy Bear? I've been a good boy." He moved forward when you pushed him, ass up in the air as his chest hit the floor. You seperate the bar into two pieces, bullying his balls down between the two pieces and slipping them into place on the other side of the humbler. "Didn’t you say I was a good boy?"

You laughed at the little whine in his voice when the bars finally slid into place. You attached the ankle cuffs, making sure there was space before grabbing the lube again. "Did you know Marshmallow, that a humbler doesn't actually prevent a man from coming? What they do instead is make sure these-" you stroked his balls a little humming at the breathy little pants he produced. "Don't come up when you cum making any orgasm you have quite delicious."

You place a kiss along his shoulders and down his back. You rubbed at the rolls and folds as you eased him down from the edge of climax. "And I want to make sure you’re good and satisfied before we fuck."

You rummaged through the box, trying to get a feel for a very special toy. This one you've used on yourself before while Toyomitsu watched. Now it was his turn. You turned back around once you got a hold of the handle and pulled the small wand out of the box. It’s sleek red finish glittered in the overhead lights. You made sure to angle him up once again, this time immobile in his restraints.

Toyomitsu swallowed as you held up the wand. His eyes traveled between it and your face as you flipped the wand on. Its loud buzz filled the room as Toyomitsu shifted in place. You moved to kneel in front of him, a good deal shorter than him. "Be good and only cum when I give you permission do you understand?"

He nodded, squirming as those defts hands moved the wand up close to his neck and began massaging the sensitive area along his collar bone. He moaned as his hips began to thrust up again. You moved the wand further down his chest, rubbing teasing circles around his nipples. Each time he gasped, you brought the wand head closer to one nipple, just enough for the vibration to get each one nice hard before you pulled the wand away again. He whined high above the whirl of the motor. You pulled the wand away again, reaching for your phone to turn off the other vibrator you put in him.

He thrust up, balls tugged tight in the humbler as his cock leaked.

You waited for him to calm down.

He begged you to let him come, low and quiet until you placed the wand back on him. This time you pushed it along his waist, easing it down to just over his mound as his cock sprang back up to attention, quicker this time and an angry red colour. You ran the wand head around his cock and down his thighs, and back up the side. You stopped just shy of the base of his cock and turned up the wand as Toyomitsu screamed.

“Oh god, Ma’am please!” He howled, shuddering in place as you tease the inside of his thighs. “Please, please.”

“I don’t know.” You pretend to consider his request. “You did sass me a lot.”

“Oh god, oh god, oh god,” He tried to bend over. “I’m sorry, I won’t sass you again Ma’am, just please!”

You doubted it but you decided he had enough teasing for one day. You put the wand down, ready to reach down and give him the orgasm he’s more than earned this month when he groaned loudly as his cock spasmed and he came at your feet. You looked between the string of cum and his shuddering form, shocked and getting angrier by the minute.

"Taishiro Toyomitsu!" You raised your voice, more out of shock than anger but could feel the anger bubbling up inside you. "What exactly do you think you're doing!"

You looked down at him angry that he disobeyed orders after coming this close and a little disappointed that you wouldn't be able to fuck him this month either.

"Ma'am I'm sorry, I just-"

"Just disappointed me." You put a finger over his lips and kept speaking. "I told you, weren't to come until I gave permission but you still did anyway. For that you aren't getting to fuck me and now you're getting a punishment."

"Ma'am please Wait-" you push your hand over his mouth, unwilling to hear more words.

"No." You reached into the box again."You had your chance, now you get discipline."

You rooted through the box until you found the exact thing you were looking for, a small collar with two wrists cuff attached. Toyomitsu recognised it almost instantly, his eyes widening as you pulled the leather collar around his neck,fastening it in place and checking the spacing before doing the same to his wrists. When you finished, Toyomitsu knelt before you, arms tucked up under his chin, attached to his neck with the humbler still in place behind thighs.

"If you want to come so bad, then I'll let you come. I just hope you don't regret it."

You went back to your bedroom and grabbed the full length mirror on the far side. You picked it up and hauled it back to the living room, setting it up so that Taishiro could see the full image of himself. Bound and helpless. Once you set the mirror up, you moved back to the room, getting a large rubbermaid box from the back of the closet marked with a bolded ‘T’ on the top and set it down off to the side. You watched Tai struggle and look over the box, turning pale as he started speaking.

"Is this really necessary?"

"Yes it is and if you ask again I'll gag you." You glared at him as he snapped his mouth shut but that didn't stop him from whimpering though.

You turned back to where Toyomitsu knelt beside the couch, making sure that the wand was on the lowest setting before you took the tip of it and ran it from the base of his cock right up to the tip.

He screamed, thrusting up into the contact and jerking away just as quickly as his cock grew to full mast. You ramped up the speed making sure to slowly run up and down his length as he jerked under the vibrations, unable to move far as the humbler held his balls in place. He groaned loudly in your air. His prayers unanswered as you ran the wand’s vibrating head over the taunt skin of his ball sack.

You took the wand up a notch, leaving it right at the tip. Toyomitsu’s hips jerked up and twisted, unable to get away without pulling on his balls or losing his balancing. He finally came, body taunt and shivering as cum splattered over the floor in front of him, joining the first emission.

He groaned and whimpered as you pulled the wand away, his cock twitched as a few more drops sprang forth. You rubbed his back a little, letting him catch his breath before you brought the wand up to his chest and began massaging his nipples.

The small whimpers caused a lick of heat to swell inside you and you couldn't help digging into his nipples just a bit more. He didn't disappoint you, wailing hotly in your ear as you edged the tip of the wand around his chest, inching it further away from his nipples and up to that sensitive spot just below his neck. He whimpered and tried to pull his head off to the side but you wouldn't move the wand up anymore.

"Ma'aaaam" he whined out trying to reach out with his hands only to pull on the collar around his neck and almost topple over. "Oh God oh God. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

You ignore his words, lifting the wand up just enough so it only faintly touched the skin and ran it down softly over his sides, delighting in the little breathy giggles and snorts he made as you ran over his sides and around his belly button. He shivered under the touch, getting harder once more. You push the wand down over his mound, digging in deep as he thrust his hips up.

He shuddered, groaning low in his chest as he orgasmed again. Bending over to let his hands and face rest on the floor of the living room as he squashed his thighs to his calf. He panted, still shaking as you put down the wand and moved behind him to release the ankle cuffs and ease him out of the humbler.

You reached into the box again, pulling out one of the bigger dildos you owned. It was fairly big, close to three inches in diameter and about nine inches long. You adjusted your harness to slip the toy into the ring, making sure everything was secure before kneeling behind your misbehaving submissive.

You pulled out the other vaibrator and tossed it in the used bin as well. You poured some lube over your fingers and made short work of stretching him open. You poured some lube over the tip, not bothering to warm it and rubbed the opening.

"If you'd only behaved yourself we wouldn't be here... Again." You pushed the head up, gripping Toyomitsu’s hips. He grunted at the intrusion as you waited a bit for him to get used to the pressure and began to rock back and forth, slowly inching your dildo further into him until every inch settled into him, pressing him down into the floor and curling your fingers in the rolls along his side.

You purred softly and waited until his hips started shifting, rolling delicately back, seeking his release despite having cum so many times already. You smacked his ass, rolled your hips up and pulled back before slamming in again. You set a punishing pace that had Taishiro bent over on all floors panting and shaking.

"Oh Ma'am, oh Ma'am please!" He pushed his hips back up but you smacked him hard, reminding him to stay still as you angled up and a little towards the right. His shriek strummed something in the depths of you and you bore more of your weight on that spot. Your pace punishing to the sound of Taishiro's raising moans.

Heat licked at your abdomen and you grounded down on the dildo as it pressed back up against your clit, hitting Toyomitsu’s prostate along with it.

"Ma'am Yes! Right there! Right there!" Taishiro wailed, fists balled up under him as he shook. His orgasm approached, taking longer this time after so many but without the humbler he buckled up . He froze, shuddered and came again, flopping face first into the floor as you continued grinding into him.

It didn't take much longer for you to cum. You caught your breath over his back, rubbing down as he whimpered in the aftershocks.

"Is it over?" The soft whine to his voice almost made you want to stop there. The day took a lot out of him and you but you weren’t done with him yet.

"Not yet Tai, I want you to give me one more."

Toyomitsu whined, shifting a little but staying limp on the ground.

"I can't Ma'am, too much." He whispered. "Too sensitive."

"You can, you still owe me one more." You whisper, running your hand through his hair and pulling his head back. He whined again, the growing handprint on his ass jiggling with the movement. His head shook under your touch.

"Please Ma'am, I won't do it again. I'll be good so good for you, I won't come-"

"No, I don't want you to make it up to me next time. You’re going to make it up to me now." You pulled out and moved to take in his expression. His eyes glowed, cheeks a rosy pink. Hedrooled a little and looked close to sub drop. You ran a thumb along his cheek and over his lower lip, smiling when his tongue came out to poke at it. "Make it up to me. You have one more."

"Taishiro?" He didn't respond and you began to wonder if you'd pushed him too hard, when finally he nodded, pushing himself back onto his knees with your help and resuming his usual position sitting up on his knees. "Good boy."

You rummaged through the box until you found a long cylindrical object made of a clear plastic with soft silicone on top. You grabbed the lube and squirted a bit into the opening, slipping a finger in and working the lube in as far as it could go, adding more and more until it began to ooze up and out the end. Once satisfied, you angled yourself beside Toyomitsu, lining his cock up with the opening and nudging on the tip of his slowly hardening cock.

"Well? Go on Tai," you push up against his cock head. "You wanted to come so do it. I want you to fuck this fake pussy when you could be fucking me instead."

You waited a bit, watching him struggle in his bondage until finally he pushed up and into the fleshlight. It's transparent body giving you full access to the journey his cock made through the cylinder. He was tired and lacked the energy to push through so you pulled it closer to his body, inching it down slowly to tease the over sensitive glands for the final time that night.

"Open your eyes Tai, I want you to watch yourself. Watch your cock fuck this fake pussy. Remember that this could have my pussy you're fucking."

A little look of regret shot across his face but he obediently opened his eyes to look down. You lift his head and instead angle it to the mirror. He took himself in, the sweat, the cum, the collar and the fleshlight with his cock stuff right to the top in your hands. He groaned as his eyes fluttered but he dutifully kept them open.

"Talk to me." You said, adding a little twisting movement to your wrist as he grunted. "Tell me how it feels."

Tai groaned and thrust up into the fleshlight. His cock aching and his eyes struggling to keep hold of his reflection. He said, "it feels good Ma'am."

"Just good?" You added another twist as you pulled back and he keened. "Surely you can do better than that."

He groaned again, thrusting his chest forward as his hands pulled down on his collar. "It's tight Ma'am. Oh god! And so wet."

He slurred the last bit, hips starting to move faster as he got closer to coming once again. "And tell me do you think it'd be as good as fucking me?"

He shook his head "no Ma'am!"

"Do you think it's as tight as me? Warm as me?"

He groaned, tears starting to form at the corner of his eyes as your hand sped up. Exhaustion had him bent back, sitting high enough up to keep watch on his own debasement. He moaned, repeating 'no's and 'sorry's again and again. His hips sloppy in their motions until he was cumming hard into the fleshlight.

"That's my good boy." You rubbed his back and cooed "that's it just like that. You're forgiven."

He fell forward once his body finished convulsing and you unlocked his collar. He stretched out on the ground as you rubbed his back and cooed and thanked him for taking his punishment so nicely for you. He turned his head off to the side, looking up at you through sweaty bangs, but his eyes were unfocused .

"Did I please you Ma'am?" He asked, suddenly shy and scared under you.

"You did so go for my Marshmallow." You placed a kiss along his forehead. Your hand massaging his scalp like you knew he loved as he clung to you. "You're going to have to let me go Tai, we need to clean up."

He buried his head further into your lap and you sighed. "Tai, you're gonna get sick unless we clean up. Come on. We can cuddle afterwards."


"I promise, now up you get." You get to your feet and help steady him as you led him to the bathroom for a nice warm shower.


Later in bed Toyomitsu wrapped you in his arms, head nuzzling along your chest as he rubbed his hands along your side. You smiled as you stroked his cheek and hair and back, enjoying the way his chest rose and fell with every breath. Comfortable in the aftermath of your play and pliant in your arms. It was worth the punishment you inflected earlier and you pressed another kiss into his hair.

He snuggled up deeper into your chest and muttered softly. "I'm sorry I messed up Gummy Bear."

You giggled when he placed a quick kiss along the swell of your breast. "It was gonna be our special day and I got a little excited."

"It's fine Marshmallow, you already took your punishment there's no need to continue to beat yourself up."

"But you took all that time-" You brought a finger up to his lips.

"Tai, if you continue I'll make you sleep on the floor." You muttered not bothering to open your eyes but you still felt his entire body stiffen as his hands stilled.

"You don't mean that do you Gummy Bear. It's so cold." He muttered, kissing along the tops of your breasts. "It'd be a shame if you froze in your sleep when you have a big ole heat source like me around."

"Uh huh." You laugh.

"All that heat, wasted on the ground. That would be a crying shame."

"You seem better, maybe it's time to put the cage back on."

That put a stop to any more of Toyomitsu’s flirting and you laughed inwardly. Instead you pulled his face up to your own, giving him a kiss. "I love you Taishiro, thank you for being so good to me."

You couldn't help the warm feeling that settled over you as he pulled you close, rolling over so you now lay on top of him with his arm covering your back. He leaned up to kiss you, nuzzling your nose and cheeks before pulling away. "I love you too Gummy Bear."