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Type stared at himself in the mirror, at the flush high on his cheeks and tugged at the hem of the costume fruitlessly. The vinyl-like fabric clung to his skin, the strings that held the panels together criss-crossing over his thighs, while another set led down to his navel, obscene in how much they begged to just be pulled apart.

The puffy sleeves of the excuse of a top did little to offset it, the laced up collar wrapped around his throat leaving him feeling desperate every time he swallowed and felt the press of his adams apple against the material.

He looked at the two scraps of fabric he had left for last on the edge of the sink, flimsily held together and bright red like the rest of the outfit. Picking it up, he let it dangle between his fingers before setting his jaw and bringing it up to his chest. He tried to position the patches and tie the string behind himself at first but failed, fingers fumbling to tie the knot but unable to do so tight enough.

Letting out a noise of frustration, he tied it on backwards, creating a neatly knotted bow before pulling the patches back around and adjusting them over his nipples, the string dragging across his skin as he did so, leaving red tracks that quickly faded.

Throat bobbing under the high collar, he took in the full look, adjusting the small hat he had perched atop his head and the garter he had tugged on over his stockings. A warm curl of something he didn’t want to identify settled low in his stomach but he determinedly ignored it, letting out an exasperated breath before squaring his shoulders and shoving the bathroom door open.

Tharn was sitting on the bed and fiddling with his phone, but he looked up as soon as he heard the door. Type stood in the small hallway, arms crossed over his chest and watched as a slow, dark grin stole across Tharn’s face. He dropped his phone on the bed next to him without letting his eyes leave Type, greedily taking in the sight of his boyfriend with a gaze that felt so heavy and intent that Type could almost feel it sweeping across his body.

“Type,” Tharn said, voice low, pushing himself up to stand in a smooth movement.

He walked closer and Type resisted the urge to look away or fiddle with the hem of his skirt (if it could even be called that). But Tharn didn’t seem to mind the half-hearted glare Type directed his way, it only made his smile grow wider and a little more teasing as he grabbed Type’s wrist to tug him out of the hallway.

“Shit, Tharn,” Type yelped as Tharn pressed him against the dresser with his other hand gripping to his hip.

The edge of the dresser dug into Type’s back, but any protest he would’ve made was quickly stolen by Tharn leaning in to kiss him hard and messy. Moving his hand from Type’s wrist up to grip his jaw, he tilted Type’s head to a satisfactory angle and pressed his thumb into the hollow of Type’s cheek, leaving him no choice but to let his mouth open so Tharn could lick into it like he was starving.

At the same time, he shoved his thigh between Type’s legs, his jeans rough against Type’s soft inner thighs in a way that made him gasp into Tharn’s mouth just as much as the pressure against his dick did. Giving another hard squeeze to Type’s hip, Tharn dragged his hand up Type’s side leaving goosebumps in his wake and then swiped firmly over Type’s covered nipple, letting his finger dig in enough that it had Type arching into his grip, hands flying up to clutch at his shoulders. 

Type broke the kiss, cursing loudly as Tharn did it again, and his boyfriend gave a low laugh, nipping Type’s jaw as he encouraged him to grind down on his jean-clad thigh. Type’s fingers dug into Tharn’s shoulders as his balls and dick chafed against the material, his skirt riding up.

“You’d do anything for me, wouldn’t you, tirak,” he murmured, letting his hands drop down to circle Type’s thighs. He hooked his fingers into the garter, using it to hitch Type’s leg over his hip and pull him closer. “You’re such a slut for my cock.”

“Shut up,” Type stuttered out, but it was a weak protest. He was, after all, wearing the damned costume because losing their bet had meant either this or no sex for two days. 

Tharn hummed, sliding his palms up and over the edge of the skirt. He fit his fingers between the strings holding the panels of it together, letting his nails scratch along the crease of Type’s thighs before pressing the heel of his hand against the front. Type whined, hips jerking forward. His cock was trapped almost painfully against the vinyl of the skirt and his balls were already aching, sensitive from the rub of Tharn’s jeans 

“I think,” Tharn began, almost nonchalant, “that you like this.”

He flicked up one of the vinyl squares covering Type’s chest, letting the twisted strings dig into Type’s skin, and pinched the uncovered nipple. “You didn’t have to wear this part, after all.”

“Fuck off,” Type said, turning his head away, “It was part of the costume.”

Tharn smirked, shifting the other square up as well before dropping his grip on Type’s thigh. He fitted both his hands against Type’s ribs to run his nails over the exposed peaks before ducking down and pulled Type’s right nipple into his mouth, worrying it with his teeth and then sucking hard enough to make Type cry out.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he chanted. It went straight to his dick and shit, Tharn had barely even touched him but Type was already way too close to losing it. Tharn switched sides, mouthing at the left while flicking the one on the right before rolling the swollen nub between his fingers. He pulled away when he was satisfied with the left as well and blew across Type’s chest, the cool air making Type shiver as it hit his skin, tacky with Tharn’s spit.

Tharn straightened, fitting his thumbs back over the now-rosy peaks, but with his head slightly clearer now that Tharn no longer had his mouth on him, Type hit Tharn’s shoulder. “Tharn, I swear to god, I’m not a girl.”

“Didn’t say you were,” Tharn replied, used to the protest. He pulled up the skirt so that it bunched around Type’s hips, freeing his cock from its confines. Pulling Type into a kiss with a hand on the back of his neck, Tharn cupped his balls, giving them a light squeeze before stroking Type’s length.

Type gasped into Tharn’s mouth, and Tharn took it as an opportunity to suck on his tongue while stripping Type off at a borderline punishing pace, leaving Type unable to do anything but take in hitching breaths. He rose to his toes inadvertently, back curving into Tharn’s grip on his nape while he scrabbled for purchase on Tharn’s arms.

“Tharn,” he moaned after the kiss broke, voice frustratingly breathy, and he could feel Tharn’s mouth curve into a grin where he was resting it against Type’s jaw. The hand on the back of his neck moved to squeeze his ass, Tharn’s fingers spanning an entire cheek that was still half covered by the skirt.

They dipped briefly down towards his hole, and Type couldn’t help but arch into it, embarrassingly needy and desperate. Tharn let out another tiny laugh at that, press a kiss behind Type’s ear before moving to mouth at a fading hickey on Type’s collarbone, teeth nipping at the delicate skin and sucking hard. The pull and feel of the bruise reforming had Type biting at his lip as he dug his fingers into Tharn’s biceps. 

As much as he whined about Tharn leaving hickeys in obvious places, Type enjoyed the dull throb of pain that came from pressing down on them, inextricable proof that Tharn had been there and taken ownership of him. And Tharn being Tharn always saw through Type, had far too keen an eye for how Type’s gaze would linger on his any marks that were starting to disappear while they were brushing their teeth in the mornings. 

Satisfied with the darkened mark, Tharn pulled away, gaze heavy and lidded as looked back up at Type. He leaned in, pressing an unexpectedly soft kiss to Type’s mouth and it was that, of all things, that had Type flushing even harder. Though perhaps that was because he knew what was coming.

“C’mon babe,” Tharn said, setting his hands on Type’s shoulders. He didn’t press down, but he raised an eyebrow, a smirk tugging at his lips. “You promised.”

“Asshole,” Type swore at him, but dropped to his knees obediently. The head of his cock slipped out from underneath the hem of the pushed up skirt and Tharn grinned down at him.

He cupped Types jaw, rubbing across his cheek with his thumb, ring cool against Type’s hot skin, before pushing Type’s thighs open further, leaving Type splayed out and looking obscene, the skirt riding up even further to leave Type’s cock straining up towards his stomach, hard and dripping.

Type squeezed his eyes shut, the lewd position sending a bolt of heat through him. He resisted the urge to squirm, feeling open and vulnerable, thankful for the way that Tharn had caged him in against the dresser. He let out a shuddering breath, letting his shoulders go loose as he blinked up at Tharn, mouth parted.

Tharn looked down at him with nothing short of delight, and his touch was almost reverent as he pressed his thumb against Type’s plush bottom lip, letting it dip inside Type’s mouth a little so that he could push it over Type’s lips, leaving them slick and shiny. It should’ve annoyed him, but as Type was wont to do more and more these days, he couldn’t bring himself to summon up any notion of embarrassed retaliation. 

“You’re so sweet, tirak, putting this on just because you want my cock,” Tharn said, pulling his hand away and tugging a little on the headband in Type’s hair. “Suck for me, babe?”

No embarrassment perhaps, but Type still glared at Tharn, unimpressed. But Tharn paid no heed, carefully pulling the headband out of Type’s hair and setting it on the dresser before reaching back down to tug Type’s head closer to his crotch.

“Didn’t even unzip your pants, lazy,” Type huffed, reaching up to flick open the button and draw the zipper down. Tharn reached down with his other hand, pulling his cock out of his boxers and letting it bump lightly against Type’s mouth. 

With one last put upon look, Type leant forward and wrapped his mouth around the head, sucking lightly at first, clutching at the back of Tharn’s thighs. He pulled off, licking a strip down the length of it, which had Tharn’s grip in his hair tightening, but he didn’t use it to steer Type. 

So Type took his time, mouthing at the base of Tharn’s cock, looking up at him from underneath his lashes as he pressed sloppy kisses to the hot skin. The first time he’d sucked Tharn’s dick he’d complained a lot about the taste, but the salty bitterness was familiar now, and the musk of Tharn just added to how arousing it was to have Tharn lose it above him while Type sucked his dick.

“You’re so fucking hot like this, Type,” Tharn groaned as Type leaned back to finally take Tharn into his mouth. He pressed forward, bobbing his head and pulling all the way back to give a hard suck to the head of Tharn’s cock every few times.

Tharn let him go like that for a while longer, barely controlling his hips from stuttering into Type’s wet mouth, letting out an endless stream of praise and filth, cursing when Type surprised him with a light, mischievous scrape of his teeth against the underside of his cock. 

That was enough for Tharn to move his hands to cup Type’s head, rubbing his thumbs behind Type’s ears as he pulled him off. Type gave him a smug grin—sucking Tharn’s dick always made him feel powerful—before letting his eyes go dark and liquid, tongue resting lightly against his bottom lip, knowing the effect that it would have on Tharn.

He calculated correctly, Tharn’s expression settling into something hungry as he hooked his fingers under Type’s collar. His knuckles brushed against Type’s adams apple as Type swallowed with a shudder, letting Tharn drag him up into a kiss with that almost casual grip, easily pulling Type towards him. 

Tharn’s hands dropped back down to thighs, squeezing and massaging the muscle as he let his tongue plunder Type’s mouth, drawing back to bite and suck at Type’s lips. Type tangled his hands in Tharn’s hair, and Tharn adjusted his grip, hoisting Type up into his arms and eliciting a surprised yelp that had him smiling against Type’s mouth.

Type’s dick and exposed nipples rubbed against the cotton of Tharn’s shirt as he walked them over the short distance to the bed. He deposited Type onto the sheets, Type bouncing a little on the mattress before bracing himself on his elbows and looking up at Tharn, lips bitten and nipples swollen, flushed pink all over.

“Such a good fucking slut for me,” Tharn husked, stripping out of his clothes and crawling onto the bed to situate himself between Type’s legs. He ran his hands over Type’s stocking clad calves, hooking his finger in the garter briefly before shoving up the skirt higher so that it bunched around Type’s hips. Type bucked a little into his grip as Tharn pressed his thumbs into the hollows there, digging in his nails lightly. “I’m going to take you just like this, how does that sound?”

Type swallowed and gave the barest of nods before smirking a little. “Right now, it sounds like a lot of talk,” he teased.

Tharn growled under his breath, manhandling Type to flip him over onto his knees and elbows, hooking his fingers into strings crossing the back to drag Type close, stocking-clad legs slipping against the sheets. “Fuck, Tharn,” Type exclaimed in surprise, the words coming out a little too breathy. 

“Hm,” Tharn said, pulling Type apart and rubbing his fingers hard against Type’s fluttering hole, “Not just yet.”

Before Type could even ask what he meant, Tharn leaned in, licking a heavy, wet stripe across Type’s hole. Type keened, rocking back on his knees and into Tharn’s mouth, causing Tharn to hold his hips still with a bruising grip as he sucked on Type’s rim, nipping at the skin.

Type felt like he was on fire, cock hanging heavily between his thighs as his elbows collapsed from underneath him, leaving him clutching at the sheets as his nipples rubbed against the fabric as well. Tharn stiffened his tongue, letting it fuck into Type with short punishing strokes that felt like too much and not enough at the same time. 

“Tharn,” Type gasped out, reaching back to tangle his fingers in Tharn’s hair as Tharn switched back over to dragging his tongue over Type’s hole. “Tharn, fuck.”

“That’s the plan, babe,” Tharn replied cheekily, and Type barely had the sense to even curse at him for the stupid response, too distracted by Tharn shifting to bite at Type’s inner thighs. It made Type tremble, the sharp pin pricks of pain getting soothed away by Tharn’s mouth sucking bruises into the thin skin, leaving Type gasping each time.

Tharn pulled back from his legs after an indeterminable amount of time, Type half-delirious with the sensation, his focus reduced down to the space between his legs and nothing else. He was wet and his hole felt so sensitive—he could only imagine how puffy Tharn’s biting had made his rim. Tharn thumbed over it before diving back in, causing Type to scream in pleasure and surprise, unsure of whether he wanted to move away from Tharn’s mouth or push back into it. 

Tharn didn’t let him decide, dragging him closer by the waist and going back to fucking Type with his tongue, this time reaching around to wrap his hand around Type’s cock, stroking him off quickly.

“Fuck, please, please, please,” Type babbled, gasping for breath, “Please, I’m so close, please.”

Tharn sped up his hand on Type’s dick before sealing his mouth over Type’s hole and sucking hard enough to make Type come with a shout, cum splattering over Tharn’s fingers and the sheets as his hips worked through the orgasm.

Patting his hip after a moment, Tharn draped himself across Type’s back, pressing his come-covered fingers against Type’s mouth. Type opened up with little thought, letting Tharn push his fingers down onto his tongue, whining in the back of his throat at the taste of himself. 

“Suck for me,” he said, and Type did, closing his mouth around the knuckles and laving them over, cleaning himself off them and swallowing around the fingers obediently.

Tharn pulled them out when he deemed them wet enough, sitting back on his knees behind Type and resituating himself. Biting down on one of Type’s cheeks, he began pushing one spit-slicked finger into him, lapping around where Type was opening up for him, driving Type absolutely insane. 

“I can’t,” Type begged, sensitive from the orgasm he’d only had minutes ago, but Tharn paid no heed.

“You’re still so open from last night,” Tharn hummed against his skin instead, curling his fingers up against Type’s prostate and pressing down hard. Type bucked into it, crying out as his knees went weak. 

“One of these days,” Tharn started, pulling the finger out and leaning over to grab lube from the bedside table. He dropped it onto the bed next to Type’s hip, smoothing his hands up Type’s spine and back down, squeezing around Type’s waist before reaching around and giving his cock a quick stroke, rubbing his thumb over the head and spreading the precum down Type’s length. 

“I’ll have you walk around the apartment in something skimpy,” he said, removing his hand to grab the bottle of lube. Type could hear him squeeze some out, warming it up between his fingers with slick sounds, “and I’ll just fuck you whenever I feel like it.”

He pressed two fingers against Type and pushed in slowly, carefully scissoring. Type whined, thrashing when Tharn once again unrelentingly rubbed up against his prostate. Tharn tutted under his breath, reaching to press Type down with a hand splayed over the top of his spine and his neck, shoving him down into the sheets as he speed up his hand, thrusting in and out quickly even as Type sobbed with overstimulation.

“You’d walk around dripping with my come,” Tharn continued casually over the sound of Type crying out, “So sloppy and desperate, I could bend you over anywhere I wanted to. Could fuck you up against the balcony window,” he punctuated that by slipping in a third finger, “or maybe I’d make you take my cock while you watched one of your matches.”

He spread his fingers out and thrusted in hard before hooking his finger in Type’s rim and tugging it wide, “See if you can stay focused on it while I’m fucking you.”

Tharn pulled out completely and Type whimpered at the loss as Tharn pushed him onto his back with sure hands wrapped around his waist.

“I don’t think you could, but we could bet on it again, I have a few other outfits I’d like to see you in,” Tharn finished, nudging at Type’s knees to situate himself between them.

Type’s legs fell open against the sheets, cock bobbing against his stomach, his hole sloppy and empty in a way that made him feel almost lightheaded with how much he wanted something back inside him. 

He let out a wordless noise of protest when he caught sight of Tharn looking at him with barely concealed desire, his stocking-clad feet slipping against the sheets as Type tried to raise his hips with the hope of spurring Tharn to come closer. It worked, Tharn abandoning his perusal of Type’s writhing in favor of dropping down to his elbows over Type. He licked his way inside Type’s slack mouth before pulling away, smirking a little as Type couldn’t help but chase him. 

“You want my cock, tirak? Will you beg for it?” Tharn whispered, leaning down to press a kiss to the mark he’d made earlier, breath ghosting across Type’s collarbone and making him shiver. He fit a hand against Type’s ribs, shifting back to mouth over Type’s chest once again, biting around his nipples to leave red marks before closing his lips around the nubs once again and nipping hard enough to make Type inhale sharply, panting.

“Please,” he whispered, feeling tears beginning to collect at the corner of his eyes. Tharn looked up at him, expression almost confused for the barest of seconds as he switched tracks from the attention he was giving to Type’s chest to realizing that Type was answering the question he asked. 

Type raised a hand to cuff the back of his head weakly, unable to muster up the requisite irritation. “C’mon, asshole, fuck me.”

Tharn grinned, sitting back on his haunches. 

“You beg so pretty, babe,” he said, pressing his cock up against Type’s hole, letting the head slip in before rocking his hips forward and seating himself deep inside. 

Type twisted his hands in the sheets, arching up off the bed as he moaned loudly. The vinyl of the top part of his outfit felt positively suffocating now, but Type would be damned if he was going to make Tharn pause in fucking him to take it off. The heavy weight of Tharn’s cock inside him was too good—it was always too good, filling Type up and splitting him open.

Tharn waited for Type to settle back against the bed before beginning to move again. 

“More,” Type bit out, winding his stocking clad thighs around Tharn’s waist and digging his heels into Tharn’s spine. 

Tharn let him have that illusion of control for a moment, thrusting in slow and deep, punching out soft cries from Type before unwinding one of Type’s legs from around his waist and holding it up above his head, fucking into Type hard.

Tharn! ” Type shouted, overwhelmed as Tharn began to piston inside him, deep and unhesitating.

“You really do take it so well, Type,” Tharn said, “Like you were made for it.”

He turned his head to press a kiss to the delicate bone of Type’s ankle, not slowing down despite the sweet gesture. Type threw his head back, baring his throat as Tharn slammed into him, shifting him up the bed with each thrust.

The strings that Type had tied together behind himself rubbed and twisted against each other, digging into his skin each time Tharn snapped his hips forward, barely pulling out before shoving in once more. The skirt was little more than a belt now, the red vinyl shoved out of the way so that Tharn could easily clutch at Type’s hips and waist.

Type could barely take the unrelenting slide of Tharn’s cock inside of him, sobbing out little hitching noises as he wordlessly begged for more. He was so hard, but Tharn ignored his cock, working in and out of Type faster and faster. Sweat dripped down Tharn’s temples, making him shine in the late evening light, the shadow of his hair falling across his eyes as he alternated between focusing on the shove of his cock into Type’s puffy hole and watching Type thrash his head back and forth against the sheets. 

He was still speaking, voice low and intent with words of praise and filth that had heat curling higher and higher in Type’s stomach even as he barely registered what was being said, too overcome by the pleasure of Tharn continually grinding up against his prostate.

“Gonna come inside you, tirak,” Tharn gasped out, hips speeding up, “You get so desperate when I fill you up, you pretend like you don’t love it,” he shoved inside, his grip on Type’s ankle tightening, “but I can see it, I know you do, babe.”

His hips stuttered against Type’s ass as he came with a groan, head thrown back, the line of his throat golden, bobbing as he gasped for breath. He let Type’s leg drop back down after a moment before leaning down to cover Type’s body with his own.

He smiled, giving Type a quick peck, barely pulling back so that his lips brushed against Type’s as he spoke. “Lucky for you, I love it too.”

Type trembled a little, trying to catch his breath as he met Tharn’s eyes, overwhelmed by the sheer heat in his boyfriend’s eyes even after he’d orgasmed.

“Gorgeous,” Tharn whispered, bringing a hand up to thumb across Type’s mouth. Type squeezed his eyes shut, whining as Tharn guided himself out of Type’s hole. He could feel the come begin to trickle out, but before it could drip onto the sheets, Tharn collected it on his fingers to push it back in.

He kept his fingers there, cum squelching between his fingers loud enough to make Type blush. His knuckles dragged against Type’s rim as he picked up speed, wrapping a hand around Type’s cock—not stroking it, but loosely rubbing his thumb up and down the vein on the underside. 

Type had already been close when Tharn had come, so it didn’t take long for him to spurt across his stomach for his second orgasm, back curving as the force of it slammed into him, leaving him breathless. “That’s it, babe,” Tharn said, watching Type work through his orgasm, “You’re so pretty when you come on my fingers.”

Tharn didn’t let up even after the aftershocks subsided, however, continuing to lazily thrust in and out, curling his fingers up against Type’s prostate even as it had Type keening high and desperate, squirming away from the stimulation.

“Tharn,” Type gasped, hand flying down to clutch at Tharn’s wrist on a particularly forceful press inside, “No more.”

Tharn hummed, pulling his fingers out and wiping them against Type’s stomach, before reaching down to loosen the strings of the skirt. Type let Tharn move him as necessary to unzip and undress him, boneless and pliant as Tharn pulled the material off Type’s sweat-slicked skin with some difficulty before doing the same for the top and the pasties. 

Pressing kisses to the skin that was revealed as he rolled the stockings off Type’s legs, he finally tugged off the garter with one last nip to Type’s thigh, dropping the pieces of the costume off the side of the bed before gathering Type up in his arms and scooching them up to lay on the pillows and out of the wet spot.

He draped Type across his chest, encouraging him to hitch a leg over his own and Type let out a quiet moan when it had his softened cock press against Tharn’s hip bone. Tharn dropped a kiss to his hair, one of his hands sliding down to Type’s ass to once again press against his sensitive rim. 

Type let out a small noise of protest, tilting his head up to give Tharn an unimpressed look but Tharn simply gave him an innocent smile, pressing his fingers in further until Type let out a little ‘ah.’

“So,” Tharn said after a moment, “I saw this maid costu—”

“Absolutely not,” Type cut him off, burying his face into Tharn’s neck and taking a deep breath, “I’m winning the next bet.”

The hand that was stroking down Type’s back stopped briefly before starting back up again. 

“Oh, are you?” Tharn asked, voice low with amusement.

Type propped himself up on Tharn’s chest, giving him a pointed look. “Like your cock is good enough to distract me from a football game,” he retorted.

Tharn shoved his fingers deeper inside of Type, causing him to curse at the press. Tharn grinned, leaning close enough that his breath fanned out across Type’s jaw and Type unsuccessfully held back a shiver.

“We’ll see about that.”