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The warmth in cold

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New Year's Eve. A new year is in a few hours and it feels... weird. I don't even know how fast this year went by. If I need to be honest I don't remember much of it except for all the meetings with the "saviors" of my life? Is it good to call them that? I think it fits them perfectly. Victor, Lucien, Gavin, and Kiro were the people that made my year brighter. Maybe it wasn't the best because of all that stuff happening with the Black Swan, evols, and the others but they always were there, next to me, protecting me and making sure I'm safe. I'm so grateful that I could make it this far. Without them... I would probably have given up.

Unfortunately nor Gavin nor Victor nor Lucien could make it to spend the beginning of the new year with me. STF sent Gavin on a mission. That's pretty mean if I could say, I understand it's an important job but they should give all of them at least one day off because the beginnings of new year aren't happening every day. An almost similar situation is with Victor, he went for some business trip a week ago and because of the very snowy weather the flights were delayed and he couldn't make it in time. As for Lucien... well he wasn't home and he didn't pick up any of my calls so I guess he's busy too.

And Kiro. I never contacted him in the first place. I bet he's busy. I mean he IS a superstar after all. He probably has like a New Year's Eve concert or something like that... I... honestly want to see him the most. I like the others too obviously but Kiro is just different. He brings me comfort and warmth with his smile. He's like a ray of warm sunshine on a cold day. If he came here we could watch some movies, talk about food and even maybe share a New Year's kis- wait! No, nonono! What am I thinking?? Hahaha. I quietly laughed to myself out of the embarassment because of that silly thought that crossed my mind. That thought could never come real, right?

As I was still deep into my thought the bell to my house rang. Who could it be, at this hour, during the New Year's Eve? I quietly stood up from my couch and went to see who it was. When I opened the door the suprise was probably very visible on my face. 

"Kiro?!" I said probably a little too loud because Kiro soon had his hand on my mouth while doing the "shhh" with a worried face.

"Can I come in?" he still said it quite quietly. I just nodded.

And so like this the superstar, my best friend, my crush, Kiro was sitting with me in my livingroom, unpacking many snacks with a wide grin visible on his face.

"Are you not busy?" I asked nervously. He after all was the idol of almost the whole world, I was almost certain that he had something to do on this day.

"Nope!" he said in a cheerful tone, now sitting himself right next to me. "I wanted to spend this day with Miss Chips so I handled with my schedule quickly and managed to came here just in time!" 

I was speechless, he did this for me? What if he gets in trouble because of this? I don't want to see him in trouble bacause me. Did I even deserve to be in his presence right now? While I was overthinking all of this a blonde-haired boy came closer to me.

"Miss Chips, are you worried that I may get in trouble because of you?" His sweet as honey voice pulled me out of my thoghts.

"I mean!" I said with a worried face but when I wanted to finish Kiro pulled me into a tight hug. I felt as if I was melting into his touch. My body relaxed and I closed out slowly giving back the hug.

"Were you going to spend this day all alone?" he asked, once again, quietly.

"I always spent New Year's Eve with my dad, he's not here anymore and everybody else is busy so I-" I told him on a one breath still being trapped in his bear hug.

"And you didn't contact me because?" He kept questioning. 

Instead of answering i got deeper into his hug. He smelled nice, like marshmallows and flowers, just like I imagined him to. While sitting like that Kiro started humming one of his slower songs, it was comforting, very comforting. At this point even I started smiling. I whispered a silent thank you and the hug slowly broke.

"What movie do you want to watch?" Kiro asked with a small smile on his lips.

"Anything you like!" I said being in a better mood after a warm hug.

"Miss chips! You're not helping! I'm having a hard time deciding you know!" Kiro screamed at me jokingly. And I bursted out laughing. The "sunshine boy" turned his head with a little "hmpf" and furrowed his brows as in a sing that he is mad at me. Still laughing a little I came closer to him and put my hand on his cheek "I'm sorry, I'm sorry"

What did I not except was that, that all of this was a part of his evil plan. Suddenly he turned to me, wearing this smile he always wears when doing the pranks on Savin, and started tickling me.

"W-wait!" that's all I managed to say while laughing bacuse of this tickling torture.

The time flew by, it really did. Spending time with Kiro is really something magical. We spent a nice few hours talking, laughing, eating snacks, and playing some games. Now it was only 5 minutes left to the new year. We were sitting on a couch, watching some live events on TV which has a countdown. 

"Are you ready Miss Chips?" Kiro looked at me with those clear as blue sky eyes.

"We don't know what the new year will bring us. It may be better than this one, or maybe worse, but... I'm sure as long as I will be with you everything will be fine" I managed to give him the brightest smile I ever could. For a second he looked suprised but just right after he gave me back the smile, probably the brightest one I ever seen on him.

During our silent conversation, on the TV the final cuntdown begun.

"10... 9..." Me and Kiro getting closer.

"8...7...6..." Our hands are now holding, fingers interwined with each other.

"5...4...3..." Now even our faces are close, very close.

"3...2...1..." As the cuntdown hit zero we... kissed. A gentle kiss landed on my lips. Just as gentle as Kiro always is, just as warm, just as comforting. It was as sun was shining brightly behind the window even though it was cold, breezy night. How could one make me feel like this? How could he make my mind at ease just when a few seconds earlier there was an unstoppable storm? "The man who can do the unspeakleble", "The sunshine boy", My Sunshine, My Warmth, My Comfort.

The kiss broke but the feeling was still there.

"And I'm sure that as long as Miss Chips is happy, I'll be okay too"

Little did she know, she was his sunshine too.